Death Note Edition: Day Five


Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are!

If you are not signed up in the game, please refrain from commenting on these posts (otherwise they will be deleted). Instead, you can contact me on Twitter to gain access to a page where you can discuss the game with other players once they are eliminated.





  • [DAY] Tabitha @ Not Yet Read as Ryuk, Team Kira, Follower (able to investigate one person each Night to determine which action they are performing)
  • [NIGHT] Charley as Watari, The World Team, Doctor (able to protect one person each Night)
  • [NIGHT] Yuko @ Living for Books as Takada, The World Team, Townie


Look, a baddy was finally eliminated! Yay! Too bad there’s still more to eliminate. I mean, another Night and another two deaths?! Only eight people left in this game?!

It’s pretty much do or die at this point. Which action are you going to fall under?

It is now Day Five. Everyone has until Wednesday 1pm EDT to discuss suspicions and cast their votes. Once the deadline has been reached, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated.

51 thoughts on “Death Note Edition: Day Five”

  1. Yay we finally got an evil!! But we also lost the Doctor :((

    So if Ryuk is Kira, would you presume that Light is on that team too? Because Ryuk is Light’s Shinigami?

    Gah, if we don’t get the mafia soon this could be over in a flash. If we could get the SK, we’d at least only have 1 kill per night happening, but that could be anyone.

  2. Well, I’m glad that my feeling about Tabitha was right.

    But we lost our doctor 😦 That’s really not good at all. And we lost Yuko.. We really need to figure this out because losing two people a night is not good at all. Especially at this stage 😦

    I decided not to use my Strongman last Night because I really have no idea who to use it on and I really would prefer not to kill someone on our team when we are already so low on members.

    Things are looking really grim for us though. I’m going to be really optimistic and hope that there are only two more people on the mafia and a SK. Because that would mean there are 5 of us left out of the 8 in the game still. If there are anymore than that.. well this will probably be the last Day because soon we’ll be outnumbered. I can’t believe that the mafia might win this time, it’s so embarrassing.

    Anyways, I’m going to start out the voting already because I have a suspicion. I am feeling very suspicious of Megan. She hasn’t had a vote at the end of the Day once in these games. I know she said she was busy, but she could at the very least vote early instead of “waiting for last moment” and then missing the cut off. It’s just rubbing me the wrong way. At this point in the game though, we need every one to be voting and there are still a lot of people who haven’t been voting. The mafia doesn’t even have to try if we’re not bothering to vote for them.


  3. I haven’t been sure of Megan since last day but I’m not sure if she’s mafia or just isn’t voting.

    @Jenn just to confirm, when you say “hasn’t had a vote… in these games” you mean she hasn’t cast a vote, right? Not thatno one has voted for her?

  4. Yes, I mean that she hasn’t had a vote at the end of any days. It just seems strange to me that someone wouldn’t have a vote at the end of any Day. I get that she doesn’t want to vote out anyone on our team by accident, but I just don’t think that it’s a good idea to not vote when you only get the one chance a day. I don’t know. I don’t have much in way of suspicions anymore. She could be mafia or she could be the SK and just doesn’t have to bother voting, though that would be silly since it makes her stick out a bit .

    But you know, with all the talk of reverse/reverse psychology, who knows anything for sure?!

  5. Well this is definitely a bittersweet week… we finally managed to kill off a mafia but we lost TWO more 😦 And the doctor … it really is a disaster and I completely agree Jenn, it’s going to be so embarrassing if the mafia beats us 😦

    The only person that really stands out as blatantly suspicious to me is Megan as well due to the lack of voting, and overall not commenting a lot because I can’t get a feel for her. That’s scary because as Jenn pointed out, there is probably 3 + evils left and only ONE person looks suspicious?!

  6. Voting Update

    Megan (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not voting: Charlie, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Lillian, Megan

  7. Where is everyone? We’re more than 24hrs into this day and there have been 7 comments – two of them voting updates! How are we supposed to get the mafia if no one comments?

    @Lauren I agree… I still have a slight niggle about Harman too but I don’t think she is really evil, just words things a bit clumpy… I don’t know. It’s hard with only a few of us left!

    I can see Kelley and Asti doing the evil cackle right now. Gah.

  8. @Charli: I absolutely agree, we aren’t going to get anywhere by not talking it out. I too have a “slight niggle” about Harman, which is weird because I didn’t before when everyone thought she was suspicious. I guess because maybe I’m not as sure of her as the others?

    I’m going to brunch right now and then I’m going to sit down and go back through the past days. I’m not sure what is left there to be discovered that we haven’t already discussed but I’m hoping to find something…

  9. Voting Update

    Megan (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not voting: Charlie, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Lillian, Megan

    Sure is quiet around here…

  10. Voting Update

    Megan (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not voting: Charli, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Lillian, Megan

    Charli: Whoops! Sorry Charli. Not sure how I added that into there (and we usually just copy and paste previous updates so once I accidentally did it Kelley just copied it for the next update). Fixed now >.<

  11. Damn. We lost our DOCTOR! :/ But yes to gut feelings!
    I thought we should look at those who are playing safe? For example, Megan. Like Jenn said, her actions do sound suspicious. I want to see how she responds to the vote. That would convey a lot.

  12. Eek, I meant to comment on Saturday but completely forgot. And now I see that my not voting during any of the days is making me suspicious. I apologize for that — now that I look back, I agree that I should’ve voted even if I wasn’t sure. But Jenn, can I know how that makes me suspicious? I mean, the bad guy would want to vote off as many people as they possibly can, instead of remaining silent. Even if they have super powers, why wait till night to assassinate when they can do it in the day and kill two birds with “one” stone (sort of)? Furthermore, everyone else was wrapped up with other suspicious people — wouldn’t it have been the perfect cover for me to vote without coming off as suspicious?

    I don’t know how to convince you guys that I’m innocent, so if you could answer that question, Jenn, or anyone else, I’d really appreciate it. And if it helps, I’m a nobody. I’m just a townie. Since the bad guys probably already know everyone’s identities, they probably already know that I’m innocent.

    Also, I have this strategy of going back to the previous days and seeing who FIRST mentioned which players were suspicious (and who later turned out to be innocent) and then voted for them. We might be able to at least find an enemy there! This is relying on the assumption that the baddies know who is on who’s side. (Was this already mentioned by Asti/Kelley or in some other comment? Sorry if it is!)

  13. Voting Update

    Megan (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not voting: Charli, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Lillian, Megan

    @ Megan: The baddies only know who is on their own team. So, for example, Tabitha knows who the Team Kira members are since she was on their team. Outside of their own team though, they do not necessarily know anything. They would not know what is causing the second death each Night. They would not know which special roles anyone has. All they know is who is on their team. Now, they may have special powers, just like the good guys, to help them gain information about other players. But at the most basic level, they only start off knowing who is on their team.

  14. Eek, sorry that I’m so late! But it’s a great thing that we finally got a baddie 😀 Although, we still have to find the serial killer or else we won’t make it, seeing that we have so few players, and now we have lost our doctor.

    And I see that people are suspecting Megan. I have to agree with Megan, though. If somebody were evil, they would definitely be joining in on the votes. Voting would definitely not give you much suspicion, especially since many of us vote for the person as a group–it’d be easy to sneak into that group.

    And as for my vote, well, I don’t really have any real suspicions. But I’m going to pick a person I feel rather strange about…


    Harman has been giving me bad vibes for a while now, so I’ll just put in my vote for her now. However, I will be looking back into yesterday to see reactions to Tabitha’s being suspected. People who are on the evil team probably wouldn’t have voted her or agreed that she was suspicious… At least maybe in the beginning. Towards the end Tabitha didn’t have much hope, so they might have voted for her just to avoid suspicion.

    I will also attempt to look at other days and try to find people who always agreed on innocent people who were thought to be suspicious. That should give us an idea of who to focus on. I’ll be posting my results later today.

    @Charli Light is most definitely on the evil team. He’s the villain of the series, and he IS Kira. Ryuk was just the death god that gave him the weapon to kill with. Hope that I answered your question! I’m not sure if anyone else has, since I only skimmed the comments section, but yeah >_<

    @Harman Just saying, this vote will probably be changed after I get all detective on the last days. This is just an early vote based on "bad vibes" 😛

  15. @Lesley thanks! I figured so, I’ve read the first 6 volumes but – without spoilers – in the 5th and 6th stuff gets weird to do with Yotsuba and Kiras etc…

    I also have some suspicion for Harman still; I know there was some defence from her but she’s made several actions that have seemed weird and something is just off about her. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s evil or just clumpily phrasing stuff, like I said before.

    I’m not gonna vote yet because there haven’t been many comments, so I’ll see what happens.

  16. Voting Update

    Megan (1) – Voted by Jenn
    Harman (1) – Voted by Lesley Marie

    Not voting: Charli, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Lillian, Megan

  17. I honestly think Harman is on our team. She just seems confused. Like how she misassumed Francine.
    We dont have much to go on but we need to figure out the SK. I dont want to call out names so I’ll think over my suspects before voicing them

  18. Okay, sooo. I went over the comments of the last Day, and it seems that most of us were suspicious of Tabitha. Also, it seems that most of us came to see her as suspicious said so early in the game… So what I’m writing down may not be that helpful, but here are the people who only voiced their suspicious for Tabitha late in the game and only voted for her them, or didn’t vote for her at all.

    –Charley. She made two comments. One at the very beginning where she mentions how she thought that Harman and Yuko voting for each other to save themselves was suspicious. This was later proven to be not really a reason to be suspicious because Yuko and Harman’s votes were already equal–Harman just voted for Yuko and then Yuko voted back. Her other comment was at the VERY end of the day, and she said she was suspicious of Tabitha and then voted for her.

    — Yuko. She did say that felt that Tabitha was suspicious, but ended up voting for Megan since she found her inactivity and lack of voting to be suspicious. It should be noted that this was late in the day, where Tabitha already had about four-five votes on her, so even if she was on the evil team, voting for Tabitha wouldn’t have done any additional damage.

    –Megan didn’t vote at all. She was suspicious of Jenn, the cancelled that vote, and then said she was suspicious of Tabitha. She mentioned that Tabitha didn’t comment much, which could be seen as suspicion, but also that it may be because of lack of time. She said she wanted to see what Tabitha thought. She ended up not voting for Tabitha, or anybody else.

    –Harman. Didn’t vote at all. She did, however, say she was suspicious of Tabitha.

    I’m not sure if this is thorough, since I’m on my Kindle right now, so reading through comments and typing up things about them is a bit hard, but this is what I’ve got. I’ll try to look through other days before the last day and put together some stuff also. I hope this was helpful in some way????

  19. Ok, I spent yesterday and today going over the past days and writing down things in my notepad.

    I’m torn about Meg. Although she states that she wouldn’t be this obvious about not voting and being inactive if she was on the mafia, Tabitha was mafia and she was quite inactive as well. I just think that its easy to use that reason and people believe it. On the other hand, it seems a little strange to me if two mafia players are that inactive.

    Since the last day when Jenn was revealed as strong man I have had a weird feeling about it. It was used for the mafia in a version before so I thought it was strange. Jenn’s defense was pretty good at that point, and Tabitha seemed more suspicious at the time so I didn’t think anything else of it. I kept thinking about this since yesterday and I have a theory I want to bounce of everyone. What if Jenn is on the mafia as well? Tabitha was in a coma the day before and perhaps she realized she wouldn’t be able to continue with the games so the team decided that they would vote her out during the day, instead of her dropping out/getting eliminated and use that to their advantage? It would be the perfect way to divert attention away from the mafia by themselves voting to eliminate a player on their own team. I know this sounds completely crazy but stranger things have happened in this game and I just have this weird, weird feeling surrounding Jenn and the strongman role.

    I hope Leanne comes around soon as well because her comments are always detailed and insightful.

    And I will remember to subscribe this time so I don’t miss half of the comments again 😛

  20. Wow we don’t have a lot of people commenting at the moment. If we want to root out these evil people we have to get more people to start commenting and participate, this is the only way we can get someone to make a rash decision or get this to accidentally reveal something that might help the good guys.

    @LesleyMarie I totally understand! If there is anything you’d like me to clarify then let me know! I’ll definitely try and clear things up.

    So I’m really sorry I’ve been gone the last two days, I just got a new job and it’s been hectic. Some of you seem to be suspicious of me, I just want to let you know that if you need clarification on anything let me know.

    I noticed that some people said that my phrasing was clumsy. I just want to make sure that you all know that this is my first time playing. I’m really starting to get a hang of things and there have been points in the game where I have been really confused about what is going on. That might be why, but in the end it is your decision, I don’t want to pressure any of you into making a decision.

    At the moment I don’t want to point any fingers because so far it seems that if one person makes a vote some people seem to follow. I’m not judging–I did the same thing at one point. I want to check out more comments and reactions and then make a judgement, but I don’t want to make a decision last minute and miss the voting deadline either.

  21. @ Lauren, That’s a pretty good theory, but I don’t think it would be my go to if I were mafia. There are so few players left in the game now that it would probably have been more of an advantage to keep Tabitha, rather than sacrifice her. Why? Because they need more members than us to win. So with how we’ve been struggling, well.. even having Tabitha as part of their number would have been super helpful for them to win. They would have one more player and we would have one less. So things might be even worse that they are. Also, I’m feeling like the mafia team must not be very big at all because there are only 8 people left now and if they were very big, then we probably would have lost by now.

    @Megan, I understand what you mean by two birds with one stone. So I am going to cancel my vote on you for now.


    I honestly and really struggling with who to trust and who to not trust. Lillian I trust, for obvious reasons. But everyone else is hard to get any type of read on. Harman is somewhat suspicious to me, but then I wonder if it’s just because other people keep pointing her out or not. I don’t know. Yuko was obviously a townie (now that we’ve seen) so going back over things, Harman does cause me to pause because of the whole breaking the tie thing and voting for Yuko last minute on Day 3. If Yuko hadn’t checked in shortly after, just before the voting ended, she would have died then. As it was, she managed to tie it up again and prevent her death. But It really just makes me wonder about Harman now because she voted within the last 25 minutes of the voting, so it’s a really small timeframe for someone to tie it up or not. So I’m just not sure what to think. But now I’m starting to feel wary of Harman.

    I’m also not going to ignore Megan as a possibility though because even though some of you have said that someone evil would always vote because they can just blend in and such, well maybe that’s what they want us to believe.. I dunno. I’m just so confused.

  22. @Harman. Okay, so since we are getting near the end of the day, I shall cancel my vote on you, since I’m not seeing anything suspicious and bad vibes isn’t really anything to keep hold of a vote for, especially since I don’t have any questions for you to answer, haha.


    @Jenn. Yeah, it’s been hard for me to find anyone I’m truly suspicious of too :/ Whenever I look at past days, I don’t really find much, especially so on the last day–nearly EVERYBODY was suspicious of Tabitha and voted for her… So it’s hard to find any clues within the comments. *sigh* I guess what we could do is try to find if Tabitha was especially friendly towards someone in the comments section… I mean, a lot of people got suspicious of her because of how she worded things, so perhaps she might have slipped up when talking with another player?

    And about the Harman and Yuko thing… I believe both said that they thought they would both die if the votes were equal. And honestly, if I thought that, I would probably vote the other person too, especially if I was also suspicious of her, like Harman said she was of Yuko.

    I dunno. I sometimes get bad vibes from Harman, but except for a little fumbling and that one event, there’s really nothing to feel suspicious of that she hasn’t justified, now that I think about it…

  23. I dont know why but I keep going back to the people who are lurking away from any attention. They would obviously only aid to the point that they dont seem suspicious but not give additional information so as not to draw attention.

    I know I trust Jenn, and Harman(I am 100% sure that she’s on our team). And then no one else seems suspicious but I can’t completely be sure they’re on the good team.

    So, just like how Emily did before, I’m gonna vote for a person because of a teeny tiny gut feeling and to see how she responds.


    I dont have any valid reason to vote for her but she just seems to stand somewhere in the middle. Nothing against you, Lauren!

  24. Voting Update

    Lauren (1) – Voted by Lillian

    Not voting: Charli, Harman, Jenn, Lauren, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Megan

    Haven’t reached comment minimum: Harman (1), Megan (1), Leanne (0)

  25. Thanks for cancelling your vote, Jenn. 🙂

    @Asti: Thanks for clarifying about the whole identity thing!

    @Lillian: I might have missed out on a conversation about this, but can I know why you trust Harman so completely? Did you investigate her? Just curious!

    Like Lillian said though, no one else seems suspicious, though I have a bad feeling about Leanne, for some reason… It’s just a gut feeling, but Leanne could be a bad guy hiding in plain sight — since she’s one of the co-bloggers here, some might not see her as suspicious since it would be KINDA expected that Asti and Kelley would make her bad?

    Gosh, I’m horrible at explaining things (exhibit A above). I’ll just wait to see how Lauren defends herself before thinking through some more. I wish I had Sherlock’s intuitive skillz. So for now,


  26. @Megan I don’t know whether I trust Leanne or not at the moment, but I don’t think the fact she is a coblogger is a good reason for assuming she’s mafia? I don’t think Asti and Kelley would pick the teams that way or that sort of reason, it just seems odd to me and then, like you say, it would be a bit obvious.

  27. Voting Update

    Lauren (1) – Voted by Lillian
    Leanne (1) – Voted by Megan

    Not voting: Charli, Harman, Jenn, Lauren, Leanne, Lesley Marie

    Haven’t reached comment minimum: Harman (1), Leanne (0)

  28. I can’t believe I forgot to come by and check this til now. >_> I’m so off this week. Sorry for being absent!

    Finally we got one of the evils! I’m almost surprised Tabitha actually *was* evil since it seems so obvious now. Maybe it’s hindsight? I dunno. But yay! I wonder how many of them are left, now that we’re down to only eight players. (Eight, omg!)

    Urgh we lost our Doctor, too. >_< Someone at night is getting extremely lucky picking off roles. I mean, I think part of that is probably us having so many players with roles to begin with, but it still seems like they're getting the best ones first. (Again I'm a little off right now so maybe my reasoning is, too.)

    (Just stopping by to say I'm here! I didn't forget about you guys… much. I'll read all the comments and respond hopefully in an hour or two when I get this hellatious headache gone.)

  29. @Jenn; It was a random theory I had and wanted to throw it out there. I see what you mean now about the numbers and that does make sense, it’s just your strongman role really confuses me. I mean it’s definitely something that I wouldn’t put past Asti/Kelley to do with making it a townie role I’ve just only seen it as a mafia role. I too am noticing Harman more than I normally was but I agree that I’m not entirely sure if it’s because people keep mentioning her.

    @Lillian: No worries, it’s all in the game 🙂 I don’t really have much of a “defense” honestly, that sounds stupid but I don’t really know what to say. I’ve always sucked at this part… I’ve tried to voice my theories and help us as much as possible and I’m not trying to keep away from attention. I actually thought my wordy comments would be drawing attention not keeping me away from it :/

    @Megan: I’m not sure how I feel about Leanne at this time because I can’t get a good feel for her, other than she leaves detailed comments, but I don’t think Asti and Kelley would purposefulyl make her mafia. I mean she was the town and an SK before so it’s hard to look at patterns like that.

    I’m waivering between Megan and Harman so I don’t know. My voting record is poor thus far so I thought that I would find it easier with less players but it’s turning out that that’s not even true at all. OH! @Lillian: Your really sure of Harman… would you be able to tell us how you are 100% sure of her? I mean I get being somewhat sure but you are certain of her so that makes me think that you know something else?

  30. @Lauren. In your defense, I do think it would be pretty hard to defend yourself when all you have against you is a gut feeling… There’s nothing for you to answer, really, haha 😛 And I don’t find you suspicious at all! However…

    @Lillian. Your saying that you absolutely trust Harman (and perhaps also Jenn) really stood out to me. You have said before that you could only investigate one person, and the person you investigated was Jenn, so how do you know for sure about Harman being on our side?

    I have to say that if you don’t present any thorough reasons, I’m gonna start thinking you guys are part of the evil team 😛

  31. @Charli > I’m thinking Light is probably on the team with Ryuk, although who knows if it’s just them or who else may be on it if there are more people. If we’re super lucky (since there is something like an SK running around) we only have Light to contend with on the evil team now, but who knows. >_ You’re right, it definitely doesn’t look good for us this time, but… there have been other versions where it was looking pretty grim and the good team still managed to pull it off. So we still have a chance! Things usually start taking a turn for the better once we pick off one evil so maybe that will be the case this time, too.

    @Lillian > I’m thinking Harman is probably on our team, too. I get a little awkwardness from her, but no really bad vibes. And if you *do* suspect someone of being the SK, please do call names! It would help everyone if we can talk about the suspicions together, either by finding more clues to go along with them or by somewhat clearing someone’s name.

    @Lauren > “I hope Leanne comes around soon as well because her comments are always detailed and insightful.” Hey, thanks! 🙂 Sorry I kept you waiting so long this Day. *shameface* I don’t know about Jenn. I still don’t get any evil vibes from her and the Strongman role isn’t throwing me off as much as it normally would, mainly because of all these other oddities we have in the game this time around. I feel like with as much as Jenn contributes she may have slipped up by now, if there was some reason for her to be covering up. It’s possible she’s on the mafia and really good at being persuasive, but even the best players tend to slip up by this point. She still doesn’t look as suspicious to me as one or two other people.

    Huh. So I’ve found it concerning that Megan hasn’t cast a vote for anyone in the Days leading up to this, but always had more suspicious-looking people in line before her. I understand being busy, but… it seems odd that today she finally does cast one and it’s for a pretty flimsy reason. I mean I understand we don’t have a terrible lot to go on right now, but voting for me being a co-blogger is basically as legitimate as voting for someone for them having any specific role in a past version of the games. (If you recall I did comment on this the previous Day, that trying to suss out anything based on outside factors isn’t going to do us any good and really may just harm us since it takes attention off where it needs to be. So that makes her vote even flimsier, in my eyes.) It doesn’t have anything to do with roles or teams or alliances in this one. Maybe Meg’s avoided casting votes all this time to not draw suspicion on whatever she’s doing at night, whether it’s taking targets out for the evil team or with SK powers. It would be kind of silly not to vote at all since it’s essentially a free chance to help someone off into the death pit, but at the same time, there’s not much reason to vote at all if there’s something you can do about it at Night. If voting is missed a couple times it doesn’t draw much suspicion, but all the time starts to look like a plan for staying under the radar. Or at least until people start bringing it up.

    Also there’s this:

    “Since the bad guys probably already know everyone’s identities, they probably already know that I’m innocent.”

    I’m not really sure how that helps in proving innocence? It’s an easy thing to throw out there and kind of gloss everything over, but not completely true. If there is an SK acting independently of the evil team, they wouldn’t know who the SK is, only that whoever is playing that role is an additional threat. Meg could indeed be just an innocent townie, but with the no voting, then the co-blogger reason voting, then that remark, it’s starting to feel pretty fishy to me.

  32. @Lesley Marie > That’s a good idea, going back over Tabitha’s interactions with people to see who she may have been more friendly with. Although I don’t know how much we will get from it since she was pretty quiet.

    The only real concern I had left with Harman, that had been nagging at me since she and Yuko tied votes, was them both saying they thought they would die if they did that. But since I just went and looked, that rule isn’t mentioned in the current Game Rules section on the main Bookish Games page so I guess I can’t fault them for that. I knew it from previous versions and thought one or both of them might have been giving us the slip with that as an excuse. As it stands though that pretty much cleared up the little doubt I had about Harman, and I figured typing that out and posting might eliminate a shadow of doubt anyone else had over it. (P.S. Asti & Kelley you might want to add that to the page! :))

    @Lillian > With that being said, I’m also pretty curious about your trust for Harman, since you claimed you could only investigate one person and already had. Maybe you meant it as a gut-confidence sort of thing? I don’t know, but an explanation would be very appreciated.

  33. Also just in case I don’t make it back by the end of the Day, I’m going to go ahead and


    I listed the reasoning above and after reading the rest of the comments and thinking it over, I don’t find anyone more suspicious than her at the moment.

  34. You all do seem to have very good suspicions about Megan, but I don’t want to judge her because she just went ahead and made a vote quickly. I did that too, but then again she hasn’t been voting previously. I’m going to keep watch.

    So I’m a bit confused…can someone explain to me what a Strongman and SK mean? I’m seeing those two words thrown around quite a bit but I have no idea what they mean so maybe it would help me to know what they mean lol!

    Thanks guys!! 😀

  35. Voting Update

    Lauren (1) – Voted by Lillian
    Leanne (1) – Voted by Megan
    Megan (1) – Voted by Leanne

    Not voting: Charli, Harman, Jenn, Lauren, Lesley Marie

    Less than 24 hours left to vote. I’m sure we don’t need to remind you that if the day ends in a tie, no elimination occurs!

  36. @Leanne. Okay, so I looked through the comments, and you are right, there wasn’t much to go by. All that Tabitha really did was defend Francine and vote for Harman… And I’m not really sure how to interpret this. Francine was innocent, and she should have known that, and we don’t know for sure about Harman. Perhaps Harman has a more important role than Francine, or she was trying to take suspicion off herself for being the one who didn’t vote for the innocent???

    And about Megan’s statement of “Since the bad guys probably already know everyone’s identities, they probably already know that I’m innocent”… Perhaps she meant that since the evil team probably knows everyone’s roles, they don’t think of her as a threat since she is a townie? This is only if she is telling the truth, however. I don’t really have strong feelings toward Megan, but I do admit her lack of inactivity and that vote is a little suspicious…

    @Lillian. I would still like some answers, but I just realized that I might have not made it clear that I was joking in that last comment I made towards you, haha. I don’t really suspect you!

  37. Sorry guys, I meant to clarify my reason for voting for Leanne further when Charli commented last night, but there was something wonky going on with my wifi so everything was really laggy. Anyway, let me just get it out in the open: I am NOT voting for Leanne because she’s a co-blogger.

    What I meant to say is that (not sure if this explanation will be more understandable, heh) everyone would think that making Leanne part of the bad team, or even the SK would be super obvious — just like Charli said, because she’s a co-blogger. So wouldn’t that make us not suspect her as much? So again, I’m not voting for her purely because she’s a co-blogger, but because her position could mean that we are less likely to suspect her since it would be kind of obvious. Am I making sense? >< (Probably not.) My suspicions of her are just a gut feeling though, and I may be grasping at straws here, but yup. I'll probably be changing my vote later on.

    Also, do you think I'm naive enough to draw attention to myself by suddenly voting after keeping a "low profile" during the previous days? I won't get offended if you do, but if I was part of the bad team, I'd be stupid to come out in the open after being "found out." Plus, like I said before, even if I had powers at night, I would still want to take down as many good people in the day as possible, to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Furthermore, I wasn't drawing much, if any, suspicion in the previous days, so I'd be able to vote and help kill off good guys without seeming suspicious.

  38. @Harman. SK stands for serial killer, which is a player that isn’t on any side and basically just tries to be the last one standing. And a Strongman, from what I have gathered, is a player that can kill off one player no matter what, even with roleblocking and bulletproof… And if you didn’t catch it from yesterday, Jenn has confessed to being a Strongman, but she has a good defense and it has been pretty much agreed that she is on our side… For now 😛

  39. @Harman: SK stands for Serial Killer. Sometimes in games of Mafia there will be an unaligned serial killer — someone whose only team member is herself and has the ability to make kills during the Night.

    Strongman is a skill that the player can use to make their kill unstoppable, and this skill may be given to anyone with the ability to kill at night — a Mafia team member, a serial killer, or a vigilante. When the Strongman skill is used on a kill, this means neither a Doctor’s protection nor being Bulletproof will save the target, and a Roleblocker will not be able to stop the killer from acting that Night. No matter what, if Strongman is used on a kill, the kill will go through.

    All of the roles are explained in greater detail on the Mafia Wiki, too. I hope this helps!

  40. Sorry I haven’t been around! Got caught up :/

    @Lauren, Lesley, Leanne- I didn’t investigate her. I just have this really strong feeling Harman is on our team. I don’t know, I just feel like she is genuinely confused when she is confused and unlike an evil, isn’t trying to trick us. My gut feelings are pretty strong XD

    There’s this whole thing between Megan and Leanne and I can’t decide who seems more suspicious.


    Because honestly, I dont have much to go on my suspicions.

    I’m waiting for Jenn to come online. She’s great at analysing such situations and her comments help clear that fog. (She’d be a brilliant detective)

  41. I’m travelling today and I don’t know what time we will get there for the wifi so I’m going to vote now.

    I honestly don’t know who to vote for this day so I’m going with the gut/suspicions on this one. I really don’t know though.

    I’m going to


    Because she hasn’t been voting and the way she spoke about Leanne being a co-blogger seemed a bjt baseless and weird. I don’t know if I trust Leanne or not, but it just doesn’t seem like a factor that would make her suspicious, you know?

    If I don’t get to come back and Megan reveals a role or something, I just hope my vote doesn’t make the majority or anything.

    Also, if I don’t come back, I’m going to be coma’ed next week because I’m at camp 🙂

  42. @Lillian, I don’t feel like there is really a “thing” between Megan and Leanne. I know they have voted for each other, but that’s it. I actually think that they’re both on our team and that they’re both just misinformed. I know I started off the Day with suspicions of Megan, I still have a few but I’m not sure if it’s enough to make me vote for her again, though it does make pause that she thanked me for cancelling my vote on her. I dunno why but I just always find that weird when someone thanks someone for cancelling a vote. And as for her theory about Leanne being on the mafia, I don’t really see it. I actually find Leanne’s comments quite helpful, with how she breaks everything down, but I suppose she could be tricking us all. It’s not really a whole lot to go on though, so I will keep an eye on it.

    Also, I noticed this last Day as well. We appear to be getting into this mentality that we are looking at two people. Like yesterday there was a debate between myself and Lillian and which of us were to be believed. Today is Megan and Leanne. Could it not mean that someone is trying to get us debating on two people to get our suspicions off of someone else?

    I’ve decided who I’m going to vote for. This vote is mostly based off of a small feeling I’ve had, plus a few small comments and because this person seems to blend in really well and not bring much attention to themselves. So I’m sorry if I’m wrong. These games are much harder than the last 😦


  43. Voting Update

    Lauren (1) – Voted by Jenn
    Leanne (1) – Voted by Megan
    Megan (2) – Voted by Leanne, Charli

    Not voting: Harman, Lauren, Lesley Marie, Lillian

    Almost out of time, folks!

    [EDIT: Oops, didn’t see Lillian’s cancelled vote before!]

  44. I honestly don’t believe that Megan is evil… I really don’t want this to end as a tie, but perhaps it is for the best? I don’t know, we don’t really have any good suspicions, and while I know a tie is very bad if there are many people, I don’t necessarily think that if the amount is small… It also may help out, but…


    I know I’ve said that I don’t suspect her, but I feel pretty sure about everyone at this point– Lauren is the one I feel most neutral about. I’m going to check back again soon to see if I should change my vote, but… Yeah.

  45. @Kelley: Maybe I’m wrong but I think Lillian canceled her vote against me? Sorry I’m checking on my phone so its kind of hard to tell.

    I’m going to


    She’s the person I’m least sure about and the not voting seems like a tactic. Sorry I can’t elaborate much on that because I’m swamped at work but she is the most suspicious to me and I have no idea who else to vote for.

    I don’t have a defense guys as there wasn’t really been anything for me to explain. I’m definitely on the world team and that’s all I can really say at this point. I won’t be able to check back after this so hopefully I’m still here for next day otherwise I hope the world can pull this off 🙂

  46. Ugh, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do because I’m so conflicted. I’m going to


    I’m inclined to give Lauren the benefit of the doubt right now. I’m also not going to revote because at this point I just have no idea who might be mafia and who isn’t. So I’m going to not vote today. Which is something I really hate doing but I really don’t believe Megan is mafia anymore and I don’t think Lauren is either. Voting for anyone else would be useless at this point in the Day though. :/

  47. “Day Five” has officially ended. The person with the most votes (3) is Megan. Megan was Naomi Misora, Townie, The World Team.

    It is now “Night Five”. If you have a special role that allows any “Night” actions, please submit the form by Friday 1pm EDT (48 hours from now). The form can be found by clicking the Bookish Games button in our sidebar and then clicking the Death Note banner.

    If you have no night powers, be sure to visit back on Saturday 1am EDT when “Day Six” will start. We will share the identities of the eliminated players and list any warnings/disqualifications at that time.

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