Chaos Walking Edition: GAME OVER!


Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me on Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.





  • [DAY] Crini @ All About Books as Spackle 1, Team Spackle, Investigative-Immune


  • Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight as Hildy, Team Todd, Neighbor
  • Melanie @ Books Are My Children as Ben Moore, Team Todd, 1x Lynchproof

TEAM TODD WINS! I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting this outcome for the longest time. Team Spackle seemed to have this game in the bag from the very beginning thanks to Krysta’s ballsy move (which definitely wasn’t planned) and for a while there it looked like no one would ever catch them.

Fortunately, between Jill’s quick thinking at the end (after interestingly saving Jeann from Amber’s attack the Night before), the fact that the mafia teams somehow let a confirmed townie live (I’m sorry Shannon, but if I were evil you would’ve been killed a long time ago, haha), and Melanie’s 1x lynchproof immunity (if the Spackle didn’t try to get her voted out Day Seven there’s a good chance they would’ve won since Day Eight would’ve then likely started with 2 mafia vs 2 townies depending on if Jill saved the right person) Team Todd just happened to squeak by with a win. Congrats!

PRIZES: Shannon and Melanie, as the survivors of the winning team, you are entitled to a Chaos Walking Edition survival postcard. Please make sure Kelley has your mailing address ASAP if you would like one.


Inspired primarily by the first book of the Chaos Walking series, The Knife of Never Letting Go, there were a couple of twists built into the set-up of this game (some originally there and some added due to the reboot). These twists included: Neighbors, an Unlyncher, Deathproof players, and two Mafia teams. Read on to find out more (and beware since there are some spoilers for the first book):

The Neighbors

The Neighbors were actually supposed to be a play on the “noise” element from the Chaos Walking series. In the books, everyone can hear/see the men’s thoughts. The women, on the other hand, can have private thoughts. I wanted to try and represent this some way within the Games and thought that giving the women of the game (Viola, Hildy, Jane, and Francia) their own private chat page where they could have thoughts no one else could see would be a decent representation.

Of course, I was a little worried that this private page would make the women too powerful, especially if they knew they were all on the same team. With people getting voted off with only four or five votes in the Games, the women had the potential to dominate the votes each Day. As a result, I decided it was necessary to create a little caution within the group by assigning the women Neighbor roles instead of Mason roles. The four Neighbors were informed in their role emails that their alliances weren’t guaranteed and to take that information how they may and… well… unfortunately for them they did just that.

The Unlyncher

As many of you have probably realized by now, we didn’t completely overhaul the game for the reboot. We changed up the identity of a majority of the players, but the set-up remained relatively the same apart from a handful of roles. (I really wish I would’ve overhauled it like I really wanted to at the time, but unfortunately things didn’t work out that way.)

The Unlyncher was one such role that was changed. Originally Manchee, played by Adelaide during the first attempt, was a back-up Roleblocker. For the reboot though we decided to add a little twist and change Manchee’s role to that of an Unlyncher. Now, I’m going to be 100% honest here and admit there were two main reasons for this change: 1) I had been spending a lot of time looking at the wiki during the reboot and really liked the idea of including linked roles. Not necessarily for this specific game, but for some game in the future. And 2) the plan to cause trouble between Adam and Sebastian with the conflicting cop roles was thwarted and we needed something new to stick them together (because we’re evil like that).

In the end, we thought the Unlyncher role would be perfect for Manchee. Now, looking back at the Games, I think it would have been better if we gave Sebastian some sort of ability to help aid him in protecting his unlynchee since he was sort of powerless between Adam painting a target on himself by insisting Krysta was mafia (even though he was right) and Anne throwing herself in the spotlight with the Neighbor fiasco, but hindsight is 20/20. I can at least say it’s a good thing that we added Anne to his role, because originally he was only linked to Adam!

The Deathproof

This is the other slight change we made when setting up the reboot: we made it so each team had a chance at surviving an elimination. One Spackle was bulletproof, one Prentisstown was deathproof, and one Todd member was lynchproof (all 1x as well). I do admit that this power has the potential to knock the game off balance, and as mentioned above I do think it was one of the reasons why Team Todd managed to snag the win, but I really liked it for the characters involved when I was setting up the game and thought by providing each team one type of immunity it would be fair.

Two Mafias

The last twist in this game was the existence of two mafias: Prentisstown and Spackle. Now, during the original set up for this Game (even before the first edition we actually ran), I had it organized as Prentisstown being the Mafia and one Spackle as being the SK since I felt that reflected the book fairly well. When I expanded the set-up to include the five extra people who wanted to play the Games though, I ended up changing the Spackle to a separate Mafia team. (I actually probably would’ve used a different book from the series to base the game off of if I knew I were going into it with multiple mafia teams from the beginning.)

Now, in my head I’ve always tried to make the Mafia consist of 25%-30% of the players. This game was no different. Out of the 23 players, 7 ended up being Mafia-aligned. And really, I count traitors as half of a Mafia member since they have limited info so it’s 6.5/22.5 = 29%.

And when it came to special powers, I tried to balance the two teams. Team Prentisstown had 1x Deathproof so Team Spackle had 1x Bulletproof. Team Prentisstown had a Roleblocker so Team Spackle had Role Cop. Team Prentisstown had a Traitor and Goon so Team Spackle had an Investigative-Immune player.  Unfortunately, in the end I think the roles had less to do with who won than the events that took place within the game, but I think it’s good the baddies were given them anyways since the Town had a couple of back-up roles.


As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where we kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • GoogleDocs – Master Sheet – Spreadsheet that contains information about each Day’s votes, each Night’s actions, and all eliminations. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see what went down each Day and Night of the game.
  • THE STeam Spackle – The Mafia team were allowed to discuss each Night which players they wanted to kill.
  • IATC – Team Prentisstown – The Mafia team were allowed to discuss each Night which players they wanted to kill.
  • NOISE – Neighbors –  The Neighbors were given a private page where they could talk about the game anytime during Day and Night.
  • GBYE – Graveyard – Dead Players (or spectators who were interested) could gain access to this page to discuss the game outside of the main posts, and discuss they did.

And This is Goodbye…

[Note: This post originally ended with Asti retiring from the Bookish Games and passing ownership of it to her co-blogger Kelley. Kelley was unable to launch a new version of the Bookish Games after Asti’s departure, but fortunately late 2018 Asti changed her mind and decided to host the Games once again, hence the launch of this The Bookish Games website.]

19 thoughts on “Chaos Walking Edition: GAME OVER!”

  1. Asti, thank you for everything. You know you’ll always have a friend in me ♥

  2. Asti, you’ve done a wonderful thing in bringing us nerds together and I’m so glad to have met you. I’m wishing you all the best, and if you ever need anything know that I’d help in an instant. Thank you!

  3. This was my first time playing, and after all the (unexpected, but amazingly intense) stress, analysis, etc, I have a glimmer of how much work goes into planning and modding these. So THANK YOU for your contributions to that, and for making it a thing to begin with!!

    On a side note: we may not understand what you’re going through, but we’re sympathetic all the same. You do what you need to do, for yourself, but know we’ve got your back.

  4. One last side note for whoever stops by to say that Kelley is opening up the Goodreads groups now so you can see them. Sorry we didn’t have that done earlier!

  5. Asti, first, a huge thanks! This was so incredibly fun, and I seriously cannot even comprehend the amount of work you’ve put into all the Games you’ve done.

    I am glad that you are taking care of yourself too. As much as we will miss you, you absolutely need to do what is best for you. I’ll be sending all the good thoughts your way, and hopefully things will be getting better. You deserve all the best ❤

  6. While I can’t wait to read the goodread threads, I just looked over the master sheet. You guys with powers did such a great job in the first few days on how to investigate! Jeann and Jade were always spot on!!

    And Jill succeafully protected Jeann. 😂

    I’m just so heartened to see that my former Mafia team had the honor of killing me first.

    And SHANNON! Yeay neighbor!!! Nice work on surving and getting out those bad guys!!

  7. I love it when people are left alone in their private chatrooms. Shannon starts a diary and Amber starts talking to herself hahaha.

  8. Haha.. @Anne, we waited a bit to let you play the game though. I mean, I died before you, so it wasn’t my choice 😉

  9. *sigh* The problem with being mafia this time was that I told everyone Jeann was mafia and laid everything out, apparently correctly, but wasn’t believed because I was also mafia 😦

  10. @Jenn and I willfully ignored you guys for the first few days because I didn’t want to read too much into anything you said in case you weren’t Mafia. 😁

    Oh man, I manage to vote for bad guys every day! Even if I was wrong about alliance and they didn’t go far haha. Looky there!

    @Jeann what were you about on Day One?

  11. See, I told you guys I was Ben. This was such a fun game to play, I definitely want to play in the next edition. Where’s Jill, I want to see her reaction. I hope we made you proud Jill!

  12. What an incredibly fun and intense edition of the Bookish Games! I’m quite proud of Jill, Shannon and Team Todd for turning the game around the way they did, there were a few days there where Crini and I thought it was in the bag (but of course, leaving Jill and Shannon alive was our greatest downfall). Instead, out of the confirmed Townies we decided to go for Anne which wasn’t the greatest decision seeing as Prentisstown went for her as well!

    I’m quite sad to hear that Asti will be leaving the blogosphere. All I can say is I will miss you a lot Asti and I hope we can continue emailing. Please take care of yourself and reach out if you ever need anything. I’ve appreciated the time you’ve taken in laying out these games for us, they have been so much fun getting to know new people.


    @Anne – I was going on about how Krysta totally threw me under the bus on Day 1. Going back now, I felt really bad about seeing the private chat pages for the game when they were still hosted on Oh the Books, and having the moderators needing to reset the roles. (Now you know that I was actually a Spackle member during Game 1 and again in Game 2 who saw this, so it was really hard for me not to let things slip). I did my best to play without what I knew from beforehand though, and I believe most of the roles I had seen had changed.

    @Shannon – For the record, I said in my evil mafia thread that I felt really bad that you believed me so much LOL! You did so well for your first game. Part of why I kept you alive was cos you were so trusting of me XD much to the frustration of others.

    I don’t know whether I would be up for another Bookish Game for a long time, but I’m really looking forward to Kelley’s next edition! Daughter of Smoke and Bone is awesome.

    @Jenn – When I defended myself, you DID let up because you were a mafia member 😉

  13. @ Jeann you did a great job tho, because when I died I was certain you were Team Todd. So all in all, you were a very convincing player and props for turning around the mixup to your advantage! I think it really did work out that way. 😊

  14. Thanks so much, Asti, for letting this noob play 🙂 I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself, and wish ou all the best for the future and everything ❤ You've been such a staple in the blogging community, especially with these Games, so it'll be weird with you gone. But take care of yourself first ❤

    @ Anne

    And Jill succeafully protected Jeann.

    I’M NOT OVER IT. But I’m sorry for wanting to kill you. I thought you might have been our Traitor (and that you had swapped with Sana) until you started accusing us. Rude! Where is the comradery?!

    @ Jeann


    I’M STILL NOT OVER IT!!!! I will never forgive her ;D

    @ Inge

    I love it when people are left alone in their private chatrooms. Shannon starts a diary and Amber starts talking to herself hahaha.

    I might have lost the plot due to the stress. Like my character XD

  15. Asti… NOOOOO. I know you’ve been foreshadowing this change for quite some time now, but still… NOOOOOO. :’) I get it, though. I recently quit the blogosphere myself. 🙂
    Amber talking to herself was priceless. I still can’t get over it.
    And Crini and Jeann had a secret language. No wonder they ruled the mafia world. 😉

  16. PS: Re: The discussion we had in the dead players’ chat about commenting as someone else: I’m commenting from an airport PC and other than the email address I use to comment on wordpress, I didn’t have to fill in anything else (i.e. passwords, names etc.) and it loaded my picture, name and blog all on its own. Just so you know 😉 (Not that I am encouraging any illegal activity or something… I would never :P)

  17. @Jill: AW Jill, you protected me! And I didn’t break your heart, and Melanie didn’t either, YAY! (And I probably would have protected Jeann too at that point bwhahaha, but when I saw it I laughed so hard 😂) And thanks for basically completely sacrificing yourself for the team!

    @Anne, I am so happy that I was able to avenge your death I quite possibly caused. Sorry!! (Though I did take some solace in the fact that people were suspicious before I started making messes of everything?) And you seriously have no idea how much your information helped me- like it factored into every decision I made, even though I didn’t ever say it in the game (I wanted to at least keep SOME of my cards hidden hahah)

    @Jeann, I seriously love that every single person for a LOOOONG time believed you- I just held on to the hope longer than everyone else bwahahha. Actually, one of the biggest reasons was that Anne DID believe you- and I trusted Anne, of course. Because Anne was not wrong about ANYONE up to that point- every person she suspected ended up being Prentisstown. Hell, even Tory was mafia, though not in the way Anne though- same with Crini!

    @Sebastian, sorry for the sleepless nights 😂 I laughed so hard at the Graveyard, because the thing is, as much as you guys were frustrated with me, I think I was even more frustrated at myself (also, I am this indecisive as a rule, and it’s not easy hahah)

    @All Graveyarders who I made twitchy: With Jeann, I did absolutely go back and forth until that last moment. And then I just KNEW. Like, I had no doubt that she’d come back as Spackle, which was an odd feeling, when literally an hour earlier, I’d swear to anyone (and I did!) that she was town hah)

    I also was about 80% sure I was going to vote for Crini from the start of Day 9. But then I was indecisive (shocking, I know) so I made this huge Google Doc, and I didn’t even bother saying what was in it, but it was like, a LOT of pages of every single thing that happened with Crini or Melanie through the whole game- and I had to laugh when Sebastian talked about me “reading things over” again, because that is exactly what I did! I spent like, 8 hours on this- and ended up with… the result I knew I was going to end up with hahahha. (Though putting it all down on “paper”… wow, it was SO CLEAR, and I was kind of annoyed with my own self!)

    @Spackles, I actually would have kept me alive too. I don’t think it was a bad move, because frankly, I thought you were town for so long! A confirmed townie on your side seems like a good plan to me too! Same with Jill- she just happened to figure things out at the worst time for you guys, and the best time for us 😉

    @Kelley, I will message you my mailing address too, because I am framing that bad boy. Two + months of indecision and freaking out…. YEP I need it!

    @All: I seriously had so, so much fun doing this, and meeting you!!

  18. Oh my word where has this fabulous thing been my whole life??? I have just discovered your blog and this game and I must have been living under a rock to have not heard of it sooner!
    I can only image what a tremendous amount of work goes into these games and I can’t thank you and Kelley enough for making and modding them.
    I will eagerly look forward to the next one to either watch and flail at the goings-ons or play 🙂
    One quick question about the games, do I have to have read the books/series to play?
    It’s important that you take care of yourself and you know yourself and your limits better than anyone ❤

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