Vicious: Sign-Ups

We’re Back!

If you were around the book blogosphere between 2013 and 2016, you may have heard of a little thing called The Bookish Games. Originally hosted on A Bookish Heart and then moved over to Oh, the Books!, The Bookish Games was an original creation by myself (Asti) that attempted to incorporate some of my favourite books into a little game called Mafia. 

I was really hesitant to launch the feature at first, thinking no one would find the idea appealing, but the book blogosphere embraced my madness and during those three years I created eight different editions (and one reboot) of The Bookish Games. Unfortunately in 2016, due to life, I decided to step away from The Bookish Games and while there was talk of others taking it over nothing ever happened with it… until now.

Thanks to a little encouragement by Joséphine, I have decided to relaunch The Bookish Games with its own site. If you’ve played the Games before, feel free to look back at the Previous Editions and reflect on the craziness, it’s all been imported. And if you haven’t played before, click on those links in the menu to the left to find out more about what The Bookish Games entail and how you can get involved.

And now, without further ado, let us embrace the madness once again. Our next edition of The Bookish Games is inspired by the one and only Vicious by V. E. Schwab.

Bookish Games Vicious Edition


The game is going to start on Saturday, October 6th, which is just less than two weeks away. Sign-ups for the game will be open until Saturday the 29th, and there are 17 spots available.

To sign up, just leave a comment below. We will be updating the sign-up list on this post as we check the comments. Everyone will be contacted by the 1st with role information and access to private pages.

NOTE: Sign-ups are now full. Any additional players will be added to the waiting list! Don’t worry though, there’s still a chance you’ll make it in the game. We usually require at least one replacement during the games so there is a chance you’ll still get to play and even if not the spectator chat is always a lot of fun.


  1. Elin @ Annotated Paperbacks
  2. Joséphine @ Word Revel
  3. Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile
  4. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence
  5. Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm
  6. Kritika @ Snowflakes and Spider Silk
  7. Anne (@amengelhart)
  8. Stephen (@MyBookishLife)
  9. Dana (@DanaBartelt)
  10. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight
  11. Greg @ Book Haven
  12. Crini (@xcrini)
  13. Asiya @ Literary Head
  14. Jenn @ The Bookish Ginger
  15. Shari @ Colour Me Read
  16. Beth @ Beth Wade
  17. Harker @ The Hermit Librarian

Waiting List

  1. Kait @ Kait Plus Books


  1. Asti @ atypicalnarrative (mod)
  2. Inge @ Of Wonderland (mod)
  3. Kelley (@skelleycat)
  4. Maraia (@maraiazoo)
  5. Emma @ Reading Through the Night
  6. Daphne (@daphlt)
  7. Jamie (@jljaina)
  8. Heidi (@heidwella)
  9. Tessa @ Crazy for YA

47 thoughts on “Vicious: Sign-Ups”

  1. YAYYY! I’m so happy to see this is really happening! Time for me to go reread Vicious . I mean, I need to anyway because Vengeful… And before I forget, please sign me up! 😀

  2. Eeep I was already so excited for the Games to be back and seeing that you’re doing a Vicious one this time around is almost too much excitement to handle. I’m definitely in!

  3. @ Sana: Yessss! Glad to have you back!
    I thought it was only right to theme it around Vicious since the sequel is published today. 😈

  4. Oh man oh man, I’m so excited for this! I would like to sign up 😊 I haven’t read vicious yet but I’m excited to play anyways!

  5. This sounds so cool! I’d love to play but I have my FINAL school exams starting on the 18th of October so it’s probably better for my marks if I sign up as a spectator.

  6. @ Jade: Yay! Glad to see you’re interested in playing again, even if you haven’t read the book yet. (You should give it a go sometime though, it’s so good!) Added you to list 🙂

  7. @ Emma: Ah yeah. I would’ve started it later but I was worried if I pushed it back too far it’d span over Christmastime and that’s usually a difficult time for some to participate. I’ve added you to the spectator list though! Hopefully you’ll be able to join in the next one if you’re still interested 🙂

  8. I was just thinking about how much I miss this game and bam, a miracle delivered via inbox! I would love to sign up, and definitely have to get on reading Vicious now… 🙂

  9. @ Anne: Haha, I’m glad I was able to find our old Bookish Games mailing list. I was hoping some veterans would be interested in rejoining the madness. I’ve added you to the list 😊

  10. Stumbled across this on twitter and it seems like a lot of fun I’d love to get involved! (twitter is @mybookishlife)

  11. I’d like to play if there’s a spot. I remember seeing this (and hearing about it) last time around, looks like a blast!


  12. Can I be a spectator so I can observe and learn more? Maybe I’ll join in the future. 🙂
    twitter is @jljaina

  13. there was something to take like a “break” or something, right?
    Because I might be on vacation for about a week during this, but I REALLY want to participate!

  14. @ Crini: Yes, players used to be able to request a “coma” to take a week off from the Games when needed. That will still be in effect for this game, though I am planning on renaming it just because I fear the whole coma thing might have been a bit insensitive before. But yes, that won’t be a problem at all! Added you to the list 🙂

  15. @ Shari: Yes! I’ve added you to the list.
    (Also, I’m loving all the positive stuff I’ve been hearing about Vengeful! I’m SO excited to read it. Bought my copy early but am waiting until my current read is finished to start it. The anticipation is killing me!)

  16. @ Beth: Haha, that was so long ago! I’m excited to see you interested in playing again. I’ve added you to the list 🙂

  17. @ Kait: You JUST missed the last available space but there is a chance we may be able to squeeze you in so don’t fret! I’ll let you know this weekend once we finalize roles and start sending everything out. I love your enthusiasm! 🙂

  18. I know that the player list is full, but can I still be added as a spectator? I would love to still be able to see all of the maniacal craziness of the games if I can’t be a player.

    Also, I am so glad that you brought Bookish Games back! I have never participated before since I was busy (and a little scared) but I feel like I have been given a second chance!

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