Ready Player Two Edition: GAME OVER


Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me on Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.

The Game is Now Over!


The Artifacts:

  • Sword of Ba’Heer (Vigilante – able to kill one person each Night; in the hands of the Sixers – able to make one kill unstoppable): Asti
  • The Catalyst (Suicide Bomber – can choose to detonate at any point during Day, killing himself and previous commenter in post): Yuko, Asti
  • Hayata’s Beta Capsule (Elite Bodyguard – protect one person each Night, if targeted both person holding capsule and person attempting kill die): Cayce, Nikki
  • 1981 Quarter (Deathproof x1 – protected from death one time by quarter): Inge
  • Orb of Osuvox (Godfather – investigative immune, bulletproof): vvb, Lauren
  • Fyndoro’s Tablet of Finding (Tracker – able to investigate one person each Night to determine who that person targeted, if any): Sana
  • Chucks (Cop – able to investigate one person each Night to determine alliance): Crini


  • [DAY] Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile as Sorrento, Team Sixers, Goon
  • [DAY] Asti @ Oh, the Books! as Aech, Team Gunters, Townie

I’m pretty sure that in the history of Bookish Games, this was the first one to end in only three days. Now, this game was also different than all the others in two ways:

  1. Everybody already knew the potential character names, roles, and artifacts.
  2. Asti was a participant instead of the game master.

But still… DANG, you guys.

Here’s how it went down.

DAY/NIGHT 1: Poor Emily got voted out for silly reasons on day 1, but Asti certainly made up for it by using her Sword of Ba’heer to take out Yuko during the night! I must admit that I was kind of excited when Asti ended up being Aech, because I knew she wouldn’t be afraid to hold back with the night kills. And she’d already made it worth it be eliminating a Sixer and inheriting The Catalyst from Yuko. But why didn’t the mafia’s target die in the night? Well, they just happened to target the only player with a 1981 Quarter — Inge — which totally saved her booty.

DAY/NIGHT 2: Confusion reigned supreme during Day 2, but by the end, the votes had miraculously moved away from a four-way tie, and focused in on vvb, the second Sixer to go down in as many days! And since vvb held the Orb of Osuvox, it was randomly award to one of the players who voted her off: Lauren. Don’t you know, Lauren got her hands on that orb RIGHT on time, because Sana sent in her night kill asap and targeted Lauren. Meanwhile, Crini decided to use her Chucks to investigate Sana, revealing that Sana was NOT a Gunter. And Asti was determined to kill off Inge, who was now vulnerable since her 1981 Quarter has since been expunged.

DAY 3: By now I’m sure that Sana was wondering what the heck was going on with the Night kills and why none of the mafia’s targets were dying in the Night! But thanks to Crini‘s investigation skills, Asti decided to take one for the team and detonate The Catalyst and the final Sixer was eliminated. And then like a whole day of confusion continued until I could come back and explain. Sorry about that, everyone. I hate not having computer/internet access!

The MVPs

Well, with such a short game, we can’t really determine more than one MVP, and I think we can all agree that it’s Asti. She took out TWO Sixers in three days. Yes, Sana was probably already on her way to being voted out, but who could resist getting to FINALLY detonate that Catalyst? Way to go, Asti! Your investigative skills might be obsessive, but they were also quite valuable to Team Gunters.

The Survivors

Congratulations to those of you who survived suspicion and won the game! If you’d like your congratulatory post card, please be sure to send me an email with your mailing address by Tuesday, January 6!

The Setup

By now, I’m sure it’s obvious that I did not change much at all from the Ready Player One setup. I decided to keep all of the artifacts with their original characters, even though I had contemplated switching them around. (What happened was: I assigned all the roles and then realized I hadn’t moved the artifacts around, so I decided it was too much work to go back and do it over again, and I was pretty happy with the way the roles had been randomly assigned. So… I kept it.)

Behind the Scenes

As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where I kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask! For the secret pages, I needed to find a new method to keep them private, since Asti has access to everything on this blog. So I decided to go with secret groups on Goodreads, and it seems like it worked out pretty well.

  • GoogleDocs – Master Sheet – Spreadsheet that contains information about each Day’s votes, each Night’s actions, artifact transfers, points given for votes, and all eliminations. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see what went down each Day and Night of the game.
  • Group DS – Masons Group – The Masons consisted of two players (Nikki and Cayce) who knew of each other’s alliance and could communicate anytime, Day or Night, in a private group.
  • Group GO – Dead Player Group – Dead Players (or spectators who were interested) could gain access to this group to discuss the game outside of the main posts.
  • Group IOI – Sixers Group – The Mafia team were allowed to discuss each Night which players they wanted to kill.

Until Next Time…

We will be doing another round of Bookish Games, but we’re not sure when it will happen. Maybe March, maybe the summer… Most likely, the theme will either be The Grisha or The Bone Season (if you have a preference, let us know your preferences in the comments!)

Thanks for playing!

27 thoughts on “Ready Player Two Edition: GAME OVER”

  1. Haha, those poor Sixers really had bad luck with their Night Kills! I think not having any kills going through is worse than that Divergent game when the first kill backfired! 😛

    Aww, you have to ask if anyone would play again if I play? Why wouldn’t anyone want to play with me? Surely they love reading 800 exhausting comments from yours truly every day? 😛 I just hope if I play again I get another special power. I have way too much fun with them!

    Thank you to the lovely Masons for protecting me Night One and Two (though it looks like Night One didn’t actually happen). I’m glad I wasn’t targeted, but it’s nice to know that even if I were there were people out there looking out for me!

    I wonder what would have happened in this game if I got voted off Day One! I would assume it would have gone on for at least another Day. I doubt Yuko would’ve been spotted just yet! Guess there’s no way to know for sure.

    Oh, and thank you Kelley for hosting the games and letting me play this time 🙂 I had a lot of fun (though am still super sad I lost my spreadsheet). Looking forward to the next one 😉

  2. Hehe it was bad luck all around for Team Sixers! I was seriously confused as to why any of our kills weren’t going through. Especially because the decisions to kill Inge and Lauren were totally random (and because I wanted Asti’s input for a little while longer in the game =P). They surely don’t seem so random now. =P

    Oh well, congratulations to Team Gunters for the win and Asti for being an awesome player!

    I’d love the Grisha edition of The Bookish Games and I think The Bone Season would also be cool but I’ve yet to read that book.

    Thank you for organizing this amazing game, Kelley! It was so fun to see everyone trying to figure out what happened after Asti took me and herself out.

  3. Oh, I would definitely play the next round if Asti decided to play again. She’s been a really valuable player, killing off Sixers, analysing everything to the last bit. I’m just going to try to stay off her radar next time 😛

    I’d love a Grisha themed Games!

  4. I’m glad I was team Gunter again! The Sixer didn’t stand a chance this time 😀

    I think it was fun having Asti playing with us! I would have to make sure next time though, that I have the time to read her uber-long comments XD
    A Bone Season edition would be awesome!

  5. I’m so impressed with how well this game went for us Sorry vvb, just wasn’t trusting you. 😛

    I would definitely play again with Asti. And Grisha for sure, I haven’t read The Bone Season yet though, so I don’t know much about it 😦

  6. This game was great! Seeing as it’s finals season any week now, I can wait till March for the next round. But looooonger? Why? This is so much fun!

    And I would definitely play with Asti again. It was great not being the only one who writes essays for comments. 🙂

    I’m a little bit sad that there wasn’t more to read in the Sixers’ group. I would have loved to know everyone’s reasoning behind their moves.

    I’m looking forward to playing next time and possibly being a mafia player! I haven’t read either of the books yet (please don’t kill me) but I didn’t read Ready Player One either and it still worked out. But there’s time, and I feel like knowing what happens in the book might help understand (or hypothesise on) the characters better. So I have some reading to do (hopefully before March).

  7. Haha, very true about the long comment thing! I felt so bad when I was killed myself off and you commented wondering if you were just going to be talking to yourself from then on 😛

  8. Thanks for hosting the game, Kelley! And the last day madness was still fun even though the game was over!

    And who wouldn’t want to play with Asti again? It was fun to read her super long comments because she notices things no regular human does. I think you have superpowers Asti. That or you are Sherlock!

    I can’t believe how well the artifacts worked out in this game. I would have been tearing my hair out as a Sixer. 😀

    And Bone Season sounds awesome,though I’ve read the first Grisha, so that works too!

  9. Haha, I’m not sure I’m on the same level as Sherlock, but I won’t deny that I’m not a “regular human” 😉

  10. OMG, I would totally play with Asti again 🙂 The games were so much fun, even though they were shorter, this time around!!! I think both upcoming games sound fantastic although I haven’t read The Bone Season (but I didn’t read RP1 either!). Thanks so much for hosting these again 🙂 And Congrats Team Gunters, especially ASTI!!!!

  11. Am a bit late to the party, YAaaaaaY WE WON, AGAIN. And we did it in 3 freakin’ days!! (Kinda feel sorry for this round’s Sixers, they really had some rotten luck and well, we had…. ASTI. Ha ha)

    Haven’t read either The Bone Season or Grisha, but (who cares…) will definitely participate in the next Games 🙂
    Thank you Kelley (and Asti) for all the work you put into the games. ❤

  12. Congrats to the Gunters! Whew! I must admit it was just as tough to be a Sixer as a Gunter. I liked how the artifacts came out early in the game especially the wielding of the sword.

    @Jenn: no worries your gut was guiding you well 😉

    @Karolina: it was my first time as a baddie and my second game to play. I didn’t have much strategy other than trying to avoid suspicion.

    I love both the Grisha and Bone Season series, so would be happy with either.

  13. WHOA! THREE DAYS?! When I saw this post, I thought, “Didn’t you guys just start the second round?!”

    In any case, I vote The Grisha. I haven’t read it yet but it’s at the top of my TBR pile, so I’ll sure have read it by the time the Bookish Games roll around again 🙂

  14. Thanks for trusting me to run the Games all by myself! It’s surprising how much work is involved when you’re doing it all by yourself, compared to doing it with a partner! I don’t know how you did it before, especially with games that had like 30 players! O_O But congrats on being so darn good at this game and helping the Gunters win after only three days! And THANK YOU for finally putting the Sword and The Catalyst to good use, lol!

  15. Thanks for being such a good sport as you watched your team members dying around you and your Night kills fail to go through, lol! I have a feeling we’ll be doing the Grisha version first, since it seems like more people have read that series anyway. ;D

  16. Yay! I really hope Asti plays again at some point, because it’s really fun to watch, lol. I’m so glad you and Karolina have joined us in the games, because it’s great to have more enthusiastic players! 🙂

  17. LOL the Sixers really didn’t stand much of a chance this time around! I’m glad to hear that you’d be interested in a Bone Season edition. 😀 I have some cool ideas for that one, so we’ll see!

  18. Hahaha, I know, Gunters really lucked out this time around! We’ll likely do the Grisha one well before the Bone Season one, since more people seem to have read that series. ;D

  19. It was a lot of fun watching you and Asti analyzing everything, lol! I’m so glad you started playing the Games and are enjoying it so much! And maybe you can read up on the Grisha series before March, because that is probably the one we will be running next. ;D

  20. I have to agree — I would LOVE to see Asti play again, because she’s such a boon to ALL of the other players. (Well, maybe not so much for the Sixers, this time around, lol.) Thanks for playing again, Anne — I’m glad you’ve enjoyed these games! 😀

  21. YAY! I’m loving that so many people want to play with Asti again. It was SO entertaining to watch these games from behind the scenes, lol. You have no idea how much I was like freaking out on the inside when Sana sent in her form to assassinate you RIGHT after you’d inherited the Orb, lol!!!

  22. Sixers definitely had a rough go, this time around! I’m looking forward to you joining us again for the next Games. 😀

  23. Bahahaha, I know right! It was over so quickly! But yes, Grisha will likely be the next theme, and I’m really excited for it. I’d love to see you participate again! 😀

  24. Hehehe, it is a lot of fun. And this time was especially fun, getting to watch Asti play and speculate, and me having to keep my mouth shut, lol!

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