Bring Your Own Character: Night Three

byoc edition

It Is Night Three.

Welcome Cult Leader and Cultists! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are, work together to decide who to recruit next – whatever your heart desires.

This Night Chat is only open for 48 hours. The Night phase ends each Monday at 8pm GMT. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Good luck!

Current Cult Team Members: Megan, Crini


11 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Character: Night Three”

  1. Unfortunately we lost our other cult member Dana, or we’d have three members.

    Wonder how many of each team are left now. We need a majority to win but it’s looking like the mafia might win since they’ve alluded us so far, and now everyone knows there’s a cult in their midst.

    Would you mind saying what your previous role was? 😊

  2. My previous role was serial killer, which tbh, I was sad to have to let go XD

    That you tried to get Sana into the Cult and got Dana instead makes me think Sana might me Mafia! There has to have been some kind of reflexive power in play and why would anyone protect Sana that way if she wasn’t their team member, and I don’t see a Townie feeling the need to protect Sana that way.

    I really though we got one with Rashika, tbh. That would have made things a lot easier for the next Day too.

  3. Oh no! Such a mischievous role, sorry to pull you away from it haha.

    But you can still go on creating havoc, we can choose together who to recruit next. Any thoughts?

    And yes Sana could well be mafia. It seems she must have a deflector role or she would have been recruited. But if she were mafia she wouldn’t care what happened to town so you deflect anything bad to any town members.

    I really thought Rashika was mafia too. That she wasn’t puts a damper on things. Especially since I was a staunch voter for her. Won’t go down well with the Town. But I was only 1 of 4 who voted for her. Just hope they don’t round on me…

    How about recruiting Charli and voting for Sana tomorrow?

  4. I’ll definitely be voting for Sana tomorrow! She is the only one I’m feeling sure about not being Town XD

    I’m not sure about Charli’s role.
    Would be kind of fun to recruit T’s replacement, mostly because I’m REALLY curious what role they have haha

  5. That would surely shock them! Haha immediately joining the game and joining a cult haha.

    No one would probably suspect them as much first day so could recruit them with little suspicion perhaps.

    Need to find a way for me not to look too suspicious myself tomorrow. Been dead set on Rashika from the start and now she’s town it won’t look good. And if I go, no more cult members. I hope I survive this night to be honest.

    Will have to come up with a good reason to switch my focus to Sana. Need to lay low a little me thinks.

  6. Well I suppose it shows that I wasn’t trying to get loads of town members out, just one who I thought was suspicious. So possibly not that bad?

    And I’ll put my form in to recruit Ts replacement to our little cult haha.

  7. Oh right, whoops. That’s what I get for not rereading your post haha.

    Well I think for us ganging up on Rashika, there were two other people voting for her so not just us so not too suspicious I think.

    And if we’re going to try and vote Sana we just have to be careful not to look like we’re colluding.

    So agreeing with others statements and not interacting too much together.

    If by chance, Sana gets eliminated in the night, just vote for anybody you think is suspicious. We just need to make sure someone is eliminated tomorrow.

    Just hope everyone doesn’t pounce on me or no new cult members! Though we could still win if you’re the last person standing. The cult just needs the majority to win (:

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