Bring Your Own Character: Night Two

byoc edition

It Is Night Two.

Welcome Cult Leader and Cultists! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are, work together to decide who to recruit next – whatever your heart desires.

This Night Chat is only open for 48 hours. The Night phase ends each Monday at 8pm GMT. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Good luck!

Current Cult Team Members: Megan, Dana


12 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Character: Night Two”

  1. Megan, I’m quite sure I’m going to be targeted on Tuesday when Day Three starts if I don’t get killed during the night. So what are your thoughts about who you’re going to recruit this Night? What happens if you recruit a Mafia member?

  2. Hi welcome to me cult first of all! Haha.

    I was going to try and think of something witty to say about joining my cult but I haven’t thought of anything. Oh well 🤗

    Anyway let’s get down to business.

    Yes you’re a possible candidate for suspicion but I think Harker has been looked at a lot in day 2. She barely got through today and that ended up in anothet townie being eliminated. I think the town members will resent that.

    I think the mafia members are Rashika and Val. There might be more but I’m definitely leaning towards them being in the mafia.

    I definitely made myself a target by voting for Rashika at the end. Probably should have voted for anyone else to take suspicion off me, but it’s done now.

    And anyone I recruit loses their old alliances and joins us. So theoretically I should be able to recruit a mafia. Though I’m assuming the rest of the mafia will be told of their absence and then they’ll know somethings up. Instead of just one person knowing their recruited, the rest of the mafia will know something else is at play.

    What was your old role? And what was your action on night 1?

    I actually tried recruiting Sana, just picked someone active who was a bit under the radar, and then something happened and you were recruited instead. Very mysterious…. Haha.

  3. I was the Governor and could prevent a lynching from taking place. No action on Night One.

    It is mysterious that it went to me instead. Maybe it was something as basic as it being misread?

  4. No I got a DM saying something affected my recruitment so someone was definitely working at something.

    It’s just strange that it pushed it to you? Like I understand a role blocker would have prevented anyone from being recruited at all, but to actually shift my target is very strange. I wouldn’t even know what role could do that…

    That was a good role, sorry I took you away from it before you could use it haha.

    Any thoughts on recruitment? I feel like we need someone active but not in the spotlight.

    Harker has been targeted quite a lot and Val too.

    Perhaps Crini?

    Also we should probably coordinate who to eliminate tomorrow as well during the day. May as well maximise our chances.

  5. I think Crini would be a good choice to add to the cult.

    As for who to take out, think Val would be someone to eliminate. Though if she is mafia, I’m worried that there wouldn’t be enough town or third party cohesion to take her out.

  6. Good so I’ll put my action in to recruit Crini to our little gang.

    Perhaps we should have a first and second choice to eliminate tomorrow?

    Or just try our best to follow the crowd and make votes that will lead to anyone being out. Like making our vote count.

    Even though mine didn’t really today, I’ll make sure it does next time (:

  7. Yeah, they sound good.

    We’ll just have to see how the votes go and not make ourselves stand out but make sure someone is actually voted off.

    I wonder if we both get told who’s successfully made it into the Cult in case something happens like last time and someone else is recruited instead. We don’t want to be voting off the wrong person. Haha.

    I’ll ask (:

  8. Just got an answer. If something affects recruitment we’ll both be told so if someone else ends up joining our gang we won’t accidentally vote them off haha 😂

  9. I’ve been thinking about it and perhaps Sana has a deflector role and chose me as who things would be deflected to. I’m going to go through roles a little and look at what could explain that happening Night One.

  10. Yeah I’ve had a look too.

    Definitely looks like Sana could have a deflector role. But she could still be either mafia or town.

    Probably no point trying to recruit her again, since it’s unreliable.

    I’m not sure what the best game plan is here. We don’t want to be knocked off by the mafia by getting too close to them but also not look like we’re not even searching that would make the town suspicious.

    Too many variables in this game haha.

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