Death Note Edition: Day Four


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Ouch! After gathering each results from the previous Day and Night, I keep thinking to myself it can’t get any worse for The World Team. Well, obviously I’m wrong. Not only did The World Team miss out on a majority vote during Day Three, but they lost a major player during Night Three. I guess on the bright side there is the fact that there was only one Night elimination, so at least The World Team didn’t lose two players like they did in previous nights. But still. Bad times. Bad, bad times.

I always end up saying during these games that I think the bad guys might finally win one. This time I just might be right. You’re running out of time (and players) The World Team. You better pull yourselves together and make sure you use your opportunity to get a baddy eliminated during this Day, instead of standing by as nothing happens. Good luck!

It is now Day Four. Everyone has until Wednesday 1pm EDT to discuss suspicions and cast their votes. Once the deadline has been reached, whoever has the most votes will be eliminated.

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  1. Oh jeez, this is so bad. What the hell are we gonna do?
    First of all, I just wanna say that I personally think it unfair of Yuko and Harman to vote for each other to make the votes equalize right at the end of the day. Why does this feel like an attempt to save each other to me?

  2. Man, this has gone BAD. Ren was a great contributor!
    @Charley: True but I think they just wanted to stay in the Game and would do anything to do so.

    Here’s the thing: I’m a Role Cop. The reason I’m revealing my power is because I found out who the serial killer is. Or in this case, the Strongman.( It’s Jenn.
    I’m not really good at revealing things but this is it. So

  3. Voting Update:

    Jenn (1) – Voted by Lillian

    Not Voting: Charley, Charli, Harman, Jenn, Lauren, Leanne, Lesley Marie, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko

  4. We lost a very valuable player in the night with a lot of special powers, now things will be very hard for us.

    @Charley Our votes were equalized before Harman’s vote, so, if we were evil and were trying to save each other, we would have done nothing. Instead Harman voted for me and after that I voted for her because the fact that she was voting me a little before the closing of the day saying I was suspicious instead of saying the truth (that she didn’t want to be eliminated) made me mad. I didn’t know that with votes tied no one would die, I thought we both would die.

    @lillianharp Jenn is a the top of my suspect list with another player, but I don’t know if you’re telling the truth, you could be lying. So I’ll wait for more comments.

  5. Oh my God, WHAT!? Things are getting so bad right now… I really hope that we are able to pull through this. If we are able to bring down even one evil person this night, we can lower our death numbers.

    @lillianharp Wow, that is really brave of you. That is, if you are telling the truth. Haha, don’t worry, I don’t suspect you, and I doubt you are lying because if it turns out Jenn isn’t a serial killer, we could immediately vote you off. I will see what Jenn has to say about this, but for the time being…


    @Charley Okay, I admit to being irritated when I learned that Yuko and Harman voted each other and made the votes equal. And even if Jenn turns out to be our serial killer, those two could still be part of the evil team… However, while I’m highly suspicious, I’m interested in hearing what they have to say.

    Oh, and please tell me if Asti/Kelley (I am not sure which one is narrating the games, haha), usually say things like this, but she put a bad emphasis on how we lost a majority vote… Perhaps this means that we* were* voting for an evil person? Again, I may be reading too much into the paragraph, but I thought to say this anyways >_<

  6. @Yuko Seems that you commented before I finished writing my comment 😛 Hmm. And that is true about the equal votes. They had to be already equal! Thanks for pointing that out. Also, your dying message (well, almost) kind of struck me as one of an innocent. I’m still suspicious of you, but I hope that my views of you change this day.

  7. Voting Update:

    Jenn (2) – Voted by Lillian, Lesley Marie

    Not Voting: Charley, Charli, Harman, Jenn, Lauren, Leanne, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko

    @Lesley Marie: It’s I who narrates the story, and I did wonder if I was making it sound bad. Didn’t intentionally mean to! I wasn’t saying that one of the two you were voting was a baddy (maybe, maybe not, you know I will never tell!), but that NOT having a majority vote is bad for the good guys either way because then you just end up being sitting ducks at Night!

  8. Wow, we are really not doing well at all. I can’t believe we lost someone as important as Ren. I guess it’s a good think that we only lost one though. I’m thinking maybe the evil team and SK might have both targetted her? One of them taking out her bulletproofness and one killing her? Or maybe she was targetted a different night by some third person with the ability to kill, losing the bulletproofness then… Hopefully we can figure out someone soon because it might help unravel everything on the evils.

    I can 100 percent say that I’m NOT the SK. I’m sure whoever is is now laughing about how wrong you are. I don’t even think Strongman is a SK skill? Why would they give it it to someone who can already kill someone at night, seems like it would be an unfair advantage to me. It does say there that sometimes the role is given to the townies . Also “Usually, One-Shot Strongman kills are put into the game to balance a potentially broken combination in the game.” Which kind of makes a lot of sense because there were only 18 people in the game to begin with. I’m pretty sure that Asti and Kelley were planning on a bigger selection of players, so maybe they threw it in as a kind of balance and a bit of an advantage for us. I have been holding back from using it, since I can only do it once, until I have a good idea who the SK is. SK normally tend to be bulletproof, so if I can figure out who they are, I can hopefully take them out. Though now that I’ve said this, I will probably be killed by them tonight before I can figure it out.

    On that note, does anyone have any suspicions on who the SK might be?

    I wasn’t able to make it back to the game after voting for Yuko last Day, but I have caught up and read everything and I’m kind of glad that she didn’t get killed off because now I’m really starting to doubt my suspicion of her. It kind of sucks that no one was killed, but at this point in the game, with our numbers dwindling so badly, it’s probably a good thing.

    Now, I have been trying to figure out who might be evil and have been reading through all the previous Days and looking at my notes. I have a really strong feeling that Tabitha might be evil. We had a lot of suspicion going around her and then she went into a coma. What if her team possible got her to go into a coma because they figured we wouldn’t want to vote off someone in a coma since they couldn’t defend themselves. Might be a good strategy to take some attention off of her? I don’t know, but after reading her previous comments, I have to agree that there is just something off. So I’m going to see if we can get a bit of a reaction from her and


  9. Voting Update:

    Jenn (2) – Voted by Lillian, Lesley Marie
    Tabitha (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not Voting: Charley, Charli, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko

  10. @Charli, Strongman allows me to kill one person, one time in the game no matter what. So if they’re Bulletproof or the Doctor is is protecting them, or even a bodyguard is protecting them, it doesn’t matter, they’ll die. Which is why I’m waiting to figure out who the SK is because I suspect they will be bulletproof. Or possible even if we were sure about someone on the evil team.

    @lillianharp, I don’t think that you being a role cop makes you completely trustworthy. Role cop can be a good or bad role. So you could still be evil and just trying to get rid of me now so your team doesn’t have to waste a night killing me, but I don’t know. I do know Role Cop can also be a good role, because I’ve had it in a past game. I don’t think we can put anything past Asti and Kelley. It does seem a bit strange though that they would give us a Cop, Deputy, Naive Cop (even though this role isn’t really helpful) and Role Cop all in one game, with such a small team. But they are pretty unpredictable and are evil masterminds.

    Also, I noticed at the end of the last Day you didn’t vote because you said you didn’t suspect Yuko and didn’t want to lose another world team player. But at that time, Yuko was in the lead for votes and the day was almost over. So she was going to be killed unless tied up, which she did and saved herself, but was there a reason you decided not to try and tie it up? I’m really just curious.

  11. I also want to look at those who haven’t been voting again, I’m not sure if there are any patterns or not, but.. just to have a look.

    Day 1: Francine, Izzy, Lesley Marie, Lillian, Megan
    Day 2: Charley, Francine, Megan, Emily
    Day 3: Lesley Marie, Lillian, Tabitha, Megan

    I marked out who’s dead already. So we have:

    Lesley Marie not voting 2x
    Lillian not voting 2x
    Megan not voting 3x ???
    Charley not voting 1x (was in a coma)
    Tabitha not voting 1x (was in a coma)

    So Megan, why haven’t you voted at all? Do you feel no need to because you can just kill at night? I dunno, it seems odd that someone hasn’t voted at all.

  12. @Yuko, I also just noticed, you called out me and Emily as people you suspected right before the end of the last Day. Emily is already dead, did you mean someone else?

  13. @Jenn so it’s kinda like a oneshot vigilante? Alligned with us? But unlike vigilante the kill will definitely happen?

    Also, that’s an interesting point about Megan. You always comment a few times and have an opinion so why haven’t you voted?

    I’m still suspicious of Harman now, because she voted for Yuko to save herself. Yes, Yuko voted for Harman then, but had Harman not voted, it would have tied anyway.

    I’m kinda suspicious of Tabitha too, like Jenn said, because her comments were quite simple and didn’t really contribute, and they generally seemed kinda weird.

    I’m gonna give it a day or two before I vote, and see what people have to say when they come into the conversation.

  14. @lillianharp, I just had a thought, when finding out that I had the Strongman role, why would you automatically assume that means I’m the SK? It’s not generally a SK role. Most often it’s a role of a mafia player, but can also be given to a townie (just like your Role Cop role). Unless you know who all is on the evil team and thus assuming it means I’m the SK? Though, if that were the reason, you would be apart of the evil team yourself, because how else would you know?

  15. Voting Update:

    Jenn (2) – Voted by Lillian, Lesley Marie
    Tabitha (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not Voting: Charley, Charli, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko

  16. Okay guys… so obviously losing Ren is a big loss. She had a lot of power and was active too 😦 but now we have to figure stuff out.

    What do we know?

    -Lillian is a role cop (good or bad unknown)
    -Jenn is a strongman
    -We still have a doctor somewhere
    -Harman voted for Yuko to save herself (and Yuko then made it a tie)
    -Megan hasn’t voted on any day

    What can we get from this? Hmm.

  17. Sorry, been busy this week.
    @Charli I’m basicallly Ren with a few role changes. Definitely in the good team.

    @Jenn Even if Yuko was in the lead, I didn’t want to make the mistake I did with Francine. While Francine did have an air of suspicion, I felt guilty and so hopeless since on my part, I was voting against a World Team member.
    On your question about my assumption of you as SK- I dont think you are the SK. But you align the teams. So you need to bring the players in the World Team down to align the good and the evil right? Also, the Strongman is likely to be seen with the vigilantes. That i mentioned on that page.
    @Charli a Strongman can kill anyone even if someone has put a roleblocker action over them. So that action would be useless over the Strongman.

  18. Sorry, I have been pretty busy these past few weeks with school, so I had to mostly skim through the comments before taking a couple of minutes to jot down my thoughts. This round’s Bookish Games has made it really hard for me to suspect anyone, for some reason. Everyone seems both innocent and suspicious at the same time, which is why I haven’t been voting. I mean, every time I actually do vote, I end up cancelling it because some other argument comes up and I don’t want to accidentally vote a wrong player out, especially since we’ve lost so many of the good guys already. Even now I’m finding it difficult to choose who to believe — Lillian or Jenn?

    Okay, here’s what I think: NO ONE knows which roles are present in this game, right? So I think that Lillian has as much to gain or lose if she’s telling the truth or lying. If she’s lying, then we’d be losing a valuable team player (just as long as Jenn doesn’t kill any of us good ‘uns), and we can all vote her out in the next Day. And if she’s telling the truth, then we know we can trust her and we’d have eliminated a dangerous foe. Either way, she’d be a target by both the good and bad. Not sure if I’m making sense here, but I think there are still quite a few good guys left, so I doubt she’d take the risk of telling the lie, especially since it could get her eliminated in the next round.

    @Jenn: The Strongman may NOT typically be an SK role, but I wouldn’t put it past Asti and Kelley to put a little twist on some of the roles. Lillian could have been told that the Strongman was the SK in this game when she decided to investigate you, and since the Cop can either be told which side a player is on and/or their specific roles, it would make sense.

    Not sure if I’m being entirely legible here, since it’s pretty late and I’ve been out the whole day, but yeah. Just my general feelings. So, as for now…


  19. @ lillianharp, Actually, you did say I was the serial killer:

    “Here’s the thing: I’m a Role Cop. The reason I’m revealing my power is because I found out who the serial killer is. Or in this case, the Strongman.( It’s Jenn.”

    So you’re completely contradicting yourself when you say:

    “On your question about my assumption of you as SK- I dont think you are the SK. But you align the teams. So you need to bring the players in the World Team down to align the good and the evil right? Also, the Strongman is likely to be seen with the vigilantes. That i mentioned on that page.”

    Let me point out again what you previously said:

    “I found out who the serial killer is. Or in this case, the Strongman. It’s Jenn. “

    So yes, you did say I was the SK originally.

    “Also, the Strongman is likely to be seen with the vigilantes.”

    So are you calling me a SK or a vigilante? You realise that even though a vigilante can kill someone, they’re still on the Townie side, right? They are still a part of your team.

    My role is somewhat like a vigilante, because it’s limited to one kill, which I’m planning on using on whoever the SK is, well whoever I think it is, if I can find them. Although it’s probably a moot point now because if I do survive this day (which is looking unlikely because you called me a SK, when I’m not), I’m most likely not going to survive the night because now the SK knows I can kill them in one shot, even if they are bulletproof.

    I’m not really sure what you’re taking about when you say align, so I assume you mean Asti does something about that?

    @Megan, in all of the previous games that has a SK, the SK is investigative immune. If someone were to investigate them, they would get a townie result. If it were a role cop, they would get no result. I imagine this is because the SK is one person in a group of many. How unlucky would it be if they were to be investigated the first night and called out as a SK? Extremely. Their goal is to be the last one standing. So making them able to be investigated would be completely unfair to them, they’re already going to have a hard enough time staying alive. Unless someone else has a Strongman ability, there is a strong possibility that both the mafia and the SK attacked Ren last night and broke through her bulletproof. Or maybe there is a roleblocker who blocked it? I don’t know if you can block a bulletproof.

    Also, a Role Cop, which is what Lillian is, is not told at all what side a player is on, they are only told the roles of whoever they investigate.

    I believe Lillian got a Strongman result on me, because that’s my role. I have one kill. I don’t know if you guys realize this, but two nights we’ve lost two players. I would have only been able to kill one of those four. But I am saving my Strongman because I don’t want to use it on a World Team member by accident, so I’m waiting for the right moment.

    I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but I’m not the SK. But I’m sure whoever it is is pretty happy right now.

    I also don’t think that it has to be either me or Lillian to be honest. She is probably World Team, the same as me, but if you want to kill me off and then see that she’s wrong and kill her off for leading you to me. Good luck getting the mafia and SK because our numbers are dwindling.

  20. @Asti Ah, okay! Thank you for the clarification 😀

    @Jenn On the first day I didn’t vote because I was inactive (I have the warning to prove it, haha), and on the third day, I was waiting for a player to respond before voting but checked in too late and the voting was over. So yup, that’s my explanation. And while Asti and Kelley might have put a twist to the roles, I agree with you that giving an SK/evil person a Strongman role in a game with a minimal amount of players is a bit redundant, and you also make a strong defense for yourself.


    Also, I do wonder about Tabitha. There were not two deaths this day and she was in a coma last day. And I have to admit that she is pretty good at going under the radar. I kind of keep forgetting that she is in the games >_< And I remember Emily being suspicious of her and then dying soon after? I know that it may seem stupid to let yourself be in a coma when your absence of action could bring lots of suspicion on you, but I do remember that reverse-reverse psychology conversation we had last day. So if Jenn isn't evil, then I think Tabitha could be my next main suspect.

    @Lillian I will be cancelling my vote for Jenn right now, but I do have a question: do you know for sure that she is on the evil side? Have you actually been given evidence of that or are you just assuming based on Jenn's role? And if you have been given evidence, could you describe it? Since your role is out in the open, you should be telling us all that you can.

    @Megan "If she’s lying, then we’d be losing a valuable team player (just as long as Jenn doesn’t kill any of us good ‘uns), and we can all vote her out in the next Day." <– This is what I've been thinking. However, Lillian could be making a mistake based on assumption, so I think we should also be looking for suspicions in other players and ALSO asking Lillian and Jenn as many questions as we can so that we can build up our own opinions.

  21. @Lesley Marie, I didn’t even think about how there was only one kill last night and Tabitha was in a coma. That could be a coincidence, but with everything else about her, I’m feeling less than comfortable with her.

  22. Jenn, that is definitely a point to consider. I had a feeling that you had a strong role and like someone said on the last day, you can only go to evil after being Tris in the last games. And I was very hasty in putting up my first comment to properly explain but I just thought that Strongman would automatically mean SK. Sorry for that mix up.

    @Lesley I’m not allowed to exactly say what the email said(right?) but I was told that votes work against the Strongman even though roleblocking doesn’t. That’s how my assumption of Jenn being on the bad side became more of a proof. But Jenn has a convincing defense so I’m at a complete loss.


    Yes, Tabitha is definitely on my list. Like I said last, I suspect her but can’t pinpoint exactly what she said that made her suspicious.

    So now we need to figure out who the SK is before we lose Jenn. Like I said on the previous day, Tabitha seems like it. But I have no proof. This is just my really really strong gut feeling and her comments that seemed off.

  23. @ Lillian, I don’t think it’s really fair to assume that the only place for me to move on to after playing Tris in the last games is to the mafia side. If Asti and Kelley made the teams that way, all we’d have to do is kill off all the old players. But since half the players are generally old players and half new, it would take awhile and probably wouldn’t be as fun once people caught on to it.

    We do need to narrow down on who the SK might be though.
    Lesley Marie

    That’s all of us who are still playing. The only person I have any suspicion for currently is Tabitha though.

  24. Umm, wow… Ren was the Jack of All Trades 😦 That’s a huge loss for us.

    I’m busy during the day today so I haven’t had much chance to read the comments only skim, so I definitely need to reread these later. I’ll pop back in a few hours once I’m home and I’ve had a chance to read everything, I just wanted to subscribe to comments because it’s so hard to read these tiny words on my phone screen!!!!

  25. Voting Update:

    Jenn (1) – Voted by Megan
    Tabitha (1) – Voted by Jenn

    Not Voting: Charley, Charli, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Tabitha, Yuko, Lesley Marie, Lillian

  26. @Lillian Haha, and yes, I think the rules put a bit of a restriction on what you can say… I wasn’t thinking O_o But anyways. “I was told that votes work against the Strongman even though roleblocking doesn’t. ” Well, this doesn’t necessarily say that Jenn would likely be on the evil team. It could mean that she is on the good team, and that even if somebody (maybe another player on the good team that is suspicious of her) tries to roleblock her, they wouldn’t be able to stop what she thinks is right for the team.

    @Jenn I saw you asking about roleblockers taking away Ren’s bulletproof, so I looked up the ability of a roleblocker, and I think the answer is no. Bulletproof is a passive ability, and roleblockers are usually only able to stop a move of a player during the night. At least, that’s what I got from the information… And hopefully Tabitha pops up soon, so we can interrogate her 😛 But before then…


  27. I haven’t played this game before but from what I am seeing this is not going well. Us losing Ren is definitely bad.

    I just wanted to clarify my reason for voting for Yuko at the end of Day 3. I did find her suspicious and I did need to make a vote, on top of that I wanted to stay in the game. I really like it and I wasn’t aware that if it was a tied vote neither of us would get kicked off. Was it kind of a desperate attempt to save myself? Yes, but I also did find her a bit suspicious with everything that was being said.

    I have to say that Lillian revealing all that info does seem kind of suspicious. Why would she do that? Is she trying to point people in the opposite direction, away from her? Is she trying to save herself? I don’t know. I’m really not sure who to believe, Jenn or Lillian. At one point I did find Jenn to be suspicious so maybe I was right but Jenn did explain herself and prove herself innocent to me at the time.

    @Lillian want to explain yourself? I am really confused at the moment and I would like to see if I have to vote someone off. I don’t want to make a last minute decision like I did at the end of Day 3.

    @Jenn do you have anything to say on the matter? I know you might have in the top comments but I only got to skim them.

  28. @Harman I don’t think Lillian would be trying to get attention off herself. In fact, she is putting attention ON herself by revealing her role and Jenn’s role. This could make her a target in the eyes of the evil team. If she is right, we may lose one evil person but she could still get killed by others. If she is wrong, she may not be that big of a target in the eyes of the evil team but will probably get voted off by the surviving players.

    I think Lillian was just trying to help, even sacrificing herself a little bit. And Jenn’s defense is very strong so I also doubt that she is an evil person. Right now, I agree with Jenn, the most suspicious person right now is Tabitha.

  29. Voting Update:

    Jenn (1) – Voted by Megan
    Tabitha (2) – Voted by Jenn, Lesley Marie

    Not Voting: Charley, Charli, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Tabitha, Yuko, Lillian

  30. @Jenn: Thanks for explaining all that to me! I have to admit I never noticed that about the SK, so I’m really sorry for jumping to conclusions. It makes sense that the SK would have immune abilities. The only thing I don’t understand right now is why Lillian would lie about you being the SK… unless it was another conclusion she came up with. But either way, I agree with Lesley that your defense is a strong one, and I believe you. 🙂

    Even though Tabitha may be looking very suspicious right now, I want to hear what she has to say first before voting, so for now, I’ll be cancelling my vote again (see what I mean?! xD).


    Really hope Tabitha pops by to comment soon! Her short comments could be due to the lack of time, but I’m not ruling anything out yet.

  31. @Jenn I know, that wasn’t a solid idea. I was wondering, you said that when one investigates the SK’s role, it appears to be a townie. Does their team, when investigated, show differently? I just wanted to know how it works.

    @Harman Like Lesley said, I just took this risk to help out our team. We’ve been losing our players and I thought any information might help. There hasn’t been any attention on me to have to direct the other way. I know I labelled Jenn without being completely sure or thinking over it but at the time, I thought my assumptions were right and I truly thought it would help us out.

    @Megan Yes, it was another conclusion. I don’t know what I’d get from lying about that..

  32. @Lillian, SK’s are unaligned, so they have no team. But since they are investigative immune, if they’re investigated, the person investigating them is told they are on the townie team.

    @Harman, I truly think that she just jumped the gun and made the wrong assumption based on her information. I don’t really think at all that she’s evil right now.

  33. Voting Update:

    Tabitha (2) – Voted by Jenn, Lesley Marie

    Not Voting: Charley, Charli, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko, Lillian

  34. I think for now, I’m going to


    Because like I said before, something is off about her and she hasn’t really contributed in the few comments she has made.

    sorry my comments are a bit shorter this day! Trying to sort some stuff out!,

  35. This thing between Lillian-Jenn is really confusing me and I don’t know who to believe to and who is right. Is Jenn right? If so, the evil team/SK will try to kill her for sure in the night, since her role is really problematic for them. But maybe Jenn is lying and she is part of the evil team. I really don’t know. Maybe both Jenn and Lillian are evil and this is a sort of strange plan to make us think they’re both on the good side. Oh my, my mind is so confused.

    Like other players, I’d like to hear something from Tabitha.

  36. I’m half and half torn about what I feel at Jenn at this point. On one side her being revealed as Strongman makes me really leery because it’s normally a mafia role (It was used for the mafia in HP Games) and because Ren died last night and she was 1x bulletproof, it kind of brings up red flags that maybe she used it to target Ren. On the other hand her defense is quite strong and the Strongman role COULD be a vigilante role. At this point I think I’m going to believe her.

    Tabitha is definitely looking suspicious. It’s very strange that she was in a coma and then there was no overnight kill, but again that could boil down to a variety of different things.

    I don’t think it’s suspicious that Lillian revealed this information. As someone pointed out above, if we did vote Jenn off because of her assumptions and she turned out to be WT than it’s obvious she was leading us astray and we could then vote her the next day. Also it’s going to make her a huge target during the night by revealing that she is the role cop.

    I’m leaning towards Tabitha at this point, she has been on my radar since the first day because of her sporadic commenting. I’m going to hold off on voting until she comes around and comments though.

  37. I have to say that this whole Jenn-Lillian thing is still very confusing and I’m not whether I should believe one or the other. I’m going to just keep watching for a while and see what happens.

    @Tabitha, I hope you show up soon to explain all this because you are looking quite suspicious right now. I’m going to wait a little while longer before deciding who I am going to vote for.

  38. Voting Update:

    Tabitha (3) – Voted by Jenn, Lesley Marie. Charli

    Not Voting: Charley, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko, Lillian

  39. Sooo. Um. It’s been sorta quiet around here 😛

    @Harman What exactly are you confused about? Anyways. As of right now, I think everything about the Jenn-Lillian thing has been settled. Lillian doesn’t seem guilty and Jenn has cleared herself with a very strong defense. But even so, that’s just what I think. You should come to your own conclusion… I’m saying this mostly because I’m beginning to find your willingness to just go with the majority unsettling, haha. And I’m hoping that Tabitha pops up soon, and with a good defense. She’s kind of in a hole right now.

    @Lillian Have you investigated people other than Jenn? Are there any others that you find suspicious? I’m not saying to reveal their role, but have their been people with roles that stuck out to you and also have other things about them that you find suspicious (which you should reveal)?

    You don’t have to answer this if you don’t feel comfortable about doing so, of course 🙂

    @All And if you any of you guys have suspicions, please break this silence and tell! It doesn’t even have to be a person that lots of people are suspecting. Let’s just get talking again 😛

  40. Voting Update:

    Tabitha (3) – Voted by Jenn, Lesley Marie. Charli

    Not Voting: Charley, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko, Lillian

    Have not met comment minimum: Charley (1), Tabitha (0), Leanne (0)

    Less than 48 hours left…

  41. Wow, not much as happened in the past day. I hope that Tabitha pops in soon because I really want to hear her defense/explanation about our suspicions. Otherwise it just seems to me she is kind of throwing in the towel because she IS a baddie.

    @Lillian: I am interested to know if you have investigated anyone else as well?

    I can’t really explain it but this has been popping back into my head over the past day… the fact that Ren was 1x bulletproof but yet she died last night. I keep thinking we are missing something. I need to keep stewing over this…

  42. @Lauren It is possible that Ren was targeted the day before… Or maybe she was targeted by BOTH the serial killer and the mafia in one night, thus getting taken down. The second theory would explain why there was only one kill, if we were to scrap the whole “Tabitha is the serial killer” idea. That is, if Tabitha ever pops up and explains herself.

  43. @Lesley Marie: Oh, it’s definitely possible that she was targeted the day before! I’m just going by the fact that we had two kills each night for three nights and then in the fourth only one. It seemed like it was mafia & SK and then suddenly a wrench was thrown in our thinking. I’m not sure if two people targeting a player removes the bulletproof, I thought that it had to be two targets in order for it to go through (I.E. First night it was attempted and then second night attempted again and worked?)… maybe Asti or Kelley could clear that up if they are able to?! I’m probably getting way too hung up on patterns and over analyzing things but I just feel like we are really sinking quickly and trying to talk/go over things that might be useful to us.

  44. @Lauren Oh, that is very true! I wasn’t thinking of that… There were always two deaths before today, which had one death. Perhaps a player that wasn’t the SK or the mafia had the ability to kill and found Ren suspicious? Anyways… “I’m not sure if two people targeting a player removes the bulletproof, I thought that it had to be two targets in order for it to go through (I.E. First night it was attempted and then second night attempted again and worked?)…” <– Now I'm curious about this also…

    And you are absolutely right. There really isn't much hope for us right now, so going over things with everyone is important. And any pattern you see is something to talk about 🙂 Unfortunately, it seems that discussion is beginning to go down quite a bit. I know that we all pretty much already have a suspect for the day, but I don't like the idea of stopping conversation already…

    Honestly, I'm also finding Harman a bit suspicious now, since she seems to be overly willing to just go with the majority's opinion. It could be because she is a first-timer and doesn't really know how to play, but it also seems like she's trying to avoid being noticed…

  45. @Lesley I’m not going with majority opinion. That is why I haven’t voted for Tabitha yet. I want to see if she comes in and defends herself before making a decision on that matter. What really gets me is the whole thing with Jenn. She did have a strong defense but I did find her suspicious beforehand-maybe it’s just paranoia. I don’t want to risk having a good guy thrown off again when we really need them.

    It’s not that I don’t want to be noticed. I’ve been hanging back a bit because of the fact that there are still some things I don’t understand about the game. You all that have played before know what to look for. That is what really gets me-how do they notice all this? It’s just something I will learn over time I guess. I really haven’t been trying to stay out of the spotlight or anything. I just am where I am, Day 3 really showed that I’m not trying to hide. Hope that cleared things up! 😀

  46. @Harman Ah, I’m sorry, Harman! It’s just that you tend to ask who to believe and change how you feel depending on the crowd, it seems to me. However, I now realize this may just be me looking too much into what you do– that’s what happens when you focus on someone too much, and with what happened last day, I’ve been watching you and Yuko more than I had before. And while I may be suspicious of you, I don’t really have anything else than the reason I stated before, so I’m not really taking that suspicion seriously 😛 It’s like my new suspicion of Megan… I only have a tiny reason that doesn’t really say much. In Megan’s case, it is inactivity– even though I know she’s really busy with school. I was just trying to get some discussion going, for the most part, since things have been so darn quiet…

    Haha, I found Jenn suspicious at first, too, but only because I thought that, if she were evil, she would be really good at convincing people to get on her side. Although, with what happened this day and how she defended herself, I’m much more trusting of her. Oh, and I’m also a newbie and my only advice is too just jump in and spew whatever your thoughts are 😀 It may seem like something only a newbie would say or a “um, let’s pass on that” thought, but everything counts!

  47. Voting Update:

    Tabitha (3) – Voted by Jenn, Lesley Marie. Charli

    Not Voting: Charley, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko, Lillian

    Have not met comment minimum: Charley (1), Tabitha (0), Leanne (0)

    Less than 48 hours left…

    @ Lesley Marie and Lauren: If a person is 1x bulletproof, it means they can avoid Night death once in the game. So if they are targeted by one person for death, they lose their bulletproof protection but do not die. If they are targeted by another person, they do die since they no longer have their vest. It does not matter if it happens on the same Night (two people targeted the same person the same Night) or different Nights (one person targets during Night 1 and then another targets during Night 2). If there is a second person targeting someone with 1x bulletproof at any time, they will die (unless something like a Doctor, Roleblocker, etc. interferes with the kill).

  48. @Harman: You’re def not the only newbie! Out of the players still alive, Lesley Marie, Lillian, Charli, Tabitha, and Yuko are all newbies in that they either haven’t played the game at all before, or have joined once only to be killed during the first Day/Night (which I think hardly counts as playing since the first Day is pretty random)! No one really knows if the people they suspect are actually evil. Players just try to look carefully at what’s being said and who is interacting with who and how people respond to accusations to come to their conclusions. (And some just go with their gut!) But it’s usually good, for the good guys at least, to talk about their suspicions because two minds are better than one, and sometimes the person being suspected can help alleviate any concerns! 🙂

  49. Voting Update:

    Tabitha (3) – Voted by Jenn, Lesley Marie. Charli

    Not Voting: Charley, Harman, Lauren, Leanne, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko, Lillian

    Have not met comment minimum: Charley (1), Tabitha (0), Leanne (0)

    Less than 24 hours left, people!

  50. (I’m showing up late today so I’m sure most or all of this has already been said, but I’d still like to put my opinions out there.)

    Wow. First off I can’t believe lost another player that was so valuable! And I can’t believe Ren had *so* many roles at her disposal. That’s just crazy, and I wonder what she would have found out she could have (or maybe tried sneakily to) share with us before she got taken out. How is the evil team getting so lucky?! >_<

    Second – only one kill this Night. Hrm. And Tabitha in a coma. With people having voiced some suspicions over her previously. I remember saying if there was no second Night kill maybe the SK was trying to frame Tabitha, because of all the obvious kills pointing toward her and her comments making her look suspicious. But there is that whole reverse-reverse psychology thing, and it's looking more and more likely all the time. It could be the SK trying to frame Tabitha, or Tabitha is the SK in a coma so couldn't make a kill, or the evil team and SK both targeted Ren. I don't know. I wouldn't have thought the evil team would really have much reason to target Ren over any number of other people.

    Then there's the matter of no Day elimination since Yuko and Harman had a tie of votes. I didn't look at the specific timeline to see which happened first or how close together they were. It could have been smart on their part just to stay in the game, but it could have been them saving each other, too. (Which would point to them being on an evil team together.)

    And now there's also the matter of Jenn having Strongman. I just haven't gotten evil vibes off her this time around so I'm inclined to believe what she's saying about it being a one-shot kill deal. It makes sense for the good team to have, with us not having as many players this time around. I mean look at all the other powers we've had revealed so far. Our GMs really wanted to give us a fighting chance, and we're still losing people like crazy!

    (Still reading through the rest of this pile of comments.)

  51. Okay it’s crazy enough for us to have one player (Ren) with so many roles at their disposal, and now Lillian is claiming to have just as many. I’m finding that a little hard to believe, both because that seems like pushing *too much* for us to have on the good team, and because it would be nearly impossible for anyone to prove otherwise. We’ve basically lost all our cop roles (I’m assuming) now except for Lillian, so no one can investigate her to see. I’m with Meg on this one – Lillian would have a lot to gain whether she’s telling the truth or lying about her alliance and all those roles she has. And just in these first few comments she threw out the SK accusation at Jenn but instantly tried to backtrack on it a bit. Sure it’s fine to be making assumptions because that’s part of what the game is about, but I dunno. Something feels a little hard-pressed and fishy there.

    Reading a little further down I’m feeling a little better about Lillian not seeming so fishy, but I have to say this to everyone involed:

    *Please* don’t base your suspicions of people in *this version* of the games on what roles they had in past games. That’s going to get us absolutely nowhere. If you think Asti & Kelley are going to do something as obvious as just switching people from good to evil, that’s not only silly on your part, but dangerous for the rest of your team. It would basically render this whole figuring-people-out part obsolete, if we could just check alliances of whomever they were playing before and then base votes accordingly. All we have to go on is what people are doing and saying this time around. I know it’s not much, especially in this Death Note version for some reason, and it can be tempting to try to work in outside factors. But they won’t help, I can guarantee. Trying to figure things out this time based on past games is only going to overshadow the factors we actually have and can use.

  52. @Leanne I’m really starting to rethink the whole Tabitha thing… Since there were two deaths each night, and there were only two possible kills each night, Ren would not have been able to be killed if the serial killer was in a coma. She would have lost her bulletproof, yes, but not die. That is, unless another player with the ability to kill also got to her. I’m still keeping my vote on Tabitha since she has not popped up at all today, but still. It’s something to think about.

    Also, Harman and Yuko were already tied. Harman then broke the tie by voting for Yuko, and Yuko voted back since she thought Harman was just trying to save herself and voted back. It should be noted that they both thought both of them would die if it was a tie.

    I never found Lillian’s having the ability to investigate to be suspicious, even though we have had a lot of people who could do that. It sort of goes with the Death Note theme, since the manga was so full of investigators and cops. And while I do think that she might have jumped to conclusions too quickly (now the evil team knows the roles of two players), I believe she was just trying to help since we are kind of getting backed into a corner :/

    @Asti Thank you for the answer ^_^

  53. @Asti: Thanks for clearing that up!! I actually had no idea that was how it could work, !!

    @Leanne: That’s an excellant point… we should definitely look back at Ren’s comments and see if she tried to steer us in a particular direction. I don’t have much time to do it tonight so I will try to do it tomorrow AM.

    @Lesley Marie: I’m almost certain that if you are in a coma during the day it doesn’t necassarily carry over into the night. I could be totally wrong but I know in the past one of my mafia team members was in a day time coma but she could still come that night to contribute. Asti is that correct?
    If that’s the case then both the mafia and the SK could have targeted Ren thus killing her. As Tabitha has been so inactive this day perhaps this is actually her plan? To say that she hadn’t had time carrying over from her coma and into this day , so she can’t be the SK… I keep going over as many possible theories in my head haha. I also had no idea that there were so many investigators and cops in Deathnote, I just asked the BF about it to confirm and he basically gave me this “DUH” look and said that’s the entire point. They have to figure out who L is haha. So that is entirely plausible it seems that Lillian is also a rolecop for us! Thanks for pointing that out actually because I was a little bit suspicious about that fact as it seems like we have a lot of roles but you pointing that out kind of has cleared that up for me.

    I’m going to go ahead and vote now..


    I’m still going to go back over Ren’s comments tomorrow so I may change this but I can’t see it honestly. Tabitha is very inactive and suspicious to boot so something would have to drastically change my suspicions at this point.

  54. After reading the rest of these comments I’m not finding Lillian so suspicious anymore. It’s true in the Death Note anime/manga there were a *lot* of cops trying to find out who everyone was, so that seems like a pretty legitimate thing to happen for the good team.

    @Lesley Marie > I’m not sure if someone in a coma can still come back and perform a Night action either, and you (and some other people above) do make a good point about Ren’s bulletproof. It’s not for sure the SK and evil team both targeted her in one Night. We won’t know what happened there, or if there is somehow some third party involved, until the end when everything is revealed.

    Not sure if I will make it here tomorrow before the time runs out, so I’m going to


    The few comments I’ve seen from her have been a little… odd. And with suspicions piling up (plus the inactivity, I have to say :/) it seems like the best choice for this Day.

    @Lillian > I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask this before like some others have, but I’m really curious to know who you may have investigated before and what your results were, even if those people aren’t in the game any longer.

  55. @Leanne Haha, I think that Ren actually suspected me last day O_O But anyways, here are some lines from her comments that stood out to me:
    “Between Jenn and Harman I do trust Jenn more, because I believe she’s more open. An evil person talking a lot will eventually contradict herself and be found out, while an evil person who doesn’t say much can hide for a long time. ”
    “It looks like Harman didn’t have a reason for voting Jenn on day 1 and claimed it was a random vote. There were lots of random votes that day, but it’s certainly interesting that she’s voting Jenn again.”
    “She’s not very active, so hopefully this is a chance to spark a discussion and hear something more from her. Plus, going through yesterday’s comments I noticed that she said ‘Yuko might have set off the “supposed” to thing, but Francine’s other comments and how they add up with that “supposed to” comment makes me suspect her.‘ But now that Francine was revealed to be innocent, Lesley Marie is framing things in a different way and says that Yuko set off Francine’s downfall…” <– Note: I defended myself and she said she believed me. Just so you know 😛

    She did seem quick to jump on Jenn and then back off. To be honest I’m voting for her because I find Yuko less suspicious, and we’re so close to the end of the day that I doubt I’ll manage to find “proof” against someone else if I haven’t in the past 3 days.

    One thing that stood out when I read the past few days, though, is how almost all of the people accused/voted for are newbies. Izzy (even though she barely counts), Francine, Yuko, Harman. Jenn had a vote, but it was for a very vague reason and it was quickly retracted. I’m wondering if it’s because us returning players are better at flying under the radar and acting in a manner that’s not suspicious, or if the mafia is deliberately directing suspicions towards new players because they’re easier targets, while trying to accuse an experienced player might backfire and result in the accuser coming under suspicion herself"
    ^^And that were all the main points of her comments, I guess. Some I basically just copy and pasted nearly the whole thing, so sorry if I'm sort of dumping a wall of text. From what I see, she talked about Harman quite a bit, but I'm beginning to trust her more now– it seems that Harman just didn't know what to do… But everything that is said counts. Ren also mentioned how she noticed that most of the people being accused are newbies and that the mafia may be purposely directing suspicious at them since they are easy targets.

    @Lauren Ooh, okay! That makes sense. Haha, yeah, there are a lot of investigators in Death Note– there are actually very few characters that aren't investigators in a sense, and a good portion of those characters are killers 😛 And there are a lot of strong characters in the series, too– Near, for example, is only one of the characters that made big impacts on the story. And looking at the chart of players, we may still have L (good side), Misa (bad side), Mikami (bad side), and Rem and Ryuk (who are death gods and aren't really on any real sides)… So yeah, if I'm correct, we only have one really strong character left on our side :/

    Yikes… Things aren't looking too good right now.

    There are ways that we could twist things so that Tabitha doesn't look so suspicious… But she's very inactive and hasn't even defended herself, and since it seems we don't have any other suspects this day, I believe we should just go ahead and see what happens. If she turns out to be evil, yay! If she turns out to be innocent, well, she wasn't contributing much and only staying in the background, so it isn't really a huge loss… Unless she is an L or something, but for some reason I doubt that.

  56. @Leanne Looks like you commented again while I was writing my own comment! Yes, we won’t really know what happened last night until the end. Another theory is that perhaps there is a killer on the evil team that can go through bulletproof? I could see this happening, since the death gods from Death Note could basically go through anything. Another is that perhaps there is another player that can back a fellow evil person up when they are absent/can’t make a move/need an extra move… It’s a bit over the top but again, I can see it happening since Kira/Light used Mikami for this when he was in his own kind of coma.

    Anyways. I’m rambling now. And I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I remember Emily being suspicious of Tabitha and getting killed off soon after? Emily did cancel her vote on Tabitha before, but if Tabitha was indeed an evil person, she might have felt threatened.

  57. Voting Update:

    Tabitha (5) – Voted by Jenn, Lesley Marie. Charli, Lauren, Leanne

    Not Voting: Charley, Harman, Megan, Tabitha, Yuko, Lillian

    Have not met comment minimum: Charley (1), Tabitha (0)

  58. This day has been really “strange”. After the bomb of the beginning (Jenn accused of being a serial killer) all went on very slowly. Like others said, I believe that Ren, during the night, has been attacked both by the mafia and the SK, and this is why only one person died.
    I have to admit I still find Jenn suspicious, she’s so good with words. But I don’t think I’ll vote for her: if she’s on the good side, tonight the mafia will kill her anyway (I think). If she is on the bad side and so she survives the night, we can vote her on the next day.
    I’ll go back to past days comments before deciding who to vote for, see you later.

  59. Ok, I think I’ll vote for Megan. As Jenn pointed out, she didn’t vote in the last three days. I know she said she was busy, but to me she sounds suspicious since both in day one and three (on day two she was in a coma) she made a vote and then cancelled it, not voting in the end. This seems to me like a strategy for not being noticed (a sort of inactive but not too much).


  60. @Leanne- No one else, I actually just had a 1×role cop power so I could only investigate once and then, my power is no longer valid. So, Jenn was the only one I investigated.

    @Lesley You have a point with Harman. I have been preoccupied with my suscipion on Tabitha to notice that. Ren made some quality observations(just like Emily and Cayce) and that seems to have killed her at night.

    @Yuko I think I understand how busy Megan has been(student life is hard) and I get that as her reason to not vote. I think the evils will *want* to vote and be eager to eliminate so as not to draw attention on them and especially since it will help them. So, Megan’s hesitance to vote seems innocent enough though, that is my opinion.

    I’ll be coming back after checking last days’ comments.

  61. I have my suspicions on Tabitha and Harman. I wish we got a comment from Tabitha on the votes. Here’s something that bugs me from Day 2:
    Emily- I’m going to be unconventional and
    There are a few reasons for this. Mainly one because she’s inactive, and it seems to me even on the first day when she came to comment, her comments didn’t really help us to go anywhere, which is fine because she’s a new player, but when I read her comments, albeit short and meeting the minimum, I just have this very strange feeling in my gut, like it’s a bit creepy and that I feel like she’s not good, and not for us, you know? Argh, that doesn’t make any sense, but sorry Tabitha, I have nothing against you!
    {Note: I have that same gut feeling}
    Tabitha:Emily is already out to get me! I see how she is veiling her vote with reasonable sounding reasons. But wouldn’t you say someone who is trying to make themselves sound good would make their reasons and arguments so strong. I’m thinking she can’t be trusted. =) She reads too nice even with her apology to me after her vote to kick me off the island.
    The reason I’m bringing this up is because I thought it was something to go on, and even though Emily cancelled her vote, I found Tabitha’s reply after the vote suspicious. Ren asked me the previous Day why I found Tabitha suspicious and despite it being my gut feeling, it could have been alarmed by something Tabitha said. I’ve been going through the past comments today and finally, this is the closest I got the reason.


  62. After reading up to here, I’ve decided I’m going to keep my vote. I just can’t help but have this feeling about Tabitha. She might not be a SK, but if not, I think she might be evil.

    I’m not really sure who else the SK could be though, if not Tabitha. But I will look through everything again and if it turns out she’s not the SK, I will probably not be around next Day. I’m pretty sure I’ll be considered too much of a threat now that they know I can kill them (or possibly even someone who is evil) so I can’t see myself making it through the night. If I do, I’ll be surprised.

    I’m about to head out for the afternoon, so won’t be stopping back in until after the Day is over to see the results.

  63. @Jenn I’m sorry for throwing my assumptions without any base and jeopardizing both of us. I never said that to you before. D:

    I was just thinking, not having two kills from last Night could also mean that the SK could have targeted someone who is Bulletproof. There can be more than one SK, right? I’m just putting out all possible theories so.

  64. My feeling right now is that Tabitha is either:
    Relying on the fact she was in a coma yesterday to mask her inactivity today
    Relying on yesterdays coma as a reason why she couldn’t have done any killing last night
    Relying on yesterdays coma so that people will defend her innocence and inactivity today
    Or she is just really busy?
    I’d like to think that if she was a part of the world team, she would step in to defend herself against the votes.
    My vote will likely change if she returns to prove that she is not evil and hiding, but for now, she is no help to us, as the world team.

  65. “Day Four” has officially ended. The person with the most votes (6) is Tabitha. Tabitha was Ryuk, Follower (able to investigate one person each Night to see what action they performed), Team Kira.

    It is now “Night Four”. If you have a special role that allows any “Night” actions, please submit the form by Friday 1pm EDT (48 hours from now). The form can be found by clicking the Bookish Games button in our sidebar and then clicking the Death Note banner.

    If you have no night powers, be sure to visit back on Saturday 1am EDT when “Day Five” will start. We will share the identities of the eliminated players and list any warnings/disqualifications at that time.

    PS. Apologies that this update is going up over a hour late! Things have been a little hectic here lately and it slipped my mind. Usually Kelley is around to take care of it if I slip up, but she’s been busy with her own stuff. Whoops >.<

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