Interview with a Player: Greg from Book Haven

Hello everyone! It is time for our second edition of Interview with a Player.

During the downtime between each edition of The Bookish Games, we will be posting interviews from players that answer questions about their play history, favourite moments, advice for newbies, etc. Not only is this a fun way to learn about why players enjoy The Bookish Games so much, it can also be a useful tool in gathering intelligence about other player’s thinking. (In other words, be careful what you choose to reveal players. It may be used against you in future games!)

If you’re interested in being featured in a future post, you can find the interview questions here.

Our next interviewee is one of our newer players who wasted no time smashing his way into The Bookish Games Wall of Fame: Greg from Book Haven

Now, we never know what we’re going to get when a new player signs up to join The Bookish Games. There are always 800 things that can go wrong: maybe they won’t participate, maybe they’ll be too overwhelmed, maybe they’ll take suspicions against them too personally, etc etc. The unknown of new players can be quite challenging for us moderators because while we want to give newbies exciting roles to play with we’re also often worried about the possibility of good roles going to waste.

Luckily we didn’t have to worry about any of that with Greg! We gave him a Mafia role for his first round of The Bookish Games (even though some participants argued that we would never do such a thing!) and not only did he get involved and stay active until the very end – he even received MVP status after his team won, earning him a spot on our Wall of Fame page! Go Greg!

And of course, not only do we love Greg for the fact that he played so well during his first play through of The Bookish Games, we also love Greg for the fact that he continues to stay involved in the community even when his time is limited. He inspired me with a couple of ideas during The Bookish Games: Bring Your Own Character edition while chatting in the Spectator chat (look out for possible spectator involvement in gameplay in the future!) and I appreciate him taking some time out of his day to answer our interview questions below.

If you’re thinking about joining The Bookish Games community but haven’t already, take notes for when you do. We’re always looking for more great players like Greg.


Introduce yourself. (Where can we find you online? What do you like to do when not playing The Bookish Games?)

My name is Greg and I blog at Book Haven

I’m a book blogger and sometime freelance writer who loves to discuss and share bookish stuff, plus movies and music and whatever else. I like to spotlight bookstores as well. Blogging is a creative endeavour for me as well as a fun way to unwind and just chat with online friends.

Tell us about your experience with The Bookish Games so far. (How many games have you played? What have your roles/teams been like? Have you survived until the end yet?)

I’ve played one game (the Vicious edition) and had a blast! I was a part of Team Mafia (thanks Asti!!) and loved it- what a way to start the game, being on the bad guys team! Bad guys are always the most fun, right? And we WON. Couldn’t ask for better than that. 🙂

(Inge’s note: Can confirm. Asti & Kelley gave me a pretty powerful Mafia role during my first game, Ready Player One. It was so much fun and very motivating as a newbie to just throw myself into the game!)

What do you love about playing The Bookish Games?

I love how unpredictable it is and how twisty. Everyone is trying to get one over on someone else and no one really knows, at least initially, who is who (other than Mafia members). Any comment or observation can be twisted against someone and the game really rewards someone who just lets go and has fun, but also those who are canny and persuasive!

What has been your favorite moment in The Bookish Games so far?

This might sound selfish but when Team Mafia was declared winners of the Vicious edition. I was like- we won?? Ha ha. But also the most recent BYOC edition– being in the Spectator Chat and observing the shenanigans going on and being able to discuss it was great!

(Inge’s note: Even when I don’t have much time, I always love scrolling through the Spectators Chat. You guys are hilarious.)

What do you struggle with while playing The Bookish Games? How do you overcome those struggles?

Time. Several times in Vicious I felt like my schedule prevented me from getting in at crucial times, especially at the end of Days when everything gets crazy. It really can be time- consuming to REALLY play.

Is there anything specific you would like to see in future editions of The Bookish Games? (Themes, roles, twists, etc.)

I love how BYOC was totally up in the air and participants didn’t even know IF there were third party players/ teams- it was even more ambiguous than normal?

What advice would you give to new players who are interested in playing The Bookish Games?

Set aside lots of time to read and re- read comments, and hone your lying skills (did I just say that?). And especially have FUN!


Spectating or Playing: Playing
Team Town, Mafia, or Third-Party: Mafia
Vote out inactive players or let them disqualify: Vote ’em out!!
Vote every opportunity you get or only when a player acts suspiciously: I’m kind of in the middle?
Take an active role or hide in the shadows: I tend to hang back a bit- at least in Vicious?
Straightforward games with few twists or crazy games with all the shock and surprises: Crazy!


Biggest movemaker: Shannon? And I think Dana’s made a late move or two that had impacts.

Least trustworthy player: Oh this is a dangerous one to answer! I think we’re all untrustworthy though, given that we’re all LYING! But if I have to pick someone, I’ll say… Sana! Haha only because I suspected her in BYOC (from the Spectator perch) and thought she was getting off easy. 🙂 But she played a good game. and she’s not really untrustworthy. *waves* Hi Sana!!!

Most analytical: Anne maybe? Josephine and Sana are canny players as well I think.

Chatty Cathy: I’ll say Harker? They generate lots of good discussion and theories. 🙂

Funniest: Shannon!!

Most intimidating: I am not even sure! Maybe the veterans who’ve played in ALL the games.

Anything else you’d like to add? Thanks to Asti and Inge and everyone else who puts these together! Oh and how about an Orphan Black edition?

(Asti note: Ooh, an Orphan Black edition could be fun! And wow, evil much there Greg? I’m starting to get the impression that even if we’d assign you to the Town team you’d try to help the Mafia win…)

(Inge’s note: Born for the Traitor role? 😉 Thanks for joining our wacky game, Greg! You’ve been a wonderful asset and we love your evil shenanigans.)

6 thoughts on “Interview with a Player: Greg from Book Haven”

  1. I agree, Maraia. I mean, he even cheered for mafia (or rather, Cult as it ended up) when he wasn’t even playing! Also, is the no picture thing also not incredibly suspect? Big old glaring, shadow-y question mark head, like suuuure, let’s trust this guy 🙄😂

    Greg, I love that your favorite moment was winning too hah. At least you had the decency to wonder if it was selfish? Orphan Black would be AMAZING, and can you imagine how bananas it could get with all the clones? Like imagine if POWERS could be cloned or something! Or the mafia could clone itself!? Oh the possibilities are absolutely endless!

  2. Oh come on guys I’m trustworthy! Honest. *grins wickedly* But seriously though, this was fun. Thanks for doing these interviews Asti and Inge! Although yes I may regret some of my answers down the road lol. Team mafia all the way!!!

    Maraia, I know! I’m in trouble. 🙂 And Shannon right? I feel like cheering for the bad guys is more fun. And Orphan Black would be so much clone chaos… and of course there’d have to be dancing.

    Oh and I can’t wait to see a Spectator involvement of some type.

  3. He inspired me with a couple of ideas during The Bookish Games: Bring Your Own Character edition while chatting in the Spectator chat

    I really hope this is a reference to Greg’s Hunger Games sponsor idea because I’m 1000% on board for that. Also Orphan Black yes please! Not a book, but still… 😀

    Greg was amazing to see be a Mafia player because of his enthusiasm and willingness to jump in, but also because he was excellent at hanging in the shadows, expressing emotional distress at trying to figure out who the mafia was, being clever without manipulating…he totally has a natural talent for this. And is tons of fun to be on the same team with!

  4. Aw thanks Beth! To be honest it was a little intimidating at first playing with mostly all veterans- you, Anne, Jade, Kritika. I was like wow- share your wisdom. 🙂 And it was kind of easy to be confident (I mean, as confident as you ever can be) with a crew like that. I don’t think I could have asked for a better group to start with!

    And yes I love the sponsor idea- how fun would THAT be?

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