Nevernight: Game Over

Nevernight edition

Welcome to The Bookish Games, a variation of the game most commonly known as Mafia or Werewolf. If you want to know more about The Bookish Games, including How to Play, please check out the links in the menu.






Congratulations Town! I mean, I’d honestly be a little shocked if you didn’t win with how this game was going. A mafia elimination the first four Days? No kills the first two Nights? That was totally unexpected! But good on you for managing to make it happen.

I honestly believe everyone deserves recognition for making this edition such a great game. In previous games participation has sometimes been a struggle, but it seemed as if everyone was actively engaged this time around and your enthusiasm and problem solving made this edition a real joy to moderate. Thank you for that.

(Inge: For real. I was especially impressed with the 100% success rate on Day lynches, which NEVER happens, but most of the Night actions were on point as well. I honestly think everyone played incredibly this round. Kudos, folks!)

Of course, as always we have to highlight a couple MVPs and for this I have two individuals I would like to shout out:


My first MVP is for Kritika. In all honesty, if it weren’t for Kritika this game probably would’ve had a completely different outcome. Her tie-breaking vote two minutes before deadline on Day One not only resulted in the first mafia elimination (Harker), but also led to Jenn’s suspicious last minute vote switch.

She also successfully investigated two Anti-Town players the first two Nights of The Bookish Games, and though her results confused her momentarily she did eventually share them on Day Four. If she hadn’t shared her investigative results (slightly misled by her thinking “Anti Town” meant Dana and Shannon were on the same team) I believe it is highly unlikely Dana would’ve been eliminated that Day. Her reveal not only guaranteed Dana’s elimination, but also turned the spotlight towards Shannon the following Day who I believe was doing an excellent job of being Pro-Town throughout the game.

So congratulations to Kritika for an excellent game well-played and helping lead your Town to victory! I will be adding this game to your Wall of Fame credits.


My second MVP is for Val. (For whom I do not have an illustration yet so Val, if you would like to be cartoonified for the Wall of Fame please DM me a picture!) I believe Val deserves MVP status this game not only because she is a great analytical thinker but because she successfully managed to be the only player to vote out all the anti-Town players in the game. Whether she helped lead the charge (Jenn and Anna) or put her faith in others (Dana and Shannon), Val successfully navigated the game to determine who she could trust and helped secure the Town’s win through her votes.


Inspired by Nevernight, there were a couple of twists built into the set-up of this game (including one that was never used). These twists included: the Blade contests, a darkin affected by Truedark/Truelight, a Third-party lyncher, and a post restriction. Read on to find out more.


The Blade Contests

As mentioned at the start of the game, each Night a player was granted power(s) as a result of passing a Blade Test. At the beginning of each Day, I would announce what test we would be focusing on in the Spectator chat, we’d create a poll with our top three nominees at the start of each Night, and once the Night ended the person with the most votes would receive their Blade status. Here are how the Blade tests went down:

Now, there was some confusion later on in the game as player roles were revealed as to whether or not those roles were a result of their Blade status. With the exception of Jeann (who died before she could officially be assigned her Blade role), all Blade roles were revealed upon elimination – they just weren’t explicitly stated as such. (That would be too easy. You know we don’t like to pass up an opportunity to add to the confusion.)

There were a couple of ways to figure it out though. Not only were the roles somewhat clear to guess (Spiderkiller = Poisoner) but I did not do illustrations for any player who received Blade status. As a result, while players who were assigned powers from the start of the game (Jeann and Jenn) had illustrations on their tombstone to reflect their powers, those who received them as Blades (Beth and Anna) did not.



While originally I wanted to incorporate the holy Trinity into the game to help weaken Mia (as reflected in the book), Inge proposed adding Truedark/Truelight phases to the game and we ran with that. On normal Days, Anne’s only power was Bulletproof, but on Truedark/Truelight Days her powers as a result of being darkin were limited or amplified in the following ways:

Day/Night Two: Truelight. A darkin becomes extremely weakened during Truelight, not having access to any shadows/darkness. As a result, Anne lost both her voting abilities and bulletproof powers during Day/Night Two. (Yup, her lack of vote Day Two? That was totally our doing. But we loved how it added to the theories of a Poisoner which, as you can see above, was gifted to Beth that Night.)

Day/Night Four: Truedark. During Truedark, a darkin is at the height of their power. This granted Anne not only a second anonymous vote she could submit during the Day (which she did not choose to utilise) but also made her completely Deathproof.

(Inge: Ideally, I would’ve liked Lord Cassius as a player too, so this twist wouldn’t only affect Mia. However, it made more sense to run an acolyte-only game. But like Asti said, it worked out well with Meeghan being poisoned (sorry, Meeghan 😂), which added to the confusion.)

But Wait, Where’s Mister Kindly?

Those Truelight/Truedark phases above? Those were also supposed to impact a certain Mister Kindly in this game. Unfortunately, Mister Kindly was unable to make an appearance. 😦

You see, usually I feel a bit bad for the first person eliminated in the Games because they get all invested in playing and then due to whatever randomness occurs on Day One they end up eliminated before the fun can really begin. To combat this, I decided before the game started that instead of being eliminated, the first person voted out of the game would return as Mister Kindly, a Mason/Tree stump

What does this mean? As far as everyone in the game would be concerned, that player would be eliminated like normal at the end of Day One. In reality though, they would be contacted in private by myself, informed that they have been revived as Mister Kindly, and given access to a private Mason chat room with Mia’s player (Anne) where they can discuss the game Day and Night. It’d be giving that player a second chance to be involved in the game, without bringing them directly back into things. And it made sense to me. Mister Kindly is a shadow creature that only Mia tends to know is there, why not limit the role to just observing and communicating with Mia?

Unfortunately, I was unable to put this role into action because the first three deaths were all mafia. And, as a Mason, Mister Kindly needed to be someone Town-aligned with the goal of helping Mia scope out the baddies. By the time we got our first Town elimination (Jeann on Night Three), it was just a little too late and we decided to continue the game without.

(Inge: Y’all are simply becoming too smart.)


Jessamine as a Third-Party Lyncher

In the book, Jessamine believes Mia’s family is responsible for her father’s death and therefore has a huge vendetta against Mia. As a result, we decided to add a Third-party Lyncher role whose sole win goal was to get Mia (played by Anne) lynched.

To assist with this goal, Jessamine was also granted a 1x Framer power. If Mia was investigated the same Night as being framed, she would appear as “Not Town”.

Unfortunately, between the success of the Town’s voting and Shannon’s desire to help eliminate the mafia instead of using them as a distraction, not much happened in the way of Anne getting lynched. Shannon did attempt to frame her and lead a vote on Day Four, but even if the Town wasn’t distracted by reveals that attempt was doomed to succeed as it was during the Truedark phase where Anne was Deathproof.

Poor Shannon, being evil just isn’t her thing.

(Inge: And we love her for that! You’re too good for this world, Shannon.)


Hush’s Post Restriction

I have to say, this is probably one of my favourite twists incorporated into this edition just because Greg did such a phenomenal job keeping up with his restriction while not gaining any attention for it.

Greg, as Hush, was required to include an action within every single one of his posts this game. He was granted some flexibility in the way he chose to incorporate his action (through the use of GIFs, *asterisks*, or emojis), but whatever the action it had to be recognisable by the moderators. (Fun fact: His favourite action to use during the first two Days was this emoji: “😊” which, if I counted correctly, he used a total of 29 times in his 27 comments.)

Why was he limited by this post restriction? Well, in the book, Hush’s character cannot speak. He is limited to communicating through a form of sign language called Tongueless. This was our attempt to limit it while still being reasonable.

(Want to see slightly less reasonable? We were originally thinking we might limit his text to short sentences / lowercase text as Hush’s dialogue appears in the book but decided that would be too limiting / obvious.)

Hush dialogue sample from Nevernight

The other roles associated with Hush (you know, to make the post restriction effort worth it) were Odd-Night Commuter and 1x Vigilante. The Commuter power because within Nevernight Hush is often noted as sneaking about in the night and the Vigilante power due to the fact that he was responsible for at least one other acolyte’s death in the book.


Who are all these random characters I don’t remember?

Ah yes, Leonis, Marcellus, Petrus, Tanith, and Tovo. You remember all of them, right? Probably not. These were five minor characters who appeared as acolytes within Nevernight but who were mostly mentioned in passing (in some cases, the only times their names were mentioned was when Mia provided an update on the most recent acolyte deaths).

Once we decided to limit the players to acolytes (saving the Shahiids for Spectators and leaving the Republic to the side), we decided to pull from the minor character list to round out our cast. And as I like to keep things somewhat unpredictable, these minor characters were assigned roles / alliances based on what was needed for the game instead of what could be predicted by the book. There was never any hint within the book that Petrus and Tanith were aligned with the Järnheims or that Tovo was particularly good at looking for clues, that was just us mixing things up.


As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where we kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • The Mafia Night Chats The Mafia Night chats have now been imported! You can find what the mafia was saying at Night by looking at the blog archives or visiting the Night links on the Nevernight Edition game page.
  • GoogleDoc Spreadsheet This is the Master Spreadsheet that Inge and I used to keep track of everything in the game from number of comments players made to voting history to Night Action form submissions. Click the tabs on the bottom of the page to see what went down each Day/Night.
  • Spectator Chat (password: eulogies) – This page grants you access to the Spectator chat where the moderators, ghosts, and spectators discussed gameplay and voted on the Blade tests.


A Day-by-Day Recap

Do you want a Day-by-Day Recap of exactly what went down this edition of The Bookish Games? I usually leave all the hard work to you, assuming the GoogleDoc Spreadsheet and Behind the Scenes information is enough (and I’m sure it is), but this game was so interesting and unexpected that I actually just spent HOURS writing a Day-by-Day Recap for you. I was originally going to include it in this post but it is LONG LONG LONG because I even went so far as to screenshot comments and feedback forms to explain everything that went down.

So please, someone go look at it and make all that hard work worth it. lol.

Thank You

I really don’t have much else to say in regards to this game other than THANK YOU for being such an amazing group of players. It has been such a joy to not only watch you all in action but it’s been a relief to not have to worry about inactivity or conflicts or any of that. Veterans and newbies alike, I thank you all. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of players.

(Oh look at me getting all sappy. Yuck.)

(Inge: Adding to the sappiness. Y’all are amazing. Truly. You’re a good lot and I love helping Asti create these whacky games for you. You’re always making me laugh. Thank you. 💛)

How we’ll be advertising the Bookish Games from now on. Quote by Meeghan.

Next Time…


The next edition of The Bookish Games will be A Darker Shade of Magic with Crini co-modding. While dates are to be confirmed, we are currently looking at a start date of mid -September. If you would like to be alerted when sign-ups go live, please make sure to join our mailing list.


And, if you are interested in volunteering to help co-mod a future edition, please be sure to let us know! There’s a bit of waitlist so it may be a year or two before we can get to you, but everyone is welcome. Our current prospective co-mod list is as follows: ShannonAnneAsiya, Beth, and Harker. (I feel like we may be missing a person or two so please do let me know if we’ve discussed this before and I’m just blanking on it.)

Thank you once again for an absolutely fun and chaotic edition of The Bookish Games! Rest up this summer and prepare yourselves for September. I have no doubt that with Crini in the mix it’ll be even less predictable than usual. 😈

Asti & Inge

24 thoughts on “Nevernight: Game Over”

  1. @Shannon: I was honestly surprised you didn’t role reveal at the end there and just bargain with everyone: “I helped you kill all the mafia, it’s only fair you vote Anne of for me so I can win too.” 😂

  2. @Asti I genuinely contemplated it! But I figured they wouldn’t want to give up the win hah. It’s funny because I figured I’d go for the mafia, earn trust, then when I voiced “suspicion” about Anne (though at some point, I legitimately thought she could be 3rd party too!) they’d have to trust me. But then not only did Kritika have solid info, but I stupidly confirmed it when I jumped on voting Dana out. I truly am terrible at eviling 😂

  3. @Harker: Thanks Harker! 🖤 And thank YOU for being such an actively engaged player. Though I would’ve loved to see you play out your mafia role longer in the game, it was a lot of fun hearing your thoughts about possible third parties in the game. You’re good at making connections that aren’t obvious!

    @Shannon: Really though, I’d say that’s skill that you’re so convincing as a Townie that Kritika investigated you to determine what type of Cop she was. If it weren’t for her trying to figure that out, she probably would’ve never investigated you just assuming you were Town-aligned and you could’ve wreaked your havoc like planned. 😂 Either way, I’m glad you enjoyed this edition! I wasn’t sure how you’d react when you received a non-Town-aligned role.

  4. Oh my gosh, here we are at the the end of the Games! I had so much fun this edition, not just because we won, but because there were so many active players and so many fun twists. Also that must have been the most chilled out last Day ever hehe!

    Loved how Anne actually turned out to be Mia, and how Shannon figured it out at the end with her name on a post it note lol! You guys totally made me hungry with all the talk about chips/fries. 🤤

    Also how fun with the twist about Greg! As usual, you nailed it and we didn’t notice the emojis at all!

    It must have been super stressful being mafia this round, but you guys did a great job keeping it up.
    Asti you’ve gotta bet we’re going to look at all the behind the scenes stuff! Happy bookish games everyone. *gets teary* I’m going to miss you guys! Does anyone think we should have some sort of group chat in the meantime? Lol

    Also YESSS ADSOM edition I’m so down for it!

  5. This was such a fun game! Thanks for hosting Asti and Inge! And yes I’ll make sure to DM you a picture of me so be on the lookout for that!

    I honestly wasn’t sure if we would have another Day (because WHO KNOWS), so I was all ready to kill Greg during Night Five. But then it wouldn’t have mattered because it was an odd night anyways SO. Boo.

    It’s funny because my dream is to be a Tree Stump, and that COULD HAVe HAPPENED if I was voted off on Day One. (But winning is also great too!! Finally I survived). Also I was wondering whether Greg truly “commented” like that, but I don’t think I noticed it until the final hours when our comments were just random. I was like “really Greg, do you really need to add those action things?? When we’re talking about rabies?”

    My favorite moments were talking about fries, talking about the upcoming, highly anticipated [REDACTED] edition LOL (see I edited it out myself!), Beth calling me an angel (will forever quote that in future Games 😇), and of course winning both the Game and the Blade Test and surviving.


  6. What a fabulous Game! Thanks Asti and Inge for another great one. Congrats to Kritika and Val- well deserved as MVP’s! And yay Red Church. 🙂

    I loved my post restriction. And I kept wondering if anyone would be like- why is he doing that lol?? I tried really hard not to miss any but if I’m not mistaken I did miss two, early on in the Game. I was kicking myself! Oh, and the Vigilante power- I did not use in Night Two (I could only use on even Nights since I was Commuting on odd Nights), so I was determined to use it on Night Four. And I had no good candidates! I was totally unsure of who to pick… that was such a tough decision! I was trying to cause a little chaos. Sorry Beth!!!!!!!! I thought you were 3rd party.

    We need to talk about food more often.

    Also I was skimming a little bit of the spectator Chat. Oh my gosh too funny! Why is everyone calling me shady?

    *smiles mischievously*

  7. GREEEEEGGGG!!! 😂 No worries- I killed Meeghan because I thought she was third-party (Sorry!), so I also have blood on my hands. I have a feeling you’re going to join the greats before you (Crini, Sana) in being forever thought of as shady in all future Bookish Games.

    Honestly, this edition of the game was so much fun, and it’s made me want to read the book even more. Thank you, @Asti and @Inge for hosting!

    Can this theoretic Twitter food and evil Pooh and book chat actually happen? I’m 1,000% on board, and also really nervous for everyone’s health. No more injuries and stuff, ok? 🙃

  8. @Beth- I know!!! I felt AWFUL! Some of Meeghan’s suspicions of you as possible 3rd party seemed plausible to me, and I was so torn who to eliminate… when I saw you were Team Red Church I was like noooooo… also I had held my fire on Night Two (for various reasons) so I felt like I HAD to use my Vigilante power on Night Four! But I didn’t want to kill anyone unless I was sure, and I wasn’t… I agonized over that!

    And I hope not? Although Crini and Sana are good company to be in… 🙂

  9. @Greg you did a great job! And coincidentally, I also targeted Beth on Night Four. Whooops — was a bit convinced she was the one who poisoned Meeghan. Looks like I should have gone Shannon instead and not ignored my gut.

    @Beth 😘

    @Kritika and Val, very well deserved. You guys rocked it this game!

    @Shannon, did you know I was Mia to start then? Because on Day 1 or 2 I think I said something to the effect of, I’m scared of a game when Shannon is on the mafia and I’m not. Did you know?!? Did that make you laugh maniacally??

    @Asti and Inge, thank you for providing such a wonderful game. I was wondering if I’d get to meet my Mr. Kindly at some point as a twist. 😝 I love how you planned for it though. I’m looking forward to reading Asti’s play by play. And not being able to vote though felt so bad!!

  10. @Anne YEP I knew from the start, and I DID laugh at that! I started reading up on Mia (because I only made it to Chapter 5 in the actual book) because I was completely convinced you were some kind of serial killer- or rather, perhaps I just really wanted you to be one so I didn’t feel guilty for trying to kill you 😂 I tried to frame you one Night, but alas, Kritika didn’t take the bait!

  11. @Shannon, I was thisclose to killing you Night Four but you and Kritika made me doubt myself. So I hit Beth, figuring Kritika would reveal everything Day Five and well, you know how that went… Haha. I was tickled that you were starting a run at me the day I literally could not die though! This game!!

  12. @Anne – thanks! And that is funny that we both targeted Beth the same night- well, not funny probably from Beth’s perspective!- but, you know- just the timing of this game sometimes!! 🙂

  13. Thank you Asti and Inge, it was fun! And stressful 🙂

    Looking at Asti’s breakdown, it seems the mafia might have caught a break if we had gone for Jeann first, not Greg. Who knew? Great twists!

  14. @Dana – And to think I wasn’t convinced that you were Mafia during the Day! That’s okay you guys ended up getting me eventually 😉

    @Anne @Shannon – OMG I’m guffawing that Asti pitted you two against each other once again!! Multiple layering of mind games always at play hahaha. I noticed that comment where you said Shannon being mafia would be your worst nightmare if you weren’t – because I thought it would’ve been a great cover if she actually WAS mafia! lol

  15. @Jeann: I think keeping in touch between games in a great idea! Just have to figure out how to do it. An actual group chat? A random page where people can pop in or whatever? I think I’ll do a Twitter poll to see what everyone thinks.

    And yay, I’m glad you had so much fun! Wasn’t sure if you’d even play this round since your family has recently grown so it’s been extra exciting having you around. 🖤

    @Val: I received your pic, thanks! Will try to get it down before the end of the month.

    Haha, yeah, if the game weren’t over I do think the attention might’ve finally shifted to Greg. People would’ve assumed Anne’s innocence due to Shannon’s role and Kritika had already revealed Megan’s alliance. Poor Greg. 😂

    @Greg: I’m glad you were okay with your post restriction! Tbh I didn’t really notice your slip ups until I went back through posts while writing up everything to check your comments. I think when it DID happen it was near the end of Day deadline so I just wasn’t paying attention. But that’s okay! For the most part you nailed it.

    @Beth: You still haven’t read Nevernight? Well apologies in advance when you do as some things are definitely spoiled as a result of this set-up. Whoops. 🙈 (It could be fun though, reading it after the fact and then seeing all the connections to the game as it goes along.)

    @Anne: I’m glad you had a wonderful time! Sorry you didn’t get to meet Mister Kindly, though I guess the Town didn’t really need his help.

    Also, I don’t know if you saw it in the Spectator chat, but I think it was quite impressive that you came in Day Three and just confirmed you couldn’t vote the previous Day and everyone accepted that as fact. People didn’t like your vagueness, obviously, but there were so many reveals this game that people just went along with that I can’t help but hope people abuse such trust in the future and lie. 😂

    @Dana: Fun and stressful is probably the most accurate description of these Games. Hopefully the fun slightly outweighed the stressful bit. I think you did a great job of hanging in there when things were just constantly going wrong for your team. 🖤

  16. Thanks for the day-by-day recap, Asti! I skimmed or didn’t read a lot of comments this time, so it was nice to see everything I missed. 😆

  17. @Anne Totally forgiven and thanks for the gif! 😂 I played chaotic thanks to the delirium and I totally understand how my actions came across as shady. I also think you handled the no-vote thing well, considering (I really wanted to trust you, but I was so nervous that someone was targeting you to make you a treestump or something).

    @Asti I didn’t want to read it while too sick to pay attention, but yeah- I think I’ll enjoy recognizing the characters that were in this game (“Mia? Oh, Anne!”) 😂

    I hope everyone (and more!) join for ADSOM (which I now need to read). These games just get better and better! 💙💙

  18. Poor Greg. 😂

    is right! I think I mighta got dogpiled on Day 6. 🙂

    6 votes in the Spec Chat? Yeesh lol.

    @Asti- yes the post restriction was fun. Especially at the end of Day 5 when I was commenting a lot and had to d something different each time. I hope you do more fun post restrictions like that in the future!

    Oh and wasn’t the end of day flurry on Day 5 fun? In a non-last-minute-vote switch kinda way- I mean Shannon was toast at that point so we could just, you know, commiserate? (sorry Shannon!!)

  19. @Greg, please, I was the actual gift that kept on giving to you Townies! Not only did I help you win (seriously I am the worst evildoer ever) but I brought all the fun. Most people just go gentle into that good night, but nope, I entertained until my dying breath. Granted, I did not, you know, lynch Anne which was my literal only goal, but 🤷‍♀️ I really think I might have pulled it off had Kritika not been awesome at investigating stuff! (At least, that is the narrative I am telling myself ha.)

    @Jeann and @Asti I am obviously down for chatting in between games, considering I am down for chatting duringgames 😂

  20. @Shannon, well you DID help us, no question! And you did bring up food. I totally thought you were Town, so… yeah. You had me convinced! 🙂

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