Death Note Edition: Game Over!


Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!





  • [DAY] Lauren @ Lose Time Reading as Kyosuke Higuchi, Unaligned Serial Killer (Fake Kira)
  • [NIGHT] No Night Kill!

After seven long Days, Team Kira finally secured their win by leading the dominant vote for Lauren, Kyosuke Higuchi, Unaligned Serial Killer. With Lauren out of their way, Team Kira had nothing left standing in their way. Even if they were role blocked from completing their Night Kill, they could have outright confessed that they were the baddies during the Day and still managed to vote out the remaining The World Team players during the remaining Days with their majority numbers. So congratulations to the surviving Team Kira members (Charli, Jenn, and Leanne)… It’s about time a mafia team finally won this game!

The Prizes

Just like last time, we’ve decided to choose an MVP of this game and award them with an I SURVIVED THE BOOKISH GAMES t-shirt.

It’s pretty clear that Jenn played an INCREDIBLE game this time around, using every ounce of her cunning and persuasive skills to continually sway people to her line of thinking and keep the suspicion away for herself and her Mafia teammates. When we chose her to play Light, we had no idea just how true to the character her actions would turn out to be. Congratulations, Jenn! You’re the MVP of this game, hands down.

But what about everyone else who survived — especially those players who ultimately ended the game and won it for Team Kira? Both Leanne and Charli helped contribute to Team Kira’s success in some pivotal way – whether by aiding in the discussions and continually bringing up logical arguments (Leanne), or playing innocent-but-not-too-innocent and keeping people friendly with her (Charli). Don’t worry, you guys get prizes too! We’ll be sending each of you some official Bookish Games swag, so be on the lookout for an email from Kelley very soon.


This game was inspired by Death Note. I went through about five or six different iterations of possible roles and twists and setups for this game, some much more complex than others, but we ended up deciding that a more simple approach this time would be best. There were no major twists set up in this game as there were with the Divergent edition (characters possibly getting recruited by the Mafia at Night), but we did include quite a few more powerful roles this time around.

  • Two Jacks-of-all-Trades: Since L is basically all powerful and Near is his protege, it made sense to give both of these roles a mix of special abilities. Both of them were 1x bulletproof and 1x lynchproof, but the rest of their abilities were divied up differently.
  • 50% Investigative Immune: With so many powerful roles this time around, we decided to give Light and Misa — the main members of Team Kira — a halfway protection from investigation. This meant that if they were investigated, we flipped a coin to see if it went through.
  • A Specialized Bodyguard: We decided to make Rem a Bodyguard, but only for Misa. This meant that if Misa was targeted during the Night, Rem would automatically die in her place. We thought this fit well with the actual story, and also went well with the balance of the game. (I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed that I never got to see this play out!)

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the way this all played out.

It went SO WELL with the actual storyline of the anime!

I hope you’ll indulge me in recounting some of the awesome (and sometimes hilarious) highlights from the games.

  • NIGHTS 1 & 2: Lauren came in strong with her Serial Killer targets, eliminating some of the most influential players right from the get go. Meanwhile, Team Kira was busy planning why they shouldn’t target Cayce or Emily quite yet, Lauren was like “Nope, you’re dead!” and it shocked Team Kira every time!
  • NIGHT 3: Team Kira decided to use Jenn’s Strongman ability to take out Ren. This was crucial to their success, because Ren was Near — a Jack-of-all-trades with 1x Bulletproof. By eliminating such a powerful role so early in the game, they really paved the road for their team to come out victorious. (This same Night, Lauren had also targeted Jenn for death, but thanks to Charley’s protection, Jenn was kept alive!)
  • DAY 4: This started the ultimate showdown between Lillian (L) and Jenn (Light). Lillian really began to suspect Jenn, but was then swayed by the arguments Jenn put forth, and ended up changing her mind. I loved the parallel with how L’s suspicions of Light throughout the anime went up and down just like this. From then on, Jenn had pretty much convinced everyone she was on the good team, despite some evidence to the contrary (I still don’t get how nobody concluded that she’d used her Strongman ability to kill Ren!).
  • DAY 5 ONWARD: At this point, Jenn was continually able to convince others to make the vote she wanted them to, even if she ended up cancelling hers later, which led to the elimination of several additional players on the good team. Charli also cleverly kept the attention off of herself by being generally nice and innocent-looking, much like her character Misa in the anime!
  • NIGHT 5: Why did nobody die this night? Was it due to the roleblocks, like so many people suspected? Lesley Marie successfully roleblocked Charli, stymieing both her role cop investigation AND the mafia kill! And Lauren decided to target Jenn, using up Jenn’s bulletproof vest.
  • NIGHT 6: Again, no deaths? Lauren was a hot target this time. Team Kira decided to target her, using up her bulletproof vest. Then Lesley Marie swooped in with another awesome roleblock, stopping Lauren from killing her!

Okay, okay, I’ll stop reminiscing now. Guys, this was an INCREDIBLE game. So many of you played your hearts out and really made it amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who participated and took a chance on this theme for the Bookish Games. Some of you didn’t know anything about Death Note, and others didn’t know anything about the game, but you all gave it a shot and it turned out great!

A Minor Mistake

I (Asti) did make one minor mistake during this edition of the Bookish Games, which took place during Day Seven. During this Day, Charli had returned from her hiatus to address the accusations that were being thrown her way. Someone said they had role blocked her and were wondering if that connected to the fact that no one died that Night (and it did. Charli was sent to complete Team Kira’s kill that Night, but it was not successful because Charli was role blocked). Charli’s rebuttal was that no, she was a Role Cop, and if she was role blocked then how come she got investigation results that Night for the person she investigated?

Now, when I saw this, I sort of freaked out. I had just woke up so I guess my brain wasn’t quite thinking things through. And it went “OH MY, DID I SEND CHARLI RESULTS WHEN I SHOULDN’T HAVE?!” Because she WAS role blocked, so yeah, shouldn’t she have not gotten results?! So I quickly deleted the one line from her comment that mentioned this fact and DMed her saying that she WAS role blocked and that I removed that bit from her comment because it was a mistake on my end and if she put it there I would have to explain to everyone I made the mistake and it might cause more problems that good.

Of course, after I sent Charli these frantic DMs, I looked at it all a little closer and realized… no. I did the right thing. You see, when someone is role blocked, I still always send them results. I just don’t send them accurate results. It’s sort of the same as someone being investigative-immune. That person’s investigation is blocked, but they still get results because otherwise they’d know the person they investigated has immunity or that something is interfering with their investigation. So when Charli was role blocked that Night, I did send her results but not accurate ones. I told her the player she investigated had no special powers, which was a lie, but the right results since Charli was role blocked.

Do you see how this all got confused in my head?

Needless to say, I realized this shortly after DMing Charli and then went back to delete my DMs and pretend my freakout never happened, but Charli was too quick for me and had already read and replied to my messages. So I just had to leave it as it is, because at that point I had already dug myself into a hole and couldn’t get out of it.

So this is my formal apology to Charli for freaking out on Twitter and relaying the wrong information, when I should have shut my mouth and let things continue on as they were. Sorry! I don’t mess up often in these games, but this was one of those times. >.<


As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where Kelley and I kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • GoogleDocs – Master Sheet – Spreadsheet that contains information about each Day’s votes, each Night’s actions, and all eliminations. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see what went down.
  • Page KR – Team Kira Page (password: eatapples) – Team Kira were allowed to discuss each Night which players they want to kill, as well as share any information they had from their other powers.
  • Page GY – Graveyard Page (password: crapidied) – Dead Players (or spectators who were interested) could gain access to this page to discuss the game outside of the main posts.*

*Team Kira is lucky that certain players ended up in the Graveyard before they could do too much harm. Some of them were spot-on when it came to guessing who the baddies were, and as the evidence continued to roll in they could only sit and watch as the remaining Townies struggled to figure it out. Poor dead people.


Bookish Games: Death Note Edition was a lot of fun. Kelley’s set up worked really well in that there were plenty of things going on behind the scenes that could affect the gameplay, without some overly crazy twist to really screw with everyone’s minds. There were really chances for both teams to secure the win, but in the end it was Team Kira who pulled it off with their smooth-talking ways. Great job baddies! It’s about time you guys secured a win.

But of course, it’s not over yet. Another edition of Bookish Games is in the works, and this time our novel choice is inspired by the upcoming Sci-Fi Month event which we’re co-hosting! The next version of the Bookish Games will be inspired by Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.


And I can assure you, this game is going to be a little different from the rest as Asti planned it with a twist. (But don’t worry, we’ll be sharing this twist in advance this game, as otherwise players might really bash their head against the wall in confusion!) Sign-ups will be open on October 11th, with the games starting on the 25th, so mark your calendars if you’re interested in joining!

39 thoughts on “Death Note Edition: Game Over!”

  1. OMGGGGGGG… the mafia finally won !!!!! Holy smokes, Jenn you played a phenomenal game, congratulations 🙂 I can’t believe I was right about the sacrifice of Tabitha, you TRICKSTERS 😛 I’m honestly shocked about Charli !!! I thought for sure that Leanne and Jenn were obvs, but Charli… that blew my MIND. Kudos to you Charli, you really fooled me! I laughed when I read in the mafia page that you said you were better at pretending to me good than actually being good, you really did a great job. I thought it was so funny that on N1 & N2 you talked about Cayce and Emily, and then I killed them at night and you thought for a second I could see your page, what a coincidence! I totally just went in with the strategy of get the veterans and strong players out, because y’all are too smart at this game 😛

    @Kelley & Asti: Thanks so much for hosting this once again. Death note was my favorite one so far I think, even thought I have no idea about it but the SK role was definitely my favorite. SOOO tough but hilariously fun!! I totally said to myself that I didn’t want to sign up for the fifth version, I’d give it a rest, but then you had to mention twist?!?!!? That’s my weak word lol… And it’s another book that I hadn’t read which clearly turned out to be SO much fun this time!! Really, thanks so much for all the time and hardwork you put into the BG (and P.S. I totally waited up until 1am because I just needed to know what was happening!!!) 🙂


    So yeah. It turns out I am better at pretending to be good than actually being good. Because my other two games I got voted out D1/2!

    @Asti hahahahaha no worries. We just continued on with the game xD

    @Lauren haha thank you! I was a bit more prepared this time and I knew the angle I wanted to take… Also, YES SERIOUSLY LAUREN YOU RUINED OUR CAREFUL PLANS TO NOT KILL THEM!

    I just read the dead page and it’s a good job they all died O_O they knew who we were from like night 1!

    So yayyy, thank you guys *bows* for our win and THANK YOU FOR HOSTING! 😀 I can’t play the next one 😦 but I’ll follow it and such!

  3. Nice job to all the evil team: I knew Jenn was Light, argh! I really enjoyed this game and I’ll definitely sign up for the next one since I really loved Ready Player One!
    Thank you very much girls for hosting this fabulous game, you’re great!

  4. Thanks! I felt for sure that I was gone so many times. It was pretty hard to talk my way out of the Strongman thing 😛

    It’s funny that you say that because I felt for sure that if I was figured out, Charli was right behind

    You did really well too! I only figured you out after Lillian and Lesley told us they both It was just process of elimination after that, since you were the only person we knew nothing about. But thanks for taking out the big threats at the It was a good strategy on your part for sure 🙂

  5. Aw, thanks guys ❤

    I honestly have noooo idea how I even made it to the end and survived. There were so many times I was sure I was going to be taken out. So many times. I think the previous games helped me a lot because they gave me a lot of learning experience.

    Thanks Leanne, Charli and Tabitha for being such awesome teammates. Especially a big thanks for Tabitha for being a sacrifice, I really think it helped us out a lot in not getting caught. I also love that our only loss was a controlled one for us 😉

    Asti and Kelley, you're so mean to make Ready Player One the next games! I will never be trusted again and would love to play that one. D:

    I almost didn't sign up for these games because I know nothing about Deathnote, I still don't. I really need to put it on hold at the library I think, I want to read before watching it 😉 I'm glad that I did end up signing up because this was a really fun game for me this time around! I always have fun playing, but this time it was the funnest! 🙂

  6. Haha, I just knew Charli was evil (since day1), and can’t believe Jenn managed to sway the votes in their favor when it was so obvious she was evil too (but that’s a real Kira for you) – great game, Team Kira! My heart is always with the baddies so I am really happy to see them finally win 😛

  7. Can I just say that I KNEW Jenn and Leanne were baddies *scowls* XD Though that wont help :p

    Amazing play by you guys! Jenn and Leanne talked me out of my assumptions and damn, that was amazing! 😮 I learnt some great tricks and tips that I cant wait to use next time I’m in the Game lol

    And yes to Ready Player One! I’ll be spectator though, because exams! :/

    Kelley and Asti, brilliant planning from you guys! *appaulds* Evil masterminds though, you two!

  8. Yesssssss we won! 😀 You can see how excited I was just from finally getting Lauren, so seeing “Game Over” while I was still alive was pretty much that happy dance x10 lol. I never survive very long it seems, so it was nice to make it to the end for once!

  9. My favorite moment from the whole of this Games version was the one kill I personally got sent out on. I think it was right after we sacrificed poor murderous Tabitha to further our cause.

    I have way too much fun with those forms. ^_^

  10. Lol when you pulled out of that Strongman situation I was like “whattttttt look at this girl be a pro!” hahaha. I couldn’t stop giggling over that enough to type for like an hour. I don’t know what I would have done in your situation at all.

  11. OMG Lauren I think we were all rolling with laughter (and more than a little paranoid) that you kept taking out exactly who we were avoiding killing! It’s definitely even funnier now than it was then.

  12. I knowwwww! I’m so excited about the Ready Player One version but I don’t think I’ll ever be trusted again either. o_o I’ve been a serial killer and mafia already so there’s really no telling if either of us would get those roles again. But we apparently are too good at talking sometimes. >_> Someone’s going to get Lauren’s strat in their head and pop us on Night 1 haha.

  13. Probably something similar to what I was I couldn’t believe I got away with it. XD

  14. I was pretty surprised at the trust in me to be honest. It just means no one will trust me again 😦 *sigh*

  15. Yeah, they would just be all… eff these guys. and bump us off. 😛 And we would be good and they would lose precious team members.

  16. O_O Jenn! This is just brilliant… I’m sorry, but I don’t think I will be able to trust you in the next games because of this. I will just be thinking of this game the whole entire time 😛 But yes, you were truly a Kira in this! And I was right about Leanne and Charli at first, but then I got guilted D: Well, I guess I learned my lesson. Anyways, thanks to you all for such of a wonderful first bookish games ^_^

    Ooh, Ready Player One? MUST PARTICIPATE!

  17. You all played so well!! Good job everyone, and for the evils, well you guys were super smart ;D I suspected you guys and was rolling in my grave, but unfortunately, that was where I had to stay… in my grave 😛 Definitely don’t think I will be able to trust you guys in the next few games too, haha Jenn, Leanne and Charli!! xD You guys were FANTASTIC! And of course, good job to all the townies, you guys fought hard! 🙂
    And I found it funny that you guys didn’t want to kill me and then I ended up dead (LAUREN!! xD)! Great play everyone! 😀 And congratulations Jenn! You most certainly deserve to be MVP! You had so many gutsy moves 😉
    And thank you to Asti and Kelley for being great hosts and putting up with all my speculations haha! You guys are WIN! 😀 ❤

  18. Yes, we were totally planning to use you for our own nefarious purposes, Emily! Haha. Then Lauren had to go and take you away from us. D:

  19. I am just discovering the Bookish games — looks like fun! I loved Ready Player One, so I’m pretty excited to see how that plays out!

  20. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to reply to these comments! But yes, the Mafia finally won! Though I would’ve been just as happy to have a serial killer finally win one too. You definitely deserve props for getting so far! The SK has everything working against them, so lasting as long as you did was quite an achievement.

    And haha yes, Kelley and I were definitely laughing behind the scenes as you killed off the people the Mafia decided to keep around. Poor Mafia had to wonder if we were purposely just killing people off to spite them 😉

    I personally would love to have you for the next one, but I understand if you decide to say no! I have no idea how it will go because of our planned twists, so it shall be quite… interesting. But hey, at least we’re being nice this time and sharing what the main twist is before the game begins! Maybe you can wait until we announce it and then make up your mind?

    Thanks again for participating in another one of our Bookish Games! ❤ Always happy to have you, and enjoyed your game play!

  21. Sorry this reply is so late >.<

    Haha, you definitely got away with being evil this time. But hey, if that's what it takes to make you last more than two days, I'm glad it happened 😉 I always feel bad when people get killed off right away!

    And yes! That's always one of the funnest things being the Game Master. All the dead people were just spot on who the baddies were, and yet they were dead and could do nothing about it. It's a good thing Lauren helped you kill them off, because otherwise you guys would have been doomed!

    So sad you can't join us for the next one, but glad you were able to do this one. 🙂 Take care Charli!

  22. Sorry for the late reply Yuko!

    Haha, It was funny because I felt like people kept knowing Jenn was evil, kept having suspicions, but the second they tried to voice it and she defended herself they quickly changed their mind and gave up. She’s just too good, that girl, too good.

    But yes! I hope to see you for the next one, Ready Player One! I think you did quite well for this being your first go 🙂

  23. And congrats to you! You’re technically a winner, as a member of the winning team? (You’re just dead, you know. Same difference. ;))

  24. Sorry for the late reply!

    I was so sad you were killed off so early! You’re such a smart player, which was only proven when you ended up pointing out all the bad guys no problem while in the grave. Noooooooo! Evil Lauren for killing you. If only the Mafia could have talked her out of murdering you. (But they couldn’t talk to her, or else they would know she’s the serial killer. Doh.)

    Anyways, it’s always lovely to have you in the games and YOU ARE WIN! Hope to see you for the next one 😉 (But no worries if you can’t. But you should. But it’s okay if you don’t. BUT DO IT! XP)

  25. Sorry for the late reply!

    Haha, yes, even I don’t trust her and I am the one who assigns the roles! She was just too good this time. Every time I thought her fate was sealed, that the evidence of her guiltiness was too big to ignore, she would just shut down everyone’s suspicions with her smooth-talking ways. It was ridiculous!

    Hopefully you learn you lesson to not be so gullible in future games. You had the right suspicions at times, you just let them talk you out of it too easily! XP

    Definitely hope to see you for the next one! 🙂

  26. Haha yes, you did an amazing job Leanne! And your Night Action form definitely wins the award for being most creative and entertaining to read! XP

  27. Sorry for the late reply!

    Haha no, it won’t help anymore that you know Jenn and Leanne were baddies. If you were able to do something about it before they killed everyone, maybe. But nope. They win. NOOOOOO! (Not that I’m not secretly happy. I’ve always wanted the baddies to win at least once XP)

    Sucks you won’t be able to participate in the next Bookish Games, but hopefully you’ll join us again someday in the future. You have to use those new tips and tricks you learnt in another game, right??

    Thanks again for playing! Was a pleasure to watch 🙂

  28. I KNOW! I kept telling Dave, “Oh, Jenn is doomed. They’re onto her now.” But as soon as one person would voice their suspicions she would talk them right out of it. She’s too good! (But like you said, we needed the baddies to win at least once so it’s okay!)

    Excited to hear you’ll be joining us for the next one, hopefully! I’m interested to see how it will go since we’ll be adding this new twist. Eek!

    (Sorry for the late reply, btw! >.<)

  29. Haha, yes! The baddies have been close too many times. It’s about time they won!

    Ooh, hope you like RP1 if/when you read it! It’s definitely a unique read! And if you want to join us for the next Bookish Games, we’ll gladly accept you 🙂

    (Sorry for the late reply btw. Been a total slacker >.>)

  30. Haha, however you did it, it worked! I was sure you’d be taken out multiple times too. I kept telling Dave, “Ah, all the evidence is against her. She’ll def be voted out this time!” But as soon as fingers pointed your way you would talk yourself out of it! Mad skills!

    And you can still play the next one! Maybe we’ll have to give you some secret protection as everyone will want to kill you off right away? lol. Make you their doctor so if they vote you off they’ll regret it? Haha. It’s up to you, of course, but I would love to have you again 🙂

    (Sorry for the late reply, btw! I’m such a slacker >.<)

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