The Grisha Edition: GAME OVER!


Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me on Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.

The Game is Now Over!




  • [DAY] Sanna @ Fanciful Fictions as Human, Team Ravka, Townie (no special powers)
  • [NIGHT] Josephine @ Word Revel as Squaller, Team Ravka, Deflector (able to deflect powers targeted on one person to somebody else)
  • [NIGHT] Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections as Darkling, Team Shadow Fold, Traitor (aligned with Mafia but completely unaware of who the Mafia is (likewise, the Mafia did not know the traitor’s identity, only that they had a traitor helping them out), revealed as Townie if investigated) and Roleblocker (able to block one person each Night from performing their Night actions)


  • Crini @ All About Books as Volcra, Team Shadow Fold, Fireproof (immune to fire actions)
  • Anne @ Lovely Literature as Volcra, Team Shadow Fold, Investigative-Immune (if investigated, results show aligned with Town)
  • Sebastian @ Büchermonster as Volcra, Team Shadow Fold, Goon (no special powers)
  • Jenn @ The Bookish Ginger as Inferni, Independent, 1x Bulletproof (survives first time targeted for Night kill), Investigative-Immune (if investigated, results show aligned with Town), and Arsonist (each Night can either choose to “prime” a person for fire kill or ignite all the players that have been primed so that they die at once)

TEAM SHADOW FOLD WINS! As you can see, not a single good guy is left in the game as a result of Night Five. All that’s left is the Mafia and the mysterious third-party that no one seemed to really figure out (though Lauren was on the right track in the Mafia discussions). Unfortunately for Jenn, our Arsonist, the numbers have ended up completely against her. If we were to run Day Seven, it would be quite boring as I am sure the Mafia would all just vote for her (if they didn’t I would be completely confused) and there is nothing she could do to stop them. Sorry Jenn! I still give you props for surviving until the end.

The MVPs:

I have to say, I was impressed by all the players this time around. With so many newbies in the mix, I wasn’t quite sure how active the game would be or how hard players would play, but overall I feel like everyone did their best. So to everyone who played, especially the newbies, good job!

I do want to give a special shoutout to my one MVP though: Sebastian. While the whole Mafia team played well enough to survive until the end, I was particularly impressed by Sebastian’s contributions to the game. Even though things were somewhat confusing for him as a new player, he never let that stop him from giving his all into the game. His comments during the Days were detailed and misleading, his discussions at Night with his team were thoughtful, and I just loved his general enthusiasm from the game. He’s actually one player that I think I would have been totally fooled by if I were playing this time around!

(The only thing that I felt made him obviously Mafia during the game, that no one else seemed to catch onto, was his lack of vote during Day Five. With so few players left in the game, there is absolutely no reason a Townie would not make some sort of vote. The only reason a person wouldn’t make a vote is if they’re Mafia and they know one of their own teammates aren’t being threatened by the current stack of votes. By not voting, their vote cannot be used against them. :P)

MVP PRIZES: Sebastian, if you would like the MVP t-shirt, please include your shirt size when you provide Kelley with your mailing address for the post card![divider-medium]

The Setup

The Grisha Orders

As mentioned during the sign ups for this game, the Grisha edition did not involve anything spoilery. Whereas previous games included gameplay inspired by storylines and specific characters included from the book, this edition was inspired in a much broader way so as to not intimidate players who aren’t familiar with the books.

That being said, I’m surprised that those who had read the books didn’t figure out the connection between the Grisha orders and special powers. There are nine orders of Grisha in the series, and all nine were represented in this game with special powers. We tried to attach special powers to these players that related to their Grisha order, such as giving the Inferni the Arsonist powers. All the players who weren’t part of the Grisha orders were not given powers (or if they were given powers, they were passive powers such as being immune to something).

Knowing this information probably wouldn’t have changed the results of the gameplay, but it would have likely given the players a better idea of what they were working with. It also partly explains why the Mafia was able to target so many players with special powers at Night – over half of the Townies (7 out of 13) had special powers. There was always a 50/50 chance that the Mafia would end up hitting a player with a special power with their Night kill, and they usually managed to flip things the right way (the only powerless person they eliminated during the Night was Daphne).

The Traitor

Because we gave Team Ravka so many special powers (including one player who could hand out one-time special powers to other players), we had a hard time deciding on how many Mafia members we should include. We had four, but because none had active powers and they were going against both vigilantes and an arsonist, we were worried that wouldn’t be enough. We weren’t sure about adding a full fifth player though, because we thought that might make them too powerful.

In the end, we added a traitor to the mix, a player who is considered a “half-Mafia”. The Traitor is in many ways like the rest of the Townies, she doesn’t know who the Mafia is. Unfortunately for her, her goal is to help the Mafia survive! This leads to a really tricky balance of gameplay between trying to mess things up while not getting yourself killed.

Inge did the best she could with the limited information she had. She did end up blocking two of her own teammates (Anne and Sebastian) at separate points during the game, but luckily that didn’t end up hurting her team as they often weren’t used to complete the kills. She was successful in helping Jenn eliminate Josephine during this final Night, roleblocking Josephine so that she could not use her powers on herself to avoid death by fire, but I guess her team wasn’t too grateful as they ended up killing her off anyways. Sad times. 😉

The Sneaky Third Party

As some people might have figured out, we did add a third-party killer to this game. Instead of the usual serial killer role though, we decided to go with an arsonist. We liked it because not only did it match the special powers of the Inferni, but we also knew it would probably provide confusion as it meant a second kill wouldn’t happen every single Night. (Muhahaha!)

Though Jenn did manage to survive until the end of the game (woohoo Jenn!), her use of her powers ended up helping the Mafia more than hurting it. If she managed to take out another Mafia member with her arsonist ability, there is a chance this game would’ve ended differently. As the Mafia was in good control of the Day votes though and Jenn ended up targeting mostly Townies, her kills only ended up helping the Mafia secure their win.

Now, if you actually read my Game Master notes closely you would have been able to figure out that an arsonist exists in this game. At the start of Day Three I said that knowing about game roles isn’t required, but may help you in this game. As players with special roles were eliminated already, I was hoping that people would look up the roles on the wiki link provided to see what information they could glean from it. If they were to do that and look up Mimi’s role (who was eliminated Night One), they would’ve been taken to the Firefighter page which says: “In effect, it is a Doctor that only protects from Arsonists.” In other words, if you would’ve read my notes and looked up the roles (as Lauren did for the Mafia at one point) you would’ve figured out quite early on that there was a third-party wreaking havoc in this game. Slackers. 😉

Night Action Order

The last thing I think I want to note for this edition was the importance of the Night Action order. Many players get a bit confused about how this works, which is totally understandable because it is a lot to take in.

Night Actions do not happen in the order that they are received, unless they are the same type of action. In general, we try to stick to the Night Action Resolution guide (the emergency breakdown, because it’s nice and simple). Roleblocking is taken into account first, then deflecting, protecting, etc. We list the order of how we do Night Actions and explain how they all interact each Night on the spreadsheet, if you want to see how certain things happen.

The only time that time of submission becomes important is if two people submit forms for similar powers, such as killing. This happened during Night Four when Jenn ignited Lauren while Lauren was sent to complete the Mafia kill. Because Jenn submitted the Night Action form before Lauren, that meant that Jenn’s kill went through first. Lauren did not get to complete her kill because she was dead. I don’t think the Mafia realized this at the time though, because Lauren’s target still wound up dead (she was another player that Jenn had ignited that Night). Confusing stuff, I know, but hopefully this helps for future games.

Behind the Scenes

As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where we kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • GoogleDocs – Master Sheet – Spreadsheet that contains information about each Day’s votes, each Night’s actions, artifact transfers, points given for votes, and all eliminations. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see what went down each Day and Night of the game.
  • Group SF – Shadow Fold Group – The Mafia team were allowed to discuss each Night which players they wanted to kill. (During Night Four their discussion took place on Goodreads due to server maintenance, link provided at top of group page.)
  • Group BYE – Dead Player Group – Dead Players (or spectators who were interested) could gain access to this group to discuss the game outside of the main posts. This page was much more active than in previous games – shout out to the dead players for being so talkative and awesome!

Until Next Time…

Originally we weren’t going to be doing another edition of the Bookish Games until the end of the year because Kelley has a move at the end of the summer and I really wanted to be a participant, but since I get so much enjoyment watching other players play the game I decided I wouldn’t mind moderating another game on my own.

BG_LunarC_header copy

So, what’s it going to be next time? Starting June 13th, we will be running the Bookish Games: Lunar Chronicles edition! Inspired primarily by the first book in the series, Cinder, the game will be the same crazy Bookish Game you’re used to seeing here – but with some new twists thrown in the mix (because we’re evil like that, of course). Signs up will start the last week of May, so be sure to check back if you want to give the games another go!

43 thoughts on “The Grisha Edition: GAME OVER!”

  1. THIS GAME WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! I would have been so sad if we hadn’t won LOL
    I never imagined being Mafia would be even more fun than a Townie 😀
    And this time was just crazy, so confusing sometimes with what happened during the night and all those roles, I absolutely loved it!
    I must say, I never would have thought that Inge was our traitor 😀 We did assume thought that Jenn might be the arsonist. We were somewhat afraid of that role LOL

    And YAAAAY for the Lunar Chronicles edition!

  2. OMG, I’m so glad that this game is over, it was really messing with my brain 😀

    I was SO nervous this morning and woke up way too early and I couldn’t sleep anymore until the night results were revealed 😀

    I never would have guessed that Inge was out traitor, I was quite sure that Jenn would be our secret ally^^ But that arsonist role made us so damn nervous 😀

    I had so much fun playing this game and I really became somewhat obsessed by it but I’m also quite relieved right now that I can stop thinking about it xD

    Thanks so much for organizing this and also for giving me the MVP prize! 🙂


    I didn’t realise you guys knew there was a Traitor! Although I’m glad to know I was right about 3 of you. I had Crini pegged from the very get-go. Sebastian took a little longer, and I did block him because I thought he was Townie on Day Three after his humongous comment, but then I realised he was being TOO helpful. Although I agree with Asti that he would’ve fooled everyone, I only noticed because I was like that when I was Mafia too 😛 I recognised the “flip-floppy”-ness from Lauren from our time as Mafia. I didn’t realise there would be a 4th one, but I was leaning more towards Jenn than to Anne.

    In any case, well done! You wiped the floor with the Townies!

  4. MY SUSPICIONS WERE CLOSE SOMETIMES . Though there are still some mafia I did not expect at all. You guys did a really good job!

    I wish I had time to participate in the Lunar Chronicles games! But that falls around exams for me and placement 😦 I definitely plan on playing again one day (and hopefully surviving this time)

  5. Oh man!! Lunar Chronicles next round!! I was super excited to want to participate but I’m out of the country on that particular day, haha… guess it means the next, next round then! (And shh, but keep being evil, dear evil mastermind. LOL!)

  6. Asti, Kelley, I think you should make “You Almost Survived the Bookish Games” postcards especially for me, because that’s three times in a row 😛

    Or, “You Would’ve Survived the Bookish Games, But Then Asti Happened”.

  7. Yes! We won! It is done! My head was completely spinning this game and I’m still amazed three of us mafia made it to the end. I was sure we’d go down in the sk’s flames. Sorry, Lauren 😦

    And sorry Inge, I thought there was an sk and a traitor and between you and Jenn, I had no idea which one of you was which role! Jenn we pegged for a while as traitor, so not completely off base. But you helped us win for sure!

    And I was so obsessed with this game it might have been unhealthy, but I don’t think I can say no to the Lunar Chronicles.

    Thanks Asti and Kelley!

  8. Haha, sorry Inge, we originally wanted to kill Joséphine last night because she figured out that Anne and I could be Mafia but we were just to afraid that she might protect herself with her Deflector role, so we thought our odds would be better if we’d go for Jenn or you 😀

  9. Ha, sorry I keep commenting. But I’m excited to see the game notes! Josephine would have deflected on me last night. Phew, glad I avoided that fate. Inge, you saves me, haha. I probably owe you my survival card!

  10. I can’t believe this. I had figured out Sebastian, Anne and Crini were Mafia during the last Night but was too late to do anything about it. I’m sad 😦 At least I did try to deflect to Anne on the last Night, even if I was roleblocked. Haha. Wasted.

    Anyway, congrats to the survivors. You guys played a convincing game! 🙂

  11. Ahh, you know what sucks. Is I heavily debated prepping Sebastian for igniting instead of Sana on night 3.

    I’m glad I was right in my suspicions of Anne, too bad I already had Josephine prepped. I was kind of hoping she’d be able to divert away from herself and maybe we would kill one of the mafia.

    I was beginning to think that Crini was mafia too, but didn’t want to accuse too many possible mafia, so they wouldn’t target me.. luckily they thought I was a traitor I guess. No wonder I survived to the end!

  12. @Joséphine: I already thought that after Day 5 everything would be over for me because Sanna came up with the newbie theory and you seemed to be so sure that I’m Mafia 😀

    I was trying so hard to keep you busy on Day 6 with having to defend yourself against all kind of stuff so that you wouldn’t have time to dig up anything else against me by going through the previous days all over again. It took me more than 3 hours to write my comment with my “suspicions” about you 😀

  13. Btw: Can we also take a look at the Dead Player Group? It’s still password protected when I try to open the link?

  14. Sebastian, passwords are in the spreadsheets! And I had an inkling it was a move to distract me from my suspicions. Haha. Made me all the more determined to not allow my vote to be swayed anymore.

    And oh goodness. Asti’s reply to Crini made me laugh so hard, I teared.

    “*coughs* Crini, you can’t kill Alexa… She’s already dead. >.>”

    —Asti, Group SF

  15. @Sebastian, I did just ignore analyzing you and Sanna. I was too busy that week and the next to really read through all the previous days comments. So just decided not to do it. 😛

  16. What day are you out of the country? The day the game starts or the day of sign ups? If you really want, we can work around it. We’d love to have you play 😉 (Unless you’re just being nice and rather wait for the next, next round. Then I don’t mind :P)

  17. @All: The Dead Player Page and Mafia page should no longer require passwords to see. Explore at your own risk! 😉

    @Inge: I actually lol’ed when they sent in their results to kill you. You survived so close until the end and then your own team took you out. How rude. 😛 I think you did a great job surviving as long as you did though because it was such a tricky role. We’ll have to check with Kelley about the “Almost Survived” postcards. (lol, “And then Asti happened.”

    @Bec: Aw, sorry to hear you’ll miss the next one, but good luck with your exams and placements! The following one should be our originally planned The Bone Season one, likely happening around September or so? Depends on when Kelley is settled from her upcoming move.

  18. I’m out from the day the game starts until… not sure, 10-12 days later. I probably have internet at night in the hotels…? It’s not 100% confirmed but assuming I do, I can play while out! 😀 Can I sign up with that assumption in mind? xD

  19. LOL at everyone still following the commenting rules of not replying directly to comments. I ❤ you guys! Can't wait till the next round!

  20. Wow, I don’t think Team Ravka stood a chance, haha. Great game, everyone! I had a lot of fun, even from the Dead Players page.

    The Lunar Chronicles sounds like it’ll be awesome. My grandpa’s memorial service is June 13, so I’ll be out of town for the entire first Day. I think I could still check in from my phone, though, especially since the first Day isn’t as intense. I really want a chance to improve my skills!

  21. @Sebastian: I assumed you were a Townie for the first few days, but by the end I KNEW you were Mafia, and it was so frustrating because Joséphine was only one voting for you!

  22. @Maraia: Haha, what gave me away in the end? 😀

    We couldn’t believe that you all almost completely left us Mafia players out of the discussion for the first few days and that none of you voted for us. I think Anne didn’t even get a vote during the whole game 😀

  23. Oh, and @Jenn: I really had to laugh a little bit when you wrote that you didn’t think I was Mafia because you couldn’t imagine a reason why I didn’t break the tie between Alexa and Sanna because that was just pure luck. I had already prepared my comment where I voted for Alexa and was ready to submit it but then I refreshed the page one last time and saw that Joséphine had already broken the tie. You can’t imagine how relieved I was in that moment 😀

  24. @Sebastian: After Lauren died, I went back and wrote down the voting from all the Days, taking out all of the Townies who were killed. On Day 3, that left you, Alexa, and Daphne as the only people voting differently than Lauren. Asti mentioned at some point in the dead players chat (I think) that all the Mafia rarely vote for the same person. By the time I died, I was pretty sure Daphne wasn’t Mafia, leaving you and Alexa. I did suspect Alexa over you at first (although Kaniesha and I did have a conversation about how hilarious it would be if you, one of the few people who no one suspected, turned out to be Mafia). Obviously once Alexa died, that left you as the only choice.

    Even without that, I still would have suspected you at the end, because I thought from the beginning that at least one newbie had to be Mafia. No one was standing up for Sanna or trying to save her, which meant she was probably a Townie, so again, that left you as the only choice.

  25. It’s really interesting how much attention you all pay to voting patterns. To be honest I didn’t really look at who my teammates voted for until after the night where so many players died and we were only quite a few left. Then I started to be careful not to vote for the same persons as Crini and Anne.^^

  26. I have to say, being Traitor was a really difficult role! It meant I had to figure out who was Mafia all by myself, so I could help them eliminate Townies, while also still looking good enough for the Townies to think I was one of them. And then there’s the case of not accidentally suspecting Mafia and keeping out of their way so they didn’t feel like killing me during the night. I think that’s what has kept me alive for so long, as I did see a few mentions in the SF thread about me defending Crini and not suspecting Sebastian.

    I wonder if I would’ve done anything differently had I known you guys knew there was a Traitor around. I thought I did an okay job of voting with you, and started allegations against Alexa which eventually had her eliminated (sorry! :D), but it might still have been too subtle.

    In any case, I had tons of fun as a Traitor! It was difficult, but also really challenging in a good way. It was like a big puzzle and I couldn’t wait for the Days to end and new Days to begin so I got more information. Definitely put my little brain cell to good use! 😀

  27. @Inge: We were all the time waiting for the traitor to do sth. stupid or sth that doesn’t make any sense, just to make us notice that the traitor wants to send us a secret message 😀

    But you were so fair and neutral all the time, I would have bet that you are 100% Townie XD

  28. I’M SUCH A GEG but I LOVE when the end comes around. I’m such a snooper and it lets me see what I’ve missed and things, and I always play along at home with my own little game, and this threw me so much! I’m so tempted by Lunar Chronicles, but I’d so have to research the whole games properly before I could commit, you know? GO MAFIA though!<3

  29. I just went through the whole Dead Players Group discussion and it was really interesting and amusing 😀

    @Asti: I’m sorry, but I had to laugh so hard about the “ass-tee” thing, but I’m also relieved that I would have gotten the pronunciation right XD

    I also found your gender discussion quite interesting ^^

    And I was quite surprised that Kaniesha thought that both Joséphine and I could be Mafia after our little comment battle 😀

    It’s also funny that I was your top suspect to be mafia in the end but out of the remaining living players only Joséphine seemed to have figured it out 😀

  30. haha. We’d love to have you if you did decide to join, Amanda! I think the one thing that most players can attest to is that you never REALLY know what you’re doing. A lot of things you just learn as you go! But if you do want to learn more about the game before deciding whether or not you’d be able to play, I can send you the sign up email template I send all players when they sign up for each edition of the Bookish Games. It gives a walk through where I attempt to explain how to play the game with links to other resources that should help. 🙂

  31. @Sebastian: haha, ass-tea doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but I still cringe internally every time someone says it that way. It just sounds wrong! 😛

  32. @Sebastian: Yes, I was surprised by that, too. I thought it was very clear that you and Joséphine were not working together. Also, I think Sanna was too busy at the end to put up a fight, and that basically left Joséphine on Team Ravka to vote against you. Everyone else was Mafia or non-Townie. The dead players and I were all shaking our fists in frustration! (Except Lauren, who was probably laughing evilly to herself.)

  33. Ugh, we lost again. =( But I already knew that because of the way the game was going. =P

    But yay, congrats to Team Shadow Fold! You guys played brilliantly. I wasn’t much suspicious of most of you during the game. =P

    And oh, since everyone have been curious about my role, this is how I used it:

    Night One – No one because I had no idea about who to trust.
    Night Two – 1x Cop to Daphne
    Night Three – 1x Vigilante to Jenn
    Night Four – 1x Doctor to Daphne

    I guess I’d have been suspicious of Jenn if I was alive on Day Five and actively playing. Oh, well. However, I’m glad I gave the power gadgets to Daphne. It was only possible because of so many players being suspicious of her for being mafia which of course meant that she probably wasn’t one. But then she was killed off during the day. >.>

    Also, I just skimmed the SF page and wow, Crini’s plan for me would have ended me, for sure. =P

    EEEEP, I’m so excited for The Lunar Chronicles edition! Cannot wait till June. =D

  34. Congrats to the winners! I honestly stopped keeping up sometime after Day Four… As for me assuming Josephine and Sebastian were on the same team, I thought I said I hadn’t even read those comments, I kind of skimmed and assumed they’d come to some weird agreement but faked it. I don’t know, honestly! I might ask to get access to the bye page for the Lunar games but I’m definitely not playing again for a while 😛

  35. YAYYYY 🙂 Congrats to you Sebastian for being MVP! Inge, holy smokes, you definitely surprised me! I REALLY did not think you were our traitor!! I was creeping on the mafia page every single night to see who you guys were going to elimate and OMG, I wanted to scream because I totally thought that Jenn might be the arsonist, towards the end … ! I had so much fun this edition!!!

  36. Congratulations to the mafia, you all played a fantastic game. I’m really sorry to Daphne and Sana who i definitely thought was mafia, when i play again i need to realise that all my gut instincts are wrong! I really enjoyed playing and this was such a great procrastination tool 🙂 I don’t think i’ll be able to play in the next games as i’m on holiday for three weeks for part of it but will definitely sign up the time after!

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