ADSOM: Day Seven


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The Players


Game Master’s Notes

Oh, look, no Night deaths! But the game also isn’t over yet. What does it all meaaaan?

It means you still have work to do. 

Whatever threat(s) still remain, I cannot confirm nor deny. But there has to be something out there for this game not to be over. Good luck.

A quick warning moving forward though: role-revealing is generally frowned upon if not used intentionally. What do I mean by that? Well, I think it’s sometimes easy to suggest: “hey, this person says they’re Character A. And I’m Character B. Let’s just all say who we are and then it’ll be easy to find out who doesn’t belong.” Going this route takes all the fun out of the game and gives the evil forces little to work with. Sure, they could lie and hope whatever they claim isn’t already taken (and such a thing has worked in a previous game), but generally speaking it’s just frustrating and we’d prefer to avoid it.

But what about the reveals that have already happened? It’s okay when a reveal occurs as someone willing to sacrifice themselves to share information relevant to the current discussion in the game. As long as it’s not “Let’s all share who we are” and more “I have to share my personal role now because I know it’ll help give credit to what I’m about to tell you”, that’s fine. It’s all about intent. (Plus, one can never guarantee that such reveals are honest. It’s up to you whether or not you believe players who decide to self-reveal in such a way.)

So yes, let’s not do that, okay? Thanks.

Oh, and one other thing. Somehow during the process of planning this game we shifted Fauna from Red London to Grey London without noticing (and when I saw we, it was me), so apologies to anyone who was thrown off by that reveal. There was no twist involved in her assignment being Grey London instead of Red. That was just an error on my end that didn’t get noticed until it was too late. Whoops. (I guess I AM human after all.) 🙈

It is now Day Seven.

You have until Sunday 9pm GMT to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

85 thoughts on “ADSOM: Day Seven”

  1. Hi All! Happy Day 7! I didn’t get to answer Dana or Amber’s questions at the end of Day 6 because I forgot to check back before the EOD, but I had said yesterDay that of the people left in the game that I believed Holland had to be either Amber, Shannon T, Nicole, or Dana.
    Amber asked why these 4–because Shannon M revealed yesterday that she was Tieren and I believe her and Jenn’s actions over the last few days have lead me to believe she’s town.
    Dana asked why I didn’t include myself in this list, and that is A) because I know who my character is so it seemed…weird/strange to say I was suspicious of myself? And B) because I think if anyone is suspicious of me, that’s their suspicion to raise or suggest, not mine.

  2. I’m so glad that we got Laura out and that she was Vitari!

    I’m really curious about who we have left that’s a baddie, if we do. Or can only one London survive? So many questions that I can’t wait to eventually find out the answer’s to!

  3. Well, at least we got Laura.

    I thought for sure that the Game would be over, but I guess we still need to narrow things down some more. Maybe there’s another Black London?

    I don’t really have anyone sticking out for now, but I’m fairly confident that Shannon M is a Townie at this point.

  4. I am so ridiculously thrilled that we got Vitari yesterDay!! Sad to see our friendly Drink Vendor go though!

    @Dana that is actually a good question. I think I am leaning toward Holland being a thing? But the thing that makes me a little unsure of that is, when I was trying to figure out about Laura/Vitari, it seems like Holland wasn’t really an enemy at the end? Maybe Kerrie (or anyone else who is knowledgeable) can shed some light? I am super worried that it could be an “every London for itself” thing like you said, because… yikes for us all.

    @Kerrie, I think you’re right about your suspect list, tbh. You’ve seemed very unsuspicious to me, especially since you’ve been seemingly working hard to get out the bad guys, providing a lot of necessary insight, etc. So I think our suspect lists are similar, but I also think that’s hard, because I don’t know about you, but none of the four you listed are standing out to me as “yep, that’s our baddie!”, so. Lots of work to do over the next couple calendar days for sure.

  5. Hi all. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. There’s very different game dynamics with only seven living players. Unfortunately, I don’t know who is the bad guy. No one’s behavior so far has stuck out to me as particularly suspicious. I do agree with @Kerrie that, based on the books, Holland is probably the last White London character left and there shouldn’t be another Black London character, especially considering how powerful Laura was. It’s also possible that it’s every London for itself, but I think that’s unlikely to be the case. I think both Red and Grey Londons are town.

  6. So glad we got Vitari gone! I agree with those above that there is probably nothing/ no one left from black London left. But the question raised of is it every London for themselves or just Holland left to get rid of from White London is an interesting one. I agree with @Nicole’s thought that Red and Gray Londons could both be town. This makes sense based on the book because Kell was from Red London and Lila was from Gray, and they worked together to save everyone. I have no strong suspicions of anyone at this point, I can’t wait to see the Day play out.

  7. GUYS so I did a little vote analysis on the previous days to see if anyone stood out and GUESS what I found.

    D1, Edward and Dana vote Siena
    D2, Kritika, Edward, and Dana all vote Siran
    D3, Kritika and Dana vote Siran
    D4, Kritika and Dana originally vote Nicole, Kritika changes her vote later in the day once more and more people begin to vote for Anna
    D5, is the only day Dana does not vote the same as a known mafia member, but that is because Kritika’s vote is stolen and she is forced to vote for Jenn

    And look, lots of other people also voted the same as Kritika and Edward through the game, but no one else has *consistently* voted the same as Kritika and Edward, so I’m going to…


  8. That’s true but I’d like to think that I wouldn’t consistently vote with white Londoners if I was one of them. Siena/Siran was so sketchy that I had to vote for them since I couldnt get over that. I feel bad that they were Rhy but I cant fault myself or others for voting for them based on their actions.

    I have to point out that your assumption in saying

    D5, is the only day Dana does not vote the same as a known mafia member, but that is because Kritika’s vote is stolen and she is forced to vote for Jenn

    Is kind of strange wording. Why do you say that Kritika and I would have voted the same if her vote hadn’t been stolen? Did the two of you plan trying to frame me?

    I am Town and I have a beneficial role.

  9. This is tough because it IS a little unsettling, and I think it’s worth thinking about since we really have no other viable leads at this point, but I also have to kind of agree that Dana would probably have tried to distance herself from White London a little more if she was one of them. In fact the more I think about this, the more sure I am that Dana would distance herself- Dana’s played a few times before (at least- I’m not sure your exact count, Dana!) and it seems so… obvious. I have hunkered down to go through alllll the Days, so I’ll let you know my thoughts when I have more!

  10. I’m not sure if this will help but I was certain I was going to die on Night Four and I vaguely tried to get a feel as to why I didnt during Day Five. But I think Shannon M and I had similar ideas.

  11. @Dana I say that Kritika and you would likely have voted the same based on a pattern of voting established by previous days. Now, I’m not 100% sure that you are mafia, but I wanted to get the discussion going because it seemed like we kind of stalled for a bit there.

    @ShannonM, I agree that joint voting seems like a very obvious play, especially with Kritika also being a veteran. But I could also see that maybe being a tactic?

    However, if we were to assume the mafia tried to distance themselves from each other, then it’s worth noting that ShannonT never votes the same as Edward or Kritika. She does vote *for* each of them towards the beginning of the game, but does not vote for Kritika the day she is eliminated.

  12. Okay so I’ve only gotten through 2 players tonight, my daughter was having a bit of a rough time, but I have a lot of thoughts already, yay! Hopefully I’ll be done tomorrow!

    @Dana, I looked through Day 5, but I don’t think I’m catching your drift. However, I also get if you have to be a bit cryptic, so I’ll look again with fresh eyes tomorrow!

    @Kerrie, I think that it IS worth looking at people who are very disconnected from the known mafia, in this case Shannon T- funny enough, it’s a tactic that Crini and Jeann used in Chaos Walking, and it very almost worked, so now I’m always extra suspicious of it 😂

  13. @Shannon I think we both acted beneficially toward someone during that night. I thought it was going to be my end but wasn’t. So I tried for some feedback over why someone wasn’t gone after during the night.

  14. I briefly went over comments from the previous Day’s and I’d say I’m most suspicious of Shannon T and Amber. Mostly just off of gut reactions. Amber had a lot to say and Shannon T, in contrast, seemed to fly under the radar most days.

    I’ve got to say I really don’t suspect Dana at all.

  15. Ah, I’ve missed comments here. My internet’s currently off at home so I either use wifi at other places or use my phone. Just a disclaimer for any typos I make.

    I’m trying to find the middle ground between commenting too much and not commenting enough and I’m not doing a great job at it. Haha.

    I don’t know who I’m really suspect of right now, I think those were interesting points Kerrie brought up about Dana but it still seems like it could just not be anything.

  16. Just got home from a concert and glad I came on to catch up and defend myself. I know I’ve already said both of these points in a previous Day when someone brought up a question of me but I will reiterate – I was very first person to state and keep my vote for Edward when we got him (Athos!) out. Also, I am a new player, and a quiet person at that, so that’s why I haven’t been commenting a lot. I’ve been trying to learn the ways of the game and read up on possible roles at play; while trying not to focus on the roles too much as Asti suggested in the beginning.

    In regards to not voting Kritika/Astrid the day we knocked her out, I mentioned that I was suspicious of her however I was more suspicious of Megan. This ended up being a tragic mistake as I voted for a townie, and Kell at that, instead of Kritika/Astrid/White London. I know this makes me look suspicious but there’s nothing I can do about that other than point out that I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head that has voted out players correctly the entire game.

  17. I’m not to sure about Dana being White London just because the three of them voted very similar. It could be a tactic.. but it just seems like it might be risky.

  18. @Jenn, thanks, I was going to ask!

    I don’t feel like it’s Dana either. I had some suspicion earlier in the game, but she was the first player I looked at last night and it’s just not seeming to me like she’s Holland. @Dana I think I know what you mean now, too!

  19. @Shannon Oh good!

    I really, truly am Town.

    In the past, I’ve been suspicious of Nicole and in general I’m not sure how I feel about where she lands in the game. On Day One, Kritika followed her lead in voting and then Nicole ended up following Edwards lead in her vote. But I feel like everyone has some aspect of their game playing that can be made to look suspicious.

    Kerrie finds me suspicious, which I accept. She’s also on my radar for the following reason. At one point the votes for Jeremy looked like this:

    Voting Update
    Jeremy (3) – Laura, Meeghan, Anna

    @Kerrie now that Harker revealed information that feels very honest to me, I have to agree that Jeremy seems to be the target of Mafia attention. We’re also pretty divided on votes currently so I want to agree with you about Beth’s vote changing to you.

    When earlier in the day the votes for Jeremy looked like this:

    Voting Update
    Jeremy (4) – Kritika, Edward, Beth, Kerrie

    Kritika, Edward and Beth were all at that time White London. Maybe Kerrie was too and they tried to get the ball rolling for Jeremy before all cancelling their votes?

    Voting Update
    Jeremy (2) – Meeghan, Anna
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (4) – Dana, Kritika, Edward, Shannon M
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Edward (6) – Shannon T, Megan, Amber, Laura, Nicole, Kerrie
    Parmesan (1) – Beth
    Kerrie (1) – Jenn
    Anna (1) – Jeremy

    Also toward the end of the day Nicole, Kerrie and Krista voted for Edward. Krista was town. We know that Beth tried to vote for Siran. That would have been 3 white londoners voting that way. I’m certain I’m town and near certain that Shannon M is too. Shannon T was the first to vote for Edward and that does go in her favor. Amber, Nicole and Kerrie all voted for Edward with Nicole & Kerrie coming closer to the end of the day which is usually when mafia would go for one of their own if it looked like they were going down.

    I also have to just ask those of you who have read the books, could a Watcher role work for Holland? I do think Jenn is town but I would feel better if someone with more knowledge could clarify that for me.

  20. @Dana I had the same thought about Jenn being Holland but I can’t think of any particular reason, based on the book, that Holland would be the watcher. Problem is, I can’t think of any other character that stands out as being a good candidate for the watcher. Also, Jenn’s information has really helped us identify and eliminate anti-town characters, which makes me trust she is town. I guess there is a chance she has a role where she needs to be the last man standing to win, but she seems to have helped us eliminate most of the killers too soon for it to be likely for her to have a chance at killing everyone else off too.

  21. I don’t think Jenn is Holland. Not only did she help oust Kritika (which we’d never have known about without her) but I think there would have been a Night death if she was Holland.

    @Nicole it could be a last man standing, or vengeance type of role, but it I feel like that would be less threatening than Holland anyway.

    I have so many more thoughts, I hope this work day goes by fast so I can get home to share!!

  22. I have no strong suspicions towards anyone at this point! Dana’s astute observations on Kerrie’s voting history is interesting to read…But then again so is Kerrie’s observations of Dana’s voting. Argh!

  23. Okay here we go! My eyes are bleary and I hope I remember everything I want to say! I am just going to break down everyone, because it’s easier.

    Shannon T
    Gosh this is hard because she’s just so quiet! I know she is a quiet person just like, by nature, but it does make it tough in the Game, no doubt. Because do I have a lot to be suspicious of? Nope. Do I have a lot to clear her? Equally nope. She’s still in play for me.

    I was quite suspicious of Dana on Day 3 (see: ) In looking through the past few Days though, I really haven’t found much incriminating, so being that all I’ve got are early Days (which are notoriously messy) I am overlooking Dana for the moment.


    Look, this just seems so obvious- she’s helped us kill White London, I don’t really see how she can be them. I mean, I guess there’s an outside chance that it was a plan, and if so… it’s risky and gutsy and there’s really no way to ever prove it so. I’m gonna move on and mark Jenn as the closest thing to Verified Townie that I can have without proof.

    Harker thought that Nicole was on the up and up, but Harker thought similarly of Kritika, so we can’t be sure what info they knew, and what they just kind of felt/suspected. (Though to be fair, they would have gotten a result that said Kritika was Town based on her Investigative Immunity.) That said, I didn’t really find anything that construed red flags. My guess, if I had to venture one, is that Harker investigated Nicole the Night after they were forced to vote for her, wanting to know what was up. They then felt comfortable telling us they thought Nicole was Town, so for now, unless anyone has compelling info, I’m done with Nicole.

    On Day 2, votes for Jeremy because he has the most votes after Beth’s (altered, not intentional) vote for him. And using Beth’s theory that she was actually trying to use to vote for Siran and not Jeremy to jump on the Jeremy-vote bandwagon. Then, because Harker’s vote for Nicole seemed like vote-thievery, she votes for Harker which… makes no real sense to me. Something about the book that went over my head.

    That said, Kerrie has, in my opinion, been really helpful, even if she wasn’t totally sure (who among us is, let’s be real). And I feel like this can be explained by newbie nerves- I mean, I recall voting for anyone when someone presented me with a reason that made even the least bit of sense ::waves to Jeann:: Also, Kerrie totally nailed Siran being Rhy, which is just impressive- and Townie behavior, why would Mafia want us to keep Rhy?! So I just can’t see her being mafia based on two kind of shifty votes. I’m moving on from Kerrie, for the moment.

    Votes Megan on Day 4, seemingly out of the blue, creating a three-way tie near end of Day. (Switches to Anna at the end of Day)

    Amber’s mistake(?) on Day 5 is still eating at me:

    I really hope Kritika is a townie otherwise the numbers are quickly dwindling. I guess we have to go with the devil we think we know.

    Sure, it could be an error, but… I have found that a lot of “errors” in these games are just truths outed 🤷‍♀️

    Also, Amber seems to try to sway the conversation back to Siran on Day 5- perhaps to take the heat off of Kritika? She defends Kritika a fair amount of times on Day 5, too. She also voices suspicion of Laura, but ultimately votes for Megan.

    Furthermore, MiKayla’s comment on Day 5 made me think. This sounds like it could fit with the Holland/Dane Twins relationship, yeah? @Kerrie, I’ll take any wisdom you’ve got!

    Do Amber and Kritika have some kind of weird connection and they get each others actions?

    All this had me like, 2 seconds away from voting for Amber. However.

    Amber was the third person to vote for Edward on Day 2, and voiced some pretty significant suspicion of him, which… I don’t know. It could be that she noticed his cultafia slip, plus how he asked about Night actions, suspected he was a goner, and wanted to distance herself? They decided as a group to bus him? OR, she’s just genuinely not his teammate. Le sigh.

    So I think at the end of all these hours, my suspicions are mostly with Amber and Shannon T.

  24. So, first things first, I’ve extended the benefit of the doubt to other players when they’ve adamantly claimed to be town, so I’ll extend it to Dana as well, until I feel confident about who I find most suspicious.


    @Dana in regards to my Day 2 vote–overall I have a tendency to start my vote with one person and change to another as evidence comes to light and people make good observations. I voted Jeremy on D2 because at the beginning of the day it seemed like votes would swing again to Siran and I didn’t want a repeat of Day 1 with no lynching and no character reveals and at the time Jeremy had the most votes. With no one else standing out as suspicious early on D2, and my desire to make sure we finished the day off with some information, Jeremy seemed like the best vote at the time.
    As for your question about Holland being a watcher, I’m not sure the role would fit. He’d almost certainly be a commuter, maybe also a mailman (but since Megan had that role I’m not confident about this).

    Whoever Holland is, I don’t think he has a night kill power though, as no one died overnight.

  25. Okay, I will elaborate on Shannon’s elaborate comment tomorrow but first of all, I just want to say that it really was a legit typo! I was doing NaNo sprints all afternoon and was used typing without thinking. 😂 I’m usually diligent with typos.

  26. @ShannonM, Krista’s comment would kind of fit with the dane twin’s relationship with Holland. That was why way back at the beginning I suspected Harker of being Holland after his vote was stolen. In the books the Danes can control Holland, and I suspected that that “control” could have made it into the game as some vote thievery shenanigans.
    You make a good point too about Amber and Kritika’s interactions on Day 5.

  27. @ShannonM, and also true about the odds of someone being protected. Based on the players whose roles have been revealed after lynching/night deaths we know there’s got to be at least one Bodyguard (since Krista was the back up) and probably a pen-pal (since white London had a back up, I’m assuming Grey does too, for balance).

    I’m mostly just thinking out loud, but of the players left, we’ve probably got:

    A Bodyguard
    A Pen Pal
    A Doctor
    A Watcher
    A Commuter/Mafia member
    A Red London Cop (unless there’s just a watcher)
    and ???

  28. Nice analysis @Shannon M, I agree with a lot of what you said (other than to be somewhat suspicious of me!)… I forgot about Amber’s big typo. As a result of that, and your observation of a possible connection between Kritika amd Amber (which definitely fits the book if Amber is in fact Holland). I am going to go ahead and


  29. Okay, I’m now actually able to form a defense of sorts. Bear with me. So, this may be a little roughly put. And messy.

    Kudos to Shannon for spending eight HOURS analyzing information. I could not. She’s obviously Townie.

    I said it before, twice, but I’ll say it once more, third time’s the charm? The typo was a typo and if it wasn’t, it doesn’t make sense. To me anyway.

    “I really hope Kritika is a Townie otherwise the numbers are quickly dwindling” = If she wasn’t Townie then Townies numbers would not be dwindling as we would have gotten out a mafia member.

    I may not wording my thoughts how they show in my head. My original meaning was supposed to mean that if Kritika wasn’t a townie, then it meant the Town was safe. If she was townie, then townie numbers would have been going down.

    As for my other actions:

    The vote for Megan on Day 4 was because it was towards the end of the day for me, I literally didn’t read through all the comments and I stupidly just chose a name I saw had votes.

    It was dumb, I know. I didn’t know there was a tie when I made it, I hadn’t been keeping up on the voting by comment, just the votes by updates.

    I had a lot going on and this isn’t the kind of game where you threw away votes, so when I saw Jenn’s reasoning, I changed to Anna. Which was still a bad vote but a lot of us made the wrong call there. I’ve been reading all the comments since then.

    I didn’t vote for Laura because she only had two votes whereas Anna had more, so I guess I figured the herd mentality there because Anna was going out be out anyway regardless of who I voted for. I know my voting that day was not the best.

    I’ll admit I was pretty focused on Siran on Day 5, this was because I was just completely annoyed by her actions and lack of helping us do anything. And they seemed suspicious to me given their vagueness. When she said she broke her commenting limit, I thought she slipped and had meant she had some kind of Game Role which would have explained her lack of help and lack of commenting.

    And no one besides Shannon M really commented on it. Which I understand because her character had already been targeted once and the lynch didn’t go through, so no one wanted to possibly waste another day voting for her.

    I was honestly just tired of her so if she was out of the game, well, I don’t know. At least there’d be one less person taking up space in game where you’re supposed to help? Lol. This is all ironic given my own actions for Day 3.

    I knew Kritika had been super helpful the entire time and being new to Mafia, I figured there could be a different reason for her visiting Krista.

    I thought Kritika was helping the town out which is why I pushed hard against her not being voted off. Clearly it was a mistake on my part given what the Town’s discovered.

    I can honestly say I don’t know why Kritika and my actions were connected then. Who knows, maybe Kritika was faking her vote but it doesn’t explain why my vote couldn’t be forced by Laura, the third party member. Maybe Kritika really did want to vote for Jenn but she didn’t want to state suspicions so she faked it, except we learned of MiKayla’s vendor role.

    I was pretty suspicious of Edward the entire time, even from before I was in the game officially, take that as you will. At least I helped out with him getting out.

    I think that is all I have to say. For now.

  30. I’m not doing myself any favors. Omg. Okay, I just read over my comment again and realized I’m confusing two separate days up there. My talk of the two votes for Laura were for the Day 5.

    When I voted for Anna at the end of Day 4, the votes were really just between her and Megan.

  31. Do not go there. There is no fourth season, it is sad but I’m glad the show was never revived. I’ll live happily with the show and books.

    I liked the first one a lot! I still never got through the second one, both on audio.

  32. @Amber On a game note, I’m not sure about my opinion of you. You and Shannon T have barely come on to my radar. That’s both a good and bad thing in this game. I have no idea who you are in this game but I just have to say that I don’t think that you should feel bad/apologize for causing a temporary tie that day. In previous games I was really good for changing my vote in the last minutes and making others scramble so there wasn’t a tie. It’s inconvenient but sometimes it’s the only way you can feel okay with your decision. This game is nuts.

  33. @Dana Aw, thank you! I appreciate the thought. No worries, I’m not taking anything personally. They were mistakes and I said they were, so I can’t do much else. No one has to believe me, of course, that’s the game!

  34. This game is so hard ugh. Because of course mistakes happen, and people are wrong. I have been wrong in this game, in fact I’m pretty sure all of us have suspected someone who wasn’t a baddie at one point in this game (except for our elusive mafioso, of course).

    @Amber, I have not watched Veronica Mars. I do want to, but then the revival thing, Idk if I can be that deeply in denial? I’ll just stick with The 100 for now 😂

    @Dana this game IS nuts. And it looks like it’s going to be another one of those Days that comes down to the wire. Because I feel like it’s extra quiet in here. I know there are only seven of us but there are still seven of us! And without a clear direction, I feel like we need to be figuring this out! I am getting stressed!

    Speaking of stressed, I am really nervous about one of us dying at the end of toDay. I don’t want to!

  35. The game is super hard. Especially with slow number of players.

    @Shannon – Stop reminding me! What revival? Just ignore the revival! It’s dead. Kind of like the Game. 😂 It is so quiet in here. I know I’ve not added much today but when I did on Day 5, it seemed ‘too much ‘. Haha. It would be nice to have more thoughts on all your commenting….

    I wouldn’t worry about anyone dying today. Laura was the poisoner and she’s dead now. Besides the lynched.

  36. I’m mildly concerned about how long it took Laura’s poison to work. Did it have anything to do with the stolen votes and those people dying a day later? Did she steal votes one night and then poison the same person the next night? If it took longer to poison then someone might die yet. It’s nerve wracking.

  37. @Shannon I didnt think Mafia could day kill? I thought it was a strict night action.

    @Dana I have no idea how long it took. I was just wondering how the poison/stealing worked. I always figured it was a night action and it had to be turned in the same night. I’ll try to read over comments though.

  38. @Dana ugh that’s such a good point. I’m wondering if she was trying to kind of make it so that we looked for patterns? I wonder if the vote thievery and poisonings went hand in hand? Maybe the timing had to do with the distance between Londons? Not that it’s worth looking too much into, since we can’t do anything about it, but I’m very excited to see the setup!

  39. Ooh. I hadn’t thought about a delayed poisoning affecting us today. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Laura will have poisoned the mafia for us.. Regardless, as long as we vote to eliminate the mafia member, it won’t matter if there is a delayed poisoning.

  40. Voting Update

    Amber (2) – Nicole, Shannon T

    Not Voting: Amber, Dana, Jenn, Shannon M

    There’s just under 15 hours left in the Day. The only player not to have met the comment minimum is Jenn (3).

    @ Amber: Please be more respectful when discussing Siran’s play style in the game. This was her first time playing and I do not think she was trying to annoy anyone with her actions or “take up space”. Future comments made like this about another player will warrant a warning. Thanks.

  41. Oh, I thought I had commented at least 4 times toDay. I honestly have no idea who to vote for. Shannon M has made some pretty good observations about Amber’s behaviour, which makes a lot of sense.

  42. @Amber: Ah yeah, when I removed her vote for Dana I forgot to re-add Kerrie to the Not Voting list. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  43. I’ve got a busy Sunday coming up and probably won’t be able to comment again before the deadline. I’m concerned about how the voting is going to go since only two of us have placed votes. So I’m going to lay out everything I’ve got on the table to help ensure that we vote off the anti-town player.

    I am town. I have an informative role. It is not an investigative role and I am not a cop. Through the course of the game I have stolen information that indicates to me that Dana and Kerrie are both Red London characters. Shannon M and Jenn have both revealed some aspects of their roles and have helped us eliminate baddies, enough that I am convinced they are also townies. This leaves Shannon T and Amber as the only potential anti-town players. I attempted to gain information about Amber on Night 5 but got no result. Since we believe Holland is the last anti-town character and he is likely to have some commuter ability, I have speculated that Amber may have commuted Night 5 (indicating that she is Holland) and this is why I wasn’t able to attain any information about her. That is why, between Shannon T and Amber, I have voted for Amber.

  44. @Nicole thanks for sharing that! Between your info, ShannonM’s observations I think I’m also going to


    I’m traveling today, so I might not be able to check back in again before deadline, but I’ll try to steal a moment here and there. Today seems like it will be one of those down to the wire days!

  45. Okay, so, yes, I can commute. I knew there was speculation that we may have had a poisoner and I didn’t want to be poisoned during the night. I mean, who does?

    I also didn’t want to be killed by the Mafia either. It’s a Pro-Town role too. I don’t think my commutimg should point towards me being anti-Town.


    Based off of everything, she seems to be the most likely person to be anti-town. I do think that there is a chance that Shannon T is anti town too. However, me voting for her right now won’t really help us at all.

  47. Day Seven has officially ended. The person with the most votes (6) is Amber. Amber was Holland, Team White London, 2x Commuter, Usurper.

    And with Amber’s elimination, TEAM RED AND GREY LONDON WINS! The Game Over post will be going live in a minute, hang tight.

    Good game everyone 🙂

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