Vicious: Day Four

Bookish Games Vicious Edition

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The Players




  • [NIGHT] Asiya @ Literary Head who was previously revealed as Dol, Team Victor (Town), Informed Bodyguard (knew of another player’s identity, protected them from kill attempts each Night)

Game Master’s Notes

I just have one important note for you this week: Daylight Summer Time is ending here in the UK. (I know, as if keeping track of time zone differences wasn’t hard enough, we have to throw the Daylight Savings in the mix.) As a result, the deadline will now be Wednesday 8pm GMT instead of 8pm BST.

For those in the EU, this won’t be a major change. You’ll just switch your clocks with us, gaining an extra hour in the Day, and continue on the normal 8pm deadline. For those elsewhere, this time zone change will result in the deadline shifting by a hour (at least for now, if you live where the DST ends next week it’ll shift back into place after the change). If you need help knowing the exact time the deadline will strike for you, visit this Time Zone converter page and add your city or time zone. It should do the conversion for you.

And of course we’ll continue to do our best to assist you by adding countdowns to our voting updates once we get down to the last 48 hours of the Day.

It is now Day Four.

You have until Wednesday 8pm GMT to discuss suspicions and cast your votes. Once the deadline has been reached, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated.

Good luck!


132 thoughts on “Vicious: Day Four”

  1. OMG, we FINALLY got one from Team Eli. And I’m so glad we at least got Asiya back while loosing another three (ouch) during the last Day + Night.

    That Anne’s name is Erica makes me think there could easily be another four people who are Team Eli (Eli, Serena, Stell,Dane) which isn’t good considering how many people we’ve got left. They could super easily swing the votes in their favor and last Day’s at the end was some hot mess.

    I said this during the last Day:

    Now, here is the thing: I was thinking Anne + Jade could be Mafia together. When I add my suspicions on Shannon we also have this:
    1) Jade finding Sana suspicious for not voting by the end of Day 2, but “overlooking” that Shannon didn’t either
    2) Anne saying “Also Shannon is playing innocent very well, could be a great cover, but I don’t think shes mafia.” during Day 2.

    And as it turns out I was right about Anne all along, I’m now going to:


  2. Wow, Asti wasn’t kidding about last Night being intense! What fun to see to Asiya back! I wonder if, since Josephine was lynched, does this in fact mean that Mafia knew who she/Sydney was and she revived Asiya while she stood a chance? Trying to figure her out wouldn’t have helped us at all, so well done for not worrying about it. ^^;

    Crini: what do you mean about Erica’s name being a thing? Like Betty, I did a word search in my Kindle copy and that name doesn’t appear in Vicious so I’m lost for who either of those characters actually were.

    Okay, I just happened to wake up at 3am and wanted to see what happened so I’ll check in again later in the Day to see what’s what.

  3. @Harker: I meant that Erica isn’t a name from the book. I expected her as Team Eli to have one of the other four names, but that Asti added a name that wasn’t in the book makes me think there must be 5 people on Team Eli.

  4. Wowww that sure was a Night! SO GLAD that we finally got an Eli-er. And I suppose we know for sure that that’s their name! It sucks that we lost two more Townies, though Kait was kind of assumed. But we GAINED ONE at least! And, Josephine was able to use her power so that is fabulous!!

    @Harker, I FEEL YOU. Only… I just never went to bed. This 3am thing is rough hah. Though that’s an interesting question about whether mafia knew about Josephine’s role- I’d almost guess yes at this point? Seems like too big of a coincidence otherwise.

    @Crini, that is… some really loose connection you have going on here. Especially since, after her comment on Day 2, Anne completely abandoned that line of thinking and declared me “suspicious” (when of course, she, as mafia, knew I was not). Add to it the fact that I not only voiced suspicion of Anne, but voted for her. Heck, I could have changed my vote from Anne to Sana and guaranteed my OWN safety (or at least, tied it up), but I didn’t. Because, as I said several times, I was more suspicious of Anne. PLUS, if we want to talk people Anne was “protecting”, she flat out refused to vote for you when you weren’t there, so. That’s kind of a bigger connection than “but I don’t think shes mafia.”

    I am not voting yet, in part because now I have alarm bells going off all over about Crini’s gunning for me out of the gate based on some pretty benign stuff, but it’s too late and I need to reread all of the things first. When I have had sleep. And coffee, obviously.

  5. @Shannon: I already voted for you Yesterday with a detailed explanation of why. I just wanted to repeat this with the new facts we have about Anne.

    I’ll come back in a bit after rereading Yesterday’s comments, to add more to it.

  6. Things that make me more suspicious of Shannon:
    In the very first hours of Day 3 I pointed out that I’m suspicious of Jade + Anne (and we now know I was right about Anne)

    By Monday on Day 3, I did not only say I’m suspicious of Shannon too, but also that I see a connection between her and Anne + Jade. First comment from Shannon after this? She votes for Anne. Which to me looks a lot like she’s suddenly trying to show “I can’t be on the same team as Anne! Look, I voted for her!”

    Even Shannon herself said:

    my point about mafia knowing their teammates is that it’s a perfect opportunity to vote FOR the teammates, NOT a Townie. That would help mafia deflect suspicion later, I presume.


    Anyway, I agree with Sana’s opinion about Anne’s comments about Crini not being around, her sudden shift in suspicion to me (and I mean, I am the only person whose towniness I know to be a fact ha), and the random gut feeling that tells me she’s just not playing the same as last time when we were Neighbors…

    so, what about that sudden shift of suspicion?
    That also happened after I voiced my thoughts on Jade + Anne. That was clearly a time to distance yourself from fellow Mafia members/Anne. And other people already said they find Shannon’s not-voting suspicious, Anne only added to that. Anne made that comment about Shannon when she had already two votes + there was me definitely being suspicious of her, so Anne was in danger and might just have been trying to save Shannon.

    The thing that made me think Anne + Jade are on a team first was that wild theory about me that left out Jade’s involvement completely.
    Now Jade voted for Sana on Day 3, with the only reason being that Sana didn’t vote by the end of Day 2. BUT neither did Shannon to which Jade said “I read most of Yesterday’s comments in one go and must have missed it.“. So again with the theory about one person and leaving out someone else.

    Something to repeat from what I said Yesterday about Asiya:

    So if I assume that they killed Asiya for another reason, maybe to frame someone: Her only vote on Day 1 was for me, her only vote during Day 2 was for Sana. Jade already tried the “Sana and Crini could be on a team for both voting Jeann” angle. […] I feel like Asiya could have been killed for this. I mean, Jade already voted for Sana Today….

    And now Sana is voted off and a confirmed Townie…

    As for Today’s comment from Shannon:

    PLUS, if we want to talk people Anne was “protecting”, she flat out refused to vote for you [Crini] when you weren’t there, so.

    Anne was gunning for me two Days in a row, making up these theories about connections that I have to other people and how I was constaly saved. She put me in the spotlight in the first place. She didn’t flat out refuse to vote for me. She actually did vote for me. She was just nice enough to cancel her vote when Asti told you guys I wouldn’t be around.

    Heck, I could have changed my vote from Anne to Sana and guaranteed my OWN safety

    How would voting for Sana guarantee your own safety? You would have helped vote a Townie off, which would have made you suspicious just as much.

    Just for the sake of it, I’m gonna add Shannon’s voting again:
    Votes during Day 1:
    Kait (“random”)
    Stephen (3rd vote for him)
    — when Stephen finally participates: “I am leaving my vote for now, only because it’s tied and I don’t feel comfortable breaking said tie without more to go on
    Beth (3rd vote, creates a four-way-tie)
    — when Jeann had the most votes at the very end: “I don’t love this vote. But my only option would be to tie it and I don’t think I want to do that. UGH

    Votes during Day 2:
    Kait (3rd to vote)
    – cancels vote

    Votes during Day 3:
    Anne (3rd to vote)

    The first two Days she only made the “save” votes, always for inactiv players, always saying how she doesn’t think the accused (now confirmed Townie) players are actually Mafia, and only after I say I think she and Anne are on the same team does she finally vote differently.

  7. I haven’t read any comments but OH SHIT LOOK AT WHAT WENT DOWN LAST NIGHT :O I will digest and be back with more coherent thoughts later lol

  8. Whoa that WAS an intense night! I’ve read all the comments so far and I think I will keep my vote from yesterDay. I will wait until we have more to go on based on what else people say, but right now I’m still suspicious of Shannon.

  9. Holy cats! That sucks we lost Sydney, but awesome that she got to use her 1x Reviver power before she died. Welcome back, Asiya! That resurrection nicely balances the Kait DQ, at least. And best of all, we FINALLY killed a mafia member! Hope, at last, that we can win this. 😀
    (Well done, whoever of us has a night kill power!)

    I just woke up and am struggling with illness, so I don’t have the brain power to read through previous days’ comments to analyze Anne’s actions yet, but I will. In the meantime, I think Crini makes some good points about Shannon, but I also still feel like many of us have had low-level suspicions about Crini since Day 1, so I’m not sure I trust her.

  10. Holy cow, this was intense to wake up to!

    I’m going to stick to my vote from Day 3 for now. I’m still suspicious of this person and the fact that in the last 24 hours of day 3 multiple people switched their vote away from her and a townie got voted out. Plus, Crini makes good points.


  11. I’ve been awake a few hours now and at work, so I’m a bit tired, but at least more awake and not so bleary as a brief awareness at 3AM. *lol*

    @Crini: I see what you mean. There are really only four naked characters I’d say could be on Team Eli, but that reveal is…revealing.


    Some observations I made about Anne, back when I wasn’t sure what to think about her, were these (spread out over the days):

    * she thought that Kritika might be right about at least one Mafia player being low activity.

    MY THOUGHT: considering how awry previous lines of thought have gone, I’m not sure. Town has suffered heavy losses so far, but even though Anne has been revealed as Mafia, she might have a point. 🙍 I don’t know, but maybe?

    * She pointed out that the Mafia might not have feared for Crini early on (Day One, I think, because Day 2 she was excused IIRC) because most of her votes were from inactive players and thus unlikely to change, so they went after Jeann/Stephen in Day 1.

    MY THOUGHT: This might have been a diversionary tactic for a fellow Mafia person because Anne still seemed to suspect Crini even after making that observation because Crini was saved from Day 1 to 2. Posing that low level suspicion between the days could, again, be a mask of sorts.


    I’m kind of suspicious of Crini because of the behavior of Anne, a known Mafia team member, and the fact that I think there’s been some kind of suspicion of one sort or another hovering around Crini for Days. Maybe a Team Eli member finally being revealed was the clue we needed to turn the tide?

  12. Wow what a Night! Our first mafia kill!!! I was starting to worry we weren’t EVER going to catch a break! Sorry to see about Josephine though – and Sana too being Town. 😦 Since I was suspicious of Sana and also with the revelation about Anne, I feel like I need to go back and reevaluate, including another runthrough of the comments. Maybe certain connections make more sense now in light of these developments?

    Also welcome back Asiya!!!!

    Interesting about the possible roles on Team Eli. 5 mafia members? That’s… unsettling. I guess I didn’t think there’s be THAT many (is the # of mafia usually variable?) Anyway… there’s one less now. 🙂

    Not ready to vote yet until I take another look. Crini comes out hard for Shannon, several people are suspicious of Crini (I was too a bit in Day 3) but I need to marinate all this for a while.

  13. @Crini, I do see the Jade thing you mentioned looking shady. It does. But I also have no control over what Jade saw or didn’t see. The only thing I can think of is, I did leave my comment pretty close to the end of the day? Anyway, the only way Jade and I are on the same team is if she’s a townie. (Which I am wholly unsure about, but I want to look at Jade more later anyway.)

    Some preliminary thoughts:
    • I feel like one of the newer folks is doing a great job of flying under the radar with an “I’m just a newbie” angle. Which, sure, is possible, but I feel almost certain that one of the mafia members has to be someone new. At the moment, I am suspicious of Dana, because she jumped on the bandwagon- it wouldn’t look as bad if she voted a townie out if she did it because “Crini makes good points”. But there are others I want to look at too!
    • I do wonder, if perhaps because Anne was powerless, she and her teammates decided to shift some of the focus toward her? Worth looking into, I suppose! Especially if, as Crini’s theory suggests, there are at least 4-5 mafia people.
    Crini- I am so torn on Crini. Here’s the thing: at first, I had allll the alarm bells going off. I’d been mildly suspicious on previous days, and now she’s out in full force gunning for me. BUT. If Crini was mafia, then she’d know that I wasn’t mafia. Which would make her full-fledged suspicion out of the gate for me incredibly bad for her if/when I am voted off, because then you’ll all see I am a townie, and of course think she’s mafia. So if she was mafia, with this knowledge that I am not…. why would she do that? It’s basically suicide for the next Day, right? (Of course, this could still mean she’s third party, or perhaps it’s some sort of bananas mafia strategy, I have no idea, but it does actually make me a little *less* suspicious of her, ironically.)

    Anyway, I want to spend some time looking at everyone- even if I don’t necessarily find them suspicious yet, who knows, maybe I have missed something- so I hope to have some time later!

  14. @SHANNON I didn’t cast my vote for you because of Crini. She did make good points though. I cast my vote because I voted for you on the last day for the reasons I stated above. People conveniently switched their votes off of you in the home stretch and to me, that screams Mafia.

  15. Dana- running w/ your theory for a minute- about people leaving Shannon to vote elsewhere. So I looked at Day three and see that Josephine started the voting for Shannon, followed by Harker, then Crini seems more suspicious of her. Kritika then votes for her. Crini then switches to Shannon. Shari then votes shannon. It kinda seems like a bit of a convenient pile on at this point? In terms of not a lot of concrete reasons being given other than she abstained or just general suspicions? Shannon at this point votes Anne (who it turns out was mafia!) So SHE was right. Harker then switches to Sana. Josephine then cancels her vote and changes to Anne (turns out she was right too). Dana votes shannon. Kritika then says Dana’s point about a lot of votes switching from Shannon has her curious. At this point exactly two votes have switched- Josephine’s and Harker’s. Suspiciously? Not really that I can see.

    So I’m skeptical of this theory at the moment? Then… Josephine switches BACK to Shannon lol, Harker mentions a possibility that Crini might be voting for Shannon to throw off suspicion, Josephine then switches vote AGAIN to Sana, and Kritika changes to Sana. So vote switching in the last hour happened AFTER Dana mentioned “votes were switching” from Shannon. So if my math is right two votes switched from Shannon before Dana’s observation, and two after? Does that seem out of the ordinary in a chaotic last Day like Three was? IDK. Just throwing it out.

    Josephine’s rationale in the first place seems to have been mainly her abstaining on Day Two. There may be other reasons people suspected Shannon but that seems to be the doozy. So… do the switches outlined above scream mafia? Sounds like a lot of people honestly trying to make the right call, to me.

  16. That’s all reasonable. However, Kritika, Josephine and Harker all changed their votes from Shannon to Sana (who we now know was a townie). Obviously Josephine was also a townie but I’m not completely comfortable w/ Shannon or the other two. At least one of them is likely mafia. So I’m just sticking with Shannon for the time being until I think about it more.

  17. I will admit that was probably an error in judgement on my part and I don’t say that just because it turned out that Sana was a Townie. My suspicions of Shannon are not totally absolved. I felt that her protestations were made in good faith at the time & I said before the big reveal at the end of the day that I hoped switching my vote wouldn’t come back to bite me because of my tendency to think the best of people. That will not win Mafia (or, incidentally, Game of Thrones, but let’s hope we’re not all that intense) lol.

  18. I have spent wayyyy too much time looking at stuff. First, I want to address some of Crini’s thoughts:

    @Crini, just to address a few things from your prior comment: I think Anne voting for you and then being “nice enough” to cancel her vote could definitely be a mafia strategy- in that, if she voted for you at first, then recanted her vote (and I do understand that you weren’t around, but that makes it look even MORE innocent of Anne to do) then it looks like you are certainly not aligned. I am not convinced that you are or that you aren’t, but it’s worth mentioning. Though, I have also been reading up on your theory of how Anne and Jade both fueled theories for Townies, but then changed their votes later; a vote for you in this case could be consistent with that pattern if you are Town.

    In addition, had I changed my vote from Anne to Sana, I wouldn’t have voted Sana off (at that time, it would have made a tie- neither of us would have been voted off, so we wouldn’t know if she was townie or not). Just wanted to clarify!

    @Crini (again ha) I also see what you mean now about Jade defending Beth’s voting before you did. I was misreading what you were saying, actually- I thought you meant that Jade came up with the theory about you/Beth/Stephen before Anne did, but now I see what you’re saying, and you’re right! And it’s fishy that Anne targeted you instead of Jade and definitely gives your theory of their connection more credibility.

  19. And here we go! I have tried to look at everyone, in depth, as much as possible. Wish me luck that all the blockquotes work!

    • Beth
    Day 1
    I was suspicious of Beth on Day 1 just based on how she chose her votes, and how she decided to stick with Jeann even though she felt that Jeann was more valuable/Town.

    Though Beth did speak more about it on Day 2:

    I literally flipped a coin, because I didn’t think either were mafia. Why didn’t I change my vote? Because…I literally flipped a coin. I saw value in Jeann’s analysis but I left it to random fate, and that’s what happened. I can see that being suspicious if I was the deciding vote, but I wasn’t. Stephen was the actual tie-breaking, deciding vote (at the last minute).

    Which did make some sense to me, at that point, especially since my Day 1 suspicions were just that- Day 1 suspicions, without a ton to go on.

    Beth then voices suspicion of Stephen, but hesitates to vote for him, saying

    So I guess the question is, why aren’t I voting for Stephen? Because it’s a risk. Nobody else seems suspicious of him, which means either:
    He’s town like us, and I’m letting the paranoia get to me, or
    He’s mafia or third party, and playing it really well, and my voting for him will mean I end up getting killed this night. And before someone comments that this would be too obvious, Jade, Josephine, and Kait have all voted for me as well, so if this happened any one of them could be blamed/accused as mafia…so it’s a good screen a mafia could hide behind.

    (Though when I say that I don’t want to be night killed, I am Very Suspicious™, just saying.)
    Beth then acquiesces and votes for Stephen. (This breaks the tie between Beth and Stephen, so I can’t blame her there, tbh.)

    Day 3: Beth votes Crini, because

    largely because of that nagging feeling that many of us have had mild suspicions of them, and were too considerate to air them during Day 2, while Crini was excused.

    Though Beth also voices suspicions of several others, including me, Anne, and Sana.

    • Jade
    Day 1- Suspicious of Jeann because Jeann did not remember that mafia knew who their mafia mates were. Defends Beth’s choice to vote for Jeann, even though Beth thought Jeann was more useful. Switches vote to Beth after Joséphine’s (impressive) statistics lesson.
    Day 2- Doesn’t feel comfortable voting for Crini in her absence. Starts Day with suspicion (and vote) for Beth, cancels after Beth explains. Says she will vote for inactive player at risk for DQ (Kait). Didn’t return to cancel vote for Kait after Kait’s return. (Did say she’d probably be unable to.)
    Day 3- Votes Sana based on Sana’s abstaining; fails to mention that I did so too. Crini mentions this in regard to Anne and Jade both:

    both people in each case not voted out, which means they could try to fly under the radar by not being one of the people helping one of Team Victor being voted off, but both pushed theories about now confirmed team members of Victor’s who ended being voted off (Jade both Stephen and Jeann, Anne for Stephen (+me))

    (To me, this is actually a pretty interesting theory- and we know Crini was right, in Anne’s case, so I am definitely giving some weight to this. Especially since Jade started Day 3 voting for Sana, who we know is Town.)

    • Harker
    Harker starts a lot of the theories, as I look back at the Days. However, I mostly think it’s just cause they’re really into the game? Someone has to be first I guess! I have, however, noticed how easy it’s been for people to jump on bandwagons after Harker voices their suspicions. (Which isn’t really to say much about Harker, just an observation in general, and something worth looking into- who seems to play the theories to their advantages?)

    Harker has had a lot of theories, which makes it really, really hard to lay them all out. So I just did my best.
    -Votes Crini Day 1 from start, sticks with vote through the Day
    -Votes Kait on Day 2 due to inactivity. Cancels vote when Kait shows up, votes Stephen.
    -First to bring up the abstaining people on Day 3
    -Wanted to try to figure out the identity of Sydney on Day 3

    This Sydney/Dol thing does bring up interesting speculation. I’m not sure if there’s enough to go on to discover who Sydney is, though perhaps by looking at Asiya’s interactions that identity could be figured out.

    (for me, personally, finding that out would have been *terrible* for us- but I suppose the mafia already knew, or at least it seemed that way based on last Night?)
    -Votes Greg because he “encourage theories and suspicions rather than create his own”
    – Voices suspicion of Beth and Kritika
    – Turns out that some of the Greg suspicion was because of a misplaced blockquote; cancels vote
    – Votes for Shannon, because of my abstaining
    – Calls Shannon “squirrely”, which while untrue of Shannon, is probably my favorite use of any word in this game so far (it really made me chuckle, because why do why not use that word more!?)
    -Changes vote from Shannon to Sana.

    Part two to come!!

  20. • Kritika
    I was quite suspicious of Kritika’s constantly changing strategy of inactive versus active players, but I still am not sure it’s not just because she’s new and trying to figure the game out? I mean- my strategy last time was “oh crap I know nothing” so at least she’s trying to *have* a strategy? Haha still something I want to keep an eye on but… not exactly the biggest red flag either.

    Kritika also voiced suspicion of Harker because Harker started theories, but… in my opinion, someone has to start theories, so.

    BUT. Kritika asked Asti on Day 1 about abstaining from voting. Asti clarified. THEN, on Day 3, after Sana and I abstained on Day 2, Kritika brought up the clarification of the non-voting again. Perhaps because she wanted to shift the focus on me and Sana, since she knew we are Town?

    For me, Kritika is more likely to be a newbie? But there IS the chance that she could be using to seem less shady?

    • Dana
    Day 3:

    As for whether Asiya/Dol was killed saving Sydney, I think that that would put whomever is Sydney in danger today/tonight since the mafia would likely know her identity now.

    This feels a little fishy to me (and I said so on Day 3, but more that I thought it was perhaps just a mistake on Dana’s part, in being newer) but now I think it’s extra suspicious considering… well, that is exactly what happened. And who else but mafia would have known if mafia knew Sydney’s identity?

    On Day 3, Dana votes for Shannon, because:

    I’m going to vote for this person. Based on the fact that she’s had the most votes cancelled for her this round, which I find suspicious.

    Which… is a theory I don’t fully understand, because it’s almost- because I am less suspicious, I am more suspicious?

    On Day 4, starts with a vote for Shannon, for the same reasons she stated in Day 3.

    • Crini

    Day 1
    Defends Beth’s vote for Jeann, even though Beth’s vote was random, according to Beth. (But, after Jade did, as it turns out.)

    On Day 2, Anne mentions “alliance” between Crini, Beth, and Stephen. Obviously, we know now that Stephen was town, and Anne mafia. So this… brings up questions, since Anne clearly made this up. But does that mean that NONE of these people are mafia? Would she have thrown a teammate in there? Though- perhaps she thought if we found out that Stephen was Town, this could help *save* either Crini or Beth?

    On Day 3, voices opinion of a Jade/Anne alliance, which is starting to sound pretty legit to me, as I become less suspicious of Crini. Also, my eyes have started to glaze over as Crini’s name is mentioned a whopping 208 times on Day 3. Crini ends Day 3 voting for Shannon, after saying she was suspicious of me AND others, but wanted to make her vote count, and I was in the lead at the time.

    • Greg
    Something about blockquotes that confused me? Honestly, if he’s mafia, he’s playing a pretty clean (and smart) game so… I hope the fact that I don’t really have any suspicion is founded hah. Sure, he voted for Stephen, but so did half of the group. And then he also voted for Sana, which… I think actually makes him seem *more* town to me because would mafia really vote a townie twice in a row?

    • Elin

    Day 2
    Comes in to vote for Stephen toward the end of Day, then comments once more so as not to receive a warning.
    Day 3- Suspicious of Anne’s defense to Sana. Votes Anne.

    There is so little to go on in regards to Elin, as well. Nothing strikes me as suspicious, especially with a vote for Anne, but she really hasn’t commented enough for me to be sure.

    • Shari
    -Called out by Kritika on Day 2 for inactivity. Responds with:

    @Kritika I get your point about infrequent commenters but it’s personally harder for me to check in during the week because of work and being in a different time zone.

    Which… is an interesting defense because you can comment at any time, time zones really only matter at the end of a Day?

    -Was called out on Day 3 due to this statement:

    I thought it was a requirement for each Day, but I can see why it’s not encouraged as it would be disadvantageous for Townies if their votes could really tip the scale.

    as people were uncomfortable with the use of “THEIR” in reference to Townies.

    -On Day 3, Shari says

    ”Based on the cases made re: Shannon and Anne, I’m most suspicious of them right now.”

    And then voted for me based on… Idk what, really? Since there was no distinction between me and Anne in her comment.

    I really have no idea what to make of Shari in general, due to sparse activity.

    • Asiya
    Just kidding, obviously. Asiya should be off everyone’s radar, because Dol.

  21. I am so tired. But after all that, I am really seeing the most suspicion in Jade’s activity. And since I am starting to become *less* suspicious of Crini, her theory about Anne and Jade is starting to make more sense to me.


  22. @Shannon: Glad I could be of comedic use in my word choice. 😉 I think I had Doreen Green on the brain or something, aka Squirrel Girl, so yeah.

    I can’t remember for sure, but I don’t believe I was seriously suggesting that we, at that time, pursue looking for Sydney’s identity. Obviously it doesn’t matter now, and probably the Mafia knew based, as you say, on the following Night’s action. It was more a thought out loud. Possibly a bad one, but even if it were, I really don’t think there were any indications of Josephine’s character identity prior to her death.

    So, there’s been talk abound about the possibility of an inactive or relatively inactive player being Mafia. It’s highly unlikely that they all are, but at least one? That’s a possibility. Maybe the lack of info re: Elin is something to keep an eye on.

  23. @Harker, I wholly agree. I am pretty much convinced that one of the less active players *has* to be mafia- just from a statistical standpoint? Especially now that we know Kait was Town. And it’s a frustratingly good “strategy”, if it is in fact a strategy, because we can’t be suspicious if they never say anything!

  24. Voting Update

    Shannon (2) – Crini, Dana
    Jade (1) – Shannon

    Not Voting: Asiya, Beth, Elin, Greg, Harker, Jade, Kritika, Shari

  25. Hurray, I’m back!

    Whoever revived me, thank you! I’m quite terrible at finding Mafia but I’ll do my best.

    Will be back in a few hours after reading last Day’s comments.

  26. @Asiya welcome back! Josephine revived you before she died, so we kind of had a reverse Dol situation with Sydney sacrificing herself to save Dol (I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that, like yay Dol/Asiya is back but we lost a really strong townie…Josephine was really good about analyzing comments and laying out her theories plus she had that awesome power). Sorry I thought you were mafia at one point oops. It will be nice to see how having a confirmed townie in the mix changes how we react to different people’s theories!

    My head is spinning with all these revelations about who was a townie and who was mafia, and I don’t have the time to do in depth analysis of previous Days’ comments this Day, so I will be mostly basing my suspicions off what I thought previously and the evidence gathered by other people on this page.

    I know a lot of people have been low level suspicious of Crini throughout, but I don’t really see it right now. At one point I thought she may be working with Beth and Stephen against the town but now that we know Stephen is Town and Anne is mafia and started that theory, there probably wasn’t that three-way connection (someone correct me if I’m wrong there, I’m going off of memory and I may have mixed up some people). I also think that she is a townie because of what she said at the beginning of today about there potentially being 5 mafia members. Why would a mafia member make that kind of comment and draw attention to the fact that there are more of mafia players than we originally expected? I would expect mafia members to try and keep their numbers under wraps so they could stealthily sway votes.

    I am still suspicious of Shannon. The three people I was most suspicious of at the end of Day Two were Shannon, Sana, and Anne. The thing that made me switch over from my Shannon vote to Sana were all of Shannon’s comments at the end about how she was trying really hard to be a supportive Townie and how she could have tied the vote at the end if she were mafia to mess with us further. We know Sana was town and was suspicious of Shannon’s tactic – she said that previous mafia members have really leaned on the sympathy vote to avoid getting voted out in previous games, and that was something I considered but abandoned in the end because at the time I found Sana more suspicious because of her change in playing style. Now I think that if Shannon had done the tie vote, we all would have been more suspicious of her being mafia, so the fact that she didn’t and then commented on how she didn’t cause a tie was probably to save herself. Crini also brought up a lot of great points at the beginning of today, and since I’m (currently) not suspicious of her, I am going to take her evidence and analysis at face value: it’s pretty convincing to me, especially since I was already suspicious of Shannon.

    To address @Shannon’s suspicions of me, I did have an erratic playing style the first two days because I was kind of figuring things out, but I hope you can see that on Day three (and today) I tried to be more thorough about reasoning and explaining my thought process instead of just chasing random theories. I also want to say that when I ask Asti for clarification on the rules, I’m honestly confused about something and it’s not a strategy. On Day 3 I asked to make sure we aren’t wasting time on accusations that don’t really make sense (when Harker was suspicious of Crini not voting, I thought that was kind of a pointless trail to chase because Crini didn’t vote since she was excused. I wanted to make sure that I had understood that rule properly before unequivocally claiming that theory wasn’t really worth pursuing). As for being suspicous of Harker for starting lots of theories and influencing the discussion, it’s more of a low level suspicion without much other evidence of them being mafia at this point and I want to act on my more concrete suspicions.


  27. Voting Update

    Shannon (3) – Crini, Dana, Kritika
    Jade (1) – Shannon

    Not Voting: Asiya, Beth, Elin, Greg, Harker, Jade, Shari

  28. @Shannon Just to clarify my comment about the mafia potentially knowing the identity of Sydney on Day 3, I was trying to discourage people from trying to theorize about Sydney’s identity. Since I had figured that on the chance they had actually voted Asiya not Josephine, we didn’t want to help them find Sydney since she would likely be gifted. But I was concerned that if they had tried to vote off Sydney/Josephine but Dol/Asiya was killed, they already would know by Josephine not being killed.

  29. Hey guys! I’m finally back from my 10 day work trip. I spent yesterday being a blob and recuperating lol, but now i’m mentally ready to get back to this game! I’m bummed that Sana ended up being Town, I really thought there was something suspicious there but obviously I was reading into things too much (as this game makes you do lol). Because of my trip, I wasn’t around later in the last Day. To be honest, i might have ended up changing my vote to Kait if I was simply because of the DQ factor, but I know that would have been controversial lol. Good job to whoever of us got to Anne!! I hadn’t realized someone on our side could get night kills (although maybe I should have considered that!) but its exciting because it may help us keep the numbers on the Townie side. Especially if Crini is right about there being 4 more.

    While i have read through all the comments from the past two Days, it was hard to really internalize them while I was on the go. I definitely need to study them some more. My current plan is to:

    1) first figure out the exact connection people are making between me and Anne and see if I can explain them for those of you who are suspicious there. Based in Crini’s first comment on this Day I don’t really understand the connection but I’m probably missing something from the last couple of days
    2) closely look at everything anne said since Day 1. She is the only confirmed Mafia we have so far and I feel like that’s going to be the best source of information for me.

    But first I’m going to eat lunch and then go vote! I’ll start digging into comments after that 🙂

  30. @Jade: could you explain this:

    To be honest, i might have ended up changing my vote to Kait if I was simply because of the DQ factor, but I know that would have been controversial lol.

    If Kait would’ve DQ’d anyway, why put a vote to her? When this situation arose on an earlier day it made sense because there were more votes from others for Kait and might’ve resulted in her being voted off instead of DQ’ing. But, as it stood yesterDay, if you had voted for her, it wouldn’t have made sense. You’d previously been in favor of voting of a potential DQ to minimize lynchings, but this seems like an odd choice since that vote could’ve gone elsewhere.

  31. @Harker I understand your reasoning about one of the less active players being Mafia (and yeah, that’d be a good strategy- how can we analyze what they say if they say so little?!), but I’m curious why you specifically mention Elin and not Shari. Can you explain that choice?

  32. @Beth: of the active/less active players, there are actually three that I’d thought to keep an eye on. Elin was simply the one I’d thought least inactive and by numbers I think I’m right (I’d have to go back and check, but I think D1 was only 2 comments and D2 was almost a warning because of inactivity).

  33. Voting Update

    Shannon (3) – Crini, Dana, Kritika
    Jade (1) – Shannon

    Not Voting: Asiya, Beth, Elin, Greg, Harker, Jade, Shari

  34. @Shannon I just want to comment on what you said about me:

    And then voted for me based on… Idk what, really? Since there was no distinction between me and Anne in her comment.

    From my comment yesterDay I said:

    I’m not going to reiterate what everyone has said after my last comment since it’s taken me about an hour to read through them lol.

    I choose to not spend much time repeating people’s arguments I agree with because it already takes me a good chunk of time to read and understand everyone’s comments before I reply. In general, before signing up for the game I already knew I had a limited amount of time to spare for it, but I also knew that I could at least meet the 2-comment minimum (plus it’s VICIOUS and the fomo was real because it’s one of my fave books lol). I have considered talking to Asti to drop out of the game as some days have been too hectic for me, but with Kait being DQ’d and being Town, I didn’t think dropping off now would do us Townies a favour since we’ve lost so many as is. I understand that my activity can be suspicious, but I’ve made a point to vote each Day vs abstaining. I was gutted when Stephen turned out to be Town because I voted for him, and I was upset when Sana got eliminated.

    The reason that I’m still suspicious of you is because of how some people’s voting shifted away from you and to Sana. I’m also suspicious of everyone else who voted Sana off, including Jade, Harker, and Greg, but I don’t have strong arguments to back up that suspicion at the moment.

    Initially I didn’t think there might be a connection with Jade and Anne but so far points being made about them make sense, so I’m going to keep a better eye on Jade’s activity. Since Anne turned out to be mafia, people voting Sana off are just more suspicious to me in general.

    Your lack of suspicion about Greg makes me suspicious too, as like you’ve said, he’s being playing clean and ‘smart’. If you were mafia, you might be protecting a fellow mafia member. It sounds like you defended his choice when you said:

    And then he also voted for Sana, which… I think actually makes him seem *more* town to me because would mafia really vote a townie twice in a row?

    I haven’t played the other games before this, but could veterans confirm/deny this statement that mafia wouldn’t really vote a townie twice in a row? It seems to me that mafia would do what they can Day and Night to win, so I don’t follow this logic.

    So far, I’m still most suspicious of Shannon, so I’m sticking with my vote from yesterDay and


  35. @Harker – Well, I likely would have switched my vote to Kait right around 24 hrs until the end of the day, thinking if she hadn’t shown up by then it was less likely she would meet the 2 comment minimum. And I would do it in hopes that other people would agree with not losing a possible two townies to one DQ and one being voted out. Granted, I also was the most suspicious of Sana at the time that I voted for her early in the Day. I mean, we are talking in hypotheticals here and hind sight is 20/20. Now that I KNOW Sana was a Townie, I wish I could have voted for Kait and prevented losing two Townies in one go, but when choosing between someone I’m suspicious of and a possible DQ who i had no idea of affiliation who knows what I would have actually picked in the moment. This game makes you crazy! I hope that helped Harker 🙂 That being said I’m glad we don’t have any potential DQs this week LOL. Ok, now i’m going to do some analysis of the past few days.

  36. Ok, I’m starting with looking at Crini’s connection between Anne and I.

    Crini’s original comment about the two of us said (this is from Day 3):

    In part it’s because of their votes.
1) voting for Kait on Day 2 based on her inactivity feels like a super bad move from long time players imo because it would have told us NOTHING if Kait had been the one to be voted out
2) Anne’s vote for Sana 1.5h before the end of the Day, when 5 people where already on the board, falls into the same category, doesn’t help us at all
    And then there is the thing that people kept going on about a possible connection between me, Stephen and Beth, (started by Anne) in huge part because of me defending Beth’s vote (which was less me defending Beth and more me finding Jeann suspicious anyway) BUT everyone seems to completely ignore the fact that it was Jade who first brought that up!? She defended Beth’s comment before me and made a case against Jeann.

    So first off, as my last comment to Harker mentions, I still stand by voting for someone at risk of DQ. I know everyone has different opinions about this but that’s my opinion and I still stand by it. I understand that it doesn’t really give us more info to go on for the next day, but it prevents losing two possible townies at once. And there was always a CHANCE that Kait was an inactive mafia player lying low to avoid suspicion. We now know that is not the case, but we didn’t at the time. I mean, look – we let Kait DQ and we lost her AND Sana in one go, who were both numbers for Team Townie. We are lucky we got Asiya back, but imagine if we ALSO still had Sana.

    In Crini’s second point, she mentions Anne bringing up a connection between Crini/Stephen/Beth (which is a connection I never supported and I mentioned that later in Day 3 I believe). Anne used Crini defending Beth’s vote as evidence for this connection and left out that I also defended Beth’s vote before Crini did. I’m not sure exactly which comments this is referring to, but I think its related to Beth’s vote for Jeann being the result of a coin toss on Day 1. I looked back at what I said, and I didn’t actually defend’s beth’s vote. I said:

    @Jeann – yeah, i guess that’s true, it seems like TOO obvious of a mistake to make… But still, I feel like you’re twisting Beth’s words a little bit with your last vote. Beth didn’t say she was voting for you because you explained your thought process – I actually took that to mean you looked less suspicious (but beth doesn’t clarify what she meant by that).
    My point is that Beth said she did a coin toss between you and Crini (granted that’s not the best way to do votes LOL but still the first day). So you saying she voted for you based on you explaining your thought process is misleading…

    So, I was ALSO just defending why I found Jeann suspicious myself, which is what Crini says she was doing so I don’t know why she finds that suspicious. And for the record, even though I voted for Jeann after Beth that day, I wrote up that comment before refreshing to see the votes and I hadn’t realized Beth had just voted for Jeann as well (which I mention in a comment right after making that vote).

    Before I move on to analyzing Anne’s comments to see what we can glean from them, I also want to mention the fact that Anne and I ended up both voting for Sana on Day 3. No one has mentioned that as a “connection” between me and Anne, but I can see someone going down that road and want to address it if i can. I was still out of town during the last Day and I voted for Sana early on because she was the person I was the most suspicious of. Anne voted for Sana after I did, and all I can really say about that is that I can’t control what the mafia does. I unfortunately was too busy the rest of the Day to return and change my vote, but as I said earlier toDay, I feel like I would have voted for Kait in the end because of her DQ possibility.

  37. I think at this point I’m suspicious of everybody! lol I think we all are, frankly.

    Kritika said

    It will be nice to see how having a confirmed townie in the mix changes how we react to different people’s theories!


    I know a lot of people have been low level suspicious of Crini throughout, but I don’t really see it right now. … Why would a mafia member make that kind of comment and draw attention to the fact that there are more of mafia players than we originally expected? I would expect mafia members to try and keep their numbers under wraps so they could stealthily sway votes.

    I tend to agree with this, I’m reconsidering Crini too.

    @Shari – well I’ve often wondered why people would sign up for this Game and then hardly play. And I’m not saying I’m the biggest commenter because I’m not, but… some activity has been downright sparse? And I’m not trying to be a jerk either, because I would not question anyone’s real life time constraints… but since you suspect me a bit I wanted to just say that this is a good point from Shannon.

    I am pretty much convinced that one of the less active players *has* to be mafia- just from a statistical standpoint? Especially now that we know Kait was Town. And it’s a frustratingly good “strategy”, if it is in fact a strategy, because we can’t be suspicious if they never say anything!

    I mean, yeah. I can’t believe in Day 4 we’re still talking about people hardly participating, but… we are. There’s no question that some players have just been sparse, and you sorta fall in that category (although not as much as Elin and Kait obviously, and perhaps Dana). If there are eleven of us left (and up to four mafia possibly, per Crini’s comment)- how could at least one (and maybe more) of the quieter folks NOT be mafia?

    Also… Harker said.

    So, there’s been talk abound about the possibility of an inactive or relatively inactive player being Mafia. It’s highly unlikely that they all are, but at least one? That’s a possibility. Maybe the lack of info re: Elin is something to keep an eye on.

    I’d say it’s more than a possibility! And right now I’m sorta seeing the same pattern. Has anyone heard from Elin yet? Not saying she’s mafia, but if there are hardly any comments how can we evaluate someone??

    Now as to Sana… yeah I’d be suspicious too! And am, frankly, even though I voted for her! Everyone needs to be looked at. I honestly thought Sana was mafia and that was why I voted for her. As for the votes switching from Shannon to Sana, I think in a previous comment above I looked at that and frankly- there weren’t THAT many that switched? Or maybe it’s just me. And I’m not saying that to defend Shannon- for all I know she is mafia! See I don’t know WHO is at this point- none of us do obvs- and my play style tends to be towards not voting until I’m pretty sure of someone. I don’t like to just throw ’em out there although maybe it’s better to do that, to draw people out and generate discussion?

    Anyway… I can’t speak for Shannon but since the question was about me- if I were mafia I’d like to think I’d be more clever than to vote Townie twice in a row. And I don’t think my track record shows a lot of erratic vote switching- I tend to try and be methodical, as I said above- I voted for Sana based on suspicion, nothing else. And as I said at the beginning of this Day, th fact that she was Town really had me reconsidering my assumptions/ initial suspicions. That’s about all I can say about that?

    It seems to me that mafia would do what they can Day and Night to win, so I don’t follow this logic.

    Well yeah but would they also kamikaze themself by being super obvious? It seems to me that mafia would absolutely do what they can to win, without being obvious and getting lynched??

  38. Ok, I went through all of Anne’s comments from the past 3 Days. I put a T for ppl confirmed Town, M for confirmed Mafia (which is just Anne) and a ? for people not confirmed (including myself since my allegiance isn’t confirmed for you guys). And I bolded her actual votes cus they kinda get lost in all the text lol.

    Day 1
    votes Asiya (T) randomly because her name was next to Anne’s (M) in the graphic
    – when Stephen (T) is in the lead says she doesn’t think its likely a mafia member would be so absent on the first day
    Cancels vote since Asiya (T) was a random vote
    – Ends up voting for Stephen (T) because once he showed up ppl switched votes away from him thinking this might be some sort of mafia reverse psychology (along with Jenn (T), and Dana (?))

    Day 2
    – Says she will look at Jenn’s (T) comments and ppl who voted for Jeann (T), agrees with Kritika (?) that probably at least one mafia player is a low-activity player, but also agrees with Shannon (?) that Kritika (?) had flip flopped and previously had said that being inactive isn’t a good reason to call someone Mafia and that that is odd.
    – Lays out some evidence related to Jeann (T) votes from Day 1, suggests there was a lot of protection for Crini (?) on Day One and votes Crini (?)
    – Comments after looking into Jenn’s (T) activity, questions if Jenn (T) was killed as a set up for Stephen (T) or in retaliation for making Stephen (T) break a tie or just because Jenn (T) was a veteran player who didn’t give the Town much evidence to go off.
    – Comments again with more explanations about why Crini (?) is suspicious (looks like she is being “protected”) and suggests that Beth (?) or Stephen (T) are related to Crini (?) somehow.
    Cancels vote for Crini (?) because we learn that she is not likely to be able to play this Day and doesn’t feel good about voting for someone who can’t defend themselves. Votes for Kait (T) because of possible DQ. Suggests that at least one quiet person from Day One is Mafia, says she is most suspicious of Stephen (T) and Beth (?) after Crini (?).
    – Comments at Kritika (?) and Stephen (T) saying that its hard for new players to jump into coming up with theories, but also encourages others to suggest theories as it helps people decide who to vote for.
    – Says its interesting that Stephen (T) thinks Beth (?) and Josephine (T) are working together. Comments on Jade/me (?) saying that I was suspicious of Stephen (T) but voted for Kait (T) instead, mentions dana (?) is pretty gung ho on Stephen (T) as well. Says she has a hard time believing Shannon (?) is Mafia and if she was then “we are screwed”.
    Cancels vote for Kait (T) since she showed up.
    – Comments to say she will be back later to vote and needs more time to think. She seems to be suspicious of Stephen (T) and Beth (?) at this point.
    – Looks at people who have votes at the time (Stephen (T), Beth (?), Sana (T), Kait (T), and Harker(?) ) and votes for Sana (T) because she voted for Jeann (T) on Day 1 and has already stated at this point in Day 2 that she will be abstaining from votes.

    Day 3
    – Agrees with Harker (?) and Dana (?) that we shouldn’t speculate about who Syndey is (RIP Josephine (T)!). Disagrees with Crini (?) about voting for Kait (T) being a bad move (related to possible DQ). Crini (?) had said Anne (M) voting for Sana (T) with 1.5 hrs to go when 5 people were already on the board wasn’t helpful and Anne (M) defends her vote for Sana (T) saying abstaining from voting is less helpful to the town than looking at people already on the board and voting for who she was most suspicious of.
    – Anne (M) defends herself against Sana’s (T) suspicions of her
    – Sana (T) explains her reasoning for voting for Anne (M) more thoroughly and Anne (M) responds saying she understands better now but can’t really defend her playing style. Anne (M) goes through the ppl who voted for Stephen (T), says nothing jumps out at her other than the fact that once Kait (T) showed up on Day 2, Harker (?), Shari (?) and Beth (?) all needed to vote for someone else and that Beth (?) voted for both stephen (T) and Jeann (T).
    – Looks at who voted for Kait (T) but can’t really come to a conclusion saying that she sees both sides to the issue.
    – Anne (M) explains that abstaining from voting is suspicious because “you are giving the impression that you are looking out for your own self interests versus the interests of the town” (directed at shannon (?) ). Also comments afterwards saying she can’t follow Shannon’s (?) reasoning for not voting and she seemed to contradict herself.
    – Anne (M) present a long comment with “evidence” that Crini (?) and Sana (T) are working together and ends up voting for Sana.
    – Comments @Josephine (T) saying that she voted for Sana (T) on Day two prior to Shannon (?) officially deciding to abstain, and that’s why she hadn’t taken Shannon (?) into consideration at the time.
    – Thinks that Crini’s (?) cryptic comment was a message to someone to activate their role and says that she (anne M) doesn’t have a powerful role.

    Ok, so I did all that hoping to come across a noticeable pattern but currently my brain is mush. I think I’m leaning towards Crini being Town because of how hard Anne was going after Crini. Crini’s suspicions of me originally made me suspicious of her, but honestly everyone gets suspicious of everyone at some point in the game. While there is no way to be sure, Anne’s theories and persistence against Crini make me think they were not working together.

    I was trying to see if Anne was trying to protect anyone, and the only thing I came up with is that possibly Anne was trying to protect Shannon. On Day 2 Anne said she had a hard time believing Shannon was Mafia. On Day 3 Anne explains to Shannon why abstaining is suspicious. Later Anne tells josephine that she voted for Sana on Day 2 for abstaining bc that was before Shannon had stated on Day 2 that she was also abstaining. That’s understandable for Day 2, but Anne never addressed why she chose Sana over Shannon on Day 3, despite explaining to Shannon why abstaining is suspicious. Was this omission some sort of protection? It’s flimsy evidence but its all I got as far as Anne protecting ppl.

    Shannon did end up voting for Anne on Day 3. I’m not sure if that was a mafia coverup in case one of them was lynched since that was a possibility for both towards the end of Day 3. Or if they were both just trying to save themselves. I want to go back and look at their votes more closely but i’ve already spent a huge chunk of my day going through stuff so that will wait till tomorrow.

  39. Ok one last comment from me tonight lol. As I was going through Anne’s comments I saw this comment from crini on Day Three:

    I feel like I need to rehash why I exactly I’m suspicious of Jade + Anne:
    Anne made up that theory about me, saying it looked like people were protecting me. I’ve already summarized the voting in an earlier comment which in my opinion shows, how that wasn’t the case. But that wasn’t even what bothered me the most, but that while going through the votes, she didn’t mention Jade and for example that Jade was the one to suggest we vote for Stephen because of him being inactive. This was much more about what wasn’t said, as about what was said because to me this looks like not wanting to draw attention to a team mate.
    My problem now is that they are both voting for the same person and of only a few votes at that. They could always draw the “Mafia wouldn’t make that bold a move” card but GAH I don’t know. I hate this game XD

    Again, this seems more about what Anne did or didn’t do and I can’t really defend myself against that. I don’t know why Anne didn’t mention me in her reasonings and I can’t help that Anne voted for Sana after I did. I know that doesn’t add much but I wanted to mention that I saw that comment so it doesn’t look like I’m deliberately misinterpreting or leaving stuff out… Of course that line of thinking brings me back to Anne “protecting” shannon – Shannon also can’t control what Anne did or did not say about her… Blah this is so hard!

    Honestly, after all that work I did looking through Anne’s comments I can see a little why ppl would draw a comparison between us. We both fell on the same side of the Kait/DQ conversation and the choosing to abstain from voting conversation. All I can say is that those are both logical arguments that i still stand by, even though now we know Anne was Mafia. I can’t help that Anne used logical arguments to support her votes… I’m so glad someone got her out when we did because she was a tricky one!

  40. Thanks for clarifying you Elin name-drop, @Harker! That makes sense. I do think Shannon is right that, statistically, one of the lower-comment players must be mafia. Right now that feels like Shari or Elin, though I haven’t totaled comments per player.

    After re-reading the previous Days’ comments and today’s, I’m not seeing suspicion in how Jade has voted. It feels like most of that argument is based around the fact that Jade voted for Kait- but if your argument is ‘voting for a DQ is a waste because it gives us nothing to go on’, why isn’t that logic applied to players who don’t vote (as their lack of a vote also doesn’t give us anything to go in)?

    I wish I was certain of anyone at this point. Here’s the best I’ve got. I decided to focus on Anne, our known mafia member, to see if I could find a pattern.
    People (not confirmed townies) who voted the same as Anne:
    Anne’s vote for Asiya (Day 1)- Dana, Greg
    After Anne cancelled her Asiya vote, these people also cancelled / changed their Asiya vote: Dana
    Anne’s vote for Stephen (Day 1)- Dana
    Anne’s vote for Kait due to DQ (Day 2)- Harker, Shannon, Beth, Shari, Jade
    After Anne cancelled her Kait vote, these people also cancelled / changed their Kait vote: Shannon, Beth, Harker, Shari
    Anne’s vote for Sana (Day 2)- none
    Anne’s vote for Sana (Day 3)- Jade, Harker, Greg, Kritika

    People (not confirmed townies) who voiced agreement with Anne’s suspicions:
    Anne’s suspicion of Crini (Day 2)- Harker, Shannon, Greg
    Anne’s suspicion of a Stephen/Beth/Crini connection (Day 2)- Kritika, Greg, Elin

    So if we assume at least one mafia person votes in the same way Anne did, the ones to be most suspicious of are Harker (4), Greg (4), Shannon (3), and Dana (3).
    Also, I’m doing this on my phone so if I missed a vote or suspicion Anne expressed, please chime in! More data = better. 🙂

  41. @Harker, because it is too obvious? I mean, especially when said Townies (at least, in the case of Stephen) were ahead by so much- why vote for him at that point if you’re mafia? Seems like you would even just do some kind of throwaway vote if you’re mafia, right?

    @Jade, I voted for Anne cause I thought she was shady, that’s it hahah. To me, I just got a different vibe from her, and my instinct was actually right, which, yay! Also you DO make a good point about us not having control about what Anne says. Something I will certainly take into account. So for now…

    (because I need to look into this more)

    @Beth, on your PHONE? You did all that on your phone!? You are a superhero. I also agree that it feels like Elin or Shari- mostly Shari, because she really started to be vocal only when suspicions popped up, and then tried to deflect in a hurry. Which… seems shady.

    @Shari (and everyone, really)- I laid out my thoughts on everyone so that you’d have something useful to work with, hopefully, after I am gone. My thoughts have been (miraculously) pretty accurate thus far (hope I didn’t jinx myself there!) and maybe they’ll help you in some way. Because look, that is ALL I have got. I want you to know who I am most suspicious of, and who I am LESS suspicious of (hell- I just told you I was less suspicious of Crini, AND all the reasons, even though she led the charge on me toDay) because that is the only thing left for me to do.

    I am too tired to keep trying to explain why I didn’t vote on Day 2. I have explained it. In fact, I still don’t regret it, because I would have been basing a vote on nothing, and that won’t help you when I am gone anyway. Day 1 was a veritable clusterf*ck, with Stephen popping in last minute, and Day 2 was more of the same with Kait- I had NOTHING to base suspicion on, because any and everyone could have hidden behind that mess.

    And, with the slew of less active people, it makes it even harder. I can’t analyze people who pop in 2-3 times to just agree with the masses. And sure, maybe it IS a good mafia strategy, in a way, but it makes things… frustrating. And less fun, if the mafia is just going to hide behind inactivity.

    I can’t explain myself any more than I have, I don’t think. And to be honest, I don’t think anyone is listening when I try to anyway? I feel like a lot of what I have said has been dismissed, which is of course your (the collective “your”) prerogative. And while part of me kind of wants to be petty, and just… ignore it and walk away, I won’t do that, because I am part of a team, even if you don’t know it yet. You will, and then hopefully my words will have some value. And you’ll know I tried, which for whatever twisted reason is really important to me.

  42. Okay yeah, after thinking about it, this Shari thing… it’s not sitting with me well. I voiced some pretty mild suspicion, as far as suspicions go, and that got Shari vocal, which… seems a little shiesty on its own, considering how under the radar she’s been, but then add the deflection to Greg instead? Red flags are flying all over for me. Especially seeing as how she’s been SO quiet so far, and it would have been easy for her to hide unnoticed to us until now, so…


  43. @Shannon Ha! Thanks…less superhero and more ‘too exhausted to go get my laptop’ (or maybe ‘too short-sighted to realize how restrictive a tiny screen is for stuff like this’. I’m sorry you feel negated on here…even though I’m mildly suspicious of you, I understand how exhausting it is to defend/explain yourself a lot, and since I’m pro-sharing theories as a way to ferret out mafia and uncover their strategies, I appreciate that you keep doing that (rather than just defending yourself against Crini or whatever). No matter what happens, at least we have info to look back on and analyze later. So thanks for that!

  44. @Shannon, sorry you feel like no one is listening! I have been trying to be logical/analytical about who I vote for, and I hope you know it’s nothing personal, you’re just the person I have the most reasons to vote for at the moment. We definitely still value you voicing your thoughts!

    I am also kind of frustrated with how many inactive people we have, because you’re right, it’s near impossible to say anything about them when there is so little to go off of. I do see that a lot of us are writing longer comments as we try to analyze more each Day, so I’m hoping that the people who can only do the two comment minimum will try and make their comments more detailed so we can understand where they are coming from.

  45. @Greg: Regarding your comment:

    If there are eleven of us left (and up to four mafia possibly, per Crini’s comment)- how could at least one (and maybe more) of the quieter folks NOT be mafia?

    Logically, someone mentioned earlier in the game that there’s usually 25-33% of the players assigned as Mafia. I can’t verify that, being a first time player myself. Maybe that was an estimation, but it would fit in with the 17 we started with. Having read Vicious, there are four possibilities that I would’ve said would be choices for this game, but with Anne’s reveal, that’s a bit wobbly (Erica is not someone I remember). So, 5’s likely or the average will be off (not that it’s a guarantee to begin with as I don’t know Asti’s cast).

    @Beth: you’re welcome. I haven’t kept a tally for comments, really. It’s just something I noticed about the less active ones in particular when I was investigating some theories the other night.

    About Anne’s votes and any patterns, at least regarding myself, based on your last comment/table:

    D1: N/A

    D2: I think this is a toss up between two kinds of logic. On the one hand, do you want to risk voting out a Townie and allowing a DQ event as well OR do you want to vote out the DQ to keep the lynchings down? Scenario 1: we lose two people but might be able to learn something from the comments. Scenario 2: we keep more people, the active people and their resultant theories, etc., and lynch an inactive. I went with the 2nd, irregardless of what Anne chose, because I liked the idea of keeping the game going and I didn’t want to lose Town members. I think, despite maybe not having quite as information in Scenario 2 as in 1, that it still would have been a good day of debate and investigating.

    D3: I switched my vote not because of an Anne connection, but because two people I have suspicions of being Mafia were voting for Shannon and I thought that, in conjunction with Shannon’s defensiveness that at the time felt rather heartfelt, might mean that they were backing assumptions I’d made about Shannon (a potential Townie) in order to lynch her. Even with the votes being stacked as they were at the time, I wasn’t wholly comfortable keeping my vote for her and thus turned it to my next mid-tier suspicious person, Sana (whoops).

    I’m not convinced that I acted correctly on D3. Aside from the vote, which obviously was way wrong, I think finding the balance of head and heart is difficult, as is a concrete suspect for a vote toDay. There’s a lot swirling around here, so I’ve got some thinking to do.

  46. Voting Update

    Shannon (4) – Crini, Dana, Kritika, Shari
    Shari (1) – Shannon

    Not Voting: Asiya, Beth, Elin, Greg, Harker, Jade

  47. Wow, I’ve missed a lot! Welcome back, Asiya!

    I read through all comments on my way to work so a lot of it is muddled together in my mind right now, but I’ll have to go through and take a closer look at everything at another time.

    I’m happy my hunch about Anne ended up being correct, and people’s talk about a possible Anne/Jade alliance initially made me start to get suspicious of Jade as I was reading through the days comments. I realised I don’t really understand how they’re connected though? It could be that I’m just tired because it’s early in the morning and I was taking in so much information, but I’m going to go back and try to look into that some more later. For now I don’t really see it.

    I really appreciate Shannon’s thorough look into all the players, but it does strike me as a good way to deflect suspicion. It’s a convenient way to make others look suspicious (she could easily chose what information to write down or angle things in a way that would help her. She also got a chance to write about everyone but herself, which could shift everyone else’s focus off her). As I said though, things are pretty muddled to me right now and off the top my my head I can’t think of anything major she left out or changed. Something that did jump out at me was what she said about Greg. The fact that she didn’t have any suspicion towards him at all made me think that what if Shannon and Greg are working together? It’s a very small suspicion that isn’t based on much though, so at the moment I’m not really comfortable taking it further than that. There’s also the fact that by that reasoning Shannon and I could just as easily be up to something together considering she didn’t throw out any suspicions about me in that comment either. The difference is that I know I’m town, but of course to everyone but me that’s not a certainty.

    The reason I voted for Anne during day 3 was that I found her defence a bit too forceful, like she was trying too hard to show she wasn’t mafia. I get sort of the same vibe of Shannon, even though she’s playing it a bit differently. And a few people have pointed out that mafia in the past have leaned heavily on the sympathy of the other players to keep from getting voted off. I feel like this might be that case with Shannon. Therefore, for now, I


    I’m sorry if she really is innocent and is just trying to prove it, but at the moment she’s the only one I’m really suspicious of.

  48. Oh, and I also just want to quickly comment on the slight suspicions that have been pointed to me just so I don’t look like I’m ignoring them. I get why you’d think I might be mafia, it makes sense that one of us more inactive players would be. I don’t think there’s much use in me defending myself too much right now, though, as my sparse comments are the only reason anyone has voiced suspicion towards me and that’s 100% on me. I do want to clearly say I am Town, just so no one takes this and jumpers to conclusions as when someone (sorry I can’t remember who right now) reffered to Twon as “them”.

  49. Voting Update

    Shannon (5) – Crini, Dana, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (1) – Shannon

    Not Voting: Asiya, Beth, Greg, Harker, Jade

  50. Hey Elin! Unless I’m mistaken I think everyone has at least checked in now? Or nearly everyone. Shannon sure seems to be racking up votes- is it getting a little opportunistic? I don’t know, but I do think as numbers dwindle it’s gonna get harder and harder to know who to trust. Which is of course the fun of the game I suppose! I guess for me Shannon seems more sincere than suspicious? I mean I could be wrong, but the reasons I’ve seen put forward aren’t super convincing to me. I think Shannon says what she thinks whereas some players are more guarded, and that seems to be making her a target. And no we’re not working together, which I imagine will occur to someone, although if she IS Town then we are working together in THAT sense.

    So who am I suspicious of? Well again I like to be pretty sure before I vote, and right now I’m not there. Too many variables, not enough certainty. Looking back at toDay so far, I’ve seen Harker mention Crini earlier, and Dana has expressed some suspicion towards Kritika and Harker. And looking back I recall that Josephine had suspected Shari for her distancing language. I need to look closer at that and see what’s there…

    Elin is another one who, right now, seems more sincere to me than suspicious. So I’m just trying to narrow this down to someone I feel comfortable voting for. Hopefully I’ll have more later.

    @Harker, I can relate to your head vs heart comment. I often have suspicions based on feelings more than anything else, without a lot of evidence, and it does make it hard to vote someone under those circumstances .

  51. @Beth and @Kritika, thank you ❤️ I know it’s all just part of the game. It’s just frustrating. Kind of like watching a train wreck, knowing there’s nothing you can do to stop it, but knowing it’s gonna be a disaster hah.

    @Greg, it IS opportunistic at this point, and worries me for the next Day. Cause if everyone is “only suspicious of Shannon”… good luck figuring out who’s mafia. I will suggest that at the very least, that someone come up with a secondary suspicion or something. I feel like a lot of our problems this game have stemmed from these bandwagon votes. Makes it very hard to find the mafia among the masses. P.S. every single one of them has been wrong and voted off townies. (Including this one, just saying.)

  52. Overall I think it’s obvious that Team Eli was gunning hard for experienced players:
    Day 1: Jeann
    Night 1: Jenn
    Day 2: Anne goes after Crini (Stephen gets voted off)
    Night 2: very likely that Jo was targeted, Asiya gets killed instead
    Day 3: Sana killed, Crini targeted
    Night 3: Jo is killed

    I’m 100% sure that it was their plan to once again go after me Today but what they didn’t anticipated was Anne getting killed and ruining those plans. TAKE THAT, ELI 😛
    So yeah, those few people who still came in Today with their “nagging suspicions” of me? I now think of you as Mafia!

    That whole “Crini was protected” on Day 1 story was frustrating at best right from the start.
    @Beth: I especially didn’t get your suspicion of me, as you were one of the people who supposedly protected me?

    What I also only now realized:

    On Day 3 Shannon said this about me:

    Looking more at the Jeann votes… Beth said she flipped a coin to decide which… I don’t know if I buy either. Crini defended Beth’s Jeann vote, which could mean they’re in cahoots or something,

    And then Harker:

    I’m not highly suspicious of Crini at this point, but more than mildly perhaps. There is some because I think she defended Beth’s coin toss earlier in the game. I still don’t think was the wisest move for Beth to make and Crini defending it? Hm…

    Shannon again, Today:

    Defends Beth’s vote for Jeann, even though Beth’s vote was random, according to Beth. (But, after Jade did, as it turns out.)

    This is just plain wrong. I never defended Beth’s coin toss.

    Jeann voted for Beth and said:

    “[Beth’s] comment about how [Stephen] might come back last minute and redeem himself was interesting to me – because she still kept her vote for Stephen?”

    THAT’s where I defended Beth. I defended Beth’s vote for Stephen. I never defended a coin toss or a vote for Jeann. Great way to make people more suspicious of me though, after Anne already started coming after me.

    @Jade: this is why I said you defended Beth before me, because you also wrote about that vote:

    “I also don’t quite understand her vote for Beth. In her vote for Beth Jeann said:[…] Beth does mention the scenario of Stephen coming back and everyone changing votes, but just as a part of a list of possibilities that Jenn started. At this point, Stephen HADN”T come back yet, so it makes sense to me that Beth didn’t change her vote at that point.

    Also Harker was the first to vote for me on Day 1, without any explanation. This vote alone makes me suspicious of them already, because they are now the only non-confirmed person left of all the people who voted “randomly” for me on Day 1 and kept their vote.

    Something else I noticed:

    At one point on Day 2 the votes were, with 25h to go:
    Stephen (1) – Dana
    Asiya (1) – Kritika
    Beth (3) – Stephen, Kait, Joséphine
    Sana (1) – Asiya
    Kait (6) – Harker, Anne, Shannon, Beth, Shari, Jade

    but then people dropped their Kait votes because she became active.
    Anne, Shannon cancel, Greg votes Elin

    Stephen (1) – Dana
    Asiya (1) – Kritika
    Beth (3) – Stephen, Kait, Joséphine
    Sana (1) – Asiya
    Kait (4) – Harker, Beth, Shari, Jade
    Elin (1) – Greg

    It was likely that more people would cancel their vote for Kait so Beth was in danger now! So what happened next?
    Harker switches their vote to Stephen, Shari votes Stephen, Beth votes Stephen –>

    Stephen (4) – Dana, Harker, Shari, Beth
    Beth (3) – Stephen, Kait, Joséphine
    Sana (1) – Asiya
    Kait (1) – Jade
    Elin (1) – Greg
    Harker (1) – Kritika

    And just like that, Beth was saved.

    Anne even looked at all the Stephen voting the next Day, saying this:

    Let me know if I am missing anything. Nothing is sticking out at me yet in terms of theories other than once Kait showed up, Harker, Shari and Beth all needed to vote for someone and Beth voted for both Stephen and Jeann.

    She made up that wild theory about how I was saved, but not about Beth this time!?

  53. Voting Update

    Shannon (5) – Crini, Dana, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (1) – Shannon

    Not Voting: Asiya, Beth, Greg, Harker, Jade

  54. @Crini- Why do you say you were targeted on Day 3? You’re still here and you haven’t had many people actually vote for you since Day 1. I don’t see the threat to you there.

    I voted for you, as I said, because of the multiple comments people have made indicating suspicions toward you. The fact that someone would say “I think this person is suspicious” but not vote for them makes me wonder if it’s a mafia strategy- that way they can distance themselves from that mafia member in case they get lynched, without actively contributing to that person being lynched. At the very least, I wanted people who have been suspicious of you to talk it out. No one did. People bandwaggoned for Sana or Shannon. Just as they seem to be gunning for Shannon today.

    I also never protected you, and I can’t control other’s interpretations of your actions. It sounds like your beef is with the people who made those comments you quoted, Shannon and Harker.

  55. @Crini: I thought I had explained my D1 vote, but I’ll do so again to assuage any doubts if that would help. As we had to cast one with our first comment, and you’d commented before me (without casting a vote yourself, despite it being in the rules to do so), I decided to go with that. It might be flimsy as far as logic goes compared to the rest of the game, but it WAS only the first day and I literally had nothing to go on.

  56. Everything that everyone has been saying is swirling around my brain and making me more confused than ever.

    Like, I feel about 60/40 about Shannon right now being Mafia. And yet, Shari has been on my radar since day one. But Shannon is voting for Shari which has me worried. Are they both Mafia and Shannon is trying to throw suspicion to another member but will ultimately end up voting for someone else? Or is Shannon perhaps more important to the Mafia and is trying to sacrifice Shari? Or is only one of them Mafia? But which one? Or am I really terrible at reading people and they’re both Town?

    I’m also suspicious of Beth and Greg. Crini made some interesting points about people switching votes off of Beth when she was in danger. I’m not the best at going back and rereading everything from past Days and hadn’t noticed that. As for Greg, I really don’t have a lot to go on. It’s really just a feeling. He has voted for the last two Townies eliminated. And he doesn’t give me a lot to go on. Sometimes I think he says a lot without saying anything if that makes sense.

    On a side, personal note about why my comments aren’t typically long or frequent. I take care of a 97 year old with dementia and it’s very mentally draining at times. I’m going on day 26 of being with her 24/7 and it’s been hell. She’s been a lot to handle, with her asking what is she supposed to do every minute and screaming at me over random stuff. My anxiety and stress have gotten so bad that I’m in physical pain. Whenever I have time to come on here, I hardly have the brain power to fully absorb all of the comments and make long posts. I’m really enjoying it though, it’s nice to participate in this even when I often feel like I’m not holding my own. Thankfully I’m done on Friday and if I’m still around I should be able to contribute more.

  57. @Beth: I didn’t say you protected me, but “supposedly” 😉
    Anne’s argument was that I was protected because when given the choice people always voted for Jeann instead of me. One of those people was you.

    As for “targeted on Day 3”: maybe I wasn’t in danger of being voted off that Day but Anne was going after me again with her “Sana and Crini are Mafia together” theory. You and Harker both followed with “I’m most suspicious of Shannon, Sana, and Crini”.

    @Harker: it less your voting that bothers me and more that you kept that vote. There was a lot going on by the end of the Day after all…

  58. @Crini Thanks for clarifying that! I don’t think Anne’s accusations should hold much water, considering she was mafia.

    @Dana I’m sorry to hear that- it sounds like a really stressful situation and I hope you get a mental break from it soon.

    I’m at work right now but will post more (and vote) later today.

  59. Voting Update

    Shannon (5) – Crini, Dana, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (1) – Shannon

    Not Voting: Asiya, Beth, Greg, Harker, Jade

  60. @Dana: I sympathize. That is a tough work situation. I hope the stress lightens up soon.

    When you get a chance, could you explain what you mean by Shari’s been on your radar since Day 1? I don’t think there was much to go on early on in the game from her perspective; not that there was from many of the players, but her in particular because of less activity. Was there something that aroused your suspicion especially?

    @Crini: looking back on D1 yes, the end of Day was a flurry, but I also didn’t comment on that day as much as I thought I had. I’ve hit my stride since then, working out & voicing theories, but Day One I didn’t come back much around the end so I didn’t get into meat of those debates. Might I have changed my vote? Possible, but that’s hindsight now. I’m sorry if you thought that looks suspicious, but you can go back and check my comments. I was around most on the first day (6th) & had a final comment on the 10th, AFTER which most of the intense discussion went on. I don’t remember seeing it in the moment, so I might not have & thus wouldn’t have had a chance to fit it into a vote changing theory.

    Interesting fact, though…all the votes for your on Day One? Town votes. Funny that, as much activity as there was on that day, including an almost tie between you and Jeann, and as much suspicion as there was, not a single Mafia vote ended up on your tally at Day’s end.

  61. @Harker On Day One, Shari voted for me using the same reason that I had cast my vote (liking the person’s name). It just struck me as odd. I mean, we all had to cast a blind vote with the first comment but I just didn’t like her using my reason. It’s silly, I know. She’s been on my radar ever since.

  62. @Dana – wow you do have a lot on your plate. Hope you get some relief soon. Being a caregiver is SO tough.

    Also you said

    Sometimes I think he says a lot without saying anything if that makes sense.

    referring to me.

    Um, okay then. 🙂 That made me curious though so I went back and looked at my comments toDay (I’m too tired to go back through Days 1-3, but maybe I will). From what I can see I mentioned the need to re- evaluate, given that I voted for Sana and she was Town, I discussed the # of possible mafia, I addressed your theory about votes leaving Shannon and did a brief rundown to see how many ACTUALLY switched, I addressed a comment f/ Shari about her thinking of quitting the game/ time constraints, I addressed a suspicion about me, talked about bandwagoning going on, summarized some suspicions that had been placed on Harker, Crini, Kritika and Shari… so I like to think I’m adding SOMETHING of value. 🙂

    *Sigh* I’m going to vote to get a vote out there but I’m not 100% on this one. It’s more a feeling and a few comments I’ve seen, including Kritika mentioning her inactivity and Shari responding thusly

    @Kritika I get your point about infrequent commenters but it’s personally harder for me to check in during the week because of work and being in a different time zone.

    to which Shannon replied…

    Which… is an interesting defense because you can comment at any time, time zones really only matter at the end of a Day?

    Exactly. This has niggled at me too. I mean if real life stuff is getting in the way, okay that takes precedence over a game obviously, but is the issue is TIME ZONES- I mean, one can comment whenever???

    Also some of Josephine’s earlier suspicions about her as well resonated a bit w/ me. I’m going to tentatively


    With the caveat that I may very well change it. And the expectation that someone will say “Shannon voted for Shari too, they’re a team SEE??” lol. No I just feel like getting a vote in and if I had to pick right now it would be Shari. With all apologies to her if she’s Town! so… we’ll see!

    Hope everyone had a great Monday! 🙂

  63. @Crini, you neglect to mention, that after I canceled my Kait vote on Day 1, I voted FOR Beth, and kept said vote until the end, so I am kind of confused about that? Unless I am misunderstanding what you’re saying?

    Also, I was referring to this:

    “While I first voted for Jeann “randomly”, I’m now actually slightly suspicious of her too, in part because of her vote for Beth where I think Beth’s vote was reasonably explained.”

    which you say on Day 1. Perhaps I misunderstood your intent, but this is right after Beth’s comment about the coin toss, right after which Jeann said that Beth keeping the coin toss vote was a little suspect. So… if it is about something else, I certainly will stand corrected, but you can see how I assumed it would be!

    @Beth, while I understand that Anne was mafia, her comments do still hold some weight- not in the way a Townie’s would, but in their own way, right? Obviously she was still playing the game- just from the other team. I find it a little…. suspect that you don’t see that they would.

    @Greg, I hope you ARE on my team! The funny thing is, most of us are on my team. (Though I do understand your hesitation, as I am apparently the pariah of this game at the moment 😂)

  64. @Crini – I had to go back and read through some more comments to orient myself, but yes you’re right – that’s where I defended Beth’s vote for Stephen. It was after Jeann voted for Beth and Jeann was suspicious of Beth for keeping her vote for Stephen, when keeping that vote made sense to me at that time, which in turn made me suspicious of Jeann. Hope that makes sense 🙂

    Crini your comment gave me the idea to look at Day 3 voting in the same way and see if anyone was trying to protect Anne. The votes were pretty close for a large part of the day between Sana, Anne, and Shannon, so there weren’t any big vote swings, making it a little harder to pick out. When the votes were tied at 2 votes for each, Kritika was the next person to vote and put Shannon in the lead. Then the following vote is by Crini, who adds to SHannon’s count bringing her to 4 vs the other two with 2 votes. Anne doesn’t tie for the lead again until they all have 4 votes. Josephine had voted for Anne to bring her toe 4 votes (so creating the 3 way tie), then changes her vote to Shannon (bringing anne to 3 and out of the lead), changes her mind again and switches her vote to Sana. So for the second tie, it was Josephine who “saved” anne, and we know she was town so that was a coincidence.

    So I’ve been thinking it over today and the people I’m most suspicious of are Shannon, Beth, Harker, and Kritika.

    Shannon – People have raised some interesting points but I feel like a lot of those points are more about what Anne did or didn’t do (including my own point saying it looked like Anne was protecting Shannon). I can empathize with that because people have said some similar things about what Anne did or didn’t do in relation to me. So while she’s on my radar, I’m not ready to vote for her.

    Beth – Beth has been on and off my radar. I found some of her actions on Day 1 to be suspicious but then on Day 2 I felt she explained herself well to me and I was less suspicious of her. However, Crini’s layout of vote swings from Day 1 does look a little like Beth was being protected though so my ears have perked back up in relation to her.

    Harker – Harker has been coming up for me a few times during this Day but I can’t really pinpoint why. It looks like they might have been involved in the vote switching to save Beth from Day 1 that Crini outlined (which really only holds water if Harker and Beth are working together). Shannon pointed out that Harker starts a lot of theories that leads to people changing their minds (but even I have found their arguments persuasive at times…). In Beth’s list of ppl who voted with or agreed with Anne, Harker’s name showed up with 4 instances (Greg also had 4, Shannon and Dana each had 3 – and can I really trust beth anyways?) So nothing concrete there either.

    Kritika – Kritika has had a bit of an erratic play style but she’s also a new player so that could explain it. But my main reason for suspecting Kritika right now is that she broke the tie away from anne and to Shannon on Day 3. Actually, there’s one more thing that’s been bugging me too. It’s Kritika’s last minute vote switch at the end of Day 3 from Shannon to Sana with only 2 minutes left to the day. It was Sana (5) and Shannon (4), so Sana already had the lead. Then Kritika switches and makes it Sana (6) and Shannon (3) (and Anne was already 3 at this point too). That seems unnecessary and possibly a way to ensure Shannon didn’t go home last minute? Are Shannon and Kritika working together?

    I’m really not sure of anything at this point, but for now I’m going to VOTE KRITIKA

  65. @Shannon What I meant was, I wouldn’t throw my weight behind anything Anne said as being in the town’s best interest. We know she was mafia- certainly we can (and I’m trying to) infer who else is mafia from Anne’s actions and the response of others to her actions. But in terms of her gunning for someone….I think it’s safe to assume that anyone she was locking horns with isn’t mafia. I mean, we’ve hashed over the strategy that mafia could (and has in part games) used where they express suspicion of one another but don’t vote for one another, or they only vote for one another when that vote isn’t likely to result in that person being lynched. So there’s that. But she was gunning hard for Sana in her defensiveness yesterday, and it turned out Sana was town.

    Anne’s actions:
    Day 1: Anne voted for Asiya (now a confirmed townie).
    Day 1: Anne said she didn’t think Stephen was mafia based on them not being active. Anne then voted for Stephen, (now a confirmed townie).
    Day 2: Anne agreed with Kritika that at least one low commenter is likely to be mafia
    Day 2: Based on the votes for Jeann and her “protection for Crini” theory, Anne voted for Crini.
    Day 2: Anne speculated on a Beth/Stephen/Crini connection.
    Day 2: Citing Crini’s absence/inability to defend her Day 1 actions, Anne voted Kait (now a confirmed townie) based on possible DQ.
    Day 2: Anne commented that she had a hard time believing Shannon is mafia, and expressed mild suspicion of Josephine (now a confirmed townie).
    Day 2: Anne cancelled her Kait vote, said she found Stephen’s play style more distracting than indicative of mafia, expressed suspicion of my explaining myself.
    Day 2: Anne voted Sana (now a confirmed townie).
    Day 3: After Sana voted for her, Anne got defensive.
    Day 3: Anne said she was suspicious of Shannon’s comments, then laid out suspicions of Crini and Sana (and proposed they were working together), then voted Sana.
    Day 3: Anne reiterated her suspicions of Sana.

    So the only people I feel like Anne was gunning for were Sana and Crini. And the only person she voted for that isn’t a confirmed townie at this point is Crini.

    Coincidentally, Shannon’s statement on Day 3:

    I felt more suspicious of Anne, but I feel like either she OR Sana almost *has* to be mafia?

    Was spot-on: Sana not mafia; Anne mafia.
    So if Shannon is mafia that was one stone cold under-the-bus move there, with that comment. If Shannon isn’t mafia, she’s spotting things that we can’t afford to ignore.
    At this point, I’m leaning toward Shannon *not* being mafia.
    So I re-read her comment from today, and Greg’s…and I agree that, especially considering that we were already suspecting one of the under-the-radar players of being mafia, Shari’s sudden deflection on Greg, and Josephine’s earlier mild suspicions of her, are raising red flags for me as well.

    (and I feel guilty for doing this, knowing they’re going through a tough time right now, but no one else is giving me that red flag feeling right now).

  66. @Jade, to address my rather useless last minute vote switch, all I can say is that I’m in the same boat as @Harker with being swayed by Shannon’s last few comments. When there was a three way tie and I was considering changing my vote away from Shannon to break it, Josephine beat me to it so I stayed. But after a few more comments and vote switches that put Sana in the lead, Shannon’s comments towards the end really seemed sincere to me and I felt like I couldn’t keep my vote for her when she seemed so much like a townie. I know it didn’t make a difference in the final outcome but I switched to Sana because at the time I was already suspicious of her for reasons I expressed yesterDay and I had become less suspicious of Shannon.

    Now I’ve re-evaluated that whole interaction with the new information that Sana was town all along. As I explained earlier Today, I think Shannon may have included those comments that swayed a few of us precisely because those comments kept her alive. I know that it looks shady that I made a vote switch with literally a minute left yesterDay, but I hope this clears up why I did it!

    I think it’s interesting that a few people are gunning for Shari now. I’m also low-level suspicious of her as one of the less frequent commenters but I can’t really see how she is any more suspicious than Elin or any other quieter player. It’s the same dilemma I had on Day Two, when I suspected at least one of the quieter players was mafia but had no way of determining who was super busy and who was hiding to avoid attention/suspicion.

  67. Voting Update

    Shannon (5) – Crini, Dana, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (3) – Shannon, Greg, Beth
    Kritika (1) – Jade

    Not Voting: Asiya, Harker
    Hasn’t met comment minimum: Asiya (1)

    37 hours left until deadline.

  68. @Jade: My voting, as far as I can tell, never had anything to do with Beth’s position regarding elimination according to Crini’s analysis. My vote D1 never changed and my vote on D2 only changed the once, IIRC, from Kait (because of a possible DQ) to Stephen (because I found his play style suspicious).

  69. @Kritika: re: people voting for Shari – it might be mostly the inactive player/Mafia theory, but it would be ironic if her commenting a bit more toDay and defending herself were the reason. Her activity being defensive leading to her votes.

    I’m personally conflicted on my choice at the moment. I think I’ll be holding off more than I have in the past, so just letting you know, it’s not weird or anything, I’m just stewing about things a bit. 🙂

  70. This Day has been pretty quiet compared to previous ones, what are the odds that we’ll still have a mad dash in the last few hours? lol

  71. I’ve been mulling things over and I think the longer I do, the more of a tangle things get. You know that gif of the guy with the suspect board and the red strings? That’s the inside of my head right now.

    I’m conflicted about Shari because I understand the possible relative inactive player being Mafia theory and have floated it myself. I’m also wary of voting her out because the Town’s suffered such heavy losses this game and what if we’re wrong again? Then again, if she is, would it really matter that much because of the inactivity?

    What I’ve been looking at more this afternoon (my time) is Jade. Something Beth said has me wary of Jade’s vote for Kritika:

    “I think this person is suspicious” but not vote for them makes me wonder if it’s a mafia strategy- that way they can distance themselves from that mafia member in case they get lynched, without actively contributing to that person being lynched.


    the strategy that mafia could (and has in part games) used where they express suspicion of one another but don’t vote for one another, or they only vote for one another when that vote isn’t likely to result in that person being lynched.”

    Having not played before I can’t verify that, but in terms of logic it makes sense. Granted what I’m about to do might make me look suspicious as well, since it could be applied in reverse, but oh well. There’s just something about the two leading votes that’s not sitting well in my metaphorical gut, so I’m not going that way but I’m not going to abstain either.


  72. @Harker – I know what you mean about the longer you stare the more tangled it gets! I wrote my last comment after hours of studying the past there Days of comments, maybe I’m seeing things! I didn’t feel good about just having two people on the voting board, especially with shannon in such a big lead so early on – it just felt a little like maybe the Mafia wanted us looking at Shannon. So I looked over the three days and to see who else stood out to me and I came up with that list of four, and I felt like Kritika was the only one I could base on the actions she took (breaking tie away from anne). I was just listing out the people I’m suspicious of and explaining why.

  73. @Harker, I am feeling very much the same level of confliction at the moment. On one hand, Shari does raise some alarms- I think mostly, because her ratio of comments:shadiness is a little high. But is that just because she *was* inactive? I guess I am worried that she really IS just defending herself, and maybe because she’s not elicited much suspicion before, that is why she is only popping in more now? BUT- is that because she’s mafia, or just because she doesn’t want to be eliminated? And even if it IS the latter, that isn’t even particularly helpful to us from a gameplay perspective, so I don’t know.

    Jade, on the other hand, I have been going back and forth with ALL Day. (More in my head than in comments, but both actually hahah.) I certainly see Jade’s point about not being able to control what Anne said/did (and obviously Anne could have been trying to make it look like she was allies with a Townie) but… I still just have these lingering suspicions that I can’t let go of. Like your gut stuff, Harker.

    I don’t know what to do with my vote yet, though I don’t think it matters at this point, mathematically speaking. But I want to leave you with a solid lead, if I can. UGH.

    I also have had the thing you talked about that Beth said in my mind the whole Day- the distancing thing. Because I think that is absolutely at play here. Like if I had to bet actual money, I would. The problem is, I have NO idea how to decide who is distancing, and who was actually legitimately sure that someone was Town.

  74. @Shannon: keep an eye out! The odds can change at a moment’s notice and if you remember yesterDay, the last hour was a veritable FLURRY of activity, so who knows what will happen in the next 17 hours. Asiya hasn’t shown up yet; I really hope she does because a warning going into Day 5 would be a pall for Town I’m not looking forward to. :/ Anyway, that’s a vote that could make things interesting, depending on where her head’s at.

  75. @Harker, you are right! Though tbh, I am trying to not get my hopes up hah. Also, I am SO worried because tomorrow is Halloween and I have two kids (5 and 7) who are going to be… out of control and hopped up on sugar, so I hope they give me a few minutes to comment and such!

    @Asiya, dear, we need you! You are the only straight up Asti-confirmed Townie that we have so…. pretty please?

  76. Aaah it’s crazy how little time I have. I’m totally not doing this revival justice.

    @shannon @harker Sorry guys, I’m really trying to find time but damnit, life!

    From skimming through the comments, I see that Shannon has the most votes.

    Now, either
    1) she is innocent and Mafia is bandwagoning
    2) she is Mafia

    I’ll be back in 4 hours to read the previous Day’s comment (I promise!) And then I’ll take a call. I was hoping to analyze each person.

  77. Just woke up and read through the comments I missed while sleeping. The fact that this Day has been so slow is making me so much more paranoid than I usually am, it feels like something big is gonna happen at the last minute!!

    Gahh I’m second guessing my vote so hard and have been ever since I placed it. What if Shannon really is an innocent townie? What if the mafia is gunning for her and I’m falling for it? But if I cancel and vote for someone else, will I look suspicious and like I’m trying to protect her? Especially since me keeping or cancelling my vote won’t really make a difference at the moment? Aaaahhh I can’t decide what to do!! I’m going to keep my vote for now, and hopefully I’ll have time to go back and look at previous comments before 12 hours is up.

  78. @Elin: with the way the last twenty-four hour go, some suspicion might come up, but who knows? It’s really hard to tell until the following Day. lol YesterDay had an absolute flurry of activity in the last couple of hours, even the last couple of minutes if I remember correctly. The numbers might be tilting one way at the moment, but there’s more than enough time for the tides to tilt in a totally different direction! Some people have mentioned having a tenuous vote when they placed it to begin with, so it’ll be interesting to see if they come back to change it, plus Asiya has to place hers. We’ll see!

  79. Voting Update

    Shannon (5) – Crini, Dana, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (3) – Shannon, Greg, Beth
    Kritika (1) – Jade
    Jade (1) – Harker

    Not Voting: Asiya

    10 hours left until deadline.

  80. I’ve never been so nervous about a vote before tbh XD

    One could argue why aren’t they doing more to save Shannon if she’s Mafia but then they might just throw her under the bus to not seem guilty when we find out she is Mafia.

    And I hadn’t really considered Shari as Mafia before so the sudden voting for her does make me think we’re right about Shannon.

    But then why is no one of those people I suspect to be Mafia too voting for Shannon? (you know, to seem like helping us if she turns out being Mafia).

    This game always messed with my head but Today I really just wanna bang my head against a wall XD

  81. Okay, my thoughts are specifically on these people:

    People I’m suspicious of:

    1. Shannon: I agree with what Crini said (her first comment). And going back to Day 3, you can see how Anne and Shannon

    2. Beth: I’m basing this off of how Anne interacted. But, very weak assumption

    3. Harker: Her vote against Jade seems weak.
    Moreover, she hasn’t really said anything about Shannon despite the strong case against Shannon.

    4. Jade: She could be Mafia because her and Anne voted against Sana. Over that, the way Anne interacted with others especially Jade and Beth.

    Now on another note, going by how there are 5 votes against Shannon right now, I’m sure a Mafia has jumped on it to throw off any suspicion against them.

    Random thought: People flying under the radar- Shari, Greg and Elin.

    Vote: Harker

    I’m more convinced that Harker is Mafia. Also the bandwagon on Shannon (even if the case is strong) is kinda nerve wracking.

  82. I am nervous about the vote tonight. Of the people voting for Shannon, I’m really only suspicious of one at the moment (Shari, like I stated earlier, even if it is a silly reason). Of the people voting for Shari, I’m suspicious of all of them. Which is very confusing. I’m interested to see what happens in the next few hours.

  83. @Dana I agree with you actually. I think that when I’m gone, you need to take a very hard look at the people who distanced themselves from voting for me- because I guarantee some of them at least are doing it BECAUSE they know I’m not mafia, and this is a great excuse to look innocent.

  84. @Asiya: 1. My pronouns are they/them, not she. 2. I haven’t said much about Shannon today, true, but that’s because most of the discussion re: my suspicion was yesterday. I had a vote in her favor for awhile and was admittedly swayed by a plea near the end. I can’t verify it’s authenicity, but ever since D3 I’ve expressed my doubt/unease regarding switching.

  85. @Asiya: as for my vote for Jade, I hardly think it seems weak. While yes there weren’t any votes for her at the time of its casting, there’s been suspicion of Jade that’s been at least as strong as that of Shannon for a bit, so there’s some interest on exploring that voting path. Plus, I also said that I had some unease regarding the other choices, so I couldn’t really join them either. It might be because of the bandwagon effect of the past few days, but I’m concerned that’s what’ll happen again. We lost so many Townies that way and it feels like it’s replaying itself. I really, really don’t want to be burned.

  86. Voting Update

    Shannon (5) – Crini, Dana, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (3) – Shannon, Greg, Beth
    Kritika (1) – Jade
    Jade (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Asiya

    4 hours until deadline.


    I don’t like cancelling my vote so late but I’m really starting to believe Shannon. While she could be a master manipulator two days in a row, I just have doubts right now and I’m not sure I feel comfortable voting for her toDay.

    I’m suspicious of everyone but Asiya so I’m going to cast this vote based on the fact that this person voted for Sana yesterDay and I just have a bad feeling about them at the moment. They’re pretty under the radar while still being active.


  88. I think part of the reason things have been so quiet today is because the three we lost since the last day were all pretty active players (even though Anne was Mafia). I’m kinda with Crini that it doesn’t seem like the mafia are trying to do much to save Shannon, which makes me feel better about not voting for her. It seems more and more like that Mafia WANTED us looking at Shannon… But shannon commenting to say we should be wary of ppl trying to distance themselves from her is confusing too. I get what you’re saying shannon but its like a damned if you do, damned if you don’t thing. If you vote for shannon and she turns out Town, then that’s suspicious. If you don’t vote for Shannon and she turns out Town, then that’s also suspicious? Is Shannon once again trying to sway ppl away from voting for her? Well the answer to that is of course yes, nobody wants to go be lynched, Town or not. But the question is what are her motivations for trying to sway us…

  89. and @Asiya – yes, I voted for Sana, along with Anne, Harker, Greg, and Josephine (now a confirmed Townie). I voted for Sana for what I felt was a good reason (abstaining from voting the Day before). I was the first person to vote for Sana and it was based on things that happened before Day 3. I wasn’t around after the weekend because of job/traveling stuff and I can’t really say if I would have kept my vote for her to the end of the day. I’d like to say I would have voted for Kait to prevent a DQ, but hindsight is 20/20 and now that I know Kait was also Town that doesn’t really sound appealing either. Today I have voted for someone that I thought I had the most concrete evidence for based on their personal actions.

  90. This is a tough vote. I still think Shannon’s Town. I’m sticking with my vote at the moment even though I am not 100% sure. Still looking for something (my eyes may glaze over) to point me elsewhere as I want to get it right.

    @Dana – I did vote for Sana, and honestly thought she was mafia at that time. I stand by my decision even though I regret she was Town. I see what you’re saying though, and you have to go with your gut where it leads you. I will note, in my defense, that I am the one who actually went back and counted how many votes ACTUALLY switched from Shannon in Day three at the end, which was something you were using as your reason for being so suspicious of Shannon, and voting for her, earlier toDay. Is that a coincidence? Hard to say although it’s making me look a little side eye your way. 🙂

    @Jade I kinda agree that the mafia may very well be content to see Shannon twisting in the wind? And also the quiet- as more vocal players get lynched/ eliminated that may explain some of why it’s been like crickets around here a bit more. I also think anything can make you suspicious at this point, so it’s less about actual proof (unless someone really slips up) and more about gut feelings, pet theories, and ability to sway others at this point?

  91. @Crini, I just saw your comment now, sorry, don’t know how I missed it earlier- probably phone commenting hah. The reason is, because I AM NOT MAFIA and the mafia KNOWS I am not mafia. So. (Sorry. I know this is part of the game but it is straight up KILLING ME that I don’t know how to get you guys to believe me ughhhhh.)

    @Jade I DO get what you are saying, because you’re right, it definitely IS a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”! Hell, I think that is part of why people were suspicious of me, if I recall- because I didn’t want to vote for Sana, Stephen, or Jeann. I guess I should rephrase to say, most of the people I personally feel most suspicious about. And yeah- I mean, I’d prefer if you didn’t vote for me obviously 😂 I mean, we all do, regardless of team, but Idk I just feel so desperate- like this could legit be make or break for Town? I die now, another Townie is killed overNight… we barely enough Townies left for a Day 5. Because if there are 4 mafia left as Crini suggests… Idk, at that point, it’s close to game over.

  92. Voting Update

    Shannon (4) – Crini, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (3) – Shannon, Greg, Beth
    Kritika (1) – Jade
    Jade (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Asiya
    Greg (1) – Dana

    3 hours until deadline.

  93. @Jade, I also think part of it is like: The mafia knows not only who is mafia and who is Town, but they know if the VOTERS are mafia or town- meaning that they can easily get a two-for-one if they see that a lot of Townies are voting for a fellow Townie… does that make sense? Like- then, next Day, they just throw suspicion on one of the Townies who now voted out their fellow confirmed Townie (in this case, yours truly). I mean- I understand that it’s hard to be sure of, since I’m the only Townie who knows for certain that I am Town- the rest of the people who know I am Town are mafia, and therefore would never acknowledge this theory, for all the obvious reasons hahha. Idk, just trying to explain my theories, maybe it’ll help for Day 5?

  94. @Dana you say

    Of the people voting for Shannon, I’m really only suspicious of one at the moment (Shari, like I stated earlier, even if it is a silly reason).

    You’re suspicious of Shari but not voting for Shari? Why?

    Also, sorry that I’ve been quieter this Day- am dealing with a massive health issue that’s making it difficult for me to focus for an extended period of time…and after Day 1, I won’t vote for someone without being able to focus on the facts that I can gather, make my decisions based on those facts, and explain my reasoning (it doesn’t help anyone if I just vote without explaining why).

  95. Voting Update

    Shannon (4) – Crini, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (3) – Shannon, Greg, Beth
    Kritika (1) – Jade
    Jade (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Asiya
    Greg (1) – Dana

    Twooooo hours to go!

  96. Voting Update

    Shannon (4) – Crini, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (3) – Shannon, Greg, Beth
    Kritika (1) – Jade
    Jade (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Asiya
    Greg (1) – Dana

    Ooooone hour to gooo! (Sorry, I watch a lot of Masterchef.)

  97. @Beth- take care and be well!

    @Dana –

    @Beth I guess also because I’m suspicious of the people voting FOR Shari and it leaves me feel nervous about voting for her.

    If I may ask- WHY are you suspicious of the people voting for Shari? I mean you may not suspect us as a group per se, but the way you said I’m just wondering if you have particular reasons you can share?

    Oh and for everyone in the US (or who celebrates)- happy Halloween!!!

  98. @Greg I guess gut feelings and good points from others have me feeling that way. Honestly, I think this game should be called Insanity or Confusion. I’m so lost with my thoughts in this game.

  99. Well friends, it’s been fun! Please know that I plan on screaming “I told you so” from the Dead Player Chat 😊

    Look into the people who didn’t vote for me- especially throwaway votes. I hope you can pull the win out somehow, Team Victor!

  100. Oh fudge it.



    She has been on my radar since day one and while I am intrigued by Greg as Mafia, I’m just going to put my vote for her.

  101. @Shannon: I don’t blame you for wanting to shout that. I’d caution though saying to look at the throwaway votes because while I think there may well be some suspicion, there’s also those that are Town who might get a laser pointer on them because of a statement like that. I really don’t want to miss Day 5 because I trusted (hopefully correctly) in you yesterDay when I switched my vote (which admittedly backfired for Sana but that’s hindsight).

  102. Voting Update

    Shannon (3) – Crini, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (4) – Shannon, Greg, Beth, Dana
    Kritika (1) – Jade
    Jade (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Asiya

    8 minutes!!

  103. uhhhh guys now we have a tie?? I feel like Shannon has been pretty convincing (once again) so I’m hesitant to vote for her (even though she even said to look at people not voting for her…). But i also haven’t been all that suspicious of Shari so far. ACK WHAT DO WE DO!

  104. @Dana – I know what you mean. 🙂

    And yes The Insanity Games do have a nice ring!

    @Shannon I don’t blame you haha.

    9 mins to go … yikes. Is everyone sure about their votes?

  105. Correct Voting Update

    Shannon (4) – Crini, Kritika, Shari, Elin
    Shari (4) – Shannon, Greg, Beth, Dana
    Kritika (1) – Jade
    Jade (1) – Harker
    Harker (1) – Asiya

    Sorry, I’m excited too 😀 as always, no elimination will occur if there’s a tie!

  106. Ok, so I think we are all scared to break the tie because whoever does it is going to look suspicious the next Day if the person voted out is townie… and none of us are all that sure about our votes it seems like.

    So for me, between the two tied… I think i’m more suspicious of Shannon than Shari. Even though Shannon has been really convincing. I feel good about Crini being town because of how Anne was gunning after her, so her vote for Shannon holds some weight for me….

    ok only 50 seconds…



  107. Day Four has officially ended. The person with the most votes (5) is Shannon. Shannon was Victor, Team Victor, Cop/Doctor (Can either protect OR investigate a player each Night.)

    It is now Night Four. If you have a special role that involves a Night action, please submit the form by Friday 8 PM GMT (48 hours from now). The form can be found by clicking the “Current Game” link in the menu and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    If you have no night powers, be sure to visit back on Saturday 8 AM GMT when Day Five will start. We will share the identities of the eliminated players and list any warnings/disqualifications at that time.

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