ADSOM: Day Four


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Game Master’s Notes

Well, that was an unusual Day. Not only did the player with the most votes not get eliminated (again) but someone with no votes was revealed. Huh.

Now, I get it, it is super easy to speculate as to why things have happened the way they have. There are so many ways this game could go when thinking about the events of ADSOM that it’s impossible to stop your mind from trying to figure out all the possibilities. But I’m going to try and warn you against spending too much energy on this because in the grand scheme of things, your goal is to eliminate anyone who is a threat to your team. The more time you energy you waste on trying to figure out the set-up, the less energy you’re using towards figuring out who to eliminate. (I think Day Three is actually a good example of this. How much analysis was done on set-up possibilities vs figuring out who to vote? Did anyone even really try to use the information provided by the Cultafia reveal to make arguments?)

In other news, I am moving this weekend! Dave and I have finally found a flat and will be in the process of moving everything over and buying all the necessities. Unfortunately, with a new place comes the need to wait for the internet man to come over and set everything up and that won’t be happening right away. As a result, my availability to check in to the Games and social media will be quite limited between November 2nd – 7th. I will do my best to check in on my phone when I can, but during this time I’d say if you have any serious questions or concerns to reach out to Inge or Crini instead.

It is now Day Four.

You have until Sunday 9pm GMT to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

154 thoughts on “ADSOM: Day Four”

  1. Okay, Harker being killed makes me really curious about the information they were trying to tell us in previous Days. I know there are different types of Cops, but why kill Harker now and not when they first tried to vote for Nicole with no real explanation? Does that mean that they were right or is this a misdirect?

    @Nicole do you have anything you want to add?

    Also, Harker did say that they were worried about making themself a target by revealing their role, but why was Jeremy targeted? I had been a little suspicious of him because of the vote switching but now that it’s clear he wasn’t anti-town what did he do that made him a target?

  2. Hi just checking in.

    Might as well do this straight away and get it out of the way. I’m going to


    Yes this makes zero sense, and no, I do not have anything further to say on this matter.

  3. Not sure what Jeremy did to get him targeted. Never thought of him too much as suspicious.

    But it could have been anyone I suppose? I don’t know.

    I’m definitely getting the feeling that it’s every London out for themselves. But then Harker was Grey and they were okay with Jeremy hinting at their role as a cop, which has since been confirmed. So maybe their goals matched up after all? I’m not sure.

    Grey and Red didn’t seem to antagonistic towards each other in book 1 (don’t know about the rest, haven’t read them yet), so mebbes it’s Grey & Red vs White & Black perhaps?

    I don’t know. Is this focusing too much on the mechanics like Asti said above? Sorry if it is. I’ll have to go back and read some of day 2 & 3 posts to see if anyone was particularly gunning for Jeremy.

  4. Wait @Megan Jeremy is already out so… does that mean that one London killed Jeremy and another London is targeting Jeremy not knowing that he was going to be killed in the Night? This makes no sense, as you said.

    Harker did say they weren’t suspicious of Jeremy, Nicole, and someone else that I can’t remember. I need to go back and read the previous Days again, because I’m pretty sure they listed another person. But then Harker started the Cop discussion by voting for Nicole.

    Maybe Harker wasn’t a Sane Cop? I don’t know if this goes too much into the game mechanics either, but it is curious.

  5. Not sure why @Harker died or why @Jeremy was targeted. It seems the further this game goes the more confused I get!

    I read up on Jeremy’s governor role and saw that he had a daytime ability to stop a lynch from occurring. This makes me wonder if Siran/Sienna is lynchproof…Or if Jeremy used the governor ability in Day 1? But that also makes me question since it says ‘1x governor’ does that mean it could only be used once? If so, did someone else save Sienna Day 2? Or is Sienna lynchproof as their role? Yikes!

  6. @ Shannon T If I’m remembering correctly Jeremy didn’t vote for Siran because he was worried about her being lynchproof which makes me think he wasn’t responsible for her not dying

  7. What the heck is happening!?
    I’m gonna miss Harker and how they always kept the conversation going as Asti mentioned. It sucks we lost both Barron and Maxim in one go.
    @Krista your point about different Londons targeting Jeremy makes a lot of sense, that’s definitely where my mind went. Maybe White London killed Jeremy in the night and then another London either Grey or Black is making Megan vote for him?
    Or maybe this is Megan trying to seem like Town even though she’s Mafia? I can’t see a Mafia person throwing away a vote like that.

  8. I don’t know what kind of night actions are taken, but I am wonder if it is possible that a team member of Jeremy had targeted him.

  9. @Krista, it sounds very likely that you’ve nailed it re:Jeremy. One of the Londons killed him, and another planned to. @Siran, it could very easily be his own teammate as we’re blind in terms of who IS our actual teammate.

    @Laura, a mafia person wouldn’t throw away a vote, I agree, but they also aren’t immune from having to throw away said vote if someone forced them, so I feel like this doesn’t give us a ton of info either way.

    @Megan, that is what I want to know too (and again, probably focusing too much on setup here, but it could be important in terms of who knows/knew what, especially now that we know alliances of several players): How many of the Londons are technically mafia? We can assume the cultafia/White London, but what of the others? If Harker genuinely thought Jeremy was a good guy, and he’s Red London and they’re Grey London… Idk just raises some questions!

    @Megan again, I guess being forced to vote for dead people isn’t quite as bad as having to vote for cheese? 😂

    My daughter came home today, so I am hoping things will be calmer here this weekend and I will have more time to actually go back and look through all the past Days with toDay’s reveals in mind!

  10. phew what an ending to Day 3/Night 3! Sorry for checking in so late, I literally just got home and it’s 10:30pm over here (life of a grad student whooo). I’m more convinced there’s a vote thief or some other kind of malicious person now that Megan also had to do an unexplained vote, and I agree with Laura that the person forcing votes is probably not on the same team as whoever killed Jeremy because if you knew he was getting killed the vote makes no sense. There’s also possibly another third party/mafia/black london stone/who knows what that is killing Townies (and ex-Townies I guess, w.r.t. Beth) during the Day in addition to the lynching, and I’m not sure if this person or entity is the same as the one forcing votes or killing us at night. I guess I’m trying to say we have at least two enemies of the town, if not three, so we gotta watch our backs!

    I’m going to eat my dinner and then look over who was suspicious of Harker on Day Two, because if whoever is killing people in addition to the lynch has to submit it via a Night Action form, Harker was basically dead before Day Three started and just didn’t know it yet (I think this is how Poisoning works?). I don’t think the same strategy will be useful for analyzing Beth’s killer because on Day One we were all making crazy guesses anyway so it will be harder to find the common denominator who killed both Beth and Harker. The reason I think the kills happen via Night action form is that we didn’t have a random death on Day One.

    I also feel so foolish for my comment yesterDay where I was like “I’m pretty sure Siran will die this time, don’t worry about game mechanics and just vote for who you think is anti-town!” I for one am not gonna try to vote for her again because it’s been getting us nowhere, even though I am still suspicious of her random votes and inability to get lynched.

  11. Okay, here we go, people suspicious of Harker on Day Two (quoting only the relevant parts of longer comments with …):

    Shannon T says:
    October 19, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    …But @Harker’s vote and inability to explain it make me want to vote Harker. I think I’m going to hold off until tomorrow to vote.

    Kerrie is casting spells (@lovekerrie) says:
    October 19, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    So looking through the roles, I agree that Harker’s vote for Nicole sounds like the actions of someone being a vote thief. But thinking about the characters that may have been assigned for this game, the only roles I can think of that might be granted the power to steal someones vote would be the Dane Twins and the most likely character they’d be able to control would be Holland. And I know earlier in the Day a couple people noted that character speculation doesn’t tend to get you very far, and maybe I’m over-analyzing, but I think I’m going to



    because Holland, Mafia or not, would definitely be anti-town and I think that is the most likely character assignment for Harker based on actions thus far.

    Edward says:
    October 19, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    Hello everyone! I just woke up (it’s 10am for me) and I seemed to have missed a lot. Honestly everyone is making a lot of good points but Harker’s inability to talk about their reasoning for voting makes me really suspicious.


    Megan Rose says:
    October 19, 2019 at 10:58 pm

    …At the moment I’m going with my completely down the rabbit hole, wild and crazy theory about Harker being Holland and third party (which is still bad for us). Please tell me if I’m just sounding crazy at this point haha.


    Nicole says:
    October 20, 2019 at 1:46 am

    …However it’s clear to me that Harker is being forced to vote for me. That in and of itself doesn’t make me suspect Harker, but the possiblity that Harker is playing Holland and being controlled by the Danes does make me think there’s a good chance Harker is anti-town.


    Kerrie was the first one to suspect Harker might be Holland because Athos could control Holland’s actions, and then a bunch of other people caught on. But then she canceled the vote pretty quickly, and Laura also canceled her vote and said she wanted to believe Harker was Town. Edward couldn’t have submitted a Night action on Day Two (unless Athos has some powers from beyond the grave?? Who knows with this game) because he was lynched on Day Two. Which leaves Nicole and Megan, but since Megan has now become the victim of the same voting hijacking as Harker, I’m thinking that Nicole is most suspicious. In hindsight, forcing someone else to give yourself a vote is a great way to keep suspicion off of you.

    This is very preliminary analysis but I want to get the discussion started early so we don’t get too derailed talking about game mechanics like Asti said. I’m open to hearing what others have to say and it’s very likely I might change my vote as I see other people’s analysis, but for now I will:


  12. Wait one more thing, I just made the connection that Harker was 1x bulletproof and still died, so were they targeted twice so far in the game? By the same group or two different ones? My head hurts…

  13. I’m just going to say that the lack of Siran being lynched on two days really has me curious. I want to guess Harker and Jeremy both used their roles in part maybe.

    Besides that, I’m really wondering why Harker was even eliminated. Could Siran have somehow migrated the votes for her to another player if she had the most again?

    i’m just guessing.

    Also wondering why Jeremy was targeted since I don’t remember him seeming anti-town.

    I’m going to try to read-read over the comments.

  14. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (1) – Kritika

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Jenn, Kerrie, Krista, Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

    @All: If you happened to spot a comment from Harker earlier, that is not some twist in the game. They were just leaving a comment to get email notifications so they don’t have to keep refreshing the post to see what’s going on. I’ve since deleted the comment. (Expect it to happen each Day until the game is over.)

    Also, you CAN still speculate about what’s going on, there’s no rule against it haha. I was just trying to be helpful 🙂

  15. I’m sorry we lost both Harker and Jeremy.

    I definitely agree that there is likely a poisoner at play since both Beth and Harker died at the of a day without being lynched.

    I need to look over comments from the past Days, but something from yesterDay that sticks out to me especially now that both Harker and Jeremy are dead is Shannon T indicated “something about Jeremy and Harker is still making me nervous of them.” It was vague but now that both are dead I am a bit suspicious of it.

    @Kritka I feel the same way about Siran. I don’t want to risk voting for them again.

  16. @Anna regarding your suspicion of me yes I did say that, but I also did not vote for either of them. I voted for Meghan and kept my vote for Meghan the entire day. I also encouraged us all not to vote for @Siran due to the potential lynchproof ability or lynchproof on odd Days suspicions.

    As stated above I have no idea why Harker or Jeremy were targeted, and it is just bad luck on my part that it makes me look suspicious now. This is why I was pretty quiet in the first two Days, because I didn’t want anything I innocently said to be used against me.

  17. @Shannon T I know you didn’t vote for them and agree you did vote for Megan. The suspicion of you is very small at the moment. It was more because they both died and you were nervous of them. Also I understand about being quiet because you don’t want anything used against you. Speculation and suspicion is going to go around as we try and hopefully pick out the people who are anti-town. We just have to do the best we can.

    I’m guessing Harker was targeted possibly because they indicated they had an investigative ability and was sure Jeremy was town. And I wonder if Jeremy was targeted as well because of this. Maybe getting rid of people who Harker indicated they didn’t have suspicions of and were likely town.

    *edited by mods to correct Harker’s pronouns

  18. Also, as more support of my innocence/proof not to be suspicipus of me:

    Early in Day 2 @Laura initially voted for Edward and later cancelled it and voted for @Jeremy. Two other people also voted Jeremy after. Then the whole crazy vote switching/confusion with Beth happened. And then I was the first to vote @Edward, and several people followed suit. And we knocked out Athos!

    I just want to be sure to defend myself if anyone arouses any suspicions, because when other people don’t defend themselves in a similar situatuon people become more suspicious.

    As for today, I think that is a good point @Anna, and it makes me want to go check previous days to see if @Harker mentioned anyone else and what happened to them if so. I have no suspicions of anyone Today as of yet!

  19. @Anna Harker’s pronouns are they/them

    But I think you are right that their investigative ability was probably the reason they were targeted. Having someone who could check people’s roles would have been really helpful, and it’s disappointing that they were killed so early.

    I will be at work for the next several hours, so I probably won’t be able to check in much, but I hope you all have a good day!

  20. Thank you @Krista for correcting me. I keep catching myself automatically typing she for some reason and I don’t know why. Will definitely try to remember to double check what I’ve written more so I don’t make the same mistake in the future.

    @Shannon T I’m currently looking back on previous Days and it is true you were the first to vote for Edward which does make me less suspicious of you.

    I was originally still feeling suspicious of Megan due to her assumption of the cult being dealt with but since she is voting for Jeremy I am less sure of that.

  21. Hi all. I am upset that Harker was eliminated. Their analysis of the game was super helpful and they were a grey Londoner. I’m also surprised to see Jeremy eliminated.

    In response to @Kritika’s suspicion of me, it is true that I was suspicious of Harker on D2, entirely because they had voted for me. So I voted for Harker because I liked the theory that Harker could be Holland and because I was being petty. By the end of the Day though, it seemed unlikely that Harker actually was Holland and there were other, more suspicious players (like Edward), so I didn’t keep my vote for Harker.

  22. Sorry I’m late to Day 4. I’m sorry to see Harker and Jeremy eliminated.

    If I may speculate, I think that there’s a good chance that both Beth and Harker were poisoned and it probably wasn’t by anyone from the White London team since Beth was recruited to that team. Based on what everyone has said about the books, it may be whomever is Black London, or it could be a blind member of Red or Grey London (if indeed both groups are different ‘Towns’ and don’t know their members, which is a big assumption) operating based on their own guesses/worries.

    Another big IF is that if White London is the cultafia and the only group that can kill during night (unless there’s a serial killer or similar role), then the vote thief is probably not in that group since they killed Jeremy. Of course, we don’t know if there is still a White London or what their abilities might be without Edward.

    I tried to go through who voted for Meeghan, Harker, Jeremy & Edward (based on previous games in which mafia would vote for another member when it seemed likely that they would get lynched). I don’t think I did particularly well in my go through but the people who stuck out to me are Nicole, Kerrie, Anna, Laura and MiKayla. I can’t tell you specifically why each person because I keep making stupid little notes on separate pieces of paper at work and by the time I’ve compiled a list and gotten dragged back into my job and then come back to the list, I’m asking myself “why are they on here?”. And then I do it again and repeat the process and I still get baffled, which is ridiculous.

    As of right now, I’m going to


    based purely on her past votes and the fact that I found her suspicious on Day One when she asked about advice for night actions and then Edward did on Day Two & I missed that and he turned out to be a big baddie. So maybe the same can be said of her.

  23. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (2) – Kritika, Dana

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Jenn, Kerrie, Krista, Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

  24. @Dana I don’t follow what you meant about checking for who voted for Meeghan, Harker, Jeremy and Edward because Mafia members sometimes vote for another member because Harker and Jeremy weren’t Mafia. If you could just explain?
    Also I’m still very confused about Siran and how she didn’t get lynched on Odd Days. I would assume that on Even days she would be able to be lynched. But I’m not sure she’s Mafia, I’m not suspicious of her just very confused.

  25. @Dana, I was wondering about Black London too. I definitely think we have two anti-town factions if someone is making making Megan vote for Jeremy.

    I think at this point that I suspect the vote thieving is being done by white London and the poisoning/unexpected deaths are the result of some black stone shenanigans. Particularly, as Dana pointed out, Beth was recruited to White London and it wouldn’t make sense for them to kill off their own allies.

  26. Happy Halloween! @Laura @Dana I think what Dana was talking about is now that we know who was town and who was mafia out of the people who are dead, we can see how they voted to figure out if the people they voted for could be town/mafia. It’s tricky to analyze Edward because he switched a lot and it’s hard to predict when mafia members vote for each other to avoid people thinking they’re on the same team, and when they’re blaming Townies to get off the hook. But now we can trust Harker, Jeremy, and Meeghan’s previous suspicions more because we know they are town players (I’m assuming red and grey Londons are both Town but who knows).

  27. Even though Beth was initially Grey London, idk what went on with Beth and the insanity plus the cultafia recruitment so that’s why I left her out in my previous comment. I didn’t forget about her I promise haha

  28. Hello! Sorry I am late but Happy Halloween! I am late because I was going through the previous days but honestly I’m just banging my head on the keyboard about Siran’s suspicious comments and her ability to be lynchproof

    @Krista Harker said yesterDay that they were not suspicious of Jeremy, Nicole or Kritika and they voted for Nicole on Day 2 so maybe something changed during that night?

    @Amber I don’t believe Siran could’ve transferred the votes because on Day 1 no one else died in their place.

    I am jumping back into the depths of the past 3 Days now but I just wanted to check in and comment on a few things before I arrived too late into the Day.

  29. I am not that suspicious of Nicole despite her question about Night Actions. I trust Harker’s perceptions so I feel like Nicole is most likely one of our Townies. It seems very likely that Harker was forced to vote for Nicole. I also trust Harker about Kritika probably being Town as well.

  30. Well that’s weird. Re: Megan having to vote for Jeremy, who is already dead.

    However, I don’t think that it necessarily means she’s not mafia. Maybe whoever is making people vote a certain way is not mafia, so that would be why they weren’t aware that Jeremy was going to be killed off during the Night. But if they aren’t on the mafia, then Megan could still be, so I’m not writing her off as Town yet.

  31. It’s very unfortunate about Harker as well. We needed our cop.

    I have a few suspicions, but have a lot of comments to comb through to check and see if there is anything that sticks out as anti town/mafia or town.

  32. Okay so… are we just flat out saying that both Grey and Red Londons are Town? Because I am looking through the comments, and it seems like half the people are upset about Harker, and half are upset about Jeremy, and I am confused here. If Grey and Red really are both Town… what does that mean exactly? Are we working together to eliminate the other Londons? Fighting each other? I definitely think there’s a Black London in the mix, and that they’re definitely not our friend. But as for Grey and Red… I am not sure what to think tbh. And I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

    @MiKayla, I am pretty convinced that Harker was forced to vote for Nicole as well.

    Speaking of, could the vote-forcing have something to do with people dying? I am really unsure of how Harker died, especially being bulletproof. Beth had her votes changed and she died. Harker had seemingly been forced to vote for someone and they died. Could be a connection there.

  33. @Shannon M I would assume that White London is the enemy/Mafia. And I think both Red and Grey London are Town. I hope that it’s not every London for itself because what if there’s only Greg and Red London left do we have to keep killing each other until there’s one London left?

  34. @Laura that is basically what I am terrified of! Otherwise why are we called two different things!? But White London is definitely a baddie (“Cultafia” speaks for itself!) and I’d be willing to bet that Black London is a thing too (also definitely baddie!)

  35. @Shannon @Laura I agree, I think it does make sense for Red and Grey London to both be town because in the books Lila and Kell work together despite being from different Londons? At least that’s my working theory, I feel like it would be mean to turn all the Londons against each other because not all of them know who their team members are. I’m not sure if there’s a Black London since there isn’t a Black London person in ADSOM but that could also be a third party/mafia?

    @Jenn that’s a good point about Megan not necessarily being Town, especially since we don’t even know how many anti-town people/factions we have. My theory is there is the cultafia/White London who kills people at Night like the mafia usually does, the Poisoner who kills people via Night action but they die during the next Day, and then whoever is the vote thief could be a misguided Townie or yet another threat to the Town. Three anti-town players/groups seems like a lot but I can’t think of any other way to explain the many strange things happening during the Day. @Shannon I don’t think Beth voting for Parmesan is related to Harker and Megan, because that seems more like a side effect of her Insanity than the forced random vote that’s going on.

  36. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (2) – Kritika, Dana

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Jenn, Kerrie, Krista, Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

  37. @Shannon I was just thinking about the force voting then dying timeline. I think whatever Beth had, while similar was not the same thing Harker had BUT Harker did die the next night. Does that mean its not worth bringing up my suspicions I still have about her stating yesterDay that the cultafia is dealt with because she will die Tomorrow? I dunno but I am still a bit suspicious of her.

    I am also suspicious of Megan Rose, Nicole and Anna. Megan Rose and Nicole for voting for Harker even though they stated that Harker was probably being controlled. Just wouldn’t you be more worried about the person that is controlling those votes instead of the person being controlled? Anna I’m suspicious of because she said that Edward seemed suspicious but then voted Jeremy even though there was a lot of speculation that Jeremy didn’t really come off as anti-town. Which no one had any speculation for Edward about.

    Two main things keep coming up with Harkers role. Either Red/Grey London are allies and that is why Harker was sure of Jeremy being good. (This would mean that Kritika and Nicole are Red/Grey.) OR they were naive/insane/random which means we can’t trust anything.

    However, I did just check out the Divergent edition where Paranoid Cop was used and it did label as such when the person died so I guess we can safely assume Harker was sane? Right?

  38. @MiKayla at the time when I voted for Jeremy I was still not feeling convinced he was town. And while Edward had been vote switching a lot I still didn’t have strong suspicions against him. I also missed the last few hours due to timezone so didn’t get another chance to change my vote and didn’t see Harker indicate that they had information that Jeremy was town. Missing the last few hours can be frustrating because I can miss things and I do believe there is a high chance I would have changed my vote if I had been able to check in again.

  39. @Megan You are right that I initially voted for Harker because of the weird voting that was most likely caused by a vote thief. Normally this would not through suspicion on the victim of the vote thievery but, as I specifically stated at the time, someone (I don’t remember who said it first) had theorized that the vote thief may be able to exclusively target only Harker because they were Athos and Holland (Athos has complete control over Holland in ADSOM) and I voted for Harker under the assumption that this theory was true. This is a flimsy argument and I didn’t stick to it. I changed my vote later in the Day. And I am glad I didn’t stick to it because it obviously isn’t the case. In fact, I ended up voting for Edward during D2 because Harker was suspicious of Edward. Since then everything Harker said has turned out to be the case: Edward was anti-town, Jeremy was town, Harker was town, and I am town. I trust Harker completely at this point and don’t see any reason to doubt that they weren’t a sane cop.

  40. @Anna *they

    Until we have more information, I’m going to go with Harker knowing what they were talking about and


    I do want to know if Siran would be protected on even days, but not enough to risk the vote being for nothing. I might change this later, but for now I’m going to assume that Harker’s information was good.

  41. @Krista thanks again for the correction. I sincerely apologise to Harker, I don’t even realise I’m writing she until after I’ve posted. I will definitely try and do better. Thank you to the mods for also correcting my mistake as well.

  42. I know Harker was town and I trust what they said in part, but I just have to ask why Nicole is being fully assumed as also town by most of you so far? I’m of the belief that Harker’s lack of suspicion of Nicole seemed to be based purely on their being forced to vote for her. Today Megan is being forced to vote for Jeremy, who was killed yesterday, so most likely the vote thief isn’t a big baddie (otherwise they would never have chosen Jeremy for Megan to vote for). So that leaves me to believe that the vote thief may not know the allegiance of whomever’s vote they choose to steal and may not know the allegiance of the person they choose the stolen vote to go for. Does that make sense?

    Harker was a cop who said they weren’t suspicious of Jeremy, Nicole (based on the vote thief vote) and Kritika. From what I’ve seen in prior games, Cops submit a form about who they want to investigate, usually at night? On Day Two, Harker expressed their lack of suspicion of Jeremy, so he was likely investigated first. On Day Three, Kritika was added to their list so that’s who I think they investigated for the second time. And that leaves Nicole, who I don’t think they could have investigated based on the fact that Harker was killed at the end of Day Three. IMO that points to Nicole being an assumption of Harkers.

    I hope that was coherent, I’m not great at saying things in a way that makes sense to others.

  43. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (2) – Kritika, Dana
    Megan (1) – Krista

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Jenn, Kerrie, Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

    Have also corrected Harker’s pronouns in several posts. Do be careful.

  44. @Dana Jan Honestly I just assumed they had investigated Nicole one night too but you are right that wouldn’t make sense time-wise. I cannot think of another reason why Harker would think Nicole was not suspicious except for the force vote problem. And now with the assumption that there are two separate groups of baddies we shouldn’t be assuming Nicole is town.

  45. @Dana that is a good point about investigations, I’m not sure who Harker actually investigated and who they thought were Townies based only on hunches/analysis. I haven’t had time to properly read all the dead Townies’ comments from the past few days but I’m hoping to do that this weekend to see if we can narrow down who killed some of them! Even if we’re lucky and lynch the poisoner or mafia member toDay, an extra person is probably still going to die because the poisoner could have submitted a night action last Night. I’m less concerned about the vote thief because at least people aren’t dying because of it (I think… If Megan dies at the end of the Day we’ll know if the vote thief and Day deaths are connected).

  46. @Dana You’re really going after me right now and I’m curious why? So far, none of your reasoning seems very sound to me. First, you say you suspect me because I voted for Harker. I’ve explained my voting actions for Harker in previous comments. Then you say you suspect me because Harker thought I was town. As you point out, it is possible that Harker didn’t investigate me. But Harker was also Informed and so had information about game play that none of us had and that could have led them to know who some of the townies are. Harker’s cop role wasn’t their only source of information. So, @Dana why are you trying to get me eliminated?

  47. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (2) – Kritika, Dana
    Megan (1) – Krista

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Jenn, Kerrie, Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

  48. @Nicole I never said I was voting for you because you voted for Harker. I stated my opinions about who I was suspicious of, and of them I chose you to vote for since I had stated my suspicion of you on Day One. It may not be my final vote but it’s my starting vote and I think it’s reasonable.

  49. @Siran Well both the days we tried to vote for you were odd number days. Not saying we know for sure, but there has been speculation from multiple people that your lynchproof status is only on specific days. Care to shed any light on the situation?

  50. Sorry I’ve been a bit awol and not commented since the beginning of the day. Been busy.

    Catching up in comments and trying to go through past days as well in light of our new info.

    Only looked at day 2 so far, still have to properly go through day 3. But it made sense to look a bit closer at Harkers comments, now knowing what their role is.

    At this point I’ve only looked at day 2 but some of their comments about Nicole still stand out for me. They left it real late to place their vote for Nicole which did seem like a vote theif was at play (which seems to definitely be active in the games, I can neither confirm nor deny though), but the timing was just so off. If their vote was stolen then it would make more sense to do it straight away and make it more obvious about what was going on to decrease suspicion. This makes me think that Harker knew some information about Nicole from their cop abilities, and was hoping someone would bring up suspicions about Nicole first (which fits with what they said as their explanation for their vote), and then trying to get a baddie out.

    This fits with how very defensive Nicole has been today. Dana also brought up some good points on how Harker could have used their ability to investigate other players (not the same as mine but still makes a lot of sense), and may not have been truly sure of Nicole’s alliances after all.

    Both are good explanations and neither seem to paint Nicole in the best of lights.

    So I’m definitely suspicious of her at the moment. Not going to vote yet, I still have many more comments to go through and things may change. But that’s where aim at, at the moment. Hope it all makes sense haha 😂

  51. It’s always possible that Harker knew something before the game started Day 1 because of their Informed role, so maybe they tried to hint at it somewhere.

  52. Oh that’s funny and not all that bad of a reason.

    Actually I would love to finally put any suspensions of me to rest. However, without revealing my role I don’t think there is a way to do that.

  53. Nicole is definitely on my radar but so is Megan. I’m not ready to make a vote yet because I really don’t want to lose another Townie toDay.
    On a separate note I’d really love to see more lengthy comments from @Siran regarding their thoughts on other people’s theories and such. It could just be a busy schedule or something that’s keeping them from making long comments or responding to other people’s ideas/questions. Or it could be a Mafia trying to say as little as possible to stay under the radar. Even though they’re on many radars, currently I feel like their behaviour is just confusing and not outright suspicious.

  54. @Beth that’s a fair point.

    @Laura I was thinking the same thing. Siran doesn’t really seem to be making any effort to help the town and that really makes it seem like she’s not.

  55. @Dana my other theory about Siran is that they’re Rhy and that’s why they can’t be lynched because Kell is still alive but I think that might just be me reading into the books too much

  56. So I went back to Day 2 to see who had targeted Jeremy when all the random vote switching seemed to suggest the mafia targeting Jeremy. Because I wonder if whoever stole Megan’s vote for Jeremy toDay also took the opportunity to target him on Day 2. I know we now know that Beth’s original vote change was likely the result of her being poisoned but on day 2, Anna and Meeghan both voted for Jeremy at the end of the Day with flimsy explanations as to why, even after many of us had expressed that we believed Jeremy to be town. Meeghan’s been eliminated, so that just leaves Anna.

    Looking through Day 3, and Harker’s comments. If I assume that they knew something about Megan that suggested Megan was anti-town, then looking at the votes, anyone who knew they were on Megan’s team would have voted for Siran. I know most of us voted for Siran, but again Anna casts her vote for Siran at the end of the day parroting everyone else’s reasons.

    I think at the moment that leaves me most suspicious of Megan and Anna. Megan because if Harker was a cop they likely had a good reason to vote for her yesterDay & because I don’t think having her vote stolen toDay automatically eliminates the possibility of her being mafia. And Anna because her votes have consistently been a little bandwagon-y.

    I think that at this point I’m going to


    until such time as someone strikes me as more suspicious

  57. @Krista, it’s possible that Siran is just completely lynchproof and the only way for her to be killed is for a night action to do it.

    @Laura, because of the above, I wouldn’t want to assume that she can be lynched on Even Days. Or are you thinking that maybe we should consider trying and see what happens. Because I’m worried that if we were to try to vote her out again, we’ll have wasted 3 Days of trying to get a non-town person out. Siran’s comments have not been particularly helpful at all, but if she’s Town, that’s one more vote for us to try to get out someone who isn’t Town.

  58. @Jenn I’m not suggesting we try to vote for Siran toDay more so just saying that if a lot of people are suspicious of them perhaps it would be better to try lynching them on an even numbered Day. I’m wary of voting for them because as you said I don’t want to finish this Day without getting anymore information that can help us weed out the Mafia

  59. My question is if Siran is Rhy then why are they acting so suspicious in a way that seems almost purposeful?

  60. @Kerrie, I too am feeling suspicious of both Megan and Anna. My suspicions of Megan have carried over from Day 3.

    I can’t help but notice that Anna was the one who tied up the vote between Megan and Siran yesterDay. Maybe just a coincidence because I don’t think they are on the same team, but maybe they’re both anti-Town?

  61. @Krista, did Siran say they were Rhy? I’m confused as to why we’re assuming so. I haven’t read the book, so know nothing about the characters, so don’t know how someone who is Rhy would act.

  62. @Jenn no they didn’t, but that was a theory Laura mentioned earlier and I was just saying why I don’t think that’s the case. Rhy is very charismatic in the books and is the prince in Red London. I feel like if Siran was Rhy and that was the reason they were lynchproof they wouldn’t be making all of these cryptic comments

  63. @Dana, I don’t think I understand your reasoning for saying that the vote thief isn’t a baddie. You say they wouldn’t have known Jeremy’s alliance, but that isn’t necessarily true- they just didn’t know that he’d be dead. Obviously, if Jeremy’s Town (which we now know he is), baddies are going to want people to vote for him! That just gives me even more of a feeling that there are two separate bad guys on the loose 🤷‍♀️

  64. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (2) – Kritika, Dana
    Megan (1) – Krista
    Anna (1) – Kerrie

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Jenn, Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

    Looks like everyone is close to hitting the comment minimum but just for reference, those who haven’t yet: Amber (1), Kerrie (3), Megan (3), MiKayla (3), Nicole (3), Shannon T (3), Siran (3)

    There’s 38.5 hours left!

  65. @Kerrie I guess I didn’t explain very well, but I wasn’t entirely convinced he was town. If I was an anti-town I don’t think I would’ve voted for Jeremy due to the attention it obviously has drawn.

    My intention hasn’t been to bandwagon nor parrot what others were saying. At the time I was feeling more suspicious of the people that I voted for. As well I think because I am a quieter person in real life I tend to be a quieter player in the game which can lead to unintentional parroting and appearing to bandwagon.

    @Jenn When I voted for Siran I didn’t realise it would cause a tie. Siran’s behaviour was more concerning to me at the time and I thought it worth the risk to vote for them. Which I do feel naive for that opinion now. And at the time there were also five people who hadn’t voted yet.

  66. While I do agree with @Megan Rose’s comment that Harker might have had some information on Nicole which lead them to vote for her, that wouldn’t explain Day 3’s comment that Nicole was not suspicious then? Like if it wasn’t a vote thief and they were trying to hint at something why would they say the next Day that Nicole is okay? That part is so confusing to me.

    With Siran, I do not want to risk wasting another Day by voting for her even if she is super suspicious. I have yet to make up my mind on who to vote for though (a product of my indecisiveness) and will probably wait until tomorrow before placing my vote.

  67. Just checking back in and I don’t have any strong suspicious for anyone from Today…..I’m going to check back in tomorrow and see if anything changes but as of now I am going to


    Based on Day’s 3 suspicions I had.

  68. @MiKayla you make a good point about Harkers thoughts and suspicions. I hadn’t had time yet to fully go through day 3s posts again but they did say that.

    So perhaps I might not be as on the money as I thought haha.

    Though I do agree with the sentiment floating around about Anna. She does stand out to me a bit as well. I’ve gone through their posts over the last couple of days and she seems to mainly join bandwagons and follow with other people’s votes and reasons rather than make her own. Also the whole saying theyre suspicious of Edward then voting for Jeremy on Day 2. Doesn’t quite make sense.

    That’s where my suspicions currently lie.

  69. Of course I realize why all my comments during day 3 would be suspicious. I would like to say that they were only meant to be fun. Like I said earlier, I don’t know how I would defend myself without revealing my role.

  70. @Siran, what are your thoughts on other players? Anyone that you find especially suspicious for some reason or another? Any thing that might help us find a non townie?

  71. I think at this moment I’m gonna go ahead and make my vote although it might change before the Day is over I’m not 100% suspicious of anyone right now.


    Going through the past days Anna never voted for Edward and I know she attempted to explain why but I just don’t buy it. Megan is still on my radar though just less so than Anna. I really don’t want to lose another Townie today and I don’t think Anna is part of our Town.

  72. I should admit that the only this that seemed suspicious to me was the amount of vote changes. I was guilted to changing my vote on day 3. Now, I don’t have much to go on. So random



  73. Guilted was too strong of a word. When I changed my vote on day 3 it wad because I felt bad about my initial vote.

  74. @Dana, but that doesn’t have to be just one entity? In fact, I feel more sure that it’s not just one group.

    Anyway, I have been trying to take some time to decide where I stand on some of the names that have been popping up, either toDay or just in my own head.

    I don’t plan to vote for Megan at this point mostly because I want to see what happens to her at the end of the Day, tbh. I feel like that will give us something to work with either way, more than lynching her would.

    Idk if Anna is suspicious or just jumping on a ton of bandwagons? She votes for Jeremy on Day 2, using Meeghan’s reasoning, then votes for Siran for similar reasons. And then she said

    I am also wary of some staying under the radar.

    which is interesting because half the reason I am suspicious of Anna is because she has been under said radar!

    Girl seems to be at least Lynchproof x2, or Odd Day Lynchproof, or that Rhy/Kell thing , the Black London artifact thing Beth suggested, or who even knows. I have no idea, but I agree that it may not be worth risking it at this point. I do not think Jeremy, as Governor, saved her, as he was suspicious of her from the start. So I’d assume it’s something inherent with the role? I think I am fine with letting Siran go for now, because I don’t want us stuck in circles, but I am also not at all writing her off as Town yet. Though we should probably take into consideration that if she does happen to be odd-day lynchproof, this IS our only chance for the next two Days. If we wanted to vote for her, that is.

    Edward mentioned a few times not wanting to vote for Siran again, which is going to be red flags for me, considering. And Siran really still has never explained half the junk she’s been asked to and maybe she’s always going to be suspicious to me, who can tell?

    I still don’t understand why Dana is saying that the Vote Thief is not a big bad. It absolutely can be! It seems like perhaps Dana is trying to sway our thoughts on the people being thieved/the people being voted for? Not necessarily the case, but certainly a possibility for me.

    Harker called Dana out on Day 2 for jumping on Nicole’s Night actions question, but let Edward’s slide by fairly easily. Obviously not all of us voted for Edward (myself included) but not calling him out for something she called someone else out for (which, IMO, was far less shady than Edward’s misstep, though that could be hindsight) was kind of a biggie to me- especially since she just said she was stressed when Harker pointed it out.

    Sure, Harker voted for Nicole and couldn’t tell us why. And I really thought it was a vote thief situation. But Harker said

    I wanted to wait as long as I could to see if anyone else mentioned or voted for Nicole first on the premise that perhaps that might give me some answers. As it’s getting near the end of the Day, though, I didn’t think it prudent to wait any longer, so I placed my vote.

    Which… sounds a little less like a thief situation than I had initially thought? They wanted answers, so they weren’t necessarily forced? Perhaps they knew something, but hoped for more insight?
    Even when responding to Beth, Harker seems to have some knowledge:

    @Beth: My wording/timing was to do with observing others besides those I’m fairly certain of & coming up empty, but running out of time, thought discussion might help especially now that we’re past the flatline of D1.

    However, when I suggested that Harker genuinely didn’t want to vote for Nicole, while they could neither confirm nor deny, I had gotten the feeling that they didn’t. Then on Day 3, Harker said they were flat out NOT suspicious of Nicole. Which is why I haven’t been as suspicious of Nicole, given Harker’s role.

    I was going to sleep on it, and I still may change my mind of course, but after (literal) hours of staring at this game, I am going to


  75. Hi sorry I’ve been AWOL, ended up having a crazy busy Saturday. I’m off to bed but I’ll catch up on comments and definitely be active tomorrow!

  76. @Shannon I just think it makes sense, based on our understanding of the cultafia, that the vote thief is not among them. I’m not saying the cultafia is the only baddie, but I always consider the group of mafia to be the big baddies, and any non-town individual (or I guess there could be multiple groups) to be the others. That’s how I talk about it at home. The good guys, the baddies and the others. Does that explain my use of words?

    As for not calling out Edward, I told him that it doesn’t work that way. Nothing clicked at that point, there was a lot going on at home that took my focus away for a while. I tried to be active but didnt contribute much that Day.

  77. Also there is a massive part of me that wants to try Siran on an even Day. It’s just nerve wracking that it could be blocked. I just can’t fathom how they could be part of the town but not try to give opinions or thoughts when they’re under scrutiny. It just always feels like they’re daring me to vote for them. I think it may just be that their sense of humor /sarcasm doesn’t translate online well but I’m not sure. It’s baffling.

  78. @shannon: 👍 on your analysis

    @dana: it’s my sense of humor

    In the interest of full disclosure: I don’t know how my role/character would act. I haven’t read the book. I was going to get an ebook and read it while I played. However, when I started playing I was unemployed and didn’t want to ruin my budget on books. Now that I got job, I will be better prepared for a role if I play the next version of this game.

  79. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (3) – Kritika, Dana, Siran
    Megan (2) – Krista, Shannon T
    Anna (2) – Kerrie, Laura
    Dana (1) – Shannon M

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Jenn, MiKayla, Nicole

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Amber (1), Kerrie (3), Nicole (3)

    12 hours left!

    @ Shannon M: I’ve fixed your italics. 😊

  80. @Shannon M, nice analysis. I agree with your suspicions of Dana. It seems to me that she is trying to influence how other people are voting more than trying to eliminate a bad guy. I’m also still suspicious of Megan for the same reasons as expressed on D3, though she hasn’t done anything overly suspicious toDay. Anna didn’t initially stand out to me as anti-town, but after hearing reasons that others suspect her I wouldn’t be surprised if she was anti-town. For now I will


  81. Still no strong feelings for me Today but I just wanted to check in since the clocks changed overnight…. Does the Day now end at 3pm EST??

  82. @Laura it is not strictly true that I didn’t vote for Edward at all since I did for my first vote on D1. I did agree with opinions that had been expressed that his vote switching could be suspicious but at the same time I didn’t have strong feelings he was anti-town.

    I realised it may help if I try and explain why I voted for Jeremy a bit better. While others had expressed that they believed he was town I wasn’t so sure. I still felt he was quick to follow Harker on D1 and it kind of stuck with me. I also feel in my defence I don’t believe it would have been a smart move for an anti-town member to make at that time because so many were moving away from the opinion that he suspicious.

    @Shannon I know that I fall under the category of staying under the radar, but I am also aware that it is a tactic someone anti-town could use which is why I am wary of it.


    This is based on suspicions from yesterday in her assuming the cult was dealt with. It had been stated that the Cultafia hadn’t been used in a game in 5 years so it seemed like a quick assumption that it would be the same as a cult recently used to me. I’m not as confident in my suspicions with her voting for Jeremy. But feel like it’s my strongest suspicion currently.

    It’s already late here so heading to bed and I’m not sure if I will be able to check back in the morning.

  83. I feel like I’m a little useless today! All I can say is who I’m suspicious of but not really contribute too much.

    I think there’s good arguments for a few people being suspicious.

    All I can say is I’m a good guy, if there’s anything else I can answer to help ease suspicions of me, let me know 🤗

  84. @Shannon M You have a good point about not voting for Megan to see what happens at the end of the Day. While she is someone I’m suspicious of because of Harker’s comment and the cultafia talk I’m going to


    I’m not going to vote for anyone else at the moment, but I’ll be able to check in throughout the Day to see if anyone else really stands out to me.

  85. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (3) – Kritika, Dana, Siran
    Megan (2) – Shannon T, Anna
    Anna (2) – Kerrie, Laura
    Dana (2) – Shannon M, Nicole

    Not voting: Amber, Jenn, MiKayla, Krista

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Amber (1)

    Just over 5.5 hours to go.

  86. @Nicole I don’t think I’m trying to influence people’s votes, I’m trying to bring up what I think are assumptions. Like how I interpreted Harker’s wording about their suspicions about other people differently than some others did. I don’t want to steer anyone, I just want to have conversations about how we interpret things. Which I feel like IS a good way to go after the bad guys.

    I think you’re coming across like you’re feeling a little threatened right now, which makes me more apprehensive about you. I know that no one likes to get voted for because it sucks. But since your first comment after I voted for you, I’ve been pretty sure that you were waiting for an opportunity to vote for me. Now that Shannon expressed suspicion, you can say you agree and vote without adding anything new.

    And I’ve been there. I’m terrible at giving opinions and thoughts. I second guess myself constantly and think I’m just imagining things. Now that I have the time to devote more to the games I figured that I would try to just say what I think which could either be shot down, discussed more or make me suspicious. I accept it because I know I’m Town and if I’m lynched, it will help the Town learn more. But I don’t want to be lynched.

    Now I’m hitting post without proofreading because that’s a drag on my phone. So fingers crossed it’s coherent.

  87. Okay I’ve had a look at Jeremy and Meeghan’s comments on Days Two and Three since we know they are Red London/Town now. I didn’t focus on Harker because we seem to have a pretty good idea of their suspicions and have discussed their Informed/Cop roles quite a bit already. Full disclosure, I didn’t reread every comment on both days, just the comments by these two players and any relevant comments if they were replying to someone else. Here’s what I’ve gathered:


    Day Two:
    – Meeghan expressed suspicion of Siran/Siena
    – October 18, 2019 at 3:39 am: Meeghan expressed suspicion of Jeremy, Edward, Mikayla (Mikayla “flying under the radar”, which she seems to be continuing to do?)
    – October 20, 2019 at 11:57 am : Meeghan outlined here suspicions for Jenn, Jeremy, Siran, Edward

    Now we know Edward was cultafia and Jeremy was Town, so I’m not sure how much we can trust Meeghan’s suspicions of Mikayla, Siran, and Jenn but I think it’s worth taking a closer look at these people’s comments to see if there are any more red flags.

    Day Two:
    – voted for Nicole instead of one of the people with more votes to express slight suspicion on Day One, defended his vote on Day Two (October 18, 2019 at 5:46 pm)
    – I started voting for Jeremy because of Meeghan’s suspicions on Day One, and then Edward and Beth (who we know now were both cultafia) joined in, followed by Kerrie. This makes me think @Kerrie isn’t part of the cultafia because it would be too obvious if a lot of them jumped on the same voting bandwagon? I would expect mafia members to be smarter than that, at least.
    – Jeremy later defended Edward and explained some suspicion of Harker, which makes him seem like a baddie, but we know he’s Red London now so that was probably just misguided speculation. He also said “I’m fairly confident that Harker and Beth are Town, and by extension I believe Nicole is too.” (October 20, 2019 at 6:00 pm) but I’m not sure what his reasoning was for thinking Nicole was Town after voting for her and defending his vote earlier.
    – Jeremy voted for Anna (again based on slight suspicions)

    Day Three:
    – Jeremy decided to trust Harker’s comment about Jeremy, Nicole, Kritika being town (which we’ve discussed already today and debated which names came from investigations and which from gut feelings/analysis)
    – Defended his vote for Anna as mild suspicions carrying over from the previous Day, but ended up voting for Siran

    Based on the suspicions of people we know are Town now, it looks like we should be taking a closer look at Jenn, Mikayla, Siran, Anna, and Nicole. I think we’re all a bit wary of voting for Siran yet again even if it is an even day (as @Jenn said, it could be that Siran is just completely lynchproof and can only die at Night), so I will amend that to looking more closely at Nicole, Anna, Mikayla, and Jenn’s comments. I haven’t actually read or analyzed these people’s actions yet (besides Nicole when I explained why I voted for her earlier ToDay), and I’ll have to do that before I can say more concretely if I find any of these people suspicious.

  88. I’m still very suspicious of Megan, but I agree with others that I’d like to see what happens to her at the end of the day if she’s not lynched. Since her vote is clearly not her choice, will she also die at the end of the day, since that seems to be what’s been happening to those that have their vote stolen? I think it’s worth experimenting, since she says she’s town (which of course she’s going to say).

    I don’t know what to think of Siran, it kind of seems like they don’t really understand how the game is played. I too haven’t read the book, but I’m still trying to help out and not just making vague, confusing comments that don’t really contribute to the conversation. You don’t have to be constantly defending yourself to contribute, you can also just bring some sort of analysis of other peoples comments.

    So I’m not going to be voting for either of them today.

  89. There are two players that I’m currently wary of. One of them being Anna and the other Laura.

    Day 1 – Anna ending having voted for Mikayla, I assume because of the whole Mikayla/Krista thing that happened on Day 1.

    Day 2 – Anna ended up voting for Jeremy, who we now know was a Townie. She said he seemed suspicious and that she agreed with Meeghan.

    Day 3 – Expresses suspicion against Megan for her comments on the cult being taken care of. Later in the day is still suspicious of Megan, but Siran is sticking out more to them now after Siran voted for Anna. She said it was sudden and they didn’t express any suspicions about her. But at this point, it seems like Siran is just throwing votes for whoever, with no suspicions. In the end, Anna votes for Siran and mentions Megan is still on her radar, as well as those who are managing to stay under the radar. This did however tie up the vote for the day, which I pointed out and she said:

    @Jenn When I voted for Siran I didn’t realise it would cause a tie. Siran’s behaviour was more concerning to me at the time and I thought it worth the risk to vote for them. Which I do feel naive for that opinion now. And at the time there were also five people who hadn’t voted yet.

    Which was true, there were still 5 people who hadn’t voted, but that doesn’t mean they were going to vote, or vote for Megan or Siran. So it could have remained a tie. In the end it didn’t matter since Siran didn’t die anyways.

    Day 4 – There are a couple comments that Anna has made that have stuck out to me toDay:

    My intention hasn’t been to bandwagon nor parrot what others were saying. At the time I was feeling more suspicious of the people that I voted for. As well I think because I am a quieter person in real life I tend to be a quieter player in the game which can lead to unintentional parroting and appearing to bandwagon.

    I too am a quiet person in real life, but considering that it’s not super helpful to be quiet and parrot everyone else in this game, I try to contribute as much as I can. Sometimes that’s less than I’d like to unfortunately though.

    @Laura it is not strictly true that I didn’t vote for Edward at all since I did for my first vote on D1. I did agree with opinions that had been expressed that his vote switching could be suspicious but at the same time I didn’t have strong feelings he was anti-town.

    If you ever know that you’re on the same team as someone, voting for them for your mandatory vote makes sense to me because then if they are killed off and revealed, you can always just say, but yeah.. I voted for them!

    I realised it may help if I try and explain why I voted for Jeremy a bit better. While others had expressed that they believed he was town I wasn’t so sure. I still felt he was quick to follow Harker on D1 and it kind of stuck with me. I also feel in my defence I don’t believe it would have been a smart move for an anti-town member to make at that time because so many were moving away from the opinion that he suspicious.

    It does make sense that it wouldn’t be a smart move for an anti-town member to make, since so many were moving away from the opinion that Jeremy was suspicious. But you could use it as a defense as to why you couldn’t be anti-town because of that.

    @Shannon I know that I fall under the category of staying under the radar, but I am also aware that it is a tactic someone anti-town could use which is why I am wary of it.

    This just stuck out to me because she knows it’s a tactic that is used, but it’s also her play style apparently.

    This is based on suspicions from yesterday in her assuming the cult was dealt with. It had been stated that the Cultafia hadn’t been used in a game in 5 years so it seemed like a quick assumption that it would be the same as a cult recently used to me. I’m not as confident in my suspicions with her voting for Jeremy. But feel like it’s my strongest suspicion currently.

    She ended up voting for Megan, who I agree is suspicious, but I feel like when you’re also one of the top suspicious people of the day, you don’t really want to do anything that’s going to make you stick out more than you already have.

    So I’m going to


    For now at least. I am also going to go into why I think Laura is suspicious as well, but start a new comment for that.. lol This one is long enough already. I’m not voting for Laura because she’s not currently on the board and I don’t want to split the votes more because it’s already all over the place.

  90. I’m at a crossroads here with voting because I want to go with my gut and vote Nicole but I also want to trust Harker on this one. I wish there was some way to be like “hey psst why do/did say Nicole wasn’t suspicious” but uh can’t do that so…

    Also @Kritika I honestly didn’t think I was flying that much under the radar. Day 2 I obviously wasnt here and now I try to just speak when I feel like I have something important to add on. It’s more ahhh a lot of these people are experienced players and know more than I do so stay out of their way. (But I realize how this comes across just saying that so I guess that’s that)

    That being said I am not voting for Megan because I do want to see what happens at the end of toDay and I’m not voting for Siran because I don’t want to waste another Day. I’ll be back with a voting decision but for now its to the law books for me.

  91. So now to explain why I’m wary of Laura.

    Day 1 – Laura randomly voted for Beth and then kept her vote for her because

    Also as for Beth pointing out Siena’s behaviour I’m also critical of anyone pointing out anyone else’s behaviour. I feel like for anything someone says I can analyze it and make it seem shady or I can rationalize it to seem normal. Is this the madness of the games !?

    Which of course, it basically the whole point in this game, to analyze everything that is said and bend it to how you want that person to be portrayed. It’s a very stressful and confusing game at times.. lol

    I’ve got concerns about Nicole and the question about the night actions but I think I’m gonna leave my vote as my random one from the beginning.

    I guess this is the safe thing to do at the end of the day and you don’t want to seem like you’re bandwagoning on anyone that might be revealed as Town on Day 1.

    Day 2 – So on this Day, Laura voted for Edward, then Jeremy, then Edward again. There was a bit of a bandwagon on Jeremy that reversed quickly after Harker brought in some great defense for Jeremy being Town. So Laura went back to her suspicions on Edward, which were good because it turned out that Edward was a baddie. However, I feel like Laura may be on a different team than Edward, but not necessarily a good team.

    Day 3 – Laura starts off the day saying she is happy we got out Athos and King George (because she never really liked him in the book anyways)but technically King George started out as a Townie and was recruited. I’m not sure that Beth knew she was recruited of not, as her character was insane anyways. So while it is a good thing that Beth was killed, as she was recruited, if she wasn’t, it wouldn’t have been. If that makes sense?

    Laura ended up voting for Megan, who I agree is suspicious. And didn’t want to vote for Siran in case of a repeat of Day 1, which it was.

    Day 4 – So this is toDay and things have been pretty crazy. You know, with Megan voting for a dead player. But Laura’s comment to Krista kind of stuck out to me a bit.

    @Krista your point about different Londons targeting Jeremy makes a lot of sense, that’s definitely where my mind went. Maybe White London killed Jeremy in the night and then another London either Grey or Black is making Megan vote for him?
    Or maybe this is Megan trying to seem like Town even though she’s Mafia? I can’t see a Mafia person throwing away a vote like that.

    A mafia wouldn’t throw away a vote like that, but if there is a vote thief who didn’t know Jeremy was going to die during the Night, it makes sense as to why Megan has to vote for him. I think that this is probably the case as to Megan’s vote for today.

    Then of course this comment caught my attention:

    Also I’m still very confused about Siran and how she didn’t get lynched on Odd Days. I would assume that on Even days she would be able to be lynched. But I’m not sure she’s Mafia, I’m not suspicious of her just very confused.

    And her response to me asking her about it:

    @Jenn I’m not suggesting we try to vote for Siran toDay more so just saying that if a lot of people are suspicious of them perhaps it would be better to try lynching them on an even numbered Day. I’m wary of voting for them because as you said I don’t want to finish this Day without getting anymore information that can help us weed out the Mafia

    Which to me reads as no we shouldn’t, but yes we should try it.

    Laura has since voted for Anna, who I’m also suspicious of, so I guess we will see. Depending on what happens to Megan, I’m wondering if we might not be dealing with two separate people. One being a Vote Thief and one being a Poisoner.

  92. I just want to make a quick note that my internet keeps going out. It’s comes and goes, each time for longer. If I’m not around in the last bit, this is why.

  93. I guess I should explain why I think we’re dealing with both a Vote Thief and a Poisoner.

    Day 1 – nothing happened because Night actions hadn’t happened yet.

    Day 2 – Harker was forced to vote for Nicole. Beth’s vote was all over the place, but maybe that was her insanity. Maybe it was triggered by her being recruited. She also ended up dying for what appeared to be no reason, so I think maybe she was poisoned Night 1

    Day 3 – I can’t seem to find if anyone was forced to vote a certain way on Day 3, so maybe they got lucky and were protected? (You can all correct me if I’m missing a forced vote here). However, Harker died for seemingly no reason at the end of the Day, so maybe they were poisoned Night 2?

    Day 4 – Obviously we don’t know if anyone was poisoned over Night 3, yet.. but we do know that Megan’s vote is likely because of a Vote Thief, since she is voting for a dead player.

  94. @ Jenn your reasoning is good, but we have a tie between Anna and Nicole after your vote.. What are your thoughts on Nicole?

  95. Based on all of @Jenn’s analysis I really don’t think she’s mafia/anti-town, and @Mikayla I can understand that as a newbie you might not have as much to say plus your not having power and not being able to comment might have subconsciously made me think of you as “under the radar”. I agree with Jenn that Siran doesn’t seem to be contributing theories or helping us find whoever is anti town, but I also don’t want to end up with another Day where we fail to lunch someone. So I’m going to concentrate my efforts on analyzing @Anna and @Nicole’s actions and comments.

  96. @Krista, I’m not really suspicious of Nicole a all right now. Maybe I should be but I don’t see anything that specifically stands out to me about her.

  97. @Jenn As for the first point you made about me keeping my random vote for Beth on D1 honestly it was my first day playing this game and I didn’t really know who to vote for D1 since we had no info and I guess I was just grasping for any sort of reasoning when I said I was critical of anyone pointing out anyone else behaviour. Since I’ve never played before I think I was just too critical of everything at the beginning because I didn’t (and still don’t really) know who to trust or what to think.
    As for my vote switching Day 2 I just had a feeling that Harker was trustworthy when they said that Jeremy was Town and I wanted to put my trust in them which turned out to be validated later on. And as you said Edward was Athos so it was good I voted for him.
    The rest of your reasoning for why you’re wary of me is a bit confusing for me because you don’t really outline anything I did that was bad or suspicious. Most of the things you mention you say are warranted or you agree with like Siran being lynchproof yesterDay or when I voted for Megan who you’re also suspicious of.
    Finally my comment about voting for Siran was just meant to be like a warning for the group like if people want to vote for her I would rather them do it on Even Days (which we haven’t discovered yet will work or not) and not Odd Days (which so far evidence suggests will not work). I wasn’t saying people should or shouldn’t vote for her. I just don’t want to try lynching her again and have it not work.

  98. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (3) – Kritika, Dana, Siran
    Megan (2) – Shannon T, Anna
    Anna (3) – Kerrie, Laura, Jenn
    Dana (2) – Shannon M, Nicole

    Not voting: Amber, MiKayla, Krista

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Amber (1)

    Just over 2.5 hours left. Remember, if there’s a tie, no elimination will occur.

  99. @Laura, there is another reason I’m wary of you, but that is why I wanted to see what happens to Megan at the end of the day if she’s not lynched. But I suppose it also only works if Anna or you are lynched instead.

  100. Also, I’ll be commenting a lot better in the Next Day. I’ve been distracted and it’s not an excuse but I’ll be re-reading the last two Days during the break and will hopefully be able to actually GIVE some insight to my thoughts.

  101. @Amber now we have a three way tie. Why did you vote Megan? Multiple people have discussed why voting Megan despite our suspicions might not be a good idea since her vote was supposedly stolen.

  102. @Inge, thank you!! @Asti, hope the move is going well! Moving may be more evil than these games, so I hope you’re doing okay! ♥♥

    @Amber, do you have a particular reason for choosing Megan?

    I’ll be a little in-and-out for the end of the Day but I will try to be around as much as I can!

  103. To break the tie I’m going to


    Here is my reasoning between the three:

    I don’t trust Siran and while I’m suspicious of Nicole I don’t know if I want to vote the same way as Siran with all the weirdness there.

    I don’t want to vote Megan now because I want to see what happens with her at the end of the day.

    Jenn made some good points about Anna. She wasn’t really on my radar before toDay, but I also don’t want there to be a tie and I know I don’t want to vote for Nicole/Megan given what I said above.

  104. @Dana, I will tell you why. Both Anna and Laura visited Megan last Night and now Megan is being forced to vote for someone who is already dead. So, it leaves me to assume that one of them is the Vote Thief. Now if we left Megan today and she died anyways, even without the most votes. I would assume that the other is a Poisoner. Unfortunately, I don’t know which is which, only that they both stopped by to visit Megan last Night. I also can’t tell if Megan did anything herself last Night or not, which is why I’m still suspicious of her.

  105. @Krista, I’m assuming you mean @Jenn 😛

    I watched Megan last Night and they both visited her.

  106. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (3) – Kritika, Dana, Siran
    Megan (3) – Shannon T, Anna, Amber
    Anna (5) – Kerrie, Laura, Jenn, Shannon M, Krista
    Dana (1) – Nicole

    Not voting: MiKayla

    1.5 hours left.

  107. Ooooh @Jenn that’s a really important piece of information, in that case I will also switch my vote to @Anna because out of Laura and Anna that’s who I’m more wary of. You made some good points for why you’re suspicious of Laura but I feel like Anna has been more defensive today so that makes me suspicious. I also don’t want to dilute votes across more players.


  108. @Krista, I also have a good idea of who might be a doctor and/or have a protective role for us Townies, but I’m not about to give up their name and put a target on their back like I’ve just done for myself.

  109. I was a bit suspicious of Anna at the beginning of the Day and now with the information @Jenn has given I feel like my decision is pretty obvious at this point.


  110. So I managed to check in this morning and it isn’t looking good for me.

    @Kritika, I have been more defensive today because people have been suspicious of me and I was hoping to convince people otherwise.

    @Jenn it is true that I visited Megan in the night but it was because I made the decision to act on the suspicion of her that had been voiced yesterDay and hopefully take action that would protect the town.

  111. @Krista, I was hoping to block Megan from potentially doing any action that could be harmful to the town.

  112. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (2) – Dana, Siran
    Megan (3) – Shannon T, Anna, Amber
    Anna (7) – Kerrie, Laura, Jenn, Shannon M, Krista, Kritika, MiKayla
    Dana (1) – Nicole

    42 minutes left.

  113. I suppose Anna could be telling the truth about her visit. But if she’s not the Vote Thief, then Laura would have to be. Because someone is making Megan throw her vote.

  114. @Krista and @ Shannon M – I think it’s the forced vote that strikes me. It could totally be a useless vote I was making since the vote is more than likely controlled by a big bad/poisoner.

    I’m going to


    Since there is no reason to punish Megan for a force vote and doing it because she thought the Cultafia was dealt with doesn’t make since because I was originally thinking the same thing when the day first began. And clearly she was visited at night and nothing seemed real amiss. I didn’t know that before.


    Because of the information Jenn has given now.

  115. As of this moment there’s no way we can know for sure if Anna or Laura is the one who forced Megan’s vote, but at the end of toDay if Anna is voted off and she’s not the vote thief then we would know for sure it’s Laura. But is the vote thief the same as the poisoner?

  116. @Krista, It could be, but I don’t think so since Harker didn’t die after their vote was stolen from them. Which is why I wanted to see what happens to Megan. If she dies and Anna is a Vote Thief, then there’s the possibility that Laura is a Poisoner.

  117. I think it’s interesting, if the vote thief and the poisoner is the same person why they wanted to poison Beth. I guess they don’t have to have a specific reason to poison? And why force Megan to vote for Jeremy? Jeremy was town, but I guess his governor role made him a target? Since it let him stop one person from being lynched during the gameplay.

  118. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Megan
    Nicole (2) – Dana, Siran
    Megan (2) – Shannon T, Anna
    Anna (8) – Kerrie, Laura, Jenn, Shannon M, Krista, Kritika, MiKayla, Amber
    Dana (1) – Nicole

    18 minutes left!

  119. If one of them is the poisoner and the other is the vote thief it might support the theory that there are two anti town groups too

  120. With 11 minutes left I don’t know if Anna is covering her tracks or if she really is innocent and we all jumped on the wrong person. This is small comfort but at least if we are wrong toDay we know to be suspicious of Laura Tomorrow?

  121. 6 minutes left and my internet finally came back!

    @Jenn that is really good to know. I’m willing to act with the majority of others in this vote since I’ve been weary of Anna (though at this point it seems unnecessary since she’s way out in the lead with votes)



  122. I almost missed the deadline being out and about! Just caught up on everything and I am going to




    Due to defensiveness late in the Day, and initial suspicion of me early in the day. Though quick to back off when I gave me reasoning for things, it still rubbed me the wrong way.

  123. I desperately want to scream I’m being truthful, but know that won’t be much help. I’m going to take a small bit of solace that Laura will be getting more attention tomorrow.

    @Shannon T it was just an initial thought for my first comment of the day before I had gone back through previous days. I backed off quickly because I chose to believe you.

  124. Day Four has officially ended. The person with the most votes (10) is Anna. Anna was Aldus, Team Red London, Roleblocker.

    It is now Night Four. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Tuesday 9pm GMT (48 hours from now, but honestly the sooner the better). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    Day Five will start on Wednesday 9pm GMT. Any additional casualties will be revealed at that time. Good luck!

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