Death Note Edition: Day Six


Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me on Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.




  • [DAY] Megan @ Adrift on Vulcan as Naomi Misora, The World Team, Townie


  • [COMA] Charli @ To Another World will be in a coma for Day Six as she’s going camping with her family and won’t have internet connection. She is waived from meeting the participation requirements so will not be commenting, but players may still vote for her.


Well, as if this game isn’t confusing enough, we’re waking up today to find NO ONE HAS DIED! (Well, except for poor Meg, but we all knew about that before Night began.) We are getting closer to the end, with only seven players left, so it’s really pivotal that you make the right decisions from here on out. It’s a bit of a shame that you don’t really know what the right decisions are… but, you know, give it your best go. 😉

It is now Day Six. Everyone has until Wednesday 1pm EDT to discuss suspicions and cast their votes. Once the deadline has been reached, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated.

49 thoughts on “Death Note Edition: Day Six”

  1. Well this is good. Not that we lost Megan of course, but that we didn’t lost anyone last Night! I was half expecting to come here and discover we had lost two more people, which would have sucked a lot since there are so few of us left. I guess we got lucky last night!

    I really haven’t got a clue right now about who might be mafia or the SK anymore. We know there is at least one mafia left, Light and then there is a possible SK, meaning two people here are evil at the very least. Possibly even more, but unless we can figure them out, we won’t know for sure.

    Anyone have any suspicions or even know anything that might help us out at this stage? Because we need all the help we can get.

  2. Yay, we didn’t lose anyone last night! 😀 Although I have to say, there is quite a bit of worry I have right on the tail of that happiness. We’ve steadily lost two people every Night up until now and all of a sudden it switches? Abrupt changes – even when the outcome is great – are never that good in the Games. o_o

  3. This is great! It’s sad that we have to say goodbye to Megan, but now that we have an extra night to survive, possibly, makes me happy 😀

    And since we are so late into the game and I don’t know if I will survive until the next day… Last night I roleblocked Charli, so perhaps that is a reason why there was a lack of deaths this night? I know that Charli is in a coma, so she won’t have a chance to defend herself, but I just wanted to put that out there, seeing as there is a large chance I could die in the next night.

    Other than that about Charli, I don’t really have anything else to say >_<

  4. Yay! We didn’t lose anyone last night!! But we did lose Megan which is upsetting.

    From what I see right now it looks like Charli might be bad because Lesley roleblocked her so that could be a reason, but is there any other reason that someone could have been prevented from killing someone?

    At this point I’m guessing that we really have to analyze people even more to see if there is something they say or do that could lead to someone being killed.

    @LesleyMarie Do you think that roleblocking Charli actually prevented someone from being killed or did you just suspect her and blocked her just in case? If it’s the former than I’m definitely looking at what Charli has done and said in the previous days.

  5. YAYY !! We didn’t lose anyone overnight, that’s fantastic news but like Leanne … it does kind of frighten me a bit because it’s such a dramatic shift :/ And it sucks that we lost Megan, I really don’t know what to think anymore because it’s clear that the people that I think are suspicious end up not being at all so I have to figure out a different approach for all of this.

    @Lesley Marie: Thanks for sharing that information with us … it does give some food for thought, and could explain why we didn’t lose anyone at night. I need to go back over her posts now and see what happens.

    @Harman: There are several reasons why someone could be prevented from killing someone but roleblocking is normally the main one. Sometimes characters are bulletproof as well so when they are targeted at night, the kill doesn’t actually go through.

  6. I’m mostly just posting again because I forgot to subscribe to comments but I went through Charli’s comments real quick and the only thing that really stuck out to me was that consistently has been suspicious of Harmen. I don’t know what that tells us, if anything, but that’s the only thing that has really stuck out to me. I am going to go over the comments in more depth tomorrow because I have a killer headache and reading on the computer I’m sure is not helping haha, but I didn’t really notice anything super suspicious of Charli’s comments.

  7. Okay, I’m so sorry about my lack of activity… I’ll be back tomorrow! But here’s a short little comment 😛

    @Harman. I’m not sure. Roleblocking keeps someone from carrying out an action, so if Charli was a killer, I could have kept her from killing a player off. But if Charli was on our side, my roleblocking her would have done nothing.

    @Lauren. If Charli is evil, it would make sense that she would be good at hiding, since she made it this far. Also, her being a serial killer would make it so she could easily present herself as on the good side–she doesn’t have any teammates to protect, she just wants to kill, so all she needs is for a player to be voted for. All she needs to do, really, is keep up appearances.

    Of course, since Charli is not here, I don’t think we should vote for her, since we aren’t for sure if my roleblocking actually blocked anything and Charli can’t defend herself.

    Now, we should also try to figure out why there were no deaths. One theory I have that makes sense is that both the SK and/or the mafia team were trying to frame Charli (and–without knowing that they were both planning the same thing, or–Charli was roleblocked and mafia was carrying out the plan), since she DID announce that she was going in a coma. This is a bit of a stretch, though, since it would be easier to just kill Charli and the framing wouldn’t really do anything other than misdirect us for for a day.

    Another theory is that someone else has the ability to roleblock OR has bulletproof. I don’t want to ask since I know it could be easy for someone to lie about this (haha, coming from the person who told their ability), but yeah…

    This comment did not turn out very short…

  8. Voting Update:

    No votes yet

    Not voting: Jenn, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Charli, Lauren, Lillian, Harman

    Haven’t reached comment minimum: Harman (1), Jenn (1), Leanne (1), Lillian (0)

  9. @Lesley Marie, it might be possible that someone else had a roleblock.. hmm. I can’t really see us being given another roleblocker though. But you never know I guess. It could be possible that someone is trying to frame Charli as well. It’s all just so confusing to me.

    @Everyone, sorry I haven’t been around much. I’m so busy this week so far! For no reason other than the kids are keeping me running. *sigh* Teething sucks!

    I’m having a hard time seeing Charli as a mafia, but I could be wrong. I would feel bad voting her out while in a coma though. :/ I can’t believe this is still so hard with only 7 of us left.

  10. @Lesley Thanks so much for the clarification!

    I can’t believe the amount of comments being made at this point. I definitely feel that with us this far into the game there should be more and more conversation to weed out the baddies, but there isn’t. I know that there are only 7(?) of us left but there should still be lots of conversation. I like to check in every couple of hours to see if there is anything that I should comment on but since there isn’t much conversation, I don’t have much to build off of.

    I really don’t want to make a vote for Charli because she’s in a coma and has no way to defend herself. Votes at this point are crucial and I don’t want to make the mistake of voting for someone because of a small suspicion.

    @Everyone Does anybody else besides Charli look even a little bit suspicious to you?

  11. @Harman. Yeah, but I can understand the lack of conversation, especially since nobody seems guilty at this point :/ And I agree, we shouldn’t vote Charli this day. She can’t defend herself and the evidence I have is merely circumstantial–there’s no hard evidence. I just wanted to put that out there because I don’t know how long I will last…

    @Jenn. Charli never struck me as mafia either, but you never really know… And yeah, deciding who to vote for has been hard. Hopefully it will be better the day after this, since I might be able to roleblock another person and get results.

    I’m a bit suspicious of Lillian’s not commenting, though. But I haven’t been suspicious of her at all before this day, and her absence could be blamed on lack of time and the like…

    @Asti. I’m not very clear on this- if a person is in a coma, can they still execute night actions?

  12. @Harman, I’m feeling slightly suspicious of Lauren. I can’t really pinpoint why, but I am. I’m going to have to go back through all the comments from previous days and see if I can figure out why. Right now my head is bringing on a migraine though, so I’m going to have to do it tomorrow.

  13. I don’t really think Charli is mafia, or even the serial killer. I dunno, she just doesn’t seem suspicious to me at all, despite the fact that there weren’t any kills on a day she was roleblocked, there could be so many possibilities on that though. When I went through her comments, nothing stood out about her at all except for the Harman thing, like I said above. I would feel bad about voting her out in a coma as well 😦

    @Harman: The only person right now who is a little bit suspicious to me is Lillian, but I’m not sure if that’s just because she hasn’t stopped by so that’s the only reason she is standing out?

    I don’t know what it’s so hard either with so few of us left. Going by the last few games, there could be at least two mafia left and a serial killer and that just seems to be unbelievable to me because I can’t even come up with sticking suspicions about one person. I always have random thoughts but they never really stick around and then I change my mind again.

  14. Voting Update:

    No votes yet

    Not voting: Jenn, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Charli, Lauren, Lillian, Harman

    Haven’t reached comment minimum: Leanne (1), Lillian (0)

    @ Lesley Marie: If a person requests to be in a coma, yes, they can still complete Night actions. During the Day players are required to comment at least twice, so this allowance is put into place so players aren’t penalized a week when they know they can’t play. During the Night though, there are no requirements. If a player has a special power or if part of the mafia, they are not REQUIRED to use their power or talk to their teammates, so there is no need for an allowance to be put into place (they won’t be penalized for not participating). So yes. Night Actions still allowed even if in coma during Day.

    @ All: There are only SEVEN of you left. Let’s say you vote someone out today and then there are two Night kills at Night… that would leave you down to FOUR. And depending on how the numbers spread out, it could mean this is the Townie’s last Day. We are down to the nitty gritty so it is really important to do something now before it’s too late.

    (And no, I’m not saying that it really is the last Day and you’re all doomed or trying to hint at numbers or anything like that. I really just want to help push you guys along into voting and actually playing. So yeah, don’t read too much into my typings :P)

  15. @Asti. Ah, okay! Thank you for the clarification. And thanks for the push… It’s true that conversation and activity has gone down quite a bit 🙂

    Anyways. I’m really NOT sure about who I should vote for, but because I don’t think Charli is gonna be participating during the night (I’m assuming her camp is all week), so I’m going to vote for someone I feel rather neutral/a bit weary of, for the time being.


  16. Sorry! I’ve been slumped with assignments from Friday so I couldn’t check in! :/

    I am wary of anything Charli said, now that Lesley admitted to roleblocking her but I roleblocked Leanne as well last Night. I just had this major gut feeling. And yes, Leanns is an excellent player but her excellence might be the reason she hasn’t come under light yet.

    @Lesley- I am weary of Lauren as well but I think we can rule her out as SK? I don’t know where to point since gut feelings can always be wrong. And I dont want to wrongfully label anyone!

    I’m still working my way through the comments and maybe even the previous days’

  17. @Lillian. I’m going to say that I believe you… But could you describe your role and abilities once again? 😛 But anyways, if this is all the truth, we can roleblock Leanne and Charli again during the next night. If there are no deaths, then we can probably assume that at least one of them is evil.


    Or, we could vote Leanne during this day. Unlike Charli, Leanne can defend herself, and it is important that we attempt to get a vote in. We could then roleblock Charli and someone else during the next night!



    (After discussion I may change this vote.)

  18. @Lesley: My role just had 1×role cop and 1×roleblocker. So I used up both my powers already!

    You can’t really say both Leanne and Charli are bad. It’s either of them. And we cant know which one of them it is because both were blocked on the same night.

    I really want to hear Leanne’s defense because that’ll help put things into perspective, a bit!

  19. Voting Update:

    Leanne (1) – Voted by Lesley Marie

    Not voting: Jenn, Leanne, Charli, Lauren, Lillian, Harman

    Haven’t reached comment minimum: Leanne (1)

    Just over 24 hours left to vote, people — make it count!

  20. @Lillian. Oh, okay. And I’m sorry, I got a bit ahead of myself. But it isn’t just either of them–they could both be evil because there are two killers out there. And us roleblocking the two of them and then finding out that there were no deaths during the night says a lot. But yeah, it’s only *could*, not *are*.

    But still, with what we have, this is probably the best evidence so far, and I don’t see why we aren’t acting on it. We’ve been voting people off for just looking suspicious–and now we have something that could be called evidence here and there isn’t any discussion going on.

    I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m angry, I’m not, but we do have something right in front of us… Isn’t it a little odd how after two roleblockers roleblocked Charli and Leanne, there were no deaths? I know that someone in these comments said that this means something bad may happen in the next day, but what if it means that we finally managed to pinpoint who may be the SK and the mafia?

  21. It could mean that we did pinpoint them, but it seems highly unlikely to me that both would be bad. It’s possible that something else prevented two kills last night, like bulletproof or something. Does anyone else have that? I understand if no one wants to say But it could be the reason for one of the kills. Or maybe the SK, since they would be the only variable, has limitations and can only kill two nights in a row and then needs a day to recharge, it would explain why there hasn’t been two kills every third night, or maybe the SK or the mafia just have bad luck and are targetting people who have some sort of protection. I mean, obviously there are more of us than there are threats, or the game would have ended by now. Unless there is more mafia than us and the only reason things are still going is because there is a SK, which is a scary thought.

    I’m going to make a list of who I trust and who I’m not really sure of.

    Lesley Marie
    (both of you have told us what your roles are, so I’m going to trust you. I know the mafia might have roleblockers, but I’m hoping they don’t)

    Don’t trust:
    I am really getting a bad feeling about both of them, I really don’t know why. Harman didn’t vote for Tabitha the Day she was killed, but Lauren did. But then I can’t see all of the mafia voting for her. Of course there was the whole last minute vote that Harman had for Yuko, which seemed like an attempt to kill her off, which would have worked if Yuko hadn’t have come back and tied it up. I find it really hard to believe that two people would think that a tie would result in two deaths. Yuko was the first to say that though, and obviously we know now, so it’s really not making Harman look good at all to me.

    As for Lauren, it’s just a feeling. For some reason I can’t shake it, but it’s been there for a few days now.

    Not Sure:

    With these two I haven’t really had any suspicions throughout the game. I’m definitely going to be watching them more now to see , but right now they aren’t the most suspicious. I’m feeling like it might be a coincidence with at least one of them that they were role blocked and there were no kills. Maybe though.

    For now I’m going to place my vote because after writing this out, only one person is sticking out a lot to me.


  22. Oh, Also.. last night it could have been possible that the mafia targetted the SK and the SK is bulletproof, so that could be the reason for one of the kills not going through. So maybe one of them (Leanne and Charli) are good. I dunno, just a thought.

  23. Ok, so Lesley Marie says she roleblocked Charli last Night, and Lillian blocked me.

    @Lesley Marie > You and Lillian *could* block me and Charli again this coming Night, for sure. But if there are no deaths again that doesn’t necessarily mean that one of us is evil. Someone on the evil team will have seen all this and decided not to put in a kill form, to frame one or both of us. It would certainly make the both of us look more suspicious during the next Day, and take suspicion of anyone *but* the two of us. One of us would surely die by votes the next Day, leaving the evil(s) to clean up even easier. It seems a bit of a drawn out way to do things rather than just taking the Night kills but it’s possible it already happened that way last Night so I’m not ruling it out. If Charli and I are both blocked and there are still one or two kills this coming Night, both your and Lillian’s roleblocks will have been wasted and we’ll be down another two people. :/ I can’t speak for Charli but I can speak for myself here, although I won’t expect you to take my word for it. If it makes either of you feel more comfortable then by all means go on ahead with that plan.

    Well, I can’t speak for why roleblocking me would have had any effect on not having two kills, because I don’t have any abilities to use where a blocking would be useful on me. I’m actually very stumped on how we got away without losing anyone last Night. The only things I can think of are pretty unlikely, but I’ll share what possibilities I’ve thought of anyway. (And I believe some of these have been mentioned above.)

    * Someone that’s been doing one of the Night kills had a limited number they could send in, and ran out.
    * Someone that’s been doing Night kills could actually target two people at once, and after being roleblocked, could not do either. (Apparently this would have to be me or Charli, if the people who said they roleblocked are to be believed, and I *know* nothing from me got blocked as I said I have no abilities to even be blocked.)
    * Someone still has some sort of protective ability (like a Doctor) and was able to stop one of the kills that way.
    * The evil team and SK are both Bulletproof and targeted each other.
    * Someone simply forgot to turn in a kill Night form.

    I think all of these are pretty unlikely but it’s very hard to rule out anything at this point. Hardly anyone has seemed overly suspicious and when they have they appeared to be innocent. I am wondering if maybe the evil team is only Kira + Ryuk, and because of that they were given the ability to perform two kill actions per Night. Ryuk has since been eliminated, so that leaves Kira. And if Kira was roleblocked, well…

    Oh there is also the more likely possibility that with Charli being roleblocked, that may prevented one, and if someone targeted a Bulletproof player (like L and the SK would both likely be) that would be two prevented. This seems the most likely outcome to me but really it could be any of these, or something I haven’t even thought of.

    I don’t really want to pile suspicion on Charli either. (And so far I haven’t considered her to be all that suspicious, honestly.) It could be possible whoever is left of the evil team was trying to frame her for something and took her pre-announced coma as an opportunity to sit back. In that case roleblocking anyone would have done nothing, and the outcome of no deaths + 2 roleblocks doesn’t tell us anything. :/ There’s no sure way to know until the game is over and Asti & Kelley reveal everything.

  24. I’m going to read over the previous Days and will be back in a bit on my feelings and suspicions (little though they may be) on everyone to figure out who I’m voting for today.

  25. Voting Update:

    Leanne (1) – Voted by Lesley Marie
    Harman (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not voting: Leanne, Charli, Lauren, Lillian, Harman

  26. I do agree that while it could be total coincidence that both Charli and Leanne were roleblocked last night and there were no kills, I think it’s probably TOO much of a coincidence.

    @Jenn: Mafia targeting SK is definitely a possibility, I was thinking that as well. I just feel like it’s more a possibility that one of them is a baddie and then one not for some reason.

    As it stands right now, I feel more suspicious of Leanne after the roleblocking reveals. I haven’t been suspicious of her at all, it seems like she is really slipping under the radar and that kind of raises red flags. I went back and checked and she did vote for Tabitha but it was on the last day so that’s conflicting for me but, I think that some mafia would vote for Tabitha to blend in.


    I’m not confident in this vote, and this is probably the least unsure that I have been thus far. I have nothing to back this vote up except for the roleblocking but I’ve been thinking about this for a few hours and something just doesn’t seem right. I think that seeing as how there are so few of us left, the mafia/SK are playing a really good and sneaky game and are obviously very hard to pick out amongst us. So it just seems likely since all the people that SEEM to be suspicious to us are always ending up TWT that maybe the people that aren’t appearing suspicious at all are the ones that really are.

    Also can anyone clear this up for me because it bloody confuses me. Are Kira and Light two separate people? Or are they the same person? I thought they were two different people because the episode that I watched I thought the guys name was Light but then some people refer to him as Kira? I tried googling it but I still don’t really understand.

  27. @Lauren > If one of your main concerns is that I voted for Tabitha on the last day before it switched over to Night phase, I’d like to point out I generally do vote later in the Day phase. I don’t normally stop by early on in the week so it takes me a bit to catch up on comments, reply to anything I need to, check out everyone’s suspicions, and compare them against my own. I usually only vote early than the last day or so if I think I won’t be able to stop by again before time runs out for that Day phase. I don’t always vote with the majority either, but whomever I feel looks the most suspicious at the time. If I were trying to slip under the radar, which I have no reason to do, I don’t think it would be very smart of me to stand out with certain votes away from the people that are clearly being taken out. I would probably be better off stopping by earlier in the week as well, either stirring things up early on or getting some sort of false suspicion out there to take notice away from myself. But I have no reason to do that so I haven’t looked at those as plausible “strategies” for me. I’m just trying to figure out who’s killing everyone off like the rest of you, so we can get rid of them before they get all of us. :/

    (Kira and Light are the same person, btw. Kira is pretty much Light’s murderer nickname, or something like that.)

    I do think it’s a little unfair I’m getting most of the suspicious votes and people are pretty much overlooking the other half of the roleblocking issue, with Charli being in a coma. >_> I understand me being a more logical target since I can actually attempt to defend myself, but roleblocking me or not wouldn’t have done anything like I said before, since I have no roles to be blocked. If I haven’t appeared suspicious up until now, there’s a reason for it. I’m just trying like everyone else to figure out who’s killing people off at Night and running into as many problems rooting them out as everyone else. I’m not active *all* week long but I feel that when I do stop by I try my best to give insights to people’s actions, comments, and motives, including my own.

  28. On a previous Day I said I was willing to give Harman the benefit of the doubt with both her and Yuko claiming they thought a tie would result in two deaths. Even though I looked around and noticed the rule for a tie resulting in not deaths wasn’t easily found on the new blog, it still felt a little fishy. So I looked back over some previous Days’ comments. Her name’s been brought up several times by a few people as being a bit suspicous, for wording things oddly or the voting thing with Yuko or just giving off bad vibes in general. It seems like most times something is brought up, though, it gets quickly glossed over and attributed to her being new. I even wanted to give her some leeway for being new, but with people still bringing up suspicions, it’s making me want to reconsider. It’s just as possible she’s the SK or on the evil team as it is for one of the returning players so I’m kind of kicking myself for giving the newer players as much leeway as I have. I still feel like if one of the newer players *is* the SK/evil they’re using that fact to their advantage, playing off any clumsiness they may have (or even playing it up?) to get the rest of us on their side.

    There were also two Days she didn’t vote at all, which I think is odd of *anyone* to do unless they are so conflicted they can’t make themselves lean in any direction. It’s the only way for the good guys to win, voting people off, so throwing that chance away, especially more than once, makes me think that person doesn’t feel they need the votes for some reason.

    It just hasn’t been sitting well with me and it’s not nearly as solid as I’d like, but votes are the only thing we have during the Day, so…


    Just to clarify I am a bit more suspicious of Charli because of the roleblock thing as well, but even if she were here to defend herself I would have more of a bad feeling about Harman anyway. Charli hasn’t really given me bad vibes, nor have most of the people left. So with how little we have to go on, I’m going to have to take the small pile of suspicion against Harman and run with that. I still feel like it’s possible someone may have been trying to frame Charli by not putting in a kill last Night unless there was bad luck with targets and Bulletproofs or something like that.

    I just know it’s rough having suspicion on me now because of being roleblocked, even though on any other Night if I were roleblocked nothing still would have gotten blocked from me. It makes me a bit more sympathetic with Charli being in somewhat the same shoes as her.

  29. @Leanne. Ah, thank you for your comments. Now that I think about it, it is true that a roleblock that merely looks successful does not really say much. Enough to get some legitimately suspicioun, but not enough to say a person is most likely guilty. So I’m still going to be watching you, but…


    I do want to say a couple things though. Saying that you have no roles to be blocked doesn’t really say much. A person on the mafia/a serial killer could say that easily. However, there is really no way that you can prove yourself innocent. All I can really ask you is to tell/give hints about your role, or even just your role name (example: “Ryuk”).

    Doing that still won’t prove yourself completely innocent, though, and there’s also the fact that another player could lie and say you are lying because the role you said you had is their role… So yeah, only do this if you’re comfortable with doing so 😛

    And now that you brought up Harman and her stumblings being excused because she’s new… That is all definitely true.

    I have to go but I’ll be coming back again to discuss more and to enter another vote.

  30. Voting Update:

    Leanne (1) – Voted by Lauren
    Harman (2) – Voted by Jenn, Leanne

    Not voting: Charli, Lillian, Harman, Lesley Marie

  31. @Lesley Marie: Just to explain about Light vs. Kira… In the manga/anime, Light is the one who starts using the Death Note, and the media/people start referring to the mystery murderer as “Kira” — so technically, Kira = Light, but as has been revealed in this game, there IS a “Team Kira” which signifies that Kira = at least two people (otherwise it wouldn’t really be a “team”). So in terms of this game, “Kira” = Mafia — a mysterious entity that is killing people!

  32. @Jenn I’m not exactly sure how to prove my innocence to you and I know you have your suspicions and that is totally alright. I mean I honestly did think that if me and Yuko were tied for votes then we would both be killed, that’s why I went ahead and voted for her. It is my first time playing this game so that is why I felt that way.

    @Everyone I just wanted to clarify, SK stands for serial killer right?

  33. @Leanne I want to just let you know that the two days I didn’t vote was because I was having a hard time figuring out who was evil. I didn’t want to vote for someone who wasn’t bad but on top of that I waited to the last moment and by the time I got back here it was too late to vote. That’s why I didn’t vote for those two days.

  34. Voting Update:

    Leanne (1) – Voted by Lauren
    Harman (2) – Voted by Jenn, Leanne

    Not voting: Charli, Lillian, Harman, Lesley Marie



    I find it shocking that we are this close to the end and yet only three people have voted (out of six). Every player should vote – good or bad. When we’re this close to the end of the game, not voting hurts your team more than voting wrong.

    We are getting close to the end, guys. This could possibly be your final chance to make a move, one way or another. Make it count.

  36. I’m going to keep my vote the same… I’m confused and uncertain but Harman just does not stand out as suspicious to me.

    Guys we really need to vote!!! As Asti pointed out earlier this could potentially be the last night if we lost two more people tonight!!!

    Thanks Kelley for clarifying that about light and Kira!!!

  37. Voting Update:

    Leanne (1) – Voted by Lauren
    Harman (3) – Voted by Jenn, Leanne, Lesley Marie

    Not voting: Charli, Lillian, Harman


  38. No! I am POSITIVE Harman is innocent! WE CANT AFFORD TO LOSE A PLAYER! Just dont vote for Harman. We cant lose our players!


    I found her the most suspicious out of them all. Hoping to not lose Harman though..

  39. Voting Update:

    Leanne (2) – Voted by Lauren, Lillian
    Harman (3) – Voted by Jenn, Leanne, Lesley Marie

    Not voting: Charli (coma), Harman

  40. Eek… I seriously don’t know what to do. Okay, I’m just going to go by my gut feeling right now. Sorry, Leanne but…


    O_O This is tearing me apart. The Bookish Games is tearing me apart.

  41. Voting Update:

    Leanne (3) – Voted by Lauren, Lillian, Lesley Marie
    Harman (2) – Voted by Jenn, Leanne

    Not voting: Charli (coma), Harman

  42. Well, I’m going to stick with my vote because I’m pretty much positive that Lauren is evil, so that makes me wary of her vote. I think she is working with Harman and they might even be the last of their team. She has played a really good game and hasn’t left any trail for me to vote for her without making myself look bad. But she can apparently sway your votes enough that you’re going to give away the game to the mafia. I’m sure I’ll be targeted for this tonight, so good luck guys.

  43. I have to keep my vote where it is as well. Harman has the most things piled against her that I could find, and changing my vote to someone besides her wouldn’t save me at this point anyway. If you all want to go with the only thing that’s stood out against me (and may not have even meant anything) this entire game, well, I can’t keep you from doing that.

  44. “Day Six” has officially ended. The person with the most votes (3) is Harman. Harman was actually Ukita, Townie, The World Team.

    It is now “Night Six”. If you have a special role that allows any “Night” actions, please submit the form by Friday 1pm EDT (48 hours from now). The form can be found by clicking the Bookish Games button in our sidebar and then clicking the Death Note banner.

    If you have no night powers, be sure to visit back on Saturday 1am EDT when “Day Six” will start. We will share the identities of the eliminated players and list any warnings/disqualifications at that time.

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