Bring Your Own Character: Day Three

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Game Master’s Notes

Haha, there is no point in me trying to say anything at this point because you must surely be in a state of shock after seeing the result of last Night’s events. I promised you chaos. Here it is!

It is Day Three and only half the players remain. Between the crazy ending of Day Two, the multiple deaths during Night Two, and the first non-Team Town reveal, you should have plenty to discuss. Good luck! (You  might need it).

As always, follow us on Twitter if you want vote updates and don’t hesitate to DM us if you have any questions. (Oh, and now can those of you on Twitter understand why I reacted so strongly to Val’s pick for character/power role? 😂)

It is now Day Three.

You have until Saturday 8pm GMT to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be eliminated.


37 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Character: Day Three”

  1. WOW. Dana’s last second vote (quite literally as it occurred with less than a minute left in the day) at the end of Day 2 had me suspicious so I am not surprised she was not town! But she also isn’t Mafia! Given that she went from Team Town to Team Cult, I think it is safe to assume she was recruited into team cult by one of the surviving members who is a cult leader. There is likely still another team cult member besides the cult leader because they probably recruited someone during night two.

    With only half of us left and the game still going, I am wondering if there even is mafia? Maybe there are just a bunch of third party people vs town?? IDK WHAT TO THINK. Especially after how messy day two (and night two) turned out to be.


    @Rashika I agree there’s probably a cult leader and another cultist left meaning that there’s only 5 town/mafia people left which is ALARMING. I don’t think there’s no mafia though. I think the cult is just a third party with their own set of intentions (most likely recruiting the most people)

  3. Also I did some maths and if there’s 7 people left (2 of which are cult leader/cultist), there’s likely to only be two townies left (if there were less, we’d have lost) and 3 mafia (it could be two but it’s super unlikely as just one mafia kill would have resulted in the town winning. Also a ratio of 2 mafia: 10 town seems kinda unfair).

    So today’s vote really counts and I have no idea what to do.

  4. OMG, I can’t right now. WHAT A NIGHT XD
    Val clearly wins the award for best character, hahaha.

    I’m gonna need some time to process all this.

  5. Okay, so, I am thinking aloud here, but I think Crini might be the cult leader? Her first comment was:

    Please don’t kill me immediately, I swear I’m one of the good guys! XD

    . Perhaps she might have considered the fact that there would be a lie detector (or two!) in the game?? If she was the cult leader, the above comment would not be a lie and she could thus avoid detection by a townie who used their night powers to check that comment (of course, our lie detector did not survive day one.)

    I also think the fact that she has a lot of experience playing the bookish games would make her particularly skilled in this role.

  6. @kerys, those numbers are scary and I am scared to vote because I really don’t want to vote out another townie (especially if there are only 1/2 left of us)

  7. @Rashika that does make sense. I’ve not seen Crini as completely suspicious but if she was cult leader that would make sense. My instincts are telling me that Sana is Mafia so for the moment:


  8. Omg three deaths! 😱 How is that even possible? Can mafia kill more than one person a night?

    If not does that mean there’s way more parties at play?

    Seems we also have a freaking cult in our midst but I’m assuming they don’t kill? Obviously recruiting is bad enough. Well I suppose it’s the same as mafia, we just don’t get to see who’s no longer on our side each morning.

    But three certainly seems excessive. There’s a lot of roles at play in this game…

  9. Rashika was the first person I wanted to look at as she broke the tie and basically decided who to vote off during Day 2:

    Wow. So I really thought I wouldn’t be changing my vote so close to the end but Harker is right! It’s REALLY odd that Dana is voting for T. That is essentially throwing away a vote that could be super useful to town hunting down mafia. T is gonna DQ if T doesn’t comment by the end of the day anyway so there is no point in voting for T.. This really makes me think Dana might be mafia, because a throwaway vote is a terrible idea for anyway who is team town.



    First off there is the fact that T made enough comments and wasn’t going to be disqualified. Then there’s also that Asti informed us that such players would be replaced.
    But on top of that, she accuses Dana of making a throw-away vote while she herself votes for someone not yet on the table, only 20min before the Day ends.

    I do feel a bit wishy washy right now because Jenn, another person people suspect to be Mafia changed her vote to Harker and that makes me think Harker might not be mafia?

    That makes it sound as if it’s not Rashika, who is suspicious of Jenn, but other people, so why would that make her think Harker is Town?
    I was extremely confused that Rashika ended up voting for Jenn, who was never mentioned besides this one time, instead of for Harker who she was suspicious of all Day.
    If we think about what it would have looked like, if Harker hadn’t been killed during the Night, Rashika sure would have looked better, voting for Jenn instead of Harker. And discussing Harker could have kept us busy another Day.

    A comment that also stroke me as odd:

    we can assume that town-aligned people were in the majority (I HOPE)

    This “I HOPE” seems so odd because how would Town have a chance if they didn’t start with being in the majority? So this “I hope” kind of makes me feel as if she wanted to point away from knowing something/more = how many Mafia members there are, maybe!?

    And then that theory about me now… sorry, but that made me laugh. I should stop making jokes, when all of them are used as evidence against me XD
    But for real, how is being a Cult Leader being one of the good guys? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  10. *backs away slowly* Um what the hell happened?! 😮

    So we have a Cult Leader to find in addition to finding the Mafia and a possible third-party (fourth-party?) player or is that just a Townie with killing powers?! I’m thinking that the Cult Leader recruited Dana on Night One and then were responsible for killing one of the three players on Night Two. (The page doesn’t really say that a Cult Leader can kill, but the recruit or kill choice was given in Divergent edition and that’s what I think is also happening here. If not, then I’m fresh out of ideas about the third kill ATM).

    I’d actually started to lean towards thinking Val (SORRY, I MEAN ANASTASIA LOL) is Mafia as she came so hard for Harker over nothing but theories (and because Val commented about Rashika creating a tie but didn’t do anything herself about it 🤔). I’m glad I was right not to be suspicious of Harker but then they also didn’t make it to Day Three aaahh.

    Anyway, it makes sense that Dana wasn’t Town anymore since her comments at the end of Day Two were pretty strange, to say the least. However, Rashika then changing her vote to Dana and introducing a tie like 20 minutes before the deadline didn’t make sense to me at all. I know other players were around at the time to undo the tie but still (and then all the comments and votes so close to the deadline kind of broke my brain haha).

    But what really tips my suspicion over about Rashika being Mafia is that despite being the last to vote and break the tie after all, I think she knew Harker and Jenn were both Town and voted for one so that we could lose a Townie after all. I mean, she was suspicious of Harker for most of Day Two but ends up voting for Jenn? Could be a bit far-fetched but that’s currently what’s making the most sense to me so


  11. I have to admit that I was suspicious of Val on day 2 as well. I wasn’t sure who to vote for, either her or Rashika. It seemed like they were in cahoots a bit to my view. There was a lot of ganging up in Harker who I didn’t think was mafia at all.

    Rashika stood out to me as suspicious from the beginning of day 2. She was very quick to vote over nothing and then changed last minute again to vote for Jenn with very little reasoning.

    I felt like my vote was a bit throwaway yesterday since it didn’t really affect gameplay at all but I was suspicious of her then and I am now too as well.

    I’ll see how this day goes but I might as well vote now since I still think what I thought on day 2.


  12. wow, we’ve taken a kicking overnight… i genuinely thought harker was mafia. the fact they were killed makes me think that one (or more) of her theories was correct and the mafia felt they needed to be killed.

    i’m shocked there were three kills – i expected the game to have one third party but there’s potentially two on top of mafia, and on top of those, a cult? wow this edition is chaos.


    Dana’s last second vote (quite literally as it occurred with less than a minute left in the day) at the end of the Day 2 had me suspicious

    you also made your vote with less than a minute to go, so it’s kind of odd you say this?

  13. @Crini, I don’t think being a cult leader would make you the bad guy since you aren’t mafia?

    I think there are a LOT of valid concerns about my actions from Day 2, and I would genuinely be surprised if no one had brought my actions up so I will now attempt to break down my thought process (which probably won’t clear doubts but, it’s the best I can do tbh.)

    There were 30 mins left in the day 2 and I came in to check if there was any last minute craziness happening. I’d been busy with stuff the past two days so I hadn’t done the best job keeping up with happenings. Anyway, I came in and saw this comment from Harker:

    have about her and her vote for T. It isn’t really sitting well with me because it doesn’t make much sense or do much in terms of helping the Town toDay.

    I, incredibly wrongly, assumed that T hadn’t met the four comment minimum so was going to be DQed at the end of the day (this is absolutely my fault and had been just a bit thorough, I would have definitely not done anything, LOL.) This made me think that Dana was mafia because why would she vote for a character who was going to DQ at the end of the day??? With the end of the day approaching, I quickly chose to change my vote. I figured there were 30 mins left and even if my vote created a tie, someone would probably break the tie. And Jenn did break the tie! But since Jenn had been voting for Crini earlier, who I wasn’t sure was mafia at this point, I was getting suspicious of her! Especially because Jenn had the most votes after Harker and this made me wonder if Jenn wasn’t just doing this to save herself.

    With not much time left in the day, I was pretty stressed out because I had just cancelled my vote for Dana since I realized I had been wrong when I said T was gonna DQ. I didn’t know who to vote for at this point and was gonna choose to not vote for anyone.

    Dana chose to create a tie with less than one minute left in the game and I saw the tie with less than 30 seconds left in the game. I don’t think the day ending in a tie would have been good for Town and with mere seconds left in the game, I doubted anyone else was going to break the tie. I essentially flipped a coin and chose to vote for Jenn in hopes Jenn was mafia.

    JENN WAS NOT MAFIA and I WAS V. SAD because like Crini said, my vote decided that she would be voted out.

    I realize I am suspicious, but @Megan I really did not have time to reason shit out with 30 seconds left in the day and while my flip-flopping is suspicious, I don’t think I could have possibly reasoned out who to vote for in 30 seconds.

    With 7 players left and possibly two mafia and two cult members, we barely have 2-3 town players left. I hope town will choose to believe that I am town so that we have a fighting chance but if town doesn’t and there is another day after this, I hope town will choose to look at the people who voted for me.

    Anyway, as of this moment, I am not entirely sure who to vote for. The end of day two was so stressful and the two people I doubted were both town so that sucks. I do feel somewhat confident in my assumption that Crini isn’t mafia. I don’t know if Crini is town but I don’t think Crini is mafia.

    ANYWAY, THOSE ARE MY THOUGHTS and hope they lend some clarity to my actions but if they don’t, I doubt there is anything I could possibly say that would.

  14. wow where is everyone??

    @Rashika – i understand you didn’t have time to reason things out as it was so close to deadline, but i don’t remember you talking about jenn being suspicious at any point, correct me if i’m wrong. in comparison, you discussed suspicion of harker throughout.

    obviously harker also turned out to be town but it truly seems odd to me that in breaking the tie, you chose the other person, but then harker died also in the night.

    i’m not going to vote for you right now as there’s so little going on here, but i am struggling

  15. @Rashika I get that you couldn’t have exactly reasoned out your last choice in the final minutes. But your were online but waited till the last possible second to vote for a person who’d you’d hardly mentioned throughout the day.

    You were hounding Harker more so why didn’t you vote for them?

    You were very quick to secure your vote for Harker and then suddenly decided against it at the end of the day.

    Seems like most of the people you voted for (we obviously haven’t got confirmed alignment of T), like Harker, Jenn and Dana (who wasn’t town in the end but we didn’t know that since we didn’t even know of the presence of the Cult), were all town, and all of them were eliminated in some form or another.

    You were dead set on Harker then changed your mind to at least two other town members (I know Dana was cult but since we didn’t even know about the Cult she looked town).

    Very suspicious and doesn’t quite make sense. I thought it on day 2 and I think the same now. Sorry.

  16. It is super quiet. I feel like all the talky people are dead 😦

    I have reasons for voting for Sana but I’m not really that suspicious of Rashika. I can see why she seems fishy but I’m not really feeling it.

  17. Tbh, I really cannot explain my actions more than what I’ve already said. I tried to be as thorough as possible, I addressed what made me suspicious of Jenn at the very end and caused me to vote for her. I couldn’t have written an actual explanation in the time I had left to vote, hence the lack of reasoning at the time. Also even if I had voted for Harker, I would have voted out someone who was town so it really was a no-win situation for me. Also, logically speaking, if I were actually Mafia, why would I change my vote from someone who was town so last minute to another person that was town and risk putting myself in the spotlight? That’s basically the bookish games equivalent of me shooting myself in the foot. LOL


    Seems like most of the people you voted for (we obviously haven’t got confirmed alignment of T), like Harker, Jenn and Dana (who wasn’t town in the end but we didn’t know that since we didn’t even know of the presence of the Cult), were all town, and all of them were eliminated in some form or another.

    I’ve never actually voted for T? And we all speculated earlier that there was likely a third party. Besides town, we cannot actually be sure of any of the other teams present. Also, Dana cannot be counted as town because by virtue of her alignment as cult, she was playing against town so idk why me voting for someone who is not town is suspicious???? Do we just let Cultists survive because they might have been Town once? Seems sketchy…. COULD YOU be the cult leader we are looking for?

    As a side note, it seems particularly suspicious to me that Crini & Sana haven’t been around. Are they plotting something? WE SHALL SEE, I guess.

  18. @Rashika Sorry about the voting for T thing. Must have got myself confused with everything so just ignore that.

    But I’m meaning if you are mafia you would obviously know who’s on your team and who wasn’t so everyone else would be a target for you. Including Dana who we didn’t know was Cult since we weren’t even aware there was one. Obviously we need to be looking for any other members of this Cult, and the fact that Dana has been eliminated has shown us what third party has been working against us this whole time so it’s good she’s been eliminated.

    I was just trying to reason and say if you were mafia which I do suspect you are, all three of the people you voted for would be Town to your perspective. So my point stands, you voted for three possible town members; and it still doesn’t make sense why you voted for Jenn last minute and not Harker who you’d been suspicious of all day.

  19. On a different note. There were three kills last night. What roles could have done this?

    Assuming one is mafia and the other by the Cult like Sana says (glad someone else has knowledge of past games, there’s far too many for me to go through, haha), who knocked off the third person?

    Is another party lurking around? Or does another town member have a killing role as well? Or a lone person out for themselves?

    Going to have to go through all the roles about I think (:

  20. No one’s been participating so I’m thinking that since Mafia and third-party/parties combined are probably in majority now and are basically just lying in wait for this Day to be over. At this rate, it’s like they’re basically being handed over the win. >.<

    So despite Rashika's explanations about her actions at the end of Day Two, my suspicions about her haven't changed much. In fact, I now seem to have more questions.

    @Rashika – First off, about the Cult Leader thing. Cult Leader isn't Mafia but they're third-party which means that they're another party that could jeopardize Town's win if not taken out. So if Crini is a Cult Leader then that definitely means that she's a bad guy but just from another team and not part of Mafia.

    Second, Crini, Megan, Charli and I all have asked you why you voted for Jenn instead of Harker who you were suspicious of for the majority of Day Two and you've neglected to answer that all this time. I see that you have now but seems pretty convenient for you to just pass over those questions at first.

    ‘Dana’s last second vote (quite literally as it occurred with less than a minute left in the day) at the end of the Day 2 had me suspicious’

    So what any player has to do for you to make them vote for them, regardless of whoever you’ve been suspicious of the most, is to just suddenly start switching their votes? Because that’s what you did, first with Dana and then with Jenn. I know you’ve explained your voting, but it just seems weird for you to suddenly get more suspicious of Jenn than Harker after seeing Jenn change her vote, which she only did to break the tie that you introduced with your sudden vote change.


    ‘As a side note, it seems particularly suspicious to me that Crini & Sana haven’t been around. Are they plotting something? WE SHALL SEE, I guess.’

    No one has been equally around except today when Charli commented and then others joined in so this just seems kind of a desperate attempt of yours to put suspicion on me (and Crini) and away from you. What about T not having chimed in at all?


    For real, though. What is up with T not having commented at all since Day Three began?

  21. @Megan I hope Cult Leader is the only third-party that we have and that they have a killing power as well. If not, then we’re probably looking at either one Mafia kill and two different third-party kills or one Mafia kill, one third-party and one Town Vigilante kill.

    In a Game like this, I don’t know if giving a dedicated kill power to Town makes sense since there was already a one-shot Vigilante role that Harker had and then Val was an Absorber, which it really isn’t clear to me how it works if targeted by someone with killing powers.

    So in light of all that, I’m kind of leaning towards there being another party along with a Cult Leader and the Mafia. That’s not good for the Town at all =/

  22. @Sana,

    One: I mean, being cult wouldn’t make her a bad guy, it just makes her anti-town and anti-mafia. I don’t have as much experience playing the game as you do! But thats what I took away from the whole third party thing.

    Two: I addressed the stuff about Jenn here:

    And Jenn did break the tie! But since Jenn had been voting for Crini earlier, who I wasn’t sure was mafia at this point, I was getting suspicious of her! Especially because Jenn had the most votes after Harker and this made me wonder if Jenn wasn’t just doing this to save herself.

    You are suspicious of my vote and that’s valid but there really wasn’t more to my decision than that. It was all very last minute with me panicking so… in depth reasoning was not happening at the time. If I hadn’t voted for Jenn, I would have voted for Harker who was also town so I am not sure why the distinction matters.

    Third: If I don’t try any other angles, the entire day will just be spent discussing my actions. Which doesn’t help ~me~ decide who I should cast my vote for since I cannot very well vote for myself.

    The lack of activity this day is very likely because everyone has already made up their mind about who they think is suspicious – me.

    Seconding your comment here though:

    What is up with T not having commented at all since Day Three began?

  23. Voting Update

    Sana (1) – Kerys
    Rashika (2) – Sana, Megan

    Not voting: Charli, Crini, Rashika, T

    There’s just under 48 hours left until deadline.
    Players who haven’t met comment minimum: Charli (2), Crini (2), Sana (3), T (0)

    And just as a reminder T will be disqualified if they do not meet the comment minimum as they previously received a warning Day One, but we DO have a replacement standing by to take their place.

  24. @Rashika — I don’t get it, how is being anti-Town not make a player a bad guy? 🤔 In my eyes, they are a second set of bad guys that the Town has to eliminate so that does make them a bad guy.

    I do get the frustration, though because it’s very hard to get suspicious of players that don’t participate much and that makes you stick out like a sore thumb even more especially since like you said, almost half the players seem to have made up their minds.

    I guess it’s time for me to look up previous Days’ comments and see if anyone else sticks out.

  25. the mafia and several third parties would not be good for the town at all, especially with so few of us left.

    i really don’t know how to place my vote today. i’ve expressed my suspicions about Rashika but if they are town, it could be disastrous, particularly as they have reasoned out their actions (even though i’m not sure i believe it). but equally, i currently don’t know where else to put my vote, and not placing one is also useless.

    hopefully everyone will be a bit more active as deadline approaches so they’ll be more to work off!

  26. Sorry everyone for being so inactive. with this weather right now, my trains have been being canceled left and right and I came home super late and exhausted from work every day >.<
    Not sure how much I'll be able to do tonight but I'll try to look into more people tomorrow morning at the latest, not too close to deadline.

  27. Voting Update

    Sana (1) – Kerys
    Rashika (2) – Sana, Megan

    Not voting: Charli, Crini, Rashika, T
    Players who haven’t met comment minimum: Charli (3), Crini (3), T (0)

    There is 11 hours left until deadline!

  28. 11 hours to deadline and i’m still clueless on where to go from here😫 it’s only day three and i think that we might have already lost it as the town…

    whilst i’m not keen on doing this due to the lack of activity, i can’t ignore Rashika’s actions – being against Harker all day then voting someone else, and then everyone involved dying seems odd. and yes, it could be justified that it’s Rashika being framed because it would shoot herself in the foot, that’s what i’d normally assume, but it could be reverse psychology.

    so for now, i’m going to
    but this could change closer to deadline if it becomes more active.

  29. Just to have an overview:

    DAY 2 VOTES:
    Sana: Jenn (T)
    Charli: Harker (T)
    Kerys: Sana (?)
    Crini: Val (T)
    T: –
    Megan: Jenn (T), Rashika (?)
    Rashika: Harker (T), Dana (C), Jenn (T)

    Votes for Jenn: Sana, Harker, Dana, Rashika

    DAY 1 VOTES:
    Sana: T (?)
    Charli: Shannon (T), T (?)
    Kerys: T (?)
    Crini: Val (T)
    T: Anne (T)
    Megan: Rashika (?)
    Rashika: Megan (?)

    Votes for Anne on Day 1: T, Dana, Shannon, Sana
    Votes for T throughout the Day: Shannon, Sana, Dana, Kerys, Charli

    (I hope I didn’t mess this up)

    Just some thoughts from that on some people:

    I’m always suspicious of those who go for the “let’s vote for inactive player” because it’s such an easy way for non-Townie players to hide. That makes me suspicious of Sana (who is on my list of Anti-Townies just because anyway XD) + Kerys.
    Regarding Sana’s vote for Anne: I see it as she either really helped preventing a tie made through Anne, or saving T (if T were Mafia). As I’m leaning towards the first one, I think of Sana as a third party player. Makes me wonder if Sana is the Cult Leader, especially as both she and Dana voted for Jenn on Day 2.

    As I’m thinking of Rashika as Mafia, I’m leaning towards Megan being Town because she has been voting for Rashika pretty much the whole game.

    I’m also thinking Charli could be Mafia too. Her reasoning to vote for Harker on Day 2 seems really odd to me. Especially this part:

    [Harker]: “2. Like I said to Rashika, Charli and you were the ones that brought up and were chatting about Neighborhoods and Neighbors before I did, so I’m not sure how that’s being added to my plate.”

    i agree that me and a couple of other players were the ones who bought up neighbourhoods etc, but i don’t see that as particularly suspicious when it was confirmed by the N1 death that there was or is one – i think it was worth discussing. this again shows a deflection of responsibility to me.

    Harker had to defend themself and pointed out it wasn’t them to start/get too much into the whole Neighborhood thing. This actually looks like Charli is the one to deflect responsibility. She says that about Harker multiple times, every time they tried to defend themself and point out other people which really is what everyone does.

    Still no idea what to think about T…

    I’m still feeling strongest about Rashika so


  30. I voted Rashika on day 1 since she voted for me first as our first comment requirement thing. Thought it was an easy vote to make and a safe one. Had no idea who to vote for day 1 since we had nothing to go on.

    But she seemed suspicious all throughout day 2 which was why I had to vote for her even though it was kind of a throw away vote. I didn’t believe Jenn or Harker were mafia so I wasn’t voting them and any other vote wouldn’t have changed the outcome so I voted for who I thought.

    I haven’t got any other real feelings about who else is suspicious which isn’t great since we’re assuming there’s more than 1 mafia we need to root out.

    But at this moment I’m keeping my vote for Rashika. Definitely the most suspicious to me.

  31. Voting Update

    Sana (1) – Kerys
    Rashika (4) – Sana, Megan, Charli, Crini

    Not voting: Rashika, T
    Players who haven’t met comment minimum: T (0)

    Just under 7 hours left to go!

  32. @Crini – i didn’t just say they put responsibility on me – where i say “again” in that quote i’m referring to their deflection to several people, not constantly to me.

    i don’t think that is *quite* what everyone does – as detailed in that particular comment Harker didn’t often take responsibility for anything even when theories or beliefs were made up by themself. i genuinely thought they could be mafia as a townie, because often their defence was quite roundabout and obviously i’m upset that they were in fact a townie.

    my vote for T might seem odd but i really didn’t know how to vote on day one and even if voting for inactive players isn’t the best way to do it, it seemed like a better way than for anyone else who hadn’t shown any suspicions. i then wasn’t active in the final part of the day when all the votes changed, so i didn’t get to change

    i think Sana and Dana both voting for Anne could potentially mean something – it’s good that you’ve set out who voted for who like that

  33. @Crini That is super helpful! Thank you! Basically I only voted for T because they were already in the majority when it was my turn to vote and I felt like it would be better to vote for T if they were getting out anyway rather than getting on someone’s bad side. I am suspicious of Sana though her actions at night may be questionable.

    And is it just me or is everyone turning against Radhika? I don’t find her particularly suspicious but have I missed something?

  34. Day Three has officially ended. The person with the most votes (4) is Rashika. Rashika was Bella Swan from Twilight, Bulletproof, Team Town.

    T has also been disqualified as a result of not meeting their comment minimum and is now replaced by Alex.

    It is now Night Three. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Monday 8pm GMT (48 hours from now). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    Day Four will start on Tuesday 8pm GMT. Any additional casualties will be revealed at that time. Good luck!

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