Nevernight: Day Five

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Game Master’s Notes

Wow, Team Familia Järnheim just can’t catch a break, can they? Four Days, four mafia eliminations. I don’t think any of us could have predicted the game to go this way. Good on you, Team Red Church.

But hey, as good as it must feel to be 4/4 voting-wise, you can’t take it too easy just yet. As you can see, the game isn’t over. And that can only mean one thing: threat(s) continue to lurk in the shadows… (It’s a school for assassins, what did you expect?)

Good luck finding them. Or not. I’ll have fun watching either way.

(Oh, one last thing before I go: the Blade tests are now complete. Those who have achieved Blade status have been contacted and rewarded accordingly.)

It is now Day Five.

You have until Sunday 9pm BST to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!

114 thoughts on “Nevernight: Day Five”

  1. Goodbye Beth 😦 I guess there was a Poisoner thanks to Spiderkiller’s Blade test after all.

    Full disclosure time!

    I’m the Town cop, and I didn’t know whether I was a Sane, Insane, or Random cop until the deaths yesterDay so my apologies for causing extra confusion with the (un)reliability of my information.

    Here’s the play-by-play of my investigations:

    Night 1) Investigated Dana because I was suspicious
    Result: ANTI-TOWN

    Night 2) Investigated Shannon because I wasn’t suspicious of her, and I wanted to see if I could figure out what type of cop I was. I asked Asti about investigating myself or dead players and I was told that’s not allowed.

    Result: ANTI-TOWN

    so at this point I’m thinking I’m a paranoid cop

    Night 3) Investigated Meeghan because I was suspicious
    Result: TOWN

    Now I know I’m not a paranoid cop but still wasn’t sure if I was a Sane, Insane, or Random cop so I didn’t actually know anyone’s alliances. I did make the mistake of thinking Anti-town = mafia (this was my epiphany after Rashika brought up 3rd parties yesterDay), so it’s possible Shannon is 3rd party. But still anti-town. I shared this information in as opaque a manner as I could manage yesterDay so whoever the baddies are wouldn’t know I was the cop and hopefully I’d survive another day.

    Day 4) Meeghan died and was found to be TOWN, and Dana died and was found to be ANTI-TOWN. So I’m a sane cop whoooo (sorry that you died Meeghan, but at least it wasn’t in vain!)

    Night 4) Investigated Megan Rose just to settle the general doubt around her
    Result: TOWN

    TL;DR: I’m a sane cop and I think we need to vote Shannon out to save our skins.

  2. Wow so now we know who the poisoner is. It’s funny because I thought that Beth was cop the entire time but GUESS I WAS WRONG.

    Kritika, I am 100% in agreement with you. I was scared you had died so I was gonna have this super long comment detailing all my suspicions against Shannon, which I will provide once BG is no longer blocked on my laptop (again, until 5pm. Why do I do this to myself)

  3. ITS DAY 5 and I have no idea who to trust. I am also REALLY nervous to see Beth eliminated. I cannot believe the poisoner was on our side?????? I was assuming that was how mafia was killing, lol.

    I know a couple of you are unsure of me and I want to clarify this now because it is day 5. I intentionally chose to make the red church comment knowing that no one except town would know the name of the team for sure. Yes, it could have been guessed and wouldn’t have been a particularly hard guess but 1. I haven’t read the book and 2. it would still be a risk to take if I was mafia. Anyway, I thought long and hard before the game started. I’d played BYOC and unofficially spectated Vicious and saw how much town struggled. I felt that part of that was because town never knew who they could trust. We were quick to panic and be generally distrustful of everyone. I hoped that with my red church comment, it would at least help ground town a little? They would still be somewhat suspicious of me still but it was a calculated risk and one I hope has payed off a little.

    The reason I bring this up now is because its Day 5 and I HAVE NO CLUE who to trust and I am sure the rest of you feel the same way. If we have one last mafia left or an anti-town person, it’s not going to be easy to draw them out because they probably have a decent voting streak.

    Another thing I want to clarify is my info regarding Dana was based on my assumption that she was the one who was blocking votes. She was a goon so she was not… UNLESS. She won a blade test because we do not actually know that information?

    Before I analyze players tho, I want to break down things we know for sure vs things we can assume and then analyze players in another comment.

    Things We Know for sure

    -Anne lost her ability to vote during the day but did not die
    -No one lost their ability to vote on day 3
    -Jeann was killed during night 3
    -Meeghan died during day 4
    -Four mafia have been eliminated so far
    -Three townies have been eliminated so far
    -There are fourteen players in this round of the Bookish Games
    -Mafia is called team Familia Jarnheim
    -Town is called team Red Church

    Roles for Mafia players
    -Harker = Foon
    -Jenn = Investigative-Immune
    -Anna = Thief, 1x Bulletproof
    -Dana = Goon

    Roles for Town Players
    -Jeann = Doctor
    -Meeghan = Townie
    -Beth = Poisoner

    -There are four blade tests in play now and we have no idea who was awarded with additional powers. It could be someone who is dead or someone who is amongst us.

    Things I am speculating based on the above

    -We either have one last mafia left or a third party or two third party players. I don’t think we would have two mafia left because that would tip the scales at 8 townies to 6 mafia and that would be an easy win for mafia.

    -We don’t have a traitor in our midst. The traitor’s winning condition is that “all threats to the Mafia are eliminated and at least one Mafia-aligned player is alive.” If the last mafia player was a traitor the mafia team player would have lost and the game would be over.

    -If there is one person left who is anti-town, the reason the game hasn’t ended is because they have serious powers that allows them to kill at night.

    -We have two different kinds of killing happening here. One where the person is poisoned and then generic killing at night.

    -We might have someone who has killing powers aside from mafia because Anna was bulletproof x 1. Someone who was not aligned with her had the ability to kill her and that is probably why she had that protection. (major assumption here that experienced players can comment on.)

    -bulletproof =/ poisonproof based on role descriptions but I couldn’t actually find poisonproof as a variation of bulletproof so who knows if it is in play here.

    -The reason why we saw no one die n1 & n2 might have been because mafia was roleblocked. (I specifically asked Asti if mafia could be roleblocked and she said “The mafia does have to choose a person from their team to submit the Night kill and if that person is blocked (or someone targets to kill that mafia person before they submit their kill choice), the kill will be stopped.”

    -Could the person who killed Jeann also have two roles like Anna and have investigated her prior to killing her? Killed her because she was a doctor? (I only speculate this because I don’t really think there was anyone who was super suspicious of Jeann so I am curious as to why this person chose to kill her.)

    Things I am confused about

    -Why Anne did not die? Could Jeann have saved her over n2? or rather n1? Could Anne potentially be poisonproof?

    (I AM GLAD ANNE DID NOT DIE! I am just trying to understand.)

  4. lol @Rashika, in all my excitement of spilling the beans I forgot to actually vote! Pretty sure I sealed my death warrant if there’s more bad guys, but at least we have a good shot of getting this one right.


  5. But wait @Kritika/anyone, is Beth’s role due to a blade test? I’m just wondering because I thought Asti wouldn’t disclose that when players died.

  6. Okay I’m at work so I can’t really comment fully right now, but um, people can be framed and such, results can be jacked with. Do I really seem anti-Town, as I helped vote out all four of the mafia people? Just saying. I’ll be back later to comment in earnest though!

  7. wait also, does this mean that Anna and Beth got their powers through the blade tests because I assumed that we would not know that info, LOL!

  8. Wow, Town is on a roll this game! 4 mafia in 4 days. Like incredible.

    Sucks we’ve lost more townies. Meeghan was a good player and her run down of events really helped me go bakc through everything. And Beths gone too, another helpful townie. Guess there was a poisoner after all!

    Personally, I’m very inclined to believe Kritika. I’ve not really had suspicious vibes from her the whole game and with her info being correct abour Dana and Meeghan. I also want to believe her about Shannon.

    At this point im going to


    To show I do trust it quite a bit, but I’ll also have to find time to go over jer actions durinf the resr od the days as well. She obviously did vote all the mafoa but I need to again look at how.

    Plus, just because she may be anti town doesnt mean shes mafia. She could have still been genuinely trying to vote out mafia because her win isn’t based on that.

    Anyway, I’m inclined to believe Kritikas info at this poinr.

  9. I found a way to get past my StayFocused app. That extension does not work on very determined people. I also think a version of this comment may have went to spam? Lol sorry I’m way too excited guys.

    Just a couple of quick, not very well worded thoughts that I had before Day Five started.

    First, I’m pretty sure everyone still alive has vehemently went against and voted for a Mafia player or multiple Mafia players. For this reason, I personally think that there is a Third Party at play here. Either that or an Usurper. I stumbled upon that role earlier this morning, and I think that could make sense given that Beth is our poisoner, and poisoning was in fact NOT a Mafia power.

    This is just speculation, but I think it could work nicely in this edition? Maybe? I remember nothing from Nevernight tbh:

    The Usurper is a Mafia role that wins if it outlives one of its allied Mafia members. This Win condition is in addition to the normal Mafia Win Condition of eliminating all other threats in the game. If the specified allied Mafia member lives to endgame, the Usurper loses.

    As an Usurper, you have a second condition that must be met. You also need your Mafia teammate [insert name] to be eliminated prior to the end of game to survive. If [insert name] is still alive at the end of the game you lose, whether the Mafia is the last team alive or not.

    Then, of course, there was the vague (now detailed) information that Kritika gave us. When I first read that, I thought she implied that Dana was Third-Party, and was just investigative immune. But seeing as Dana is Mafia and that Meeghan is town, then there’s a very high chance that Shannon is Anti-Town. Shannon doesn’t have to be Mafia. She could be Third-Party. Either way Kritika’s information is something we should focus on for today, imo


  10. I can’t believe the poisoner was on our side too. Wow. *gapes open mouthed*

    For me an important question is- how did Meeghan die? That would be helpful to know.

    Persons I don’t suspect: Kritika obviously, Rashika, Megan obviously. Val seems Town to me, and so has Anne (the only thing about Anne ATM is her vote for Megan, who we now know is Town. I’d have to dig deeper though as I don’t have any other suspicions of her at the moment). Especially since she seems to be getting messed with too (the vote suppression).

    Persons I suspect: Well I guess Shannon now, considering!

    I tend to believe Kritika’s info as well. And Megan had a LOT of heat on her all through the Game so far, and look- she’s Town (assuming Kritika is correct). Interesting.

    Thanks for laying that out Rashika. Definitely helps.

    And this too

    First, I’m pretty sure everyone still alive has vehemently went against and voted for a Mafia player or multiple Mafia players. For this reason, I personally think that there is a Third Party at play here.

    Makes sense.

  11. The only problem with my argument for a Third Party role is that there haven’t been many Night kills in general. Though to be fair, two players have been revealed to be Bulletproof so far, so maybe there are just many Bulletproof vests out there? I’m not sure. This reason is why I brought up the possibility of an Usurper role.

  12. @Rashika & @Greg, the reason I didn’t die after I couldn’t vote is because its part of my role. I didn’t want to say too much on Day 2 because it was still early in the game, but my lack of a vote was not due to mafia action, or third-party action or a blades test. It was a limitation on me. There’s more going on in terms of game set-up and I’m just not sure if it affects other roles besides mine, but I did not want to call it out in case it clued the mafia to anything they didn’t already know.

    At the end of Day 4 I thought maaaaybe Kritika had read the information wrong about Shannon because she said it was possible, but now I think it is very likely true.


  13. @Val, I would bet that Beth’s role was not a result of a blades test because she kept asking me about my role and why I couldn’t vote. Probably wondering how in the heck I had been unable to vote and still lived/trying to figure out if someone did get the blades powers that caused it? Or if mafia really had a poisoner. At least, now her motivations are coming across more clear after her death…

  14. Yeah, I am with Anne here. I don’t think we know who has gotten the blade tests. I think Asti said that info wouldn’t be revealed when the player died??

    also thanks for clarifying that about your role, Anne! I was thinking it had something to do with your role.

  15. I know! We’ve done so well so there’s so much pressure to keep it up but it just seems to be getting harder with each new bit of information we find out.

    There seems to be so much going on that we don’t know about 😯

  16. @Rashika what was your info about, if you don’t mind sharing? I’m still confused about this:

    my info regarding Dana was based on my assumption that she was the one who was blocking votes

    @Val yeah I assumed the power came from the Blade test but I could be wrong. I thought Asti meant she wouldn’t reveal whether a power came from a Blade Test, not that the power itself would not be revealed. It doesn’t really help us in finding the remaining “threat(s)” though so I’m not going to think too hard about who has the Blades right now.

    @Anne I’m looking forward to reading the Game Master’s sheets about this game, seems like a lot of fun stuff is going on behind the scenes haha

    @Val I don’t think Shannon is a Usurper, because she voted for many of the other mafia members (the win condition is outliving only one particular mafia teammate, not all of them, so voting them off seems counter-productive). I do think it’s possible she’s a Survivor, which is similar in that it requires her to be the last one standing to win the game, but is a Third party role so it makes more sense to kill the mafia members.

    We haven’t had that many Night kills, but someone killed Beth last Night, and we don’t know if it was mafia, third party, or one of us being misguided with a killing power (I remember this happened in Vicious, one Town person killed another Town person with a night action). Who knows, maybe Beth misguidedly used the Poisoner power on Meeghan on Night 3, which is why Meeghan died yesterDay!

    @Shannon the only case I see where a Town person would show us as Anti-Town during an investigation is a Miller, and that role seems a little too pastoral for this assassin school setup. Most times it seems like powers/roles would allow an Anti-Town person to show up as “inconclusive” or “Town”. I’m sorry if you are Town and somehow got framed (I know there’s a Framer role but what are the odds someone framed you on the same day I investigated); I’m still willing to act on my investigation results, especially because I don’t have anyone else I’m more suspicious of atm.

  17. @Kritika, I guess I cannot be coy about it anymore and since you took the risk, I will too.

    I am the roleblocker and blocked Jenn n1, & dana n2. I assumed at first that mafia was killing using poison and since at the time of my comment, we didn’t know Dana’s alignment, I assumed the reason we had seen no people lose their ability to vote on d3 was because I roleblocked Dana n2. In retrospect, my blocking might have been the reason why we saw no deaths happen at n1 & n2. I cannot say for sure so it wasn’t really ‘information’ but my guessing the impact my actions could have had on gameplay?

  18. I also don’t think Shannon would be a survivor unless she has additional powers aside from that role. The reason the game isn’t over is because there is still a threat to town here so either we have a mafia person left who is hiding (and framing shannon???) or some third party peeps with the ability to harm town.

  19. I was high key thinking of popping in to ask if we could just talk about cheese again, because UGH this game can be so draining, but cheese never is.

    I mean, how exactly do I defend myself? Even I don’t think Kritika is lying, so of course I get why you wouldn’t either! But that also doesn’t mean she wasn’t misinformed, and telling what she believes to be the truth. Basically, I don’t know what else to say, other than I feel like my actions thus far speak for themselves. I mean, could I have been any more helpful to Town during the entirety of the game? I daresay no, and that, by definition, is the antithesis of “Anti-Town”, so. 🤷‍♀️

    And we don’t even just have to talk about cheese. Maybe Anne made a pit-stop in Idaho and wants to chat potatoes and I am here for that too!

  20. @Rashika, if you don’t mind me asking, who did you roleblock during Night 4?

    @Shannon, what was the unrelated information that you had that led you to vote for Dana on Day Four? (If you also don’t mind me asking lol)

    Well, my favorite type of cheese is goat cheese 😛

  21. @Shannon we can talk about baklava? I was sad a few days ago and I made baklava and it made me happy haha Sweets are the best!

    And if you have any other theories for who killed Beth last night let us know! No point in saying I was misinformed if you don’t have an alternative suspect…

  22. @Val

    my strategy was to get in my night actions right away so i made snap judgements to roleblock meeghan n3 and beth n4.

    @Shannon, I am going to


    and give you a chance to defend yourself. I know you have a good voting record and I feel like there is something you aren’t telling us.

    I can always vote again towards the end of the day if I need to. I’d rather make sure we get out the anti-town player and explore all our options rather than losing.

    @all, what are the best kind of fries?

    I like normal fries forever and those horrible charts that float around are WRONG.

  23. Rashika said

    The reason the game isn’t over is because there is still a threat to town here so either we have a mafia person left who is hiding (and framing shannon???) or some third party peeps with the ability to harm town.

    What if there are *several* third party peeps amongst the seven of us? Yikes. There could be some wild victory conditions in this game? I was looking at Roles again trying to see what victory conditions might spark an epiphany, but I haven’t seen anything that really jumped out at me yet.

    Also @Rashika that’s why I haven’t voted yet. I mean yeah it looks bad for Shannon haha but… like you said, clearly Town is still in danger. I feel like there’s more shoes waiting to drop. 🙂

    My favorite cheese is havarti. Oh and fries? Mmm I would say those seasoned fries like you get at Applebee’s and stuff- I could eat those all day.

    *heading off to kitchen to scrounge*

  24. Also maybe we should *all* put our cards on the table and declare who we are. Fun? Although yeah who’s to stop someone from lying, right? If only there was a way to verify *sigh*

  25. Shannon would still count as anti-town if she is 3rd party. And since she has her own agenda that isn’t dependent on the mafia, her day actions are to blend in so trying to vote out mafia helps keep the heat off her and helps whatever her goal is too.

    I honestly didn’t have major suspicious vibes coming from her before now, but all the rest of Kritikas info has held up, so I’m inclined to believe her.

    In the last game BYOC I played a third party and worked alongside town during the day since it helped me fit in and then used my night action to fulfil my goal.

    It would be interesting to see what third party goal should be used in this game.

    Having a mafia and a 3rd party who could recruit would surely end the game way too fast. So it’s unlikely its that. Perhaps a particular character has to be killed off from town in order for her to win. Playing into the story of Nevernight. Or a particular ratio of her to town.

    I don’t know. My only game has been BYOC game which was different from the rest so I’m not sure what other apsects could be brought in.

    But I’ve not been suspicious of Kritika this whole game and her info she said yesterday checked out so I’m sticking with my vote for now.

  26. FYI I’m going to be traveling starting tomorrow, so I won’t be able to check in very much. It’s a slow Day anyways so hopefully I don’t miss a mad rush towards the end of the Day!

  27. I like @Greg’s idea of just sharing hahha. How fun would that be?

    I just got home but popping in to talk about food obviously. The game can wait until I have showered and eaten.

    @Rashika, I think the best kind of fries is probably… curly fries. But they have to be seasoned well. Also any fries are good fries basically. Just like any cheese is good cheese!

    @Kritika we can absolutely talk about baklava! I am impressed that you can make it, because I can really not make much hah. And I think the only time I have had it was from Sam’s Club, which is sad.

    I am going to the beach tomorrow, but it’s 4 hours away with 2 kids so… I am more dreading it than anything. You going anywhere exciting, @Kritika?

  28. @Shannon I’m headed to New Orleans with a friend I haven’t seen in a while for the weekend! And curly fries are the best fries.

    Beach trips are the greatest though!! Enjoy 😁

    @Greg I feel like everyone disclosing their role/powers would only make things more chaotic, because obviously the remaining threats are gonna lie… I only did it because I thought the info would help the Town.

  29. Here is what I think; between your (Kritika’s) info, info about players that have died, plus general context of how the games work, it won’t be easy for people to create believable lies about their roles. Laying all our cards might not be a bad idea?? We can even work with the lies because we are expecting them.

  30. Wow it’s dead around here. I guess though with only seven of us left…

    @Kritika I was only half- serious. 🙂 I mean, yeah, some people are probably gonna lie. But like Rashika said- some of those might be easy to see through. And even if they’re not, it will give us SOMETHING to talk about besides cheese or fries lol… *grins mischievously*

  31. @Greg I’m still waiting on @Shannon’s suspect list, she says she was framed but hasn’t chosen anyone else she thinks is a threat, so I don’t have much to say yet. Also busy sightseeing this weekend hahaha

    I don’t think we should reveal our roles in case we’re wrong about who to vote out, it just makes it easier for the threat(s) to eliminate powerful Townies toNight. Maybe the next Day if it comes to that and no one has done anything suspicious…

  32. @Kritika New Orleans is FABULOUS!! I want to go back when it’s a little cooler because I may have died last year, it’s hard to tell. Have you been there before? I hope you have an amazing time!

    @Val, I haven’t been to Arby’s since 1994.

    As for a list of suspects, I don’t have one. I have I guess a scrap of paper that says “Anne?” and I think if the game makes it to Day 6, she’s got to be the one. I say this based on her role, and the… interesting “there are no good guys” vibe of what I know about the book.

    And when celebrating a well-deserved win, don’t forget to pour one out for your homie, I feel like I earned a toast, at least 😂

  33. @Shannon I WAS BORN IN 1994! I can’t believe you remember the last time you went to Arby’s when it was 25 years ago haha

    I’ve never been to NOLA before but it’s a lot of fun! I am quite sure I’m dehydrated though, even though I have consumed at least 3 bottles of water today haha

    I don’t really find Anne suspicious atm, so I am going to stick with my vote for Shannon. If anything I think she is a powerful character like Mia or maybe Tric whose abilities come at a cost (to explain the inability to vote).

  34. @Kritika, wow you’re going to NOLA? I am jealous!

    @Shannon, I would pour one for you, but seeing as you haven’t been to Arby’s since 1994, I will NOT. 😛Just kidding.

    Based on what Anne told us about her inability to vote for that one Day, I’ve concluded that Anne is a Tree Stump 😂(also just kidding)

    Based on everyone’s info and how all the deaths played out, I’m inclined to believe that we only have one Third Party player. The first two Mafia kills were roleblocked by Rashika, and the first two Third party kills were protected by Jeann or Anna’s (or someone else’s) bulletproof-ness. Beth was targeted both on Night 3 and 4, but was only protected on Night 3.

  35. Voting Update

    Shannon (4) – Kritika, Megan, Val, Anne

    Not Voting: Greg, Rashika, Shannon

    I mean, at least almost everyone has met the comment minimum. 😂 Just missing Anne (3) and Megan (3).

  36. Okay, so when Day 5 went live, I had a short analysis written up but with Kritika’s info it didn’t seem worth it to share?

    Sharing it now since Anne’s name was brought up and if Shannon truly isn’t our bad guy, this might help later.

    (Editing this a bit to remove suspicions I had about Beth but otherwise not changing much. Keep in mind this was written before Day 5 started.)

    Meeghan made detailed analyses and laid out valid suspicions on Day 4 about all of so instead of reiterating what she has said (which can be seen from this comment onwards). Instead, I am focusing on analyzing potential bandwagons.

    I think we can all agree that the first instance of mafia bandwagoning occurred when votes for Val were cast.

    As soon as Val created a tie, Jenn and Beth voted Val within minutes of each other and eventually Harker jumped onboard that ship. @ May 19, 2019 at 8:39 pm, four votes had been cast for Val and from those four votes, we now know that three were mafia votes.

    The second instance I am going with is votes for Megan. I am not entirely sure about whether or not Megan is town but, given that two known mafia people voted for her on day 3, it is worth examining.

    Jeann was the first to cast her vote for Megan at May 30, 2019 at 8:01 am. This was followed by Anne’s vote at May 31, 2019 at 3:55 am, Dana’s vote at May 31, 2019 at 2:24 pm and finally Anna’s vote June 2, 2019 at 4:07 pm. We know Jeann was town but cannot be sure of Anne’s alignment. I do think that Anne probably isn’t mafia but she could be third party.

    The third instance I am going with is votes for Meeghan (who we now know is Town.) Now there weren’t many votes for Meeghan but a lot of suspicions were stated for her throughout the day.

    Val was the first one to build a strong argument against Meeghan (June 8, 2019 at 4:23 pm), which eventually got other people looking at her. This was followed by Kritika’s thorough argument against Meeghan at June 8, 2019 at 4:36 pm. There were other sentences of doubt distributed throughout the day by Anne, Beth, etc. So potentially we have something there? Anne (June 6, 2019 at 4:39 pm) has come up several times and while idk if she is Mafia, they could potentially be third party. It is worth noting that on D4, Val switched her vote three times?? IT IS ALSO WORTH NOTING that I brought up my suspicions regarding Meeghan but they were mostly in response to Kritika’s info as I was trying to figure out alignments.

    I realize that using this to truly make arguments for people being anti-town is a bit of a stretch but hopefully it is a start??? If we have third party people left, they’ve definitely gotten really good at hiding so we gotta do our best here.

    Also, I assume we are all still somewhat suspicious of Megan but given that both her and Greg consistently voted for Dana and stuck by their votes, it seems unlikely they would bring attention to a mafia teammate that way? That doesn’t mean neither of them could be third party though.

    BASICALLY ANYONE AND EVERYONE IS SUSPICIOUS RN AND IDK Anything about my existence. Next game, can you make me a stump @Asti. *cries*

  37. Not much to add, other than it looks like Spectators are going to kill one of us according to Twitter. 😂

    Sorry we are not amusing.

    @Val, I feel like a stump.

  38. @Anne: I never said you guys weren’t amusing! We’ve had some fries chat in the Spectators chat too. Just giving them something new to vote on since Blade tests are over. 😊

  39. Hi all, not really sure what else to add today. Been pretty slow.

    There’s not many of us left now, we must be nearing the end.

    Think I’m going to keep my vote for Shannon and hope Kritikas info is correct.

    If not then perhaps she’s the one we need to look at tomorrow.

    But I’m hedging my bets there’s probably only 1 threat to town left and we’re gonna eliminate that today.

    So gonna keep my vote for now.

  40. @Asti this is getting closer to Winnie the Pooh mafia 😂

    I’m a sucker for McDonald’s fries. I worked there in high school and the loyalty is strong. I like them a little bit softer, not fresh out of the fryer. I’d eat the “old” ones over the new ones!

  41. I still maintain that a Winnie the Pooh mafia could work. I mean, we’ve had Pride & Prejudice zombies, right? After that I think pretty much anything goes. Maybe Eeyore just gets fed up? And we know Tigger’s shifty (KIDDING- I love Tigger). I mean Heffalumps and Woozles and all are creepy AF anyway…

    So do we think once Shannon’s gone that’s it? Is that an assumption people are working under?

    Does anyone know what Shannon meant by

    I say this based on her role, and the… interesting “there are no good guys” vibe of what I know about the book.

    What role??? Is that a hint? Or did I just miss something obvious. *ponders*

    Rashika said

    Jeann was the first to cast her vote for Megan at May 30, 2019 at 8:01 am. This was followed by Anne’s vote at May 31, 2019 at 3:55 am, Dana’s vote at May 31, 2019 at 2:24 pm and finally Anna’s vote June 2, 2019 at 4:07 pm. We know Jeann was town but cannot be sure of Anne’s alignment. I do think that Anne probably isn’t mafia but she could be third party.

    This makes me think it pretty likely that Megan is Town.

    I like McDonald’s fries! Does anyone else dip fries in something besides ketchup? I like hot sauce (like wing sauce) or even mayo- especially chipotle mayo. YUM!

  42. @Greg it’s only a matter of time before “Dark Pooh” becomes a thing. The bear without pants, the mopey donkey, the snippy rabbit, the tiger on uppers… 🤷 (Also YES I dip fries in honey mustard!!)

    @Rashika, I’m very impressed with your long, well-thought out comment. Especially when the rest of us are eating fries and making up Winnie the Pooh fanfic.

  43. Chipotle mayo + sweet potato fries, drooling already haha

    @Greg idk who Shannon thinks Anne is, but maybe she’s just referring to how in the assassin school killing the other students is frowned upon but if you don’t get caught you can do what you want? All the characters are assassins and some of them do kill others even though it’s against the rules, but those kills aren’t necessarily part of the Jarnheim family plan, so third party vibes?

  44. My information wasn’t wrong on the others so far, so the only possible explanation besides Shannon being a Miller is one of us being a Framer and targeting Shannon on Day 2. Which is an odd choice I think, because if I were a framer I would pick Val or Rashika because we generally agreed early on that those two are probably Town (and an Anti Town message would have made me question that consensus). I guess one could argue that a framer would target someone suspicious because suspicious people are more likely to be investigated, but that doesn’t make sense because the whole reason I investigated Shannon was because I didn’t think she was anti-town and wanted to figure out what kind of cop I was. Does anyone else see another explanation for this? If the only likely explanation for my investigation being wrong is Shannon being a Miller, I think the odds are good that the information is actually correct.

  45. Voting Update

    Shannon (4) – Kritika, Megan, Val, Anne

    Not Voting: Greg, Rashika, Shannon

    Don’t worry, only 11.5 hours left of this jam-packed action-filled Day!

  46. @shannon, don’t be impressed. I wrote it days and days ago. My mind is on fries rn.

    @Anne, same. mcdonalds fries are the best fries.

    @Greg, I am a ketchup person and v. boring.

    Also, I don’t think Kritika’s info would be wrong? It could have been tampered with.. The only other possibility I can think of is her being a random cop but that also seems a stretch given that Meeghan and Dana were exactly what her info said they were.

  47. Sorry the day has been slow, @Asti! I tried to come up with A Plan™ but it just wasn’t working out. I contemplated crafting an outrageous lie of some sort, just for entertainment value, but I couldn’t even figure out a way to make that work either. I pondered just asking really nicely.

  48. Wow pressed post too soon, didn’t I? Sorry I’m in the car (not driving, no worries!) and I’m not doing a great job with the phone typing.

    Anyway, idk what to do now. Unless the asking really nicely thing is still on the table? 😊

  49. @Shannon: No need to apologise! I actually don’t mind a quiet Day after so many crazy ones. Whatever you all want to do with these last two hours is totally up to you. 😊

  50. Ohhh good how about something like…

    If you kill me, you ALL DIE and Harker, as the first person eliminated, wins. It’s called Nevernighted. Do you want Harker to be Nevernighted? That means mafia WINS. My role is…. THE NEVERNIGHTER

  51. What does the term Nevernighted even MEAN in that context??? 😂😛

    I say half of us vote for Greg and create a “fake tie” in order to create some sort of chaos.

    I’ve also come up with a ~great~ game idea based on Kritika and Rashika’s comment. For the next BG, make everyone a random cop.

  52. I’m on board for random cop game!!

    I’ll gladly take my chances with a tie 😂

    A Nevernighter is a role in which no one votes for me unless they want to die. I’m… a fake bird in the books. And I’m very important probably.

  53. Checking in… okay not much has changed. I guess we’re all trusting/ hoping Kritika’s info is correct/ untampered with. I mean, is this it? Or if we come back for a Day 6 THEN things will be interesting! And waitaminnit haha- why me for a tie? 😉

    All random cops- wow. That would be fun!

    This has been a pretty good Game though. I mean five Days, lotsa twists and turns, just over a month played. What’s the longest amount of Days one of these has gone?

    Okay hoping we’re right and


    *prays to the assassin gods*

  54. Voting Update

    Shannon (5) – Kritika, Megan, Val, Anne, Greg
    Rashika (1) – Rashika
    Greg (1) – Shannon

    Yes, Rashika is voting for Rashika.

  55. I just think my behavior has been really sketchy throughout and there is no way I am not secretly three third party bunnies dressed in a trench coat. For that reason, I have to vote for me.

  56. To be fair though the longer games had more people to start with!

    @Greg yeah if Shannon isn’t the third party threat then we all scratch our heads on Day 6 I guess, I hope the Town pulls through though! We’ve been good guessers so far…

    @Val omg random cop game would be horrible, everyone would think they had info and just kill each other off hahaha (The Bookish Games: Melee!)

  57. WOW that means that the “poisoning” happening throughout the game was Greg the ferret this whole time! I knew it! Thanks Shannon for giving us this valuable information!

    @Rashika, I absolutely agree. Like you pulled that whole Town team name on Day One when *anyone* could have guessed it. No one has suspected you ever since 🧐

    @Kritika, it would be great because there would actually be no mafia and no one would win.

  58. @Val: I’m pretty sure the moderators would win in a game like that, watching everyone panicking while investigating and shooting each other with no clue that no mafia even exists. 😂

  59. @Val, our cat owner was the one that guessed it and told us so that’s how we pulled it off. THE BIGGEST CON The Bookish Games has ever seen.

  60. This all just shows that an animal Game is absolutely viable. I mean, a poisonous ferret makes it to Day 5? Bunnies in trench coats??? GIVE ME POOH.

    *stamps feet*

  61. @Greg: We have a list of volunteers for co-modding future editions. If you would like me to add you to it for a possible Winnie-the-Pooh edition, I can. 😂

  62. @Asti, that’s hard to say no to, but I don’t think I’d be a good mod. 🙂 Otherwise I’d be ALL OVER THAT.

    *singing Winnie the Pooh tunes*

  63. I like the idea of the Spec chat dropping “poisoned” fruit too- you know, just to mess w/ people *grins nastily*

  64. Ten minutes left…

    Shannon (5) – Kritika, Megan, Val, Anne, Greg
    Rashika (1) – Rashika
    Greg (1) – Shannon

  65. @Greg: Are you talking about the book or the Games? We did a Hunger Games edition but had no “drops”. I’d definitely be down for incorporating it if we ever did it again though! I enjoyed having the Spectators involved this editon.

  66. @Asti – I was thinking the books. Seems like someone got a bad drop, if I remember. Shannon might know, she’s read the books once or twice. 🙂

    I love having the Spectators involved- nice little X factor. *smirk*

  67. @Shannon- well yeah. I was just thinking though of that one drop that turned out to be like an insult? Didn’t Kat or someone get a drop like that? Maybe it was a message from Haymitch- sorta like pushing her to do something? Sorry my memory’s fuzzy… *rubs forehead*

  68. Final Voting Update

    Shannon (5) – Kritika, Megan, Val, Anne, Greg
    Rashika (1) – Rashika
    Greg (7) – Shannon, Spectators
    Kritika (5) – Spectators

    Day Five has officially ended. The person with the most votes (7) is Greg. Greg was… haha, just kidding. He DID actually accumulate the most votes if you add in the Spectator votes, but as those don’t count…

    Shannon (5) – Kritika, Megan, Val, Anne, Greg
    Rashika (1) – Rashika
    Greg (1) – Shannon

    The person with the most votes (6) is Shannon. Shannon was Jessamine, Team Vengeance, Mia’s Lyncher and 1x Framer.

    It is NOT Night Five. For once I’m not going to leave everyone in suspense until the following Day. THE GAME IS OVER! Game over post going live shortly!

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