Ready Player One Edition: GAME OVER


Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!



The Artifacts:

  • Sword of Ba’Heer (Vigilante – able to kill one person each Night; in the hands of the Sixers – able to make one kill unstoppable): Orli, Amy, Inge
  • The Catalyst (Suicide Bomber – can choose to detonate at any point during Day, killing himself and previous commenter in post): Lauren, Amy, Inge
  • Hayata’s Beta Capsule (Elite Bodyguard – protect one person each Night, if targeted both person holding capsule and person attempting kill die): Sana, Crini
  • 1981 Quarter (Deathproof x1 – protected from death one time by quarter): Jenn
  • Orb of Osuvox (Godfather – investigative immune, bulletproof): Inge
  • Fyndoro’s Tablet of Finding (Tracker – able to investigate one person each Night to determine who that person targeted, if any): Emily, Claire
  • Chucks (Cop – able to investigate one person each Night to determine alliance): Yuko, Inge


  • [DAY] Emily @ Reverie Rhapsody as Sorrento (IOI-655321), Goon, Team Sixers
  • [NIGHT] Crini @ All About Books as Shoto, Mason, Team Gunters
  • [NIGHT] Yuko @ Living for Books as Art3mis, Townie, Team Gunters
  • [NIGHT] Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections as IOI-632187, Goon, Team Sixers

What the heck happened in the last “48 hours” of the game? How the heck did the good guys turn this around? We don’t know about you guys, but we were SHOCKED to find the game ending so soon after four days of bad guy dominance. Bravo, good guys, bravo! Especially to the lucky six that avoided death until the end: Claire, Chantelle, Cayce, Jenn, Sarah, and Faith. You guys will be receiving a “I Survived the Bookish Games” postcard in the mail as soon as Kelley get your deets (so please send her your address).

But wait, don’t you want to know what all went down? What all the twists were and who had what artifacts and how the heck three people ended dead as a result of Night Five? Don’t worry! We got your covered…

That Ending

Here’s how it went down…

(Can you tell that Kelley just stole the mic from Asti right now?)

On Day 3,  Orli got voted off, meaning her Sword of Ba’Heer randomly went to one of the people who voted her off: Amy.

During Day 4 , Yuko dropped a bombshell right before the deadline (when she knew she might be eliminated), announcing that she had cop powers (due to having Chucks) and had found out during one of her investigations that Lauren was not Team Gunter. A voting tie resulted, and no elimination occurred that Day. But at Night, Amy decided to use the Sword of Ba’Heer to kill off Lauren, at which point she inherited The Catalyst. And it’s a good thing she used it while she had the chance, because that very same night, the Sixers sent Inge to kill off Amy, which resulted in Inge inheriting both the Sword of Ba’Heer AND The Catalyst.

Day 5 was a bit crazy. It seemed like Chantelle was going to get eliminated, but during the last hour everyone started switching their votes to Emily. As a result, Emily was eliminated and exposed as a Sixer. What readers didn’t know, though, was that Emily had Fyndoro’s Tablet of Finding. With her removal from the game, the artifact got randomly assigned to a player who had helped vote her out, Claire. (Unfortunately, Claire didn’t really get a chance to use her newfound powers since the game ended that Night. Sorry Claire!)

THEN during Night 5, both Cayce (Doctor) and Crini (who had Hayata’s Beta Capsule) used their powers to protect Yuko, because clearly she would be a target for the remaining Sixers. Which is why Inge used her newly-acquired Sword of Ba’Heer to make her kill unstoppable. So, sure, her kill went through, but once Crini had activated that Beta Capsule, there was no going back. The Night turned into a three-way battle, resulting in a three death, heroic blaze of glory. And since nobody was around to loot the corpses, there still sits a heap of artifacts in one shiny, shiny loot pile. Did you get all that?!

The MVPs

We basically ended up with three players whose actions brought about the end of the game and a win for the Gunters:

  • Inge, who started out with one artifact and ended the game with a collection of FOUR, before they all exploded into a huge loot pile.
  • Yuko, who used her Cop powers to expose Lauren and thus made herself a target, leading Inge ultimately to her death.
  • Crini, who held onto that Beta Capsule until it was time to protect Yuko, resulting in the final Sixer’s death.

So how do we decide which one wins the t-shirt? We thought it would be fun to put it to a vote. Tell us who YOU think is the MVP!


Like always, we wanted to walk you through the game set-up a bit, to provide you with all the behind-the-scenes stuff that you may or may not have known. This game, and it’s artifacts, were inspired by the book Ready Player One. (Read it if you haven’t yet! It’s quite good.)

Twist One: Artifacts

The most obvious twist, and one that we informed players of upfront, was the introduction of artifacts. Instead of assigning roles to certain characters or players, we assigned the roles to artifacts. If you had an artifact, you had a power. If you died, the artifact transferred to someone else and he/she then had the power. This transfer of artifacts was determined by how a person died. If a player was killed off at Night, the artifact would be transferred to the killer. If a player was killed of at Day, the artifact would be randomly assigned to one of the players who had helped vote the player off. All of the artifacts were transferable, but those like the 1981 Quarter and The Catalyst could only be used once in the game so once used would not have been transferred but would have been retired.

But what if a player had more than one artifact, like Inge? We knew as the game went on and players were eliminated, there was a good chance that some players would end up with multiple artifacts (though we didn’t quite realize Inge was going to hoard them all!) so we had one last rule to try and keep things balanced: if a player had multiple artifacts, he/she could only use ONE artifact per Day/Night. This is actually quite important and impacted the final Night – Inge had the Orb which protected her from being killed at Night. But, she chose to use the Sword of Night Five instead, meaning she gave up her protection for that one Night giving the Townies the perfect opportunity to take her out – which they did!

The one thing that we did want to note, as players seemed confused by this, is that the artifacts were never going to be announced when players were eliminated. Both the Mafia and Townie seemed to think that if Yuko was eliminated they would know whether or not she was telling the truth about being a Cop. But no, that is not the case. If Yuko were to be eliminated, we would identify her as a Townie, Team Gunter. We would give her artifact in secret to someone else and not announce or confirm that she had ever had it (just like we did with previous players who were eliminated with artifacts).

Twist Two: Replacement Players

So, remember when two players had to be replaced in the games? And two replacements magically appeared? Well, the replacement players were actually previously eliminated players who were given a second chance. That’s right. Claire is not really Claire, she is vvb. And Sarah is not really Sarah, she is Sana.

When we found out we were going to have two disqualifications, we were quite disappointed because we knew we wouldn’t be able to find two new players who would be able to catch up with everything that has been going. But suddenly, Asti had an idea. Why not see if players who were eliminated earlier in the game would like to come back? Asti contacted the first few eliminated players and they agreed to do it!

Of course, we didn’t want to just say Sana and vvb were back because a) that might confuse players as they would have to separate Sana and vvb’s old characters with their new ones and b) they might unfairly attack both again for their previous play (such as what happened with Sana’s original elimination, she was killed off primarily due to her skilled work in previous games). So they create their own alliances, we reintroduced them as new players, and all was good. Thanks Sana and vvb!

Twist Three: Scoreboard Points

When Kelley designed the graphic for this version of the Bookish Games, she decided to make a scoreboard to reflect the book. Asti loved it, but felt the need to do something with the points. They tossed a couple of ideas around – maybe every time someone says the name of an evil player they get a point, every time they say something 80’s related they get a point, etc. – but in the end we decided to make the points quite obvious so as not to interfere too much with the gameplay. If a player’s vote resulted in a Townie being eliminated, they received 1000 points. If a player’s vote resulted in a Mafia being eliminated, they received 10,000 points. It didn’t really have any impact on the game, but was just included to make the scoreboard a little more interesting. [Note: This scoring system was not added to the graphics when importing Oh, the Books! content to the new Bookish Games blog.]

Behind the Scenes

As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where Kelley and I kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • GoogleDocs – Master Sheet – Spreadsheet that contains information about each Day’s votes, each Night’s actions, artifact transfers, points given for votes, and all eliminations. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see what went down each Day and Night of the game.
  • Page DS – Masons Page (password: Bromance) – The Masons consisted of two players (Crini and Sana) who knew of each other’s alliance and could communicate anytime, Day or Night, on a private page.
  • Page GO – Dead Player Page (password: GameOver) – Dead Players (or spectators who were interested) could gain access to this page to discuss the game outside of the main posts.
  • Page IOI – Sixers Page (password: Suxors) – The Mafia team were allowed to discuss each Night which players they wanted to kill.


Since this game ended pretty early, we thought it might be fun to restart the game and play again. This means that we’d basically re-shuffle the cards and assign everyone a new role (with the artifacts being shuffled as well) so you can play the game all over again, knowing what the artifacts are and what teams there are. We’ll only do this if we get enough participants though, so if you’re interested, please leave a comment below and say REBOOT ME! (You can also join even if you didn’t play the original game!)

If there’s enough interest the game will reboot in two weeks, with Kelley sending out the role information next week by the 6th of December. And if the mere thought of playing the game again isn’t enough motivation to join, what if we told you that Asti plans on joining as a player? That’s right. If the game reboots, Asti will give the moderating duties to Kelley and join as a player. Who doesn’t want that?

Interested Rebooters:

  1. Asti @ Oh, the Books!
  2. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading
  3. Yuko @ Living For Books
  4. Emily @ Feathers in her Head
  5. Crini @ All About Books
  6. Chantelle
  7. Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections
  8. Karolina @ Bookshelf Reflections
  9. Orli @ Blame My Bookshelf
  10. Cayce @ Fighting Dreamer
  11. Dave
  12. Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile
  13. Jenn @ The Bookish Ginger
  14. vvb @ vvb32 reads
  15. Nikki @ The Paper Sea

If the reboot doesn’t happen, no harm done. There will be another Bookish Games, but it’s currently undecided as to when it will take place. It’s likely to happen in the spring/summer (sometime next year anyways) and will be inspired by The Grisha trilogy. But we’ll announce all that when we have it sorted.

54 thoughts on “Ready Player One Edition: GAME OVER”

  1. BAHAHA, this was just altogether hilarious! I was so shocked to see it was over! So random…

    and OMG… grabby hands all over this… REBOOT ME! ASTI YOU WILL PLAY?!?!?! OMG! That’s terrifying and amazing all at the same time 🙂

    Ready Player One definitely confused me more than any of the other bookish games, the artifact things really stumped me!!!

    Congrats to the Gunters !!!

  2. Haha yes, if we get enough to reboot I’m going to join the fun. I will know as much as everyone else (teams, artifacts, etc.), but Kelley will reshuffle things so I’ll also be as clueless as everyone else. I really just want to see if I can last longer than day 😉

    So yes Kelley, if you didn’t know already…


    Oh, and re: the artifacts. They were quite confusing but I thought they worked well overall. Not sure I would do it for any other kind of Bookish Game, but I think it was fitting for this one. 🙂

  3. WE WON!

    Asti will play?! REBOOT ME then! :):):)
    I don’t think I’ve understood all the artifacts thing 😛 I’ve some doubts about the Catalyst 🙂

  4. Feel free to share your doubts about the Catalyst! I’m sure Kelley will update the artifacts if she thinks there’s any obvious issues with them. (This was our first time doing things like artifacts so we’re opening for suggestions!)

    And yes, I’m playing! But I hope people don’t kill me off right away just for being a moderator! :O

  5. OMG! Congratulations Gunters! 😀 You guys totally deserved it 😉 And that’s a huge twist! Can’t believe that the replacement players were Sana and vvb! Nice job Kelley and Asti, that was a smart one! 🙂 I’m glad you guys managed to come back! 😀

    And sorry for all the malicious killing you guys at Night… I realized being a Mafia is not really for me huhu. Congratulations Gunters for being smart about it and turning things around! You guys were great! 🙂 And of course, to my fellow Sixers, Inge and Lauren, thanks for all the times wrecking havoc haha…

    AND IS ASTI PLAYING?! OMG OKAY SIGN ME UP. (I was sort of telling myself that I wouldn’t play anymore but now there’s that, REBOOT ME).

  6. Haha, I actually thought it was quite funny no one suspected Sana and vvb to be returning players, but I guess they had no reason to! 😉 Too bad Sana was a bad returning player and still got a warning! Tsk tsk!

    I thought you did alright as a Mafia member, Emily! But yes, it does taken a certain evilness to pull it off, and you’re just a bit too nice. Though I am still shocked that you got voted off so suddenly, that was just crazy how that Day ended.

    And yes, I’m playing! Was planning on playing the next game anyways (The Grisha one), but since this one ended early and I should be done with work after next week, I figured I might as well give it a go. Muhahaha!

  7. “Too nice” pssht xD HAHAHA. Thank you though 😛

    And yes!! HAHA SANA. Can’t believe you got a warning even when you returned! xD That’s pretty fun though! And I definitely can’t believe Claire was vvb! Well done vvb, you really did well when you came back! 😀


    And here I thought this was be the last time I would be playing The Bookish Games… guess not 😛

    YAY to Asti finishing work next week muahahaha. I’m betting you’re going to spread your evilness around aren’t you >:)

  8. And it also occurs to me that one Night Cayce targeted me (I targeted you and you targeted me HAHA)… Cayce did you try to protect me with your Doctor powers?! :O

  9. OMG, haha! I knew I would die during the night but I didn’t expect the game to be over already XD
    REBOOT ME!!!!

    And I feel so bad now that I know that Chantelle was on my team. I was SO sure she is a Sixer. SORRY CHANTELLE! 😀

  10. Haha, she did! I laughed when I saw it, and when I told you your investigation results that she targeted you and you seemed to have an idea of what powers she targeted you with, I was quite curious what you were thinking! I didn’t think you expected her to protect you 😛

  11. Haha yes, you and Chantelle were quite stuck up on each other for a while there. I had assumed everyone would focus on you two and the game would go on longer because of your suspicions, but I was wrong! 😛

    And woohoo! Added you to the reboot list 🙂

  12. Exactly! xD At first I thought maybe it was Doctor but then I thought that wouldn’t be right because she seemed suspicious of me already, then I thought maybe she has the role cop artifact, and that I thought was more right 😛 BUT IT WAS DOCTOR! xD

  13. Woohoo! I can’t believe we won!

    No worries Crini, it’s difficult knowing who’s on which team. 🙂

    I’m unsure about playing again, but the fact that Asti’s playing is swaying me…


  14. Haha, you can be rebooted but don’t get upset with me if I end up suspecting you during the game 😉

  15. Haha I didn’t either! The Gunters totally turned it around! But hey, it was fun while it lasted and go you for hoarding all the artifacts 😉

    Added you to the reboot list! 😀

  16. Woohoo, we won!! And I managed to stay alive!! Which is something that never happened before (this time I tried to not draw attention to myself so I could protect people at Night)

    And yes, REBOOT ME! Asti is playing (plus, I have yet to “touch” an artifact and I want to!) – I cannot miss that! 😀

  17. I need time to process what just happened! At first I thought that the bad guys won but heyyy, we did it!Time to partayyy! Go Team Gunters!

    Crini, I’m proud of you for using Hayata’s Beta Capsule. Well done, Shoto. =P

    I really didn’t get to chance to really play the game since I got eliminated on Night One and then as Sarah I got so busy with my best friend’s wedding. As a result, I’m pretty much the only player with two warnings. I clearly don’t learn from my mistakes haha.

    Awesome, awesome game, Kelley and Asti! So very interesting with all the artifacts going around in different players hands.

    P.S. REBOOT ME because hell yeah, I want to play this again especially with Asti playing! Heeee

  18. Yes! I can’t believe we won already 😛 Way to go Gunters!

    And of course I want to play again 😛 so you can REBOOT ME!

  19. Awesome! what an epic battle in the end. It was pretty fun to see how things turned so fast at the end of the voting day. I must say the mafia did a great job at blending in. And, Inge, you were my next suspect 😉 Okay, I will REBOOT for a second time.

  20. Hehehe, maybe this time you’ll get more of a chance to actually play! But hey, you survived thanks to your secret extra life, so don’t forget to send me your mailing address!

  21. Wow, what an end! Glad the Gunters were able to pull it off. I find the game more stressful than fun, so I’ll be passing, but I’m glad it all worked out.

  22. I know! I licked out 😛 Guess my strategy of not posting too much worked out for them to feel I wasn’t very helpful.. lol

  23. It’s pretty stressful for me, too, Amy. That’s why I’m glad Asti let me switch to helping her run them instead of playing them myself. 🙂

  24. Nope. The player was told to just say ACTIVATE CATALYST in his/her comment. As soon as one of the moderators saw it they would announce that the player who had The Catalyst along with the person who commented before that player would be eliminated. It is the only artifact that everyone would have been informed of of its use as it would happen during the Day in front of everyone, and the artifact would disappear from the game after its one use.

  25. When Kelley and I discussed doing a possible reboot we decided we would aim for at least fifteen players, and we have fifteen players, so the reboot will be happening! Kelley is in charge, but I think her plan is to send out the emails next weekend 🙂

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