Vicious: Night Four


It Is Night Four.

Welcome Mafia! It is now your chance to openly discuss your evil plans. You may talk about what’s happened so far, brainstorm strategies to survive the next Day, laugh at how clueless the Townies are – whatever your heart desires.

You have two objectives by the end of the Night:

  1. Determine which player you would like to target for elimination.
  2. Determine which Mafia teammate you would like to send to complete the kill. 

Once you have decided on these objectives, please have one of your team members submit your decisions to the Moderators by completing the Night Action form.

You only have 48 hours to make a decision. The Night phase ends each Friday at 8pm GMT. A countdown has been added to the sidebar to assist you in determining how much time you have left each phase.

Remember: Your goal is to outlast and eliminate any other team. Use your kills wisely, and do your best to keep your team alive.

Mafia team: Jade, Beth, Kritika, Greg, Anne


34 thoughts on “Vicious: Night Four”

  1. Ahhhh not sure if i did the “right” things in the last Day…. but I was trying 🙈 that tie at the end made me so nervous but someone needed to break it?!

  2. I can’t believe Shannon was actually victor and didn’t role call? Cus that could have saved her if she did. Oh well. better for us! But if she is Victor and was only a Cop/Doctor – WHO KILLED ANNE??

  3. Oh my… I’m kind of lmao over here. The second Day in a row with ALL the drama. And wow- Shannon was victor! That kills me. I think we can have a field day with Team Victor killing off… Victor lol Really play up the dysfunction of the Town to sow more confusion? Also Crini’s last comment about Dana breaking the tie at 12 mins left- I mean Jade you may take some heat for your vote but we can certainly put some on Dana as well, I think.

    And frankly Jade- well done! I mean I know I’ve defended her but offing Victor is kind of a big deal? And yes- who killed Anne? I was NOT expecting that. Is one of us going to get it this Night?

  4. I was really afraid we were going to have that last minute tie and NEITHER Shari or Shannon would go. I was like nooo… then Jade you came in. 🙂

  5. Nicely done Jade! The irony of you calling me out for last minute switches and then ending up in the same situation though 😂 I had an inkling that Shannon was powerful because of how she kept saying it would be a huge loss for the town if she died, didn’t expect her to be Victor though!

    I did mention that someone could be a vigilante last Night, I didn’t look into other night kill powers but I will do that tonight. I think it might be Crini because she was most suspicious of Anne and we blocked her earlier with Beth right? Could also be a quiet one, who knows…

  6. Haha Kritika, I KNOW! Sorry for voting for you – i was trying to do exactly what Harker and Shannon have pointed out, but by then it was too late. But I was wary of voting for Shannon so late and her turning out to be Town (which ended up happening in the end because of the tie….) This past Day was REALLY hard for me because I felt like no matter what I said, I looked suspicious!

    I’m definitely planning to lean heavily on Dana putting us all in a tough spot with the tie making with only 12 min on the clock. And saying that I didn’t want to leave us with a tie so I made a move even though I knew it would make me suspicious. Unfortunately I made the “wrong” move LOL….

    I figured that Victor would have been the one to make a night kill… but looks like Shannon didn’t have any night kill abilities. I also think it could be Crini. This is who we have blocked so far:

    Night 1: Blocked Crini
    Night 2: Blocked Josephine (I THINK? Its not super clear so Beth confirm please 🙂 )
    Night 3: Blocked Dana – Anne gets killed during the night

    So, we know Josephine was Town and she didn’t have any night kill abilities. Blocking Dana didn’t protect us from a night kill on our end… So we get to block and kill someone toNight. Should we kill Crini (maybe even using a strongman – i have two times to use it) and then block someone else? Or just block Crini and kill someone else? Hmmm…. What other major characters do we have left?? I feel like they are all gone on the TOwn side lol

  7. @Jade no worries, I know the strategy you were trying to use, but I think you might catch some shade for it because people brought it up yesterDay? Then again we can totally push the discussion to be all about Dana putting you in that tight spot so hopefully that’s distracting enough that people don’t over-analyze mafia tactics.

    I can’t think of any other characters in Vicious for the town side, but someone’ gotta be powerful enough to do night kills and it seems weird that it would be a random person. Victoria was her own named character so maybe there’s a VE alter ego too? LOL

  8. Went through the roles to see how someone might have killed Anne:
    1) x-shot Vigilante
    2) Jack of All Trades or Multiple User Personality with 1-shot Vigilante
    3) Serial killer (makes a little less sense since we didn’t lose extra people earlier, but maybe Shannon/Victor was protecting people?)

  9. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. I’m so glad I didn’t get to check Day 4 until 30 minutes ago, or I would’ve been shaking from the anxiety. Huzzah for killing off another role!

    Thanks for looking into the roles, @Kritika! I know our night killer isn’t Dana, because I blocked Dana on Night 3….but it could be anyone else.
    And yes, @Jade, on Night 2 I blocked Josephine.
    There could be a third party out there still, right? Do any of those three “fit” with any characters from the books we haven’t heard of yet?

    @Kritika My gut instinct is that Crini is a night-kill person, too. I’ve blocked her before, so if she is, either her night kill power is limited in use and she didn’t try before, or my previous night block of her kept her from killing off someone else. I don’t know if her power happens before.

    I agree with Greg that Crini calling out Dana’s last-minute causing a tie may be fishy.

    Townies left:
    Asiya (powerless now, given her resurrection)

    I feel like Jade’s taken a lot of heat today, and some surprise heat on Greg now as well. That was rough- I was worried, with the attention on Jade, that voting for her even if I later changed my vote would spiral out of control. :/

    Given that we have a night killer whose actions may occur before ours (I don’t know how that works, if mafia tries to kill someone who is simultaneously killing a mafia member), but @Jade I think tonight is the night to kill Crini using your Strongman ability!

  10. @Greg Since townies can trust Shannon, as a cop who is likely to have looked into 3 people, you may be able to use this quote from her (Day 4, Oct 28, 3:32am) in your defense. After all, she might have investigated you and found you town! 😉

    Something about blockquotes that confused me? Honestly, if he’s mafia, he’s playing a pretty clean (and smart) game so… I hope the fact that I don’t really have any suspicion is founded hah. Sure, he voted for Stephen, but so did half of the group. And then he also voted for Sana, which… I think actually makes him seem *more* town to me because would mafia really vote a townie twice in a row?

  11. Yeah Greg, definitely use that to your advantage! And we can definitely go down the “Shannon voted for Shari so maybe she knew something we don’t” road too, and throw more suspicion on Shari… So we need to keep Dana and Shari because they will be easy to throw suspicion on. No need to kill Asiya really… except she is a confirmed town so ppl trust her more? But not really, she doesn’t really have a power that would let her be more knowledgeable than other townies. That leaves Crini and Harker. Oh and Elin.

    Does anyone think we should kill someone other than Crini? I think she’s more harmful hanging around than helpful but I’m open to ideas. I’m glad Crini was focused on Shannon toDay. Harker is also a smart cookie and we need to watch out for them. Harker would be my second choice to kill, but I think killing them definitely puts more eyes on me than killing Crini. Crini suspected me earlier but she didn’t mention me much in the last Day since she was so focused on Shannon. Harker on the other hand was after me for most of the day.

    Oh, and killing Crini might make ppl look at Beth more since Crini did that whole thing about making it look like ppl were trying to save you Beth… Ehhh decisions decisions decisions… (Oh and i hope you feel better soon Beth!!)

    If we don’t lose someone overnight, that will put us at 4 Mafia vs 5 Townies, so as long s they don’t all vote together we should be able to control it. The problem is controlling it without looking super suspicious LOL. That’s definitely getting harder – i felt like no matter what i did there was a way for it to be suspicious!

  12. So Crini and Harker- are they the most dangerous players at this point? My vote would be to eliminate Crini, but if not then definitely block her? If Crini is the night killer, maybe sh was blocked on Night One, if she targeted Jade (Jade’s bulletproof, right?) on Night Two it wouldn’t have worked (is that right?), then on Night Three she got Anne? Is that a possibility?

    @Jade/ @Kritika- I completely agree about putting shade on Dana, I just think they may come hard for Jade in spite of or in addition to that, so we’ll have to be fairly creative maybe in how we respond. I definitely plan on holding her feet to the fire in that regard though. I feel that with her sudden uncertainty at the end maybe we can run with that and rattle her a bit.

    I imagine that, since I have now voted for a Townie three times in a row, that I’m going to get more scrutiny. I haven’t looked to see if anyone else falls in that category, and maybe it’s a rookie mistake for me to have done that, but *shrug* We’ll see what happens I guess.

    Looking forward- with Crini or Harker gone, who does that leave? Elin who participates sparingly, Shari who up til now has been the same (will she step up?), and Dana who’s been a LITTLE more active but not exactly a super analytical player? Oh and Asiya who we know is Town but doesn’t exactly seem involved. Not to get overconfident, but I think losing either Crini or Harker is gonna really disable that group. Although by the same token as numbers dwindle it just stands to reason they’re gonna get one of us soon…

    I would have loved to see some of their reactions when Shannon was revealed as Victor lol…

  13. @Beth – I agree on killing Crini w/ strongman. Then block Harker maybe? or whoever you guys think… and yes that quote could come in VERY handy!

    And @Jade- yes great point! Shannon voting for Shari is definitely something to hammer them on. I love it! And you are right about the vote and controlling it in Day Five – and also that, at this point, I think anything any of us do at this point looks suspicious! Or can be made to. 🙂

    Oh and I misspoke- tired I guess- I didn’t vote for a (confirmed) Townie this time, as far as they know yet. I mistakenly said earlier that I voted Townie 3 times in a row… I need sleep. 🙂

    I am really interested now to see what the commenting dynamic is gonna be now- with Shannon gone and the huge debate over her over, and if Crini goes then the most experienced player left would be… Shari? I think, unless Asiya has played before. Either way, neither’s been super active?

  14. Yeah, I think killing Crini with Jade’s strongman ability and blocking Harker. There could be some left-field thing (like Elin or Shari being super powerful), but those two feel like the biggest threats to me, with Dana next. I suspect Jade or I will either be targeted this Night or the coming Day, as both of us have had suspicion by more than one player. We’ll be down to that time where everyone looks suspicious, so….I hope I don’t have to throw shade on any of you. 🙃
    (It isn’t personal, and I think our team has been phenomenal!)

    Also, thanks @Jade! In addition to dealing with this health crap, I’ll be on vacation all next week (my body has crap timing). So I will be participating but probably not more than once/day.

  15. And if I don’t survive this Night and the next Day, definitely kill Harker next (unless better info comes to light), cuz they’re gonna be the most vocal. 😄

  16. @Beth I also didn’t check in until the Day was over, and I’m glad because that seemed very stressful. I hope you feel better soon! I agree that Harker should be the next to go because they are very vocal about theorizing and have mentioned suspicions on some of us already.

    I agree that we should kill Crini, because no one thinks she’s that suspicious right now. That leaves us with plenty of fodder to place blame on during the Day. And of course, because of our hunch that she might have the night kill power.

    @Greg I think I’ve also voted townie all three days, there are a lot more townies and as a whole we keep voting off townies so I think it’s kinda inevitable. Clearly the whole town sucks at finding the mafia, the only one they got was Anne and that was a night kill. Also good point about the commenting dynamic, I definitely noticed that it was a lot quieter without Josephine and Anne.

    I’m seriously considering speed reading all of Vicious before this Night is over to make sure I didn’t miss a character or something 🙂

  17. Ooh @Beth have a great vacation next week! And hope you feel better.

    And agreed about Harker.

    @Kritika- *nods* Crini has to go lol. And yeah good point.

    Clearly the whole town sucks at finding the mafia, the only one they got was Anne and that was a night kill.

    this made me laugh. 🙂 I bet the Dead Player Chat is having a field day with this Keystone Kops Town hahahaha…

  18. Oh, man- when I go, I’m definitely looking forward to joining the Dead Player Chat and reading their theories. 😄

    Ok, we’re in agreement about Crini…should I block Harker, or is there someone else we think has night powers?

    And thanks, @Greg! I will, even if I’m a potato for most or all of it.

  19. @Inge how much time do we have left in Night Four? I want to make sure I submit my action form before it ends, but the counter appears to be showing Night Three only. Thanks!

  20. You have 28 hours to submit the form. (Sorry can’t update widget myself. Internet is still down and guy couldn’t fix it so they have to send someone else out on Monday to try, ugh. Will be going to the library to sort what I can though tomorrow!)

  21. Ok, sounds like we are all in agreement for Crini. I’m going to put that kill in now with the strongman so that hopefully nothing goes wrong with that. I might not live through the next day considering how everything went down on the last Day, so its been a pleasure being evil with you guys! Hopefully I’ve distanced myself from some of you so if I do go, we still have a chance at winning. Go team!

  22. If it looks like a lot of people are suspicious of you, Beth and Jade, throw me or Greg under the bus! (lol sorry @Greg for volunteering you). We don’t have powers so it’ll be less of a mafia loss. But I guess we’ll have to slip up somewhere to make it convincing too…hopefully we won’t be in that situation but if it looks like one of you is gonna go I will probably leave a suspicious comment to keep you alive haha
    @Beth, about the person to block: I’m not sure who else besides Crini would have the night kill power. I re-read Day 3 and the people that were most gung-ho about Anne being suspicious were Sana, Crini, and Josephine. Harker said this towards the end of the day:

    Being suspect of Shannon and Sana, I can’t quite in good faith vote with them, which negates voting for Anne. If I don’t trust them, how can I really trust their vote on this particular Day? I haven’t seen as much reason to be suspect of Anne while Shannon and Sana have both niggled at me more so.

    so I don’t think they would have done the night kill. I think we should block Elin, she’s been quiet but she did vote for Anne.

  23. Good catch, @Kritika! I’m fine with blocking Elin.

    And although I appreciate you willingness to throw yourself on the grenade, please don’t unless things are very close to the end of the day (at least, not for me). The last thing we want is a mafia taken out during the day and another taken out at night (on the off chance Crini isn’t our Vigilante or whatever)/ of you paint a target in yourself and don’t get taken out that day, you’ll get taken out the next day. 😦 Most of all, it should be fun to play!

    Do we win when there’s more of us than them? In that case, this game should be over in 1-3 weeks. And likewise, @Jade- it’s been great times! If you all ever want to start a crime syndicate, count me in! 😉

  24. Unfortunately we don’t win until its only us standing LOL. So everyone Town and third party have to die first. I’m still hopeful I can talk my way out of it tomorrow, especially if Crini is gone. The only person left that was really looking at me is Harker I think. I mean prob a few more had some suspicions but weren’t very vocal. Im going to be a little less active this time too. I was trying really hard to convince Crini I was good the last Day… Which is why i basically agreed with everything Crini said lol. and I kinda think it worked, or at least confused her LOL.

    It’s a good thing this game is played over typing because I can NOT lie with a straight face. And I already feel so guilty hahahah, but its all in fun 🙂 And I’m with beth, don’t sacrifice yourself unless it’s like one of you tied with one of us maybe, but even then whoever is in danger might be able to break the tie themselves. Whoooooo knowwwwws whats going to happen, every day has been so different!

    I really hope Crini is our night killer…. if she’s not and one of us dies tonight then tomorrow will be much harder I think.

  25. Also – I am DYING to know what teh dead player chat is sayinggggg! I can’t wait to join them. I mean, I CAN wait, but once the game is over i can’t wait to read it all. 🙂 Oh and Greg, you previously asked about who has played before that’s left. I know Asiya has played before – she used to go by a different name, Lillian I think. I am not aware if the other ppl have played before other than Asiya but I have only played the last two games.

  26. @Jade Well Harker has been suspicious of all of us AND a number of confirmed townies, so hopefully that’ll make it easier to undermine their arguments. Fingers crossed no mafia members die tonight or the next Day!

  27. @Jade @Beth good point, numbers are more important than powers, I’ll avoid making a blunder unless it’s reaaaaaaally down to the wire and people are already suspicious of me.

    I’m really curious about if there’s a third party, like an EO groupie cult HAHA

  28. LOL @Kritika! Yeah, probably there is, right? But as long as we’re the last ones left. 😀

    OK, tomorrow morning I’ll put in the Night Action form to block. I’ll choose Elin, unless any of you pipe up with consensus on blocking someone else. Good luck the next Day, @Jade!

  29. so its been a pleasure being evil with you guys!

    @Jade- right? Haha ! Same here. It’s been fun.

    And @Kritika lol! I agree. Obviously we all want to remain but if it comes down to it, I’m with you- we’ll do what we gotta do to keep team mafia going! 🙂

    I’m good w/ blocking Elin as well. Also @Jade- I agree, let’s hope Crini is the night killer and our kill goes through! And yes the Dead Player Chat is probably a RIOT! I can’t wait to read it…

    If Crini goes out I’m looking forward to seeing what Harker does with the rest of the group- if they step up at all or if Harker is theorizing alone for long stretches of time. It should be interesting!

  30. Alright, I’ve made it to the library! Countdown widget is updated for deadline. (You have just under 11 hours to go.) I have received Jade’s Night kill submission so the only thing we’re missing is Beth’s roleblocking choice. Thanks!

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