ADSOM: Day Three


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The Players

N2 Elim Meeghan


[OTHER] Kritika is at a conference between Wednesday – Friday so may not be available to regularly check in. She still expects to meet commenting minimum by deadline though.

Game Master’s Notes

Look! Deaths! Are you happy now? You bloodthirsty bastards. 😂

Well as frustrated as you may have been at the start of Day Two with no death reveals, you ended up with quite the eventful Day. Not only were questionable things happening with votes (poor Parmesan), but you ultimately managed to pull together in the end to eliminate a baddy by deadline.

That’s surely a sign you’re on the right track, right? Nothing will definitely go wrong from here… (heh heh heh)

But wait, Red London, White London, Rainbow London (okay, maybe no Rainbow London), how do we know which teams are good or bad?! Well, you don’t. Or at least, I’m not telling you. As with every game, I will only confirm the information specifically relating to you. Anything else you’ll have to figure out yourself. 😈

Oh oh oh. And I know some of you may be going, Cultafia? What the heck is that? Well it’s been FIVE YEARS since the last time such a thing was seen on The Bookish Games, but a Cultafia is a deadly mafia-cult combo that can choose to either recruit or kill players. If you want to see how such a thing worked previously, check out the Divergent edition.

Lastly, a small warning that BST ends this Sunday. As a result, all Day/Night deadlines will land at 9pm GMT instead. If you’re not located in the EU, this likely means that the deadline will shift a hour for you one way or another until Daylight Savings ends in your time zone.

I recommend using this Time Zone Converter to determine when the deadline will occur for you. London (where I live), the date and time for the next deadline are preset, you just need to add another city (where you live) to see what the conversion is. Hopefully that’ll help!

Okay, I think that’s everything. Good luck everyone! Let’s see what you can do.

It is now Day Three.

You have until Sunday 9pm GMT to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

153 thoughts on “ADSOM: Day Three”

  1. Talk about wow! Edward, Beth, and Meeghan!

    Given that Edward has been revealed as Athos, a Team White London Cultafia Member, this gives us something to work with.

    First, does anyone remember that he actually mentioned Cultafia D2? As soon as I saw that in his summary it rang a bell so I searched and couldn’t believe it.

    I was curious about a) why he would do that and b) about what exactly this combination of Cult and Mafia meant. It looks like it’s been used once before (down near the bottom):

    In the Divergent game. The note is at the end in the GAME OVER summary.

    Point of interest: we have a player from those games in this one – Jenn. I’m interested in that because if any of us were going to pick up on that based on previous experience, particularly in the Bookish Games, I’d think she would. So, that makes me suspicious of her.

    Another thing about Edward mentioning Cultafia. He did so at 10.16 10:45PM.

    At 10.16 9:41PM Beth was the first person of the day to mention the possibility of the Black Stone at play, maybe as a person:

    Given the ADSOM story, that makes me wonder if Siena/Siran is the Black London artifact (which in the book couldn’t be destroyed, and was actively working to infect/invade others).

    Edward at 9:51PM said:

    @Beth that’s a really good point.

    Then, Megan Rose (10.16 9:53PM):

    Like how the Black London Artifact took over all those people to become like a hive mind thing. That could be at play. There’s plenty of players in this game so that could be going on as well as what I’m assuming the mafia are (probably the Dane twins and Holland?).

    And Laura (10.16 10:14PM):

    @Beth I was kinda thinking the same thing about Siena/Siena possibly being the Black London stone. I can’t think of any other characters that could have the ability to survive the elimination.

    @Megan it’s interesting that you bring up the hive mind quality of the Black London stone because that makes it seem almost like that person could have the Cult Leader role right ?

    However, then Edward says (10.16 10:45PM):

    Oh man, @Laura brought up a really good point. Is it possible a Cultafia could be an inanimate object with a hive mind? This is my first game so I have no idea if that’s possible or not.

    When I initially commented on D2 about this I had missed his first comment (the reply to Beth), but asking about why he was essentially giving Laura credit for “bringing up a really good point” didn’t yield any satisfactory answers.

    Edward (10.16 11:36PM):

    Laura was the first one to expand on the idea and suggest that not only does the artifact exist, but because of its hive mind ability it is the cultafia leader for this game.

    That simply isn’t true because it was Megan Rose that did. Laura even says in her reply that Megan brought up the hive mind quality. I’m wondering if this was a diversionary tactic?

    I’m a bit suspicious of Megan Rose at the minute for talking about the Black Stone, the possibility of Beth being poisoned, then switching to Beth’s voting weirdness maybe being Spectator induced.

    10.20 1:27PM

    Something is definitely up with Beth’s votes. Maybe she is poisoned and their votes get changed to someone random, almost like plague delirium?

    Though Meeghan brings up a good point to test out the voting patterns to see if you could get your vote to the person you want. Although that would certainly take a lot of time.

    This seems like a “hmm, sure, you could do that, but it would take so long so should you bother?” kind of comment. Meeghan wanted to test out the votes, then got night killed. Maybe a stretch, but it’s not inaccurate.

    10.20 5:54PM

    “I feel like the spectators might be having a hand in this. Could they be the black stone and choosing who to infect and what not? The cheese puns feel like too much of a coincidence after the discussion everyone had earlier in the day.

    We were kind of stuck for awhile and sort of asking for intervention. Could this be it? I suppose we can’t tell too much because Beth didn’t vote straight away, but she may not have nene affected straight away either. Who knows? Grasping at straws here.”

    I’m not sure what it is exactly, but something about this shift feels, well, shifty to me, especially after the Edward moving away from Megan Rose pointing out the Black Stone/hive mind thing earlier. As I’m writing this out, what makes the most sense to me at the moment is that Megan is Holland, some kind of White London/Cultafia Traitor that Edward didn’t know about, whom he assumed was still on his side. IIRC, Holland was the one who passed the Black Stone in the book (though it was to Rhy initially, but w/e).

    As for the revelation about Beth. Whoa, a Pen Pal. That makes sense with King George. The rulers of the Londons passed letters. I wonder if Astrid/Maxim/Emira are as well?

    Maybe Beth tried to pass a message N1 and that’s what got her poisoned/made Insane? Given the switch to White London, it’s unlikely not to be Spectator interference. If she did though (send a message) and this was the result, maybe she didn’t know what happened or was reluctant to share her Role? If it is someone’s Role, though, and not just a result of, say, Beth passing a message to whoever might be the Black Stone (if that is a thing), I think we need to keep an eye on the votes today in case whoever it is tries again and votes go wonky. It might be a limited use power or it might not or they might be wary of using it twice in a row, but being aware and on guard could help.

    As great as it is that Edward was voted out and revealed as the Cult Leader (the role that recruits), I don’t think we should let our guard down about that either because it occurred to me that Astrid and Athos worked so closely together that it’s possible Astrid might be a co-Cult Leader.  What do y’all think about that?

    As for Meeghan, I loved Calla in the books. She was so helpful & her stall was intriguing. So. Why was our Calla/Meeghan targeted? Her analysis on D2 of votes was fairly detailed (with one slip but w/e). IIRC she was the one who suggested Beth test her voting issue and suggested a way to do it. Maybe that spooked whoever did it?

  2. @Harker I’m embarrassed to admit that I never thought twice about him talking about Cultafia. I think I just wrote it off like someone was too lazy to say Brad and Angelina so they just say Brangelina. Except with Cult and Mafia. But in retrospect, holy crap.

    I think it’s great news that we had two White London cultafia members eliminated yesterDay. And now (I think?) we know that Beth’s cheese puns were from the mods. Based on the Insane info on the roles page, it seems like it may have been part of her role from the beginning since it says it only works some days. I’ll be curious to find out more as the game goes on.

  3. Hi all! Two White Londoners gone excellent! And finally some solid information to go on haha.

    Whilst I was expecting Edward to be mafia, him being revealed as Athos himself was a surprise. Got the big bad cult leader out brilliant! We can assume this cult was dealt with then if the leader is gone and the only recruit eliminated as well.

    @Harker whilst I agree that Astrid and Athos worked closely together so she could be cult leader too, it might make more sense for the game makers to diversify the roles given out and bring some new powers into play. Since she takes possession of people in the book, that could possibly correlate to a vote stealing ability? If there were 2 cult leaders surely the Cult would always be one step ahead of town, recruiting 2 people for every 1 eliminated in the day.

    Also, I voted for Edward pretty early on, on Sunday. Why would I vote for a teammate? Also if I was Holland, surely there’d be a game dynamic prohibiting me voting for Edward / Athos seeing as Holland is under his control.

    And when I mentioned the nonsense going on with Beth’s votes being possible spectator interference, you thought it was a good idea Harker! Anyway, not really sure what else to say about all that. I was just trying to make sense of what was going on seeing as Beth’s troubles seemingly came out of nowhere and there was talk of spectators getting involved earlier in the day.

    I think her role being insane though may have just actually been her character. It makes sense because of her character in the book, and like Dana said may have only affected her certain days, like George having his lucid moments. I don’t think that has anything to do with being poisoned. The vote switching could have meant she was a unknowing cult recruit since she seemed genuinely baffled at what was going on so not a simple vote theif. Her vote could have been dictated in the Night before perhaps and she’s a unwitting victim of the black stone and doesn’t know what was going on.

    Who knows? Just spit balling here. But lots to think about!

    Not sure why Meeghan was targeted, she didn’t seem too dangerous yesterday. And inventor, what type of things could she invent?

  4. @Megan Rose:

    @Harker whilst I agree that Astrid and Athos worked closely together so she could be cult leader too, it might make more sense for the game makers to diversify the roles given out and bring some new powers into play. Since she takes possession of people in the book, that could possibly correlate to a vote stealing ability? If there were 2 cult leaders surely the Cult would always be one step ahead of town, recruiting 2 people for every 1 eliminated in the day.

    Maybe there are restrictions to who is able to do what on certain days? Kind of like how some abilities have restrictions, like in a past game Anne could not vote on odd or even days (I forget which), Astrid or Athos was in charge of the Cult on certain days (having the power to kill/recruit) even though they’re both Cult Leaders. 🤔 As for diversifying roles, Edward/Athos did have quite a few roles in his pocket. Roleblocker, Cult Leader, and Pen Pal. Who knows what else Astrid or anyone else has?

    Also, I voted for Edward pretty early on, on Sunday. Why would I vote for a teammate? Also if I was Holland, surely there’d be a game dynamic prohibiting me voting for Edward / Athos seeing as Holland is under his control.

    To throw off suspicion. It’s not unheard of for Mafia members to hide among Town members and vote for their own. As for the game dynamic of Holland v. Athos, I don’t know, unless the Gamemakers have twisted things (totally possible). When we were all talking about the soul seal/binding spell between those two, I initially thought it was more similar to the one between Kell and Rhy, but it isn’t. With Kell & Rhy (book wise), if Kell dies, Rhy dies, but with Athos & Holland, it’s more Holland has to do as Athos says, can’t disobey, etc. There’s a lot more leeway, I think.

  5. Hello Everyone! I am back and this time with power. The storm forced us to evacuate over the weekend and it was a whole mess.

    Holy cow a lot happened while I was gone! I do have a vague recollection of Edward mentioning Cultafia but I honestly passed right by it. I gotta work some more on my sleuthing skills I think.

    @Harker I remember Edward saying Day 1 that he was a newbie also so maybe he dropped the word Cultafia without realizing that it hadn’t been used in a while?

    I do wonder if there is an Astrid to Edward’s Athos. Could one have the ability to kill and the other have the ability to recruit? But only one of them can play per night? One night Athos recruits the next Astrid kills?

  6. First of all, I’m so sad we lost Meeghan! I liked the detailed notes she made. That’s a serious loss but on the bright side, we managed to take down a Cultafia leader and recruit! Not too bad for the second night. I’m glad we’re progressing.

    Now we know there’s a White London, Red London and Grey London. From my very limited ADSOM knowledge, there’s still the Black London out there. The more I read about the characters, the more I think I seriously need to read the book soon.

    I think I totally glazed over the Cultafia comment he made! I only remember it now that you mentioned it. I’m not sure what it was until Asti explained it. It’s really weird that he’d just mention it out in the game though, surely he’d know that would raise red flags? I don’t know. Maybe just due to him being a newbie he thought no one would know what it meant.

    I literally just put together that Cultafia was a combination of Cult and Mafia. I am slow on the uptake.

  7. @MiKayla
    I’m glad you’re okay and back and with power! Not having electricity is so not fun.

    I like the theory that one recruits and the other kills but I wonder how that still works if the leader is gone. I mean, I know it was brought up about Astrid (still not sure who she is, ha), but I wonder if she’s powerless now that there’s no…cult.

  8. @MiKayla: that’s what I was trying to get at re: Athos & Astrid, more or less. That the possible powers were divided between them.

    @Amber: Astrid & Athos are collectively referred to as the Dane Twins. They’re the King & Queen of White London in the book.

    As for if Astrid is powerless. I would never assume that she’s powerless flat out because she’s a dangerous character in the book that possesses a lot of people through a pendant. Also, if we suppose for a moment that MiKayla were correct (in that Astrid & Athos shared and/or switched off powers), then we don’t know what position Astrid was in when Athos/Edward died.

  9. Hello! I’m on a plane trying to read comments before they tell us to put our phones in airplane mode lol I just wanted to check in to see what went down last Night, especially after we found out that we eliminated not one but two White London (cultafia??) members! It’s crazy to me that most people were only a little suspicious of Edward yesterDay and mostly trying to break a tie but we somehow managed to eliminate the cult leader. Harker has a good point though, we might have to keep an eye out for Astrid… maybe the cult isn’t dead yet. As glad as I am that we have more info to work with, I’m sorry to see Meeghan go. So far I’ve only skimmed Harker’s first comment but I will read all the other comments and check in more properly tomorrow evening. I’ll be busy at the conference for the next few days so sorry if I’m AWOL. I should be around for the end of the Day for once so hopefully I won’t miss the important parts?

  10. @Kritika: good luck at the conference, Kritika. 🍀

    @Megan: regarding what you said (10.23 10:15PM):

    I think her role being insane though may have just actually been her character. It makes sense because of her character in the book, and like Dana said may have only affected her certain days, like George having his lucid moments. I don’t think that has anything to do with being poisoned. The vote switching could have meant she was a unknowing cult recruit since she seemed genuinely baffled at what was going on so not a simple vote theif. Her vote could have been dictated in the Night before perhaps and she’s a unwitting victim of the black stone and doesn’t know what was going on.

    1. I can see Beth’s insanity as having been a part of her role. That would line up with George (as an aside, I keep forgetting that ADSOM George & Hamilton George are the same person historically 😂). If it was just her role information, then the Cultafia has tremendously bad luck in picking her as their first recruit. However, her Grey London role information is crossed out (i.e. Team Grey London – Pen Pal) and her Team White London, Cultafia recruit, Insane is not crossed out at all. Maybe that means something? Because further to what you said, Megan:

    2. As far as I can tell by the Roles page, Cult members do know who they are. People who have been Vote Thiefed, on the other hand, do not know who they’re being controlled by, like the situation you posit in “Her vote could have been dictated in the Night before perhaps and she’s a unwitting victim of the black stone and doesn’t know what was going on.”

    Moving on.

    Normally I’d be waiting to cast a vote until I had thought about things more, heard more from other players, etc., but there’s a part of me that still wonders whether Beth’s voting weirdness had something to do with an outside force (i.e. not her/George’s Insanity). So, I’m going to cast a vote and see if it changes on its own. Like I said earlier, I think we should keep an eye out in case of any wonkiness that goes to any other players (like, it’s not Insanity and is the Black Stone or something).


  11. Hi all! First, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that my daughter is in the hospital, and my commenting might be hit or miss. I spoke with Asti about it, but she wanted to leave it up to me whether I wanted to talk about it, and I am okay with sharing. I am trying to play instead of taking a Pass this week because I am only allowed to visit her an hour a day, and I am really hoping to take my mind off of it the other 23 hours. Second, she loves the Game and always gets invested herself and I think it’d be good to give us something fun to talk about/think about. Anyway, like I said, I am going to try, but of course things might come up.

    So. Deep breath. The game! I am SO glad that we got out Edward- I really didn’t think he was that suspicious, so thanks to you guys! And I too completely missed the Cultafia comment- and I am mad at myself for doing so. In hindsight, I can see it as a red flag, because you can’t claim newbie mistakes while also throwing around terms like “cultafia”. I am super sad that Meeghan is gone because she contributes a ton, and her role sounds SO fun, I wish we could have had that on our side! (@Asti, the graphics though!! 😍😍)

    @Harker, I too have been suspicious of Jenn, mostly because she seemed to have very little to say yesterDay, and as an experienced player it seemed like she should have something to say about all the shenanigans. But now, with your mention of her playing in the Divergent Game, that seems extra fishy.

    @Harker again, I think that Beth’s Insanity not being crossed out could mean two things- 1) Perhaps that is the sort of power that transfers when someone is cultified? OR maybe it’s some kind of side effect of the cult? Like- maybe if they recruited someone from Grey London, they’d automatically turn insane? I don’t really recall the books enough to speculate too much, but from what I can tell (and I will look up more later), Beth was sane on Day 1, right? No doctored comments, etc.

  12. @Shannon: lots of hugs. Take your time. I’m glad we can be of a comfort to you and your daughter. IIRC, wasn’t it her that had something to say about your posting in the car a game or two ago? 😂😉

    As for insanity in the book, I think George was the only one who was strictly Insane, but the Black Stone could infect anyone and it traversed all the Londons because Kell was tricked into carrying it and he escaped into Grey London, then Lila pickpocketed him. It got really weird when she made a sword that she chucked out a window which then infected the poor schmuck that picked it up. From there it was basically a disease that spread.

  13. @Harker, thank you! She probably was, she’ll be thrilled that you remember her, I am definitely going to tell her! I know she picked who I was voting for in one of the games!

    OOOOH this is interesting about George! (Also, what is wrong with me and why do I not remember these books!? I know it’s been a few years but come ON I read the first two!) A disease that spread could have something to do with how Beth got progressively worse, but I still think you are right about the insanity following Beth to White London must mean something. HEY maybe Beth infected some of those guys when they recruited her! Now that would be fun!

  14. @Harker – Thanks for the explanation! I guess we’ll have to keep our eyes out for anything suspicious with the Cultafia then as well.

    @Kritika – Have a good trip!

    I agree about Edward’s elimination, we got so lucky! I was basically biting my nails off at Target about the tie. I feel like Beth’s insanity could have just been a side effect of her being recruited but the voting was so weird….

    I’m just guessing there has to be maybe two “Baddies” or the cult and then a third party maybe? I’m not sure.

    I kind of want to give Jenn the benefit of the doubt and just think maybe she’s busy, then again, she’s an experienced player.

  15. @Amber: I’m not sure, baddie wise. Like, Athos and Astrid are obvious. Holland probably unless he got made a 3rd party. Considering we started this game with 19 players and the Mafia/bad guys usually make up somewhere between 20-30% of the totally percentage of players (I think the highest was 27% but I forget when I figured that out, my first or second game? 😅) , 3-4 sounds probable.

    The Gamemakers have been known to use any and everyone in a game as a character and even made some of if necessary (like in the Vicious game when there wasn’t really a huge cast of characters to pull from and we were all made up name based on the letters in V.E. Schwab’s name) so who knows. 😣

  16. @Harker – You bring up good points! I think I’ve only watched one game and I didn’t think much of the number of players or names.

    The names made up for Vicious sounds like a fun thing!

    We’ll just have to see what happens.

  17. Voting Update

    Jenn (1) – Harker

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Kritika, Laura, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

  18. @MiKayla welcome back! @Kritika good luck at your conference. @Shannon sorry to hear about your daughter, well wishes and hope she gets better soon!

    Wow, what a Day/Night! I’m very glad to see Edward/Athos gone, I was suspicious of him for awhile but did not expect him to be such a strong character! It’s terrible that @Meeghan/Calla was killed, I wonder what she could have invented to help us. She was a huge help to Lila in the books, and I agree with @Harker who does not see a real reason why @Meeghan was targeted.

    In regards to some of the comments here at the start of Day 3 I am curious….

    First it’s crazy reading @Harker’s post about how @Edward brought up Cultafia during Day 2. As a new player everything is a bit confusing to me with various words and phrases thrown around, but I am surprised it wasn’t picked up on. That makes me really want to go back and reread all of Day 1 and 2 to see if there are other things we may have missed.

    In other thoughts… Can we really assume that the ‘this cult is dealt with’ as @Megan states? We don’t know for sure that @Beth was the only recruit, do we? I’m hesitant to assume anything at this point. Especially when – as people have already mentioned – Astrid could still be at play here. I know Athos was strong in the book and had full control over Holland, however it was Astrid that had Holland bring the necklace to Red London. The necklace that allowed her to cross in to Red London and take control of Rhy and then anyone else that picked it up after Kell got it off Rhy…. I believe that is perhaps in the later books, but still. She is just as strong as Astrid and very dangerous.

    This made me think of something else. Now that @Edward/Athos is dead, the control he had over Holland is gone. In the books we learn more of Holland’s back story and why he wanted to be king of White London, and the differences in his life compared to Kell’s. After Kell killed Athos he didn’t have to do things he didn’t want to anymore, and he helped Kell and Lila take down the Black London king. Again, definitely information all from the later books, but it makes me wonder if Holland’s actions or roles will now change due to Athos’s death.

    Lastly, sorry @Harker but I am a little suspicious of you due to the sheer amount of posts you have made since this Day started, and the fact that you are already voting for someone. Not suspicious enough to vote for you (or anyone else yet), but I wanted to put it out there in case anyone else is feeling that way too.

  19. Good morning fellow Londoners [unless you’re actually in London in which case I say good afternoon :)]

    @Mikayla, welcome back!
    @Kritika, have fun at your conference!
    @Shannon M, sending you all the hugs ❤ ❤ ❤
    @ShannonT, you bring up a good point about Holland/Athos and I too wonder if Holland's actions will change now that Athos isn't controlling them

    As for George (and someone might have said this already, but my uncaffeinated brain is still waking up) I think it's likely that the Insanity was built into the character, since in the books George is already deteriorating.

  20. I’m really glad we got out Athos and King George (never really liked him in the book) but Calla! She was one of my favourite supporting characters!

    @Harker omg true I also forgot that ADSOM George and Hamilton’s King George are the same 🙈
    @Shannon wishing you and your family health and positivity!

    I agree that it makes sense for Astrid to have different roles than Athos. I wonder if she might have the Vote Thief power because she can possess characters in the book right? (Correct me if I’m wrong though!) so maybe as Athos recruited players, Astrid was forcing people to vote a certain way? Remember how Harker voted for Nicole D2 but wouldn’t give us any reasoning, because they couldn’t answer our questions?! A lot of people seemed suspicious that there was a Vote Thief at work.

    I also did not pick up on Edwards mention of Cultafia being super shady, as a newbie myself I just thought it was like common knowledge that I didn’t understand yet…

    I agree with @ShannonT about @Megan saying the Cult is dealt with, that seems a bit suspect to me. We got Athos but Astrid is definitely still out there.
    Also @ShannonT that is a really interesting point about Holland’s freedom now that Athos is dead. I guess we will see what Holland does now.
    Currently I’m not suspicious enough of anyone to make a vote yet toDay.

    Also I would like to just share that I am going through a bit of a rough mental health battle right now, so if I’m not as active that is why. I think I will still be able to make the comment minimum though.

  21. Thanks @Shannon T @Amber @Kerrie the no power plus making sure the building was safe every 30 minutes plus checking every person at the door to evacuate is not a great way to spend the weekend.

    @Shannon T To be honest, I don’t think we can assume that the cult is now dealt with. It almost feels too easy. I think that Holland’s role might change but only when Astrid is also dead.

    Last night I was reading through Day 2 and saw that @Harker focused on Edward’s Laura/Beth mix up instead of the Cultafia word drop. That made me a little suspicious but then why would they bring it up toDay? So they could direct the spotlight on @Jenn now for not catching it? Maybe it was just because the Beth situation and the cheese puns got everyone distracted or maybe it was on purpose.

    So @Harker No hard feelings I’m just wondering why you didn’t point it out yesterDay?

  22. It’s lunchtime at the conference! Thank you everyone who wished me luck, my poster presentation is in a few hours and honestly I’m having trouble staying awake! Conferences are so exhausting for me…you never get enough sleep, you’re stressed about presenting, and you’re surrounded by a bajillion people so us introverts don’t get enough time to recharge! All of this might be contributing to my current crankiness so my apologies if I sound meaner than usual lol

    A lot of us have been sick and/or distracted with stuff happening IRL (@Shannon M I hope your daughter is doing better, and MiKayla I’m glad you have power again!), but what are the odds that out of all the players here (especially veterans), none of us caught Edward’s use of “cultafia”? I’m going to blame my being sick, and we can all make excuses for ourselves, but one of us has to be lying. I’m less concerned about this with the newbies because as @Laura says, they wouldn’t have known the word was a red flag even if they noticed it or found it confusing.

    I’m currently on the fence about @Harker. They were the first to bring up the cultafia discussion toDay, and this could be exactly the sort of “covering my tracks” behavior they thought Megan Rose might be doing. I’m torn because they did tease an investigative role and were possibly the victim of a vote thief, and both of these things make me believe Harker is most likely Town, but then again it’s not hard to act like you were victim of a vote thief and let others fill in the gaps to make yourself look like a Townie (I was the one who assumed the lack of explanation for their Nicole Vote was a vote thief, and it’s entirely possible I played right into the trap!). If Harker and Jeremy are on the same (not necessarily Town) team, it would make sense for Harker to go out on a limb and hint at being a cop to save his skin when he was getting some heat yesterDay. I’m not convinced either way, but I am voicing my suspicions to see if others have any thoughts. The paranoia is growing lol

    @Kerrie that’s a good point about Beth/King George already being insane because of the book character’s insanity, I was thinking about that over the past few days too. But I don’t think Beth would necessarily have died just because of the insanity? That seems mean, to give a character a role that will kill them after a Day or two, and there weren’t any signs of insanity on Day 1 (but then again it could be an even/odd Day thing?). I can’t work out if Beth was killed because she got recruited by the cultafia or if someone else poisoned her. I guess we’ll find out toDay if anyone else goes insane…

  23. Voting Update

    Jenn (1) – Harker

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Kritika, Laura, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

  24. @Kritika good luck on your poster presentation! And well wishes to everyone else on real life stuff.

    I reread some of the D2 comments after we discovered Edward’s and Beth’s roles and I couldn’t believe no one picked up on the fact that Edward mentioned the cultafia early on. As a newbie, I just assumed he was talking about the mafia and didn’t realize he’d used another term. I do agree it’s suspicious that a more experienced player didn’t catch his slip up. Especially Jenn since, as Harker pointed out, she had played in a game with a cultafia before. So Jenn is probably top of my list of suspicious players.

    My initial thoughts on Beth’s elimination and the night killings are that she was poisoned by the cultafia during N1 and because of it went insane on D2. This would mean the cultafia kills through poisoning and Meeghan was not eliminated by the cultafia, or that the cultafia has multiple methods of killing. It’s also possible, as many have speculated, that Beth went insane because of her role as King George and was not targeted by the cultafia. Then maybe someone was recruited by the cultafia on N1 and Meeghan was killed by the cultafia on N2. I also think it’s significant that Beth’s alliance changed from grey London to white London, and I assume this means she was recruited by the cultafia on N1 (since the cultafia leader was also from white London) and eliminated or poisoned by another means, either another player or something to do with her role. This last possibility seems the most likely to me. Anyway, I hope some of that made sense.

  25. @Harker, I have played in every version of the game, so there have been a lot of twists and I don’t always catch them all. I also had a lot of comments to catch up on when I finally checked in on Day 2 (over 100), so I’m not surprised I missed it.

    @Kritika, I think Harker is only the first person to bring up the cultafia today because they were the first to comment today and it was a pretty big reveal.

    Anyways.. great job guys! I was really unsure about Edward, so wasn’t comfortable voting for him, but I’m glad you all stuck with it. As for Beth, I’m not sure if she even knew she had been recruited into the cultafia because she seemed so oblivious and genuinely confused about what was going on.

    As for toDay, I am quite busy this week. I’m helping prep for the biggest fundraiser at my kids’ school tomorrow. So my activity may be a bit slow until Saturday. I have to make cupcakes today and then go to the school tonight and get some things sorted out, come home and raid (WoW, I like video games.. lol ). Then I’m at the school all day tomorrow helping set up, so over 12 hours. I also have to make a poster and stamp the tips of 10kg of suckers for one of the games today in the midst of it.. >.< It has been this way all week and I would have completely forgot is I didn't see Asti tweeting about the

  26. @Shannon T: I don’t really understand why my amount of commenting since the beginning of the day is suspicious, but I can try and address it if that would help. A) I’ve always been a big commentator in any game I play. B) The games start at a good time for me to participate time wise and work wise because I’m off and I’m wide awake so it gives me good opportunity to be on. C) Most of what I said after my initial post was in response to other players who commented after my first post, so I was just responding? And D) if we’re counting comments, Amber was only 2 behind me so. I don’t find it suspicious but if that’s what you’re looking at.

    @Laura: if you need to talk about anything non-game related, feel free to hit me up on Twitter. I hope you feel better soon.

    @MiKayla: as to why I didn’t pick up on Edward’s drop yesterDay, I didn’t even know that Cultafia was a thing until after it was confirmed in the reveal of his power. I thought he was just mashing two words together from the Roles page. Once it popped up, though, it pinged for me that he’d dropped that term and I dug a little deeper, revealing that A) that was an actual thing all its own and B) that it had been used before, though not in a game I’d even been a part of.

    @Kritika: good to hear your conference is going well. 🙂

    @Jenn: yeah, I started crafting a note as soon as I saw the reveal and was really hoping I wouldn’t get killed so I could talk to everyone about it today. 😅 It’s such a big WHOA that Edward would talk about it so brazenly.


    For now. I voted mostly because I was curious if it would change and it didn’t, so there’s that. I want to see if anything else suspicious comes up today since there is quite a lot of time left. Jenn, I hope you can make it and talk things out more with us despite all those other commitments.

  27. @Kritika: regarding your comment. I was the first person to bring up the Cultafia discussion because I was, as I said to Jenn (more or less), bouncing in my seat to talk about this ever since I saw what had been revealed.

    As for my feelings regarding yesterDay and Nicole and toDay, the people I don’t have suspicions for are Jeremy, Nicole, and Kritika.

    I’m kind of suspicious, as I mentioned earlier, of Megan Rose and Jenn, toDay. Siran still makes me wonder because of the whole not-being-eliminated-D1 thing.

  28. I don’t think commenting a lot should necessarily be suspicious (though I know everything is) but I like to talk a lot.

    Also, I like to get my comments quota out of the way quickly so it’s taken care of.

  29. @Shannon T, I’d only be suspicious if Harker wasn’t commenting 😂 And honestly, I am really glad that they do- goodness, if no one facilitated discussion, then we’d never catch any baddies!

    @Harker, thanks for clarifying re: cultafia!

    @Harker again, you know, you have a good point about the vote changing. I wonder if it’ll happen to anyone else. I feel like I usually take ages to decide on who to vote for but I don’t want it to come down to the wire and realize something is wrong- that could go very badly indeed.

    @Kritika, I hope the presentation went well! And thank you ♥♥

    @Laura, I am so sorry you’re struggling, and ditto what Harker said, I am here if you need to talk ever!

    @Jenn, there were a ton of comments, so I can see missing one word for sure. Especially if no one pointed it out.

    That said, I am still a bit suspicious of Jenn, and also Siran because I still have no idea what is happening there (so basically all the same stuff I was skeptical of yesterDay) and I am trying not to fall for the “confused newbie” like I did with Edward. I’m looking forward to more people checking in, too!

  30. @Shannon: thanks. 😂

    Re: Siran. I’m of two minds. I was wondering, after Siena was not voted out D1 despite having all those votes, if maybe they (Siena) was a Governor type role or if someone else in White London was a Governor protecting them because there are so few Roles that I could find that have Day time action. Most all of the others are restricted to Night Actions.

    On the other hand, some abilities/”abilities” protect/hinder on a set schedule. There was a previous game where Anne could not vote on Odd Days, IIRC (at the very least it was every other Day, so maybe it was Even Days?). I wondered, too, if maybe Siena/Siran’s potential immunity had something to do with that. I can’t imagine that they’d be immune to all Day votes because that would be too powerful. Something every other Day, though, maybe?

    But if it was the Governorship thing, then that’s a whole other ballpark because that would probably be a limited use thing.

  31. @Harker and @Jenn fair point about Harker being the first to comment and thus the first to bring up “cultafia”, I guess the Day three paranoia is just getting to me haha

    @Laura I missed this part of your comment when I was scrolling on my phone on lunch break but I hope you start to feel better soon! I’ve been on and off struggling with mental health stuff for the past few weeks so I can relate, if you ever just need a virtual hug give me a shout! We’re here for you 🙂

    I’m not particularly suspicious of @Jenn right now because I think she really was super busy last week and that’s why she didn’t pick up on the cultafia thing, but I also completely believed Jenn’s excuses during the Nevernight round when she actually was mafia so idk LOL

    Can I just say I’m still not convinced Siran is a Townie? She’s been leaving the most random comments and almost revealed her role yesterDay… I can’t decide if the outrageous comments (“I like when people talk about me” ??) are just a her playing style or a cover for more sinister motives. I’m going to wait and see if I still find her commenting style strange toDay before making a vote, but my reasons for voting as of yesterDay haven’t really diminished.

  32. Thank you so much for all your kind words friends !

    @Kritika I agree I am also very aware of Siran right now. There’s something fishy going on with Siena’s Day 1 safety and I think it was their own power that saved them (no factual basis for this just a gut feeling). I just don’t know about them…talking about revealing their role yesterDay was a strange little tid bit that’s been nagging at me for a while.

  33. Voting Update

    No Votes

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Harker, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Kritika, Laura, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

  34. Hi everyone,

    I’m sad we lost Meeghan.
    I honesty hadn’t been overly suspicious of Edward and definitely am glad that he was voted out.

    I agree that we can’t assume that the cult is dealt with. And Megan’s assumption that it is dealt with makes me a little suspicious of her. Astrid could be potentially be a cult leader as well since Athos and Astrid were King and Queen.

  35. @Anna: you’re right, Megan’s wording is a bit weird.

    We can assume this cult was dealt with then if the leader is gone and the only recruit eliminated as well.

    I think I can see where she’s coming from, as in the BYOC game (so far as I can tell, I can’t seem to access the chat on my phone) the Cult Leader started out alone and recruited from there. That was actually Megan herself, wasn’t it?

    However, given the nature of this book, I’m thinking it’s a dangerous assumption (that the Cult has been dealt with) on Town aligned parties part since we know how closely the Dane Twins worked. Even if Astrid doesn’t turn out to be another Cultafia leader, I’ll bet she’s part of it because I don’t see her being a 3rd Party player. I could be wrong, maybe the bookish part is too strong, but that’s what I think at the moment.

  36. Hello everyone. I too will be really busy toDay so I might not comment again until Sunday, but I wanted to share a couple of thoughts.

    I think perhaps the distinction between the cult being “dealt with” and some other threat coming from Astrid is not all that useful, since either way we are left to speculate over how her role functions. Personally I don’t see why Beth would have died if Astrid was still in charge of the same cult as Edward, but it’s probably a good idea to keep the possibility open.

    I’m curious about Harker’s comment that “the people I don’t have suspicions for are Jeremy, Nicole, and Kritika.” Yesterday they implied that they had some investigative-like ability, but it’s interesting that they’ve added two names instead of just one. Still, since Harker was aware that I was Town, until I see evidence to the contrary I will trust that Nicole and Kritika probably are as well.

  37. I agree with @Anna and @Harker Megan assuming that the cult has been dealt with is a little weird. I just wouldn’t assume that the cult has really been dealt with until the game was completely over. That mixed with the Athos/Astrid relationship makes me both suspicious of the cult actually having been dealt with and Megan.

    I am interesting in the Siran situation. Maybe its the not dying at the end of Day 1 mixed with a thought of that could have been me or maybe its the comments @Kritika brought up but either way I am kind of hesitant/suspicious about them.

    Is it weird that I wish I could go back in time to Day 1 and test out this Day 1 safety myself? Like I just wanna go back and see if it was a special Day 1 immunity for anyone who was going to be voted up or if it was strictly for Siena/Siran’s role.

  38. I did not proofread the above comment very well and was working until 5am so I apologize for some of the mistakes. I meant I am interested in the Siran situation.

  39. @Jeremy:

    Personally I don’t see why Beth would have died if Astrid was still in charge of the same cult as Edward, but it’s probably a good idea to keep the possibility open.

    That’s a good point. Why did Beth die? Was it because the leader who recruited her died? 🤔 Who was it that mentioned the possibility of Astrid & Athos divying up the recruit/kill powers of a Cultafia? My phone’s being difficult right now so I can’t search for it.

  40. I am also very suspicious of Megan Rose. Reading through the first D2 comments I get the impression that both Edward and Megan are trying to seem like townies and pretending they don’t know what’s going on. However, Edward mentioned the cultafia and Megan brings up the hive mind (which, as I understand, is a characteristic of a cultafia) which makes me think they both know more than they’re letting on and are actually cultafia members. We already confirmed that Edward was a part of the cultafia and I think it is likely that Megan is as well.

    Also, Megan’s comment earlier toDay that the cultafia has been dealt with increases my suspicion of her, since we can’t know for sure if they’re dealt with. Thus it seems like she is trying to cast suspicions away from the cultafia, which only a cultafia member would do.

  41. @Harker and @Jeremy, is it possible that Beth could have been recruited by the cultafia and poisoned by a third-party player in the same night?

  42. @Nicole: re: your question about someone being recruited AND poisoned. I’m not sure. I think so, if the recruitment went through first, before the poisoning action, because they’re not redundant actions. There are so many players and potential things going on at night, it’d be hard to tell until the Game Over summary spreadsheet where we see the timeline. 😂😫

  43. Voting Update

    No Votes!

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Harker, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Kritika, Laura, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M, Shannon T, Siran

  44. @Asti: halfway through and no votes! Have we ever been so quiet? 😂


    I’ve stated my suspicions and while we have time toDay, roughly 2-ish days, I want to do what I can (talking, voting, & so forth).

  45. Hi all, sorry I wasn’t active yesterday. It’s been rough. Had some awful side effects to my meds, you know the ones in the little leaflet that say if you have any of these to immediately and contact your doctor, and I was ticking every box. So just wonderful of course! But today has been so much better so I’m back and catching up.

    So glad there isn’t too many comments I had to get through, I was expecting a whole bunch more that would have taken me ages haha.

    Sending best wishes to everyone else who needs them! I sometimes feel we’re the unluckiest bunch who play these games, something always seem to come up. All my love sweeties! 💜

    In terms of my comment about the Cult being dealt with, perhaps I was hasty in saying it since Astrid is still at play, but I still think it makes sense. Athos was the leader, not the Co-leader and he only had one night to recruit and Beth was eliminated too. So to me I feel the Cult aspect is dealt with. Like Harker said, I was a cult leader in the last game so I do know a bit about them. The Cult is still active if the leader is gone but can’t recruit anymore, but we got both in one fell swoop (though Beth’s death is still a complete mystery).

    I don’t think it makes sense for Astrid to be a cult leader, plus the word leader implies only one so impossible. She wasn’t interested in any of Athos’ antics in the books, she wasn’t the one forming bonds with anyone. Her big thing was the possession. Which makes me actually suspect Jenn as it got me thinking she could be Astrid and could be ‘possessing’ another player via vote stealing (possibly what happened to Harkers vote yesterday) and since she’s ‘away’ from her body, she has restricted comments. She did say she was busy so that could explain her lack of comments, but it does seem unusual for a usually very active player.

    I don’t know if I’m letting my imagination run wild with me again or not haha. But I think I may


    At the moment to get things going like Harker is. No votes really on the board and we gotta get moving a bit I think.

    @Nicole Also I only brought up the hive mind thing after Beth had first pointed out the possibility of the black stone being at work which did make me think of the hive mind/ cult role quality that could have been used, since I was the Cult leader in another game. Though I was expecting the Cult role to be used for the black stone as a third party entity rather than by Athos since that doesn’t completely correlate to his role in the book, that was a surprise.

    I wonder how many baddies there truly are, I only really sensed the Dane Twins and Holland as the baddies at first until Beth brought up the black stone yesterday. Or is it just every London out for themselves?

  46. While I am also suspicious of Megan since she commented that the Cult could be written off like @Harker has mentioned. I’m not sure it’s enough for me to vote for her elimination.
    I am also slightly critical of the people who have not voted for Edward since he ended up being Athos (Kritika, Mikayla, Harker, Jeremy, Dana, Jenn, and Shannon M).
    Since Mikayla missed most of D2, and Harker was most likely forced to vote Nicole D2, I’m not so suspicious of the two of them.
    I’d like to know more of the reasoning behind not voting for Edward if people would like to discuss it ?

  47. Sorry I haven’t been around much yet toDay, I’ve been fairly I’ll for a couple days and everytime I spend more than 2 minutes looking at words on the screen I end up getting ill.

    @Laura I didn’t vote for Edward because I was still suspicious of Siena/Siran from Day One and that’s what I felt my vote should go to. I missed a lot yesterDay with family illness and a funeral so I didnt get really into everyone’s theories and opinions. I think my only contribution was figuring out Beth’s changing vote.

  48. Echoing the well wishes for everyone, being sick isn’t fun. Neither are hospitals or funerals. 💔💔

    I’ll make a longer reply actually pertaining to the game hopefully later tonight or tomorrow.

  49. Just got caught up on everything from toDay, and I have to say the person that I’m most suspicious of right now is Jeremy. YesterDay when we were trying to avoid a tie Jeremy cancelled his vote on Siran so she and Edward wouldn’t be even, but instead of voting for Edward he voted for Anna who didn’t have any other votes at the time. I’m curious as to why he voted Anna instead of Edward when he said the reason he switched his vote was to avoid a tie. If that was the reason, why not switch to Edward?

  50. @Dana thanks for the clarification! Makes sense I’m also quite suspect of Siran still! My condolences for the funeral and hope you feel better soon ❤️
    @Krista I am also interested in Jeremy’s reasoning for not voting for Edward. I noticed that Day 2 he didn’t vote for Edward even after Edward voted for him

  51. @Laura @Krista I didn’t vote for Edward mostly because

    a) I really did think he was Town and was very surprised when he was revealed to be Athos, and also
    b) he stopped going after me earlier on D2, I didn’t want to turn around and vote for him after he did that.

    If it had been tied in the last few minutes, I would have voted again for Siran to break it, but otherwise I figured that it would be best not to vote for a player I thought was Town.

  52. @Jeremy I can understand your reasoning for not voting for Edward, but why did you vote for Anna? There was a lot going on yesterDay so I’m just wondering if there was something that I missed that made you suspicious.

  53. So here’s my take on the cultafia situation: If it had just said Cult Leader after Edward’s death, I’d agree with @Megan that it was the end, as the only recruit would have been Beth. However. It being specifically listed as Cultafia Leader makes me think there was more than one person in it to start, based solely on the difference between BYOC (of which Megan was the Cult Leader, and I am guessing, why she is thinking it works a similar way?) and Divergent, where it appears (if you go to the Erudite Headquarters page) that several players started the Game as members of the Cultafia (Erudite).

    The thing I can’t figure out is what the difference would be in Edward being a Cultafia Leader, as opposed to Divergent’s Cultafia where I can’t see a clear leader, and the team seems to have decided together. Basically, my question is, was only Edward, as the leader, allowed to kill? If so, it doesn’t explain Meeghan’s death, but if anyone in said Cultafia can kill… well clearly the threat isn’t eliminated. Though none of this is to say that there isn’t another party to contend with either way, ugh.

  54. @Dana, so sorry you’ve been sick, and very sorry for your loss

    @Megan, I am sorry you have been going through that too!

    @Laura, I really did just see Edward as an indecisive newbie! I had some suspicion, but at the end of the day (and Day) I ended up chalking up to newbie behavior. Clearly, I was wrong!

    I too am still suspicious of Siran, and since I’d love to hear from some of the less active folks toDay, let’s just go ahead and


  55. Interesting find, from MafiaScum Wiki:

    Cultafia is the term for anti-Town factions that can both kill and recruit. How this is done can vary from game to game, but generally the Cultafia can recruit players until its Cult Leader dies, at which point the Cult members gain a factional kill like a Mafia.

    So that would mean that they no longer had the power to recruit, but could kill, which would then make sense for Meeghan’s death.

  56. @Harker, nooo they had the choice! At least, that is what I can tell from the Divergent game and the Wiki- like they (or at least, Edward, depending) had the ability to do BOTH, but they had to choose one each night, they could do one or the other. So it makes sense- they didn’t kill anyone that NIght, they recruited Beth instead, killed Meeghan N2.

  57. @Shannon: ah, d’oh. >.< Sorry, right. The first would've been interesting (not being able to kill until you recruit would really frazzle the Town because omg, why isn't anyone dying at Night). Not that we want anyone to go, but that’s what’s expected, you know?

    Of course, we still were kind of confused during the Day 2 because things were unclear and we didn’t know what the heck happened, but then the votes really swung in a good way toward Edward.

  58. @Krista No reason more than what I listed yesterDay – of the players I didn’t suspect was Town, she just seemed most suspicious. I think reveals since then have given us enough info to focus on more substantial evidence toDay.

    @Shannon That would explain why there were no N1 eliminations. But then why did Beth die?

  59. @Jeremy, that is a good question. There could still be some kind of third party, perhaps a poisoner? Or maybe it had something to do with her insanity? Or maybe it was some combination of events- like her being insane and being recruited? Like, in the Divergent game, people with Divergent roles couldn’t be recruited (and would kill the recruiter), maybe it’s some role qualifier? Could be something with Edward’s role too- perhaps he could accidentally/unknowingly kill some of his recruits?

  60. Wow, that was a long 12+ hour day. My fundraiser is over, so I can concentrate on the Game now!

    I kind of agree with Nicole’s comment about Megan:

    Also, Megan’s comment earlier toDay that the cultafia has been dealt with increases my suspicion of her, since we can’t know for sure if they’re dealt with. Thus it seems like she is trying to cast suspicions away from the cultafia, which only a cultafia member would do.

    This combined with Megan’s comment shortly after that

    In terms of my comment about the Cult being dealt with, perhaps I was hasty in saying it since Astrid is still at play, but I still think it makes sense. Athos was the leader, not the Co-leader and he only had one night to recruit and Beth was eliminated too. So to me I feel the Cult aspect is dealt with.

    I just feel like if there were co-leaders for the Mafia, that the moderator’s wouldn’t put “Co-Leader” in their role description because then that would let us know for sure that there was another Mafia on that team and it’s generally not something they want to reveal.

    I haven’t read the books but if there is a possibility of a character possibly being aligned with Athos as a leader, then we can’t assume that there isn’t another

    Also from Megan’s comment:

    I don’t think it makes sense for Astrid to be a cult leader, plus the word leader implies only one so impossible. She wasn’t interested in any of Athos’ antics in the books, she wasn’t the one forming bonds with anyone. Her big thing was the possession. Which makes me actually suspect Jenn as it got me thinking she could be Astrid and could be ‘possessing’ another player via vote stealing (possibly what happened to Harkers vote yesterday) and since she’s ‘away’ from her body, she has restricted comments. She did say she was busy so that could explain her lack of comments, but it does seem unusual for a usually very active player.

    I’m not a very active player in every games. It honestly depends on what’s going on in my life I was very active in the first few Games, but since then I have had another kid and been diagnosed with PPD and anxiety, so it kind of depends on the day to how active I am. I don’t like to let it prevent me from playing the Games, though it nearly did this time and I got lucky that someone quit. But also, I had a very busy week getting all the things ready for today at the school, we kind of have a lack of people helping out this year as opposed to earlier years, which meant we all had to do more.

    Adding to that, wasn’t it Beth’s vote that was all messed up Day 2 and the issues with Harker’s vote was on Day 1? I mean, it does explain why someone would have a vote stealing role if Astrid is a character who possesses people. She also says it’s impossible for there to be another leader because the word leader implies only one. But that’s not true, nothing is impossible in these Games. So I think because of all that, I’m also going to


  61. Voting Update

    Megan (2) – Harker, Jenn
    Jenn (1) – Megan
    Siran (1) – Shannon M

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Jeremy, Krista, Kritika, Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon T, Siran

    Haven’t met comment minimum yet: Anna (1), Dana (3), Jenn (2), Jeremy (3), Kerrie (1), Krista (2), Kritika (3), Megan (2), Shannon T (1), Siran (0).
    (There’s still plenty of time and I know many have other stuff they’re dealing with right now, I just usually try to include it as a helpful reference once we pass the 48 hour mark.)

  62. I don’t have much to say. I am just checking in right now. Until I get at least the required participation, I will not place my vote. I know there isn’t anything about this in the rules but I am making it my rule (for me).

  63. I think @Laura brings up a good point about being suspicious of the people that didn’t vote for Edward yesterDay…I hope the people that haven’t responded yet have time to respond to that! As of now I am still suspicipous of @Megan for having said the cult was dealt with…and something about Jeremy and Harker is still making me nervous of them.

  64. I was thinking about the Beth being recruited and still dying thing. We don’t know how/why she died. It’s odd that she was, presumably, recruited in N1 and died during D1. What if, go with me, it has something to do with the recruitment itself? In the book, the Londons go in a certain order: Black -> White -> Red -> Grey. The magic flowed in a specific pathway, being strongest in Black & weakest/practically non-existent in Grey. Red actually shut themselves off from White for protection when Black became unruly. What if, because of this disconnect between White & Grey, it was a Gamemaker twist/restriction that any Grey London recruit would die the next Day? Maybe they knew that, maybe they didn’t, but wouldn’t that be a kicker. A risk but one they’d need to take to build their team.

  65. Okay I’m back from my conference! I should be able to comment more frequently, but it seems like we’re having a pretty slow day so far!

    @Laura I have the same reason as @Dana, I was more suspicious of Siran all along so that’s who I voted for. You have to admit that even half the people who voted for Edward were also suspicious of others (@Megan, @Amber, @ShannonT, and @Laura, you had good reasons to vote for Edward but some of you also voiced suspicions of Siran and Jeremy, @Nicole said “I’m not convinced Edward is anti-town but his frequent vote switching is suspicious enough to warrant a vote for him.” , @Krista said “While I’m not super suspicious of Edward, I’m going to throw my vote in just to, ensure that there’s no last minute vote switching that puts us in a tie again”, @Kerrie said “I think I’m more suspicious of Meeghan or Anna” after voting for Edward). My point is that not many people felt strongly about voting for Edward anyway, so I feel like a mafia member could very easily be hiding even in the group that did vote for Edward. That doesn’t really help us narrow down the possible mafia members though. I’m going to re-read Day Two today and see if I can find anything interesting that could help us.

  66. Finally have a moment to catch up! Wow, we have really been quiet this week.

    Ok either you mafia people have been really quiet or you’re really good because I have seen nothing overly suspicious all Day. A few of you have made a really good point about Megan Rose’s Cultafia leader comment, and when I first read it it did feel a little like someone trying to misdirect a little, but I think she’s probably right that Astrid has different powers than Athos. So I don’t know. I’m not overly suspicious at the moment.

    But I am now curious about whether Siran’s lynchproof ability continues. So for now, unless anyone else strikes me as particularly suspicious…


    (Sorry Siran)

    Also @Harker, that’s a really good thought!

  67. @Shannon brings up a good point about the difference between a ‘cult’ and ‘cultafia’ (not something I thought I’d ever say 😂), probably should have looked it up myself. I’ve been assuming they were the same thing and since I have some prior knowledge of ‘cults’, I’ve been using that.

    In a normal ‘cult’ only the leader has the power to recruit since they start on their own and build it from there. But if a ‘cultafia’ starts with many players then it could be like a voting system of their own to choose who to recruit so don’t necessarily need the leader. But then still why have a leader at all if there’s no special distinction?

    But yeah of they start with more people then likely will this time too so the Cult is still sticking around. Main players at the moment to catch are obviously still Astrid and Holland and hopefully we’re good.

    If we’re assuming the Cult is still active then someone else was recruited last night. So that’s another person gone.

    Beth and Meeghans deaths are still a mystery though. Could have something to do with the black stone still. The black stone kind of possessed people and then ‘used’ them up before jumping onto another host. Could that be at play? Not sure how it would choose the next host though….

  68. @Harker that’s a very interesting theory about the distance between the Londons leading to Grey recruits dying, it makes me wonder if this really is a melee round like I jokingly hypothesized on Day 1 (maybe 2? I don’t remember when I said it lol) and @Megan Rose mentioned earlier today: every London out for itself??

    Right now I’m not totally convinced @Megan Rose is mafia but the people who voted for her do have some good points. @Jenn so do you suspect Megan is Astrid? A lot of your arguments for what you found suspicious were about Megan talking about Astrid’s possible powers and deflecting discussion from the cultafia, so I’m curious to see if you think Megan could actually be Astrid or if you just have a general suspicion that Megan is anti-Town. I also want to hear more from Siran since I’m still suspicious, so I’ll most likely place a vote after I’ve had a chance to reread Day two properly and gathered more evidence to back up any suspicions I have.

  69. @Megan, I am thinking that they did not recruit anyone last Night, for two reasons. First, Edward as Cult Leader may have been the only one able to recruit. Second, if they did indeed kill Meeghan, they’d not have been able to recruit regardless, as they can only do one. So, I’m fairly optimistic at this point that no one was recruited last Night.

  70. @Harker, I think your theory is a good one! I was thinking that there was some sort of twist there, and this sounds like it’d fit!

    Also, what’s the deal with Grey London anyway? Do we think there are more of them? Or was it just Beth as a third party? (This is where book knowledge comes in handy, I’m going to look it up when I have more time!)

  71. Voting Update

    Megan (2) – Harker, Jenn
    Jenn (1) – Megan
    Siran (2) – Shannon M, Kerrie

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Jeremy, Krista, Kritika, Laura, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon T, Siran

    Haven’t met comment minimum yet: Anna (1), Dana (3), Jenn (2), Jeremy (3), Kerrie (2), Krista (2), Megan (3), Shannon T (2), Siran (1).

  72. @Shannon: Thanks. As for Grey London, they have a good though minimal relationship with Red London in the books. There are some notable residents that will probably come along. How many is 🙍 because the Gamemakers are weird like that. 😂 Plus a lot of the action concerns Red & White London, Red especially having a larger “cast” what with the Royal family & all they entail.

    As an aside, Book 2 would REALLY be something, with the Element Games and magicians from all corners of the world (Red London anyway).

  73. @Kritika: I hear you on wanting to hear more from Siran. Their general level of quiet has me wary, plus that “I like to hear people talk about me” or similar (I forget the exact wording) seems sketch. It almost seems like Jester behavior, which is at odds with their/Siena’s D1 not being lynched. It’s very confusing. 🙃

  74. @Harker yes, that’s exactly how I feel about Siran! When Siena was playing I feel like they weren’t as outrageous/cryptic with their comments so I can’t work out if Siran just has a different playing style or they both really do have an anti-town role and Siena was more subtle about it. Not necessarily mafia, I could see this kind of erratic behavior being a third party too, but I don’t know what to make of it. I should probably reread Day 1 as well to compare Siena and Siran!

  75. @ Shannon I see the reasoning for thinking they can’t recruit anyone else toDay, but there are a lot of us who still haven’t voted yet. I’m a little hesitant to dismiss that as a possibility when so few have tried it out.

    Although I am still a little suspicious of Jeremy, I understand his reasoning for not voting Edward yesterDay. I’m also still concerned about Siran’s “like people talking about me” comment and whether or not she is lynchproof again. I almost voted Siran yesterDay, before switching to Edward so I’m going to go back and


    Mainly because I want to make sure nothing weird is going on with my votes but also because she still seems the most suspicious at the moment.

  76. @Harker your point about the order of Londons having something to do with Beth’s death is so interesting! I’m not sure I agree with it but it’s definitely worth considering and applying to what we already know! Also having a games based on book 2 would be so epic!
    @Kritika I completely agree! I was just trying to see what people’s thoughts were surrounding Edward and voting for others to see if we could find anything else out about suspicious behaviour!
    I also agree with both of you that @Siran’s vague quietness has me a bit on edge. I’m not sure what to make of it and would really love them to come and contribute some of their ideas.
    I think for now until/if Siran comes out to play more I am going to


    because I’m really concerned about her comment about the Cultafia being dealt with and over. I still really want to hear from some of the more quiet players though.

  77. @Kritika, I just have a strong feeling that Megan may be anti-town because her posts made it seem like she wants us to just assume that the cultafia has been taken care of and look for other threats. She is not necessarily Astrid, but she may be on the same team as whoever is and knows about the possible role they may have.

  78. I forget who and don’t currently have time at the moment to go back and look it up, but I wanted to mention… I am hesitant to vote Siran toDay because someone said maybe maybe the lynch proof ability works only on certain days. Since it worked on Day 1, it could be that Siran is lynch proof on all odd days, and toDay is Day 3. I could be completely wrong in this worry, but I definitely wanted to mention it. I’d hate to have this entire Day wasted and possibly lose another townie during the night!

    I also realized that I will most likely be unable to comment when the Day ends tomorrow! I am going to my friend’s wedding that starts at 3pm EST and if I am reading the time zone differences properly the Day will be ending at 5pm EST this week. I might have to excuse myself to spend some time catching up and commenting if it seems like the Day is going to come down to the wire like last week!

  79. @Kerrie

    A few of you have made a really good point about Megan Rose’s Cultafia leader comment, and when I first read it it did feel a little like someone trying to misdirect a little, but I think she’s probably right that Astrid has different powers than Athos.

    If you look at Athos’ powers, it doesn’t actually say anything about his power to recruit, just that he was a Cultafia Leader. He also was a Roleblocker and Pen Pal. So yes, Megan is right that Astrid likely has different powers than Athos because it’s unlikely that she is also all of those things. Not impossible, but generally there are a few different roles and not the same ones for a team.

  80. @Laura I was unable to be around due to the power being out on campus. The reason I didn’t vote for anyone was because I couldn’t be here. Someone had to make sure the dorm buildings were safe and secure, which meant we couldn’t be in the only place on campus with electricity. Friday night we all had to evacuate campus and I drove three hours home to hear that Saturday morning I would have to go back and check up on the fire system. Day 2 was a mess for me and I know I had a pass but I wanted to explain the situation a bit better!

    Siran’s comment about having nothing to say even though a lot of people voiced their suspicions about them is weird. I feel like something is up there. If they were anti-town wouldn’t they hide it better? Either way, their comments have been suspicious so…


  81. @Shannon T: I mentioned my theory that it’s possible that whatever protected Siena/Siran on D1 was a limited/restricted use, including the possibility that it was an odd (immune) even (not) sort of thing. There was a game where someone’s comments faced a similar restriction (they couldn’t vote on off Days IIRC).

    Also, this weekend (the last before DST) the game ends at 4PM EST. Have fun at the wedding!

  82. @Shannon T That’s my concern with voting for Siran toDay as well. It makes me nervous that the vote would end up blocked again since it’s an odd day.

  83. @Dana: the sucky part is there’s no way to know for sure if such a restriction is in place. It’s just a theory. 😭🙃 But it’s something, however loosely, has at least happened in some form before, hence why I formed the theory.

  84. @Mikayla oh true! I’m so sorry I forgot you were dealing with crazy weather and power outages! My bad ❤️

  85. Voting Update

    Megan (3) – Harker, Jenn, Laura
    Jenn (1) – Megan
    Siran (4) – Shannon M, Kerrie, Krista, MiKayla

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Jeremy, Kritika, Nicole, Shannon T, Siran

    Haven’t met comment minimum yet: Anna (1), Jeremy (3), Kerrie (2), Krista (3), Megan (3), Shannon T (3), Siran (1).

  86. After rereading comments by Siran/Siena over the previous Days: Both of them have been generally pretty evasive about direct questions, especially regarding their voting behavior on the past few Days. I feel like this makes them a good candidate for whoever coerced Harker into voting for Nicole (assuming that iswhat happened yesterDay) and thus probably anti-Town. As @Mikayla pointed out toDay, Siran also hasn’t been trying to defend herself and that could be because she really is anti-town.

    I do see logic in the people voting for Megan Rose, as others have pointed out she seemed to change the subject around when Edward made the cultafia comments on Day Two and toDay seemed to be insisting the cult had been dealt with. I was curious to see if Jenn had any further evidence about Megan’s alignment, which is why I asked if she suspected Megan could be Astrid, but without anything else to go off of I’m still more suspicious of Siran than Megan. The two of them are still on my radar though, and I’m open to changing my vote if more evidence arises.


  87. @Kritika I’m not sure how I changed the subject when Edward mentioned Cultafia as I had already brought up the hive mind thing, after Beth mentioned the possibility first. And today I’ve only been explaining what I think about the Cult today. I did think it was very likely dealt, it was only after Shannon showed me that a Cultafia is different havr I realised they’re different things. I’ve been taking my knowledge from when I played cult leader before, but there seem to be differences and different powers at play with this version. So yes likely still at large.

    Not really sure about what to do with my vote. Not many people on the board and I don’t want to waste my vote, might as well try and make it count. Siran is quite suspicious as they’ve not been that active and when they have, haven’t made much sense to be fair. Does that equal mafia or just a newbie who doesn’t know what to write though?

    Either way I think I’m gonna


    For now and see where everyone takes us for now. Still a lot of people yet to vote and that might bring up some new possibilities.

    Everyone hasn’t been as active as a whole today, must have been a busy week for folks. Hopefully you’ve all had some nice down time this weekend 😊

  88. Ouch.

    I just thought that the jester-ish comments would get a laugh or at least a chuckle.

    When I did place a vote I was using “it’s always the quiet ones”. I had just started to play and was learning the ropes. I think I have the “how to play” and rule down. Now I am just trying to read the comments and see if anything strikes me as suspicious.

  89. @Siran: ironically enough, your “it’s always the quiet ones” seems to be describing you now. 😅

    It feels a bit odd that you’re bringing up/using that term specifically (Jester). Of all the descriptors and people wondering why you’re being quiet, why use the one from my theory? Is this a slip similar to Edward’s from D2 or an attempt to sow doubt?

  90. @Harker: Fair enough.
    It’s ironic now. At the time I place my vote no. Admittedly my reasoning quickly went down the drain. The other theories seem similar to me. Yours stuck out. No, it wasn’t a slip.

  91. @Siran Your comment about getting a laugh seems very strange with all of the pun nonsense that was going on yesterDay.

  92. Okay so. I have a few reservations for voting for Siran at the moment, so I am going to


    And explain why. So, I’m a tiny bit worried, like others have said, that this lynchproof thing is odd days. Second, Siran did come back again, and my vote was at least in part to get her to do so. Third, I have a nagging feeling about her being willing to reveal her role so much. Would she have done that if she really was anything other than Town? I know she could lie, but I feel like a mafia/third party would only do that out of desperation, since it could be contested. Idk why, but it’s just been eating at me, especially after she came back toDay.

    Anyway, this is probably a ridiculous vote and it’s mostly for the Twitter tag so she comes to play, but


    Honestly by Day 3, everyone should have something to say, and I want to see what hers is 🤷‍♀️

  93. I think the puns, cheesy or not (sorry I couldn’t resist), brought a little light-heartedness to the game.

  94. It’s strikes me as odd/awkward. I’d be leaning toward Vote Thief or Jester because Siran’s acting mysterious even knowing that there are still 4 votes on the board for them. My bet would be either no choice or their actively trying to get voted out, which leads to the question: Jester or what we’ve been wondering/bouncing around throughout the Day: potential Lynchproof on different days?

  95. This is pretty bizarre, no doubt.

    @Harker, if Siran IS a Jester, then we might want to not vote her out? I am so lost right now in regard to Siran! But you make a VERY good point, if she’s lynchproof then she can kind of do whatever- though where would that put her the next Day? But also, if she isn’t lynchproof, why not vote Megan, and try to protect yourself? No one would have even questioned that, likely!

  96. @Shannon: I don’t think Siran can be both because being Lynchproof defeats the purpose of being a Jester but I’m getting weird vibes. I just don’t know. Maybe Cultafia Jester but a Governor saved their butt the first day because they wanted to have a group discussion with all their members before being revealed? And whoever that person is can’t use it 2 days in a row, do that’s why Edward wasn’t saved?

    Also, I just noticed autocorrect changed Siran to Susan in my last comment. 🙃🙃

    @Inge/Asti: help?

  97. @Siran: it’s funny you should say that because Anna actually commented more than Megan Rose (6 to 4), the person who, other than you, has multiple votes right now.

    Actually, if my tallies are right, there were a few other players that commented the same as Megan Rose and Anna, so why specifically Anna?

  98. I’m at church right now but will check in more later. Just wanted to quickly share my current thoughts.

    I am still suspicious of Megan but not as much as I am of Siran currently. Especially since their vote for me seems sudden and only after Shannon had voted for me first. I also don’t recall them mentioning being suspicious of me before. And while in general I have been a quieter player this is the first time this game I haven’t met the comment minimum in the first 48 hours.

  99. Okay. I didn’t read the older day three post.


    How much time is left? I might need to do more reading.

  100. @Harker ohhhh what if the Jester twist was, to make it harder, we had to lynch her TWICE!? Idk it just seems like the sort of shenanigans our mods would love 😂 But really, I’m at a total loss about what to make of Siran/the lynchproofability/etc at this point.

    @Siran, why didn’t you vote for Megan? I’d have in your case. Unless she’s a teammate, and you are purposely trying to get the vote to go in a third, non-teammate direction? 🤔

  101. @Siran: there’s about 19 1/2 hours left in D3.

    I’m not sure what you mean by not having read earlier D3 posts because when you said you’d been suspicious of Anna earlier:

    Anna was a second player that I considered during day one due to inactivity.

    Forgive me for asking again, it’s just I’m a bit confused.

  102. I am very confused about all that is going down around @Siran. I feel like I want to vote for them but am also very afraid that they’ll be lynchproof again toDay and then we won’t get any more information.

  103. @Laura, I am kind of feeling the same at this point. I am even more suspicious now that I am thinking there’s a connection between Siran and Megan, hence the reason to push the votes to Anna. Obviously, if Siran had voted for Jenn, she’d look even more connected to Megan, so I am now feeling like maybe she just jumped at the chance when I (temporarily) put another name on the board?

  104. @Siran there’s a counter on the webpage that tells you how many hours are left in the Day, and if you’re on mobile you can see the counter by clicking on the three bars in the top right corner next to The Bookish Games! I get that the strange comments might have been meant as a joke but I’m still confused by your seemingly random votes, so I’m going to keep my vote.

  105. There were three players that I was thinking of voting for during day 2. Anna was one of them.

  106. Of course now my reasons are now pretty much gone. So I need to go back and read the comments, maybe from Day 2.

  107. Ah. The counter – very helpful

    One would think that I would learn my lesson from a sports game I play on twitter, but I am going with my first



  108. Ahhh I am so suspicious of @Siran due to random comments and votes, but I really don’t want to test the lynch proof chances on another odd numbered Day! I know that isn’t definitely a thing here but I think it is just too big of a risk to take. If it was an even-numbered Day I would definitely take the chance and vote Siran.

    With that in mind, and with the fact that I won’t be available the last few hours of the Day tomorrow, I am going to go ahead and


    Due to my first suspicions of Megan saying the cult was dealt with. I’ll definitely try to check in before the wedding but I wanted to be sure to get a vote in just in case.

  109. I’m torn between voting for Siran and Megan. Siran for their erratic behavior and Megan for her saying the cultafia was dealt with. I also think it’s weird that there are a lot of quiet people today. I wonder if some of the mafia/cultafia are trying to hide by not commenting much. For now I will


  110. @Siran, I think you are mostly confusing a lot of people because you don’t seem to be explaining why you are voting for people. Other than saying inactivity, when you yourself are less active.

  111. Voting Update

    Megan (5) – Harker, Jenn, Laura, Shannon T, Nicole
    Siran (4) – Kerrie, Krista, Kritika, MiKayla
    Jenn (1) – Siran

    Not voting: Amber, Anna, Dana, Jeremy, Megan, Shannon M

    Haven’t met comment minimum yet: Anna (2), Jeremy (3), Kerrie (3)

    @ Harker: Your comment has been fixed!

    @ All: I work most of today and Inge has dinner guests over tonight, so if we’re slow on the voting updates that’s why. I should make it home from work approximately a half hour before deadline though so I should be around to close things out!

  112. VOTE: SIRAN

    I’ve been going over comments and for now I think I’m going to vote Siran. I was a bit hesitant to do so because of we don’t know what will happen, if they could potentially be protected from being lynched. However Siran has been vague with why they’re voting for people and just makes me uneasy about them.

    Megan is still on my radar and I am also wary of some staying under the radar.

  113. Neither of the objections people are raising towards voting for Siran (the possibilities of being lynchproof or a jester) strike me as bearing enough weight to counteract how strangely they’ve been behaving toDay. It almost seems like they’re trying to act so suspiciously as to make us wary of voting for them.


  114. It looks like this is gonna be a close vote! It’s Diwali today so I’ll be celebrating with some friends this afternoon, but I should still be able to check in and leave a quick comment if anything changes dramatically in the next 5 hours.

  115. This is tough. Siran’s comments/attitude/lack of explanations make me feel like she may not be concerned about getting lynched toDay, though I could be interpreting it wrong. It makes me wary of nothing happening if she has the most votes today. With that said, I’ve been uneasy with Siena/Siran since Day 1 so I’m going to


  116. Voting Update

    Megan (5) – Harker, Jenn, Laura, Shannon T, Nicole
    Siran (7) – Kerrie, Krista, Kritika, MiKayla, Anna, Jeremy, Dana
    Jenn (1) – Siran

    Not voting: Amber, Megan, Shannon M

    Haven’t met comment minimum yet: Anna (3)

    Little over 4 hours to go!

  117. I’m not entirely convinced about Siran, though their comments have been confusing and, honestly, not at all helpful. So I can understand why people are voting that way. I’m still more suspicious of Megan at the moment. But I am very confused about Siran at the moment.

  118. @Jenn: I think I get what you mean.

    Personally, I am suspicious of Siran, but there’s something that makes me uneasy about this Day and her. There’s the theory about the possibility of immunity, which is one of the reasons I didn’t want to vote for her today. Then there’s her lack of interaction and reaction to the votes that are piling up. Like, when there’s another party that’s in contention, why vote for someone that’s not even close? It’s almost like she wants to get these votes. It’s almost like Siran isn’t worried about being voted out or for some other reason.

  119. Hi all, I’ve been feeling a bit sick the past few days so I never made my lengthy comment. I’ll make this short:

    Siran has me very weary. I know there’s a big chance that she’s just not worried about being voted out for whatever reason, while I’m concerned with it being an odd day, I’m going to, based on their comments, wish for the best and go ahead and


  120. I understand why people are voting for Siran. I am certainly confused by their behavior. But I echo @Harker and @Jenn’s thoughts that Megan is more suspicious at this point and it seems risky to try and lynch Siran toDay.

  121. I understand why people are voting for Siran. Their behavior is certainly unusual and likely anti-town. However, I echo @Harker and @Jenn’s comments that Megan is more suspicious at this point and it seems risky to try and lynch Siran toDay.

  122. I for one think an odd day lynch proof power is far less likely than a 1x (or if we’re unlucky, 2x) lynchproof, so if that’s the main reason people aren’t voting for Siran despite suspicion I don’t think you should be that worried about it? But at the same time I do see good reasons for voting out Megan today, so if you’re voting for Megan because she’s more suspicious to you that is totally valid. I guess my point is don’t let random theories of game mechanics stop you from voting out the person you think is most likely mafia/anti-town.

  123. Voting Update

    Megan (5) – Harker, Jenn, Laura, Shannon T, Nicole
    Siran (8) – Kerrie, Krista, Kritika, MiKayla, Anna, Jeremy, Dana, Amber
    Jenn (1) – Siran

    Not voting: Megan, Shannon M

    Haven’t met comment minimum yet: Anna (3)

    1.5 hours left!

  124. I have no idea what is going on with Siran, but it appears that we’re going to find out. I think if we don’t vote Siran at this point, we’re going to be stuck in a loop of questioning her going forward, and I’ve voiced my suspicion before so I’m going to go ahead and


  125. @Harker honestly me too! I was over here refreshing like crazy lol!
    It looks like Siran has the votes I just hope that it actually goes through.

  126. Voting Update

    Megan (5) – Harker, Jenn, Laura, Shannon T, Nicole
    Siran (9) – Kerrie, Krista, Kritika, MiKayla, Anna, Jeremy, Dana, Amber, Shannon M
    Jenn (1) – Siran

    Not voting: Megan
    Haven’t met comment minimum yet: Anna (3)

    22 minutes left!

  127. Thanks to the time change currently I can check in before the Day ends. Which is rare for me.

    The possibility of a Lynch proof power definitely makes me a bit nervous of my vote for Siran. Their erratic behaviour is both confusing and worrisome and we don’t know what ability they may have that could potentially protect them. I think for the moment though I am stilling willing to risk it in the hopes that they aren’t protected and are someone anti-town.

  128. @Harker @Anna, yes that’s the hope, that our votes actually count instead of getting hit by another lynchproof day, and that we got the right person! I’m so nervous now that I’m actually able to check in during the end of the Day 😮

  129. Siran probably has a life but it’s very interesting how she hasn’t tried to defend herself at all today – once again. I feel like she’ll be lynch-proof hence the lack of concern.

  130. I’m so anxious about what might happen with Siran 🙈
    I’m at work right now but checking in quickly at the end of my shift to see what’s happening.

  131. Same @Laura. Usually I wake up to the results. It is nerve wracking waiting out the last few minutes of the Day.

  132. The vote seems pretty solid but I’m going to


    Anyway in case any last minute vote switching goes on and I want to stay in.

    I’m a good guy I promise (I know everyone will say that but it’s true I swear!).

    I’m needed in the game.

    Sorry I got everyone suspicious about me, it’s my fault I suppose. I didn’t look up the difference between a cult and Cultafia and that caused me to think it was probably over with which might not be the case.

    I’m not convinced that Siran will actually go out even if they get all the votes. Why give a mafia character a lynchproof ability to begin with? There surely has to be something other going on. I can’t say I’ve looked at past games, so there might be examples of it happening but it just seems a little out of the blue. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out sometime.

    Good luck town 😊

  133. Day Three has officially ended. The person with the most votes (9) is Siran. But oops, something mysterious seems to have interfered with her elimination! Therefore, Siran is not eliminated and remains in the game.

    …Wait, what’s that? A different player has been eliminated? That’s right, Harker has met their end. (Who is going to keep the conversation going now?!) Harker was Barron, Team Grey London, Informed, Cop.

    It is now Night Three. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Tuesday 9pm GMT (48 hours from now, but honestly the sooner the better). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    Day Four will start on Wednesday 9pm GMT. Any additional casualties will be revealed at that time. Good luck!

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