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Game Master’s Notes

No Night eliminations? What does that meeaaan? Are we all safe now that both Dane twins have been eliminated?

Hahaha, no. No, you’re never safe in the Bookish Games. The twins may be dead but the moderators live on and you know we can’t let you off that easily.

With the deaths of Siran, Kritika, and Megan at the end of Day Five, we’re officially down to half of our original cast of characters. Congratulations for surviving this far!

You know what to do. If you’re Town, continue using what information you can to determine who is stopping your team from taking home the win. And if you’re not Town? Well, continue wreak havoc, of course. Murder and lie and do all of the things you need to do to survive another Day. It’s okay, I give you permission.

It is now Day Six.

You have until Sunday 9pm GMT to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

97 thoughts on “ADSOM: Day Six”

  1. I’m so sad that we lost some of our Red London main characters. I hadn’t been too sure how to feel about Kritika in terms of voting for her yesterDay but I am relieved that she was Astrid.

    I suppose that Siran’s and Megan’s deaths was due to Siran’s half-sibling ability? Did something happen to Megan and it took Siran down too and that’s why we hadn’t been able to lynch her on Day Three? Who knows.

  2. I don’t have a ton of time right now but I wanted to check in at least. So, well done team!! Kritika did a good job of being a baddie too! Sad about Megan and Siran though, ugh. Could the poison/whatever keeps killing our Town take more than one day to kill? That could implicate Laura perhaps.

    @Dana, I assume that’s why they both died, yes. I also wonder if some kind of role saved Siran once, since her role is only listed as 1x Deathproof.

    We also know there was a Framer (which I first read as “Farmer” and wondered what sort of death veggies Kritika was cultivating 😂), I don’t know if that info will help us, but good to know. I’ll be back after parent teacher conferences!!

  3. I’m hoping that was the rest of White London, but who knows with these mods. I think White London will have to have been smaller since they had a recruiting ability?

    I have nothing useful to report from last Night unfortunately. I watched someone who “visited” themselves. So I would assume they have some sort of protective ability and because of that, I’m not going to say who it was.

    Kritika played a good game, but it was just good luck on my part that I watched the person she ended up killing.

    Right now, the person I’m most suspicious of is Laura, but I do want to go back and look through Kritika’s comments to see if I can find anything that might link her to someone else. Other than my own theory from yesterDay that she and Laura made a plan over the Night to lie about vote thieving.

  4. All I have in this game is my word but I was not and am not in league with Kritika.

    I’m glad we got Astrid out but I disagree with you @Jenn that White London is done because Holland is still out there.

    It sucks we lost two Red Londoners in one Day though.

    I’m suspicious of a few people in regards to their actions/comments towards Kritika but I want to see what happens when more people check in first.

    Also I would just like to disclaim that I did not steal (or try to for that matter) anyone’s vote last night so everyone’s vote is their own toDay.

  5. @Laura I agree with you that Holland is probably a White Londoner and he’s one of the main characters, so I think he must be someone’s role.

    I do think Laura is a good candidate for being anti-town. Only because I have a hard time believing that the vote thief is a townie.

  6. @Laura, well, I was guessing based off of not reading the book.. so I’m not sure who all the “baddies” might be, sorry. So maybe we do have one more out there then.

  7. Okay, I am back from picking my jaw up off the floor after YesterDay, also, I’m now home from work, ha. I really was not expecting a triple elimination! I’m so confused on why Megan was killed and…how. At least now we know what the deal was up with SIran, but I am sad both of them were town.

    I figure Siran died due to Megan like Dana said. I’m guessing a poisoner got her. Assuming we have one since we still don’t know for sure, it could be a serial killer I guess. And I’ll be the first to say that others were right about Kritika, I was just so sure she wanted the best for the town given how much she helped previously.

  8. I mean, we obviously have SOME kind of baddie out there. I don’t know/remember enough about the book so I will take your (collective “your”) word about Holland. Sounds legit enough, plus I’d rather overestimate our enemy count than underestimate. Regardless of White London, I still think there is a good chance we may have someone else altogether (assuming Black London).

    Laura claims to not be in a league with Kritika, but she could very well be a third party/Black London? Like Nicole, I just have a lot of trouble buying the vote thief as Town. Though it’s not totally outside the realm of possibility, it just seems… fishy. I also feel like Jenn’s theory about Laura and Kritika concocting the Vote Thief story at Night is a good one too. The theories about how Laura could be a baddie make more sense to me than the Townie Thief Theory at this point 🤷‍♀️

    I definitely need more time to go back through the previous days and such, but now is not that time because I am exhausted and not feeling well.

  9. I’m really curious on who the baddie is, so far we know there’s a Black London, possibly. And there’s always the option of White London still having more people out as well.

    Laura’s comments do make me a bit suspicious given her voting abilities. I don’t understand the purpose of having a vote thief no matter how it gets twisted. What is good about forcing a vote at all?

    Especially given Jenn’s Theory too, I didn’t really want to think it was true because it seemed complicated to me, but now Megan’s gone and we don’t know how. I know people can have multiple roles so maybe Laura isn’t just the Vote Thief she says she is.

  10. It seems I’m 0/2 on guesses so far and honestly I don’t have anything to go on for here. I completely overlooked the investigative immune thing being possible and wanted to trust so bad lol. But if no one died last night and no one (so far) appears to be poisoned maybe we have to kill Laura?? I mean who/what else is left? @Amber brought up how many people have multiple roles and that could be true for Laura too.

  11. Sorry for the late check in…I can’t believe we lost 3 people yesterDay! I’m glad Kritika/Astrid has been killed! I’m unsure how to feel about a Holland character being a danger with having already killed off Athos (in the book he becomes a good guy after the spell is broken). I think it is much more likely that there is a black London artifact or character at play.

    It’s terrible to have lost Megan/Kell and Serian/Rhy! The way I see it, Day 1 people voted for Sienna/Siran, and their deathproof 1x saved them. Based on the books I believe that caused them to become linked to Megan/Kell, based on the spell Kell does in the book to save Rhy’s life. That made it so that Siran/Rhy couldn’t die when voted for on Day 3, because Kell was still alive it protected Siran/Rhy.

    Who ever targeted Megan/Kell (poisoner as some of you have already suggested?) killed Megan/Kell, which led to Siran/Rhy’s death as in the book…. That leaves us to try to figure out who the poisoner is. I am suspicious of Laura based on other’s comments, however I need to go back and reread previous Day’s comments for myself.

  12. I think MiKayla and Shannon T both bring up good points about a poisoner and Laura. I wonder how the victim is chosen, if they could have some kind of knowledge Town doesn’t. I need to reread over some comments as well.

  13. Wow I did not see Kritika coming. I agree with Mikayla and Amber (and anyone else who voiced it) that Laura is kind of the most suspicious today. As Amber pointed out, we likely still have Black London to contend with alongside Holland. And as Nicole pointed out, I have a hard time believing that a vote thief would be town, and I can’t really think of any town characters from the book for whom this power/role would make sense. But a vote thief would make sense for a Black London character, assuming that character is Vitari

  14. It’s repetitive of what most of you said but I also still find Laura suspicious. Obviously we don’t know her allegiance but Vote Thief seems like it would not be beneficial to the Town. Plus, the Vote Thieving she’s done so far also has not been overly beneficial to the Town.

  15. But also, in her defense, the fact that she had Megan vote for Jeremy makes it seem likely that she wasn’t part of the group that killed during the night. That could also be an elaborate ruse but we won’t know until the game is over.

  16. @Dana while I actually think that the idea of Laura choosing Jeremy just to mess with us would be both brilliant and hilarious, I just don’t know how likely it is.

    @Kerrie, I am glad to know that there isn’t a character that might make sense as a Town Vote Thief, that I think is really helpful. Here’s a question, can you see either Holland or Vitari/Other Black London Thing being a vote thief? I have tried searching for all of these answers, but for as popular as this series is, the Wiki is really lacking, as are any other sites about characters/the Londons.

  17. @Dana and @Shannon M I can assure you that I am not connected to Mafia who keeps killing us off. I was just trying my best to get more info for the Town but it’s obviously not going the way I intended. I feel like I have helped get out Edward/Athos and Kritika/Astrid when a lot of you were still unsure and thought they were Town. Obviously my Night Actions have been less than helpful for us but I think my Day contributions and votes show that I’m trying to help the Town.

  18. @Kerrie there is a Town character that this power would fit but I don’t want to share that and then get Night killed by the Mafia.

  19. @Laura, I mean, the mafia knows whether you’re their teammate or not regardless, right? And that you claim to be the vote thief. So it really doesn’t matter a whole lot IMO.

    Also, I found myself down a very long Google rabbit hole, and it seems like this Vitari thing infects people? That could be our “poisoner”, yeah? And possesses them, which I suppose in theory could mean taking their votes? But the infection thing seems more plausible from what I’ve read, I think. I probably just created more questions for myself instead of answering any 😂

  20. I feel like Laura isn’t connected to White London. On Day 2, Laura didn’t just vote for Edward, she broke the tie with him and Siran late-ish in the Day, which… I mean, I get throwing in a vote for a mafia teammate to look unconnected, but that just seems like something a teammate would not do. I just can’t think of any instance where doing that would have made sense- especially considering he was the leader. Doesn’t mean she’s definitely Town, but I really can’t see her being White London.

    Looks like Day 2 and a ridiculous rabbit hole is as far as I am getting tonight, but I will be back tomorrow to comb through the rest of the Days!!

  21. I’m thinking about this theory that the vote thief could also be the poisoner. Both roles do make sense for a Black London character, as the stone did completely possess people and could kill them. As far as game play, Megan’s vote was stolen and she mysteriously died during the Day. Harker’s vote was stolen and they mysteriously died during the Day. Beth’s vote was stolen and she mysteriously died during the Day, though her death could have been linked to her cultafia recruitment or her insanity. I don’t think Kritika’s vote was actually stolen. Were there any other confirmed stolen votes that I’m not thinking of? (I’m on mobile and can’t go back and look right now.) From the evidence here, it does seem like there’s some connection between the vote thief and the potential poisoner.

  22. @ Nicole I think your theory fits really well. Especially when you connect the deaths, which I did not put together and it could also even fit Kritika since she could have had her vote stolen. Though we won’t know for sure until the end. It could explain why Laura didn’t force anyone since she already knows people were suspicious YesterDay.


  23. @Nicole That really does make a lot of sense and tbh I never put it together that the people who had their votes stolen also died at the end of the next day.

    @Everyone I’m going to go back and look too but how long has it been in the past between someone being poisoned and them dying? Is it usually that they were poisoned at night and die the next day? In this round, they’ve been dying two days later? I thought Harker died the day after their vote was stolen but I could be wrong. Like I said, I’m going to go back and look but I do worry that someone could be framing Laura to look like the poisoner by going after the people with the stolen votes. I still think the Vote Thief isn’t good, but I also want to get as many theories on the table as possible.

  24. Wasn’t there one where the vote was stolen and the person did not die at the end of the day? I can’t remember and will go back to look into it but I wanted to check in and say I will be at a concert tonight so I will be MIA for a little bit!
    (Also so confused about Kritika’s vote problem Im curious is anyone else is having problems with their night actions affecting someone else)

  25. @Dana, Harker died the next Day I believe. Megan died the Day after her vote was stolen. Kritika, we’ll never know since she was voted out first. Though it’s an interesting theory that someone could be framing Laura. Not outside the realm of possibility.

    @MiKayla I think you’re thinking of Megan, who didn’t die that Day but she did die two Days later, which… I’m not sure what to make of.

    In light of Dana’s theory, for now I’m going to


  26. Great points @Nicole and @Shannon!! If it is the vitari power coming into play and infecting people, in the book once the body was not strong enough anymore it moved on to the next body and the body it was in died!…

  27. Thank you @Dana I’ve also been wondering if someone is killing off those I’ve stolen votes from. That’s part of the reason I chose not to steal anyone’s vote. There are a couple people I think might be Holland who I could have tried to take it from but I didn’t want us to lose anymore Townies.

  28. Sorry for taking so long to check back! @ Shannon M, as for characters that could be a vote thief, as I think you said you discovered, I think the most likely candidate would be the black stone, because that might in part explain why some people die after having their vote stolen. Especially the Grey London characters who don’t posses magic and who in the book died quickly after being possessed because the magic was too much for them.

    And as for Laura’s claim that a town player might be a vote thief, I guess the only one who I can think of who miiiiiight have this power is Tieren? but I don’t know. What does everyone else think? Vitari/black stone still seems the most likely to me.

    @Jenn, I wonder about this character that “visited” themselves, if they were Holland? It’s been revealed that there are a few pen pals floating around, and I know Kritika was the back-up Pen Pal for white London, but is it possible that there is a back-up back-up pen pal in Holland? I mean with Kell gone, Holland would be the only one left to carry letters between pen pals and the only one left in white London to receive them, so that might explain how he visited himself

  29. @Shannon M It was Megan! I swore she had not died the same day. Which means it either takes a little bit more time to kill them or the poisoner is framing Laura.

  30. @Shannon M, I guess what I’m thinking is if King George was the Pen Pal for Grey London, then there’s probably a back up pen pal for Grey London if Kritika was the back up for White London. And if Grey London sent a letter, Holland would deliver it …. to Holland, hence visiting himself

  31. Yeah I’m confused too. Wouldn’t the letter writer then have to visit Holland, or vice versa? I don’t see how he’d be visiting himself, unless he’s writing letters to himself, in which case, someone needs to get him some help, he sounds a little unhinged (says the person who talked to her dead Neighbors for literal months in Chaos Walking. Actually, I’m standing by “unhinged” 😂)

  32. No lol @Amber Holland isn’t sending the letter to himself.
    @Kerrie I think understand what you’re saying. For this idea let us assume that the mods have included Prince George as a character in this game. Maybe Prince George is the back up Pen Pal for Grey London like Kritika was the back up Pen Pal for White London. So if Prince George wrote a letter to White London Holland would allow it with his Mail Man power and deliver it to himself. Am I correct in that understanding Kerrie?

  33. Idk I think from what I am reading on the roles page, if there is a mailman, they’re a separate entity from the Pen Pals? Regardless, it seems like a stretch and I think we may be worrying too much about this, since we have no idea if it’s even a role in the game 🤷‍♀️

    Still really unsure of what’s going on with Laura since she still didn’t really respond to any of the questions about Town Vote Thieves.

  34. @Shannon M, I totally watched you last Night. So saw you target yourself. Also on Night 1 I watched you as well, and again you targeted yourself then. So because that was Night 1 the first time, I figured you must be our Doctor because that’s the same thing I would have done if I were the Doctor. Gotta make sure you survive that first Night!


    I’m interested to see if my theory about her and Kritika plotting the other Night was what happened or not. I think that this may mean that there is still a possible third party, since if they were plotting, they are probably both White London.

  35. Voting Update

    Laura (5) – Amber, Shannon M, Kerrie, Dana, Jenn

    Not Voting: Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon T
    Players who haven’t met comment minimum: Jenn (3), MiKayla (3), Nicole (2), Shannon T (2)

    38.5 hours left until deadline.

  36. Holy crap what just happened? That reveal was such a rollercoaster, I can’t believe I came back to that. Anyway, that’s enough for me.


  37. @Laura, I’m curious to see what your defense is for this. Throwing out names is risky business.

  38. Voting Update

    Laura (8) – Amber, Shannon M, Kerrie, Dana, Jenn, Nicole, MiKayla, Shannon T

    Not Voting: Laura

    Players who haven’t met comment minimum: Nicole (3), Shannon T (3)

    25.5 hours left until deadline.

  39. Still waiting to see Laura’s response… Though at this point I don’t think it matters much!

  40. I’m so curious as to what Laura is up to now and what her response to this will be. And now what? Do we speculate some more just in case this doesn’t end with Laura?

  41. So we all agree that Laura is a baddie. Do we think she is the last anti-town character though? We’ve speculated that Holland AND a Black London character are left.

  42. Someone gave me a cocktail last Night, so Kritika’s comment yesterDay makes sense to me now. I’m afraid of it though because what if it’s poison? o.O

  43. @Jenn That seems kind of odd. I know there is a role that can send items to others but from what the description says they’re useless. Hopefully that’s the case…

  44. So, someone sent me a beverage too, the Night before Kritika I think? October 30, too tired to math. Anyway, it wasn’t a martini, but rather tea. And I was paranoid to say anything because I was afraid that if I questioned it, it would kill me 🤷‍♀️ Though now I am wondering why I’m sipping tea while everyone else is having cocktails! 😂 Regardless, I am assuming it’s a Fruit Vendor type role? Rather, I am hoping it is!

  45. I’m so confused on what it means. If it means anything. I think it’s harmless but I’m very intrigued that whoever it is (Nicole, Dana, Laura, MiKayla, Shannon T) also sent one to Kritika, so they may have been under the impression that she was Town as well only to find out she was not.

  46. I received an ale on one of the first couple nights. I don’t remember exactly. As far as I can tell it’s harmless.

  47. Maybe the spectators are sending them.. lol In that case, thank you, I needed it today!

  48. Voting Update

    Laura (8) – Amber, Shannon M, Kerrie, Dana, Jenn, Nicole, MiKayla, Shannon T

    Not Voting: Laura

    Just under 13 hours until deadline.

  49. The drinks were me!!! I was nervous I was going to be called out for not voting Kritika yesterDay so I gave Jenna a martini to prove my role today if questioned. I gave Shannon M a tea the Night after she said she was super stressed but Fauna is more of a bartender role so I’ve been giving out martinis. I have been kind of keeping track since Shannon M. but I cant remember who I did before that. I should’ve been writing it down tbh. I think I sent Harker one one night but they didn’t mention it the next Day so.

  50. First: Jenn not Jenna sorry about that!
    And also I did think Kritika was town which is why I gave her the Martini

    @Dana I think I might have some coke back here. Let me look tonight and get back to you Tomorrow. Technically I dont think I can give out drinks during the Day so you have to take a ‘figurative’ one for now.

  51. It’s kind of sad that Laura hasn’t popped in at all. I think that’s just proof of her non townie status. I’m looking forward to the end of the Day to see if we’re right.

  52. Day Six has officially ended. The person with the most votes (9) is Laura. Laura was Vitari, Team Black London, Non-Recruitable, Investigative-Immune, Poisoner, Vote Thief, Absorber.

    …Wait, what’s that? Another player has died as well? AGAIN?! Shucks.

    That’s right, MiKayla has also been eliminated. She was Fauna, Team Grey London, Drink Vendor.

    It is now Night Six. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Tuesday 9pm GMT (48 hours from now, but honestly the sooner the better). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    Day Seven will start on Wednesday 9pm GMT. Any additional casualties will be revealed at that time. Good luck!

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