Death Note Edition: Day Seven


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  • [DAY] Harman @ Little Bookworm Reviews as Ukita, Townie, The World Team
  • [NIGHT] No Night deaths!


Well, this is interesting. Another Night with no deaths! Have the bad guys decided they no longer need the Night kills to win this game, or is there something deeper going on behind the scenes? With so few players left, the truth will be revealed soon enough…


It is now Day Seven. Everyone has until Wednesday 1pm EDT to discuss suspicions and cast their votes. Once the deadline has been reached, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated.

31 thoughts on “Death Note Edition: Day Seven”

  1. Hmm, it appears I was wrong about Harman being teamed up with Lauren. I still think Lauren is evil. Maybe she is the SK and working alone then. :/

    I can’t help but feel like the mafia numbers must be really small, or else we would have uncovered another by now. I really don’t think Leanne is one of them though, I think it was just a coincidence. Maybe Charli can enlighten us on why nothing happened when she was role blocked?

    Maybe there is only one mafia left, which would be kinda crazy because finding two people in the midst of all of us is pretty freaking hard. Which appears to really be working out in their favour.

  2. Well, I roleblocked Lauren last night just to see what would happen :/ Nothing happened. I’d be way more comfortable with Leanne if she were willing to at least just give out the name of her role (example: “Ryuk”)… Her just telling me that she has no roles to be blocked doesn’t do much to ease my suspicions. Anyways… I really wonder why there has been two nights in a row with no deaths… Charli probably wasn’t able to get internet access at all this week, and thus wouldn’t be able to kill anyone, but that doesn’t really explain the other killer.

    Unless there is no other killer. I believe that someone (Jenn, I think) said something about there being only one killer (Light) that just has the abilities to kill two?

    @Jenn. I still don’t find myself incredibly suspicious of Lauren. I mean, she’s the player I feel most neutral about, but that’s it…

  3. I didn’t say that, I think it was Leanne maybe. I’m not sure. I’ll have to go back and check.

    So you roleblocked Lauren? It honestly makes me wonder if maybe there is someone else out there that is still bulletproof and she tried to kill them yesterday, and maybe one of the roleblocks yesterday went through but the other worked. Maybe? But that could be why there were no night kills yesterday and today maybe the kill didn’t go through because she was blocked.

    Giving out names probably wouldn’t convince me at all because I don’t know any of the names for who would be good or So someone could probably say anything and I’d just sit here oblivious. I’m not really a fan of people giving out names though, I feel like it ruins the game a bit once the name dropping starts. You know? So I can understand if that’s why she didn’t want to give it.

    Are you at all suspicious of Charli? I know you obviously are of Leanne. Are there other reasons outside of there being no deaths? Because if that were the only reason, why wouldn’t you also be suspicious of Lauren for the same reasons? Just curious.

    I dunno, just with how terribly we’ve been doing so far makes me want to have a look at people who seem very neutral. I might be starting to get paranoid and that’s could be why I’m feeling not so good about Lauren.

  4. @Jenn. Ah, okay! I thought it was you who said that, but it probably was Leanne ^_^

    Huh, that actually seems really possible, especially since we probably still have major roles out there… I wouldn’t be surprised if players other than Ren have bulletproof. And of course, if Leanne doesn’t want to tell her name, she doesn’t have to… Though I think that the revealing of roles/names can add to the game in some ways (offers more strategy possibilities and such), it’s also true that other players might not like it…

    Yes, I am suspicious of Charli. There suddenly being a lack of deaths right after she went in a coma unsettled me. And by now, it will be hard to judge someone on the suspicious things they do, since we all managed to get through the game without being seen as a threat by players (both on the world team and on the mafia)…So I’m just going by gut-feelings and the little “evidence” I have, which may be flimsy, but it’s all I have >_<

    Although, I acknowledge that Charli announced her going in a coma, so it's hard to tell if the no deaths is because she is evil and gone or the mafia knew she was going to be gone and is trying to frame her.. The latter I find unlikely because that would take a bit too much time, don't you think?

    I guess the reason why I don't feel suspicious towards Lauren's neutrality is because I'm thinking that an evil player who is skilled/knows how to not get caught would be sure to make it seem as of they were on the good team as much as possible. Also, I'm just not getting any bad vibes from her :/

  5. Yes that was me that said there may be one killer able to put in two kills at once. I have no idea though, it’s just a possibility. (Anything we could possibly think of and even a bunch of things we haven’t are possibilities. >__> I’m confused.

  6. (Forgot to subscribe to comments!)

    Also at this point I have hardly any bad vibes from anyone, but clearly someone out there is killing us off. I know I’m not doing it, and I trust that Lesley Marie and Lillian most likely aren’t doing it because I don’t feel like giving killers a Roleblock would be fair at all. Jenn I feel has been far too helpful to be the one killing us, and I get good vibes from here even aside from that. That just leaves Charli and Lauren. Charli I don’t really know and am pretty neutral about. I would have said the same for Lauren except for Jenn having voiced suspicions on her. I’m inclined to trust her gut since mine doesn’t seem to be doing me a whole lot of good right now. Charli I’ll have to wait and see what she says once she’s back.

    I still don’t know how to factor roleblocking into everything. Definitely going to have a look through previous days and see if there are things I may have overlooked.

  7. @Leanne. “So Lesley Marie does that mean you’re suspicious of me because you think I’m on the good team? >_> I’m confused.” <– I'm sorry if I caused confusion! What I met was that a person on the evil team (especially if they survived this far) probably wouldn't be acting neutral– they'd want to act as if they are part of the team as much as possible… Especially after they had been called out many times on being too neutral, which is what has happened to Lauren quiet a few times.

    I don't know, maybe it's just me. And since you both made a good point, I'm going to look more into Lauren now, even if I don't get any bad vibes from her. And about Charli… If we were to consider your theory on there being only one killer with the ability to kill two, then it would be very likely for Charli, who probably hasn't had access to the internet all this time, to be evil. Oh, and Lillian isn't able to roleblock again. She apparently had a 1x investigate and a 1x roleblock, so I'm the only roleblocker (I assume).

    Hopefully Charli is able to stop by soon… And also Lillian and Lauren.

  8. Well, I’m back! I’ve read all the comments I missed and I understand why I look suspicious. I’m shocked about the lack of night deaths, that’s really odd! Also, I’m annoyed at myself that I was the one suspicious of Harman most and she turned out to be one of us!

    In terms of me, I have some information to share. I’m a role cop, which may seem weird as Lillian has 1x role cop, but I can only guess that it’s to do with the police and team of investigators in DN.

    In terms of suspicions right now, I’m not sure about Leanne and Lauren. I’ve got to read all the comments again from D6 that I missed and then I’ll talk about that.

    I’m travelling today (again, I know. My mum takes us goddamn everywhere in the summer.) so I’ll check back when I get there.

  9. Oh wow, another night without any kills!

    The person I am most suspicious of is Jenn. At the end of the last day she seemed certain that I was evil and also Harman, but Harman was definitely not as we found out. I honestly thought that Jenn was going to use her strongman kill on me last night because she was so certain that I was evil. I’m just wondering why you didn’t do that Jenn? If you really thought that I was mafia/SK and you were on TWT wouldn’t you want to use it on someone you were certain was evil? Or have you already used it on someone and you are pretending that you still have it?

    @Lillian: last day you said you that you were 100% certain that Harman was innocent, how did you know this?

    I’m most suspicious of Jenn as I said and then Leanne.

    I didn’t find Charli suspicious before really so she hasn’t done anything that would make me think otherwise.

    @Charli: Is there anyone you investigated?

  10. @Lauren I just had a strong feeling Harman was innocent. If you look at the previous comments, she was quite clueless about many things. She also took a while to get into the flow of it. That doesnt sound very mafia-like and it didn’t see fake. It’s also like the way I found Tabitha suspicious and they turned out to be true.

    @Leanne Like Lesley said, I only had the roleblock power for one block.

    I find Lauren the most suspicious from the 6 remaining. I think I suspected her the past many Days but I was diverted a few times.

  11. @Charli. Hmm. Thanks for the information, Charli! And I’m glad that you’re back! I hope you’ll be able to put up with meyparanoia/suspicion of you and Leanne 😛 Hopefully your comments through this day may take off some of that suspicion!

    @Lauren. Yeah, now that I think about it, that is kind of suspicious, but I guess Jenn might be wanting to wait until she is *absolutely* sure and/or wants to let other players know when she does it? I can’t answer for Jenn, though. I’m really not that suspicious of her, though her comment about us throwing away the game for not voting for Harman/Lauren kind of stood out to me, especially since Harman turned out to be innocent… Even though I ended up voting for Harman in the end >_<

    @Lillian. Hmmm. It is obvious that we should ALL listen to you, haha.

    Okay, but seriously, I'm really just neutral about Lauren, and somehow, even though I feel suspicious of Leanne and Charli, I don't feel right about voting for them… Figuring out who to vote for this day is gonna be hard…

  12. Oh yes I remember Lillian was the one with limited abilities. We’ve had so many with different roles it’s been difficult keeping them all straight.

    I wasn’t completely sure about Harman either (since I can’t investigate) but at the time she had the most things standing out to me, so I voted for her. :/ I was really hoping we’d get lucky and those clues would add up, but we ended up losing another member of the team instead.

    @Lesley Marie > I understand your suspicion of both me and Charli. It did look bad, or at least it did until today. Now with a roleblock having been used on someone other than us, and still no Night kills, it makes the whole suspicious-because-of-roleblock thing more confusing. Also thanks for clearing up my confusion on your comment earlier. I think I wasn’t awake enough when reading things on here. 🙂 Makes much more sense now.

    However with both Jenn and now Lillian saying they’ve been suspicious of Lauren before today, especially with Lillian saying her attention kept getting diverted from that, it’s giving me more of a need to dig into past behavior and comments from Lauren. (I know I said I was going to go over previous Days to look at this but haven’t since that last comment. Been stuck on my couch with a book not feeling well. >_> But I’ll comb through them soon!) I do think that may be something interesting to keep in mind, the bit about Lillian being diverted. It could be because there were always more suspicious people about or it could be some subtle slickness on Lauren’s part.

  13. @Lauren all the people I’ve investigated have had no roles… it actually makes me wonder if there is such a thing as like a paranoid role cop in this one? Like paranoid cop, but it always says no roles? Hm. I don’t know. Anyway. I’ve investigated yourself, Megan and Harman, all with no result.

    @Lesley I totally get it, no hard feelings! It’s the game and I can see why the roleblocking made me look suspicious.

  14. @Lauren, I wanted to see your reaction to my comment before I did anything, just to make sure it would be the right move. You hadn’t said anything , unless I completely missed it, before the voting ended. So I decided to risk waiting. I’m only lucky that you were roleblocked, or I would most likely be gone now. I know Charli said she investigated you, but it doesn’t really make me feel any better about you because I think you’re most likely the SK now. Which means you are probably investigative immune and probably have a bulletproof. So maybe that’s why there was no kill last night. Maybe the mafia tried to take you out because you as the SK would be their biggest threat.

    So I’m going to get my vote done and


    I’m pretty busy this week and have only been able to pop in a bit. I will check every day, but don’t want to miss out on voting just incase. Right now I’m sure that there is something bad about Lauren. While I’m not sure if she is mafia, I’m pretty sure she is at the very least the SK. That means that she is still a threat that we have to kill in order to win the game. I really hope there is only one mafia player left because we’ve had bad luck trying to find them.

  15. Voting Update

    Lauren (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not Voting: Charli, Lauren, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Lillian

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Lillian (1), Lauren (1)

    You have less than 24 hours left to get your votes in, people!

  16. Ugh I haven’t been able to comb through previous Days like I wanted. Classes have started and as always it’s a nightmare getting everything sorted at the beginning of a semester. Plus taking 5 on-campus and 2 online ones I pretty much haven’t been sleeping. >_>

    I’m going to put some trust into Jenn’s and Lillian’s suspicions on this one since Lauren was the person I was going to spend the majority of my free time (wait, free time? What’s that? :P) investigating and


    It hasn’t been sitting right with me that two of the more observant people have had doubts about her goodness, even moreso since like Lillian said that seems to keep getting overlooked or glossed over.

    (Sorry for the short comment, my brain is about fried right now. >_<)

  17. I’m sorry I have been less active than normally, I’ve been sick since Sunday and I had zero energy. I’m trying to plug this comment out before I go to bed for the evening and then hopefully I should be able to stop back tomorrow as well.

    Again, I don’t really have a defense other than I’m not the sk OR mafia. There isn’t much more that I can say other than that because I don’t know how to explain my being neutral, that wasn’t my intention, just this entire game I have found very hard to root out evil players so I didn’t have many suspicions that were different. I did try to voice my thoughts whenever I had them though. The fact of the matter is whether Lesley marie was to roleblock me everynight through to the end of the game or I am gone after today, that’s not going to stop any night kills because I am not mafia or the SK. I am a roleless townie, just like Charli had investigated, whether you choose to believe it or not. It’s unfortunate because I think the mafia and/or SK is definitely swindling everyone’s votes AGAIN as it’s clear that it’s been happening because day after day we only vote out our own (with the exception of Tabitha but I am even more convinced now that I was leaning towards the correct thought process with my previous suspicions).

    I’m almost entirely certain that Jenn and Leanne are mafia, or one of them is the Sk but I think they are on the same team. I have no idea who could be the SK because Lesley marie, Lillian and Charli don’t seem a bit suspicious to me at this point.

    Althought I’m still suspicious of Leanne, I’m going to go ahead and


    I truly think she is the mafia Godfather. I have had inkling suspicions for awhile but after last day when she managed to turn practically all the votes to Harman and now using that as a set up against me, I’m almost certain she is.

    I don’t know for sure if I will be able to get back tomorrow, hopefully I can but it’s not guaranteed because I’m doing interviews tomorrow for a new training class so I will be pretty hectic. I’m almost certain that I will be voted off tomorrow because the votes are in that favor so If I don’t get back and that happens I hope that after you see my character revealed that the remaining world team members trust my suspicions and look into them.

  18. Voting Update

    Lauren (2) – Voted by Jenn, Leanne
    Jenn (1) – Voted by Lauren

    Not Voting: Charli, Lesley Marie, Lillian

    Haven’t met comment minimum: Lillian (1)

  19. @Lauren, I don’t see what you mean by turning practically all the votes to Harman. 3/7 people voted for Harman and she was killed off. That included me. So only 2 people voted for her. I don’t see how this is practically all the votes. Okay, 6 people total could have voted since Charli was in a coma. Either way, that’s still not all the votes, or even near it. There was every possibility for a tie, which didn’t happen because Harman didn’t vote. Or it probably would have been a tie.

    As for you thinking I’m the godfather of the mafia, godfathers are investigative immune (at least in all of my experiences they have been. Which means they would come up with no role when investigated by a role cop, like you have.

    Mostly , in addition to my bad feelings about you, I’m using the process of elimination.

    Lillian – has one time use roles, most likely a Jack-of-all-Trades
    Charli – Role cop
    Lesley Marie – Role Blocker
    I have Strongman, I will admit that I also had/have Bulletproof x1, probably so I would have a chance to use my Strongman ability, so I wasn’t killed the first night. But that’s it for my roles.

    So that leaves:
    Lauren – who has been checked for a role and come up as none and has been roleblocked and there were no deaths.
    Leanne – who has been roleblocked and there have been no deaths

    @Everyone, There would be two people who would be investigative immune and that would be a SK and a mafia godfather. Now, I’m not completely saying that Lillian isn’t either of these because it’s possible she could also be a godfather, she told us about her roles, which is somewhat helpful and made us trust her, but no one has investigated her as a result, so maybe she would come up as nothing if it was done?

    At this point in the game, with so few of us left and the fact that there is most likely a SK and a godfather still out there, I am more suspicious of those who would come up as nothing.

    Leanne hasn’t been role checked, so I’m not really sure about her.

    @Lauren, Maybe you’re trying to turn the vote on me because you tried to kill me, not last night but the night before and I didn’t die? That would explain a lack of deaths for both nights since you were roleblocked last Night. In which case my bulletproof was used up, so that’s not good for me for tonight since I’ve admitted to it. So if you did try to kill me, you know why it didn’t go through now and that you can kill me now.

    Right now I’m just more suspicious of someone who would appear to be nothing. And you have more against you than anyone else at the moment.

  20. We’re going to the beach now, and I don’t know if I’ll be back so I’m going to just vote even though I’m not sure.

    My vote is a tossup between Lauren and Jenn, possibly Leanne. It does seem to me like Lauren and Jenn are clashing and I think there is a possibility they are both mafia/sk of sorts. But, I don’t know.

    I’m going to go with my gut on this one, because of the feelings I’ve had throughout the game, and


    I honestly have no idea if this hunch is right and I might end up kicking myself… but between the two, I’ve wondered about Lauren all throughout and with the evidence put forward by Jenn and others, I think it’s definitely a possibility.

    If we get back in time, I’ll make sure to check back and change/keep my vote accordingly.

  21. I’m so confused again. Either Lauren is brilliant at convincing or I was wrong but I’m not sure anymore about my feeling. And I dont want to take a chance and make a mistake.

    @Jenn- Charli seems more like a Paranoid Cop.

    @Lauren- maybe you could reveal your role? It might help your cause.

    For now though,


  22. @Lillian it does seem like there is a chance I am a paranoid, as all the people I’ve investigated have had ‘no role’ but the one for Harman was correct… the others I have investigated are still alive so I don’t know.

    We’re a half hour from the end of the day and no one else has commented so my vote is going to stick, unless I can come back real quick at the end.

    Also, who should I investigate?

  23. I would suggest investigating Leanne as she is the only one we don’t really know if there is any roles for or not. I dunno. Ultimately it’s up to you though.

  24. “Day Seven” has officially ended. The person with the most votes (4) is Lauren. Lauren was actually Kyosuke Higuchi, a Serial Killer (able to attempt to kill one player each Night) as well as Investigative Immune and 1x Bulletproof, Unaligned as “Fake Kira.”

    It is now “Night Seven”. If you have a special role that allows any “Night” actions, please submit the form by Friday 1pm EDT (48 hours from now). The form can be found by clicking the Bookish Games button in our sidebar and then clicking the Death Note banner.

    If you have no night powers, be sure to visit back on Saturday 1am EDT when “Day Six” will start. We will share the identities of the eliminated players and list any warnings/disqualifications at that time.

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