Bring Your Own Character: Game Over

Welcome to The Bookish Games, a variation of the game most commonly known as Mafia or Werewolf. If you want to know more about The Bookish Games, including How to Play, please check out the links in the menu.



  • [DAY] Rashika (@RTheBookOwl as Bella Swan from Twilight, Team Town, Bulletproof (unable to be killed by ordinary means during the Night)
  • [NIGHT] Sana (@artsymusings) as Joseph Kavinsky from The Dream Thieves, Team Arsonist, Arsonist (able to ignite one player per Night causing their death, players must first be primed during a Night before they can be ignited)
  • Kerys (@kerys_howarddd) as Katniss from The Hunger Games, Team Town, Deflector (able to deflect Night actions targeted at one player onto a different player)
  • Charli (@charli_c_) as Tori Spring from Solitaire, Team Town, Vigilante (able to kill one person per Night)


  • Megan (@Megan_Roze) as Feyre from ACOMAF, Team Cult, Cult Leader (able to recruit one person per Night into the Cult)
  • Crini (@@xcrini) as Gretchen Lowell, Team Serial Killer, Serial Killer (able to kill one person per Night), Team Cult, Cultist
  • T Alex Harker @ The Hermit Librarian (replacement for T) as Andrew from Foxhole Court, Team Town, Babysitter (able to protect one person per Night, if targeted for a Night kill while protecting another player both die), Team Cult, Cultist


Wait, what?! How is the game over if there’s still two players left in the game?

As the Cult has majority numbers and the last third-party team was eliminated with Sana’s death, the Cult’s victory is guaranteed. The Cult can flat out admit to being a team going into Day Four and there is nothing our two remaining Town-aligned players can do as the Cult has majority numbers. And it doesn’t matter which Town-aligned player survives going into Night Four, neither one could do anything to flip the script. If Charli survived, she could kill one of the Cultists but would still get voted out the following Day and if Kerys survived, she could deflect any possible recruitment back onto the Cult but would still get voted out the next Day.

Day Three was painful enough to watch. We don’t have to watch this slow death in action when we already know what the outcome will be. (Sorry Town! But good job Cult!)

My MVP for this game is Megan, for successfully leading the Cult to victory. By mostly playing in the shadows and carefully choosing her targets, she was able to keep her Cult alive. I also think it was quite skilled that her first two Night recruitments were directed at the two third-party players in the game. Sure, both didn’t work and it was probably mostly luck, but I think it was a sign from early on that Megan was destined to be victorious.

I also want to give a shoutout to Charli for being the only reason any anti-Town players were eliminated this edition of the game. While she didn’t use her vigilante power Night One, she successfully used it each of the following Nights resulting in the elimination of Dana (Cultist) and Sana (Arsonist).


There isn’t a whole lot to reveal in regards to this set-up because we really didn’t plan anything in advance. The character choices submitted by players dictated what teams existed within the game.

Assigning players their roles/powers.

All players received their first choice for character/roles, apart from Sana. I wanted the game to be set-up with each player having a different character name/role. While duplicates were submitted within the three choices, rarely so within the first choice spot.

Sana was the last to submit her sign-up choices and she was of course the one to provide a duplicate. Her first role choice was for an Absorber but as we already had that (thanks to Val) I contacted her to find out if she would be okay with her Arsonist role instead. She agreed.

I actually thought the Arsonist role would be the perfect addition to the Cult and Serial Killer because it ensured the game wouldn’t end too quickly while at the same time limiting the amount of dead players that could appear during the Night. Without Sana’s Arsonist role, there was a possibility this game could’ve ended within the first two Days. Crini could’ve killed Megan Night One and then get voted out Day Two or Megan could’ve recruited Crini Night One and then get voted out Day Two… adding that extra third-party option ensured that the game could last even if one of my baddies got eliminated early.

Where the Mafia?

But wait, what about the Mafia? Haha, sorry guys, no mafia this game. Inge and I decided that a Cult, SK, and Arsonist would be enough of a challenge for you. Consider this our one set-up twist.

(If we were to have gone the mafia route though, we would have likely had to assign players roles outside of their first choice as a majority of players went for protective roles which wouldn’t be necessary for a Mafia teammate as they’re generally the ones doing the killing. It just made more sense for us in the end to leave it as it is and just let this be a game ruled by third-party teams.)

Night Actions made the game unpredictable.

I will say, I loved how the many, many roles made this game completely unpredictable. Even going into Night Three, I really had no clue if the game was actually going to end. If Charli would’ve killed Megan and Kerys deflected T Alex Harker’s recruitment onto Crini, then we would’ve entered Day Four with three Town players, one Cultist who couldn’t recruit additional players, and one Arsonist. It would’ve been anyone’s game.

There are two Night actions that I wanted to highlight that could’ve made a difference in how the game played out, just to show how unpredictable these many roles made the game:

  • Night One Megan targeted Sana, the Arsonist, to be recruited into the Cult. If this would’ve happened Sana would’ve losted her Arsonist abilites and Harker would not have been eliminated. Kerys chose to deflect actions targeted at Sana onto Dana that Night though, thus saving Sana from recruitment and forcing Dana to join the Cult instead.
  • Night Two Harker used their 1x Vigilante power as a Jack-of-all-Trades to eliminate Crini. Obviously if this would have been effective Crini would not have been recruited into the Cult and the Cult would’ve entered Day Three as a one-man team. Unfortunately, Sana submitted her Night Action form to kill Harker before Harker submitted their Night Action form to kill Crini, so Harker was unable to complete their kill.


As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where we kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • The Cult Night Chats – You can find what the Cult was saying at Night by visiting the Cult site. I’ll be importing the posts into this blog for easier access later. (These posts have now been imported into the site and can be found linked on the Bring Your Own Character edition page.)
  • GoogleDoc Spreadsheet This is the Master Spreadsheet that Inge and I used to keep track of everything in the game from number of comments players made to voting history to Night Action form submissions. Click the tabs on the bottom of the page to see what went down each Day/Night. (You can also see what players submitted for their other character choices.)
  • Spectator Chat (password: dead) – Here you can find out what the spectators and ghosts were up to while the Town slowly crawled to their death.


Our Favourite Moments


Of course, before the game even started I was excited to see what characters and roles players would submit. Val wins the award for most creative player choice during sign ups. Her first choice to play as Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Grey, Absorber, was both hilarious and cringe-worthy. Great job Val.

(Also, apologies, I probably shouldn’t have commented on it on Twitter as I know it led some players to want to eliminate you just to find out what role you were hiding behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a factor for Crini murdering you Night Two.)

Day/Night One:

Shannon: T, come play with us, we are fun and most of us don’t even bite!
Harker: unless someone picked a vampire character. lol

Little did you know at the time, there actually was a vampire in the game. Well, sort of. Rashika was Bella from Twilight. Depending on what book we’re working with, she was a vampire.

Anne: Right now I’m watching my new Roomba blindly run into things around the room and I feel like it’s the most fitting analogy for this day. 🤦

This is exactly what everyone looks like when you’re watching the game unfold as a moderator.

Day/Night Two:

Rashika: I am gonna need five cups of chamomille tea after this day ends

You guys and your last minute voting changes! Day One and Day Two were exhausting! I don’t drink tea, but even I felt the need to reach for something to calm myself after trying to keep up with the madness around voting deadlines.

Day/Night Three:

We have no fun quotes from the Day chat because everyone was BOOOORRRRING Day Three, but Shannon provided us with some entertainment in the Spectator chat:

Val: Well there was never gonna be a 50 Shades Bookish games so I took my chance. Not that I’ve even read the book though 😂

Inge: @Val: *shudders at the idea of a Fifty Shades Bookish Games*

Shannon: @Inge, in the 50 Shades game, everyone from the actual book is Team Dumpster Fire (mafia) while the Town is just poor readers who are horrified and want to kill all the characters for you know, being themselves.

I’m just saying this now, if we ever pull Shannon in to help co-mod a game, be prepared. That girl is FULL of ideas.

Shannon: We need the role of a Sniper (which I just made up right now). A Sniper will, from Spectatorland, take out some random player just for funsies. No rhyme or reason, totally unbiased roll of the dice, just to freak everyone out and force someone to say something. Asti can just post that Whoever has been eliminated. Watch them squirm. They are literally talking about the weather at this point, we need something to shake them up.

Like I said, FULL of ideas. And I like them.


We’re going to take a short break as I need time to adjust to working life again (I finally got a job, yay!) but don’t get too comfortable because we are already planning the next game and will definitely be back.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the next game, please do share in the comments! And if you have any additional questions about how this game was set-up, don’t hesitate to ask.

Be sure to join our mailing list if you want to be notified when sign-ups for the next edition go live and we look forward to seeing you next time!

Asti & Inge


12 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Character: Game Over”

  1. Okay, I just HAVE to quote these from the Spectator chat:


    ‘I have a feeling they may be working together (but then, I always think that about Sana and Crini, so…’


    ‘I still think Crini and Sana are both evil. Can you imagine the two of them on one team? Just no hope for the rest of us.’


    ‘And I’m petty enough to hope Sana gets voted off today. Kept me from saving myself and no one even blinked an eye… 😒’

    I’M SORRY, but I was all on my own so had to make sure that Days didn’t end in no elimination XD


    ‘I wonder if Sana or Crini is a Serial Killer… Like I feel like it’s also a possibility. But if they aren’t on the same team, maybe they’ll take each other out tonight.. LOL’


    ‘I mean someone could have come out and SAID “hey I’m mafia” and they would have still voted for Rashika.’



    The imagery I’m getting right now after reading the Spectator chat is me on a skateboard “skating by” LOL. It was shocking when no one came after me all that hard but I had fun with it and it was too damn easy to deflect suspicion onto Rashika. She didn’t stand a chance, oops haha

    Oh and I wonder what was up with Kerys using her Deflector powers on and then against me ALL three Nights 😂 But also, thank you Kerys for saving me as being in a cult wouldn’t have been as much fun as igniting players =P (and then I so would have ignited you as you were my next Target)

    This was too much and it was definitely a surprise that there were so many killers running around and no Mafia. I applaud you guys for that twist, Asti and Inge

    And LOOK, my first and second choice were both Town and still you guys thought I’d have picked a villain tsk tsk =P

    Also, dammit another Game that I failed to survive. One day…

  2. i KNEW crini wasn’t town but i couldn’t kill her because she said she was suspicious of me during the day!!

    very proud of my kills though – i was pretty sure about sana but i didn’t feel i could say anything during the day as i didn’t have anything much concrete to go on…

    loved this game, thank you so much asti!!

  3. @Asti You are ingenious…and delightfully evil. 😀 Third-party mayhem definitely made for a short and chaotic game. It’s interesting to see that level of success when there wasn’t a group that could plot out their moves from Night 1 onward (as the mafia does). And it definitely speaks to the cleverness of those third-party folks.

  4. @Sana

    it was too damn easy to deflect suspicion onto Rashika. She didn’t stand a chance, oops haha

    😂😂 😂😂 NO LIES DETECTED. I gave up trying to defend myself because I knew I would not survive. I WAS ALSO VERY OBVIOUSLY A TOWNIE.

    Also, Megan truly played great game. I am laughing though because my offhand comment during Day 3 where I asked Megan if she was the cult leader actually turned out to be true. AND I WAS RIGHT ABOUT CRINI BEING A CULT PERSON. JUST NOT THE CULT LEADER.

    I bet Inge and Asti were laughing as we all ran circles trying to predict who was mafia when there was none. I wonder how the game would have played out though if Megan had been unable to recruit Crini.

    Thanks so much for putting this together guys!! It was a lot of fun and I hope that one day, I will live to be on the winning team.

  5. @ Sana: Haha, I’m not sure why Kerys kept targeting you but hey, it definitely worked in your favour!
    Have you not survived until the end of a game yet? I would’ve thought you had!

  6. @ Charli: I thought you did great with your kills! We’ve had vigilante roles in the past but players have always been quite hesitant to use them out of fear of hitting their teammates, so to see you not only use your powers but use them effectively was quite fun to watch! 🙂

  7. @ Beth: Yeah, I really had no idea what to expect! It was just as likely the baddies would take out each other instead of the Townies. But the unpredictable nature of it made it a lot fun! I kept trying to guess what Night Action forms I’d receive each Night and rarely got it right.

  8. @ Rashika: Haha, I laugh every game at the players being clueless. At least this time everyone had a legitimate excuse since there was no mafia to be found. 😈

    And I’m sure you could end up on the winning team someday! Really, if all the talkative players weren’t dead, they probably would’ve tried to save you Day Three. They were sad for you in the spectator chat. 😂

    And thanks! The fact that the game ended the week my job started was actually quite good timing for me. Hopefully I’ll adjust to my full-time shift soon though so we can start up another edition. I have way too much fun with these games 😊

  9. @Asti — I have but way in the beginning. I think it’s something like 3 out of 10 Games which looks…bad XD

    Also, congratulations on the new job!

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