ADSOM: Day Two


Welcome to The Bookish Games, a variation of the game most commonly known as Mafia or Werewolf. If you want to know more about The Bookish Games, including How to Play, please check out the links in the menu.

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The Players

Bookish Games ADSOM D2


  • No one! 👀


Game Master’s Notes

Well, this has been quite an unusual start to the Games. There have been no deaths!

I can assure you that will eventually change. Eliminations definitely are possible. They haven’t been removed for this edition of the Game. They just haven’t happened… yet. Maybe you’ll be the not-so-lucky first?

Also, did you notice the replacements? We have three lovely players joining us as replacements for individuals who have decided they could no longer participate in the Games. The replacements have been given the same roles and information as their previous counterparts, but obviously having missed the first Day they may need some time to catch up. (This is especially the case for Siran, who I am sure will be under the spotlight after the results of Siena’s Day One vote.)

You can still vote for them to be eliminated and ask questions in hopes they might know the answer, but just try to be understanding that they’re stepping in with a disadvantage from not being here Day One.

Apart from that, I do want to remind players that this game is all about having FUN while going CRAZY. Players are going to wrongly accuse each other of things and bump heads at times – that’s totally understandable. Just please do your best to be respectful and patient.

(Remember: Not everyone is on your team and some players out there have the goal of purposefully twisting the words of the innocent. It’s what makes this game equally parts frustrating and fun.)

Also, please do not respond to the Bookish Games tweets while alive in the game. This is just a general rule that was initiated in previous editions to ensure gameplay does not carry over to social media and everyone has equal access to see what is being said.

That being said, you can always DM a moderator (Asti, Inge or Crini) or The Bookish Games twitter account to discuss the games. Whether it’s a reactionary GIF or you just need someone to sit there and go “uh huh” while you sort through your thoughts, we are always here to talk! (And unlike private convos with anyone else, talking to us won’t be breaking the rules. We’re good at remaining neutral.)

Okay, I think that’s everything. I’m exhausted at the Day hasn’t even yet begun. Let’s do this!

It is now Day Two.

You have until Sunday 9pm BST to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

391 thoughts on “ADSOM: Day Two”

  1. I’m incredibly surprised to find nobody was assassinated overnight. It’s sad people were replaced but hopefully the newbies won’t be TOO disadvantaged. Welcome in and good luck!

    As for everyone else, did anything happen during the Night at all?

  2. Well this is interesting.

    @Edward Unless it’s in the summary of the Night above, anything that happened would not be common knowledge. Unless it affected you, you wouldn’t know. And if it did affect you, you probably wouldn’t tell.

  3. Welcome, Siran, Jenn, and Amber!

    Wow. Well, OK. D1 votes are always a little difficult to draw conclusions from (since the first one is random, and players are generally erring on being overly nice), so I was hoping the night actions would give us some insight. Maybe some role-blocking happened?

    When the end of D1 revealed that Siena/Siran hadn’t been killed despite having the most votes, I did a little role research here. I think the lynch blocking was done by her own inherent, passive role (like Lynchproof/Deathproof or Governer) and not a teammates’ protection, because typically a protective role must use a night action to declare which player they are protecting.

    Given the ADSOM story, that makes me wonder if Siena/Siran is the Black London artifact (which in the book couldn’t be destroyed, and was actively working to infect/invade others). What do you all think?

  4. @Beth that’s a really good point. I was thinking Siena/Siran was either Kell or Holland, given their Antari ability to travel between Londons and their strong magic ability. But I have a feeling moving between Londons is a night action, so them being the black stone artifact makes more sense. Grrr, I’m really hoping someone reveals what happened during Night 1, I want to know if anything went down!

  5. Hi all! Welcome new players! It’s only one day so hopefully everything won’t be too hard to catch up on, but don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need help 😊

    Very interesting that there’s been no elimination during the night. Possibly something else going on instead of outright killing.

    Like how the Black London Artifact took over all those people to become like a hive mind thing. That could be at play. There’s plenty of players in this game so that could be going on as well as what I’m assuming the mafia are (probably the Dane twins and Holland?).

    Not sure what could be up with how Siena/Siran didn’t get eliminated. I went through the roles as well Beth and couldn’t find anything either that worked like that during the day. Wonder what’s going on…

    @Beth Good idea about the artifact, but surely that’s not sentient until it latches onto to someone so it couldn’t begin as a person? I don’t know. I feel like this requires some thought haha 😂

  6. Wow I’m glad no one got eliminated but it’s making me a little antsy… Like a time bomb is going to go off and suddenly we lose a lot of people (isn’t that how the Arsonist role works? Not that I think there’s necessarily an Arsonist but knowing the mods there has to be something chaotic waiting for us in the wings hahaha).

    Welcome Amber, Jenn, and Siran! I’m a little frustrated that we don’t know anything more than we did yesterDay in terms of alliances, and it’s going to be harder to figure out what happened now that some players have switched…

    @Beth I agree that Siena probably saved herself because I was thinking the same thing about night actions. The black London artifact is an interesting idea!

    @Edward, @ShannonM has a good point about Night actions. You would already know about the actions that affect you plus whatever is in the summary, so what kind of info are you fishing for? Between the Mikayla/Krista alliance and Edward asking about the Night actions, it seems like we have some very forward newbies this round hahaha

  7. Welcome Siran, Amber and Jenn!
    @Beth I was kinda thinking the same thing about Siena/Siena possibly being the Black London stone. I can’t think of any other characters that could have the ability to survive the elimination.
    @Megan it’s interesting that you bring up the hive mind quality of the Black London stone because that makes it seem almost like that person could have the Cult Leader role right ?
    This is my first time playing the game so it might not be that uncommon but i find it really interesting that no one was killed during the Night.
    What are your thoughts friends?

  8. Good Day2 everyone. 👋 Pardon me in advance if I come across a little loopy. I’ve been battling a nasty cold this week & I think it’s peaking today. 😷

    @Beth: I too took a look at the Roles list. You just can’t help but wonder what’s at play in any given Games, even though there are so many options and still so many players in action. The Governor role was one that caught my eye because it was one of the few Daytime available Roles.

    It’s also complicated because it could have been Siena/Siran saving themselves or someone else who wasn’t sure about the vote moving that way because the Governor role is available for any party (Town/Mafia/3rd IIRC).

    A player being an inanimate/possessed object? 🤔 That’s interesting and honestly sounds like just the sort of thing we could expect from our Gamemakers. 😂

  9. Oh man, @Laura brought up a really good point. Is it possible a Cultafia could be an inanimate object with a hive mind? This is my first game so I have no idea if that’s possible or not.

  10. @Edward: it’s curious that you say:

    @Laura brought up a really good point.

    When it was actually Beth who first mentioned the possibility of the Black London artifact and then Megan Rose who expanded upon that theory to include the hive mind possibility.

    As for whether an inanimate object could be a character…I personally haven’t seen one in any of the games I’ve played, but there hasn’t been that kind of character in any of the stories they’ve been based on either, so maybe there just wasn’t an opportunity? The closest one was in the Bring Your Own Character game when I was AIDAN from the Illuminae Chronicles, but that was an A.I. system, so animate or not is up to your interpretation.

    @Laura: referencing your question:

    This is my first time playing the game so it might not be that uncommon but i find it really interesting that no one was killed during the Night.

    What are your thoughts friends?

    It’s frustrating, but not impossible (going through a night with no eliminations). There are a few different ways it could have happened, based on Roles for example. I’d guess that the Commuter role might be a possibility because it makes sense for an Antari ability.

    However, I know based on past games that delving into Role speculation too much can distract from trying to suss out suspect behavior, so I’m trying not to fall down that rabbit hole. ^^; It’s hard because the speculation could be endless.

  11. @Harker if you scroll back up you’ll notice that I replied to other people who brought up the idea first. Laura was the first one to expand on the idea and suggest that not only does the artifact exist, but because of its hive mind ability it is the cultafia leader for this game.

  12. @Edward: I see now where you replied to Beth. I apologize for missing that first time around. ^^;

    I do want to point out that Laura still wasn’t the first person to bring up the hive mind thing. Megan Rose was, about twenty minutes prior.

  13. Hi all! Thanks for the welcomes. I’m so excited to finally be playing. I guess with the new players and no eliminations or anything, it’s like this the new Day One in a way.

    I was noticing the lack of Siena being eliminated and my mind also thought of the Deathproof/bulletproof role which I felt was most likely the case. I didn’t go through all the roles though so it could have been something else. If someone else had saved her, wouldn’t that have had to be done at night? And she was fine before the Night started in Asti’s notes so…I don’t know.

    I haven’t read the book so I’m not sure what goes on in the book or if that specifically could have something going on with the lack of her elimination.

    @Edward – I don’t think anyone is going to go around saying what happened to them during the NIght. Haha, that would against them.

  14. @Harker that’s a good point about trying not to focus too much on one aspect of the game. It’s so hard because we still don’t know much yet!

  15. @Amber/Siran/Jenn: omg, I’m sorry I didn’t say hey earlier. Welcome!

    @Laura: no, we don’t, and Amber pointed out something that has me (metaphorically) banging my head against a wall. It’s almost like another Day 1 because we don’t know how much the replacement player know about the motivations the other players had in their comments, if they were collaborating with anymore, did they get to talk to anyone, etc etc etc. ;_;

  16. Hello everyone and welcome @Amber/Jenn and Siran! While it was night I gained a minor concussion and now a storm is coming in so it is a stellar week over here. XD

    Anyway, I am kind of surprised to see nothing happened in the night. It leaves me anxiously wondering what could be going on. I am thinking along the same lines as @Megan with there being some kind of subtle takeover turning into a hivemind. I think either that or some kind of roleblock happened during the night.

    I am also wondering if it is a possibility that those with Mafia or night roles are those that were MIA for Day 1. I don’t quite know when are new folks came in but it is still a thought.

  17. @Harker Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

    @Mikayla Stay safe! And…don’t sleep, I guess? I hope the concussion isn’t too painful. And that you don’t lose power during the storm.

    Both the idea of the Black London artifact being a Cult Leader and the idea of a Commuter (based on the Antari concept) make a lot of sense. I’m beginning to realize why Asti thought ADSOM would make a great Bookish Games story… 😀

    @Harker I’m in a similar rabbit hole. I don’t want to speculate too much on roles, because the possibilities are endless, but *all* we have to go on are the votes of yesterday and the fact that Siena/Siran are lynchproof (at least once).

    I’m used to being able to analyze the previous Day’s votes against the Night actions to look for patterns, but….nothing.
    So yeah, @Amber is right- it’s Day 1, take 2. Except no mandatory vote with your first comment. 😀

    @Mikayla You have a good point as well, that yesterday’s absent players might be the mafia roles. In most of the Bookish Games I’ve played, when we talk about the inactive players, there’s an assumption that they couldn’t be mafia (statistically, since mafia are a small fraction of total players, this makes sense, but I think there’s also the expectation that if you have a role of any significance you wouldn’t just ditch the game). But your theory seems as likely right now as the idea of nighttime kills being roleblocked successfully on N1.

  18. Hello Amber, Jenn, and Siran! Welcome to the game 🙂

    So I see a lot of people wondering if Siran/Siera’s character is Vitari, but I’m wondering if maybe its Rhy? Correct me if I’ve got my books out of order, but by the end of ADSOM Rhy can’t be killed unless Kell is, and I’m wondering if something similar is going on here?

  19. @Kerrie: to be honest, I can’t remember exactly how it works: if it’s a mark for mark (like, if one gets cut another does, if one suffers a punch to the jaw the other feels the pain, etc.) or if, as you seem to raise the question of, if one dies does the other. There is another Soul Seal in the book as well between Holland and Athos, so that’s a similar situation to the one you’re pointing out.

  20. Welcome to Amber, Jenn, and Siran! Glad to have you join!

    @Harker, and @MiKayla, I hope you both feel better soon! Gosh, we all end up messes in these games- between surgeries and illnesses, we should probably just hire our own group doctor at this point 😂

    Funny, the only thing I was taking away as a clue of any kind after Day 1 was that Siena hadn’t defended themselves… and now that is out the window too! So we’re doing well 😂

    @Beth, lynchproof was my first guess too. Of course, that doesn’t really get us anywhere either, since lynchproof can be of any alliance.

  21. @MiKayla and @Beth, I mean, I can certainly see at least one of the replacement players being a baddie, but all three? That seems like quite a stretch, Idk. And even on the off chance they were, in a 19 player game there are going to be more than 3 Mafia members/other baddies. So I really can’t see that as the reason for no Night kills.

  22. I hope things pick up as more players comment. Especially the other two replacements given their mysteriousness, ha.

    Okay, I’ll try to get the ball rolling, maybe. We shall see.

    Originally I found MiKayla and Krista both suspicious then let that go because just newbies.

    I thought Meeghan was suspicious too because of how fast she changed her vote for Beth since she (Beth)only had two vote when she revoked. Plus she voted for her originally before Laura..

  23. @Shannon your comment about there probably being more than 3 Mafia members out of 19 got me thinking…maybe this is like a melee game where it’s every London for itself LOL

    For now I have nothing useful to add because 1) I’m sleep deprived and supposed to be doing my homework and 2) I want to re-read Day 1 comments to see if I can glean anything I missed the first time around (especially since I wasn’t able to check in at the end of the Day).

    I’m with you @Harker and @Beth, as much as I’m glad we didn’t lose a Townie, it’s so frustrating to not have any new information about whoever was killed. Now we’re stuck just making semi-random votes again? Do we all just make chit chat about our favorite cheese…?

  24. This group is too big for there to only be three Mafia members, I mean, I’d imagine, there’s 19 players.

    Right, bring on the chit chat. I’m sure someone will have a controversial opinion only the Mafia could have.

  25. @Kritika, the thought crossed my mind about the Londons, too! I just don’t know that it would be fair? Unless no one knew their teammates? But even so, it’d almost be pure luck at that point! Also, I am always here for Cheese Chat™!

  26. Wow, I did not mean to take a four hour nap but I guess I needed it. I missed a good conversation though. >_<

    I completely forgot about the Soul Seal thing that Rhy and Kell have, but I agree that it's not a "you have to kill us both" thing, it's a mark-for-mark thing. So I doubt that's what happened during Day 1.

  27. @amber: 👍 on your reasoning

    Thank you for all the welcomes.
    Of course, I will take a little time for me to learn the ropes, but I will.

  28. Welcome Amber, Jen and Siran!

    The possibility of the Vitari for Siena/Siran was something that I had also considered and definitely agree is possible.

    I’m glad no townies were killed but agreed at the moment it still feels like we have so little to go on.

    @Amber I agree that MiKayla and Krista were suspicious yesterday. And although, I did vote for MiKayla yesterday I still think there is a possibility it was just a newbie mistake. I didn’t find Meeghan suspicious. The first vote is random and I figured she probably just chose to cancel it early and make her vote count later in the Day.

  29. Thank you @Beth! Only the wind has hit so far but the rest of the storm will be in soon. As for my concussion, I am allowed to nap in small increments so there is always that.
    Thank you as well! @Amber

    @Shannon Thank you! It does seem we need a group doctor considering we are only on Day 2! I also understand what you mean about it being a stretch that in a 19 player game theres only 3 bad guys and they all happen to be the replacement players.

    Altogether, I gotta reread the book tomorrow and work some more on theories but for now I’m in for @Kritika’s cheese chat.

  30. @Kerrie @Harker @Edward and whoever else was talking about the soul seal thing too lol that is an interesting point to make. I believe (I could be wrong) that in the case of Kell and Rhy, Rhy can’t die as long as Kell is alive but if you kill Kell than they both die. I’m not 100% sure about Holland and Athos. Although when reading through the roles and seeing the Sibling role I thought that could be a thing but I’m truly just trying to make sense of this whole thing with no new info to go on after Night 1.
    Also @Kritika I love me some cheese lol

  31. Study break! @Amber yeah I mean if anyone here says their favorite is American cheese I’m gonna have to vote them out as mafia on principle LOL
    My favorite cheese is fresh mozzarella! There’s a local dairy near me that makes this peppercorn goat cheese and it’s fabulous too haha

    I agree with @Anna, even though I voted for MiKayla yesterDay, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as a newbie player. I made that decision because it was the best I could do before all the Siena stuff happened and then I missed most of Sunday. Especially now that we know Siena wasn’t killed when we voted for her, I’m extra suspicious of her (and Siran, by proxy). I’m a little wary of voting for Siran now though because what if they’re more than 1x lynchproof? Then the vote would be useless again!

  32. @MiKayla – You’re welcome!

    @Kritika – Yeah, I’m thinking that too. I wonder if someone can be lynched-proof more than once. I’d hate to see another vote go to to no use. I do wonder if they could have been killed by other means though.

    American cheese is the worst. We will all vote them out in that case. I’ve never had goat cheese! I’m kind of basic, so I’ll go with Pepper Jack being my favorite.

  33. @Amber ooooh, you’re after my own heart here! Pepper Jack is my absolute favorite. I agree about the 1x lynchproof thing, it’d be extremely frustrating to have another vote only for them to survive again which would put us on square 1 three Days in.

  34. @Amber: going off what Beth said about Siena’s lynching being stopped (btw, newcomers, Lynching is what it’s called when someone “dies” during the day), I looked at the Bulletproof role and it’s subsections. It looks like it could be multiple use or one shot, so can someone be lynch proofed more than once? Maybe. The question is, will they rely on us being cautious about it.

    Favorite cheese, hm. I’m an equal opportunity cheese person for the most part. I do love goat cheese quite a bit, though I think my favorite to snack on is gouda or extra sharp cheddar cracker cuts. 🙂

    @Siran: string cheese is also a great snack and so easy for portability.

  35. I mean, I can certainly see at least one of the replacement players being a baddie, but all three?

    @ShannonM No, just the two inactive players. Our third replacement isn’t an inactive, it’s a player who backed out. But I agree that it’s unlikely (IMO it’s as likely as there being no night kills because there was a totally successful role block).

    But you’re right that with the multiple Londons in the story, it seems more likely that there are multiple anti-town groups (or a mafia and an SK or something?).

    In other news, y’all go ahead and enjoy your cheese chat. I can’t have dairy, so I’ll just sit over here….sniffling….in the corner. 😉 But sometimes, I enjoy licking toads!

  36. @Beth, I know several lactose-intolerant people that wouldn’t let God nor Devil stand between them and cheese regardless of the physical detriments, so I think that shows very smart restraint on your part 😉

  37. @Beth: do you eat any kind of substitutes, like rice cheez or what have you? I’ve seen that sort of thing sold at the grocery store, but never tried it.

    A SK would be interesting, though I’m not sure how likely I find that because I feel like there would have been at least one kill last night, whether Mafia or SK because SK’s have Night Kills just like Mafia. What are the odds that both Night Kills would have been blocked?

    Three/Four Londons (depending on how much the Gamemakers include Black London)…there’s a lot of opportunity here for factions. It’s very confusing! I feel like Black London would be included more in the later books, though I still think the whole artifact thing, whether included or not, would make an interesting character. It’ll be neat to see at some point whether y’all were right about that speculation.

  38. Welcome to all newcomers!

    My original thoughts on Siena/Siran’s survival are that it most likely meant anti-town, since we have characters like Vitari, Athos, and Holland all conceivably being lynchproof against just Kell’s Antari healing abilities. But the possibility of Rhy’s soul seal actually seems to me the most likely source of deathproofing in the book, so I don’t think it’s worth testing if they are more than one time lynchproof.

    But other than that, there’s not really much to go on. Not having a dead Townie is probably better than having more information to base Day 2 voting on, but it still feels frustrating.

    Also, cheddar is where its at. The sharper the better.

  39. @Edward – I love it though I rarely ever have it.

    @Harker – I feel like it’s just a one-time safe move Siena did, but if it’s done again. . . I don’t know. It’s just so…weird there haven’t been any deaths, I looked over the previous games and it looks like someone was either lynched or killed every night. I don’t know what’s going on here, haha. Especially with so many people, like? Maybe there aren’t as many factions? I seriously need to read ADSOM. Gah. I’m clueless.

    @Beth – I am so sorry! I don’t think I could go without dairy, cheese-wise anyway. 😂

  40. I grew up in a cheese-loving family, and had no issues with dairy until my mid-30s, so I still recall what my favorites taste like (Gouda, Edam, very sharp cheddar, marinated goat cheese, etc.). Given that, no vegan substitutes will do. The few I’ve tried have had little taste and terrible texture. I’ve even made my own cashew cheese and attempted vegan mac ‘n’ cheese (with nutritional yeast). It’s not worth it.
    I have occasionally risked my stomach’s wrath by indulging, especially around Christmas, so don’t think I’m too smart, @Edward. More like, I forget what a bad idea it is, and then my body reminds me. 😉

    My husband LOVES cheese and we live next to a Trader Joe’s, so every week he comes home with new and interesting sounding ones. They have a cheddar/gruyere blend called Unexpected Cheddar that he loves for grilled cheese. He is also a huge mozz/string cheese fan. He just picked up a cinnamon one, and I’m tempted to melt it over a piece of apple pie (though it’d be hard to beat sharp cheddar melted over apple pie). :chef kiss:

  41. @Beth you have absolutely no idea how jealous of you I am right now 😂 I wish I had a Trader Joe’s next door, their cheeses are absolutely phenomenal.

  42. I going to change the subject here.

    How ’bout those…… No

    Did anyone see….. Maybe not

    Whose up for……. Nevermind

    I got nothing.

  43. As for something to go on, suspicions wise, I noticed something that might be something: when we started talking yesterDay about MiKayla and Krista talking about teaming up (after each had voted for the other for their first votes):


    @Krista I was only voting for you for the same reason. Can we meet in the middle and call it off? Pick on someone else (together maybe)??

    and Krista:

    @MiKayla Sounds like a plan! CANCEL VOTE

    After this went down, Krista didn’t appear too much, either to defend herself or comment otherwise. It was a busy weekend, per one of her comments, but it makes me wonder, considering we have so little to go on, whether it might have been a clever move to agree to MiKayla’s proposal knowing/hoping that the attention would center on her (MiKayla) for having suggested it in the first place.

  44. @Beth – You are so lucky to be near such cheese. I get your standard grocery store “variety.

    @Harker – I don’t know what I think about their somewhat “plan”, I feel like it could have been nothing, just two new players trying to make friends/have fun at the “together maybe” comment and not be taken seriously.

  45. This is intriguing. I find this very helpful in deciding my vote. Not saying it will be a major factor – if at all. But Still…..

  46. All this cheese talk has me so hungry but it’s after midnight where I am and we have no cheese in the house *cries*. I love almost all cheeses (minus blue cheese and the like) but my top three are Asiago, Smoked Gouda and Haloumi.

    Also I feel like the more people point out the deal/plan between Mikayla and Krista the more I wonder what they’re trying to hide by pointing at them so much

  47. Blue cheese is the worst.

    I just brought up MiKayla/Krista because that was the only real odd behavior I noticed the first day besides Siena and I was just trying to fill silence/get solving. Other than that, we’re kind of just at a standstill.

  48. @Amber. Yeah, I think we’re all just trying to glean what information from what little we have.

    I mentioned the MiKayla/Krista because I did vote for MiKayla D1. And I think we’re all just trying to figure out things best we can on the little information we have. And that is one thing that has stood out.

    @Laura I noticed for Day 1 you decided to keep your random vote for Beth and was wondering if there was a specific reason for this?

  49. Voting Update

    No Votes Yet!

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Beth, Dana, Edward, Harker, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Krista, Kritika, Laura, Meeghan, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M., Shannon T., Siran

    @All: Would you like us to randomly kill one of you off to help? I could let the Spectators vote on who should be eliminated and kill that player off later today? Would have nothing to do with the set-up or book, but if you insist you need more info… 😂

  50. Hi to all the new players!

    I’m baffled that no one was eliminated. It really leaves us with very little to go on. As far as the whole Siena/Siran thing goes, it makes the most sense to me that they are playing Rhy and can’t be killed unless the Kell character is killed. I don’t think it’s worth it to vote Siena/Siran again on Day 2.

    As far as cheese goes, I like them all!

  51. @Jenn, Siran, Amber – welcome!

    Sorry I’m late to the party all, but if someone can find that team doctor, please send them my way. I have a chronic chest infection and I am having difficulty breathing (issues with having no immune system…) Also, I just got home from my interstate work trip about… 90 minutes ago (I have my priorities in order ok?!)

    In terms of cheese, I’m with @Jeremy on the crumbly, crumbly cheddar. Delicious!

    In terms of the game so far, I was thinking along the same thoughts as @Harker and @Amber in regards to commuter powers (but that’s night only) and lynchproof / bulletproof. Apart from that, I have nothing to go on from yesterDay except that comment I made towards the end of the Day about my suspicions thus far. I am willing to give Siran the benefit of the doubt at the moment though.

    @Amber in response to your comment on my voting, my original vote for Beth was because she poisoned (and killed) me in the Nevernight game, so I guess you could say retribution. However, I cancelled quickly because I didn’t want my vote to stack against her after someone else also voted because I had no reason to actually suspect Beth in this game. I didn’t vote for Laura though (or did you mean I canceled quickly after Laura voted for Beth?). I also laid out my suspicions for four people towards the end and then voted for the one I was most suspicious of. I usually miss the end of the Day due to timezones, so you’ll find that’s a pattern I will probably follow (just letting you know now so you can include on analysis of my moves XD). Hope that helps!

  52. @Anna I decided to leave my random vote for Beth because Siena and Mikayla already had lots of votes and I didn’t feel particularly suspicious of them or anyone else as there was still little to go on and my one vote wasn’t going to eliminate Beth so I just left it. Hope that makes sense ?

  53. @Laura yeah I think that makes sense. I was just curious with the suspicions that were going around then why you kept it random.

  54. @Anna – Yeah, I think we’re all just trying to find anything to go off of.

    @Asti – That is hilarious and I love it, I bet the Specs do too, but with my luck, I’d be the one getting killed off. 😂

    @Meeghan – Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, I can see that. I did mean you cancelled after Laura voted, I guess it’s no big deal anyway since they were just first votes.Thsnk you for clearly laying out your voting method. 😂

  55. I don’t think I have much to add at the moment to suspicions, mine are pretty much the same as yesterDay since we don’t have anything else to go on.

    Being from Wisconsin and living a town away from nationally award winning cheese makers, I have plenty of favorites. There’s a Brick cheese that is AMAZING for grilled cheese. I also love Muenster, Sharp provolone & cheddar. And these dill cheese curds from the cheese maker in town are awesome. And we have this string cheese that is a little saltier than normal store bought and I love it so much.

    Obviously I hate cheese.

  56. Wow did I miss a lot! Welcome to the new players, and in regards to cheese I’ve never been a fan except for fresh mozzarella (same as @Kritika!) In the past few years my boyfriend has gotten me to like sharp cheddar some, buy I only like it if it is cooked – like in chili or a quesadilla. @amber Blue cheese IS the worst, I agree! I would also add cottage cheese is the worst too, the texture itself just makes me sick haha.

    Anyways, back to the game…. I can’t believe no one was killed yet. Since this is my first game, I was really thinking if someone ended up dying then I could go back and reread Day 1’s comments to try to glean some information as to why they died….Now it just feels like a mystery vote again. I guess we will just have to see what happens in the comments.

    Does anyone else find it weird that Siena backed out of the game after having started playing? Did Siena back out AFTER everyone all the votes were piling up? Has this ever happened before?

  57. @Shannon, I’m not a mod so i’m not sure but I think she backed out for personal reasons rather than because she felt pressure from the game. If she thought “oh I’ll just quit the game because I’m about to be voted out anyway” the mods would’ve said something to her, right?

  58. Siena contacted me during Night One to request replacement due to personal reasons. They are not spectating this game. That’s all I’ll be commenting regarding this matter as the replacement has occurred and the Game is to be continued without them. Thanks!

  59. Honestly I’ve been reflecting on Day 1 this entire time, trying to come up with anything that might give someone away, and while it could just be I’m still a newbie I’ve got nothing. Do we just vote randomly again and hope someone else isn’t somehow immune?? Announcing your role kind of defeats the purpose of the game but barring that I don’t see how we can get the ball rolling on this any other way. Siena/Siran’s immunity to the Day 1 lynch is our only clue, but I don’t want to just cast out a vote for them again just to see what happens because it doesn’t feel fair to Siran who joined a day late. That and if Siran is immune multiple times in a row it’d just be the same thing over and over each time.

  60. I don’t think anyone is going to waste their votes on someone who may just be in general Lynchproof.

    And no one’s going to be announcing roles unless they want to. So if you want to, you can.

    Everyone will have to make a vote by the end of the day and hopefully that person will be eliminated.

  61. @Kerrie listen, obviously camembert is the end-all, be-all king of cheeses. I didn’t mention it because that would’ve ended the conversation for good.

  62. I started this cheese talk but now I’m getting super frustrated that we’re not getting anywhere in terms of votes/theorizing. This is a super weak reason to vote for someone but on Day 1 Meeghan pointed out:

    Jeremy jumped on the MiKayla bandwagon pretty quickly, and then when the heat cooled off he canceled and mentioned abstaining until later. (Could be newbie nerves, or possible mafia waiting to bandwagon on where the heat goes)

    Since there are a lot of new players this round, I think it’s very likely that this situation of being both a newbie player and a nervous mafia player is at play. Jeremy hasn’t been super vocal toDay either, and his comment was generally agreeing with what had already been said about many possible baddies and the soul seal theory. This sort of “say things without adding anything new” has been a mafia strategy in the past, so I’m going to get the ball rolling:


    Like I said I’m not super convinced but I’m trying to make something of the little info we have and get some discussion going! Nothing personal, Jeremy!

  63. Oh a lot has been going on since I was on last night! Haha.

    Not sure what to add in regards to suspicions. No one massively stood out to me yesterday, and I’m with whoever it was that said (can’t find the comment now) that it’s almost like day 1 again but without the votes, haha.

    I’m still stumped as well by the Siena/ Siran thing. Theres not many things that could have stopped an elimination during the day, most seem to only work at night. Makes me think it’s something specific to this game. I like the idea of Rhy/ Kell thing that Kerrie mentioned, since they get soul bonded to save Rhys life. Though I don’t get how that makes Rhy invincible, is that mentioned more in book 2? How Rhy is unable to die unless Kell does? I’ve only read book 1.

    And I’m sorry I have nothing to add on the cheese debate, dairy is just not my thing! Haha. Apart from cheese on a pizza, it will not pass my lips! Haha.

  64. @Siran I mean I’m all the more intrigued if you do but then I have to wonder why you would willingly want to do that

  65. @Siran: that’s certainly a choice you could make. It would be interesting to find out, could be helpful, but the question is: a) why would you want to do that? It could put a target on your back. b) we as other players would have to ask ourselves, are you telling the truth? IIRC, and if someone else actually played in this game let me know, in the Harry Potter game someone lied about the Role/Character they had and manipulated things that way. That was before my time so all I have is second (and so on) accounts.

  66. @Siran fair. Have you played a game like this before? It’s generally not a good idea to reveal your role unless you’re 100% sure it will help you rather than hinder you.

    @Kritika I agree. Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling here, simply debating things isn’t getting us anywhere clearly.


    If someone catches my attention and acts more suspicious I’ll change my vote, but otherwise I’m voting for the same reasons as Kritika. No offense!

  67. It’s finally fall break at my school, so I’ve had a chance to catch up again! Welcome to all of the new people! Looking at everything that’s happened over Day 1/Night 1, I’m more confused than ever!

  68. @Kritika: I’m wondering you didn’t bring this up when you were talking about things going on during toDay, things to talk about regarding voting:

    As for everyone else, did anything happen during the Night at all?

    Edward saying that is, at least, curious. Dana pointed out the results probably wouldn’t be widely known unless a person was directly affected, but the asking itself is curious.

    Actually, @Dana, I’m wondering why you didn’t say something in you response because you said in D1:

     And I’m about 20% concerned about Nicole right now, for her phrasing used above.

    Nicole: I’m curious about how nighttime play usually goes down. From what I understand it all goes down of of the main forum, but are there any small tips or tricks?

    Even being a newbie, why are you asking for tips or tricks for nighttime unless you are either anti-Town or have some sort of night action? It makes me uneasy.

    I think there’s a difference for asking how to proceed in N1 vs asking what happened in N1 (which in and of itself is different from speculating about what happened. Anyway, now when Edward asks for actual results, your response doesn’t seem to suspect him at all. Your response of:

    Well this is interesting.

    @Edward Unless it’s in the summary of the Night above, anything that happened would not be common knowledge. Unless it affected you, you wouldn’t know. And if it did affect you, you probably wouldn’t tell.

    And his return of:

    @Dana yeah, that’s fair.

    Seems to have gone away without much notice.

  69. @Harker my reply “that’s fair” was pretty much all I could say to that. I’m new at this game, she brought up a very excellent explanation as to why nobody would want to talk about Night events, and there wasn’t anything to say after that.

    @Dana I’m so sorry to hear you’re under a lot of stress. I hope everything is okay.

  70. Y’all are welcome to move in and enjoy my neighborhood Trader Joe’s! Just tell me how amazing the cheese is, so I can enjoy it vicariously through you. 😉

    @Asti Can the spectators send cheese? Or tell us who *they’re* suspicious of, to help us get some traction? 😀

    @Dana What is brick cheese? I’ve never heard of such a thing and I’m very, very curious. Maybe it will help with the home stress?

    In terms of being fair to Siran, I don’t think we can judge them based on Siena’s actions/words during D1, but I think it’s perfectly fair to speculate and strategize based on their D1 lynchproof thing, which is connected to the role, not the player.
    So while I’m trying to separate my suspicion toward Siena for her mysterious and unexplained voting for Edward (20 minutes after voting for Harker) so that it doesn’t reflect on Siran, I do think that Siran’s lynchproof ability means their role is the Black London artifact, Holland, Kell, or Rhy. Those four things, in the story, are very difficult to kill (and Rhy is only difficult to kill at the end, after Kell brings him back from the dead- I finished the book last week and I recall the rules being that Rhy can’t be killed while Kell is alive, but when Kell dies Rhy will also die). Based on that assumption, Siran’s role has a 50% chance of being anti-town.

  71. @Harker I agree I feel like both Nicole’s and Edward’s interests in the Night activity are intriguing and perhaps a little troublesome. Maybe as a newbie they were just trying to get more info but also maybe Edward tried to do something during the Night and is trying to see if someone Roleblocked it?

  72. @Beth: I think that the possibility of the Danes can’t be discounted, particularly Athos. Without going into the rabbit hole of Roles too much, I thought that perhaps the Lynchproofing from D1 was maybe the result of a Governor (which, granted, can be any alignment). Whether that means Siena/Siran saved themselves or a teammate did is up for debate, but Athos & Astrid are pretty hard to kill by most of the characters in the book a) because of their strength b) their location aka White London c) the Soul Seal that Athos placed on Holland prior to the start of the story.

  73. @Harker talking about the book exclusively for just a moment, is that what Athos did to Holland? I was a little confused about that part the first time I read the book.

  74. @Edward: it’s been awhile, but there was also a Soul Seal between them, yes, though I’m googling now and it might actually have been a Rune of Athos’s? But it was very similar: Holland was bound to Athos. He couldn’t die of his own free will, I don’t think, and he couldn’t disobey Athos (though that’s not the case with Rhy & Kell so far as I know).

  75. @Harker You’re right- the Danes also on the board. Crap.
    So either Siran has an innate protective ability against lynching (gotta be limited to a specific number, though), or someone else is a Governer (or similar) and submitted an action to keep Siran/Siena alive…presumably because they’re on the same team, since nobody has had a chance to investigate anyone on D1, which means mafia, cult, or neighbors, right? And of those, only neighbors are town?

  76. @Beth: according to the page on Neighbors, they can be any alignment and they have their own chat room that’s open Day & Night. Masons, on the other hand, fulfill a similar Role, but are by default pro-Town. Then, of course, as you said there’s the possibility of a Cult which was in the BYOC game (*shudder*). That was an interesting/confusing experience.

  77. @Harker that…. I guess that makes sense. I don’t remember how Athos died in the book, I’d need to re-read it (it’s been a few months rip). I guess if that’s the case though, Holland not being able to die unless Athos willed it, then it could be a possible explanation for Siera/Siran’s invulnerability? I feel like that’s a pretty high-risk/low-reward thing though, if it’s true then it potentially outs two people as opposed to just the one.

  78. @Laura, I think your point about Edward and the Night interests is a pretty good one. That has probably stuck out to me more than anything so far toDay, especially since Nicole got some flack from asking about the Night stuff, so you’d probably have to really be jonesing for info to ask so soon.

    @Edward, I am a little amused that you jumped on the bandwagon for Jeremy so quickly because… Jeremy jumped on the bandwagon for MiKayla so quickly? I mean, seems kind of the same?

    @Siran, if your goal is to make us insanely curious, congrats, because I am 😂

    I don’t think Siran is forever lynchproof. Has that ever happened before in a game? I don’t think it has, I have read them all (though not recently, so I could be mistaken!), but I just feel like it’d have some qualifiers attached. Like Beth said, there’s quite a few possible roles that could fit the bill. That said, I also have no idea what her alliance is. I read the book forever ago, and don’t even remember half the people we’re talking about (oops?) so… I’m going to have to defer to the rest of you there.

  79. @Shannon listen it was a newbie mistake that I’m definitely paying for now 😂 I shouldn’t have asked, but you know what they say about cats and curiosity LOL

    As for jumping the bandwagon I’m just trying to get SOMETHING to happen. I’ll probably end up cancelling my vote, we were just stuck on talking about cheese for too long.

  80. And (because apparently my fingers pressed post before my brain was finished), I think speculation on Siran’s role is, at this point, fairly useless because of those reasons. I mean, either we find Siran/Siena suspicious, or we don’t, and vote accordingly. Most of my suspicion for Siena was based on them not answering questions about their vote, but knowing that they had to bow out makes that point moot, so. Siran for me at this point gets a blank slate when toDay started, and all I know now is that she (or rather, her role) was at least protected on Day 1 somehow, and is tantalizing us with role reveals 😂

  81. @Edward, I get that! I’m fairly sure I made the most newbie mistakes in the history of newbies (see Chaos Walking for further information 😂). And I also get wanting to get things moving, but remember, the baddies are out there, and they will want to move things along too- in the wrong direction! So I’m just trying to throw anything I can see out there so we don’t miss anything!

  82. So this may just be me misremembering things from the book, but I didn’t think that Athos could keep Holland from dying/ only let him die when he allowed it? Because at one point Holland was begging Kell to kill him so he could escape Athos right? Or was that after Athos had died? It’s been a while since I’ve read the books too.

  83. @Krista: pretty sure he could while he was in full control, but I’m gonna see if I can check on that (after Athos died bit). Not sure if it would have relevance here, but since you brought it up. 🙂 It might have had to do with escaping the Black Stone/Vitari’s influence. It’s been awhile since I read it too. ^^;

  84. I’m not sure anymore of the extent, in universe. ;_; It was a big binding, I know that, that took away his free will. I would have assumed it prevented his death because otherwise how would Athos get to torture him?

    “You suffer so beautifully,” I think were his words. I can’t imagine Athos wanting anyone or thing getting the “pleasure” of killing Holland if he could help it.

    Speed reading would really come in handy right about now.

  85. Ok, looks like I misunderstood/misremembered the control that Athos had over Holland. It’s a binding spell, not a Soul Seal, that was placed on him when he, Athos, and Astrid were fighting for the White Throne. It doesn’t make him a mindless slave, but does make his actions compulsory. It’s absolutely terrifying because Athos is well known for it in the books and puts it upon someone on the page.

  86. @Nicole I’m curious why you found Edward suspicious (your D1 comment of Oct 12, 2:21pm):

    I’m going to leave my vote for MiKayla for now. Her actions seem the most suspicious to me, but Edward and Siena are also on my radar.

    I don’t see where you ever talked about it (though I could be totally missing it).

    Oh no, who cut the cheese?

    [ba dum tss]

  87. @Harker Oh man, that quote gave me chills the first time I read it. Athos is such a bloody-minded sadist, it was horribly creepy.

  88. I haven’t read all the comments since I last posted but to address @Harker about why I didn’t comment on what Edward said about Night actions, it’s because I sort of already flagged it in an earlier comment (Oct 16, 10:05pm). I had just reread Day 1 for clues, found that comment about Jeremy, and then focused on Jeremy when I read Day 2 to see if the pattern of possible mafia member continued. My brain is also kinda foggy right now because of some health stuff, so I will take a closer look at Day 2 comments when I’m feeling better, and I will most likely change my vote. I just wanted to move away from cheese, I was joking when I said that but it blew up hahaha As random as my speculation was it did get us back to discussing who we found suspicious though, and that’s all I was going for.

    There’s so many newbies saying outrageous things this round I honestly don’t know how to handle it, this is the first time I’ve played a round that’s more newbies than vets so it’s a very different dynamic.

  89. Cheese is good, but I’m with @Kritika, this is getting us nowhere fast.

    • Dana voted for Kerrie, cancelled vote, voted for Siena (final vote)
    • Shannon M voted for Shannon T, changed to (➝) Siena (fv)
    • Harker voted for Siena, ➝ MiKayla (fv)
    • Meeghan voted for Beth, canceled vote, voted for Siena (fv)
    • Laura voted for Beth (fv)
    • Jeremy voted for Meeghan, ➝ MiKayla, canceled vote, voted for Nicole (fv)
    • Nicole voted for MiKayla, ➝ Siena (fv)
    • Kritika voted for Saika, ➝ Siena (fv)
    • Edward voted for Anna, cancelled vote, voted for Siena (fv)
    • Anna voted for Edward, ➝ MiKayla (fv)
    • Megan R voted for Jeremy (fv)
    • Beth voted for Anthony, canceled vote, voted for Anthony, ➝ Siena (fv)
    • MiKayla voted for Krista, ➝ Harker (fv)
    • Kerrie voted for Harker (fv)
    • Krista voted for MiKayla, ➝ Siena (fv)
    • Siena voted for Harker, ➝ Edward (fv)

    OK, here’s my Day 1 vote analysis.
    Laura, Megan R and Kerrie never changed their initial votes. This is kind of interesting as Siena had the most votes at 7, and then MiKayla was next on the list at 3. So all these votes were essentially thrown away.

    I called Jeremy out and said I was suspicious of his bandwagoning on MiKayla. After this his final comment of the Day strikes me as… perplexing.

    I think Siena’s claim that Shannon’s (or as she said Beth’s) comment influenced them is an easy mistake to make… What strikes me as odd is that they switched to Edward with little justification, when he already had the vote from Anna (which I’m confident was random). It seems that if you’re pulling your vote from someone you were suspicious of (Harker), you’d want to give it to someone with no votes.
    But I also see very little team dynamic in Siena’s actions. Their behavior seems more third-party (maybe on their own team? Is that common in these games?) than mafia to me. While voting out a third party is great, I’d still prefer mafia. The one who strikes me as most suspicious in that regard is Nicole, since asking for night actions suggests anti-Town (I know Town can have night actions, but I don’t see why you’d need “tips or tricks” for them). I think she has a higher likelihood of being mafia than Siena.
    The only thing that makes me hesitate is my slight suspicion for Dana, who first suggest Nicole. After Harker initially suggested the strangeness between Krista and MiKayla, Dana was the first to jump on it, and her certainty was what initially brought me to vote for MiKayla. Hearing what other people thinks, her reaction seems overblown, which made me wonder why she wanted to throw so much suspicion that way. But I haven’t seen anything other than that from her, so I don’t think there’s enough to incriminate her yet.

    This strikes me as odd for a number of reasons:
    We had already called out Siena’s odd vote switching with no reasoning provided
    Why would you want to throw your vote away on “someone with no votes” (referencing Siena changing from Harker to Edward)
    We want to get rid of third party AND mafia, otherwise we won’t win. It’s not a preference to get rid of mafia only.
    1hr, 10mins before the end of the Day you bring up suspicions of Nicole and Dana, neither of whom have any votes against them at this stage. It’s almost like after being called out for bandwagoning, he deliberately went the opposite direction and threw his vote away.

    In terms of other players, I’m trying not to tar Siran with Siena’s actions.
    Edward’s comments and voting style is also unsettling, but perhaps we can discount this as ‘newbie’? I just don’t know any more.
    Also, MiKayla has been very quiet toDay, especially after almost getting mobbed yesterDay. It kind of seems like she is flying under the radar, perhaps?!
    There’s also a bunch of others who aren’t really standing out to me in terms of comments – perhaps they are just doing their minimum four each Day and trying to last as long as possible (or maybe they are just super busy IRL)?!

  90. It would be really ironic if Jenn (the only replacement we haven’t heard from yet) joined only to turn out to be a Tree Stump. >.<

    @Meeghan: Jeremy doesn't read as anti-Town to me, but that line about putting votes to someone without any is kind of weird, especially coming from someone who said he's played Mafia-style games before. Maybe what he meant was, since it was D1, doing that in order to stir the pot? Try to come up with a clue? shrug He’ll have to answer that, but that’s my guess based on a lot of other people reaching D1 as well.

  91. @Meeghan/@Harker I didn’t mean to imply that the observation about Siena choosing to switch to Edward of all players was original, just that it was the more suspicious part of their actions (as opposed to just switching the vote itself). Siena never justified why they chose Edward, so maybe they did have something to base the choice on, but at the time I was thinking that for their (almost) first vote on Day 1, they would have randomly picked someone without a vote so that someone didn’t start off unfairly disadvantaged. In fact, If you had already met the requirement to vote in your first comment, why not just cancel your vote if you realize your target didn’t deserve it?

    Seeing now that the comment was posted so late (Saturday), it’s not unreasonable that Siena was not trying to vote randomly and actually had some reasoning in the switch, but it seemed too spontaneous for that.

  92. @Harker oh god o_0;; no thank you. I’m very happy knowing he’s a fictional character, thank you very much.

    Also re: Anna voting for me, it was initially because I picked her at random and she voted for me in retaliation. (My wife’s name is Anna and I was joking that there can only be one.) I think we can discount Anna…. for now.

    @Meeghan brings up a lot of really valid points and I have to agree, is MiKayla just trying to run under the radar this time around? Also @Jeremy you have yet to respond to two people voting for you :p

  93. Voting Update

    Jeremy (2) – Kritika, Edward

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Beth, Dana, Harker, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Krista, Laura, Meeghan, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M., Shannon T., Siran

    @ Beth: The spectators have requested that if they send cheese, can it be poisoned? (I’m not sure where they get their bloodthirsty ways…)

@ Shannon M: As I have all the previous game knowledge, I figured I’d answer your question: Lynchproof has been used in two previous games. For Chaos Walking it was limited to one use. In the Harry Potter edition, the player playing Harry Potter was permanently lynchproof.

    @ Meeghan: Where’s the numbered bullet formatting go? Your list of “this strikes me as odd”? I assume your normal bullet points for the vote recaps are fine?

  94. Voting Update

    Jeremy (2) – Kritika, Edward
    Jenn (1) – Siran

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Beth, Dana, Harker, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Krista, Laura, Meeghan, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M., Shannon T.

  95. When I saw the not voting I thought it mean that I couldn’t vote. So I thought that I have blown my reason for voting the way I did.

  96. @Beth I suspected Edward because of his friendliness towards MiKayla, who I suspected most at the time. At this point, the only reason I would suspect Edward is because he’s pretty chatty, but that could just be his personality and have nothing to do with his role in the game.

  97. @Nicole Thank you for picking up on that! T-T I have a perpetual problem of never being able to stop talking ever, even in an online format, and it gets me into trouble a lot. -_-; (Especially in games like this, where any attempt at defending myself makes me look even more suspicious.)

  98. @Siran: Just to confirm, the “Not Voting” list just refers to players who currently have not placed a vote. Those players can vote any time (and also cancel votes made), we just list everyone so it’s easier for people to keep track. Players can vote any one any time unless specifically told otherwise.

  99. Just trying to catch up on everyone’s comments since the last time I was on. And it still feels a bit like we’ve talked loads but nothing much new has been revealed

    I feel by this point we usually have a bit more figured out. People we think are town or mafia (at least suspicions) but it still feels a little like day 1 and we haven’t moved anywhere.

    I’m sort of of the opinion that trying to debate too much about people’s possible characters will probably get us nowhere. I learned my lesson from last game.

    I think I’ll have to instead look at possible bandwagoning attempts in the voting so far to see if anyone stands out as suspicious.

    I must say I don’t find Kritika suspicious because of her vote. I believe her when she was genuinely trying to get the discussion back on track (as much as the cheese talk was enlightening haha).

    However Edward jumping on Jeremy as well pretty quickly could be slightly suspect… Though he is a newbie and as much as he’s commented a lot I don’t think I’m getting bad guy vibes from him either really. I’ll have to go back and look at his actions again.

    There’s been so many comments it’s hard to keep up! I need to start writing down my thoughts as I go through comments haha 😂

  100. @Beth Brick cheese is similar to French washed rind cheeses and it’s pressed by bricks.

    I haven’t gotten around to even starting ADSOM yet and I’m so lost with the talk of characters.

    I wish there was more to go off of by this point but there isn’t so I’m going to vote now and base it on my insane curiosity of whether it was a one time save or if it will happen again.


    I feel like based on what everyone else is saying, I’m in the minority of wanting to find out if it would happen again toDay. And yet, if it would happen again toDay I’m going to be even more frustrated with the lack of new information. I very well may end up changing this vote by the end of the Day. MiKayla is someone I’m still unsure of, as is Krista. Plus Edward trying to glean, information about the Night’s actions. Which of course could all be due to them being new.

    I’m just very unsure.

  101. @Megan @Dana I’m in a similar boat of finding a few people a little suspicious but they’re all newbies so it’s possible they’re all just playing more brazenly than the rest of us because that’s just their style!

    The people on my radar are Edward for asking about Night Actions and quickly voting for Jeremy after I did (instead of discussing other suspicions, which was the point of my vote), Siran for teasing the possibility of revealing her role/generally being hard to read plus residual suspicion from Siena not dying, Jeremy for possible bandwagoning and lack of defense after two votes for him, and Mikayla a little bit for the same reasons I voted for her yesterDay. I’m not as suspicious of Krista because she has been contributing at least a little bit to the discussion today but maybe she learned her lesson about making alliances outright and is keeping a low profile today haha

    I’m most suspicious of Siran honestly, but I’m just worried that if we do vote her out and she doesn’t die again we’ll get nowhere.

    (Btw @Meeghan in your recap you have my vote incorrectly listed as Siena, I switched from Saika to Mikayla).

  102. @Kritika I voted for the same person as you because I was hoping Jeremy might give us new information if he tried to defend himself. It didn’t work though, clearly.

  103. With regards to voting for Nicole instead of Siena (which I think is the only criticism I’ve yet to address), I didn’t really expect to gain momentum behind them, given that I had nothing even remotely concrete against either and people seemed pretty content to vote Siena out. It might have been “throwing my vote away,” but at that point surely voting for Siena would have done the same with how many votes she already had, and so I treated my vote more as a signal of my (admittedly slight) suspicions rather than as something to just bandwagon with.

  104. @ Beth: The spectators have requested that if they send cheese, can it be poisoned? (I’m not sure where they get their bloodthirsty ways…)

    Since I don’t eat cheese, sure! 😀 But I might want to roll around in it and pretend I’m a burrito.

    Thanks for explaining brick cheese, @Dana! Sounds tasty.

    And thanks for explaining your suspicions, @Nicole!

    At this point, I’m most suspicious of Siran, due to the likelihood of them being mafia (that 50% I mentioned earlier…which is actually higher, given the possibility of Athos and Astrid Dane in there as well).
    I don’t see the value in withholding a vote, just out of fear that it will be “wasted”, especially since nobody else is really pings on my radar (a lot of the statements could be newbie mistakes, underestimating how analytical this game gets, or deliberate pot-stirring personalities, as we’ve also seen in previous games).
    Until/unless someone else pings harder on my radar, I’m going to


    And speaking of under-the-radar players, Shannon T, Jenn, and Kerrie are very quiet today….

  105. I have a fever now, proper analysis is gonna have to wait another day lol
    I’m planning to just sleep for most of the day and fingers crossed I’ll get better by tomorrow!

  106. Voting Update

    Jeremy (3) – Kritika, Edward, Beth
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (1) – Dana

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Harker, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Krista, Laura, Meeghan, Megan, MiKayla, Nicole, Shannon M., Shannon T.

  107. Hi all, just catching up!

    I was hoping maybe something intriguing might have happened while I was buried in paper grading, but I still feel like I know more about people’s cheese preferences than their alliances.

    I haven’t the slightest idea who to vote for, but I don’t really think its worth testing Siran’s lynchproof abilities a second time in a row, because as @Beth pointed out there’s a 50% chance they are mafia….there’s also a 50% chance they aren’t and I’d rather actually have some information for Day 3.


    I guess because they have the most votes and I think it would be helpful to have SOMEONE’s identity revealed. Sorry Jeremy

  108. Just having a chance to catch up on everything, and still feel like I have no better idea of what is going on! Some things/people do seem a little suspicious, but nothing is really giving me strong signals of who to vote for! Hence why I have been quiet. Still no vote for me yet, as a result.

  109. Voting Update

    Jeremy (4) – Kritika, Edward, Beth, Kerrie
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (1) – Dana

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Harker, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Laura, Meeghan, Megan, Nicole, Shannon M., Shannon T.
    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    @ All: MiKayla has received a Pass for toDay’s participation and will likely not comment for the rest of Day Two as unfortunately she is without power.

  110. I’m with Kerrie and Beth. I don’t think it’s worth testing out whether Siran’s deathproof thing is a one off or not. Especially when people have related the possibilities so well with the book and there’s a chance they could be completely invincible as Rhy or another character (obviously speculation still but they make a lot of sense).

    I think we’re better off trying to vote someone else off. Anyone at this point since there’s still such little to go on. It’s gonna be a day 1 type of elimination I think for us since we still have nothing much to speculate on.

    I’m so very reluctant to vote for someone who I’m not reasonably suspicious of. That’s how I’ve always played these games, even to my detriment like in the last game haha. But I definitely think we need someone out just so we can finally have some information to go on!

    Going to wait a bit longer, the day still has a ways to go yet but I definitely want to make my vote count today to give us something to go on.

  111. Ever since Beth mentioned the Black Stone, the thought’s been in my mind about that possibility. The Black Stone couldn’t act independently if memory serves. It had to have a host or be interacted with. Otherwise, it was basically like a Tree Stump. I’m wondering, maybe, if Jenn/Saika might not be in that roll. She hasn’t commented yet toDay which, hm, maybe. I know I said I didn’t want to go down the rabbit hole of role speculation, but darn it if I’m finding that so hard. ;_; I find it unlikely that Jenn wouldn’t comment without good reason & I haven’t seen Asti mention anything about a comment warning or a pass or anything, so… shrug

  112. @Harker That would actually make quite a bit of sense, considering that Jenn was active in the last game. I guess we’ll find out shortly if Jenn either comments or her lack of participation goes without mention from the mods. Since Tree Stumps can’t be killed, it doesn’t give us any info for voting, right? Except that voting for Jenn would be useless.

  113. @Harker I was just thinking the same thing about the comment minimum warning. Also, it is very unusual for Jenn to not have commented. I thought when I saw that she was a replacement that we would have some robust discussion… but then… nothing?!

    @Kritika – apologies!! I knew the names would mess me up somewhere along the way. Probably not conducive to the amount of cough syrup I have been drinking anyway… analysis is still slightly fuzzy. I have been asleep almost the entire time since my last comment, so hoping that helps somewhat.

    @Asti, it was the bit that started “This strikes me as odd for a number of reasons:” and then I thought I had put a list in, but maybe my document I had written it in formatted differently and then the html code got lost?!

    Maybe an idea for next time (instead of the Spectator’s killing one of us) is that if there are no kills from Day 1, we all have to vote again in our first comment of Day 2? I do feel a little like this day is being wasted because we have less to go on than yesterday?! (Also, I am totally guilty of not voting yet today as well…)

  114. @Asti, thanks for answering that! Funny story, I am still reading the HP series (my daughter and I are finally on Book 6!) so I didn’t want to read that one much because spoilers (yes, I am still trying- mostly in vain, mind) to avoid HP spoilers 20+ years later 😂) FWIW, I still don’t think anyone is totally invincible here, guess we’ll see if I’m right- of course, you know the answer hahah

    I definitely think it’s possible that Jenn has some sort of restriction at this point, as she’s usually rather active. That said, I think a tree stump type is only one of many possibilities, so I don’t think that’s any reason to mark her as “safe” (nor do I think it’s a reason to think she’s suspicious- but @Jeremy seemed pretty willing to just write it off completely, which I don’t really think is the right call either).

    I also agree that it’s not a good idea to vote Siran only to test her lynchproofability (heh I like that “word”). But I also don’t think that we should avoid voting for her because of it. Seems like a really easy way for a potential mafia member to slip through, if we’re wholly unwilling. Not that I feel like we necessarily should vote for her now, it’s just that I feel like a few people are kind of taking it off the table completely, which worries me a bit.

    @Beth I am a little confused as to why you said you’re most suspicious of Siran, then said

    I don’t see the value in withholding a vote, just out of fear that it will be “wasted”

    but then voted for Jeremy? I may be misreading somehow (I am ridiculously tired, ha) so I figured I’d ask!

    I guess I just don’t really have enough suspicion of Jeremy to vote for him at this point. I mean- sure it’s a little fishy, but no more so than Edward or Nicole, so if we’re chalking up their errors as newbie mistakes, I’m not entirely sure why we’re not doing the same for Jeremy’s? I mean, Kritika did admit that it wasn’t the strongest reason ever, so that’s fair, but then everyone else seemed to roll with it without really adding much to Kritika’s vote/reasoning, and I feel like I need more to go on, I suppose.

  115. @Shannon I know you weren’t directing your comment at me, but I honestly have to ask the same question as well. I hopped on MiKayla’s suggestion of voting for Jeremy just to help push the discussion and to try and get the ball rolling faster, which it sort of did? And since then I’ve been trying to work out if I should change my vote or cancel it altogether since I don’t really suspect Jeremy of any sort of anti-town-ness at present. Everyone else that voted for Jeremy didn’t give much reasoning from what I saw but I could also have missed it?

  116. Holy both today and toDay have been a lot so far. Apologies for not being as active today, I have been swamped with work. There has been a lot of speculation and after re reading a bit of the Day I’m still very suspicious of Edward. On Day 1 he bandwagoned onto the Siena vote. ToDay he jumped on board with Kritika’s vote for Jeremy really quick. Also earlier toDay his questions about Night actions made me question him the most. It might be a newbie question but Nicole asked a question about Night actions yesterDay and people got nervous so I’m not sure why you would ask another after that. Also why would you ask about them if you didn’t have them? Idk it makes me suspicious of him so

  117. @Laura While I believe Edward asking about night actions is a little suspicious Edward didn’t bandwagon onto the Siena vote. He was the first person to vote for Siena, because she had voted for him first with little explanation.

  118. @Anna: that’s not strictly accurate because my D1 1st comment vote was for Siena:


    Because a) first vote b) would someone whose screenname is Rhy be assigned a Town Role?  100% no way to know so please refer to point A at this very very early stage.


  119. @Harker Missed your comment about posting early. Thanks for clarifying. I had totally forgotten about your first vote.

  120. I probably “should” try to make a case for Edward’s guilt, since he seems to be the one most coming after me, but honestly I don’t see it. Asking about night actions seems to me a mistake that even a new mafia member would be less likely to make than a Townie, simply due to their being more conscious about about concealing their role. As for his bandwagoning onto Kritika’s vote for me, he said:

    If someone catches my attention and acts more suspicious I’ll change my vote, but otherwise I’m voting for the same reasons as Kritika. No offense!

    That sounds genuinely hesitant to me. In fact, it’s basically the exact sentiment in my reaction to Harker’s vote for MiKayla that got me accused of bandwagoning – he just voted for me because nobody else was merited it more. Maybe I just haven’t developed the appropriate degree of paranoia yet, but for now I’m not especially concerned about him – or anyone else in particular, for that matter.

  121. @Jeremy thank you, that was honestly really kind of you. I know some people might see this as us being allies or something but really I’m just trying to help the town root out the mafia, you know? anyway you had every reason to make a case against me and didn’t which doesn’t sound like mafia at all so


  122. Voting Update

    Jeremy (3) – Kritika, Beth, Kerrie
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (1) – Dana
    Edward (1) – Laura

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Edward, Harker, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Laura, Meeghan, Megan, Nicole, Shannon M., Shannon T.

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Jenn (0), Kerrie (3), Krista (2), Nicole (2), Shannon T (2)
    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    There’s 38.5 hours left of Day Two!

    @ Meeghan: I don’t think we’d ever make a voting requirement past Day One (to have first comment require vote), but you as players can always try initiating it yourselves! (I’m sure that wouldn’t backfire at all lol.) At this point though I believe there is more than enough to work with, even without confirmed alliances…

  123. I’m way past my bedtime, so I should post this and toddle off.


    Jenn’s giving me Stump vibes right now, so I’m hesitant to go there. Jeremy, as I’ve said before, doesn’t read anti-Town to me, so I can’t say I agree with the votes against him. Edward I don’t know about toDay. 🙍

  124. Neither Jeremy’s nor Edward’s actions seem overly suspicious to me, so I don’t want to vote for either of them.

    @Harker I’m also curious as to why you chose to vote for me.

    I am most suspicious of Siran due to yesterday’s behaviour (which was another player, but still), the unlynchable thing, and the comments made toDay. I’m not sure what their role is but it seems clear that they do have a role and probably know more about what’s going on than I do. I don’t think we should try lynching Siran again on Day 2 because I’m afraid we’d end up without any new information for Day 3, so I won’t put my vote for Siran unless there are more compelling arguments made for trying to lynch again. However, I am curious why Siran voted for Jenn. It seemed random to me, unless I just missed the explanation of why. So I will


    because Siran may know something I don’t and I’d like to get some more information or hear Jenn’s defense.

  125. I read the comments more than once trying to decide my vote. Nothing seemed suspicious to me. So, as a last resort, I decided to use the old “expect the unexpected” or “it’s always the quiet ones”. It may work or it may not work.
    Use this how you will.

  126. I’m just now catching up on what I missed yesterday (I slept for most of the day and I’m feeling much better now!). Halfway through I was about to switch my vote from Jeremy because it seemed like Beth and Kerrie voted for him just because they couldn’t find a better scapegoat, and that seemed mean (I even said originally that although I was voting for him I’m not even that convinced).

    BUT then the thing with Harker voting happened! And that smells of a vote thief. Jeremy was the only one to vote for Nicole yesterday, so my slight suspicions have increased even more slightly because Harker was also forced to vote for Nicole toDay. Either Jeremy is the vote thief or someone else is being clever and framing him, but I have no idea who that could be so I’m going to keep my vote now that I have more of a reason for it.

  127. @Harker What do you mean you can’t answer that? As in you don’t know how to explain why you find Nicole suspicious, or you don’t have anything to explain? Because just ignoring their questions would be suspicious enough, but flat out saying you can’t answer….

  128. I’m also intrigued by why Jenn hasn’t commented and the mods haven’t said anything about meeting a comment minimum. The thing is Saika was given warnings for not meeting the comment minimum YesterDay so maybe it’s an odd day-even day situation. I wonder if the commuter or traveling role can happen during the Day in this round since ADSOM involves disappearing into other worlds… I’m hoping we get to hear from Jenn at some point in this game!

    As for the Soul seal thing we’ve been discussing, there is a Sibling role but it isn’t guaranteed immunity, it’s guaranteed death. So if we target one sibling, the other will die automatically. This makes more sense to me in terms of game mechanics because it would be impossible to lynch two people at once or night kill two people at once (unless the mafia and a possible third party both killed one sibling each on the same Night? Seems unlikely), so I don’t think we have to worry about Siran not dying because they’re tied to another character who is alive. That means we just have to decide (those of us who find Siran suspicious, anyway) whether we want to test if the lynchproof ability is more than 1x. I for one would like to hear more from Siran to gauge their alliance since they started the game a Day late, and may save my vote for her on Day 3 (if we both make it that far…cries).

    That’s all I’m going to say related to role speculation. Hopefully those comments help drive some action instead of more role speculation lol

  129. @Krista, the vote thief ability is a night action that makes the target have to vote for a particular person the next day without saying why

  130. I don’t know why Jenn hasn’t commented. I have reached out to her regarding comment minimum like I do for all inactive players but haven’t heard back.

  131. @Kritika Thank you, that makes sense! I’m still not sure then whether this is someone trying to frame Jeremy as you said, or is an obvious theft. I’m not going to vote yet, but I am curious about what Jeremy has to say about all of this.

    @Asti Hopefully Jenn get backs to you soon!

  132. Voting Update

    Jeremy (3) – Kritika, Beth, Kerrie
    Jenn (2) – Siran, Nicole
    Siran (1) – Dana
    Edward (1) – Laura
    Nicole (1) – Harker

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Edward, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Laura, Meeghan, Megan, Shannon M., Shannon T.

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Jenn (0), Kerrie (3), Nicole (3), Shannon T (2)

    Pass Granted: MiKayla

  133. @Kritika/Krista: I can neither confirm nor deny that.

    As for Jeremy, I stand by what I’ve said about him.

    Dana I’m suspicious of because I felt like earlier today she was letting Edward slide on some questioning stuff (in his case, results of Night Actions) that she was suspicious of Nicole for in D1 (in that case, tips & tricks for Night Actions). She explained it, but still.

    Edward is kind of sorta for me. After seeing the questions brought up in D1 with the Night Action related questions, why do the same immediately on D2?

    Siran I’m…side eyeing is maybe not quite the right word but around that neighborhood. Obviously we can’t judge her for Siena’s behavior, but that lynchproof thing is a thing. When she said, earlier toDay, that she liked when people talked about her, I thought that felt like Dane-ish behavior. And the Role reveal suggestion. :/ Hm.

  134. Harker’s behavior is throwing me for a bit of a loop. I can see vote thief, but if so, my question would by why? A Town-aligned vote thief wouldn’t have any more info than the rest of us, so I don’t see what they would gain from targeting Nicole while making Harker look suspicious for it. I voted for Nicole yesterday, but I was hardly convinced that she’s Mafia. An anti-Town vote thief makes more sense, but if nobody else votes for Nicole today, then the only point of making Harker do so would be to cast suspicion on their actions (to a curiously unpredictable effect, perhaps, given Harker’s rather blatant refusal to explain their reasoning).

    I could also just write this off as Harker trying to sow chaos. Their continuing insistence that I “don’t read as anti-Town” is puzzling because from what I’ve seen of Harker’s playing style (as Shannon M noted yesterday), they tend to be aggressively suspicious of just about everything. Harker also brought up their suspicions about Dana twice toDay, which previously I think I had been the only one to voice – just once, after voting for Nicole yesterDay. Not quite sure what any of this means about their alignment, but I’m certainly going to keep a wary eye on Harker.

  135. @Mikayla the power outage is catching, now I don’t have any power lol
    It’s supposed to be back in the next 4 hours, we’ll see? I’ll still be able to participate, I’ll have to go to the library or my lab to do homework anyway and I believe the power outage is just my apartment complex.

  136. @Asti, you reached out to me at like 2am.. lol I was sleeping.. 😛

    @All, sorry… I’m here. I honestly have been busy this week and will remain this
    way until next Friday. My kid’s school has a huge fundraiser next week and I’m helping organize it. But.. I should be good to keep up now. I also kind of… forgot that I joined the game and so thanks to Asti for that reminder. I also maybe started playing a new game this week and there was a bit of a rush there to get stuff done. But that ended today as there was a rush to get land for farming and that unlocked today, so I’m done with that for now.

  137. @Kritika As for someone trying to frame me, that seems to me both implausibly clever and mildly prescient, given that you were the first one to really get discussion started around me toDay, so I would have suspected you had anyone else brought up the possibility. After all, the frame job really only works if people are paying close attention to my votes yesterDay aginst my actions toDay in particular. Even then, they wouldn’t be framing me so much as a Mafia member as just a particular role, the incentive for which I fail to see.

  138. As for the suspicion on Siran, if she didn’t die because she is lynchproof, isn’t that usually a role that a Townie leader would have? I could be wrong but I think that’s usually the case. The mods could have switched it up though. But if that’s the case, I think looking into some of the votes against her would be warranted. But also the Mafia could be trying to get us to switch votes away from Siran to get us to vote for someone else because their goal is to ultimately get us to kill as many of ourselves as we can. So telling us to vote for a lynchproof person would go against their goal..

  139. Oh boy, so much missed and now I have two people I am suspicious of. I find @Laura’s comments about Edward make me think and want to vote Edward…. But @Harker’s vote and inability to explain it make me want to vote Harker. I think I’m going to hold off until tomorrow to vote.

  140. @Jenn Glad to see you have in fact made it!

    One thing I’m surprised went unremarked upon is Asti’s comment

    At this point though I believe there is more than enough to work with, even without confirmed alliances…

    Is this just the mods messing with us? Is there something that we’re missing? Or are we dead on with one of our suspicions, and just need to go for it?

  141. Good morning friends! A lot went down when I was asleep holy. After reading through what happened Harker’s vote for Nicole does make me think of a vote thief too @Kritika and you brought up the good point that Jeremy voted for Nicole yesterday. He was already on my radar toDay and right now I feel he’s more suspicious than Edward so



  142. Also I won’t be able to comment much today as I have a wedding to go to in the afternoon so I’ll be back either late tonight or tomorrow!

  143. @Jeremy Thank you.

    And I definitely missed that comment from Asti with my read through of the comments. Makes me wonder what she means and if it is to do with Siran being lynchproof and as such, a Townie leader.

  144. @Jenn: I’m hesitant to automatically go with lynchproof = Townie leader, seeing as Lynchproof is a subset of Bulletproof and that can be any alignment. Asti’s comment could mean something we’ve said about Siena/Siran is right, but who knows for sure at the moment.

  145. @ Jenn: Your first comment indeed landed in our spam inbox. Nothing to do with you, it just happens occasionally. I’ve fixed it. 😊

    Voting Update

    Jeremy (4) – Kritika, Beth, Kerrie, Laura
    Jenn (2) – Siran, Nicole
    Siran (1) – Dana
    Nicole (1) – Harker

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Edward, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Meeghan, Megan, Shannon M., Shannon T.

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Kerrie (3), Nicole (3), Shannon T (3)

    Pass Granted: MiKayla

  146. I was wondering if Asti must be referring to Siena/Siran’s lynchproofing, since that’s the only concrete info we have so far. But yeah, it could mean any alignment, so I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with it.

  147. @Harker, My understanding is that lynchproof and bulletproof are different in that even if you’re bulletproof, you can’t survive a lynching. Bulletproof can survive a night kill. Lynchproof can, obviously, survive a lynching, but not a night kill unless someone protects them.

  148. @ShannonM CRIKEY! Thanks for catching that- my vote was supposed to be for Siran. Too much back and forth with my own notes about different players, clearly. Sorry for the confusion!



    (get more coffee, stop working so much overtime at work, pet more donkeys, etc.)

    @Jeremy Asti’s comment could also just mean “stop talking about cheese and start voting”. I don’t think we should read anything into any mod’s comment (it certainly won’t help us root our anti-town factions).

    @Kritika brings up a good point- I think vote thief is a possibility for Harker. Or any other role where their vote is dictated by another. There’s also the possibility that Harker has a role they can’t reveal, which has given them information about Nicole (or information that, combined with something someone said D2, means Nicole = anti-town).

  149. So looking through the roles, I agree that Harker’s vote for Nicole sounds like the actions of someone being a vote thief. But thinking about the characters that may have been assigned for this game, the only roles I can think of that might be granted the power to steal someones vote would be the Dane Twins and the most likely character they’d be able to control would be Holland. And I know earlier in the Day a couple people noted that character speculation doesn’t tend to get you very far, and maybe I’m over-analyzing, but I think I’m going to



    because Holland, Mafia or not, would definitely be anti-town and I think that is the most likely character assignment for Harker based on actions thus far.

  150. LOL @Beth I’m glad you cleared that vote up, I was really confused but I figured my sick brain was just missing something! And good point about Harker not necessarily being the target of a vote thief, they could be a cop or other role with information and not want to divulge what/how they know at this point.

    I’m glad you’re here @Jenn! And @Jeremy if someone else is a vote thief and made Harker vote for Nicole to frame you, I don’t see why they would need to anticipate some of us already having suspicions of you? I was feeling better this morning but now I’m starting to get sick again so sorry if the logic is obvious and I’m just missing it right now.

  151. @Kritika No it’s my logic that was sort of going down the rabbit hole there. I was just trying to say that it would be a rather convoluted plot, and I’m not sure there’s a clear connection to me just because I happened to vote for Nicole yesterDay.

  152. @Kritika I hope you feel better soon! I’m sorry so many of us are dealing with health struggles this time around (again). 😦 Also sorry for adding to the confusion.

    @Kerrie you have a good point about the correlation between the puppet role that might be affecting Harker (having to vote for someone else’s chosen person) and Holland. Although there’s also the possibility that Harker doesn’t have a role, and is being “controlled” by whoever has the role of the Black London artifact.

    Or maybe Harker just doesn’t eat enough cheese… or maybe it was the wrong cheese. Tbh I think my cheese has been looking at me funny lately. 🤔

  153. Hello everyone! I just woke up (it’s 10am for me) and I seemed to have missed a lot. Honestly everyone is making a lot of good points but Harker’s inability to talk about their reasoning for voting makes me really suspicious.


  154. On way home from work (hence no voting update from me the last 9 hours) but did want to clarify that any comments I make are never a hint about gameplay. I honestly was just getting bored of the “there’s nothing to work with” comments. With over 200 comments between the two Days, there’s more than enough to work with. It was me just trying to encourage actual gameplay. 🙃

  155. Also yes, please respect Harker’s pronouns. Siena also had issues with people by respecting their pronoun. I’ll be editing comments where I notice the mistake.

  156. @Beth, glad to help 😂

    I really don’t really understand why Harker’s vote for Nicole is attracting votes for Harker. I mean, they could be the victim of a vote thief or some such situation, they could be a cop with inside info, etc, but nearly all the possibilities would lead me to believe that Harker is not Mafia. I mean, if they’re mafia, why on Earth would they be putting themselves out there like that? Makes no sense! I feel like if Harker was mafia and trying to oust Nicole, they could make at least a moderate case for it, try to spin things, etc. This actually makes me less suspicious of Harker 🤷

  157. I feel like I very likely may be hallucinating but I swear I’ve seen @Beth vote for Siran twice today and then later see it changed to Jeremy and it’s kind of freaking me out. Am I the only one? I must be nuts.

  158. Voting Update

    Jeremy (3) – Kritika, Beth, Laura
    Jenn (2) – Siran, Nicole
    Siran (1) – Dana
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Harker (2) – Kerrie, Edward

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Meeghan, Megan, Shannon M., Shannon T.

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Nicole (3), Shannon T (3)
    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    Random side note: Sorry if I seemed slightly cranky with my two comments above. It’s been a long, annoying day at work. 🙈

  159. @Asti no worries, I know what that’s like.

    @Shannon, that’s a fair point too. Urgh, this is so hard to work out. Is Harker a victim of a vote thief or not?


  160. @Dana Wait…I could swear Beth voted for Siran the second time. Indeed, Shannon said

    @Beth I am a little confused as to why you said you’re most suspicious of Siran, then said

    I don’t see the value in withholding a vote, just out of fear that it will be “wasted”

    but then voted for Jeremy? I may be misreading somehow (I am ridiculously tired, ha) so I figured I’d ask!

    And Beth did vote for me the first time. I’m not sure what’s going on there.

  161. @Jeremy I’d even swear that Beth had actually voted for Siran the first time too but it was changed to you within 5 minutes. I’m glad it may not just be me.

  162. @Dana You’re probably right, since Beth herself seemed surprised that her first vote was for Siran:

    Thanks for catching that- my vote was supposed to be for Siran.

    Is there a role that could cause that to happen? All I can think of is if a vote thief was used on her and for some reason she tried to vote against it, but surely there are other mechanisms?

  163. I wish I knew what was up. It just seems like a lot is happening that works in Siran’s favor and I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.

  164. Wait @Jeremy @Dana you’re right, I could have sworn Beth’s second voting post used to say SIRAN but now it says JEREMY?? I didn’t catch it on the first one though.

    @Siena I apologize if I mangled your pronouns, and I’ll be more careful to use the correct ones in the future!

  165. Voting Update

    Jeremy (3) – Kritika, Beth, Laura
    Jenn (2) – Siran, Nicole
    Siran (1) – Dana
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Kerrie

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Edward, Jenn, Jeremy, Krista, Meeghan, Megan, Shannon M., Shannon T.

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Nicole (3), Shannon T (3)
    Pass Granted: MiKayla

  166. Something is definitely happening here……I’m trying to vote for Siran, nor Jeremy. I have found Jeremy somewhat suspicious, but not enough to warrant voting for him. Although, if my vote keeps changing away from him, I’m more suspicious….



    PS. Why didn’t the cheese want to get sliced?
    It had grater plans!

  167. Voting Update

    Jeremy (3) – Kritika, Beth, Laura
    Jenn (2) – Siran, Nicole
    Siran (1) – Dana
    Nicole (1) – Harker

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Edward, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Krista, Meeghan, Megan, Shannon M., Shannon T.

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Nicole (3), Shannon T (3)
    Pass Granted: MiKayla

  168. @Beth Your vote keeps changing to me, not away from me. That would make me suspicious of Siran – except that Dana voted for her with no trouble earlier toDay.

  169. @Beth So, um . . . evidently it’s not just your vote that’s being changed, but your witticisms as well. You’re tag went from something about “the definition of insanity” to “(insert witty comment here)” to a cheese pun (I think there might have been one before those three). Did you write any of those? I’m not certain what to make of this.

  170. This is getting weird.

    @Jeremy I agree that this should make Siran look more suspicious except for Dana’s vote going through. I’m curious to see if the effect is only for Beth or just if Siran gets more than one vote so…


  171. @Beth, I went back and checked my email, and you did vote for Siran the first time! I just must have read through it later on the site when it had already changed to Jeremy.

    So. Looks like Beth cannot vote for Siran, OR can only vote for Jeremy. @Beth, you should test it- see if you can vote for someone other than Siran without it switching to Jeremy, then we’ll know for sure.

  172. What I’m confused about now is the point of all this. Beth not being able to vote for Siran doesn’t really make a difference if this makes us all suspicious of Siran. On the other hand, Jeremy is leading in votes right now and this is making him look less suspicious.

    So what’s the goal here? Make Siran look suspicious? Jeremy less suspicious? Throw suspicions on them as a red herring?

  173. @Krista, I agree. It seems to either be trying to make Siran seem suspicious, or just put the focus somewhere else altogether. Or maybe just to make us all lose our minds, who can tell at this point? 🤷

    But I mean, slow clap to whoever is doing it for also adding cheese puns, it’s pretty hilarious 😂

  174. @Krista/@Edward Certainly it does seem to be quite an obvious attempt at making me look suspicious that we can’t be expected to believe it. So now I’m starting to think about double and triple bluffs – are they giving me votes to make me look more suspicious? Are they making it so obvious that it seems like I set it up to throw suspicion on Siran, hence turning suspicions back on me? I have absolutely no idea, it’s too chaotic an element to know for sure their intentions.

    What confuses me is the changes in the text of Beth’s comments after the vote – I don’t have email notifications on, so can someone confirm that this really happened and I wasn’t just crazy?

    If whatever’s happening has control over Beth’s actual posts, not just her vote, then that seems like more power than just one player’s ability. Maybe this is the Athos/Holland dynamic? Or could it be some built-in element of the game, not directed by a player?

  175. WHAT ON EARTH I have no idea what’s going on here with Beth, but I imagine Crini, Asti, and Inge are chuckling right now…

    This whole situation with Beth being unable to vote for anyone but Jeremy (or unable to vote for Siran?) thing makes me less suspicious of Jeremy for sure. I’ve been more suspicious of Siran all along and didn’t want to test the 1x lynchproof thing but with this weirdness all caution has been abandoned. And the cheese puns? What have I unleashed with my random comment about cheese chit chat lol


  176. @Jeremy They definitely changed. I didn’t catch all of them you did but I did see it say “insert witty comment here” before it changed to the pun

  177. Wow, omg and much has happened!

    A potential vote theif stealing Harkers vote and something crazy is going on with Beth’s voting. That is some development.

    I have changed my mind so much reading through these comments. First I thought I might vote for Jeremy since he seemed suspicious, but his comment about Edward voting for him seemed so genuine that it honestly made me rethink everything. It could be a double bluff and they’re both mafia, but that would surely take some excellent planning skills that I’m just not betting on so early in the game.

    Then Harker’s weird unexplainable vote happened for Nicole which doesn’t quite make sense. Many questions arise here, mainly who is this vote meant to put suspicion on, Harker, Nicole or indeed Jeremy as others have commented? I was all ready to believe that Harker was innocent in this debacle but then Kerrie brings up and excellent point of Holland being at Athos’ beck and call and could be controlling the character Holland, including their voting choices.

    Though in some ways I almost want to cast Holland as a third party role, under the influence of the Dane twins but sort of ultimately wanting to be good. If Harker vote had been stolen, it doesn’t make top much sense to wait until now to reveal it, why not earlier in the day when it would be less suspicious? More obvious that a vote theif had taken place? Its got me thinking that they could be Holland and he could be third party. So Harker might have a slightly different or their own win goal. To survive no matter what side wins perhaps. Makes me wanna vote for them… Am I making any sense? And am I just going way too deep? Haha.

    Then there’s the mystery of Beth’s voting being changed. That’s different to a vote theif. It seems she genuinely doesn’t know what’s going on. I’d be interested to see whether it’s just her vote for Jeremy that’s being switched to someone random or if no matter who she votes for it will alwywss be Siran. That will certainly tell us something. Only mafia know their team so if Beths vote is always being changed to Siran then that certainly eases my suspicions there….

    At the moment I’m going with my completely down the rabbit hole, wild and crazy theory about Harker being Holland and third party (which is still bad for us). Please tell me if I’m just sounding crazy at this point haha.


  178. @Jeremy: I’ve checked my email notifications and you’re not crazy, her votes are definitely being changed. Shannon checked her email too.

    As for player ability, in the book Astrid could control people across her and Kell’s London because of a pendant that was passed between White & Red. It started off infecting the prince, but then it could infect anybody who touched it.

    I’m not certain, but I’m kind of wondering if Beth might have been Poisoned? According to the Role page:

    Depending on the set-up, a Poisoned player may be given Post Restrictions during their final Day as a side effect of their slow death.

    Poisoned players are not notified that they have been poisoned.

    Could the Gamemakers have tweaked the Post Restrictions to allow for vote changes, no matter who Beth votes for?

    @Megan Rose: to answer your thought/query/what-you-call-it:

    If Harker vote had been stolen, it doesn’t make top much sense to wait until now to reveal it, why not earlier in the day when it would be less suspicious?

    I wanted to wait as long as I could to see if anyone else mentioned or voted for Nicole first on the premise that perhaps that might give me some answers. As it’s getting near the end of the Day, though, I didn’t think it prudent to wait any longer, so I placed my vote.

  179. @Megan Rose: I think we’re all feeling a little crazy at this point. Also Beth’s votes are switching from Siran to me, not the other way around – but I would like to know if it always redirects to me, or if it’s only votes for Siran that are being changed.

  180. I am very concerned by this situation with @Beth ! I also want to know if it always resets to @Jeremy
    Something strange is definitely afoot here.
    I’m still very suspicious of both Siran and Jeremy but Siran might be lynchproof this Day again so I don’t want that vote to be for nothing.

  181. @Harker I get it a bit I think. Though your reluctance to explain the still makes me think something akin to vote stealing is going on and you leaving it this long kind of reinforces my crazy theory in my brain I have to say. Sorry! Haha. On one hand I feel all galaxy brain and I’ve figure out everything, and on the other, I think I may have lost my mind and it’s all nonsense haha.

    Gonna stick with my vote for now I think.

    @Jeremy Thanks for correcting me! Got all confused there. Yes, I was meaning I think, it will be interesting to know if Beth’s vote no matter who she’s chooses will always be switched to you, or if it’s something that is exclusively trying to save Siran. Is it meant to put suspicion on Siran or you? That is the question.

    Lota to think about…. 🤔

  182. I guess my question is why target Jeremy and Nicole specifically? If someone is changing Beth’s vote to Jeremy and someone stole Harker’s vote and made them vote for Nicole, those someones are probably anti-town. Initially, I wanted to assume that the people behind these actions were mafia, but then if so, why not make Harker and Beth work together to eliminate someone?

  183. @Kerrie: maybe that would be too obvious? They (whoever they are – singular, team, w/e) want to play the long game and sow discord among the Town by making as many people look suspicious as possible while taking out whatever Townspeople they can?

  184. @Kerrie Splitting votes doesn’t seem like a very good strategy. It would definitely make more sense to throw their votes towards the same person. Unless the point is just to cause chaos. Or whoever’s forcing Harker’s vote and whoever is changing Beth’s vote aren’t on the same team? They wouldn’t have been able to plan together then, which might explain why this strategy seems to make no sense?

  185. Oh man, I do NOT want to be poisoned! Meep!
    OK, sorry for the delay in jumping back on here. I’m going to try @ShannonM’s theory out of not voting for Jeremy and not voting for Siran.

    @Harker says:

    I wanted to wait as long as I could to see if anyone else mentioned or voted for Nicole first on the premise that perhaps that might give me some answers. As it’s getting near the end of the Day, though, I didn’t think it prudent to wait any longer, so I placed my vote.

    This really makes me think that they have discovered something about Nicole that makes them suspicious, but if they say what it is they’ll end up with a target on their back (either from us during the Day, or from the mafia during the Night).
    The reason I think this is this verbiage: “I didn’t think it prudent to wait any longer”.

    The subtext of that language is not “I had to vote by X day”, it’s “I needed to get this out there before we didn’t have enough time to discuss it.” So I’m thinking there’s something shady about Nicole, and the fact that nobody is talking about it means Harker had to bite the bullet and just vote for her.



    (my vote above is for Kerrie, in case this changes and something about cheese is put in here)

    (how about a cheese pun here though? is that better?
    When should you keep an eye on your cheese?
    When it’s up to no Gouda!)

  186. I’m with Beth on this one, her comment hasn’t changed (yet) and I find it odd that Harker won’t or can’t seem to discuss their reasoning regarding their vote.


  187. Hmm, okay, so I’ve been looking for patterns.

    Beth only ended up with her vote changed to Jeremy after Edward, Kritika and Laura voted for Jeremy.

    I’ve also noticed how after Beth votes for Nicole, Edward does as well.

    Why the switch?

  188. @Edward: *their

    To quote myself from when you, Laura, and Nicole asked early this morning.

    @Edward/Laura/Nicole: I’m afraid I can’t answer that.

    @Beth: situational awareness. >.> Discussion certainly did occur.

    @Amber: are you sure Beth’s vote was only changed after those other people voted, or did no one catch on until later? It’s hard to tell because edits aren’t time-stamped, I don’t think.

  189. @Amber I switched my vote because Harker can’t discuss their reasoning for why they voted the way they did, which lends me to suspect they are being told to vote a certain way. I also don’t want to vote for Siran because of possible lynch immunity. Jeremy doesn’t strike me as anti-town, so I’m voting for Nicole.

  190. @Edward you seem to jump votes a lot….not sure if this is because you are just trying to go off others logic and we do eventually have to get rid of someone despite not much info. Or are you trying to hide behind others by joining their same votes…
    I don’t know what to believe anymore

  191. @Laura honestly I don’t know what to believe anymore either. 0_o; everything happening today is so confusing! But I swear I’m only changing votes because everyone else is using stellar logic in their posts and I really, really don’t want to vote townies out if I can help it. So until I know for sure whether Harker and Beth’s votes are being stolen or not I’d rather not take the risk.

  192. @Edward, but if Harker is being told to vote a certain way, and as you said, you suspect they are, isn’t it likely that they’re being instructed by someone anti-town to target a town member? Wouldn’t voting for Nicole then HELP whoever is making Harker vote? So your vote for Nicole probably helps an anti-town faction/individual which you wouldn’t want to do unless you were anti-town as well

  193. I just haven’t found Nicole too suspicious myself. If we’re voting for her because she asked some questions about the night time activity, shouldn’t we also be concerned with Edward as well? It’s just interesting to me that the other person who asked those questions is now being voted for.

    I’m also super suspicious of Harker BUT they did explain their reasoning above, so they weren’t locked down. As far as I know anyway.

  194. @Amber, the thing with the votes is that the mods could very well be asleep/unavailable during that time, so it might have just been a coincidence that others voted for Jeremy in the interim? (Actually, I’d assume it is a coincidence, as I can’t see any connection to merit the change- even if they changed their votes for Jeremy, it didn’t really change the outcome, as Jeremy had the majority of votes both before and after.)

  195. Yah, I’m agreeing with @Laura in the fact that Edward has jumped votes very quickly and often both in Days 1 and 2. I was already suspicious of Edward due to noticing thst earlier, as well as the comment about asking what happened during the night. Other than that I am completely lost on the vote and quote changing going on so I am going to go with my strongest suspicion and:


  196. @Kerrie yes, that is a very good point! Especially because I am starting to think that if Harker was a cop, at this point they would at least start making some kind of case for Nicole, but they aren’t. Meaning they probably aren’t thrilled with their vote, if I am assuming correctly. Hence @Edward, why are you then voting for Nicole? I get you not wanting to vote for Harker, but then why change to Nicole?

  197. @Amber I don’t see how Harker explained their reasoning for voting Nicole at all. They voted Nicole, What are you seeing that I’m not?
    They voted Nicole.
    When asked by 3 players to explain why, they said “I’m afraid I can’t answer that.”.

    When Kritika brought up the vote thief possibility and Krista asked “What do you mean you can’t answer that? As in you don’t know how to explain why you find Nicole suspicious, or you don’t have anything to explain?”, Harker responds with “I can neither confirm nor deny that.”

    They can clearly lay out their suspicions/thoughts about Jeremy, Dana, Jenn, Edward, and Siran. And not once have they actually said they’re suspicious of Nicole.

    When Kerrie brought up that maybe Harker is Holland and being controlled, they said “without sounding too desperate, that is something I can confirm: 🙅🏻 not Hollabd or anti-Town.”

    When Megan Rose brought up that if Harker’s vote was stolen, it’s odd/suspicious they waited so long in the day, Harker’s response was “I wanted to wait as long as I could to see if anyone else mentioned or voted for Nicole first on the premise that perhaps that might give me some answers. As it’s getting near the end of the Day, though, I didn’t think it prudent to wait any longer, so I placed my vote.”

    When I proposed (for the second time) that Harker might be acting on a bit of information they discovered, their response was “My wording/timing was to do with observing others besides those I’m fairly certain of & coming up empty, but running out of time, thought discussion might help especially now that we’re past the flatline of D1.” And when I asked whether they meant trying to trigger discussion regarding Nicole, or just discussion, their response was “situational awareness”.

    I am baffled. But, you know, gotta take the gourda with the bad.

  198. I am also going to


    Because Harker’s recent answers make me think more and more this IS a deliberate control/manipulation (especially given my own comments changing after I post them), which means Nicole is likely Town, and Harker is likely also Town.

  199. @Beth Okay, you are totally right! So many comments, I’m mixing things up. I misunderstood their suspiciousness of Dana. I still don’t find them real suspicious, we don’t have to take them at their word that they’re not anti-town but I feel like maybe they’re telling the truth. I read over their comments when I was in Spec chat and I was never real suspect of them.

  200. @Beth, baffled is a good term because SAME, so much same 😂

    The only thing I can figure is that Harker is genuinely not suspicious of Nicole, or really does not want to vote for Nicole, for whatever reason. Beyond that, I’m not sure what to make of it. Wonder if Harker is allowed to answer questions in code. Like “gouda for yes, cheddar for no” 🤔😂


    I know constantly changing my mind isn’t going to help matters at all but you’re right, I don’t want to vote out someone in the Town. If Harker is being told to vote a certain way I don’t want to play into their hands. Rrrrrgh this is so frustrating! Do I vote for someone? Do I not vote at all? I don’t want the mafia to win but right now the only thing I can say for sure is that Harker doesn’t seem like they’ve got a choice in the matter.

  202. Also for the record I’m a slow typer and I was already cancelling my vote BEFORE Beth posted her comment so I’m not just jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon -_-;

  203. It just occurred to me that maybe on D1, Siena had the same thing placed on them, and had to vote Edward, and that’s why they never explained their switch. Which would mean Siran and Edward are also likely both Town.

    Where would we brie without me?

  204. There’s so much going on it’s hard to keep my thoughts straight!

    Beth’s votes being changed is crazy, but I don’t think we can tell who is actually behind it nor what their motivations are.

    However it’s clear to me that Harker is being forced to vote for me. That in and of itself doesn’t make me suspect Harker, but the possiblity that Harker is playing Holland and being controlled by the Danes does make me think there’s a good chance Harker is anti-town.


  205. A bunch of comments were posted in the time it took me to type up my last comment and now I’m not as convinced that Harker is anti-town.

  206. I forgot about Siena having their vote controlled. I wonder what the connection is between Sienna and Harker having the same issue with voting. Is there anything in common with the people who voted for them? I know Siena had a lot of votes. I’m just trying to compare the votes for Siena and the votes for Harker, because if Siena was forced voters and was lynched-proof, maybe so is Harker. I know that’s already been discussed though. I just wish we could figure out who’s behind it, if it’s even connected.

    If Harker isn’t anti-town, that would mean they were controlled by someone who is.

  207. @Beth That’s a good point but then Siena’s original Harker vote would have changed/she wouldn’t have had to cancel based on what you’re experiencing. You didnt cancel and change your vote like they did and you didnt seem to willingly change your Siran vote to Edward.

    Sorry if that doesn’t make sense. I’m at an Elton John concert that starts in 5 mins and it’s getting hard to focus on my thought process.

  208. @Beth, the thing is, with Siena, they could have at least sort of… acknowledged that they knew we were asking, like Harker has? Unless they had already been unable to continue the Game at that point and that is why they didn’t. I think it’s a possibility, but one we’re not likely to ever know the answer to (until the end, I suppose!)

  209. @Harker – All we know is that they voted for someone and never explained it despite being asked multiple times. It’s possible they were just busy or it’s possible they were done playing the game and wanted out and told a mod.

  210. Ah, okay. It sounded kind of definitive, so I thought maybe I’d missed something. 😅 Siran being a direct replacement for Siena, they couldn’t tell us Siena’s train of thought, but the same restrictions would still be in place, so who knows what they’d be able to reveal or not. It would be helpful, that’s for sure, .if. they were able to.

  211. @Harker that is kind of what I am wondering- obviously Siran wouldn’t know what Siena was thinking, but would Siran know if Siena did have vote restrictions on Day 1? Considering it didn’t really mean much to Siran going forward, I wonder if that sort of thing would have been revealed. @Asti, is that a question you can answer? Whether Siran would have been given knowledge of any prior restriction Siena would have had?

  212. @Harker No, not definitive! Just speculation, since Siena never explained their vote.

    @Dana Have fun at the concert! (and when you finally read this- I wasn’t speculating that Siena was experiencing what I’m experiencing, I was speculating that Siena was experiencing what Harker is experiencing)

    @Amber This may have been done by the time I post this, but comparing Siena and Harker activity, I don’t see much.
    Voted for Harker: Kerrie, MiKayla, Siena
    Expressed suspicion of Harker: Kritika (Oct 11 7:32pm) and then rescinded suspicion (Oct 12 4:06am), Kerrie (Oct 13 8:49pm)

    Voted for Siena: Harker, Edward, Meeghan, Beth, Shannon, Nicole, Dana, Krista
    Expressed suspicion of Siena: Megan Rose (Oct 12 1:29pm), Nicole (Oct 12 2:21pm), Meeghan (Oct 13 8:04am), Shannon M (Oct 13 12:51pm), Beth (Oct 13 1:51pm), Dana (Oct 13 4:05pm), Jeremy (Oct 13 7:51pm)

    Harker themselves voted Siena (random first vote), then MiKayla (suspicious about exchange with Krista).
    And they made a comment about under-the-radar players being possible mafia, which got a few supportive comments.

    Siena herself voted Harker (random first vote), then Edward

    I’m not seeing a lot of camembert.

  213. @Beth Thanks for laying it all out like that! How time-consuming.

    Okay, it looks like the two aren’t connected other than the commonality that both couldn’t explain their last votes.

    I just looked over my spreadsheet (thank you for that inspiration D1) and apparently Edward voted for Siena but I didn’t mark a reason for it, as did Krista. I’m going to go over my notes again though.

  214. @Amber I got ya:
    Edward’s vote for Siena was on Oct 12 3:19am, and he says “Because Siena voted for me :p”

    Krista’s vote for Siena was Oct 13 7:37pm, and she says “The sudden switch and the following explanation does seem strange, so I’m also going to add my vote for Siena. There’s not really anything to go off of yet besides that, but it does seems weird to me.”

    I hope that’s cheddar!

  215. @Beth You are so on top of things! Yeah, I did just read over D1 comments again and found both of those.

    So, it does seem odd to me that people were convinced Siena was Mafia because they changed their vote without explanation. Would explanation and been nice? For sure! We’d have more to go off of. But it seems more to me like they were forced to make that vote. I just wonder why. Like we all do.

    Now, if Siran does the same thing, we might find a pattern there.

  216. @Amber I know D1 was thin on stuff to be suspicious about, but there was also the fact that Siena cited their reasoning for dropping their Harker vote as something that happened *after* they dropped their Harker vote. Which is another reason why I wonder if Siena was being dictated their vote for Edward (either after their initial Harker vote, or beforehand but they forgot).

    I don’t think it’s necessarily something to do with Siran’s role, nor do I think Harker’s similar forced voting for Nicole has something to do with their role. This is just my assumption based on the Black London artifact traveling through touch and possessing the people it invades, but I get the feeling it’s someone else’s role (that they have the ability to pick a player and dictate to that player who they must vote for). And because that’s the feeling I have about it, it would mean the people “possessed” and the people they’re voting for are *not* the Big Bad that’s doing the manipulation. Does that make sense?

    (Also, I think this is separate from my thing, as I was able to successfully vote for Nicole. Just apparently not Siran, as those kept changing to Jeremy. And if that means I’m poisoned, I want to contribute as much as possible as a gouda Townie before I die)

  217. Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m more confused than ever, and although I’ve been taking more than the instructed amount of cough syrup I’m starting to think that doesn’t have much to do with it… (I mean, it’s probably not helping with reading ADSOM which is why I’m still not past page 49 and therefore have no idea who anyone other than Kell is…)

    @Harker I believe that one of the Mods would have to go in and do it manually, as otherwise I assume the email comment updates would also be the updated version.

  218. @Beth – I wish I had more energy because I’d type you a more lengthy reply.

    I do wonder if Siena was dictated the vote for Edward by someone who knew something. I know it was only day one but there must be some reason why, if they were dictated a vote and then not Eliminated, it happened that way. It does make sense that way, so I wonder if it’s fair to say that Siena was controlled by the Big Bad, whoever that is.

    Then again, maybe that’s what someone wants us to think.

    It’s interesting your vote for Nicole went through but not Siran, I wonder why.

  219. @Amber and @Beth, it IS interesting that the Nicole vote has stayed- the question of course is, will it continue to? It’s still middle of the night for our Europe-based mods, and there have been no vote updates, so. I am not very confident that it will stay, tbh, but we’ll certainly see! (And you know we’ll all be over here in the middle of the night refreshing the page just to see what’s happening 😂)

  220. I think it would have been interesting to see if Beth’s vote would have changed to Jeremy again if she didn’t cancel it.

    Also, if you look back at the votes, Dana has successfully voted for Siran, so that would leave me to believe something is manipulating Beth’s vote to change. Whether or not it’s her being forced to vote for Jeremy or her not being able to vote for Siran, we won’t know until she votes again and there is an update.

  221. Voting Update

    Jeremy (1) – Laura
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (3) – Dana, Krista, Kritika
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Harker (2) – Megan, Nicole
    Edward (1) – Shannon T

    Not Voting: Amber, Anna, Beth, Edward, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Meeghan, Shannon M.
Pass Granted: MiKayla

    14 hours remain!

    @Shannon: Siran was given Siena’s full role information when she came in as a replacement as nothing changed with her replacement!

  222. Uhhhh… DEFINITELY something hinky going on with Beth’s votes and comments.

    From memory it’s all just switched from Nicole to Kerrie, and now EVERY COMMENT has a cheese related pun on it.

  223. I’m actually over here trying to decipher and find clues in the cheese puns which I think is a pretty solid sign that I’ve officially lost it. @Beth, I think you’re a gouda townie too 😂

    Interesting that Beth’s vote changed, but not to Jeremy again. I haven’t a clue what to make of that. It does seem quite likely that she’s been poisoned or something similar. By The Cheese Plague, apparently 🤷

  224. okay yeah something is DEFINITELY happening with Beth, those cheese puns didn’t exist until the mods came back.

  225. OK Londoners. I am about to head to bed, and that’s terrifying because I don’t feel like I have the slightest inkling of what is happening toDay at all.
    Between Beth’s comments and voting changes and the really low voting at this stage I do feel like I am going to miss some really important conversations in the next 9 hours.

    However, here’s my suspicions, reasoning and vote.

    Jenn – mostly regarding the below comment (which I have split into two to make my own comments on)
    19 Oct 2:59pm

    As for the suspicion on Siran, if she didn’t die because she is lynchproof, isn’t that usually a role that a Townie leader would have? I could be wrong but I think that’s usually the case.

    If that IS the case (which I’m not sure it is as we don’t even know if Siran IS lynchproof or just had a 1 x ability), should we announcing it so loudly? Possible that as Jenn is a substitute and likely missed N1 chat, she is alerting fellow mafia team members to this fact?

    But also the Mafia could be trying to get us to switch votes away from Siran to get us to vote for someone else because their goal is to ultimately get us to kill as many of ourselves as we can. So telling us to vote for a lynchproof person would go against their goal.

    Unless mafia members know that Siran IS lynchproof (as she is mafia) therefore us wasting our votes on Siran won’t get the others killed off. Or mafia members know she is town and therefore encouraging us to vote her off…

    Jeremy – Look, I’m still not convinced that Jeremy is town following yesterDay’s comments and voting, and also this comment from 19 Oct 10:51pm:

    So now I’m starting to think about double and triple bluffs – are they giving me votes to make me look more suspicious? Are they making it so obvious that it seems like I set it up to throw suspicion on Siran, hence turning suspicions back on me? I have absolutely no idea, it’s too chaotic an element to know for sure their intentions.

    I can’t tell if the intention of bringing up double and triple bluffs is Jeremy trying to cause confusion, or allay suspicions (is it a defence??) or what.

    Edward – The constant vote switching makes me feel suspicious. If only because it’s almost as if someone mentions someone suspicious, and then Edward jumps on a bandwagon to try and get a movement happening. Is this mafia play, or is this excited newbie who follows other people’s logic?

    Siran – Even if we speculate that Siena had their vote swayed for X reason yesterDay, the whole ‘will I, won’t I reveal my role’ thing toDay was kind of odd. Roles are there to try and help your team and taunting that you have one is only likely to make the opposite team feel suspicious of you. And I’m not convinced that the lynchproof ability from yesterDay does mean that Siran is town.

    There are a lot of players who are ‘flying under the radar’ for me at the moment, and I hope this changes as the Days go on. I do feel a little like they’re hanging back to see if some of the louder players start to hang themselves – which could entirely be happening right now. I don’t feel like there’s solid evidence against anyone right now, in fact the only thing I am sure of is that Beth is being played with by someone, which leads me to suspect that she is probably town.

    However, I need to vote before bed, so…


    (again, sorry Jeremy)

  226. Sorry, my last thought that I’ve been mulling over… Given three of Beth’s votes have been changed (Siran to Jeremy twice / Nicole to Kerrie), it’s entirely possible that it’s a random person that the vote is assigned to.

    @Beth, not sure if you could do some testing on this matter (not that I’ll likely see it as I’ll be asleep).
    If you vote for Siran again, it would be interesting to see if it switches to Jeremy a third time. Following this logic, you could vote for each person, and using the numbers we were all assigned at the start (i.e. 1 is Megan Rose, 2 is Harker, etc.) see if a pattern emerges.
    For instance, when Beth votes for Siran (19), but instead is assigned Jeremy (6); and then votes for Nicole (17) and is instead Kerrie (15), is there a pattern or is it random? And if it IS random, by going through each of us, and determining if you continue to vote for Siran and always vote for Jeremy, you should be able to figure out how you CAN vote for Siran (if you want to still do that) by seeing whose vote switches to Siran.

    That’s probably a really terrible way of explaining it, but the math/logic works in my head. (I’m really sorry if it’s confusing to other people…)

  227. Something is definitely up with Beth’s votes. Maybe she is poisoned and their votes get changed to someone random, almost like plague delirium?

    Though Meeghan brings up a good point to test out the voting patterns to see if you could get your vote to the person you want. Although that would certainly take a lot of time.

    I still kind of believe in my wild theory about Harker being Holland and being controlled by Athos but is also third party and have their own win goal. But it is also a little far fetched as well. I’ve either guessed correctly or I’m way off base. For now I think I may keep my suspicions but change my vote to try and be more helpful since not everyone is feeling as suspicious of Harker as I am at this stage.


    The only person I’m truly sold on who is town is Beth. I’m not sure which town role could mess up someone like that so it makes more sense its a mafia role messing up with Beth. I’d be delighted to know full list of all your suspicions before the end of the day Beth, I’m very inclined to stick with your way of thinking, especially if you seemed dangerous enough to get axed by the mafia.

    Edwards vote switching a lot does ring a lot of bells to be honest. It could be a newbie to the game, but the his comments always seem thought out so whether he has played before he seems to have some knowledge of what’s going on. So this jumping back and forth, joining bandwagon can’t be coincidence can it? Very suspicious there.

    I’m reasonably suspicious of Jeremy as well, he talks a lot about deception and double bluffing like Meeghan noted. Is that him trying to decieve us? I don’t know.

    Think I’m going to


    At this point. His constant vote switching just screams mafia to me. Trying to get a bandwagon going and getting a townie out (which in turn makes me slightly less suspicious of the people he’s voted for since they’re likely to be townies).

  228. I’ve missed so much! Omg Beth’s comments are full of cheese puns… Do we think it’s significant that so far all the cheeses mentioned are ones we talked about and not any new ones? If I were Beth I would be STRESSED but I’m kind of laughing at how absurd this situation is (I’m obviously a little stressed as well because I want to get to the bottom of this but I have absolutely no clue what could be happening)!

    @Meeghan that’s a really clever idea, maybe if Beth voted for Jeremy it would flip to Siran? I’m not sure there’s time to test all possible votes because the mods seem to be the ones enforcing the switches but one or two more votes to see if there’s a pattern seems worth a shot! @Beth what do you think?

    I don’t really see Jeremy as suspicious anymore after his comments on the later half of the day, so despite Meeghan’s reasoning I’m going to keep my vote for Siran.

  229. This vote weirdness has me thoroughly confused. But I’m also about to head to bed and want to get a vote in as I will miss the rest the Day.

    I agree Edward does seem a bit suspicious with all his vote changing and I don’t really know about Siran right now either. But the person that I’m leaning towards currently leaning towards is Jeremy. He seemed a bit suspicious to me and I currently agree with Meeghan.


  230. I woke up with a coughing fit so have checked back in…

    A further explanation of why I think Beth could test everyone is because she had voted for Nicole and cancelled the vote before the change had occurred. Therefore, technically Beth could vote for everyone in separate comments, and then wait for the Mods to come in and change them all, which, based on past activity should occur even though the votes would be no longer valid.

    Just an idea!! (Sorry @Beth and @Asti if this causes you lots of work!!)

  231. @Kritika I was wondering if the cheeses being ones we had mentioned was significant! Last night, what caught my eye was that gouda and cheddar had been in the latest cheese puns, and they’d be the exact same ones I suggested Harker use to give us clues! But that could be a coincidence, too. (Also can anyone believe that we’re actually over here analyzing cheese puns? 😂)

    @Beth, do you have someone specific who you really do want to vote for? I know you had tried to vote for Siran a few times, does that still stand? Gouda for yes, cheddar for no, remember 😁

    I’m just at such a loss about who to vote for. I’m definitely feeling most suspect of Siran and Edward at this point. Edward is tough because it could be newbie nerves, sure, or a mafia strategy. Siran… I have no idea what to think about. But I was perplexed by her wanting to out her role toDay then kind of dropping off the radar, and I’m also a little worried about Beth not bring able to vote for her at this point. But again, that might not be because Siran is mafia, just a side effect of the Cheese Plague. Gahhh voting is hard guys 😩

  232. @Beth, I definitely think you should try to test Meeghan’s plan, too. At the very least, try to vote for Jeremy and see what happens? Then we’d have some idea of what we’re working with.

    I’m also very interested in the people who aren’t interested in what’s going on with Beth. I.e., those who seem to be flying under the radar/are uninvolved in the conversation. Either they’re using it as a good distraction to stay low key, or they know what’s going on, or both, but regardless, I find it sketchy.

  233. Can I just say that even as a newbie I know that jumping votes makes me look bad? ^_^; I know I’d probably be saying “I’m not mafia I swear!” even if I was because the point of this game is to win, but I’m not very good at being sly or secretive so my mafia strategy would be to comment as little as possible. Jumping votes isn’t me hopping bandwagons, it’s me trying to figure out whose logic is the most sound and waffling on the decision because I really don’t want to vote for the wrong person.

    I went over everyone’s comments from yesterday and the ones that popped up while I was asleep and while I’d like to see Beth’s voting test I’m not sure we have the time. For now I’d say she does seem Poisoned and is therefore a Townie. Harker seems suspicious because they apparently can’t seem to discuss their choice of voting, which means either they are Holland being controlled by Athos, a Townie being somehow controlled by someone else, or a mafia member trying to deflect suspicion. Siran never left my radar but I’d hate to see Day 2 wasted much like Day 1 was, and without knowing if Siran’s role is lynchproof for more than one day I’m hesitant to vote Siran off. Jeremy was kind enough to stick his neck out for me, which mames me think that Jeremy is either mafia trying to make me look even worse or is a Townie that believes me. Personally I believe it’s the second option, as Jeremy’s posts all ring with honesty. Nobody else is on my radar at the current moment, and with so little time left on the clock I’m at a loss on what to do.

  234. @ Shannon You make a really good point about the people who haven’t commented on this at all. Granted that could be a time difference thing, but between last night’s conversation and the one this morning, there’s been a lot of discussion. For now, I’m going to leave my vote as is, but I do wonder what would happen if Beth tried to vote for Jeremy.

  235. At personal risk of Night retaliation, I feel the need to put this out there: I have information that Jeremy is, as far as I know, Town.

    I’ve been struggling with whether to reveal this because of the above mentioned Night risk, but I also want to give the Town the best chance at survival. As much as I want to survive, can I really say I gave the Town the best chance if I’m letting Townspeople go down ? And apparently being subtle didn’t work. 😅 If luck is with me, I can be clearer toMorrow as to other info. 🤞

    Saying this on the last day of the Day might seem weird because of the time constraint and I’m sorry, but as I said, I was really conflicted about what to share vs saving myself vs the good of the Town. That feels selfish now considering it’s a group effort and I feel bad about it.

  236. I like this idea that the someone’s vote changing is the result of some black stone/ possession magic but I don’t think they’re random. If they were, why vote Jeremy twice? Why only target Siran/Siena on D1? Unless Meeghan’s idea is correct that there’s some correlation between who Beth originally votes for and who it changes to.

    I think Siena/Siran was the mafia target day 1.

    I think Jeremy might have originally been the mafia target for Day 2 either because the mafia had previously decided on Jeremy or because everyone started bandwagoning there after Kritika’s first comment.

    I think Beth’s vote may have changed to me because I’ve been pretty vocally speculating about people’s characters and maybe I’m right and whoever’s behind the vote change doesn’t like that?

  237. @Kerrie now that Harker revealed information that feels very honest to me, I have to agree that Jeremy seems to be the target of Mafia attention. We’re also pretty divided on votes currently so I want to agree with you about Beth’s vote changing to you.

  238. @Harker thank you for sharing that, but having been a cop in a previous game (I’m assuming your info is because you’re a role cop, but I could be wrong), how do you know your info is good after only one Day? I really hope you are a sane cop because you took this risk for the Town by sharing but there are so many types of deceptive cops that it’s hard to know if your information is good after only one Day/Night. I’m willing to trust the information that Jeremy is Town for now because it’s better than nothing, but I’m still a little wary of blindly believing it. I don’t think Harker is making this up because they sound really conflicted about bringing this up so late in the Day, but I’m not 100% sure the information itself is true.

  239. Voting Update

    Jeremy (3) – Laura, Meeghan, Anna
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (3) – Dana, Krista, Kritika
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Nicole
    Edward (2) – Shannon T, Megan

    Not Voting: Amber, Beth, Edward, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Shannon M.

    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    5 hours to go!

  240. Okay, I went back and saw that Beth’s vote for Nicole was in fact changed to Kerrie. So I’m thinking this probably means that there is a good chance that Beth is a Townie.

    So now to decide if that means the people her votes are changing to are also Townies or not. If Harker is to be believed about their information on Jeremy, then there is a good chance that Jeremy is Town as well. BUT I don’t think that means Harker is necessarily Town. If they are Mafia, they may just be throwing it out there before anything happens to Jeremy so that they look more Town when he is revealed to be Town, since there is quite a bit of talk about Jeremy toDay and Harker has a few people suspicious of them.

    @Meeghan, No, we don’t know if Siran is lynchproof. However, because she survived Day 1 with the most votes, it wouldn’t make sense for the Mafia to try o get us to vote her off toDay because what if she is lynchproof and we have no one die again a the end of the day? The Mafia’s goal is to kill us all off before we find them, so they’re going to want us to be lynching each other.

    I really think that Siran is a Townie and would be shocked if she turned out to be Mafia at this point.

  241. @Shannon Gouda! 😉 I just woke up so I’m a little bleary-eyed right now, but the first thing I did (after feeding the cats) was refresh this. Aaaaand yep, my vota was changed to Kerrie. And all the cheese puns! ACK! I didn’t catch that only the cheeses we’ve mentioned have been used. Do you think there’s something to that? Only I don’t know what- even if it’s a nod to the person who last mentioned that cheese, what does it mean?!


    I like this idea that the someone’s vote changing is the result of some black stone/ possession magic but I don’t think they’re random. If they were, why vote Jeremy twice? Why only target Siran/Siena on D1?

    My D1 votes for Siran were my own- they weren’t changed by the mods. Hence my confusion about the sudden D2 changes. I mean, we’re joking about the Cheese Plague, but it does seem like a random affliction to throw on someone, and I assume it was the result of a Night action (hence thinking poinsoned). So D1, Siran was not “targeted”.

    @Megan Rose

    I’d be delighted to know full list of all your suspicions before the end of the day Beth, I’m very inclined to stick with your way of thinking, especially if you seemed dangerous enough to get axed by the mafia.

    Here goes:
    I’m lifting my eyebrows at the under-the-radar players. I know we’re all busy and sick and whatnot, but Shannon T has only commented 4 times on D1 and 4 times on D2, Nicole commented 5 times on D1 and 5 times on D2, and Jenn has only commented 5 times toDay (no D1 info to go off of, of course). So I wonder if one of them is Mafia, skating by.

    I’m sticking with my current theory that Siena being forced to vote Edward on D1, and Harker being forced to vote Nicole on D2 means Siran, Edward, Harker, and Nicole are all Town. It’s a thin theory, I know, but I don’t know what else to make of things.
    Harker’s reveal that they know information about Jeremy but can’t tell us why they’re voting for Nicole reinforces that, though I’m not certain I believe them about Jeremy being Town.

    I’m honestly not sure about Jeremy. His D1 comment about feeling like Siena was third party and therefore he wanted to vote someone he thinks is Mafia raised red flags. I understand what he’s saying (go after the bigger fish), but it still felt slippery to me (and unlike him, I didn’t find Nicole’s asking about nighttime actions to be indicative of anti-town leanings). But he’s also thoughtful in his communications and nothing he’s done on D2 has raised a red flag. So I’d say I’m quasi-suspicious of him.

    I can’t speak to MiKayla. Their actions on D1 didn’t particularly raise red flags for me, and of course they have a pass on D2.
    I’m not currently suspicious of Laura, Anna, Dana, or Kerrie- they’re just a blank slate to me right now.

    I find nothing suspect about Kritika, Shannon M, Meeghan, Megan Rose, or Krista right now. They’re contributing good theories, being thoughtful and discussing….pretty much everything Town has to do in order to win. I’ve also played with them before, and none of their communications feel out of character or different than their usual play style.

    I think that’s everybody?

    @Edward and all the other newbies: Even last game, when we kicked Mafia butt, we still lost townies. It’s going to happen. We’ll end up lynching our own people, at least once, and it sucks and sometimes it means the next Day suspicion falls on you for voting for them, but you *can’t* let fear of breaking an egg keep you from voting, otherwise the Mafia is silencing your only daytime power and our best chance of getting rid of them.

    And in the interest of science (and for @Meeghan), I’ll try to vote and switch it as many times as I can. We’ll see what happens! Maybe I’ll even rub myself in Vaseline and pretend I’m a slug.


  242. I’m going to 0oace my vote, I’ve been suspicious of Edward for a while and he did make another interesting comment of “being able to be friends afterwards….hopefully “. The hopefully struck me as an odd thing to say as a Townie.


  243. @beth when I was talking about Siran/Siena votes day 1, I wasn’t talking about your votes specifically, rather, I was referencing the theory that’s been floating around that another player might have been forced to vote for Siena and that that player was affected by the stone/possession on D1. sorry, should have been more clear!

  244. The coffee is kicking in!
    OK, furthering my own thoughts about who would be targeting Nicole (and Harker) to discredit/cast suspicion on them:
    +Nicole voted MiKayla (who is not participating today due to the power outage, but I’m REALLY curious to hear her take on all this).
    +Nicole asked about how “nighttime play usually goes down”.
    +Nicole changes her vote to Siena.
    +Dana says she’s 20% concerned about Nicole due to the nighttime play comment.
    +Harker speculates Nicole’s comment is likely due to newbie curiosity.
    +Laura agrees with Dana that red flags are raised.
    +Jeremy voices suspicion of Nicole due to her nighttime play comment, and votes Nicole (he also says he hesitates a bit because he’s suspicious of Dana).
    +Edward agrees with Jeremy that Nicole’s comment is suspicious.
    +Shannon M believes Nicole’s comment is too obvious to be Mafia.
    +Laura re-iterates her concerns about Nicole.
    +Kerrie doesn’t think Nicole’s comment is suspicious, but finds it suspicious that Harker hasn’t commented on it.
    +Harker believes Nicole’s comment was just a newbie asking for information.

    If the player manipulating others into voting a specific way doesn’t want an obvious paper trail leading back to them, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be someone who voted Nicole, and likely not someone who voiced suspicion of Nicole.

    That means Dana, Laura, Jeremy, and Edward are out. And Harker is a great person to set up in this case, because Harker explicitly said they aren’t suspicious of Nicole (thus sowing chaos, as others have noted).

    The remaining options, then, are:
    Shannon M
    Shannon T
    Megan Rose

    I don’t think Siran is an option because I assume that the same player manipulated Siena’s vote on D2 and now Harker’s vote on D2.
    And I feel like MiKayla would also be too obvious, as Nicole voted for her.

    If I had to rank the possibles listed above, I’m most suspicious of:
    Shannon T (for her under the radar playing)
    MiKayla (no information from her toDay means I can’t gauge this)
    Anna, Krista, Megan Rose, and Kerrie (just feeling “meh” one way or another about them)
    Meeghan, Kritika, Shannon M (they’re great at laying out their thoughts and that makes it generally easier to catch players doing hinky things. Not having caught any hinkiness, I feel like these three are Town).

  245. Voting Update

    Jeremy (3) – Laura, Meeghan, Anna
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (3) – Dana, Krista, Kritika
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Nicole
    Edward (3) – Shannon T, Megan, Amber
    Beth (1) – Beth

    Not Voting: Edward, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Shannon M.

    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    *Masterchef yelling voice* 4.5 HOURS TO GOOOOO!

  246. @Kerrie:

    I was referencing the theory that’s been floating around that another player might have been forced to vote for Siena and that that player was affected by the stone/possession on D1.

    That’s interesting. I wonder if a power like that would have kicked in before D1 started so as to affect the actions of the Day, rather than being conveyed before the start of further Days. I was curious and went back to look and if I kept track accurately, there are four people who voted whose votes didn’t change: Megan Rose –> Jeremy; Shannon T. –> Kritika; Laura –> Beth; Kerrie –> Harker. When you say forced to vote for Siena/Siran, do you mean of D1 or do you think someone was infected by the stone on D1 and is “running” around on D2 causing people to vote for Siran?


    The thing is, if we find Nicole asking about night time activities suspect then we have to look at Edward as well. He did the same thing. First comment and multiple followups.

    That’s something I mentioned earlier today because I thought it odd that Dana, who’d mentioned being suspicious of Nicole yesterDay, didn’t say anything. Her reasoning for not doing so was stress.

  247. Okay so Beth’s vote for Jeremy makes her vote for herself. Cool, I’m sure that’s what she wants. And now she’s making slug jokes?! Cheese Plague just took an even weirder turn.

    I’d love to know what Siran thinks here. She’s tied for the lead votes, but has nothing to say about it!

  248. @Harker Woah, I did not notice that. It could just be a coincidence, if Meeghan’s pattern theory is true, but what if it’s an attempt to stop Beth from experimenting?

  249. @Harker, I’m saying I suspect that each day a different person has been affected by the stone. And that maybe on D1 someone else essentially found themselves in a similar situation to you where you were forced to vote for Nicole. It’s hard to tell because any forced votes on D1 could have easily been hidden as a random vote if the person being forced to vote didn’t want the rest of us to know they were being forced to vote. But this is a very loose speculation at the moment.

  250. So I made a very long list of everyone’s vote so far today, scroll down for the TL;DR

    Day 2 votes so far:
    – Kritika initiates first vote for Jeremy, citing his quickness to jump on the Mikayla/Krista bandwagon on D1
    – Edward follows quickly after, following Kritika’s reasonings
    – Siran votes Jenn because Jenn had yet to appear/comment
    – Dana votes Siran, curious if she will be lynchproof again
    – Beth vote Siran, vote is edited to Jeremy
    – I vote Jeremy because I want someone to be eliminated at the EOD and Jeremy has the most votes and voting Siran again seems like it will get us nowhere
    – Laura votes Edward, citing suspicions from yesterday & noting he has been quick to bandwagon both D1 and D2
    – Edward Cancels vote for Jeremy
    – Harker votes Nicole, unable to explain
    – Nicole vote Jenn, “because Siran may know something we don’t and I’d like to get some more information or hear Jenn’s defense.”
    – Laura changes vote to Jeremy because he voted for Nicole yesterday, and with Harker’s suspicious/unexplained vote for Nicole today, claimed to find that suspicious
    – Beth attempts to vote for Siran again, it is changed to Jeremy
    – I cancel my vote and change it to Harker, suspecting that their character assignment is Holland
    – Edward votes Harker
    – Edward later cancels vote
    – I cancel vote after Harker claims their character assignment is not Holland
    – Beth attempts to vote for Siran again. Again it is changed to Jeremy
    – Krista votes Siran to see if the vote change extends to other players who vote for Siran or if it only affects Beth
    – Kritika changes vote to Siran, citing Beth’s inability to vote for her as suspicious
    – Megan votes Harker, on the potential that their character assignment is Holland
    – Beth votes Nicole, it is changed to me
    – Edward votes Nicole, claiming its suspicious that Harker can’t reveal their reasons for voting for her
    – Shannon votes Edward, noting he’s jumped votes often today
    – Beth cancels vote
    – Edward cancels vote
    – Nicole votes Harker, agrees its likely their character assignment is Holland
    – Meeghan votes Jeremy, citing remaining suspicions from D1 and earlier comments D2 on double bluffing
    – Megan cancels vote, votes Edward b/c vote switching
    – Anna votes Jeremy, agrees with Meeghan
    – Beth votes Jeremy, it’s changed to….Beth?
    – Amber votes Edward
    TL; DR
    Thinking about whether Jeremy was the target of the Mafia today, I wanted to see who had voted for him and how those votes changed as the Day went on.
    – Kritika initiated a vote for Jeremy, followed by Edward, and me.
    – Edward cancels his vote for Jeremy
    – Laura joins the Jeremy bandwagon
    – Beth’s vote is changed to Jeremy
    – I cancel my vote
    – Meeghan votes Jeremy
    – Anna votes Jeremy
    – Beth votes Jeremy, it’s changed to… Beth?

    If Jeremy was the target of the Mafia today, then looking at the voting patterns, the people who seem to be targeting Jeremy specifically were Kritika, Laura, Meeghan and Anna. Kritika’s vote could have just been to get the ball rolling, she changes her vote to Siran later, so I’m less suspicious of her.

    Meeghan and Anna both jumped on the Jeremy train pretty late in the Day, maybe Mafia trying to keep their votes from looking suspicious? But by the time they voted for Jeremy there seemed to be a lot of evidence suggesting Jeremy was Town.

  251. After @Harker shared that they believe Jeremy to be Town I’m going to
    Harker has had some sound logic so far and a lot of their thoughts are similar to mine so I’m going to trust them and hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me.
    Honestly I’m not sure who to vote for at this point still…I still feel a bit suspicious of @Edward for reasons previously mentioned (quick vote changes, questions about Night actions, etc). If more info comes out or something I might change it but for now

  252. @Kerrie, I agree the timing of the Jeremy votes are off, considering. Meeghan’s suspicions were fairly minimal for Jeremy, and then when Anna had the same vague reason, that she agrees with Meeghan… Seems a little iffy when most of us are leaning toward thinking he’s seeming less suspicious.

  253. @Kerrie Given what we’ve seen of Beth’s votes, I no longer think that whatever’s going on there was targeting me specifically. I increasingly believe Meeghan’s idea that there is some preset pattern that changes Beth’s votes as Siran -> me -> Beth and Nicole -> Carrie. Either that or whoever’s doing it is trying to back off on their previous plan once we started noticing.

  254. Voting Update

    Jeremy (2) – Meeghan, Anna
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (3) – Dana, Krista, Kritika
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Nicole
    Edward (4) – Shannon T, Megan, Amber, Laura
    Beth (1) – Beth

    Not Voting: Edward, Jenn, Jeremy, Kerrie, Shannon M.

    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    Three and a half hours to goooo!

  255. Well, I do feel slug like this morning, but that was definitely not me. Maybe somebody ran out of cheese puns?
    Let’s see if there’s a pattern, I guess….

    (just testing what happens when I vote for someone not in the top lead right now)

  256. So I think, we just have to ignore any of Beth’s votes today because it’s just weird and I don’t think we’re going to learn anything else from it now.. But it does make me more confident that Beth is a Townie.

    However, we are down to 3 hours and I have no idea who to vote for. I think Jeremy and Siran are Town. And other than his constant vote switches, I’m unsure about Edward.

    I’m also unsure about Harker. I felt like Jeremy was a Townie before they revealed whatever it is they shared (meaning I don’t know what their role is, so I can’t be sure if they are sane or not).

  257. Poor Parmesan. I guess he was down grated. 😏

    So, correct me if I’m wrong, but Beth’s votes for Siran get changed to Jeremy, her vote for Jeremy got changed to a vote for herself, her vote for Jenn to Parmesan, her vote for Nicole went to Jeremy. Is that all of them?

  258. Sorry, Jeremy/Kerrie, thanks. 🙂 Combing through deleted e-mails is fun! /s

    “Beth’s votes for Siran get changed to Jeremy, her vote for Jeremy got changed to a vote for herself, her vote for Jenn to Parmesan, her vote for Nicole went to Kerrie.”

    The only obvious one that stands out is the vote for Jenn that got changed to a cheese, which makes me wonder if the whole vote messing thing is a Gamemaker twist that has nothing to do with player induced thing. Or the Gamemakers could be jumping in & having a little bit of fun among whomever is causing this trouble. It just seems weird that that would pop up all of a sudden. 🤔

  259. Oh dear Beth, this just keeps getting stranger and stranger 😂

    I feel like the spectators might be having a hand in this. Could they be the black stone and choosing who to infect and what not? The cheese puns feel like too much of a coincidence after the discussion everyone had earlier in the day.

    We were kind of stuck for awhile and sort of asking for intervention. Could this be it? I suppose we can’t tell too much because Beth didn’t vote straight away, but she may not have nene affected straight away either. Who knows? Grasping at straws here.

    The only people I’m reasonably suspicious of at this point are Edward, Jeremy and Harker. And I’m more inclined to give Jeremy and Harker the benefit of the doubt at this stage. I’m more suspect of Edward I think.

    There’s definitely a few people flying under the radar and then there’s others who are doing well at discussing and not making themselves look like baddies. At least in my opinion.

    Gonna have to keep my vote for now unless anybody brings up anything enlightening soon. Or if I see anything I’ve missed when I go back through all the comments 😊

  260. Parmesan HAHAHAHA I really can’t wait for the end of the game where we read the recap and Asti has to tell us what on earth is going on right now.

    @Harker the vote for Nicole went to Kerrie I believe? Other than that I think you’ve got it.

    I’m once again going to be out for the last few hours of the Day, this is probably the last comment you’ll see from me. I just wanted to check in to see if anything crazy happened that would want to make me change my vote, but I think I’m gonna stick with it. I hope we manage to oust a mafia member, and if not (I hope I don’t sound terrible for saying this) but I hope we find out someone‘s alliance by the end of the Day this time!!

  261. After all the craziness toDay, I’m still not sure who to vote for. I want to get SOME information, so I’m reluctant to test Siran’s lynchproofing. I still don’t see why people think Edward looks like Mafia – his playing style might be a little erratic, but it has been consistent across the game so far, and that doesn’t seem particularly damning to me.

    I’m fairly confident that Harker and Beth are Town, and by extension I believe Nicole is too. I’m tempted to pick an under-the-radar player and just vote for them, since if I’m right about who I think is Town, the odds of choosing a Mafia member are decent. Though with so little consensus, I’m also wary of reaching a tie, which I don’t think anybody would be happy with.

    @Megan Rose: This does feel like something the spectators could be dictating. If so, it must have indeed started today, since the replacement players aren’t aware of it.

  262. @Megan Rose:

    I feel like the spectators might be having a hand in this. Could they be the black stone and choosing who to infect and what not? The cheese puns feel like too much of a coincidence after the discussion everyone had earlier in the day.

    Well, shyte. I *did* ask the spectators to send cheese. And when they asked is they could send poisoned cheese, I said that since I can’t eat cheese, sure. So….you may be right that they’re the ones messing with me, not another player. It would certainly make the game more interesting for them to be able to do that! And now I feel like I brought it on myself. :/

  263. @Beth and anyone else suspicious of me being under the radar please know that I am a very quiet person by nature, and this being my first time playing is certainly making me hesitant to comment a lot. I have been reading and catching up on things whenever possible, however I seem to keep missing the busy commenting times to add anything to these discussions.

    The vote changing is really crazy and I have no idea what to make of it! As of now I am still sticking with my suspicions of @Edward. I’ll try to keep checking in as the Day ends in the next few hours!

  264. I’m going to


    I don’t really have any reason outside of at the beginning of the Day when Siran was asking about revealing her role and Kerrie was all for it. I know it’s not much to go on but I’m just not convinced about anyone else who actually has a vote right now. She also was for not voting for Siran again to test the lynchproof ability, which I completely agree is a good thing to do, but just that combined with the other thing makes me wonder and it’s all I have to go with right now.

  265. Voting Update

    Jeremy (2) – Meeghan, Anna
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (3) – Dana, Krista, Kritika
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Nicole
    Edward (4) – Shannon T, Megan, Amber, Laura
    Parmesan (1) – Beth
    Kerrie (1) – Jenn

    Not Voting: Edward, Jeremy, Kerrie, Shannon M.

    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    2 hours!

  266. Whew. I was confused. Daylight Savings is soon but not that soon. 😂 It’s confusing because the timer says 1 hour when really it’s 1.(whatever minutes) hour left to go and then switches to a minute by minute countdown.

  267. Sorry everyone, I’m at work currently and I’m not sure I’ll be back in time before the Day is over.

    @Laura my only defense for asking about Night actions is I’m a newbie that made a bad call. If I really was part of the mafia, I wouldn’t need to ask about night actions, right? If I did something, all I would have to do is wait to see if the action went through.

  268. @Harker fair point. I’m not third party either but kind of like you and your arguments about Jeremy I can’t offer any proof of innocence :c

  269. @Kerrie earlier (4:57 pm) in your breakdown of the votes you wrote that I jumped on the Jeremy bandwagon, but I had already voted for him earlier in the day and stated my reasons regarding his vote for Nicole yesterday and Harker’s unexplained vote for her today. This was back when we didn’t have much info on Harker’s Nicole vote and before Harker shared that they believe Jeremy is town. Just wanted to clarify that!

  270. @Laura thanks for noting that! There were a lot of comments to go through and I wouldn’t put it past my tired eyes to accidentally skip over a vote

    @Jenn, I was just teasing Siran when I said that 🙂 I’d voiced my theory earlier that I think her Character assignment is Rhy and I just like to be right so I’m gonna be eager to find out who Siran is for the rest of the game haha

  271. @Kerrie That sounds like a stretch, but then it does seem that Siena’s old social media name (with Rhy in it) was replaced by a different one, so who knows? Also, Siena did post “I relate to Rhy Maresh” posted on the linked Twitter page back in January, but they could also have requested the role of Rhy and received it so who knows?

  272. Alright with one hour left I’m going to


    Hopefully if Siren gets voted we’ll have an answer about the supposed lynch immunity. I probably won’t be back before time is up (thank you bathroom breaks!).

  273. @Jeremy argh, Siena is just going to be a mystery that frustrates me until the end of the game

    Well, since we have reached the end of the day I’m just going to


    because he HAS been switching around votes a lot and though I think I’m more suspicious of Meeghan or Anna, the random vote switching affecting Beth is poking holes in my theory that Jeremy was the initial target of the day.

  274. I’m completely torn as usual. I feel like the biggest red flag for me is that Siran hasn’t bothered (again) to defend. Siena didn’t, but I had to assume that it was because they left the Game, for lack of better knowledge. But now I feel like Siran has done the same thing. And again, even when I’ve asked stuff, nothing.

    Sure, the lynchproof thing could be a big town character, but if you are Town, I feel like you’d at least be in here trying to help us figure stuff out.

    So for that reason, I’m going to


  275. What I’d really like to avoid is a tie between Edward and Siran (which it seems we might be heading for), since that gives us the least possible amount of information. The trouble is, I don’t want to vote for either of them. I was going over the quieter players’ posts to try to find any detail I could use to defend voting for one of them – the only thing I really noticed is that Krista seems to be trying not to make any waves, which is understandable given her scrutiny yesterDay. I might still have voted for her just because I didn’t have a better choice, but with Edward and Siran so close, I’m going to pick one for now.


    I really hope Siran isn’t just lynchproof again, but surely even that result would be better than a tie, or a Townie’s death?

  276. I’m still wary of Harker (mostly due to role speculation and a reluctance to simply believe what they say), but inclined to trust them at this point in the game.

    We’re dangerously close to having a voting tie between Siran and Edward, and I think we’ll gain more information about player roles and who is who by lynching Edward. I’m not convinced Edward is anti-town but his frequent vote switching is suspicious enough to warrant a vote for him.


  277. Voting Update

    Jeremy (2) – Meeghan, Anna
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (6) – Dana, Krista, Kritika, Edward, Shannon M, Jeremy
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Edward (6) – Shannon T, Megan, Amber, Laura, Kerrie, Nicole
    Parmesan (1) – Beth
    Kerrie (1) – Jenn

    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    30 minutes left! Remember, if there’s a tie, no elimination occurs.

  278. Gak, I miscounted and caused the very thing I was trying to avoid. I’m sure votes will change in the next half hour, but just in case I’m going to


    I went with Anna over Krista for two reasons: 1) she hasn’t responded at all to the chaos over the last (real world) day, and 2) she seems to have been going along with others’ theories toDay, agreeing without saying much herself. Plus, she voted for me, so I’m naturally more suspicious of her.

  279. I don’t want there to be a tie, and I was mainly voting Siran to test if the vote changing effect was just for Beth or for anyone if Siran got more than one vote. So…


    I still don’t like that Siran hasn’t come back to offer an explanation, but I’m going to assume for now that it’s just because of a busy schedule and not other reasons. While it is a little suspicious that Edward is changing votes so much, I’m inclined to believe that it’s just because he’s following other players’ logic. I’d rather us get some kind of information rather than nothing if it’s a tie.

  280. Okay I was all ready to give Jeremy the benefit of the doubt earlier but then he votes for Edward to try and make his vote count and make sure there isnt a tie.

    And then when Edward actually does have the most votes he cancels his vote resulting in a tie that he initially was trying to stop.

    Does that strike anyone else as super suspicious? I feel like I may have dismissed him too early… Too late to really change now and I do still find Edward suspicious but this could be a mfia tactic to ensure no elimination of a fellow team member, ie Edward.

    Very suspect… 🤔

  281. Actually now I’ve refreshed it says both Edward and Siran had 6 votes each before Jeremy cancelled his vote.

    I was sure it said Siran 6 and Edward 7 when I made my last comment. Oops.

    Just ignore that haha.

    Although we’re still in the same boat now with Krista cancelling her vote. Still a tie. Though Jeremy and hers comments were posted close together so she may not have seen his when she clicked post…

  282. @Megan Rose: I voted for Siran, but then Nicole voted for Edward and reinstated a tie (so I never actually miscounted). I then cancelled, since I never really wanted to vote for Siran in the first place.

  283. I gave an explanation for my vote when I voted.

    It could be that Edward wanted to simply avoid a tie.

    I was trying to get caught up with the comments so that I could add more.

  284. Voting Update

    Jeremy (2) – Meeghan, Anna
    Jenn (1) – Siran
    Siran (4) – Dana, Kritika, Edward, Shannon M
    Nicole (1) – Harker
    Edward (6) – Shannon T, Megan, Amber, Laura, Nicole, Kerrie
    Parmesan (1) – Beth
    Kerrie (1) – Jenn
    Anna (1) – Jeremy

    Not voting: Krista

    Pass Granted: MiKayla

    15 minutes to go!

  285. @Inge I canceled my vote for Siran, so Harker should be right in that Siran’s at 4 now (sorry, I know everything’s happening at the same time).

  286. @Jeremy I’m with you about trying to make your vote count. I just got confused when you cancelled as since I was the one who miscounted, thought you doing so actually ended up making the tie you wanted to avoid. But it was my mistake. I must have read the vote tally wrong before I made that comment. Sorry 😅

  287. @ Megan Yeah I didn’t realize that Jeremy had also cancelled his vote, but it still works out to not be a tie.

  288. While I’m not super suspicious of Edward, I’m going to throw my vote in just to ensure that there’s no last minute vote switching that puts us in a tie again. I don’t really like this choice, because I still feel I don’t have enough to go off of, but it’s better than ending in a tie.


  289. Okay I’ve just looked back and realised I got it all wrong again. I thought Jeremy voted for Edward for some reason and then his cancelling of his vote would cause the tie he was trying to avoid. Looks like I was wrong on all counts!

    I need to look a little harder before I post next time, sorry for confusing everyone!

    It’s late and I’m not at my best lately, just ignore all my silly comments from the last half hour, they don’t seem to be making any sense haha 😂

  290. Two minutes left and it looks like I’m going to lose out. 😭 it was nice playing with you all!! Hopefully I’ll get to play again sometime.

  291. @Shannon A very suspenseful kind of calm, to be sure. I’m on a 10-second auto-refresh cycle just to make certain nothing comes up last minute.

  292. Day Two has officially ended. The person with the most votes (7) is Edward. Edward was Athos, Team White London, Roleblocker, Cultafia Leader, Pen Pal.

    … What’s that? Two eliminations?! That’s right, Beth is also eliminated. Did the cheese puns become too much for her? Beth was King George, Team Grey London, Pen Pal Team White London, Cultafia recruit, Insane.

    It is now Night Two. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Tuesday 9pm BST (48 hours from now, but honestly the sooner the better). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    Day Three will start on Wednesday 9pm BST. Any additional casualties will be revealed at that time. Good luck!

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