Divergent Edition: GAME OVER!

Welcome to the Bookish Games, a variation of the game Mafia (aka Werewolf) that was previously hosted at A Bookish Heart and is now hosted at Oh, the Books! For each game, a popular YA book is chosen to be the theme and players are assigned different character roles and powers. Their end goal is to ensure that their team is the last one standing, even if they don’t know who their other teammates are.



  • [DAY] Mel @ The Daily Prophecy as Eric, Team Erudite, Neighbor (can communicate with other neighbors anytime)

After eight grueling Days, Team Dauntless shocked us all by  eliminating the last Team Erudite member, Mel, to secure their win. Congratulations to the surviving Team Dauntless members: Nadia, Lauren, Emily, and Charley! It was a close call, but you somehow managed to pull it together in the end.


MVP T-shirts

Some of you may have noticed Asti’s Evil Mastermind t-shirt back in March, which was actually a test run for one more addition we wanted to make to the Bookish Games. We’ve chosen two players who played hard and well throughout the entire game, and their actions had a big impact on the way things played out.

  • Mel @ The Daily Prophecy – We loved Mel’s ballsy moves when it came to the game. While her Mason lie ended up backfiring when Charlotte/Sana was eliminated during Night Seven, securing her own deathly fate, it was still a bold move that helped Team Erudite survive longer than it might have.
  • Emily @ Constellation Chronicles – One of the keys to winning when it comes to Townies is active participation, and Emily was a shining example. Even when she should have been revising (tsk, tsk) she contributed to the game, and even figured out some of our twists early on (whether she realized it or not)!

Survivor Swag

But what about everyone else who survived — especially those players who ultimately ended the game and won the day for Team Dauntless?

Each one helped contribute to Team Dauntless’s success in some pivotal way – whether by role blocking an important move (Charley), killing off a major baddie (Nadia), or revealing a secret that helped secure the deadly fate of another baddie (Lauren).

Don’t worry, you guys get prizes too! We’ll be sending each of you some official Bookish Games swag, so be on the lookout for an email from Kelley or Asti very soon!


This game contains major twists that were inspired by the book Divergent. As mentioned when players signed up for the game, the game contains some spoiler-y aspects, and while it is not necessary to read the book to play the game, playing the game with knowledge of the book can really help (or hinder) the experience. If you haven’t read the books and are super paranoid about spoilers, you may want to skip over this bit.

Twist One: Cultafia

The first twist was that Team Erudite was a Cultafia. As a Cultafia, Team Erudite could choose to either kill or recruit a player each Night. There was no limitation or restriction attached to either for Team Erudite; it was up to them each Night to decide which option they wanted to use.

If Team Erudite chose to kill someone, the kill would be carried out like usual (with it only being stopped due to bulletproofing, role blocking, etc.). Team Erudite could send anyone to complete the kills (either full Team Erudite members or their recruitments).

If Team Erudite chose to recruit someone, that player would become a Dauntless Traitor. They would still technically be aligned with Team Dauntless, but they would lose their Dauntless powers and instead have the end goal of helping Team Erudite win. In order words, they were still pretty much Townies, but with no knowledge of who the baddies were and no ability to speak on any private pages they would mainly just have to try and sabotage their Townie teammates as much as they possible to help Team Erudite win. (Only Team Erudite players could be sent out to complete recruitments.)

As you will see if you visit the wiki, this type of mafia is often not recommended for game play because it may be difficult to balance. We wanted to give it a go though, especially since it fit the book so well, so we implemented the Cultafia but added another twist (one that they didn’t know about)…

Twist Two: Divergent Characters

Inspired by the book, we decided to include Divergent characters who were non-recruitable, and if targeted by an Erudite for recruitment would kill the recruiter instead. In the books, Divergent players are immune to the serums that are used throughout the factions. We carried this over to the game, making it so the recruitment was in effect a result of a serum which wouldn’t work on Divergent players. Our thought was if a Divergent player was targeted for recruitment, the recruitment wouldn’t work and instead the Divergent player could kill off the recruiter in retaliation.

No players in the game were made aware of this Divergent ability. Team Erudite was not informed that their recruitments could backfire, and Team Dauntless wasn’t told anything about possible Divergence. Those players who were given any information about it were those who were Divergent (Emily, Lauren, and Jenn), and even then they were only told that they had the power but not what it actually meant.

We thought that the inclusion of non-recruitable Divergent would help keep the Cultafia’s power in check. Team Erudite could recruit every Night, but if they did there was a small chance it would backfire, hurting their team instead. Their recruitments also did not have any further information than what they started with, so couldn’t really cause as much damage as the full-fledged members.

Was It Balanced?

Now, throughout the game there were arguments about the existence of these types of roles and some were quite adamant that they could not exist because it would not be fair. We apologize if some felt that this was the case, but really this game seemed fairly balanced and its results were largely based off the players of the game and not the set up. Looking back, there were a few areas were things could have went either way:

  • An Erudite team member was eliminated Night One trying to recruit Jenn, a Divergent player. Team Erudite didn’t know that this was a result of their target being Divergent and assumed another team or serial killer must have targeted them. They almost considered targeting Jenn for recruitment the next Night, but ended up changing their minds.
  • During Day Two, Charlotte (later replaced by Sana) was one of the few people who were being targeted for elimination during the Day. If she would have received majority vote, the game would have probably ended the next day. As we now know, Mel lied to her fellow Neighbors by saying she was a Mason with Charlotte. If Charlotte had been eliminated Day Two, Lauren and Laura would have revealed Mel’s lie during Day Three and pushed for her elimination.
  • Nadia was almost eliminated during Day Seven. If her elimination occurred (which I’m sure Mel is kicking herself for, since she wanted to change her vote to her but missed the deadline), then she would not have been able to kill Sana during Night Seven which led to Mel’s elimination during Day Eight. Team Erudite would have likely won since both Mel and Sana were on many trust lists, if Nadia was voted off.

There are multiple instances were things could have turned either way, but in the end it worked in Team Dauntless’s favor. Both teams played smart, making major moves when needed, and I think we can all agree that it was a super close game that no one could predict!

What About the Book?

It was also mentioned at one point in the game that the recruitment twist couldn’t exist because the book isn’t required to be read before playing the game. Yes, this is true. A player can play the game without reading the book. But, we did state loud and clear when signing up for the game that this set up included a SPOILER for the book and players were warned to join at their own risk. Players should have taken that as a sign that this game was indeed deeply inspired by the book in an important way and that having read the book would have probably helped.

Of course, that same help can also hurt. Kelley and I are not fans of name-claiming. Basing someone’s innocence off their character name can be a cheap way out of playing the game. Just because someone is given a big name doesn’t mean they should coast off it and not participate. This Divergent twist meant that those who read the book would have the benefit of possibly figuring the recruitment twist out, but would also be hindered by their understanding of the alliance of certain characters within the story. Sure, those characters may be good within the book, but under the serum who can you really trust? We’re hoping that based off this game players can start to see how name-claims should not hold as much value in determining how people are aligned.

Behind the Scenes

As always, here is the information for the secret pages and access to the master sheet where Kelley and I kept track of each Day/Night actions. If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • GoogleDocs – Master Sheet – Spreadsheet that contains information about each Day’s votes, each Night’s actions, and all eliminations. Just click on the tabs at the bottom of the sheet to see what went down.
  • Page N – Neighbors Page (password: howdyneighbor) – The Neighbors consisted of three players who could communicate anytime, Day or Night, on a private page. The main difference between Neighbors and Masons (which I used in the past), is that Neighbors don’t actually know the alliance of each other.
  • Page DP – Dead Player Page (password: imaghost) – Dead Players (or spectators who were interested) could gain access to this page to discuss the game outside of the main posts.
  • Page EHQ – Erudite Headquarters Page (password: thebrains) – Team Erudite were allowed to discuss each Night which players they want to recruit and/or kill. Note: only those who were full Team Erudite members, and not Dauntless Traitors, could access this page.


Bookish Games: Divergent Edition was a lot of fun. Kelley’s addition and help made the game that much better, and I personally enjoyed the added twists. I had no clue who was going to win (though I was rooting for Team Erudite. Darn it, the baddies never win)!


But of course, it’s not over yet. Another edition of Bookish Games is in the works, and this time, thanks to Kelley, we’re going outside of the hugely popular YA novels to include a manga: Death Note. We’ve been working hard on it, and can’t wait to share it with you. Sign-ups will be open on June 21st, so mark your calendars if you’re interested in joining!

0 thoughts on “Divergent Edition: GAME OVER!”

  1. Haha, yes, I’m still upset that I wasn’t on time to vote Nadia off the game. That would have prevented them from finding out about Sana and who knows, we might have won in the end! And my plan to keep Charlotte in the game backfired, but I’m still happy I made that move.

    I love that everyone finally knows that there are indeed people who turn in the night, haha. There were so many people thinking about it, but then shoving it off because that ‘would make the game too difficult.’ :p

    I’m smiling. I have this huuuuge goofy smile on my face. It’s SO cool that I won a t-shirt, wow, didn’t expect that ❤

    AND I WAS RIGHT. I thought Rinn was killed by backfire from Jenn. I knew it :D!
    "t’s HORRIBLE that Rinn is dead and I have seriously no idea.. I guess my paranoid thoughts that Jenn might have some special role turned out to be true." Haha.

    And haha, Asti, WE WERE SO CLOSE. I really was hoping that TE was going to win this time, but alas. We did our best.

  2. In my excitement I totally forgot to say: thanks Asti and Kelley for another super cool version of The bookish games. I’m still tempted to join again, but I don’t know Death Note and it might be time for others to join. We’ll see, I had a lot of fun this time 😀

  3. Heh, Josephine bet you were interested what happened to stop being killed… turned out Charley didn’t actually come out to say she’d helped me survive XD In case you’re interested:
    Charley blocked Nadia | Nadia targeted Amy (and even more horrifically… TE can’t believe you sent me to kill Jenn that night without me even knowing! Some of the Night Actions are SO funny to see, in some cases one player tried to protect one but they were roleblocked by the person they wanted to protect, or similar. HOW FUNNY! *evil laugh*
    Not really, Joesphine, I’m awful at lying & I think it showed. That’s why I came out about thinking people were being recruited & that Divergent would make sense etc. I was gutted Ren didn’t trust me, honestly! I was this close to being like, ‘If you know what TD stands for, trust me’ 😛

  4. Well played everyone!! 😀 Including the baddies 😉 Totally didn’t see you coming there, Sana and Mel! 😀 And a big thank you also to Asti and Kelley for organizing and hosting this really complex game!! It’s been so fun, so confusing, but all in all, a fantastic experience! I’m stoked for the coming up Bookish Games, and I hope to participate again!! ^^ And thank you for that T-Shirt too!! I’m SUPER excited to receive it, and I’m so honoured and happy that you think I’m worthy to receive it! THANK YOU! 😀
    Looks like a lot of our theories were wrong, but the ones that I dismissed like the Night Recruitments thing was actually correct!
    And yeah, Mel!! 😛 Can’t believe I dismissed that earlier too! xD Looks like that was really what was happening!! Cultlafia and Divergent.. Well I can’t wait to see what Asti and Kelley, evil masterminds have in store for the future games! And it was interesting to see all the spreadsheet with all the different moves and actions! 🙂
    I read all the other pages as well! It’s funny to see what the evils are actually thinking (sneaky!), and the Dead people as well! 😀 I saw Amber was suspicious of me because I was being “too nice”… 😛
    Anyway, all of you guys played really well! 😀 There were a few ups and downs, but all in all, every single one of you made this game completely awesome to play, so THANK YOU! 🙂 ❤

  5. I was so off on a lot of the things I did..lol.. Well, I guess that’s kind of part of being a townie, knowing nothing! I kind of feel bad for wasting my skills most of the time though.. If only I had of known what Divergent meant!

    Too bad you guys didn’t try to recruit me the second night too 😉

    At least I managed to stay in there past the first day, after everyone started thinking I was evil for voting first 😛

    Thanks Asti and Kelley for another fun game!!

  6. This Bookish Games was absolutely amazing! Thank you guys for creating that. And of course I’m excited for the Death Note edition!


  7. I can’t believe I also wasn’t able to change my vote the other day, I was going to cancel but didn’t get home in time. Amy, I’m sorry but I was trying to play against you so that, if I was eliminated, people would trust you more for eliminating a baddie. And vice versa. Too bad we both survived…. I was sure we could still win if we got TD to Lynch among themselves for the next two days, so I didn’t play as strongly as I would have and by the time I got that email it was too late. Still I really liked the game and had lots of fun! Especially since I managed to scrape through, I really thought you were on to me on day 5… marking June 21st on the calendar at once!

  8. Congrats to the winners! 😀

    After Jen was revealed as Tris, I had to assume my death was something to do with her being Divergent. Even though I died on the first night, it was fun watching everything unfold, especially as I could see the Erudite chat 😉

    AND YES, DEATH NOTE! I love that series so much ❤

  9. Have never heard of Death Note, but would love to rejoin next time, now I have a grasp of the game!

  10. I TOLD YOU SO.

    I can’t believe that nobody thought I was right! Well, nobody on TD haha. I probably won’t be playing the next one since I don’t know that series, but I love watching either way! This game is so addicting.

    Congrats Mel and Emily! You guys did awesome 🙂

  11. Oh I wish I had time to participate in these!! They sound like fun. You put so much work into them!!


  12. YESSSSSS 🙂 🙂 So happy we won! And now I understand why Amy was trying to not vote for Mel and against Nadia haha.

    And Mel… *tisk tisk tisk* haha.

    Thanks so much for putting this on Asti and Kelley, as usual, I had a blast! This one was one of the most interesting and stressful so far 🙂

  13. Wow this was really interesting to read through! It seems with each game, things are getting more and more intricate! Even though I wasn’t in the game, it definitely was cool to see what went on and I am so excited for Bookish Games: Death Note! I actually only heard about Death Note recently but it sounds good (and I don’t usually take an interest in manga) and I can see it working well as a Bookish Game!

  14. Haha, yes. I thought once she shared her suspicions about the recruitment the fun would be over and everyone would know our dark secrets – but then no one believed her! 😛 No one really knew what was going on until the very end. So evil!

  15. Haha, so glad you had so much fun this time around Mel! It was a lot of fun watching, and I’m so sad you didn’t manage a win in the end – though you should definitely be proud that you managed to live as long as you did! That day that Charlotte was almost voted out, I was dying! I thought it was all over. So that you guys managed to pull it around after that was amazing to me.

    I do hope you consider joining us in Death Note. Obviously knowing the anime/manga is definitely beneficial, but it’s not mandatory. Up to you! 🙂 We’d love to have you, but no worries if you decide to take break.

  16. Haha, watching the Night Action forms come through always make me laugh every Night. It is so interesting to see who people decide to target and how they all affect each other… and then to see how it affects everyone the next day when so and so dies or doesn’t die or whatnot. I just sit back and giggle the whole time 😉

  17. So glad you had fun Emily, even if it was a bit confusing 😉 We had way too much fun setting this game up, and every time someone guessed what was going on we couldn’t help but go “darn” (and then laugh when no one else believed it and everyone continued on guessing, haha).

    I do hope you join us in the next game. It was a pleasure watching you play! We’ll try to be a little less evil with the next one… maybe 😉

  18. Haha, sorry Jenn! I still think you did alright, even if your choices didn’t lead to a whole lot. The fact that you managed to keep in the game past the first Night was pretty good since the baddies wanted you dead right away! 😛 And look, in the end you killed off Rinn so really, you should be proud of yourself even if you didn’t realize you were the reason for her death!

  19. Yes she was! I couldn’t believe she lied to you guys like that! But I did warn everyone in the Neighbors section that no alliance was guaranteed. Muhahaha 😉

  20. Boo, so sorry Ren. I think the confusion about your role really hurt you guys in the end. Sorry about that! We’ll definitely learn from it and make sure it doesn’t happen in future games. Glad you still had fun though, and hey, you did survive until the very end so go you! 🙂 Hope you join us in the next one!

  21. Yess! I hope if you decide to join us in the next one (which I hope you do!) that you last a little longer 😉 Evil Jenn!

  22. That’s great! Knowing the book it’s based off can help in a way, but it definitely is not mandatory! Sign ups will be soon! Can’t wait to start it all over again 🙂

  23. Haha, you can still join even if you don’t know the series, but no worries if you rather take a break! We’re taking a little risk using a book that isn’t as well known, but it should still be good. And we already know which one we’re going to do after Death Note, and it’s a little more well known, so it should be alright 🙂

    Anyways, go you for getting it right! Too bad no one believed you 😉

  24. I have no idea! But if you’re interested in catching it in action next time, feel free to join us in the next one that will be at the end of the month 🙂

  25. Yes, there is a lot of work that is put into them, but it’s so much fun that we don’t mind. (And it does help now that Kelley has joined me!)

    And yes, Death Note version! Yay! So sucky that you have exams and uni. But it’s summer! You should have summers off! Booooooooo!

  26. Haha, interesting and stressful. That sounds about right. And yet people keep coming back for more. You crazies! 😛 If you decide to join the next one, we’d love to have you! Otherwise, thanks for joining us for the madness that this one was. 😛

  27. It’s always nice to hear that some people who aren’t playing the game still check it out! I’ve wondered if everyone else just ignores it or if they actually follow along. It’s a bit much to follow along completely, but I would think it’d be interesting to check it out in the end. So yes, thanks for checking it out and commenting!

    Death Note is a bit crazy! I’ve only read the first volume of the Manga, but really enjoyed it. My review of it will actually be going up this week, and Kelley actually published a post today about five reasons why people should read it. 😛

    Are you going to join us for the next one? If you do, we’ll be happy to have you! Otherwise I hope you have fun watching 🙂

  28. Getting good help can make things less stressful and more fun!

    It’s not summer in Australia I’m afraid 😦 We’re nearing the end of the first semester of the year and getting ready for winter holidays. I wish is was summer.

  29. Ah yes, I always forget about how Australia is the opposite of us! Silly me. It would be unfair for you to have summer now since you just enjoyed yours. It’s our turn now, haha. (But no, if I could, I would totally make it summer for you!)

  30. BAHAHA, I’m definitely a little crazy… and I will FOR SURE be signing up for the next one *fingers crossed*. Death Note actually sounds like it will be awesome, I know nothing about it, but I really, really like the fact that it’s a bit lesser known and it will be harder for the evils to pretend BAHAHA. Asti, you have created a crazy, crazy addiction with these games honestly. I talk about them to everyone, even if they don’t care haha. 🙂

  31. YAY, TEAM DAUNTLESS WON. Oops, I think it’s okay to come out of hiding now? Haha okay. It was so much fun being Jeanine and man, Team Erudite was almost winning but then I was killed and it quickly fell apart. =(

    Anyway, I loved recruiting TD members and getting them to kill of their own team members one by one. TE was severely outnumbered and this totally made up for that fact. I’m so glad I got the chance to play the game and be all evil like Asti.

    Mel and Emily totally deserve the prizes. They were awesome throughout.

    Asti and Kelley, you guys are awesome for pulling this off. I loved all the graphics and the technicalities of the games. Onto the Death Note edition! =D

  32. Glad you had fun Sana! I was sure you and Mel had it in the bag. Evil Nadia for killing your off in the Night! If there was one time I’ve ever wanted to accidentally lose a Night Action form, that was it 😉 (That would make me REALLY evil then, though, and I can’t let people know the truth like that.)

    Excited to hear you might be joining us for Death Note! Kelley’s done most of the set up so it should be quite interesting. Muhahaha!

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