ADSOM: Day Five


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Game Master’s Notes

Well, I wasn’t quite sure who was going to be eliminated when I stepped away from The Bookish Games Saturday night to focus on my move, but it seemed in the end nearly everyone pulled together to vote off Anna… which, um, may not have yielded the results wanted but at least it showed that you’re all capable of working together. Bravo!

I have a feeling that Day Five is going to be quite the eventful one so I’m not going to say anything else but good luck. 👀

(Oh, and thanks for the warm wishes for my move! There’s still SO much to do and no internet as of yet but I’m loving it.)

It is now Day Five.

You have until Sunday 9pm GMT to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

173 thoughts on “ADSOM: Day Five”

  1. Hi friends I would like to first state that I know I am suspicious especially since yesterDay and I am very sorry for that. Yes I am the Vote Thief but I am not the Poisoner. I’m at work right now so I can’t make a long comment but I will have more of an explanation later I promise. All the votes I stole were me trying to protect the Town with the little info I had to go on. I am sorry we lost more Townies. I know that you guys might not believe me but I had to start the Day off saying this.

  2. It’s unfortunate that we lost both Anna and Krista. So since Anna was a Roleblocker, based on what Jenn said yesterday, it seems likely that Laura may be the Vote Thief. Of course, that is only if Jenn has the town’s best interests in mind. Anna did seem to confirm that she blocked Megan Rose on Night Three, so I guess I’m just going to go for it (for now and pending future discussions) and


    Also, I am curious to find out what is meant by a Back Up Bodyguard and if that was the cause of Krista’s demise.

  3. Yikes Red London has really been taking a hit over the past few Days! @Laura I for one am curious about that explanation, but now I’m going to


    *Sips Martini*

  4. @Dana, I can assure you that I do have the Town’s best interests in mind. Therefore, I’m going to NOT vote for Laura at this point and am going to wait for her explanation.

    @Kritika, I’m curious as to why you are voting for me? Unfortunately my role doesn’t allow me to see who does what when visiting, just that someone visited them. The only reason I voted for Anna was because she was already on the board and I didn’t want to split the vote even more than it already was. I do feel bad that Anna was a Townie though.

  5. I have so much to ask and say and such so I’ll be back as soon as I get the kids to bed, fut I wanted to pop in with a couple quick questions/observations (and pour one out for my Red buddies 😭):

    @Laura, why did you want Megan to vote for Jeremy, then? I look forward to your longer comment, I hope it can shine some light.

    I am genuinely concerned that this could potentially be a huge mess of 3 Townies offing each other accidentally while the mafia sits back and watches/laughs at us, but I guess that’s what we need to figure out. I started out thinking I’d vote Jenn but the more I think about it… WHY would Jenn have put such a target on herself if she’s mafia? Jenn is a pretty level-headed player, historically, so I can’t see her taking such a huge risk just to eliminate Anna.

  6. @Jenn I’m gonna pretend I’m a politician and say “no comment”. I voted for Anna for basically the same reason as you so I realize I don’t have any moral high ground to stand on… If I seem a little nuts, blame it on the martini?

    (It’s a virtual martini, I’m actually waiting for the bus to dance practice right now lol)

  7. Laura really dropped that then left for a bit huh? I am so interested to see what her explanation is when she gets back. This has become a real huge mess and hopefully, we can gain control over the situation before it gets into a larger Townies attacking Townies incident.

    I am curious about why Jenn waited so long to mention the visits? Waiting a little bit for it to develop makes sense but it was the day of final vote.

  8. What in the world is happening to Red London?? I’m trying to think of how many members of the other Londons there could be. And…apparently we did not do too great with voting last time. I am sorry to Anna.

    I’m not too familiar with roles but I looked up the bodyguard SO, now I’m wondering who the actual Bodyguard is since Krista was the backup.

  9. @MiKayla, I waited because I didn’t want to mention it unless I had to. Because now we have people who are Mafia that were able to switch their votes without it looking suspicious.

  10. @Kerrie I feel like a parrot but I can neither confirm nor deny what I meant by the martini statement.

    I believe Laura when she says she’s the vote thief but not the poisoner, because Megan didn’t die yesterDay. Not sure that necessarily makes her town though. I’m also pretty sure Megan, Jenn, and Kerrie are town (Megan because vote thief victim and generally seems to be trying to help the town, Jenn because of that handy watcher power, and Kerrie because of my Day Two voting analysis from yesterDay). Shannon just said “my Red buddies” a few comments ago so I feel like she’s probably also Red London/town (unless I’m reading too much into that?). So our friend the poisoner and the remaining mafia members are probably hiding among whoever is left. I’m not certain about any of the people I named being town, so I may change my mind based on new evidence, but I wanted to lay out my thoughts for future reference.

  11. I know Kritika cannot answer so… @Laura, is Kritika being forced to vote for Jenn? The martini comment IS throwing me through a loop though! But the fact that Kritika thinks Jenn is Town means (to me) that her vote is not her own.

    @Kritika, you are in fact not reading too much into it, guess that was more obvious than I’d hoped 😂

    @MiKayla, yeah Jenn’s decision made perfect sense to me- obviously she’s not going to want to out herself as a useful Townie, so she waited until as close to the end as she could. If the baddies know she’s got an important role, she’s going to be a huge target for them.

    @Laura, can you provide us not only some reasons why you chose Jeremy, but some of the others, too? Do you still think them a threat? Do you have any information you can share?

    At this point, I am seriously starting to wonder if the mafia players are just people staying under the radar while the rest of us spin in circles, which would be incredibly frustrating 😩

  12. I’m still curious on why Laura voted for Jeremy and whatever is going on with Kritika right now. The idea of a vote thief confuses me since wouldn’t we figure the people they’re being forced to vote for are town? I cannot word my thoughts properly.

  13. @Amber, not necessarily? I mean, that is assuming Laura is anti-Town, which I think the jury’s still out on? The only allegiance of a forced vote that we know for sure is Jeremy’s. Who else was a forced vote? I think Harker had to vote for Nicole, Megan had to vote for The Dearly Departed…. I feel like I am missing someone though. I don’t know that Beth was the victim of a vote thief, as I’m pretty sure Laura doesn’t hate Parmesan that much 😂

    I mean- for example, if Laura is being truthful and is Town, she’d want to use the vote to either A) Get out a baddie, or B) Make a baddie look really shady. On the other hand, if she’s mafia, she could either want to A) Vote out some Townies, or B) Make some Townies look guilty by voting for their teammates. Therefore, I don’t know that we can glean a whole lot of info regardless, unfortunately.

  14. I’m definitely interested to hear @Laura’s explanation. Based on who the forced votes have been for, I’d guess Laura is a confused townie or anti-town. However, I’d rather vote for the poisoner than the vote thief at this point, since the poisoner is directly killing townies. It seems that no one was poisoned during N3, since only Anna was eliminated at the end of D4. Maybe the poisoner chose not to poison anyone, but it seems more likely to me that the poisoner was blocked. Since Anna was revealed to be a roleblocker and we know she visited Megan last night, is Megan the poisoner? Did anyone else have this suspicion or am I missing something?

  15. I am reading the book but I am still only (at most) a quarter done. At first I thought my role was actually part of a group. I am an individual charater. I hope this helps.

  16. @Nicole that makes a lot of sense, I didn’t think of that! You’re right, Anna said she tried to block Megan from causing the Town harm right before she died, and no one was poisoned on Day Four. If one of us drops dead at the end of the Day then it probably is Megan who is poisoning us!

    This game is driving me nuts, I went from being mildly suspicious of Nicole and thinking Megan was Town as of yesterDay to believing Nicole is onto something and Megan could be out to get us after just one comment LOL

  17. Okay friends here is my explanation and if you have any other questions I will do my best to answer them.

    On Night 1 I stole Harker’s vote and made them vote for Nicole. Please remember that at this time we had very little information and did not know Harker was part of our Town so I was just acting on a whim and trying to get us more information. I chose to make Harker vote for Nicole because of her asking about Night Actions and that stuck out to me as suspicious. I chose to make Harker do it because they seemed very smart and I thought they would have the best chance at gleaning more information from Nicole. But alas it was not as I hoped. Also I deeply regret taking Harker’s vote as they were one of us.

    On Night 2 I chose not to steal anyone’s vote in hopes that people’s natural instincts and assumptions would offer more information.

    On Night 3 I chose to steal Megan’s vote and make her vote for Jeremy. At this time we were not certain of Jeremy’s alliance and I wish I had not done this. I chose to take Megan’s vote because I wasn’t sure of her allegiances especially after her dismissal of the Cultafia. Again I realize this isn’t strong reasoning but I didn’t have a lot to go on. I chose to make her vote for Jeremy for two reasons. I was not 100% convinced that Jeremy was Town despite Harker’s endorsement. And because if Jeremy was Town I hoped that some of the Mafia would jump on this bandwagon and we could then target them. Unfortunately Jeremy was killed during that Night.

    As far as @Kritika’s vote for Jenn, I did not try to steal Kritika’s vote last Night. Now that I’m 99% sure that Harker’s endorsements were legitimate I trust that Kritika is one of our Townies so I do not want her to lose a vote. I tried to steal Amber’s vote and make her vote for Jenn because Amber’s comments have seemed quite vague and her voting patterns have seemed a bit band-wagony to me. I chose Jenn because I hoped that if she is Town that some of the Mafia would try to also vote her out and that would then allow us to target one of them. My best guess about why it’s now Kritika that is voting for Jenn is that someone deflected or redirected my action.

    I hope that this was at least a bit helpful. I’m open to answering any other questions about my motivations so that you guys can see that I’m trying to do the right things for the Town.

  18. @Shannon M – Okay, that does make sense. This game is complex. I guess it’s a matter of how things are perceived until we know whether she’s Town or not.

    @Laura – I don’t mean my votes to be bandwagony. I’ll mention this, I was one of the first to vote for Edward during night 2 and then a lot of other people voted as well, so I’m not always jumping on a bandwagon.

    I do know that I have been vague! I didn’t get a chance to read all the comments YesterDay which was clearly a mistake. I’ve been neglectful to the game with other things going on but I’m hoping I’ll be able to actually be more useful ToDay.

    I think your comments do clarify things better!

  19. Thanks @Amber. I completely understand what you mean, this game is quite time consuming in order to fully read every comment and make your own thoughts known.

  20. Voting Update

    Laura (1) – Dana
    Jenn (1) – Kritika

    Not Voting: Amber, Jenn, Kerrie, Laura, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

  21. I have been suspicious of @Megan for the past 2 Days, and I think @Nicole brings up at great point when saying

    “Maybe the poisoner chose not to poison anyone, but it seems more likely to me that the poisoner was blocked. Since Anna was revealed to be a roleblocker and we know she visited Megan last night, is Megan the poisoner?”

    If this is the case, I would assume the poisoner is anti-town, which makes my suspicions of Megan even stronger…. I am off to a meeting and then a full day of work but will be reading further into the roles of the people that were eliminated, and re-reading yesterday later tonight.

  22. @Jenn that makes sense!

    It’s so funny that on Day 2 we were all like “uhh there’s nothing to work with. No one died” and now there’s so much to look at. Laura doesn’t seem like an urgent vote. She seems more like confused, trying to do good with her Night actions than anything else. As for her action being moved to Kritika, I checked out the role sheet and what are the odds we have a Deflector/Redirector in our presence?

    I have also already have suspicions about Megan, I cannot find my notebook with the facts in it currently so you’ll have to rely on whatever I said yesterday for why. (I mean until tonight when I can find it) but Anna role blocking Megan builds even more evidence. While it might make sense that the poisoner chose to not poison in order to frame someone else wouldn’t they need to know that there was someone out here role blocking others? Is that a risk they would be willing to take?

  23. As people have been saying, I think it would be foolish not to vote for Megan today since there’s a high likelihood she’s the poisoner (Anna said she blocked Megan the night before, and then no one died during the Day yesterday, plus other people have brought up reasons to be suspicious on previous days but I think the situation with Anna is reason enough). As @Nicole and @Mikayla have said, the poisoner is more of an immediate threat than the vote thief so I don’t think it’s a good idea to vote for Laura toDay. I initially thought the poisoner might be an X-shot poisoner and ran out of poison yesterDay so no one died, but I think it’s more likely that the poisoner couldn’t do their thing because of the role block.

    @Jenn can you shed light on why you chose to watch Megan on Night 3?

  24. I too continue to be suspicious of Megan, but what are the odds of two people acting separately to steal votes and poison players and both choosing the same targets? I feel like there must be a missing piece here.

    With Beth, I could see how maybe the insanity on even days was built into the character, or maybe she was recruited by Athos on Night 1, and poisoned by another player during the same night (because why would White London poison their own recruit). It COULD have been a coincidence.

    But with Harker and Megan (if we assume Megan didn’t die because the poisoner was role blocked) what are the odds that the poisoner and vote theif would both pick to target the same person two nights in a row? Either they’re only one person or they are working together.

  25. Megan hasn’t checked in yet and it does bother me that Anna roleblocked her and no one was poisoned. I’m going to vote for her for now so she’ll get tagged on Twitter and hopefully come and talk to us!


  26. @Kritika, I chose to watch her because of all the suspicion around her the Day before.

  27. @Kerrie we aren’t saying the poisoner and vote thief both targeted Megan on Day 4, we’re saying Anna role blocked Megan, who is probably the poisoner. We know thanks to Jenn that Laura and Anna both performed some action concerning Megan on Night 3. Laura admitted to being the vote thief and we know Anna’s role is a role blocker so those are the actions that affected Megan on Day 4. Since she couldn’t poison anyone, no one extra (as in besides the lynching) died during Day 4. So the only day the vote thief and poisoner targeted the same person is when Harker died.

    @Jenn okay I just wanted to know if you were suspicious of Megan or if you watched her because you were suspicious of the people you expected to visit her.

  28. There’s some consensus that Megan could be the poisoner, so I’m going to


    because I’d like to see what she has to say and unless someone does something more suspicious I’ll probably keep my vote for her.

  29. Hi, sorry it’s taken me awhile to check in. Been having major problems with my eyes the last few months so it’s not always easy/ comfortable looking at screens for a long time. And with how many comments we wrack up, it can be a bit much sometimes haha 😂

    As I was reading through today’s comments Iat first I thought yey, finally everyone is finally believing I’m town, all I’ve been doing is trying to help. But now it seems I’m ten steps back again.

    I know there’s joy much else I can do really other than say I am town. And we can’t afford to loose anymore townies with how many have already gone.

    Really unfortunate that Anna is gone, a fellow red. And I definitely see where Laura is coming from with her explanations of how she used her vote thievery. It makes sense, especially concerning the Jeremy vote when he was obviously already taken out by another player.

    Jenn seems trustworthy too so I’m putting her in my townie list. Though it does seem suspicious that Laura wanted to frame Jenn with her latest action, why when Jenn was genuinely trying to help the town? Was she getting too close to Laura and she is third party and not town after all?

    To be honest, I kind of feel like the more active players are probably town and the ones not saying much and flying under the radar are likely mafia. I’m with @Shannon, all we seem to be doing is voting each other off and mafia are probably laughing at us.

    We really can’t afford to loose any more town players at this point and if you vote for me, you will be.

  30. @Megan I wasn’t trying to frame Jenn, I was hoping that if people jumped on that vote it would point to them being Mafia but that’s out the window now.

    I agree with you and @Shannon that the inactive players are probably Mafia and we’re just doing their work for them.

  31. @Megan’s comment “Really unfortunate that Anna is gone, a fellow red” stands out as suspicious to me; like a mafia member trying to ‘accidentally’ drop in the fact that they are ‘red London’.

    Seeing as how @Shannon M already said “pour one out for my Red buddies 😭” earlier toDay (which stood out to me as I read it and then @Kritika pointed it out and Shannon M confirmed it)… I find it doubtful that another person would innocently slip that out there unless trying to cover their Mafia tracks and look innocent…. As a result, as of now, I am going to


  32. @Amber I have also been thinking about Siran’s comment about thinking her role was part of a group but after reading the book a bit she realized she’s just a single character. I’ve been trying to decipher what that means and who that could be

  33. @Amber, do you have anything to say about how/why Laura’s attempt to steal your vote resulted in Kritika’s vote being stolen instead? @Laura, any reason that you decided to try to steal Amber’s vote in particular? I feel like this bit of info has been kind of glossed over.

    @Amber again, I was thinking about Siran’s comment about being solo too. I am so conflicted because would anyone really be like “oh oh over here I’m third party, it’s me!” ?But with Siran’s overall cryptic nature (like you said), it’s harder to decipher her intentions. The thing that strikes me though is, as far as I can recall from ADSOM, there isn’t like… a TEAM. It’s not like Siran could be like “well I wasn’t sorted into Gryffindor with the rest of the Town, I’m Buckbeak” or whatever. So being “solo” strikes me as a really… interesting specification. Of course regardless, here we are back on an odd Day, so.

  34. @Shannon that Buckbeak comment killed me lol. And yes whatever happens can we not waste our time trying to lynch Siran today I don’t want a repeat.

    As for your question about why I targeted Amber it was simply because she had been very quiet through the last few Days and like a few of us have talked about it seems like the ones flying under the radar might not be Town. I don’t have any proof or anything just hunches.

  35. @Shannon M I seriously have no idea! I didn’t even know that was possible. I don’t feel like I’ve been real suspicious as far as forcing my vote anyway but everything is deciphered so it’s up to interpretation. The whole thing confuses me anyway, I don’t get the point in stealing votes, but I think I may be a bit simple.

    I feel like Siran’s general cryptic nature is why I’m so questioning of her, like, I can take a couple vague comments but it’s like, ALL of her comments have been strange, “I like when people talk about me.” “Would it be better if I revealed my role?”, “I realized I’m not part of a group but solo” the last one being a paraphrase. It makes me wonder if by “teams” she means like she’s not part of the Londons but I don’t know how that’s possible.

    I can’t imagine a third party would act so blatantly suspicious, especially when we keep saying “Hey, you’re acting suspicious”

  36. As for Megan… ugh. I don’t know what to think. I mean. If Anna did block Megan, and no one died… thinking Megan is a poisoner is a pretty logical, not-too-big leap. But I am always a bleeding heart, wanting to believe everything everyone tells me (which is why I struggle so much in these Games, clearly!)

    @Laura, yes, that makes sense! I think it was a good move tbh, even if just to solicit some talk from some a quieter player. Unfortunately, it didn’t go down that way and I think pretty much none of us is particularly suspicious of Kritika, so it doesn’t really help us there.

    I do have to wonder WHO deflected the action from Amber to Kritika and then also, WHY. Because that’s my thing: If the Deflector, for example, deflected FROM Amber TO Kritika, and we assume Kritika is Town, does that mean that the Deflector wanted to protect Amber? That is something worth considering, IMO.

    @Amber, I am straight up cackling at “but I think I may be a bit simple.” 😂😂😂 As for Siran, that’s the real quandary- she knows we think she’s being rather suspicious, yet she keeps leaving the cryptic comments. I wonder- could she have some kind of limitation? Maybe she’s only allowed to post a certain amount of words or something bananas? I was looking at the mafiascum wiki (it’s such a treasure trove!) and that IS a thing that can happen in games. I mean, it’s probably a stretch, but I simply can’t wrap my head around this!

  37. I feel like Megan could be the poisoner but I feel like anyone could be.

    And If someone wants me alive, I won’t exactly complain! 😂 Feel free to continue! I don’t know why they would deflect it though, I have no qualms with (one) forced vote, though I’d rather not accidentally vote someone out who could be town.

    @Shannon M – Oh my gosh, it’s true! I can’t understand the reasons for the vote thief but I’m not super great at analyzing. Hence why I’m occasionally quiet. Also, working full time. Lol.

    Oh… Is it possible that SHE’S somehow been poisoned and maybe that’s why she can’t say much? Maybe she has to be intentionally vague. Between the thing with Beth, I wouldn’t be too surprised if that’s it. Of course it doesn’t explain why she hasn’t died after a day though but maybe it’s a twist.

  38. We shouldn’t be assuming that Kritika is Town. In fact, I wanted to see what people would talk about without telling you my Night results, just so we could get more information to work with for future Days.

    So last night I actually decided to watch Krista, because she was under the radar and I thought maybe someone else would have thought so too. Clearly I was right to assume so, Kritika visited Krista last night and she was the ONLY person that I got back as having visited her. So I’m going to


    I’ve only been sitting on this because I wanted to see if there is was anyone in particular that she was defending or gunning for. She seems like she’s really after Megan today though, so it’s making me believe Megan about her Townie role. Unless she’s a SK or something..

  39. @Jenn thanks for that, and WOW this throws a wrench into everything!

    I am trying so hard to wrap my head around how this can all connect somehow. I am just going to list my thoughts/questions, I guess.

    • What, then, is the reason to deflect actions from Amber to Kritika? Assuming that IS in fact what happened.
    • Do we think Harker just assumed that Kritika was Town? We’re kind of taking their word pretty seriously, and maybe we shouldn’t assume that they knew anything about Kritika. Could have just been a hunch that we’ve kind of taken too far?
    • This whole “Anna roleblocked Megan, no one died, therefore Megan’s the poisoner”… Okay. It made sense, sure, but there ARE other explanations. Like a doctor prevented a kill, or someone was poison-proof, the ol’ Deflector, etc. The Megan/Poisoner thing IS one possibility, but yeah, there are others.
    • Was Kritika actually even made to vote for Jenn today? Or did the action on Amber just get blocked altogether and Kritika is just pretending to have her vote stolen as an excuse to try to get Jenn out? I mean, look, it’d be a pretty big coincidence, but I guess so would a Deflector? Idk.

  40. Okay, so if I wasn’t confused before, I definitely am now. I wonder why my vote for Jenn would deflect to her then. I still don’t fully understand the explanation behind my voting for Jenn anyway.

    @Kritika – Thoughts on any of this?

    @Shannon – I wondered if someone might pretend to have a vote stolen but then why wouldn’t mine go through? It doesn’t make much sense. I’m guessing there’s a third party at work here. I wonder if Krista could have just been poisoned, I mean, it’s a big gamble but… I don’t know. Actually, with the whole deflecting thing, it’s making me wonder if somehow a kill would have been redirected TO Krista.

  41. @Amber, me too! So I think that if Krista had been poisoned, she’d have Day died? Like Harker? Like, I’m pretty sure, anyway. As for how your stolen vote is missing, I can think of three possibilities: 1) Someone blocked the action from Laura (or you have a role that somehow blocked the action); 2) There was a Deflector that opted to deflect any action directed TOWARD you and deflected it TO Kritika; 3) Laura is making it all up and isn’t even the vote thief or there isn’t EVEN a vote thief, and whatever went down with Megan is some other weird twist. (I know the last one is a bit farfetched but man, I am reaching for anything I can think of at this point!)

  42. @Shannon – That last theory is interesting! I mean, this could all be some Gamemaker twist, we know there CAN be vote thieves, but if there are, we don’t really know for sure. Krista should have day died like Harker, but I always felt like Harker’s death was somehow deflected from Siran to Harker even though I know that doesn’t make any sense!

    It’s all different since Harker died in the day and Krista died in the night, but it makes me wonder if there’s some kind of multi-deflector who can somehow deflect during the day and night? It doesn’t explain why someone would deflect a death to Krista though.

    I just wonder why it would deflect from me to Kritika or really why someone would even block the action from Laura.

    I’m totally just…trying to analyze possibilities.

  43. @Amber, to that end, we don’t even know for sure that Harker was even poisoned! I feel like we (myself certainly included) just sort of accepted it all, but perhaps we shouldn’t have been so hasty. I need to go to bed soon, but I am going to spend some time tomorrow after work (or fine, maybe at work, who can tell?) really looking into past Days, other possibilities, etc. I know that we shouldn’t focus a ton on the setup, but at this point, we’re maybe making too many assumptions that are leading us in the wrong direction, which seems to be the case re: Jenn’s announcement.

    Oh, and of course I have considered the possibility that Jenn is lying- it would be unfair to not consider it tbh- but look. That would be a really, really long and convoluted task and I don’t think Jenn would put herself through that, because like I said earlier, she’s just putting a target on her back. So if she is lying, wow, bravo Jenn 😂

  44. I’m getting weird feelings about how Jenn is just dropping these tidbits of info. She keeps saying that she was trying to wait until people talked more to get more info but something about the timing isn’t sitting right with me. YesterDay she revealed she watched me and Anna visit Megan during the Night around the time when a lot of people were suspicious of and voting for Megan. ToDay, there seems to be a lot of theorizing that Megan is the Poisoner and then Jenn reveals that Kritika (allegedly) was the only one to visit Krista last Night. I get the feeling that Jenn is trying to protect Megan so maybe they’re on the same team? Or maybe Jenn is trying to protect someone else who visited Krista last Night and that’s the person who actually killed her.

    I’m not sure these are just my immediate thoughts.

  45. @Shannon – I do feel like maybe I’m a little quick to take people’s roles to heart, because really, anyone can be lying! Maybe Harker wasn’t even poisoned. It’s such a huge…Mind Problem. Jenn could be lying but like you said, it’d be a task but she’s played the game before so who knows! Maybe she’s into mind games. I don’t know. I’m going to wait for Kritika to comment before definitely doing any voting, which I’ll be saving for the last day anyway.

    I need a couple days to analyze everything too, especially YesterDay. I feel like Kritika has been helpful in her analyzing so I’d hate to lose her if this is just some kind of diversion tactic. What are the odds that Laura tried to steal my vote which deflected to Kritika who now Jenn says visited Krista in the night? Seems odd that two people are having encounters with Kritika. Makes me wonder.

  46. @ Laura – I’m also feeling weird about Jenn just dropping this info, she did the same thing YesterDay. Why not mention it when it was shared my vote was diverted to Kritika then? I wonder if Megan and Jenn are on the same team too. It just all seems so weird to me and it is late so maybe I’m overthinking.

  47. @Laura, one thing that makes me believe Jenn is that the people who visited Megan both admitted to it, that Jenn was indeed telling the truth. I wish it had all come out sooner, that Anna had been able to convince us (she needed more time, obviously, though I understand why Jenn waited too), but she wasn’t wrong at all. Nor did she claim to know what was done in regards to Megan, just that people were there.

    @Amber, I know, that is always my problem too. I feel a lot of pressure with this vote. Like you said, Kritika has had a lot to contribute, if she is Town it’d be a big loss. And it’s Day 5- starting to get to that pivotal point where one wrong move could cost us the game. I need to sleep on all of this, and then see what the heck everyone else has to say, too!

  48. @Jenn all I can say to defend myself is we had a strange case of action deflections going around last Night so not everything is as straightforward as it might seem. Since we don’t understand why the action targeting Amber hit me, maybe whoever killed Krista was actually trying to hit me but it hit Krista since I visited her? Is that even possible?? This game is really messing with my head. I really do have the Town’s best interest in mind with getting rid of the poisoner which is why I’m “gunning for” Megan. My thinking is that there’s more than one mafia member left (Astrid, Holland, any other minor/made up characters that the mods might have thrown in to level out the playing field) so we can’t stop night kills by lynching a mafia member. But if we stop the poisoner, we stop dying two at a time.

    And I shall continue to sound like a parrot at risk of sounding extra suspicious but @Shannon once again no comment on my ability to vote today.

  49. @Laura & Amber, I wanted to wait until everyone commented. It literally does us no favours for me to come right out at the beginning of the day saying, “Hey, Kritika visited Krista last night” and then just have any other people who might be anti-town just jumping on that bandwagon.

    @Kritika, Yes, we do seem to be having a weird deflection thing going on.. maybe anyways. It’s still a possibility that you and Laura are both Mafia and you talked about it last night to find a strategy that would explain Laura’s Vote Thief ability and cover your tracks, just in case I did watch Krista last night. Why were you visiting Laura, if not to kill her? It’s possible that Laura didn’t even try to steal anyone’s vote last Night and you are just saying you can’t explain it because that’s what everyone else who has had their vote stolen has said at this point.

    And also, you weren’t the one that was deflected from. Supposedly Amber was having her vote stolen and if that’s the case, any actions done to Amber would have deflected to you. So it really doesn’t make any sense that multiple things would deflect to you. I also don’t think something such as a killing ability would have deflected in the way you are suggesting. At least from what it sounds like you’re suggesting.

    Ie. Amber was trying to kill Krista but because Amber’s supposed stolen vote was deflected to you, you did the kill as well?

    It’s not Amber’s action itself that would be deflected.

    A Deflector is a power role that has the ability to redirect all actions targeted at one player to a different player during the Night. They can use this redirection on themselves once during a game.

    Affected players, including Cops, are not told that their Night action was redirected.

    So maybe Harker did investigate you, but whoever the deflector is (if there is one) targeted you and Harker’s investigation was deflected to a Townie, so Harker was told that their results were that you were a Townie because they weren’t getting the results for you, but the other person.

    Player A: Deflector
    Player B: Cop
    Player C: Mafia

    Night One: Player A deflects all actions targeted at themselves onto Player C.
    Player B targets Player A for investigation. Their investigation is deflected onto Player C and they receives the results that their target is Mafia.
    The Mafia chooses to send Player C to target Player A for elimination. Player C’s kill attempt is deflected onto themselves and they commits suicide in the game.

    In the above scenario, the kill attempt being deflected results in a suicide, Krista was obviously not Mafia, so she didn’t kill herself, which leaves you still as the only person to visit her last night.

  50. Also, from the Roles page in regards to the Vote Thief:

    A Vote Thief is a role that can target a player at Night to steal their vote during the following Day. When this happens, the targeted player is contacted by a Moderator and told they must for vote a specific person the following Day but not why they must vote that way.

    This power is usually limited in the amount of times it can be used (x-shot).

    Now the only other game that the Vote Thief has been played in (Lunar Chronicles Edition), the Vote Thief was not only a role that was Mafia, it also had a x 1 use. From what Laura is saying, she has used the ability x 3 now. Now it’s possible that it doesn’t have limited uses, but it wouldn’t be the norm.

  51. Siran’s comment confuses me but I still have no idea what to do about the immunity so I am trying to not to focus on that. That is a mystery I am willing to leave a little bit longer. I’m at a loss with Megan because we went for Anna and lost a Red and I do not want to make that mistake again.

    With Laura fully admitting to stealing Megan’s vote that confirms Jenn’s role in all of this. Which then, in turn, makes me question Kritika and what she was doing last Night. Yes, Harker did say they trusted Kritika to be town but could there be something surrounding Kritika that deflects/attracts certain actions? Do Amber and Kritika have some kind of weird connection and they get each others actions?

  52. Voting Update

    Megan (3) – Dana, Nicole, Shannon T
    Jenn (1) – Kritika
    Kritika (1) – Jenn

    Not Voting: Amber, Kerrie, Laura, Megan, MiKayla, Shannon M, Siran

  53. I was suspect of Kritika’s early comments today where she votes for Jenn and doesn’t explain why. I’m don’t know if her vote was actually taken or not, but something about the way she handled voting for Jenn, the day drinking, and the reiteration that she won’t talk about it doesn’t seem genuine to me. Maybe she is only trying to make us think her vote was stolen. This doesn’t explain why Amber’s vote wasn’t stolen… Also, the new information from Jenn (who I do not suspect since all her information seems to check out at this point) about Kritika visiting Krista definitely incriminates Kritika.

    @Kritika Could you explain WHY you visited Krista last night?

    @Amber Could you vote for someone other than Jenn to prove that your vote wasn’t stolen?

  54. Lol I was visited by/interacted with at least 4 people (that I know about) last Night and I’m not sure how all those actions interact, it’s leading to some interesting consequences. We’re always talking about “well how likely is this scenario” and in the Nevernight round I took it upon myself to actually do the math but all I really got out of it is that with this game anything goes!

    Whether you believe me or not is not something I can control, I can only point to my track record of providing analysis and trying to get the town back on track when we’ve been distracted by role speculation in the past. But maybe I can give a few things to think about: why would I choose to make myself look more suspicious by sticking with a completely unfounded vote for Jenn on a day when people are starting to be suspicious of me? Also I’d have to be very lucky to correctly guess that Laura wanted Amber to vote for Jenn and fake it at the beginning of the day. My vote hasn’t stopped me from continuing to provide evidence of who I think is town and who I find suspicious, when I could have just hidden behind the vote was an excuse not to participate properly today.

    As for what I was doing when I visited Krista, I just wanted to see if she had any juicy gossip 😂 I hope that is sufficiently vague that I don’t get a mafia target on my back but if y’all comb through the roles page maybe you’ll figure out out.

  55. Well, this could be a mistake but for now at least, I don’t think Kritika is anti-town. I could be wrong and it is concerning that my vote was diverted or protected. I feel like someone must want Kritika out but I obviously don’t know who. Or even necessarily why.

  56. What the HECK are y’all doing at Night?!? I feel like everyone is talking about a party I wasn’t invited to 😂

    That’s the thing stopping me from fully hopping on the Kritika thing- despite her vote for Jenn, she seemed to not actually want to vote for her.

    But I’m so lost because then what happened to Krista? Are ANY of these people baddies? Or is it just an even bigger mess of Townie versus Townie than I even suspected?

    Thing is, this is a lot of reported Townies with night roles. Someone’s gotta be up to no good, yeah? Jenn watches stuff, Laura steals votes, and who knows what Kritika is doing, or the 4 other people, which idk how she knows about to begin with.

  57. Wow. I went to bed early and wake up to a ton of new information! What the frickety frack.

    I don’t even know how to start wrapping my head around most of this. I’m at work now but I think it’s going to be a slightly mellow day so hopefully I’ll have some time to ruminate on everything.

  58. @Jenn I got a message from Asti describing a few actions that would be affecting me toDay, plus I visited Krista, for a total of 4 people.

  59. I guess I’m only extrapolating that one night action that affects me = one person who sent it to me but I feel like that’s a reasonable assumption? I could be wrong, who knows *shrugs*

  60. Not to make up excuses but what are the odds that Krista was out protecting someone, managed to get hit there and Kritika just happened to also be hanging out at Kristas?
    I mean Harker was right about Jeremy and if they say Kritika is town then I want to trust that.

  61. Gosh, Kritika, you were popular! 😂

    I wonder if all four people could be part of the Mafia and all tried to take you out. Or mafia and third party.

    I want to trust Harker too, they weren’t shown to be an insane cop, so. I don’t know.

  62. @Kritika, and yet you were the only person to visit Krista last night, and now she’s dead.

    @Mods, are you able to let us know whether or not Krista was able to use her Bodyguard abilities. Since she was a back-up Bodyguard and in past Games, back-ups are generally only able to use their abilities if the first one dies and we haven’t seen the original Bodyguard revealed at all, so I don’t think Krista was able to use her power yet.

  63. @Mods, I guess what I really mean to ask if if she is allowed to use her ability if the other Bodyguard is in play or if only one of them is able to use their ability at a time (until one dies or is recruited or what not). Not specifically if she used it last Night or not.

  64. @Jenn, obviously the mods can (if they can) say for sure better than I can, but I recall in Chaos Walking that Jill, as the backup doc, couldn’t do anything until Beth died? (I double checked the Doc just now to be sure!) I assume it’d work the same? It does specifically say in the notes for that edition that the Backup Doctor and Backup Cop only become the Doctor/Cop when the original is eliminated.

  65. (Also, for anyone wondering about Harker’s Cop status, while browsing through Chaos Walking- ah memories- it did in fact state “Paranoid Cop” the next Day when the Paranoid Cop was eliminated, so I think we can safely assume that Harker was Sane. That said, I don’t think Harker ever specified whether they investigated Kritika or just had a hunch, so take that for what it’s worth.)

  66. Voting Update

    Megan (4) – Dana, Nicole, Shannon T, Amber
    Jenn (1) – Kritika
    Kritika (1) – Jenn

    Not Voting: Kerrie, Laura, Megan, MiKayla, Shannon M, Siran
    Haven’t met comment minimum: Kerrie (3), Megan (1), Nicole (3), Shannon T (2), Siran (1)

    39 hours until deadline.

    That is correct, in previous editions of the game a player with a “back-up” role could only actively use their powers once the player assigned with the original role was eliminated. I added a search bar under the deadline countdown earlier in the game so players are able to search for elements of the game that were used previously if they so desire.

  67. I feel like everyone is bringing up a lot of good points and questions but not a lot of people are changing votes. I, for one, am just getting more confused. It’s been a busy couple days (carbon monoxide leaks at my apartment!) and my head is spinning reading through these comments. I’m still going to leave my vote for Megan for now, but will try to re-read toDay once things calm down.

  68. My comments are merely do to sarcastic sense of humor. I know that online it’s difficult to tell. Like I said before it is to bring lightheartedness to the game.

  69. Shannon T – Oh no! I hope you’re okay! I’m sorry.
    🧡🧡 Carbon Monoxide poisoning is no joke!

    Siran – There is no lightheartedness here! This is Bookish Games Everything we say will be combed through thoroughl! Especially since people want us dead.

  70. Sorry I haven’t been around too much in the past 24 hours, I went straight from work to babysitting for 8 hours. And I will be running errands today so I may not be around until later.

    My mind has been trying to work through everything that has come to light today and it always leaves me with more questions.

    I think Jenn has been really helpful and seemingly reliable with her watching skills. The only thing I wonder about is why she wasn’t targeted for elimination last Night. I would think a Watcher would be potentially threatening to whomever is against the town since she can provide helpful information to the rest of us. With that said, I can imagine that with her being outed, the anti-town could just try to get someone potentially more powerful. I’m not sure what to make of it because if I was a bad guy I probably would have tried to kill her since she’s been on point so far.

    Just my thoughts and I hope it makes sense!

  71. Well Jenn has certainly given us a lot to think about.

    Surely if Kritika was the only person to visit Krista last night and they ended up dead, they have to be responsible right? I’m not sure what else could be at play. If Krista was the victim of the posioner then wouldn’t she have died at the end of the ‘day’ rather than during the night? So unless some other mechanism is at work then it has to be Kritika. I don’t know what other roles could be responsible for her death if not by a direct killing by another player.

    Plus I’m very inclined to believe Jenn when she says what she saw, seeing as both players she talked about yesterday confirmed it. So far she’s been pretty spot on.

    As well as Kritikas reasoning fo her visit to Krista not really making any sense. How could she have interacted with so many people during the night? It doesn’t make sense. I don’t know if she’s just trying to confuse us.

    Think I have to


    At this stage. When I read Jenns comment above it definitely started ringing some alarm bells.

  72. However, I have to say I’m still a bit wary of Laura. I’m not sure if a vote thief can be of either allegiance, but I don’t really understand how they can be helpful to town.

    Trying to spread discord and mischief seems more a mafia tactic. Especially when town doesn’t know their fellow team members so you could be harming teammates.

    I’m still not sure of her intentions with stealing votes….

  73. I think Jenn is being a bit defensive too though I do understand her view. I just find the coincidences to be so….I don’t know, timely. I would think a Mafia player WOULD have targeted Jenn last night as she’s already mentioned she’s the watcher. Why would they let her live? I’m also not sure what to think of Laura’s vote stealing ability if she’s used it three times but I feel like she’s being truthful in trying to steal my vote.

    I’m just wondering if, for this edition, the target wasn’t Krista persay but the actual Bodyguard and then deflected to her? I feel like deflecting is a definite possibility but then who would they have been targeted by. The idea of deflects is throwing me off.

  74. I see her point too. Which is one reason why I quickly canceled my vote. The other reason is that I broke my own posting rule.

  75. I’m not saying that we should implement it into the game rules. I just thought that it would force ME to be active during play. Granted, it didn’t help as much as I would have liked.

    By all means , use that information as you all will

  76. Voting for me because you think I killed Krista is valid, but voting for me because you think I’m lying about the bajillion night actions seems kind of silly doesn’t it? I can’t wait for this game to be over when we can all see what went down behind the scenes, I’m sure there’s a lot of fun coincidences and twists built in. There’s a lot of players in this game and you really can’t predict every other person’s role and actions at Night! Whatever the outcome of the Day is, I promise I truly am trying to help find the poisoner so we all don’t die twice as fast and I’m not going after Megan because it’s *convenient*. When Nicole brought up her theory I thought it made a lot of sense, and if one of us dies at the end of the Day besides the lynching I’m pretty sure that’s good evidence that Megan is the poisoner and wasn’t able to kill yesterDay because Anna roleblocked her. If it isn’t Megan then I have no idea who else it could be, so all I can say is I have a lot of respect for this poisoner for a game well played 👍🏽

  77. @Siran – You’ve made a self-imposed voting rule then? It has nothing to do with your role?

    The poisoner will never not be concerning to me. I think the Mafia is the ultimate top priority obviously but this poisoner…They’re doing the Mafia’s work for them essentially. Whether Megan is the poisoner or not, we don’t know for sure but if it helps us know for sure she’s ‘not’ then. . .

  78. Self-imposed – yes. I decided that I wouldn’t vote unless I commented 4 other times. So I cancelled my vote when I remembered that it was only the third time.

  79. The only reason I can think of that I wasn’t targeted for a Night kill is because either the Mafia thought that our Doctor, if we have one. Or someone else would protect me, so their kill would go to waste. Which makes sense to me as to why Krista would be killed off, since she wasn’t really on the radar at all. Or, because my role did just help us lynch a Town member, who had an important role.

    My role does not tell me what visitors do, just that they visited. I also have to get extremely lucky to watch someone who is actually visited by someone to get any possible useful info.

    I didn’t think I was being particularly defensive, mostly I’m just trying to put forward useful information to help us root out Mafia.

  80. I think that Jenn not being targeted last Night is actually is an interesting point to bring up. She was, yesterDay, pretty much confirmed to be a threat to Maf. so why was she not targeted? Why Krista instead?

    With Megan being roleblocked and no one dying of poison I would rather go after her today even though getting mafia is top priority. I am not worried about Kritika’s night visits EXCEPT for the Krista visit. That one does worry me. Anyway, I feel like I am just repeating what everyone else has already stated so I will be back later with any extra information I think of and to place my vote.

  81. I feel like we can’t really know for sure that Jenn wasn’t targeted last Night. There could be a doctor, or some other protector, Jenn could have been bulletproof, etc. Or like Jenn said, maybe they didn’t bother because they were afraid of it going to waste.

    I’m trying to comment on a new phone but it’s too hard and taking forever because old, so I’ll be around more later!

  82. I wonder who would have visited Jenn then, wait, wouldn’t she know if someone visited her? No, I guess not if she’s a watcher.

    The multiple visits to Kritika is so interesting, What in the world were they doing? Is it possible that one of them blocked a kill attempt Kritika could have tried to make? Or that one of them visited Kritika to deflect her kill or… It makes me wonder if Kritika could have been a kill target at night and if she could be bulletproof.

    I’m so not wording properly! I just want to know what everyone was doing Last Night.

  83. My thoughts on the whole Megan situation. If we do have a Poisoner, I agree that yes, Megan is a good possibility for that. With her having been Role Blocked and no one dying at the end of the Day, it does make it likely, if there is one.

    Now, here is why I’m not voting for Megan right now myself. Yes, she may be the Poisoner BUT from the Poisoners role page (sorry I’m quoting it so much toDay):

    Win condition:

    You win if all threats to the [insert allinace] are eliminated and at least one [insert alliance]-aligned player is alive.

    So technically, the Poisoner could be a Townie. Which means, while they haven’t yet been helpful at getting off Mafia, they are a threat to the Mafia. More of a threat than the rest of the Townies. Why? Because they can actually kill the Mafia if they get lucky. So it’s just another reason why I’m keeping my vote for Kritika at this time. Her comment here also makes me more wary of her:

    Whatever the outcome of the Day is, I promise I truly am trying to help find the poisoner so we all don’t die twice as fast and I’m not going after Megan because it’s *convenient*. When Nicole brought up her theory I thought it made a lot of sense, and if one of us dies at the end of the Day besides the lynching I’m pretty sure that’s good evidence that Megan is the poisoner and wasn’t able to kill yesterDay because Anna roleblocked her. If it isn’t Megan then I have no idea who else it could be, so all I can say is I have a lot of respect for this poisoner for a game well played

    Getting the Mafia is just as important as killing off a possible Poisoner (if they’re not Town aligned). For all we know, we only have one Mafia member left, though I think it might be two and it might be Kritika and Laura. As I explained before, they might have discussed a plan over the Night and Kritika might actually not have to vote for me, but they are pretending she does so that if one of them dies, the other looks innocent.

    We don’t know if we have a Deflector, and won’t until either the end of the Game of the die. We do know that we have a Bodyguard out there still, since they haven’t been killed yet. The reason I wondered if Krista was able to use her ability with the other Bodyguard still alive was because I was giving Kritika the benefit of the doubt that it was possible Krista killed herself protecting someone else who was targeted during the Night. But if our first Bodyguard is still out there, she wouldn’t have been able to.

    Which leads me to suspect Kritika as the only one who could be responsible for killing Krista. I’m voting for her with the hope that the Poisoner is a Townie and ultimately on our side. Even if they’ve made some poor decisions so far.

  84. Could there really be a game with only one Mafia player left? I always wondered how far we have to go for the Town to “win”. I looked over past games and it shows as Town winning with Mafia players still alive (as far as I can tell from my limited knowledge).

    I don’t know what I think about the plan of Kritika faking a vote and Laura saying she forced my vote. It seems a bit complex. NOT to say that it’s not possible it’s just a lot of…stuff going on.

    Whoever the poisoner is, whether it’s Laura or not, they really are not doing the Town any favors with their actions. It’s actually kind of frustrating, I know their knowledge as to who everyone is is also limited but… I would expect better judgement.

  85. Voting Update

    Megan (4) – Dana, Nicole, Shannon T, Amber
    Jenn (1) – Kritika
    Kritika (2) – Jenn, Megan

    Not Voting: Kerrie, Laura, MiKayla, Shannon M, Siran
    Haven’t met comment minimum: Kerrie (3), Megan (3), Nicole (3), Shannon T (3)

    Just under 25.5 hours until deadline.

  86. @Amber, I don’t think it’s especially complex. If they are on the same team and have Night discussion area, then it’s pretty simple. It would literally take a few minutes to discuss who they were going to pretend to vote for and who Laura was going to “force” to vote a certain way.

    You literally would have no idea that Laura tried to steal your vote if she didn’t say that she did, since apparently it was “deflected” by someone we don’t even know is in the Game.

    And no, the Poisoner is not doing the Town and favours, but there is always the chance that they could get a Mafia member. Which would help us out. Someone who might get lucky and kill a Mafia as opposed to the Mafia who knows exactly who is on their team and just needs to get us to lynch ourselves while they kill us off one by one at night. Of course they want to find the Poisoner because as long as they’re in the game, they’re the real threat to them.

  87. @Jenn I explained earlier today why I’m going after the poisoner and not the mafia right now, but to summarize I think there’s more than one mafia member left at this point so by eliminating one we probably won’t stop the night kills. I figured if we get rid of the poisoner at least we stop the Day kills. I’m also thinking the poisoner is likely Black London (the stone sort of poisons people, and I don’t remember any Red or Grey London characters in ADSOM who would have that power but it’s been a few years since I’ve read it), which is why I think it’s dangerous for them to stay alive. Maybe the poisoner is also part of the White London cultafia but I think that’s unlikely since Beth was killed during the day after being recruited by the mafia. I just think it’s risky to assume the poisoner is on the Town’s side.

  88. @Kerrie is there anything I can answer to help ease any suspicions about me?

    I truly am a town member and all I’ve been doing is try to help us win.

    I didn’t have any action to take the night Anna visited me so there was no role to block. I don’t know why there wasn’t a death but that wasn’t due to my action or inaction.

    I may have made a wrong assumption about the Cultafia being dealt with, but that was more to do with ignorance about what it was and not looking it up before making my comment. But even then, I didn’t say the complete threat of the mafia was dealt with, there were still bad guys for us to catch. I’m not sure what else I’ve done to garner suspicion.

    It won’t be good for the town if I go. I don’t know how many people are in the town, but there can’t be too many left now. We can’t afford to loose another town player.

  89. I don’t know what goes on at night, nobody seems suspicious to me. I am just going to randomly


  90. Megan and Kritika are most suspicious to me. Megan as a possible poisoner (alliance unknown) and Kritika as a possible mafia member. I would definitely be on board with lynching Megan toDay, but I think @Jenn brings up a good point, that the mafia is a bigger threat right now because there’s a chance the poisoner is a townie. So I’m going to change my vote and


    However, if someone is poisoned toDay and it’s another townie, I’m gonna assume that the poisoner is anti-town.

  91. @Megan you make a good point about Anna’s blocking- maybe you just didn’t do anything for Anna to block.

    Also, the situation maybe doesn’t always necessarily involve a night kill- for example, if one group could poison every Night, I don’t think the mods would have a separate entity that could also kill Nightly. Because we’d all be dead really soon. So it could just be a case where there’s a poisoning group (not necessarily even one person, though who knows) and then a vigilante or serial killer or some such with a 2x power, certain Night kill ability, whatever. Or vice versa.

    I also really don’t see the Poisoner, if there is one, being a Townie? It’s just a feeling more than anything, but it seems so… I don’t know, almost counterproductive to make a Townie a Poisoner. And Kritika’s comment about it not even fitting the books for it to be a thing makes me even more sure.

  92. @Megan, I agree with you in that I too am having a hard time being comfortable with the idea of a Vote Thief being Town. Sure, it’s possible, but again, why? Just to cause chaos? I am a little more inclined to buy it than a Townie Poisoner, but not by much tbh.

  93. I’m going to go ahead and


    Because it does seem very concerning that she visited Krista and then she was killed. I wanted to believe Harker that they thought Kritika was Town but I really am not sure that she actually is. I’m still not sure about Megan but I want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    I know that I haven’t been making the smartest choices in terms of my role, but I’m honestly just trying to look at the minimal info we have and try to protect the rest of our Town. I’m really hoping that whoever gets lynched at the end of the Day is Mafia or Third Party.

    Also for those of you theorizing that Kritika and I are aligned, I just want to say for the record that we are not. My word is all I have in this game so I hope you all just take me at that.

  94. @Siran How does NO ONE seem suspicious to you? At all? You never seem to make any votes your own. There’s over a hundred comments and no one sticks out so you choose randomly? If you’re doing randomly, you could have chose anyone in the game, but you chose someone being discussed. Do you know something?

  95. Truly….. I don’t know. I don’t know what goes on during the night. I am only 30% done with the book. I guess I just don’t know specifically to look for. To say to look for anything suspicious on the comments – it’s too general. I was called into the game A LOT soon than I would have thought. I believed that I was up for a challenge, but I might have been wrong.

  96. It just seems odd and concerning to me how vague you’ve been throughout the game, you don’t have suspicions on a possible poisoner or a serial killer or a vote thief or the mafia in general. I haven’t read the book but I still know what seems ‘off’ to me.

    Anyway, I hope you don’t feel I’m attacking you! I just think that with it being day 5, it’s not time to not find things strange or suspicious.

  97. Okay, like, seriously. No one knows what goes on during the night, that’s the whole issue we’re all facing right now! We don’t know what’s happened! That’s why we come up with theories. We can only say what we think. We only have 17 hours left and I just find it hard to believe that you don’t know what to look for.

  98. @Siran, honestly I hardly remember anything from the book (I read it years ago and apparently it did NOT stick hahah) so try maybe to not focus as much on that? I think like- part of the Game is trying to just instinctively figure out who seems sketchy to you, you know? Who has said stuff that doesn’t quite add up to you, etc. And in fairness, it’s HARD because unless you’re mafia (or have some kind of investigative role), you don’t know what alliance anyone is but yourself. So I get it! But I think too that it does seem a little strange to some of us that you don’t really have ANY opinions on anyone. And some could (and have) taken that as a sign of mafia behavior. Kind of like: If you were mafia, you just say you suspect no one, vote for a “random” person, and then it’s harder for us to discern your allegiance.

    TL;DR: This game is sketchy and everything said by any person is analyzed to death, so even saying you don’t have a suspicion is suspicious in itself.

  99. @Siran – Your comments are strange-ish and I’m very hesitant about you. Like, I really don’t know what to think of you and I’m not even taking your vote to heart because it’s not even a real vote.

  100. I gotta say, I feel like Jenn or Kritika has to be mafia/baddie. Here’s why: Most of the other possibilities are newbies, or close to it. Maybe Megan could fit the bill, Dana too (and yes, I know I am of the non-newbie variety, but I also know I am not a baddie, so there’s that) but I really don’t know if there would be an entire mafia of JUST new players? That just seems… I don’t know, unlikely, and unfair to them, even? Like, I know we aren’t supposed to take past games into account, etc, but… would the mods really just throw a gaggle of newbies to the wolves? (Though it would explain why everyone kept asking what happened during the Night 😂)

  101. I still find it interesting that Laura is the vote thief, tried to steal my vote FOR JENN. Yeah, she said it was to cause talk or whatever, but it’s a very odd decision. It makes me wonder if she knows more than she’s saying.

    I’m still quite suspicious of Jenn and Megan being a vote thief and poisoner, I keep saying that though, so. Just something about both of them strike me as odd.

    I feel like making a Mafia all be newbies could make an interesting dynamic for the GameMakers, not sure if they’d do it. It’s risky.

    Could explain Siran’s vagueness though.

  102. @Amber, you have a really good point. I went back and read Laura’s reason for trying to make you vote for Jenn, and I have to say, it is NOT sitting well with me:

    I chose Jenn because I hoped that if she is Town that some of the Mafia would try to also vote her out and that would then allow us to target one of them.

    @Laura, did you want Jenn to be voted out so we’d know for sure she is Town? Because that’s shady. Or did you want to… what, trap the mafia, then out yourself as the Vote Thief so that anyone suspicious of Jenn would be then outed as potential mafia? That is… convoluted, tbh. And doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. The more I read it, the more puzzled I am, and I really don’t see how it helps us at all, especially if Jenn has an important role.


  103. @Shannon M – Yes, it hasn’t been sitting well with me and I can’t understand the reasoning because like you said, it IS convoluted. Jenn also found it NOT complex which I find interesting as well, given it was a vote FOR her and clearly she said it would just involve a night discussion between Kritika and Laura.

    But then why bring me into it and why suggest someone’s actually faking a vote.

  104. @Amber, yeah, I have no idea why you were brought into it- unless Laura actually did try to make you do it? Or just because focusing on a potential Deflector role steers the attention in a different direction?

    Interestingly, in Day 2, before Edward’s cultafia slip, it’s Laura who introduces the idea of a Cult Leader role, while still expressing her newbie-dom:

    @Megan it’s interesting that you bring up the hive mind quality of the Black London stone because that makes it seem almost like that person could have the Cult Leader role right ?
    This is my first time playing the game so it might not be that uncommon but i find it really interesting that no one was killed during the Night.

    Edward then agrees with her, and makes the cultafia comment. In itself, it isn’t huge, but I noticed it and figured it was worth mentioning. Plus, when added to the other stuff, it just seems red-flaggish. (Flaggish isn’t a word, but it really should be.)

  105. @Shannon M- Laura could have tried to make me do it but I could have just been used as a scapegoat for her votes not going through how she wanted.

    Both things can’t be true though, Laura couldn’t try to make me vote which supposedly went to Kritika while Kritika is also faking a vote. They’re just not compatible. Again, convoluted.

    It is interesting that you brought that up. I forgot all about Laura bringing up the cult idea which is interesting with her being new.

  106. @Amber and @Shannon the reason I brought up the Cult thing is because I was reading into all the different roles and trying to get any information that could help us.

  107. Voting Update

    Megan (4) – Dana, Shannon T, Amber, Kerrie
    Jenn (1) – Kritika
    Kritika (5) – Jenn, Megan, Siran, Nicole, Laura
    Laura (1) – Shannon M

    Not Voting: MiKayla
    Haven’t met comment minimum: Shannon T (3)

    Just over 13 hours until deadline.

  108. With a lot of people changing their votes to @Kritika I have to ask a (probably stupid new player question)… Is it necessary to visit someone in the night in order to kill them?? Or can roles kill a person without visiting them? I see the reasoning behind changing to Kritika since she visited Krista and then Krista died…But if someone could have killed Krista without visiting I would hate to have changed my vote. I am also a bit hesitant to jump on the Kritika bandwagon because I am suspicious of a few people that are voting for her…

  109. @Shannon T, As far as I know, someone has to physically visit in order to kill someone. That way any other powers that the person being killed might have and other that might have been used on them are taken into effect too.

  110. I think that while Kritika visited Krista, it doesn’t mean she killed her. There’s been weird voting methods, people going Insane and a lot of deflects. We could figure that someone that visited Kritika really did the kill the same night.

    And I read over comments and Harker did say. that they weren’t suspicious of Jeremy (noted town), Nicole and Kritika. They had noted suspicion of Megan. Take that all as you will.

  111. @Amber yes I will explain my thoughts on the vote thieving. Honestly I didn’t have a lot to go on so I do realize that it might seem sketchy or not helpful but I was trying to get us more information.

    I made Harker vote for Nicole because of her asking about the Night Actions and I hoped this would promo more questioning of Nicole.

    I made Megan vote for Jeremy to try and see if any of the Mafia would go after him if they weren’t the ones to start it and then we might have a better picture of who’s the Mafia.

    And the same reasoning for why I tried to get Amber to vote for Jenn.

    I didn’t particularly want any of these people voted out I just hoped that I could figure out who was mafia by who jumped on voting for them after that first person.

    Retrospectively I realize that this was perhaps not the best strategy but this is my first time playing and it’s giving me a lot of anxiety thinking about how little we know so I was just trying to get more info.

  112. It seems I have the choice to make a tie or make sure that (at least for now) there is no tie. I tried to go back and see why Harker didn’t find Kritika suspicious but there’s really nothing besides the initial “these people aren’t suspicious to me” However, Harker was informed so maybe that’s why they knew 3 people weren’t suspicious even though they only had 2 nights. That being said I’ve been suspicious of Megan for a while so I’m sorry to make a tie but


  113. Voting Update

    Megan (5) – Dana, Shannon T, Amber, Kerrie, MiKayla
    Jenn (1) – Kritika
    Kritika (5) – Jenn, Megan, Siran, Nicole, Laura
    Laura (1) – Shannon M

    Less than 3.5 hours until deadline.

  114. @Shannon T That’s my problem right now. Most of the people I’ve been suspicious of are voting for Kritika. Of course, I feel like I’m usually wrong so I’m not sure if I should worry about it.

    I am suspicious of Megan. She was roleblocked and no one was poisoned. Of course there always is a chance that the poisoner was limited in times they could use it. But the Megan said she didn’t have a night action she could use (but could that be because she was out of poisons?)

    I think Jenn’s information about Kritika is worrisome and I am suspicious of her. She admits to visiting Krista for gossip but Krista is killed. She says she has interacted with possibly 4 people last night according to an email from Asti. But if she was a proxy or the kill was made to look like it came from her, I don’t think Asti would tell her that.

    Laura has admitted to being the vote thief and so far it has not been beneficial to the town.

    Siran’s humor doesn’t translate and it makes her look sketchy, combined with the fact that she has been unlynchable so far.

    Nicole for the reason’s I stated yesterDay.

    I don’t know who I’m most suspicious of and who I should vote for now at the end of the day. Part of me thinks voting Megan or Kritika should be risked. We don’t know what their abilities are. Part of me wants to vote for Laura since we know what she can do. For now I’m going to cancel my vote and wait to see if anything happens in the last few hours that makes one of them stand out.


  115. @Amber So you’re willing to believe that the only person to visit Krista isn’t responsible for her death, but I’m still worthy of suspicion?

    That just makes me suspect you even more. That you’re likely in league with Kritika and trying to help her.

  116. @Megan and Laura – I mean, go ahead and suspect me. I’m not working with her but you can have your ideas. That’s fine. I’m trying to help the Town. That is why I was up half the night posting.

    @Megan You’re not my only suspect Megan. I’m worried about Laura and Siran (who no one is questioning at all now)

  117. @Amber I think we are all a bit suspicious of Siran but I myself am just really worried about trying to lynch her for the third time on an odd day and it not working.

  118. @Amber, I think not questioning Siran is partly because no one wants to go down that road on another Odd Day, not that people aren’t suspicious (at least, that’s my personal view)

    As for the two people in the lead, I am having a really hard time voting for either, and I will explain why:

    Yes, the Krista info is worrisome to me, and I think if push comes to shove, I’ll vote for Kritika. But I am concerned that the action meant for Amber was deflected onto Kritika, something that no one is taking credit for. See- if it was a Townie worried about Amber’s fate, I feel like they’d have said so long ago. It could be Amber trying to save Amber for all we know. Plus… why did anyone assume Amber would be a target for a Night action? It was kind of odd enough that Laura chose her, nevermind the fact that a supposed Deflector did. Heck, this could just be part of Amber’s role for all we know. And Harker was informed AND a cop, so while I wouldn’t use that information as gospel, it’s something to take into consideration.

    There is really no proof that Megan is the Poisoner, for me. Sure, Anna maybe role blocked her (we don’t even know that for sure tbh) and no one died the following Day but… that could have been for a billion other reasons too. Frankly, we don’t even know that there IS a Poisoner, yet Megan’s somehow been found guilty of being it. I’ll admit to having some mild suspicions of Megan, but it seems like very circumstantial evidence that lead to her conviction. And that just feels too much like mafia framing for me to be comfortable with. I could be wrong and maybe Anna truly did role-block Poisoner/Megan. But there are just so many other possibilities now, that the open and shut case against her is making me feel too squicky to vote for her at the moment.

    It’s my mom’s birthday and we’re having a (very) little gathering, so I’ll be popping in and out!

  119. @Laura and Shannon M – Yes, you are both right about suspecting her. I know it’s probably just not being voiced because of more possible crucial matters. I know it’s frustrating that we can’t try lynching her without it being another wasted vote.

  120. @Shannon M, I agree with your points about Kritika and Megan. In both cases we have circumstantial evidence and there are reasonable scenarios where both of them could be innocent. However, I think the evidence incriminating both of them is the best evidence we have and so acting on it and eliminating one of them seems logical at this point. A lot of your case for thinking Kritika didn’t kill Krista was based on the fact that Laura targeted Amber last Night. I’m very suspicious of Laura and tend to think that she was lying about her actions last Night.

    I’m nervous about a tie happening here and I would be willing to vote off either Megan or Kritika. I don’t know if I’ll be able to comment again before the end of the Day. I’m going to leave my vote for Kritika because we know Laura is the vote thief and it seems very likely that the vote thief is mafia (and I am getting suspicious vibes from Laura). So I suspect Laura and Kritika are working together. There’s a good possibility that Kritika will be lynched today, so I suspect at least one other mafia member will vote for her because it makes the other mafia member less suspicious. That is why I am going to leave my vote for Kritika. This may be really roundabout thinking and my assumptions may be incorrect but we don’t have a lot of facts and this scenario seems as likely as any at this point.

  121. Voting Update

    Megan (4) – Shannon T, Amber, Kerrie, MiKayla
    Jenn (1) – Kritika
    Kritika (5) – Jenn, Megan, Siran, Nicole, Laura
    Laura (1) – Shannon M

    Not Voting: Dana

    Less than 2.5 hours until deadline.

    @Shannon M: Italics are fixed 🙂

  122. In case y’all still think I’m faking my vote, now would be a great time for me to switch from Jenn to Megan to save my skin, yes? 🙂

    I’m feeling very anxious about life stuff (not game stuff, I promise you all aren’t causing me any distress) so I might not be around at the end of the Day, but in case I do go out I’d just like to say it’s been fun, thanks for the martini, and I’m seriously looking forward to the spectator chat!

  123. Kritika – I’m so sorry about the life stuff! That’s rough and sucky. I was definitely there with that stuff.

    Well. Now we know she’s definitely not faking a vote because she’d try to save herself.

  124. @Asti thank you!!

    @Kritika, so sorry you’re stressed, I hope things calm down for you ❤️

    @Nicole, I tend to agree about Laura, hence my vote. I do know that some evidence is better than nothing, but I worry that the evidence is misleading, from someone who wants us looking in the wrong direction.

    That said, I’m hoping that we get some answers with whoever’s death happens. And if we’re lucky, they really are baddies!

  125. I’m worried I’m going to miss the last hour if the guests we’re expecting show up soon so I think I’m going to go with the sure thing and hope that she’s anti town.


  126. Voting Update

    Megan (4) – Shannon T, Amber, Kerrie, MiKayla
    Jenn (1) – Kritika
    Kritika (5) – Jenn, Megan, Siran, Nicole, Laura
    Laura (2) – Shannon M, Dana

    Less than 1 hour until deadline.

  127. @Dana I don’t know why you think it’s a “sure thing” that I’m anti-town. I know that my actions have not come across as the most helpful but that was never my intention.

  128. I’m feeling a bit nervous about Kritika being a Townie, like Anna.. but I just can’t think of any other way that Krista could have died without it being the only person who visited her in the night. So I will be keeping my vote as is.

  129. My worry is that there is someone sitting and waiting to tie things up last minute so we learn nothing. Though that would cause them to throw a ton of suspicion on themselves.

  130. @Shannon, you better not tie things up! I have been sure you’re a Townie this time around.

  131. Day Five has officially ended. The person with the most votes (5) is Kritika. Kritika was Astrid, Team White London, Investigative-Immune, Framer, Back-up Pen Pal.

    …Wait, what’s that? TWO more players have also been eliminated for unconfirmed reasons? Say it isn’t so!

    That’s right, Megan and Siran are also eliminated at the end of Day Five. Megan was Kell, Team Red London, 2x Commuter, Mail Man, and Mason.
Siran was Rhy, Team Red London, 1x Deathproof turned Half-Sibling, Mason.

    It is now Night Five. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Tuesday 9pm GMT (48 hours from now, but honestly the sooner the better). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    Day Six will start on Wednesday 9pm GMT. Any additional casualties will be revealed at that time. Good luck!

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