Lunar Chronicles Edition: GAME OVER!

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Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me on Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.





  • [DAY] Briana @ Pages Unbound as Lunar Guard, Team Luna, Goon.
  • [NIGHT] None


  • Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections as Iko, Team Earth, Cop & Mechanical
  • Chantelle @ Oh, the Stories You’ll Know as Linh Adri, Team Earth, Roleblocker
  • Tory @ Paper O’Clock as Human, Team Earth, Townie
  • Jeann @ Happy Indulgence as Nainsi, Team Earth, Mason & Mechanical
  • Anne @ Lovely Literature as Dr. Erland, Team Earth, Doctor
  • Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm as Human, Team Earth, Townie

TEAM EARTH WINS! Congrats to Team Earth for finally pulling together to eliminate Team Luna. It wasn’t looking too promising in the beginning, with one of your big power roles being eliminated Day One followed by numerous other Team Earth players, but thanks to the collective effort of your team at the end, you managed to secure the win. Great work!

The MVP(s):

Personally, I think everyone deserves a pat on the back this edition. From the players who survived until the very end to the dead players who got comfortable in the ICU, everyone who played contributed in some way and made moderating this game a lot of fun. Thank you for that.

But hey, the game is always more fun with a MVP!

As we had a hard time choosing just one stand out player this edition, we decided to give the dead players 48 hours to vote on which remaining Team Earth player deserved the title. The votes are in and this edition’s MVP is…


We could write out why Inge deserves this title, but we think Sebastian did a pretty good job of summing it all up in his comment:

…if she hadn’t outed herself as the Cop then Val probably wouldn’t have gotten eliminated and in my opinion this kill was the turning point of the whole game. Also Inge’s move was very altruistic because she didn’t think about her own survival but was willing to sacrifice herself for the benefit of Team Earth, so I think she truly deserves the MVP title!

Congrats Inge! Way to lead Team Earth to victory because as Sebastian said, if it weren’t for you (and an error on the Mafia’s behalf) this game might have ended very differently…

MVP PRIZES: Inge, if you would like the MVP t-shirt, please make sure Kelley has your mailing address and t-shirt size ASAP! Thanks!


Inspired by the first book of the Lunar Chronicles, Cinder, there were a couple of twists built into the set-up of this game: the plague, lunars, and the mechanical. Read on to find out more (because no matter which team you were aligned with, you didn’t know about all of these twists and many players seemed to forget about them even though they speculated on their likeliness in the game early on):

The Plague

Of course we had to work letumosis, a huge part of Cinder, into the game. We didn’t want too many people dying each Day/Night, so we decided to adapt the Mafia’s Night kills to letumosis infection. Each Night the Mafia could choose one person to infect and that person would then die… but not right away. Unlike normal Night kills, the infected would die at the end of the following Night instead of automatically showing up dead the next Day.

There was also a restriction put in place for the infected players: they were not allowed to vote for someone during the extra Day they were alive. That’s right. Once infected, the players were contacted to inform them that they could not vote during the next Day, or tell anyone of their voting restriction, or else risk automatic disqualification. The thought was to replicate the gradual nature of the plague by limiting the player’s ability to function in the game while infected, and what better limitation that restricting votes?

How did this infection work when it came to roleblocking and protection though? Roleblocking could stop the Mafia from infecting a player the initial Night, and a doctor’s protection could heal a player after they were infected the following Night. Does that make sense? Let’s look at Night Six, for example. Briana targeted Inge for infection, Anne protected her, and Chantelle blocked Briana. Ignoring the fact that Inge is Mechanical (see below), the thing that saved her that Night was Chantelle’s roleblocking and NOT Anne’s protection. Anne’s protection would have only worked the following Night once Inge was already infected (and she wouldn’t have been able to protect her that Night because a Doctor cannot protect the same person on consecutive Nights). Crazy, right?

The Lunars

Another element from the series that we included in the game was the glamour abilities of the Lunars. Glamour, in the books, is the manipulation of bio-electricity and allows the Lunars to put thoughts into the minds of others. We implemented glamour into the game by giving Queen Levana the powers of being investigative-immune and vote thief.

Investigative-immunity is a power that we’ve given the Mafia in practically ever edition of the game. It allows one Mafia player to show up as a Townie if investigated by a Cop (and it definitely helped buy Joséphine a few extra Days in this game).

The Vote Thief power is a new role we decided to test out. It could only be used one time during the game, and it allowed the Mafia to control one player’s vote during one Day in the game. The Mafia player would submit the form at Night stating who their target is and who they would like them to vote for, and the following Day that player could only vote for that designated player and no one else. There was no rules for when or how they voted for that person; the only restrictions were they had to vote for that person and could not inform others that their vote was being manipulated in any way. This power was used on Sana in Day Four of the game, forcing her to vote for Jeann.

The Mechanical

If there’s one thing you should know about having Kelley as a co-host for the Bookish Games, it’s the fact that she likes to make things as true to the book as possible. For this edition of the game, that meant making sure the cyborgs and androids weren’t affected like humans were by the Lunars.

Cinder and our two androids in the game were “Mechanical”, or immune to the effects of the plague and vote thief. If targeted by the Mafia for infection, they would not die. If targeted by Joséphine for the Vote Thief powers, nothing would happen. They were immune to some of the deadliest powers of the game making them incredibly strong. (Of course, it didn’t really do much to help Sebastian as he was eliminated Day One.)

Neither the Townies nor the Mafia were informed of the definition of this special power, including those who had it. We wanted to keep it under wraps because informing players of the definition of the Mechanical would give away the twists. Sorry, not sorry. 😉

The Strongman

Between the fact that the Mafia’s kills wouldn’t take affect right away and that three players were immune to their powers, we felt it was important to give the Mafia an extra boost to balance the game. As a result, we gave one of their players, Val, a limited Strongman role. Twice during the game, the Mafia could choose to send Val to complete their kill as a Strongman, which would result in an unstoppable kill happening that same Night instead of a delayed infection kill. (Think someone being sent to actually physically kill the target, instead of infecting them with the plague.)

When Kelley and I decided to implement this role in the game, it was with the hope that the Mafia would use this power to target those who didn’t die from their infections (the Mechanical players). Unfortunately for the Mafia, since they weren’t aware of the intricacies of the plague and immunities of the Mechanical, they didn’t save their Strongman ability for those players but instead tried using them to cause havoc in different ways.

It is Asti’s belief that this is to blame for the Mafia’s loss this edition of the Bookish Games. Can you imagine how the game would have been different if the Mafia used their Strongman power to kill Inge after Night Three when she survived her infection? Inge wouldn’t have been able to investigate and out Val (along with all her other investigations) and the Mafia wouldn’t have wasted a couple of their potential Night kills on her (they ended up targeting her three out of the eight Nights). By not using their Strongman powers on her, the Mafia pretty much made Inge invincible and paved her path to MVP status: she couldn’t be infected at Night because she was Mechanical and she wasn’t going to get voted out during the Day because everyone believed her Cop claim, so she could continue to investigate players each Night until Team Earth sealed their victory. It’s pretty much the defining moment of the game.


As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where we kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • GoogleDocs – Master Sheet – Spreadsheet that contains information about each Day’s votes, each Night’s actions, and all eliminations. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see what went down each Day and Night of the game.
  • Page: LNM – Team Luna (password: mirrormirror) – The Mafia team were allowed to discuss each Night which players they wanted to infect or kill.
  • Page: ECP – Prince Kai’s Private Chambers (password: spyonluna) –  The Masons were given a private page where they could talk about the game anytime during Day and Night.
  • Page: ICUMorgue (password: theplague) – Dead Players (or spectators who were interested) could gain access to this page to discuss the game outside of the main posts, and discuss they did.


If you would like to get an email reminder when the sign ups for the next edition go live, we’ve created a mailing list just for you!


52 thoughts on “Lunar Chronicles Edition: GAME OVER!”

  1. Oh man!! Tory and I were the only “regular” humans left hehe. I had so much fun with this! Congrats Inge on MVP, definitely deserved!! 😀 I love the plague twist – that was so hard to figure out. And it’s genius that the cyborg and andriods couldn’t be infected. And the glamour!! This game was so well crafted! I don’t have time to look through all the extra pages right now but I will definitely be doing that tomorrow so I can see exactly what went down. I haven’t read Daughter of Smoke and Bone yet but I’ve been wanting to for awhile, so again the Games may serve as the perfect incentive I need. I tried to sign up for the mailing list but I don’t think the subscribe button is working? It might just be me though 🙂 Thanks Kelly and Asti!! I have a new hobby LOL.

  2. Yay, we managed to win considering that we probably had the worst start. =D But yes, Mafia not taking out Inge was definitely the turning point.

    Good game, Mafia! I kinda did have almost Joséphine figured it out and did badly want to vote for Joséphine on Day Four. Looking back, I wish I’d have voted for Joséphine because you guys decided to get rid of me anyway. Humph. =P

    It was really fun to be a Townie because it’s definitely much different than when no powers are involved and it was so much fun in the dead players chat, too. Though we tried to figure out some things, I definitely had no idea that the Vote Thief power could only be used one. Now I feel special ha ha. =P

    Inge definitely deserves to be MVP and it’s so fitting that she was Iko.

    Gaaah, so excited for Daughter of Smoke and Bone edition and with Asti playing, it’ll be awesome! =D

  3. Doth mine eyes deceive me? I actually didn’t die right before the end of the Games? Hahaha, awesome work guys, high five! 😀

    Once we started talking about the plague being our killer this time, I got an inkling that the Mechanical thing would be keeping me alive at Night. I didn’t know for sure, though, so revealing my role was still a gamble. But I’m glad I did it!

    Thank you so much for voting me MVP, guys! ^_^ I did feel like I was struggling in the first half of the game, so I’m glad I was able to turn that around.

    I’m now going to read the dead player’s chat and laugh 😀

    Good game, everyone!

    P.S. Oooh Daughter of Smoke and Bone! I’ve been meaning to re-read that for ages 😀

  4. Well this has been very entertaining, hahaha. I especially liked Sebastian’s possible theory:

    “Also deep inside of me there is a part that wishes that Inge is Mafia and this is all just a huge bluff 😀 Imagine how cool it would be if Inge claims to be the real Cop (maybe there isn’t a real Cop in the game and we only had the role cop), sacrifices Val, makes sure that Jo is regarded as innocent and Inge as the one who killed a Mafia member alone would also be safe. It would be hilarious if Jo and Inge win the game as the only bad guys remaining, this would be the most epic Mafia strategy of all time XD”

    That would’ve been AWESOME! 😀

  5. Congratulations, Inge! 😀

    I do have one question. This basically means that once Val died, the game was essentially over, right? We had a bulletproof cop, and once she role-claimed she would never be lynched and couldn’t be killed at Night.

  6. I think killing off Val was the turning point, because Team Earth looked pretty hopeless at that point. You could’ve won by having you and Joséphine survive until all the Townies had died, and then the both of you could vote me off during the Day. I couldn’t be killed at Night and no one was going to vote me off during the Day since I was the Cop, so yeah, sorry about being so hell-bent on surviving hahaha. 😀

  7. @Briana: yeah, once Val was eliminated if meant your only chance to kill Inge would be by getting her voted off. I don’t think it would’ve been impossible early on in the game, but once she got the trust of a majority of players there was no stopping her. That’s why it was such a shame you guys didn’t Strongman her once she survived your infection the first time! (No offence Inge ;))



    Thank you ICU patients for your vote of confidence in my confusingly entertaining play style. 😛

  9. Congrats Inge! You totally deserve it!

    Oh man, I was also was the most ineffectual doctor ever, and will blame the twisty rules on that. Lol, I was gunning for Josephine because I was pretty sure about protecting myself on Night One. D’oh. Oh well, my gut suspicion was right.

    @Sebastian I’m sorrrrrrrrry. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt that guilty before. I was just kind of spitballing on Day One and wasn’t convinced you were mafia. And I was surprised that people voted for you after that because I was just trying to make something up to vote with enough “reasoning” behind it. I read the ICU page and haha,

    Oh God, it’s SO HARD to stay quiet while reading the discussion between Joséphine and Anne because I still feel like defending myself and it’s driving me nuts that a simple misunderstanding killed me. My motives were pretty much exactly like Jo pointed them out and part of me secretly hopes than Anne gets voted off so that I can explain myself to her as soon as possible :D,

    Your schadenfreude was totally legit. I got what I deserved with that grilling. I was expecting to get eliminated at least at Night and was going to bow down in the ICU and beg your forgiveness lol.

  10. Sorry for the mailing list issue everyone. Should be fixed now (though I’m too lazy to figure out a way to make it not so ugly. Ew big white box).

    @Anne: Yeah, to be fair, not knowing the letumosis thing made it a bit hard for you to effectively use your power even once you knew who needed to be protected. Still, I always think the Town feels a little better just KNOWING a Doctor is there, even if they’re not actually managing to protect anyone.

  11. I just went to check the other pages again and laughed at how confused I got you guys into thinking what faction I belonged to. 😀 😀 😀

    I did think about the letumosis but didn’t thought that it was a mafia thing instead, was something that’s set in motion after a certain time. Like THG clock of doom style. 😛

  12. @Asti — I’d definitely categorise my role in this game paranoid doctor, haha. Josephine called me a faith healer in the ICU and that’s an apt description too. Here I thought I saved Inge, but turns out she don’t need saving. 😛

    I’m still happy I guessed Josephine from Day Two on and that maybe I helped contribute to getting her finally voted off!

  13. This time, baby, I’ll be bulletproof! *whips out sunglasses*

    I investigated Joséphine on Night Two, I think, and she came back Townie. I felt like a pretty crappy Cop in the beginning because I kept getting back Townie results and I got Adam and Crini voted off. So Val was also a turning point for me.

  14. HAHAHA. And there I was telling you the truth and nothing but the truth about not trying to kill you during the first Night. And yet my lies were better received than my honesty. Such a shame xD

  15. Oh dear. The thought of Day 16?! I don’t think we could’ve pulled it off. Besides, it was pretty much Briana dies, I die & I die, Briana dies towards the end. All because we didn’t think of the fact that Iko wouldn’t die from letumosis, even though we thought of the fact that I wouldn’t be able to control Iko. Either way, CONGRATS on being such a splendid MVP! 🙂

  16. Is the subscribe button still giving you trouble? I just tried it and it worked for me, so let me know! (And don’t forget to send me your mailing address is you want a winner’s post card!)

  17. I FEEL SO BAD I LET EVERYONE DOWN. Sorry I kind of got anxiety when I was playing as Mafia. Which is why I never want to play again. But the next game is Daughter of Smoke and Bone and I love that series so darn.

    I still had a really awesome time being Mafia with Lillian, Josephine, and Briana even though we lost *sadface*. But congrats to Inge!

  18. And when I mean everyone I just meant Mafia.

    But I will try better next time. Please tell me next time will be MONTHS from now so I can prepare my poor heart and brain

  19. Well, the fact that Inge didn’t die the first time we tried to kill her early in the game, before she role-claimed, was exactly the reason we didn’t use Val’s strongman powers on her. We assumed she wasn’t the cop because a bulletproof cop is such a powerful role I would have never thought it was in the game. It seemed most likely she was the doctor protecting herself and we could ignore her for a while. It also seemed as if Val’s strongman powers were the counter to the disadvantages of the two-day delay, so it didn’t really occur to us to think they were actually to counter a bunch of unkillable players.

    @Inge, Once you role-claimed, you could’ve investigated every single player left at your leisure, so Josephine and I were never going to win. :p

    @Val, Playing with your was awesome, too! MAFIA FOR LIFE!!!!

  20. Plus, Jeann was mechanical too! If you and I would’ve somehow managed to survive to the end with Inge and Jeann, it would’ve been a tie O.O At least I feel better about picking on the right person since we couldn’t have killed her at Night anymore without Val. Heh.

  21. Yayyyy us Townies won! Mannn I am so proud that I survived my first Bookish Games, it required so muxh defending and it worked hahaha. Lol guys I’m a nice non paranoid person I swear!!

    Seriously this game gave me paranoia, anxiety, interrupted sleep patterns but it was so much fun! Until the end I still thought Tory was suspicious lol!

    Briana and Josephine you devils lol!! You guys are just so darn convincing mixing lies with the truth. I thought when Briana role claimed that people would pick up on it for sure but you somehow made it convincing lol!!

    Congrats Inge!! You made the tide turn with all the investigations despite getting a few people voted off lol. What an awesome twist to the game, I can’t believe I was Bulletproof lol. A shame the twist was hard to figure out for the Mafia! I wouldn’t have thought it given all my fingerpointing and stuff that I actually couldn’t be lynched at night, I was thinking I was lucky lol!

    Going to read the other chat pages now 😀 I had so much fun everyone even if it got a bit tense at times! And I’m sorry Crini about my constant focus on you lol, turns out you were just standing on your own

  22. I haven’t read this series (yet), so I was lost, trying to follow along as a non-player. But I’m so intrigued about the game itself, and I really hope to join in the next game! Even as an outsider, this post series has been entertaining and tense to follow- so thanks! 😀

  23. Oh man what am I going to do now that the Bookish Games is over? This is going to be insane!

    I’ve just finished reading the ICU and Mafia chat page, some of my favourite quotes:


    On the other hand, keeping Maraia might also be good because she contributed a lot. And if we hit close to 200 comments again, there’ll be so much noise, nobody will be able to follow heads or tails anymore. That should be fun to. Hohoho.

    Since everyone agrees that Maraia should go, let’s just kill her. It’s sooner than I’d like but since she has to die either way might as well be this Night xD Lillian, you wanna do it? 😉

    When I think about it, the comments were fairly entertaining. My favourite came from Maraia who said it would be terrifying if I was Mafia. Rofl.


    I would love to set Lauren against Jeann because that would cause others to look at Jeann again and Crini might return to that. Haha.

    And my personal favourite about the dead players:

    And we overlapped again. Lol. The ghosts went wild on Twitter, worried that they broke the blog and can’t return to their morgue to discuss theories. HAHAHA.

  24. And the ICU page:


    And I’m actually afraid that Crini is going to rip Jeann apart in her next comment because of her hidden threat when she asked Jeann to clarify her statement.

    I know I should feel bad now about us Townies having lost such an important player (now that I know you’re innocent :D) but on the other hand I’m SO HAPPY that you can now join the dead players room and I’m no longer talking to myself in here xD


    Just thought of another reason why Adam could be Mafia: With Adam and me there were only two guys in the game so it seems only logical to me that you would put one to the bad guys and one on the Townie side


    You guys are horrible at finding Mafia XD
    yes, I’m going to be very unhelpful haha.



    No way is Jeann Mafia (if she is I quit this game XD)</blockquote


    Frig, I feel so bad for Jeann. She is so obviously townie it HURTS haha… If she’s not I will slap myself lol.

    And that’s it for now lol

  25. Thanks Kelley! It’s working now – just subscribed 😀 I also DMed you my address on Twitter. I wasn’t are what the best way to contact you would be so let me know if you have a different preference!

  26. I can’t imagine what your reaction would’ve been if I really would’ve stolen Lauren’s vote and set her on you ;D Probably accused the game masters for misleading you and stating on the Mason page that masons can completely trust each other? Rofl. Or perhaps even wondered if you entered an alternative game universe of sorts? 😛 Ah, the ultimate havoc we could’ve wreaked. Weweresoclose.

  27. It just occurred to me that if we really had made Lauren vote for Lauren, nobody would’ve believed Jeann’s Mason role claim and Briana would’ve gotten away for at least another Day despite counterclaiming’s Jeann’s role. Oh man!

    And then for everyone to learn Jeann was Mason too but Lauren turned on her? Such a missed golden opportunity ;D

  28. I’m going through everything right now and Anne!! I don’t know if you mentioned it before but if you did I didn’t see it – but THANKS for protecting me on Night 3I know I wasn’t targeted, but it still makes me feel good 🙂 You believed me from the start! Having powers at night seems hard because you don’t know if your power worked or not… I can’t wait to play again but I really don’t know what team I would prefer or if I would want to have a role – it’s ALL hard haha. But so much fun 🙂

  29. Yay! We won! 🙂 Even if I died 😦

    I’m not sure I have the will power to resist a DoSaB Games. Soooo.. If Asti and Kelley will let me (considering how terribly busy I was this games), I would love to join in 🙂

  30. Ahhh, this was *such* a fun game to play with you all, even if I did end up getting lynched 😛 Asti and Kelley, you guys put in some really ingenious twists that I NEVER saw coming—and great work Team Earth! Inge, you were fantastic, and so was everyone else who worked so hard to root out the bad guys. (The bad guys themselves also did a pretty terrific job, in my opinion; I never suspected any of you until later in the game, haha.) And ooh, the next Games is a DoSaB one? I LOVE THAT SERIES SO MUCH. Maybe I won’t participate as a player (the stress oh my goodness :3), but you may see me hanging around the dead players page 😉

  31. @Mafia Team: I hope you’re not upset with us that that was the way we designed the game. We do our best to make it fair on both sides, promise. Yes, they had three players who were immune to kills at Night, but your team was given powers to a) bypass that immunity (unstoppable kills) and b) help you get them voted out during the Day (vote thief). I understand that as you did not know of the intricacies of the game you did not think to use those powers in that way, but that was the reason why we included them. It’s also the reason why we limited the Townies powers so much in this game. Usually we have TONS of special powers given to the Townies, but this time we only gave out a handful (something you noticed in the Mafia page when Townies with no special powers kept dying).

    Upon reflection, I do admit that you had more of an uphill battle that the Townies, and I apologize for that. We weren’t trying to make it impossible in any way, and I do believe that you could have easily won if you managed to Strongman Inge when you had the chance, it just didn’t end up going that way. (Yes, Jeann was Mechanical as well, but I do believe you could have gotten her voted off since she had to deal with so much suspicion throughout the game. No offense Jeann ;)) It’s just one of those things where we decided to try out something new and it didn’t work out quite like expected. We’ve learned our lesson and will ensure that there isn’t anything like a bulletproof Cop in future games, just like everyone else has to learn about what works/doesn’t work as players in the game. So much work goes into planning this game that sometimes we miss things. So yeah, hope there’s no hard feelings there. ❤

    (I've also emailed you guys a formal apology because really, it makes me feel bad to see the game wasn't as balanced as I thought. By the time I saw the error, it was too late to make any changes.)

    @Val: You definitely didn't let anyone down! It is very unusual for someone to admit defeat so quickly, but you were put in a hard place and sometimes just knowing the end is near is too relieving a thought to push on any further. At least by not fighting it you didn't end up giving clues about who your teammates were. (And you did put some uncertainty in the dead player's heads about whether or not it was all a set up to make Inge look good when she was actually Mafia!)

    @Beth: Glad to hear you enjoyed following along, even if you weren't sure what was going on! We would love to have you for the next game, but if for some reason you rather watch, always feel free to send Kelley or myself a message and we would give you access to the Dead Player page where you can talk about the game as a spectator. Sometimes that helps in trying to figure everything out!

    @Jeann, Joséphine: Nope, we would not have prevented Joséphine from using the Vote Thief on Lauren for you. We would have just told Lauren the rules: she had to vote for you and could not state in any way why she was doing it, and it would be up to her to decide what to do next. I'm not going to lie, I giggled evilly when I saw the opportunity arise and secretly hoped it would've happened. Lucky for Lauren it didn't ;).

  32. Asti, you and Kelley have put so much work into the Games and adding awesome twists and everything, definitely don’t feel sorry about how it all played out! At the end of the day we all had so much fun and before Inge role claimed it could have went either way. I’m definitely going to keep going with Bookish Games, it’s a new addiction and genius!

  33. @Jeann: Thanks. I think I’m just a bit overly sensitive to everything right now since today is the day I head back to the States. :/ Glad to hear you’re sticking with the Games though! It was a lot of fun seeing you get into it, especially after that warning Day One 😉

  34. I think I most enjoyed Inge’s admission she was considering letting Christina die even though she knew Val was Mafia. :p

    Also, no worries, Asti! It was lots of fun! I hope my comments didn’t come across as critical.

  35. Please don’t apologise if things don’t end up the way you’d originally planned, Asti. You’re trying things out too, and that should be a positive thing. ❤

    Hahaha Briana, the reason why I was considering letting Christina die anyway was because I was suspicious of Christina as well. But then I felt like the votes against Christina became too easy, and I decided to go for it. 😀

  36. @Asti, you told us things were going to be twisty, and as a group we could have probably figured out what mechanical meant if we thought about it at all. I mean, clearly Iko can’t die of the plague. I think you made a fun game, that kept us on our toes. 😀

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